40-Somethings - 44 and starting again ..need to vent

06-04-2007, 06:23 PM
Hi all.....I've been away from 3 fat chicks for a while. I have been exercising and trying to watch what I eat for two years and haven't lost a pound so I quit for a couple of weeks and gained four pounds!!!! I admit, I don't watch what I eat as strictly as I should but you would think if I keep my calories down to 1500-1600 a day along with exercising one and a half hours four days a week I would lose some weight. Well, like I said I haven't lost a pound and took a break because I'm soooo frustrated and after just two weeks gained 4!!!! So, I'm starting all over again. I think I will change my work outs to 60 minutes of cardio instead of 40 and cut down the weights to 30 minutes to see if I don't see a difference. I had originally lost lots of body fat but I've probably gained some of that back also. So now I have to stop feeling sorry for myself and get back on track and find what is going to work for me. I know it's out there...I just have to figure it out.

06-05-2007, 02:21 AM
Maybe your calorie intake is too high or too low?

I found out that last year, when I went on a low calorie diet, that I wasn't eating enough, hence I didn't lose much weight at all and got discouraged. Sadly, instead of finding out what the problem was, I got upset because I was working out everyday for at least two hours a day, six days a week, alternating between cardio and light weight training, and the pounds went down slow as molasses, while others were losing weight left and right.

I did go down a couple of sizes, but when I went to the doctors for a physical and found out I had lost a measely 24 pounds for six months of hard work and calorie counting, I got very discouraged and tossed in the towel. Now I realize I should have kept going instead of giving up and gaining more weight in addition to what I had lost, and try to find out what was wrong with what I was doing. I honestly had no clue I was in starvation mode by drastically reducing the calories- my body was rebelling!

Next time, I WILL find out what the problem is, before giving up. :) Right now, I am losing weight, and hopefully, I have found the magic formula for my body to keep losing. Time will tell. :smug: Hang in there!