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05-29-2007, 10:29 PM
I have been trying to conceive for over three yrs. with no luck.:( Although I have lost 92 pounds during these three yrs. my body fat is still high. I was wondering if running is a good way for me to drop body fat fast?

I know I have seen threads where some ladies actually have to STOP running to get pregnant...So I was thinking if I started running it may help regulate my hormones due to the fat loss?

Anyone here have any advice or experience with running and it helping them get pregnant? I may be way off here...but I am getting desperate to drop some more weight as I have been stuck for months now.

I do walk almost everyday....45 minute hill walks.

05-30-2007, 12:28 AM
Firstly, congrats on your weight loss :bravo:

I found this information from this site, I've highlighted the interesting parts...http://www.drmalpani.com/book/chapter1b.html ...
Body weight, diet and exercise.
Proper diet and exercise are important for optimal reproductive function and women who are significantly overweight or underweight can have difficulty getting pregnant. Although most of a woman's estrogen is manufactured in her ovaries, 30% is produced in fat cells. Because a normal hormonal balance is essential for the process of conception, it is not surprising that extreme weight levels, either high or low, can contribute to infertility. Body fat levels that are 10% to 15% above normal can contribute to infertility, with an overload of estrogen throwing off the reproductive cycle. Body fat levels 10% to 15% below normal can completely shut down the reproductive process, so that women with eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, or those who are on very low-calorie or restrictive diets are at risk, especially if their periods are irregular. Female athletes, marathon runners, dancers, and others who exercise very intensely may also find that their menstrual cycle is abnormal and their fertility is impaired.

So I guess what you would have to do is find the right balance of hormones. Running would bring your body fat down fast enough but then again so would any other intense exercise. Do you weight train also, that burns a good amound of fat because muscles burn fat even when your not exercising...

I'm sure this is a silly question... But have you seen your doctor?

05-30-2007, 02:14 PM
Oh yeah...I have been seeing a RE for over a year. I did six months of clomid..which I DID produce two follies on but no pregnancy. And I have did one month of injectible meds...which I did not respond very well too..not as well as RE would of liked. I have been diagnosed with just hormonal balance issues???:dizzy:

RE is very pleased with weight loss...but of course..I am still high enough that I have high body fat..although I am a little over 5'8" tall...thank goodness.

I actually have a membership to a hospital owned Healthquest which has fantastic weight machines..BUT..I do NOT go as often as I should. I am good about my walking but I hear you with the fact that if I add more muscle then I can burn more fat.

I am presently going about once a week...How many times a week do I need to go and how long before it would start helping me out. Does weight lifting help as soon as you begin?

I am in good shape for my weight....So I am fully aware and honest to say.."I could push myself above and beyond.":carrot:

Thanks so much for you help...Any advice is greatly appreciated..I am running out of time to make my baby dream become a reality..I just want to do everything I can do so I have no regrets.:)

05-31-2007, 02:18 PM
Running is one of the exercises that burn fat the fastest (because it burns so many calories!). I've been a jogger or runner for 10 years now and I've found that for me running around 12-15 miles a week is a level that really seems to start getting my metabolism going (for a new jogger that probably means jogging 45 minutes, 4 times a week). Then there seems to be another boost around 30 miles a week.

Some people need to stop running to conceive because their body fat gets too low. If you get down that far, then start worrying about stopping running! In your situation, though, you want to do what you can to lose the fat.

However, I will caution that heavier people are more prone to jogging injury, espcially to the knees. So be careful, stretch, and do some strength training to strengthen muscles around the knees.

05-31-2007, 08:53 PM
I hope this doesn't sound rude because it's not meant to be, but running is going to be very stressful on your knees and hips at that weight. Yes, you need to ramp up the intensity of your exercise to burn more calories, but I wouldn't suggest running. If you have a membership at a health center, USE IT! A good intense workout on an elliptical or cross-trainer actually burns more calories than the same length of time running. I've done both while wearing a monitor. The run feels harder, but it's just your perception because of all the pounding. If you will do anything for your baby dreams, go to the gym :hug:

You should lift weights two times a week minimum, or better three, so see real results.


06-01-2007, 02:08 AM
I will second Mel's advice. Running is a pretty nice activity IMHO, but starting with it at your current weight may very well lead to more injury than results. I started running (although I stopped for more than one year in between) when I was about 138-140 lbs, and the very first time, I only managed to run something like 10 minutes, with a heart rate shooting to the 200-210 range (ick!)--and that was after months of doing elliptical and bike cardio at least 3x a week. So allright, I may just be crappy at it :D, but nonetheless, it IS very taxing, all the more so on the joints.

(Uh, reading this again: I hope this will NOT discourage anyone from trying to run, now or later! :lol: Really, it's the first or first two times that are really painful afterwards; the body is a wonderful machine that can adapt very fast.)

Anyway, the elliptical machine sounds like a pretty good suggestion. Maybe alternate with the stationary bike, too? You'll want to put the less pressure possible on your joints to start with. Maybe you can also up your walking rate (power-walking, or whatever it is called in English), to complement other cardio exercises at the gym?

And if one day you are ready to run (I say 'if' just in case you'd suffer from joint ailments or something similar that would prevent you from doing so--I do'nt know your medical background), just make sure you have good running shoes first. Bad ones can really ruin your knees and hips.

In any case--I hope you get where you want to!

06-09-2007, 04:47 PM
Thanks ladies! I appreciate it!..I think I will dedicate myself to the gym twice a week to start...I know that is a doable goal...and continue to walk my hills.

When I go to the gym...I usually start with a slow warm up walk around the gym walking track for 20 minutes..then I go to the stat. bike for 10 minutes..then treadmill on in-cline for 15-20 minutes..then I go do the circuit of weight machine which usally takes approx. 30 minutes. I do low weight of 12 reps...one set...only because I am a beginner..I know I NEED to do at least TWO sets of each...I did achieve soreness the next day..especially in my upper biceps and thigh muscle. If I have time..I will swim in the lap pool for 30 minutes.

I have never done the eliptical...but they do have four really nice ones..and they also have a very nice long rowing machine??

Should I be doing my weights BEFORE my cardio? This I have always wondered about.

06-09-2007, 05:12 PM
Skinny4baby, I'm in the same boat. I've never met anyone else who had this type of issue with infertility, so it's pretty exciting to see your post and realize it's not just me. I did Clomid (no response) then injections (2 follicles once, otherwise no response) for 6 months and I think my RE gave up on me. :( I'm going back after I lose some weight because the RE thinks the injections will work better when my own hormones aren't so wacky.

Your weight loss is so inspiring! I am pretty close to your weight and there is no way I could imagine running. I do LOVE the elliptical, though, and I second everyone's suggestions to try that!

06-09-2007, 10:41 PM
Skinny4Baby, I wanted to chime in especially since I have 5 long years of infertility battle under my belt.

I was slightly overweight when we first began our pursuit for a family. We went through the courses of Clomid/injections/IUI's/IVF before finally having success on our third round of IVF with ICSI. Our 2 embryos surprised us with 3 babies (1 split...yielded identical boys + our fraternal girl). I gained about 45 pounds DURING the infertility stuff. The depression (we also suffered 3 miscarriages along the way) and the stuff the hormones do to you...it's a lot to handle. I ate and ate and ate some more. While you're stimming (the ovulation stimulation injections drugs), almost all RE's will tell you to avoid most exercise. I did back-to-back cycles for much of those 5 years, so I wasn't getting much exercise. Then I hit the jackpot with triplets and wound up on bedrest for months. Now I'm trying to lose a ton of weight.

I say all of this to say that if you can be close to an ideal weight before you conceive, you will help yourself in many ways. You will likely have the hormonal balance necessary to make you more successful (we had many more complicated issues for DH and for me) on a treatment less invasive (and expensive) than IVF. You will also start out a pregnancy at a healthy weight and therefore have an easier time getting back to that weight. And from my perspective...after all infertile folks have to go through to have a family, we definitely want to be around for a very long time to enjoy that family. Right? That's precisely why I'm doing this now. These miracles are worth every bit of sweat it takes to make me healthy. I want to watch them grow up.

I hope your dreams come true. I know how heartbreaking the pain of infertility is. It broke me for years and even with full arms (finally), the scars are still here for me.

Please PM me if you ever need to vent or have questions.


06-10-2007, 01:54 PM
I don't have much to offer but a story. I was 37 and over 250 pounds when I decided to finally change my life and lose weight and get healthy. I took no birth control, hubby was told he could likely not have kids due to an illness, and we'd gone years without trying, but without trying not to as well.

Fast forward, I'm 40, certainly out of the child bearing prime, hubby's even sicker and undergoing treatments. I've been running and doing other exercise (strength training, walking, biking, aerobics). I'm now 140 pounds and....ooopsie. So I now have a 22 yo daughter and a 20 mo. old son. ;)