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11-28-2001, 05:48 AM
99.25 #'s ( gosh I hope i got the math right)

Way to goal girl!! You are awesome!!!

And inspiration to me that this can be done.
Give us details.
What size were you , what size are you now, compliments, etc.

11-28-2001, 12:37 PM
yes details girl HOLY TOLEDO you are just amazing!!!

11-28-2001, 01:18 PM
I am SO wanting to hear your story! Congratulations!


11-28-2001, 06:28 PM
Well done, you must be very proud! :D


11-30-2001, 12:29 AM
Congrats. Tell us how you did it.

12-01-2001, 11:50 AM
Thanks for the praise ladies!
I finally just said this is it! It's now or never! I have been following a vegeterian plan,while watching fat intake.I also try to stay away from white flour,and eat just whole wheat carbs.

12-02-2001, 07:15 PM
Add my congrats to the list of others! It is great to know that someone else who had a lot to lose has done it!! I eat vegetarian too (no meat ,fish, or eggs) I still eat cheese, sour cream, and ice cream though. If only I could give those up and the junk food I'd be a skinny minnie! People can't believe you can be a veg and be heavy, but I have been eating like this for a long time (veg) but I am heavy. Even so my cholestorol is low-only 130!! My doctor is thrilled!
The only way I have ever been able to lose is too watch my calories. When I keep track of them and stay around 2000 I will lose, if I don't I pretty much stay the same. Sorry to ramble!

You go girl!!
keep up the good work and best wishes!!
313/281/273 new years goal

12-17-2001, 01:17 PM
WoW!!!!!!! Congrats! Hard work and determination has paid off!! What are you rewarding yourself with? Wanna go clothes shopping?!?!?