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05-21-2007, 11:33 PM
I went in nervous and worried I would get taken. I was on guard to a sense to make sure I did not get taken in.

I asked questions like what the interest rate is in the credit thing they have there. I set up to get it out of our account.
She tried to get me to put down more then I wanted then I thought how you all said they will work with you to get you to sign up. I told her it was to much a month and she dropped it no hesitation at all.
I used my coupon for 6$ a week rather then there 9$ a week. Plus i got another 10% off that if i signed up today with it being a grand opening.
So I left feeling ok and not like I was taken. i have 2 vitamins they said were samples but full size bottles to try. Not sure if thats normal or part of them just opening up to get people to try things etc.

I start TO in the AM seems like its doable really. then after 2 days of that i go back to get my menu etc. they have a munch of sample bars and soup etc for me to take home and try. then i don't have to get stuff I don't like.

She told me there is a bulk pack I can get but not sure how much that may run, of coarse its we will talk about it then. after i get my menus I have to go back to se them to see how its going and if i am struggling or anything at that point more or less a check in.

They were really nice seemed sincere even though its business. No big pressure at all.

thanks for all the help and such you gave me before i went to see them


05-21-2007, 11:48 PM
Congrats - glad it wasn't too bad for you. Not sure if they suggested cutting up the bars and making sure you try them all before going back in. Personally, I only liked a couple of them; actually I loved a couple of them.
The LA Lites are where they may try to get you to commit to a substantial bulk purchase and, therefore, a substantial addition to your cost. Be careful and if you have a set budget, stick with it. The deals they may offer you are tempting. Good luck!

05-22-2007, 10:55 AM
Glad to see you joined!!!!! Well you came out with a reasonable price for your weight loss weeks...good luck with fast forward...just a note eat as much as you can on those 2 days....also don't be alarmed when they give you the bulk price...when they told me my price I told them they were nuts and didn't buy them at a net cost od 1200 dollars ...I'm so glad I didn't buy them because it can't do the lites because of the soy it makes for a backed up poppy sitiuation for me:o You have made the right decision to join and you will do great with this life style change...keep posted to us with any questions

05-22-2007, 01:42 PM
Congrats! One thing about the bars is that I didn't like the ones in the sample box that much. I asked if I could try other kinds before I committed to buying the lites and I found out I liked the others that were not part of the sample box much more.