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05-27-2007, 08:22 PM
G'day all,

We are quite exhausted of all the walking and the heat but it has been interesting.
Peggy we also remember our visit fondly, Alan bought some Beck's beer and said Doug would have been proud of him:D
Thanks for the tips about Philidelphia, I have problems answering emails at times (depends where we are and the sort of connection) but I do receive all the emails.

We have taken a a million and 1 photos today, I am downloading them and will then post a few on my next blog.

Cannot remember what everyone wrote on the previous posts...of course:(

Hope everyone is happy and well,


05-28-2007, 08:29 PM
It was a quiet day today. We watched the Memorial Day concert on public tv this afternoon. It was recorded last night in Washington and was a tear jerker. If it is ever repeated I recomend it. Just heard from my sister. She was in NY for the weekend visiting her son. He lives in LA and is doing a job in NY. He is an artist and is painting a penthouse for some people. He does layered plaster and silver leaf and fancy things. Can't wait to see the pics she took. It is the whole 23rd floor overlooking Central Park. Maria, while she was there they visited a museum across the street from the Museum of Modern Art. It was a textile museum and she said it was amazing. We went to our nephew's high school graduation party yesterday. It was nice and in a park. We took D's parents and it was hard to push her wheelchair through the grass to the shelter.
We went to Lowe's today and I picked up paint chips. I am going to paint my front door a red color and we are trying to agree. Of course I will win. LOL
Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend.
Maria I saw the motorcycle parade on tv. I was looking for you.

05-29-2007, 07:54 AM
G'day all,

Peggy I am surprised you never saw us, you couldn't have been looking that hard;):D
The textile museum sounds interesting.
I am up a bit early this morning, Alan is still asleep....
Our stay in Washington DC has been quite an experience and I am very pleased we made it here for Memorial Day.
The Smithsonian museum was just absolutely amazing and a MUST for anyone to experience.
Washington is probably another place where I could live for some time, there is so much to explore and see. The city itself is lovely.
We had been warned about all sorts of things when we decided on this trip, I have to say not once have we felt threatened or scared.
People have been friendly and helpful.
Now for the last leg of our trip....and home!

We have done so much walking these last 3 days and it has been so very hot and humid, I am sure we might have lost a few pounds :crossed:
We are starting to get used to the food and what we should avoid, we have discovered hot-dogs though and we both really like them. Our hot-dogs are rather bland, the first hotdog we had here was good but we thought it was just a one off, since then we have tried a few more and they are all nice and spicy:carrot: and I even like some of the relishes!


05-29-2007, 01:16 PM
Maria: You are getting to the American diet, when you like hotdogs, and of course hamburgers. My favorite is hotdogs. There some really good ones out there.
My youngest daughter works in Annapolis in the Ann Arundel Hospital. She commutes from Baltimore every day.

I know you will enjoy the Pennsylvania Dutch Countryside. Don't be surprised to see Horse and buggies on the road, and of course they have no modern conveniences as we think of them. But the food is very good. The women make marvelous quilts and often they are on sale. but usually quite expensive.

You are so right when you say that everyone should haave the chance to visit the Smithsonian. Acres and Acres of interesting stuff. With all the walking you have done, you must have lost weight. :D: or at least really firmed up.

Have a great time on this last leg of your journey.


05-29-2007, 04:51 PM
Goodness, Maria, you have really had an interesting time, haven't you? A few years ago I went with some 7th graders and my sister to Washington DC at this same time and I remember all the things you are talking about. The Smithsonian was so very big and so awesome that we just walked our feet off. There is nothing in the capital that we thought was boring except the mint where they made the money. We had a long line and it was a printing shop, just on a grander scale. Glad you are enjoying everything. And hot dogs are amazing! The way you described them--ah yes, I do remember how wonderful. That is one of my good meat memories.

Ann, so glad Holly had a chance to meet Alan and Maria. I think your tips on what to see have probably helped them maximize the experience--all of you have probably made the trip more memorable. Maria, are you getting a big Matilda-Poppy-Saskia homesick?

We had a 3 day holiday that was busy, for sure. On Friday babysat Makenzie and Kyle and family came up to spend the night. They had just left on Saturday when my high school friends came up for the day. Next morning we went to see hubby's only aunt and went to a barbecue and then on the holiday took her to the ceremony at the little town cemetery. You know, this makes the Memorial Day memorable. Just a wonderful tribute to our soldiers. And like Maria says, isn't it a shame we are still having wars? Arlington certainly is a beautiful and thought-provoking experience.

Well, I am glad Maria updated her blog. Don't know what I will read after she goes home. And yes gas prices are killing us, even though they have gone down slightly. We are paying 3.29/gallon now.

05-30-2007, 08:52 AM
Glenda I agree with you. I will miss Maria's blog when she goes home. Your weekend sounded busy but fun. It is awesome to keep up with your high school friends. I bet you all still look the same. lol
2 days of school left. Good thing cause it is so hot in there. I was trying to talk the principal into ac but he wouldn't go along with it. All this humidity makes everyday a bad hair day.
Maria - hot dogs and Kentucky Fried. You are expanding your diet. I can go with the hot dogs but the chicken and me don't get along. I am sorry to hear about the disrespect at the moment of silence but am not surprised. Some people do not know when to zip it up and turn off the cellphones. Enjoy the rest of your trip. I hope it is a little cooler so you don't melt.
Slavika I am missing you here. How is the little puppy?
Ann - did you ever decide on a paint color????

05-30-2007, 09:23 AM
Good Morning
We are heading to the Cape today to visit my friend. She is hanging on but when I talk to her on the phone I can tell she is not as sharp as she has been.

As for disrespect, I am afraid it is in all parts of our lives. At church they have put up a sign that ask all to turn off phones, pagers, etc. At Mass one day someone's phone rang and the priest officiating at Mass said..."If it isn't God, don't answer it!" I thought that was a good comment.

Maria: You must be pretty exhaused after all that walking in Washington but I am glad you got to see so much. I hope you enjoy Annapolis and the Amish country....we have visited both and really like those areas. You are on the short side of your trip but there are still lots to be seen.

Oops, Jack, is almost ready to leave....I will have to move it.

05-30-2007, 05:28 PM
Hi Everyone: I am beginning to think that disrespect is a part of the 'me,me' generation. Nothing is as important as 'me'. Isn't that a sad commentary on the world today.

We have had the same notice in our bulletin about cell phones etc. Some time ago someone had left their cell on the fron seat of the sanctuary, and it rang and our Pastor went down and answered it, and said "why aren't you in church?"

I too will miss Maria's blog. I think we all must go there regularly and when she hasn't updated are disappointed.

Maria- From the way we are all talking you'll just have to put some pictures and dialog there when you get home.:D:

I am happy to report we finally got a very cheap flight to Williamsburg in July and so are going to be there with the kids for a few days. So we will get to see the new room, andHolly tells me I will be able to try out her Spa. We have a cat sitter too.

Today was another eye check-up and I had to have another shot of medication in the right eye. Then next week will have another laser treatment. I am getting used to the shot, so now it seems like no big deal. When I tell others about it, they are the ones who 'freak'.

Peggy: I did decide on yellow and glossy white, and will start with a darker layer and then with the texture roller put on a lighter color. If you go to Lowes, check the Laura Ashley display rack and look at Cowslip 4 and 2 and 1. I am not sure if I want the second layer to be 2 or 1, but I think it will look good. I haven't been able to get started because I will have to work on cupboard doors outside and it has been very windy, and dirty, and also we are now experiencing our annual infestation of the nasty love bugs. They would just get in the paint. But I will get to it.

Slavika: How are you and your 'baby' doing? I bet she sleeps with you, or do you keep her in her crate at night. I do love the pictures of her.

Gloria: I hope your trip to the Cape is not too discouraging and that you can bring some happiness to your friend and buck up her spirits.

Hi Trudy- What's up with you?

And Bernice- What is going on in Jersey? Have you found another house yet?

And Glenda- You'll get some sunny days soon. I bet your lawns are really green and nice.

Time to begin thinking about dinner now. . Ann

05-31-2007, 08:42 AM
Ann that sounds very pretty. I will look at the colors the next time I am Lowes. I was just there the other day. It is fun to do things like that with paint - if you don't like it just do it again. Glad you found a cheaper flight so you can spend some time with your dd over the holiday. And about cell phones I always wonder why people talk so loud on them. I really don't care to hear their part of their conversation. It amazes me to see the kids come from the jr high down the street and how many have phones. When you say love bugs do you mean those off color lady bug things? They are annoying.
Glenda I hope you get some sun today. I hate when rain stalls for days and weeks. It is either one or another. We are having one of our driest Mays ever. Seems to be no happy medium.
Gloria - hope your friend on the cape is doing well. I am sure she will enjoy a visit from you and Jack.
Karen how is your dh doing? Missing you here.
Trudy-how are you feeling?
My nephew that just graduated had a friend in a tragic accident after school This kid was the driver and the 2 girls in the backseat were killed. The driver and other 2 are in the hospital. K played soccer with the driver and knew the others. They were speeding on a winding road. Very tragic. It was the one girl's 15th birthday. I feel so bad for those families. Hope that other kids realize what can happen.
Last day of school and that is a good thing.

05-31-2007, 05:54 PM
Love bugs are black and squish and make a mess on the car, and windshield. You have to clean them off regularly or the acid in their miserable bodies will pit the paint. They are called Love bugs, because you always see two of them fastened together, mating, and after that they die. They come out in May/June and then again in September. They must have some purpose, but I sure don't know what it is.


05-31-2007, 06:24 PM
G'day all,

Haven't had internet connection for the last couple of nights and have also had a bit of a tummy bug but feeling better tonight.
We are in Lancaster Pensylvania this evening, I prepared a long blog this morning and will add our experience of Philadelphia today, a nightmare for driving but again we made it unscathed....only just!!!
I loved reading all your posts, my time is limited so I will get on with my blog, very sorry to hear of your nephews friend Peggy, good to hear you will get to use Holly's spa soon, Ann, you will love it. Glenda I noticed on the weather you have been having some pretty bad weather.
Gloria we will be heading over your way before you know it.
Slavika and Trudy....where are you...you are missed and we want to hear how Patches is doing.


06-01-2007, 11:38 AM
Maria, what fun you have had! Lancaster, Pennsylvania! Imagine! Just the fact that you are unscathed is truly wonderful. I started to say "miraculous" but don't want to scare you. Yes, I have been fussing by email about our rain, but just about everyday there is a tornado or bad windstorm somewhere. Leon planted orange flowers (remember, OSU orange?) around the patio yesterday. They were beautiful. This morning we had orange blossoms all over the patio and the plants were naked. Trying not to fuss too much because everything is pretty and green. Just enough!

Gloria, I know you are already gone. Hope you find your friend better than you expect.

Ann, glad that you get to visit with Holly soon and see the new spa. How far is that from you? Are you still dried and parched, weatherwise?

Girls, trying to catch myself. After our big gathering on Mother's Day I have been eating, eating, eating. Before that I was sort of in control. We have 6 weeks before we go to Galveston. Oh my, I need to get a swimming suit! Agony!

06-01-2007, 09:10 PM
Hi all,
We have had a beautiful sunny day for a change. All is forgiven. I planted my flowers, finally. This is the latest I have ever planted. Usually I have everything done by the 2nd week in May. Today was hot and humid, so much moisture in the ground it is like a steam bath..... BUT... I am NOT complaining.
Also, I saw Slavika today. Her Patches is the cutest little puppy, so affectionate. Makes me want a dog more than ever. Can't talk DH into it though.
All in all, I had a great day.

Maria, are you getting tired of all that driving and sight seeing yet? No doubt you will be glad to get home in a couple of weeks. Lots to see and do before you leave the USA. I am looking forward to reading what you think of Niagara Falls. I have an opinion on the place..:lol:

Glenda, I can relate to mindless eating. Have been guilty of that recently too. I had lost 2 lbs., but gained them back this week.

Ann, I am convinced that every area on this planet has something that everyone else would say EWWWW to. Never heard of Love Bugs, have you heard of Canker Worms... they are dining on all the leaves on the trees right now. We will get a couple of bad years, then the disappear for a while, but they will always return at some point..... EWWWW.

Peggy, that accident was awful. Those girls were so young. What will happen to the driver?

Gloria, enjoy your visit to the Cape.. that sounds so nice. Sorry that your friend is having trouble. My DH and I were talking today about getting old, and having the ability to do things, and think slip away from us. We all make jokes about it, but it can be so hard.

Bernice, I forgot you were looking for another house. The housing market here is so hot, you have to make your mind up immediately, no chance to think it over. Houses sell for more than the asking price. We never buy anything without thinking it over, so house hunting is something we don't plan on doing.

I can't believe I actually posted something without complaining.. :lol:
Have a great weekend everyone.. :grouphug:

06-02-2007, 10:20 AM
G'day everyone,

Our last day in Lancaster and what a nice city this has been. The Amish add a little yesterday charm to the place. We went to the market on friday and the fresh fruit and veg bought by the Amish to market was just fantastic, the colours and the freshness just screamed 'healthy':D
I am not much for contrived exhibits and won't be going on any tours but rather drive again ourselves through the country side and hopefully capture some more shots like the one on my blog.
Glenda I think we have all fallen off the wagon a bit lately. My only saving grace has been the stomach upset which is still bothering me and making me eat very little, I wished I felt a bit better but I console myself with hopefully loosing a few pounds!
Nice to see you Trudy, yes I have to confess that I am getting tired of all the sight seeing and look forward to being home in one place for a while.
I am hoping we will make it to New York in one piece, we have had a few hairy moments.
Your view of Niagara Falls sounds a bit ominous, I will give you my honest view on it. We will be going into Canada to see it.
Glad Slavika has got Patches, it will certainly keep her on the go.

Must go....places to go...people to see ;)


06-02-2007, 02:53 PM
Hi Gals, well my little "Patches" has been called several names in the time that I have had her and not all of them were sweet and loving. When she gets near the electrical cords and wants to chew on them I call her a "Little Bug***", L.B. for short...... ahh poor thing. :D :D She does sleep with me but I did buy a dog crate (airline friendly) just in case. She has walked in and looked around in it and quickly decided that she did not like it. She is sweet, and always ready to give licks or to sit on my lap. She's just what I needed. Now if I could only get her house broken. Oh well I have only had her 13 days or so, I guess it takes time. I am so happy that the rain has finallky stopped, because poor Patches has has more bathes in a short period of time then dogs usually do in al life time. :) :) My flowers are planted and today I dug my little garden getting it ready for a few tomato plants and maybe some green onion. Love reading your blog Maria and also gals I enjoy all your posts. Sorry I have been MIA but seems that between the yard and Patches there is not as much computer time. I have 106 emails that I have not opened yet. I will try to get to them today. Saw Trudy yesterday, first time since Maria left. I can't believe it's been that long. She came with a gift for Patches and a card. hee hee Patches loved the paper.
Talk to you all soon.

06-02-2007, 05:25 PM
Hip Hip Hurrah! Yesterday and last night we had our first good rain. The edge of tropical storm Bruce. Now we are just getting wind.

Slavika: This is what worked with our dog for housebreaking. We got some of those puppy pads, and about the time she seemed to go, we tied her leash to the kitchen table so she went on them, and when there was success with that, then we would catch her and put her on them and then put them in front of the door. When she began going to the one by the door, out she went. It really sounds longer than it took for it to work.

Maria: The Canadian side of the falls is the best to see. The ride on the boat Maid of the Mist, is interesting and damp. It is sad that the touristy stuff is so built up now, but it is still a sight to behold. I can't imagine anyone wanting to ride over it in a barrel. A little goofy, I think. The Amish countryside is so picturesque. And their restaurants are very good. I'm sorry your tummy is acting up. How about some Mylanta or some Zantac to help out. I've also found that CocoCola helps an upset stomach.

Trudy: It was good to hear from you. I haven't planted anymore flowers, since it has been so dry, and that has been the reccomendation - don't palnt anything until we get more rain. Our Crepe Myrtle tree is beginning to bloom now. it is covered with buds, and i think it will be very pretty. I never heard of canker worms, but they sound gross. Up north we used to have tent catapillars and they made webs all over the trees. Yuck.

It is sound to me like most all have been 'off the food wagon' so to speak and now we will have to get serious. At least that is how I feel about myself, but I must admit it is very hard to get motivated.

Hi to everyone. Time to think about making a meal.


06-03-2007, 09:01 AM
G'day all,

I have just been watching the weather channel, I cannot believe all the rain in Florida....the highest 11 inches :eek:
Did you really want that much rain Ann?
I also noticed that Oklahoma has more storms. You certainly have a variety in your weather forecast. Our weather forecast and weather patterns aren't half as interesting, which is probably a good thing!
Sounds lovely Glenda you orange flowers, I do see the connection;) If Leon goes out in his OSU shirt amongst his flowers you could loose him:D;)
I remember Leon telling us where he intended planting the flowers, should look great.

Ann I have been having Zantac and Mylanta and it eases a bit but it still hanging in there.
When are you going to Holly? You cannot have been, I never heard about the spa!

Slavika good to hear you have been so busy, I hope LB will start behaving herself soon. Is Sonja very allergic to her?
I can picture all your gardens and where you have all planted your flowers. Cannot wait to get home and see how my garden is though it is winter and it will not be that colourful.

Before I go and get some breakfast...the Outlet Centres are a killer. Bought a gorgeous Tommy Hilfilger shirt and jacket for Alan, very expensive at home. about 1/4 of the price here. We also bought an Adidas watch for Alan when he is out on his canoe/kyak. Came back and checked out the instructions on the net and saw the very same watch advertised for $245, we paid $19.95:carrot: We then went back and got 2 more watches for David and Joe. Apparently this watch is last year's model, hence the price!
I have repacked the cases and there is still a little room:).......not much left in the bank though:(

Stay happy and well everyone

06-03-2007, 11:54 AM
Maria you are finding some good bargains at the outlet malls. It is making me want to take a trip up 71 to Jeffersonville. You can always squeeze a few more things in your luggage. Do you have the expandable ones???? I love looking at your pictures. It has been an age since we were in Lancaster. I will have to check the Amish here when we go to Amish country next to see if they wear shoes. I thought that last summer they did. Hope your stomach is better. There is some kind of stomach thing going around. It was at school the last month. We liked the Canadian side of the Falls the best. We didn't do the Maid of the Mist. The kids were small and I thought they would drown or something. This was after the oldest was leaning real far over the railing on the American side.
Glenda what kind of orange flowers do you have? They sound pretty. My son is a Tenn fan and their colors are orange.
Slavika-I am glad that you and Trudy finally got some sun and got your flowers planted. I have most of my stuff in pots-that keeps the dogs from trampling them. My dog and N's dogs when they bring them over. I sort of thought you would spoil LB. She sounds like she has the "perfect" home with you.
Summer has arrived now that school is out. I went yard saleing yesterday. I always find some treasure or other. D is out cutting up some tree limbs that blew out of the tree in the front yesterday. I guess I had better go help or at least look like I want to. We finally had about a 30 minutes of rain yesterday. This afternoon my sister is in a recital for her tap dancing. She is 79 and her group is all about the same age. Should be fun to watch.

06-03-2007, 05:24 PM
G'day all,

We are in Gettysburg tonight or rather this afterternoon.
Unfortunately it has been pouring with rain, we had a bit of a look around and it is a VERY interesting city.
I also got yet another bargain.....we were pottering around an antique shop when I spotted this ring, thinking it would be far too expensive. However it was $59.00:eek::cp::cb::hat: so I just HAD to have it! It is 14 carat cold, an aquamarine (happens to be my birthstone) with 2 small diamonds either side. It is second hand but who cares!

Yes Peggy I do have expandable cases and they are now both expanded!!!
Do any Americans buy anything full prize??????
How far is an outlet centre from your place Peggy?
Your sister's recital sounds like fun, good for her to be tapdancing at 79:)

I also bought some wrapping paper and sticky tape from the 'Dollar Store' to wrap the gifts for the kids.
What a country....so many bargains to be had;):D


06-03-2007, 06:09 PM
Maria love, love the ring. Good buy. And you deserve it. eIt is a nice memory that will never go out of style. Never pay full price if you can help it. At least I don't. The outlet mall is about an hour up the road-about halfway to Columbus. You have to watch though, because some of their prices aren't that great. Also love those dollar stores. Have a Dollar Tree up the street. I have a gazillion gift bags that I buy there. You never know when you will need one. lol Come back and we will shop.
The dance recital was fun. My sis's group was 6 and the oldest is 82 with my sis being the next in age and the rest are in their 70's. Have to give them credit and I guess I shouldn't be calling them the prancing pachyderms anymore. We drove through a monsoon on the way home and as soon as we crossed the bridge into Ohio it was sunny. Go figure.

06-03-2007, 09:30 PM
Peggy: Your sisters group sounds a bit like our line dancing group. I think our oldest is 83 and the youngest is around 64. I am in the middle of the group, leaning a bit closer to the 80 mark. But we have a good time and it is very good exercise. We do go out and entertain at Nursing Homes now and again.

Maria: I love the ring. It is very pretty and a great bargain. I think that the rain you are getting might be the tail end of the rain we had on Friday night. We didn't get 11 inches, only about 1 or 2. and we are going to need a lot more to replace all that is lost. The lakes are so low. The lake here in our park is so low that some of the boats are sitting on the bottom, and they are tied way out away from the docks. The weatherman here said that this rain (Bruce) would go up along the Eastern area.

Slavika: I have been having fun with all your emails. I think you have been going over all 90 that you hadn't checked in a while. Such fun. And some good laughs. I particularly liked the little (should be call it a Zonkey) colt with the striped legs.

Rode my 6 miles on my bike tonight and now am ready to call it a day.


06-05-2007, 12:06 AM
Maria: It is indeed a chipmunk. They are cute little critters. They can become quite tame, and will take nuts right out of your hand. We had a lot of them up north, and our cat used to lay in wait for them as she had discovered their 'highway'. Ann

06-06-2007, 09:20 AM
I learned something new. I never knew there was a grand canyon in Pa. Thanks Maria for finding it. I had friends look for the grand canyon of the south once and they couldn't find it. Maybe they were in the wrong state. lol
I washed my windows Monday and then washed the car. 15 minutes after I was finished it rained. Now I know how to make it rain here. I can't complain since we needed it. I did find some good stuff to use on windows. I bought it at Dollar Tree in the car area. It is called Street Smarts, an Awesome product. I love it and for a buck it can't be beat.
Maria somewhere I have a picture of me in about the same spot of you at the Falls. It is from way back when. My college friend was from Kenmore and I went home with her one spring break and we went to the Falls. That was when I saw the most snow I have ever seen piled up on the curbs. We have a chipmunk that I am trying to catch in my Have a Heart cage. So far I have caught a squirrel. Chipmunks make so many holes and tunnels that they are bad for your sidewalks and things. Something gets into it at night and bent part of the spring. I think it is the raccoon that prowls around.
I went to dinnner last night with a group that I belong to. I had the Thai Chicken Pasta. If you figure that a pasta serving is a half a cup I must have had enough for 10-12 servings. It was on a gigantic plate. I brought most of it home. I think of Maria whenever they ask what choices we want to go with our meals now.
Ann - 6 miles on a bike is great. Is this on an outside bike or a stationary one? I am going to ride mine that is down in the basement. You are inspiring me.
What have you all been doing?

06-06-2007, 05:02 PM
Peggy: This is an outside bike. I have a friend who rides with me and so the miles go by faster. If it would only speed some weight loss.

Today I had a laser treatment on the goofy eye, and now have to go back in 8 wks. to be checked on.

Today made reservations to go to see DH brother near Syracuse New York. He just had his 80th birthday this spring and so we just think that sort of trip is necessary. We got pretty good rates with Jet blue, and Non-stop. That is what we like.

I too had never heard of a Grand Canyon in Pa. It must be in the Western part of the state, and that is one part we never had occaison to go to.

I need to try your remedy for making it rain, although I have had to wash the car frequently because of the darn Lovebugs, and it didn't rain then. Maybe it is because i didn't do the windows too. :lol:

Hi Everyone. Ann

06-06-2007, 06:58 PM
Girls, let me tell you about rain. Last Friday at quitting time it started to rain. I was driving, of course. Leon had gone home earlier. Anyway, it rained. It poured. It rained. I drove through rivers and that was on the highway. It rained for 3 hours. We had 6 inches of rain in a little over 3 hours. Many streets are still flooded. I have never seen so much rain and this when there is no more place for it to go. I am so darned tired of rain. We are high so we had no flooding problems, but it flooded in areas that never have flooded before in memory.

Peggy, I think your sis' tapdancing groups sounds just like the most fun ever. Did they all survive?

We took off Monday and Tuesday and took care of Makenzie while her parents were in Mexico. Shanna had it all worked out--grandparents had her for 2 days each, winding up with big sissy having her today while she picked up parents at the airport. She didn't cry once with me! This is a new high! She does love her Mama. Anyway, as we were leaving, she said, "I sure love you guys!" We, of course, melted.

I am glad to hear that Florida has had some much needed rain. I would certainly love to share some of ours. Ah well, remind me of this when it goes 6 months with nary a cloud in sight.

Maria, no, we Americans who are smart, NEVER pay full price for ANYTHING! The only time we do, we walk around with a load of guilt on our shoulders. Usually, you can find about anything with something off. Your ring is so beautiful! You sound like us--sometimes you just cannot afford to save any more!

Slavika, Patches owns your heart. I knew it! I was wondering about your DIL too. At least she doesn't have to live with the pup. Your grandkids love visiting you now more than ever?

06-07-2007, 08:59 AM
G'day all,

We slept VERY well last night:carrot::carrot: No strange neighbours fighting, just peace and quite.:love:

Glenda I cannot imagine how bad it must be with 6 inches of rain :eek: You certainly have had your share of wet weather. Pleased you enjoyed the visit of Makenzie.

I am quite amazed that none of you have heard of the Grand Canyon in PA, it is a beautiful area. Here is a website with some more info http://www.visittiogapa.com/ , just gorgeous country side.

As you may have seen on the blog, squirels are just so cute. I cannot believe that when we saw the very first one, we were at great pain taking photos and now we see them everywhere!
Do you want to keep the chipmunk as a pet Peggy?

I think we are in Syracuse today Ann, missed you again!

Alan is just hurrying me for breakfast so I had better be off....


06-07-2007, 10:50 AM
Sorry Glenda that you have had so much rain, but we were happy yestserday as we got some more much needed moisture. It actually rained most of the night. Maybe our brown lawns will green up again.

Maria: your next door neighbors must have been a bit scary. We have had some noisy neighbors a couple of times, but they were young, and since the walls were paper-thin you could hear the matress and springs all night. Need I describe more? :D: Syracuse is the hub for medicine in that part of NYS. There is a teaching hospital there, along with many Dr.s. The serious cases always seem to be sent to Syracuse from the surrounding area.
There is a great Mall there, too. If you do any exploring at all. Otherwise, I can imagine you in one of the motels right off from the thru-way, as we call it. You are really on the count-down now.

No bike riding last night. Lovely rain. Today I am off for a much needed massage.

See you later. Ann

06-07-2007, 03:31 PM
Maria thanks for the link. Who knew that was there. It reminds of the Smokeys down in Tennessee. Glad you got some rest. That was something else with the next door idiots. Always keep your chain or whatever on when you are in your room. Twice we have had our room given out to someone else and we were both surprised when they entered. Sort of scary. You are probably starting to want your own bed in your own house. The closest thing we have to a gun is a squirt gun.
Glenda I am amazed at all the rain you are getting. You wonder why one area gets so much and others are begging. We have had a shower or two and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. That much rain would be depressing to me. I guess you can be glad that it didn't turn into any tornadoes. Hope you see the sun soon.
Ann it is nicer to ride outside. Is it flat with no hills??? I have to practice on my stationary. My son wants me to ride with him on one of the bike trails. I can see it now-I would be about a mile and be exhausted and sort of cranky.
Slavika wish I looked like the princess when I was her age. She is a little beauty.
Have sheets hanging outside. Time to take them in.

06-08-2007, 04:37 PM
Peggy: Where we ride is flat. It is a big circle around two streets in the park. Once around is a mile. Go with your son for a short ride, not a long one. there must be some way to only go a little while at a time, until you build up your stamina.

This has been a busy day. Dr.'s appt. at 8:00a..m. then some breakfast, then off to Curves, then to pick up my x-rays to take to a different place. I got tired of the runaround I felt I was getting at the place where I usually get my mammogram, and so I have changed. They were very co-operative at the new place. So I will be going there from now on.

I think we might get more rain today. Hope so. Line dancing tonight. That's it for today.

I agree about putting your chain on your motel room door. We had the same experience with someone else also being booked for our room. A little unsettling, to be sure.

Have a great weekend. Ann

06-08-2007, 09:45 PM
G'day all,

Arrived in Boston this afternoon and met Gloria and her husband Jack.
Gloria lives in a lovely tree lined street in a typically American home. We had a lovely dinner tonight and tomorrow we will go and explore Boston.
Jack had a really nice touch, he had a small Australian and American Flag out the front of their house.
We are quite exhausted after a bad sleep again last night, we shouldn't have too many problems tonight!
I will try and post a photo tomorrow.


06-11-2007, 03:14 PM
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06-11-2007, 06:11 PM
onto the next thread all.

See ya there!