40-Somethings - Anyone else about to turn the big 40?

06-04-2007, 11:25 PM
I can't decide what forum I should be in, I'll be 40 in less then a year but I never really fit in anywhere, I'm an older mom with a three year old boy! At parks sometimes I'm a decade over everyone else but my little boy is a reason to keep in shape. Tonight we walked and walked, I have a new strategy of fast walking circles, doing lunges, sprints, jumping jacks, etc while he plays at the playground and I did an hour tonight. I'm just starting to exercise and eat right again after slacking majorly the past year, it caught up with me, starting buying new clothes and boxes smaller sizes - so I don't want to go down that road again, want to maintain in my 40s and get back to an athletic frame. I'm thrilled I found this site and some others recently, tracking every calorie helps me realize how I went off the wago - I had no idea, never counted calories in my life. Anyone else out there doing the "hurry" to get in shape before 40 thing?

06-07-2007, 02:15 AM
Hi, horsey! I'm going to be 40 in Sept. I'm also the "old" mom. My kids are 6 yrs and 14 mos. All of my mom friends are 10 yrs younger than me. And I'm trying to get below 200 before my b-day. I know I can't reach my main goal in that time frame, but I am determined to reach ONEderland.

06-07-2007, 11:15 AM

I'll be turning 45 in November and am the mother of a 24, almost 21 and 11 yrs old children (2 girls and boy). I'm also a first time grandma, he's just had his 1 birthday last month.

I too am usually the older mom when I go to my son's school activities.

Now that I'm getting older it has become even harder to lose weight. Last fall I began watching what I'm eating and have lost some weight and my goal is to get out of the 200 lbs mark even if I just hit 199 come November. So I have 22lbs to lose to reach that goal.

To complicate matters I was involved in a head-on collision that has left me with back injuries, 2 herniated discs so at phyical therapy I'm doing exercises that require very little movement. I hope they can repair the discs so I can get to moving. I've been thinking of Tae Bo or Hip Hop Abs.

Greetings from sunny Florida

06-07-2007, 02:58 PM
You make me laugh!! :D I gave birth at 38. My daughter is 2 soon to be three, I'm 41 soon to be 42...
Usually it's the kids who say the're 3 and a half or six/amost seven.
My personal opinion is that I'm lucky to have woken up this morning and my guardian angel has kept me alive so far today. Each breath I have is a gift of borrowed time. (I've cheated death so far, and would like to keep it that way for another 40-60 years!)
Old is a state of mind! Somedays I read the 20-somethings pages to get a different perspective.
This is where I feel comfortable posting. It's where I find support and I recognize the ladies here.
They may have older kids, younger kids, no kids...but we're not in school anymore, we're not looking for or starting jobs in many cases (although I'll be looking for a new job in a year or two...) but seriously, you're welcome to join us here our 40 (or 47 or what ever it is) and No Idea thread is the ongoing daily banter of "us-uns."
If you want to post in the 30 something...post away...if you want to post in the 20 something, post away...I say, have fun...
We're glad you looked in, I hope you come back for the fun...