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06-05-2007, 03:09 PM
We have a snowcone maker and my kids love to make snowcones with it when we get home from the pool in the summer. I was buying the flavored syrups for it the other day, and feeling kind of sad that I wouldn't be able to have any this year, then I got an idea. I got some Kool Aid drink mixes, without sugar of course, and mixed them double strength (half the water), then I added artificial sweetener to taste (I don't like to use too much of those, and I'm trying to wean myself off of using them). Poured it over the shaved ice, and last night I got to have a watermelon snowcone along with the kids. They were happy too that I got to have some. :carrot:

06-05-2007, 06:29 PM
I love these. About six or seven years ago, I was invited to a summer wedding. I bought an elecric ice shaver for the couple, and one for myself (I had a handcrank one years ago, and it was good exercise, but by the time I had a bowlful, the ice shaver was sliding around the table on a puddle of melted water. It was a cheap model though).

Well, the wedding was called off, but I was already so in love with mine, I just kept the second as a backup. I am on the second machine now, and if it blows, I'm getting another. I just love them.

Unfortunately, I filled the fridge with squeeze bottles of sugar free syrup. I had found a recipe on the web of using 1 tub of sugar free powder and 2 cups water in a squeeze bottle. This is closer in sweetness to the "regular" ones, but way too sweet in my opinion. So, I'd also dilute it more, but it got kind of crowded in the fridge, as I'd have all these bottles in the fridge (hubby liked grape and orange, and I liked cherry, lime, and watermelon and we tried a few other flavors).

The Torani and Davinci syrups are good too, and they don't have to be refrigerated (but are obviously also artificially flavored).

I've bought my ice, and am ready to crank it up, but haven't made any syrup yet. I think I have a few sample Crystal Light "to go" powder tubes, and a box of Kool Aid Cherry singles around here somewhere (have to go easy on those, they're sweetened with both sugar and artificial sweetener for 30 calories apiece). Hm, ice cones tonight!

07-03-2007, 06:03 PM
What a great idea....it's great when we can do something so we don't feel left out!!!