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05-24-2007, 09:06 AM
Hi Ladies

Sorry I've been off for a while....this week has been a bit crazy. Sorry to hear that you're having problems with your arms Sharon...hope you're feeling better. I've been keeping up with the exercise and the water, but the food fell apart on Tuesday. Since then, tho things are good...ah well, progress not perfection, right?
Anyhow, tomorrow we have to go to an event for my husband's work, so that should be nice, and then over the weekend we are having brunch with family.. I actually hate the brunch thing, because it gets me off track...I like to eat a good breakfast, and I can't do that if we're going out at 11...then I never know whether to eat my breakfast stuff at brunch, but then that means essentially skipping lunch, or going right to lunch, which always means that I overshoot my food allowance....Oh well, I guess I should lighten up, it is a holiday after all:o
Hope to get out on the bike again soon...

Take care,

05-24-2007, 01:58 PM
VeggieGirl, thanks for starting the new thread. Sounds like you have been very busy. Missed reading your postings while you were gone.

That sounds nice to get out with your husbands work, it can be refreshing to talk to different people and just have fun.

For brunch when I went, I didn't have breakfast and was so full from the sausage and eggs (2) and one slice whole wheat bread lightly buttered, that we were not hungry and only had something very light around 7:30pm. That way my weight stayed the same and I wasn't starving and enjoyed the brunch.

Today I go back to physio, my arm is still quite sore and both knee's, if I watched where I was going, instead of rushing as I knew dh wanted to get working outside, maybe I would of saw it like I normally do. Oh well. It is very hot here today, my husband is taking my Dad to get his glasses this aft. while I do laundry and go to physio.

My daughter is talking about going looking for her wedding dress this Sat. with my really bad knee banged up like it is and my arm pretty useless I am considering backing out. Her maid of honour is going and I am not really crazy over her. My daughter is going to be floored with the prices and considering she wants something plain, she might be better to go with the bridesmaid dress she tried on and liked, they can also get it in ivory, which is the colour she wants. I would rather wait till she has it narrowed down to three or so, then go ( I think). She mentioned it Tues. night about going and I have not heard anything since, so I guess time will tell on this one! Do you think I am awful?

Well got to run, lots to do BBL.
Have a good day all.
Sharon S.

05-24-2007, 03:35 PM
Hey Sharon

No, I don't think you're "awful"...I think you are being quite sensible on several counts. First, I think you're right to wait till she's go it narrowed down a bit...especially if she has someone else to go with...too many dresses and too many opinions don't make for a good mix I don't think! Also, I definetely think you are right about the bridesmaid vs. bride dress would be different if she had her heart set on something very elaborate...beading, fancy lacy work, etc...If they can get the dress in ivory, why chase after something else that would be the same or similar just because it is "for the bride." The only disclaimer I would make about my advice is that I personally hate to shop for clothes, so I am biased against the least "shopping" option!!

I actually did my exercise outside today because it is so beautiful here...I was shocked to find that I walked further, and faster than when I walk on the treadmill, and the time went by much quicker:D I hope the weather keeps up so that I can do this again for a while...I was getting pretty bored with the inside exercise.

How are you doing with your food? I don't mean to be nosy, just supportive. I think I mentioned that I don't get on the scale much anymore, so I have to live vicariously through someone else's weigh-ins!:dizzy:

Hope you enjoy your weekend...are you going up to the cottage again?

05-24-2007, 07:16 PM

It's been a long time but I thought I would check in. Sharon I'm sorry to see that you haven't healed yet. I hope it gets better soon.

VeggieGirl - I know all about trying to balance the food. I haven't won it yet! ;)

Well my son is graduating on Wednesday. We've had several programs to attend the last three weeks. It's a pretty emotional and busy time here. I'm planning for the graduation party to be held on June 16th.

Okay, eating is really just so so. I'm doing better on exercise. I bought a pedometer and that really motivates me. Most days I make it way over 10,000 steps so I'm happy with that.

I put on a little weight with my new job and I'm too nervous to look on a scale. I can tell though by the way my clothes are fitting. I thought I would give myself a couple of weeks before weighing in.

My goal is to lose 10 pounds this summer. My step-son wants to lose 5 so we are going to work on it together. It's always nice to have a partner.

Hope everyone is doing well!!:)

05-24-2007, 08:32 PM
Hi stopeating...nice to have you back...

Is your son graduating from high school, college, or something else? Are you planning to follow a specific program to lose the weight?

Well, today was good all around, water, exercise,'s nice to be able to say that for a change!

Talk to you soon

05-24-2007, 10:39 PM
Hi Veggiegirl

My son is graduating from high school. He has been in a wheelchair all of his life, but through several surgeries and years of practice, he plans to walk for his diploma next week. Most people don't know it and will be shocked. They have only seen him in his chair. It's a big time for us. He is also going away for college - big steps for all of us.

Okay the diet (when I'm being good) is pretty simple. It is the only thing that has ever worked for me. I stick to 1000 calories of whatever I want but usually very low fat (dr. approved) and 1 hour of exercise. I also use xenical - a prescription weight drug when I do eat something fatty like pizza - which I just had. :o

I don't talk about it much because most would believe it isn't good, but it's the only way my body will lose weight. The dr's had me on a supervised 800 calorie liquid diet years ago and that was really hard.

Now I say that I aim for 1000 calories but most days I'm hitting 1400 to 1500 calories and I'm gaining weight.

I started taking thyroid medicine recently and am seeing a specialist, so hopefully it will get better.

I'm glad you had a good day. Sometimes I have to judge my diet by the hour or I'm really hard on myself.

I did go for a three mile walk and got my pedometer up to 18,000 steps today, so exercise is good! :carrot:

05-25-2007, 01:37 AM
Welcome back Stopeating! How exciting about your son walking (and of course graduating), but walking after all this time. Has he had all the metal removed? I thought he was going to have his out just after I got my pins out. I am still just so excited for you all to see him walking, try and take some pics to post. I bet there will be lots of tears that night, all around.
Is the college settled yet? It will be so exciting for him to go away, but so hard on you guys. You are doing fabulous with the pedometer and walking. I have about three, one is metric (which I can't understand, or be bothered converting), two of them I can't keep attached as I have a nice roll that goes over the waist band and they keep coming off, the only way I can keep mine on is to wear a belt, but most of my clothes don't need one, so it is a bit of a pain. Though I very rarely am making 6,000 steps. You are doing so good. I hope they find out if it is your thyroid or what is going on, 1000 cals. a day really isn't much. But you have to consider you probably are eating more due to all the stress, job, graduation, walking, college, party, just a little I would say my friend. It is nice your step son and you will be working on it together over the summer, helps bring you closer.

VeggieGirl, thanks for the advise on the shopping, I talked to her tonight and she said this weekend wasn't good for her maid of honour anyhow. But she still is wanting me to go the next weekend, I am saying I will see how I am. I maybe in pain right up to the wedding. Now they are discussing having it here, if not Aruba or Jamica. She is driving me crazy, but I am suppose to just keep quiet. I am not very good at that and am forever getting in trouble with both my kids. (Oh yes, my son moved home again, but they are not broken up), that is pretty obvious, he has been with her every night this week, only coming home to sleep. I wish he would just be done with her, she has a lot of problems to work out and is just starting therapy. I am not against anything like that, but I know it takes a long time to come to terms with your problems, speaking from experience. My first husband was one big one!!!

Anyhow, as for my food, I have been trying to eat little meals more often, wanted cheese and crackers today, only forgot the cheese at the cottage on Tues. This morning I had a grapefruit and a kiwi, then later I had a small handful of almonds, later a granola bar, then I had some all fruit snacks, then I had two chicken burgers, one with a bun, one not. I had some BBQ sauce on them and a few french fries done on the grill with a little olive oil. Now comes the bad part, I had another granola bar and some more fruit snacks tonight, just out of boredom. bad bad bad! I did good with my water today. I weighed in this morning and am 220.4, so basically the same for at least the last month, but my exercise this week has been really limited from the stupid fall on the weekend, then the second one yesterday. I have my call into the specialist re-my arm, at physio it was clicking at the elbow, not a good sign, she suggested I talk and maybe see him. He will probably send me for X-rays, I am terrified something is wrong, the physio girl said I am not doing as much as she would of expected, but then she has not had a failed operation and had it repeated and he wrote one the note to them to go slowly and not push it.

With that I think I will sign off, don't know for sure if were going to the cottage, expect so, although we are suppose to have rain tomorrow aft. and again on Sunday, I get frustrated when I can't get the work done that I want too and always have to ask for help. Especially now. Might stay till Tues. as it is suppose to be nice the beginning of the week and Sat.

Hope you will all enjoy your long weekend, I will post if I stay home, if not talk at you all on Tues.
Sharon S.

05-25-2007, 06:01 PM
Hi Ladies

Well, today has been pretty good so far. The morning was great...we had to go to that thing at my husband's office, so the three of us were together for breakfast which virtually never happens anymore, and I really liked that. Then, the event was really nice and I was proud of the way my daughter conducted herself...she is so much more self assured than she was a year or two ago, and it is a delight for me to watch her interact with adults...Also, my mom was able to come, which was great for her and us...she rarely gets to go to "events' anymore, and she has been pretty down lately as she has not had many "good days" (read that not dizzy and able to stay on her feet for some length of time).

Then, when I got home, things did not go so well...You see, I have a job interview scheduled for Tues for a job that I don't think I want...I'm not even sure I want to go back to I have absolutely no enthusiasm for going to this interview. I had gone back and forth about canceling, and by the time I got home, I thought it was too late to call since Mon is a holiday, and this is a panel type interview with several people, so it would screw up schedules were I to drop out at the last minute. To make a long story short, the stress of knowing that I have to go on this interview when I really don't want to, drove me straight to eat the bad stuff...the weird thing is that the whole time I'm doing it, I know rationally I shouldn't...I even find myself saying why am I doing this...anyway, several hundred calories of junk later, I forced myself to enter everything into "mydailyplate" (which is like fitday, only I like it better), so I could see exactly what damage I did...I find that helps me, as I usually do not do as much harm as I think I have done...
Then, I got my behind out the door, and powerwalked for 41 minutes in the hot sun which left me sweating and happy...:carrot: :carrot:

Stopeating, I noticed you said that you try to eat about 1000 calories...How do you do that? I don't think I could last on you get really hungry?

Congratulations to your son:congrat: You must be so proud of him...I can only imagine the mixed feelings you must have about him going off to college...My daughter is only at the end of her freshman year in h.s. and I am already feeling sorry for myself at the thought of the proverbial "empty nest" lol

Take care all and have a safe and happy holiday weekend

05-25-2007, 11:07 PM
Hello Sharon & VeggieGirl - Thanks for asking about my son. He actually gets the hardware removed June 7th. We fly to Minnesota on June 6th, one week after his graduation ceremony and one week before his graduation party. They say he will be achy for a couple of weeks. Our hope is that he will feel much better for his graduation present of one week in Disney World!! College is pretty set. We go to orientation two days after we get back from surgery. :dizzy: It all worked out that way.

VeggieGirl - 1000 calorie can be really hard on some days and pretty good on others. I'm a snacker, but not big on meals so I eat the 100 calorie pack snacks, soup, if we do hit a McDonald's and I really don't feel like a salad, I have a happy meal. Usually I have 70 calorie toast for breakfast. It's been this way for years, but when I stress, my calories go up and I gain instantly even though I'm pretty good at the exercise.

Don't stress about the interview. Just be yourself (even if you don't want the job). Take a deep breath and think about it as though you were talking on the phone to your friends or talking here. ;) People will love you for who you are and no matter what the outcome, you will feel good about yourself.

Sharon - I feel so bad. You have been struggling so long with your arm. I hope they do take the x-rays and come up with a solution. I missed why you are falling. It's because your knee is giving out? Why is that happening? Did something happen earlier to make it sore? Is your cottage on a lake? We get to go to my in-laws cottage a few times each year and I love it. It's on a small beautiful lake and we've had so many great times. I believe this will be our last year because they will be selling it. They are in their 80's and it is too much for them anymore. My dh would love to buy something, but that isn't in the cards now.

This weekend I'm going to a really big wedding tomorrow and as PR person I'm working in the Memorial Day parade to make sure all goes smoothly. I'm also hoping to do some yard work and visit a couple of cemetary sites.

Hope you have great things planned!!:)

05-26-2007, 10:34 AM
Good morning everyone

Stopeating thanks so much for your encouraging words...It really makes a difference, and your idea that I should just be myself and think of it as a discussion with friends is a great one...What's the worst that can happen right?:dizzy:

Sounds like you have a fun, busy weekend ahead. We will be seeing family on Sunday, but today it is more mundane things...take the dog to the groomer...take my mom to get flowers for her porch... and try to work in some exercise.

Hope you have a nice time at the wedding!

Sharon - since you aren't on I guess you went up to the cottage. Hope you have nice weather!

Take care

05-28-2007, 02:35 PM
Happy Memorial Day!

Okay so yesterday I got sick with some kind of cold symptoms with a fever and a really sore throat. I took meds and slept a lot. Today I'm doing better but I am tired. I already took a nap.

I got all of my employers into the parade and it came off without a hitch. My step-daughter had a great time at her parade where she got to go on a float.

The wedding went well also. They had a little girl be a bell ringer. Have you ever seen that? She was about four years old and she ran through the church ringing a bell yelling "The bride is coming". I didn't think she was going to stop. She was so adorable and everyone was laughing so hard. They caught her on her second trip around the church.

Before I got sick I walked about 6 miles yesterday. Today, no walking but no appetite so I figure it balances.

Veggiegirl - Hope you got all those errands done. You'll do great with the interview.

Okay, got to go to bed. Have a great day!

05-31-2007, 01:18 AM
Well ladies, you have been busy. Sounds like you enjoyed your long weekend, sorry you got sick Stopeating, hope your better by now.

VeggieGirl, how did the interview go, or did you go? It is really hard when you are not even sure you want to return to work. At least you got an interview, its hard sometimes even getting there. So fill us in, I am anxious to know.

Stopeating, I think you have earned some credit in dealing with your son being in a wheel chair since he was very very young, you have been there every step of the way, encouraged him to get involved in basketball and took him or made arrangements for him to be there, along with I am sure, many other battles. I just want to give you a hug, I am sure at times it was not easy. It also makes it even harder for you, for him to go away to school, since you have had such a close relationship. I will pray he does well during the removal of the hardware. If it is anything like mine, they freeze it and it really doesn't hurt. God bless him and you, you certainly have a busy schedule ahead of you. Too change the subject re the young bell ringer, can't say I have ever even heard of that, but it brings a smile to my face, it is kinda neat.

Re falling, I have bone on bone in my right knee, have seen a specialist and am going back in June, suppose to have lost 50 lbs (fat chance) saw him in Jan. of this year. So my knee gave out on me completely, when I got up, so down I went. Second fall came when I triped over an extension cord, while in a hurry and with paper's in my hands, forgot it was there. Anyhow had my X-ray done, last Friday at the hospital I was operated on, they said, all looked fine and in place, I may have some water in the elbow joint. I was back at physio today and go again tomorrow, have to try and catch up as they think I am not moving along as fast as I should. I did tell them again, it was the second operation for the same thing so am quite nervous about damaging it. Was relieved nothing was wrong. I see the specialist for the arm in a couple of weeks.

As far as food and water when I was away. I tried watching closely what I ate, water was a little low. But got lots of exercise cleaning and my dh and I walked as well. Had a few drinks though, the scale will tell the story tomorrow.

Thanks for your concern for me my friends. I too hope all is well with you.
Sharon S.

05-31-2007, 10:08 AM
Good morning ladies

Sharon - am so glad that the xray showed no additional damage...I can imagine how scary it must be for you to worry about re-injury after all you went through.

Stopeating - hope you are over your summer cold or flu...good for you walking 6 miles:carrot: :carrot:

The interview went fine...five people did it in a panel type setting, so it was a little nervewracking for someone like me who hasn't been working for some time...but I said everything I wanted to...and when I wasn't sure about their question, or my answer, I was honest and said so...the only thing is, as I said, I'm not sure I want to return to work, and even if I do, I spent so much time letting them interview me, that I neglected to "interview" them about the job specifics, so even if I would get it, I would have to really clarify what exactly the responsibilities would be:dizzy: Of course, even if I conclude that I don't want to go back to work right now, or I don't want this job, human nature being what it is, I want to be the one to say no, not them;)

Well, as you can see from my ticker I met my exercise goal for the month:carrot:
I think for June I will do a challenge of miles - 60. That's a little ambitious for me, as we will be on vacation for part of that, but we'll see

Keep up the good healthy stuff ladies,

06-01-2007, 01:19 AM
Hello ladies, well it has been very hot here today, with humidity over 90 and of course I had to go out in it. Went to physio, then did a little shopping for myself, (I was suppose to be getting my hair cut, but she couldn't take me). Anyhow, have a Christening coming up in the beginning of July, so now have something to wear. Also if we do go down South for the wedding it will all come in handy. Visited Dad for a couple hours as well, taking him shopping tomorrow. He finally decided to come up to the cottage this weekend, he was shocked when I said I wouldn't be there. As I will be shopping for a wedding dress with my wonderful considerate daughter, (She called tonight and said she was too tired to take me out for my mother's day lunch she promised, she just wanted to go home)! YUM Of course that is after I made two long distance calls to the U.S. to book an appt. for her to view some dresses at David's Bridal on Sunday, they are having a special sale of certain designer's starting at $99.00, might be worth the hour drive.

Food has not been great, really not hungry, must be the heat. Water up though. Exercise is still nill, other than physio and shopping in one store, so might as well say nill.

Stopeating, our cottage is not right on the lake, it is about 1-1/2 minutes away. We can see it from our patio very clearly, its Lake Erie we are on.
Well that is all for today ladies, hope your doing better than myself. By the way I was up 1-1/2 lbs. on the scale today. It seem's to be a no win for me, but the drinks with friends didn't help. Oh yes, my cousin's are coming next weekend, I have to try and get the house in shape, being limited with the arm for so long, hasn't helped. Hubby is going to the cottage this weekend, till? I guess it will be up to me.
Have a good day ladies.
Sharon S.

P.S. Glad the interview is over for you VeggieGirl, I would be rattled with 5 people questioning me at one time as well, it doesn't give you time at all to ask what you want. What a difficult decision for you. Wish I could help some how, but don't know what to say, it is a very personal thing and has a lot of variables. Good Luck my friend.

P.P.S. Great job on the exercise, the way you were going I was sure you would make it. Congrats.

06-01-2007, 07:17 PM
Hi There, just wondering where everyone is, just back from spending the afternoon with dad and getting all his shopping and banking done, whew, tired today. My daughter made our city's paper today, speaking about her job, I am glad the angle it took, to make people aware of mental illness and for more people to report it, is a major. They talked alot about young people and teachers and how after the Virginia Tech instutute how they had an influx of calls regarding people who they thought may have mental issues. It is good they are reporting them, only problem they have only 2 full time employee's and 2 part timers to handle this influx. They have to go out and interview each person and make there recommendations from there. Hopefully people will realize they need money to hire more workers to help these people.

Anyhow, think I have the evening to myself, son is working, husband at cottage. My son will probably be home later. Not good for my eating though, already ate about 500 cals. not needed.

Let me know how you are all doing. Stopeating, is the grad over if so what happened, I can't get you out of my mind, I am so excited for you all.

VeggieGirl, what do you think about the job? Heard anything.

Your just leaving me hanging girls, fill me in.

Miss you Jasmine and my other friend who just disappeared. I think you know who you are.
Sharon S.

06-03-2007, 12:46 AM
Well I am back again, writing to myself it seems, anyhow a wedding dress we did find today, she is sleeping on it, but said she had her mind made up and we are not going to the U.S. to look for any tomorrow, so I think it's a done deal.

Food was not very good, went out for lunch and had fries, but did not have supper, but had some bad snacks. Water was great again, due to weather, another really hot one, worse today than yesterday. Rain is forecast for the next three days, but am waiting now to hear the new weather forecast.
Did lots of walking today.
Well hopefully will talk to someone tomorrow.
Sharon S.