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11-30-2001, 06:19 AM
Hi all, Dana promised our poem. SO don't be disappointed.
I will post my weight later.

It I also my measurement time :) .

Good luck everyone. Also include anything else that reflects your losses, new sizes, new clothes , compliments etc.

11-30-2001, 10:52 PM

I got up this morning,
And did the "scale dance"
Stepped on-off-on-off it,
Gave it every chance

"Move stupid number!"
I yelled at the floor,
Then jumped back up on it,
And yelled even more!

I stayed the same, darn it!
The first time on plan.
It's my TOM......
So I should understand!

But that shouldn't matter,
I've shown losses before,
When "Mr. Visitor"
Knocks at my door.

So, I sighed,
And I moaned,
Grit my teeth,
And I groaned.

No loss for this week,
But, no gain at least,
Perhaps TOM,
Or the Thanksgiving feast.

Whatever the reason,
It's still forty four,
But perhaps next week,
I will lose a bit more!

Then......I came here to post
And the site was down!
"Maybe this is a sign!"
I said with a frown.

I won't have to report,
No loss this time,
'Cause I kinda felt bad,
So I made up this rhyme.

Then I came on again,
The site was "okay",
I will share the news,
Of this sad Friday!

Each week since I've started,
A loss has been shown,
This time there was nothing,
I let out a moan!

So I MUST tweak my plan,
Even more than before,
Lower fat and more water,
That will do it for sure!

Mr. Scale is my friend,
(Just not for this week.)
I will still smile at him,
(Although, I won't speak.)

He has such control,
over powerless me,
It's a "love-hate" relationship,
With numbers, you see!

So....pass me the water,
Kick my butt out the door,
I need to go exercise,
A whole lot more!

I can not get lazy,
I can not rely,
That I will be successful,
Just "getting by"

I have to stay focused,
If I want to be "fit",
Because not having a loss,
Really feels like $^(#!!!!

11-30-2001, 11:05 PM
OOOHHH I hate to admit that i have finaly seen a good loss after playing with water gains and losses for the last few months!!! I saw 172 so i am down. I am so excited!!! :p (sorry)

12-01-2001, 07:01 AM
I too saw a loss :^: I am 234 down 1.5 from last week
That makes me 5#'s from my holiday goals

Congrats SUe!

Very sorry Dana , great poem though.

Measurement weekend though.

Dana have you done this yet?

12-01-2001, 05:47 PM
Hi all
Took my measurements For the month of OCt I lost 4.75 inches

For the month of Nov. I lost 5 inches

I have lost a toatl of 38.25 inches since 5/01 ( ithink that's when I statrted my measurements)