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11-27-2001, 11:29 PM
Please be sure to catch up on #10 before posting here! :D

I'm here! I told you guys I wold have to fight my way for computer time with my 18 year old home from college and hubby being "inside" with the cold weather! I read all your posts and it makes me feel HOME AGAIN! Thank you! I will TRY to get on everyday...but it is tough. I went dress shopping two nights in a row for something for the Christmas party. I am sooo discouraged! I need a size 18 or 20. There is NOTHING out there! I am going again tomorrow to a different mall. Please keep your fingers crossed! I am looking for something below the knee, long sleeved, solid, and figure flattering. Something classy. I do not think that is too much to ask for....but seriously, all I can find are spaghetti strapped prom looking gowns and "matronly" looking crap! Everything is either petite....or "bubbba" looking! I am really disguisted! ( more whining......just keep your fingers crossed!) ** Sigh **

Not much else new around here. I am really enjoying having our youngest home for the holidays. (Except for the computer thing. - He just came down and asked how long I would be!!) There is more LIFE in the house again...and that is nice! He and I went shopping last night and I got a few ideas on what he and his brother would like from "Santa." I will need a small loan! was much easier to shop for them when they were little!

I have managed to stay on plan! There is still some PIE in the fridge which yells my name so loud from time to time that I can't believe the neighbors haven't called the cops! We brought home 4....count 'em FOUR pies from my brothers house. We are now down to 1 and 1/2. I keep telling the guys, "Have some pie!" I want rid of it before I cave!!!! LOL

I had a physical and they did some blood work. My cholestrol was 245 and the doctor said I need to lower it. is a question.-------I did not have my cholestrol checked BEFORE going low I have NO IDEA what is was 44 pounds ago. Is it UP or is it DOWN from June 15, 2001 when I went on plan. Bigger question......what do I do to get it DOWN!!??? I want to continue on lpan because I am having success losing weight....but I need to lower it. I do NOT want to go on meds if I can avoid it. I have been told to drink a grape/apple juice/vinegar mixture (okay...loaded with carbs) and to eat oatmeal (carbs, again!) I have already decided to cut out cheese and have gone to one egg for breakfast instead of 2. I have been eatting less red meat and more chicken/fish. If anyone has suggestions, I will definately appreciate them! Also.....have any of YOU had your cholestrol checked recently?

Okay.......I have been RAMBLING...much like I have not talked to you all in awhile! (Hmmmmmm) LOL

Anyway.......the kid needs to get on line with some buddies - (Most all his friends are away at school so he gets a bit bored!) Sooooooo....I will be a good mommy and give up the keyboard!

I will get a hello in to each of you tomorrow - Lord willing!.

Stay on plan! Move your butt! And enjoy the lovely Christmas selections I have popped into the bus's cd player!

Know that each one of you is in my daily thoughts and prayers. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT OUT OF THESE FAT SUITS??????? I swear......even with 44 pounds off my cottage thighs in those big dressing room mirrors were enough to make me cry! I still hate shopping - even at THIS SIZE!!! But I have to do it because "I need a dress."
"I need a dress."
"I NEED A DRESS!!!!!!"

I will catch you all tomorrow!

Dana (Still HOPEFUL!!!) :dizzy:

11-28-2001, 06:05 AM
Hey all,

Day 2 at the job was great. I feel alive again. It is amazing how the prison atmoshere affected me.

I am OP. Doing great. Even with all the stress of a new job. I think I am more active at this job. Using the stairs and not getting much time to even think about eating.

Dana, Look at the jc penny x-mas catalog they has some nice flattering dresses. For a dress. Also on line go to They have some nice stuff in the catalog for the holidays.
Diet wise. It is hard to know what to do. your chol might have been higher and is going down. However I have heard that w/ atkins that this is a potential side effect. My suggestions would include picking 1-2 meatless days. measure your meat portions and only have 1-2 days that are red meat. in regards to including carbs in your diet pick ones that are high fiber. like a fiber 1 cereal. remeber when you check the carbs you subtract the fiber carbs # from teh total carbs #. I have been using teh glycemic index as a guide to what I eat, anything less than 50 as well as counting cals and exercise. I know the weight loss is slower, but I am ok with that.

Hey Sue how are you?

Terri Hope you are feeling better.

Where is everyoine else?
Gotta run

11-28-2001, 12:51 PM
I am comming in strong. Where are our girls?? Mary, BOO, Lee, Did i miss any??? (pam I know you are lurking)

Pat i am right here and going strong. i am excited this 4 day end of the moth challenge is working.

Dana i need to know what your other numbers are. it depends onthe good to bad choletsterol ratio. some people do se an elevation on this diet so do not sispair but the other numbers are the real clue if you have a high ratio of good:bad coloesterol then the high number does not caoun in the bad was so give the doc a call and ask what the ohter numbers are you need the trigliceride, HDL , and LDL OK?

and like pat says trim the fat, eat leaner cuts of meat, cut the cheese (OUT that is) :^: :lol: Eat more tuna that has omega oils that are good. then there is some sugestions of taking codliver oil (I can not stand the thought) but that will help to (there is a lemon flavored kind that i hear is nt bad with no aftertaste) if you try to take fish oil caps there are some things that you need to knnow like hot to tell if it is fresh, but i have never had luck with them and keep burping cod so i stay away from them make scarambled eggs and use one whole egg and 2 whites that will increase your protein and still fill you.

Terri HI!

11-28-2001, 04:22 PM
Well, I posted and poured my heart out in #10 only to find that #11 was "up and running." What's REALLY going on? Ha! Please read my last post...if you want to...just so I know that all that emotion was not spent in vain. Ha/ha! Gee, you gals sound like low-carb experts. No cheese???!!! Why no cheese? That's one of the reason I enjoy low carbing. Please don't break my heart too bad. :) I am a cheese-eater BIGTIME! Break it to me easy if you have to. ha! And someone please explain the "don't eat peanut" factor??? And then red meat?? And then egg yokes aren't really good to eat?? Lordy, what am I going to eat?? This is a day in my life, cheesey eggs, peanuts for snacks, a hamburger patty with cheese for dinner. OH NOOOOOO!! Somebody please help me. :) this for someone with high cholesterol? I'm fused. :)

11-28-2001, 05:41 PM
Lovin life you do not have to give up your cheese. Dana is having a problem with her cholesterol at this time it may be her body is adjusting to this woe, or it may be on it's way down or the numbers do not totaly reflect the actual good/bad ratio. you can have mildly high elevated cholesterol and still have good numbers with the ratios. I did go back and read your post and it was wonderful! You have so much to be thankful for how wonderful.

Pam I hear you the duct tape is out!!! let me give you some graphic visualizations i gal jug of milk is the same in size as 6 lbs of fat. so think of how much fat you had lost if i remembver you had gone past several milestones...... and think of all those galons of milk!!! and also think if how heavy that many gallons of milk is!!! what a chore it is to carry even just 4 (28 lbs of fluid weight each galon of milk is 7 actual lbs) hope that helps to get your determination back..

I have been doing good today. I made chilli and left the beans out. I also am making spaghetti for the kids but their is meatballs :D

11-28-2001, 11:09 PM
Hi there!!!! I havent been very good with the 4 day OP but only because Im still nauseated and dont feel like eating anything... GEEZ!!!!! I know I said I wanted some help in curbing my appetite BUT I sure didnt mean it to be like this..........anyway, I havent eaten hardly anything so Im sure the scale will go down, just not a very healthy way to go....

LovinLife---Yep, I read your last post... CONGRATS on the 2 lb loss over Thanksgiving...thats wonderful.....

Pat-Sue_Dana---hello, glad you are all doing great!!! Dana, I guess I can only suggest what the others have told you, cut back on meats and cheese and see what happens...I just had my physical and my cholestrol was down a few (its not very high to begin with)....

Pam------WE ARE COMING WITH THE DUCT TAPE.......GONNA STICK YOUR BUNS TO THE FRONT SEAT AND MAKE YOU SING ALONG TO THE CHRISTMAS SONGS DANA PUT IN FOR US...THAT SHOULD KEEP YOU BUSY FOR AWHILE...HAHAHA..I know I will need the duct tape by the first of the year to really stay OP everyday..right now Im just maintaining.....

Well, back to work tomorrow,,,Ive been busy with FlyLady cleaning .....had dentist appt and hair appt today so was gone most of day.... Ive been spending WAY TOO MUCH time reading...

Ive been reading the "LEFT BEHIND" SERIES.....took me about 1 month to read all nine books......THEY ARE EXCELLENT!!! I couldn't put them down.....there is another series called the ??????? ( my memory just went blank) I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS...I WILL HAVE TO GET BACK TO YA .......I think its the TCCT series, not sure..anyway they are suppose to be really good also....The Left behind series is about the rapture and the SECOND COMING.... but put into a story.....really neat!!!!!

Well, I guess its time for me to start thinking of Christmas shopping...we are having work gift exchange in 2 weeks and I havent even bought anything.......So I will be busy trying to get Christmas gifts bought and decorations up this week.....

Talk to everyone later.......Take Care

11-29-2001, 08:53 PM
Hello My Friends!
The computer is miiiiiiine! ALL MINE!

I have been doing fine on plan...but have not exercised for the past few days. I could use the excuse that I have been busy....which is true......BUT....I need to MAKE time. (nasus...slap me and get it over with! LOL)

terri....I saw the movie, Left Behind. It freaked me out! Interesting concept. I love movies.....but I hate to read! (Sad, but true!) Thanks for the good word. Hope the scale shows a loss for ya......but I hope you feel better and get back on plan soon!

fralick........I have been thinking about you adjusting to the new job! That has to be tough. I know that you will do great! You have such a wonderful outgoing personality that you will surely be successful in every way. A BIG thank you for the web address for jessica london. I checked it out and found 2 dresses that I am sending for. (I had heard of chardiwck...but had never heard of that one.) I have ALWAYS been a jc penny shopper and I DID find something in their catalog as well. I found NOTHING at the malls! I was soooo dissapointed. Congrats again on your "scale success." If I have to wrestle my son for the computer tomorrow...YOU may have to put up the Friday Weigh In Site! (I will think of a poem, tho!) You help keep me fired up!!! "Deck the Bus With Lo Carb Snacks......fa la la la laaaaaa la la la laaaaaaa!

nasus.....thanks so much for the "heads up" about the cholestrol thing. I go back to the doctor on Monday to get all test results back and I will ask for a copy of ALL the numbers and let you know what they are. I had NO idea about any of the other things you mentioned and good/bad cholestrol. Once I get all the results and give them to you. perhaps you can give me a bette picture of "what's up." Right now, I am simply cutting back on the eggs/cheese/red meat/peanuts. It is NOT that hard. I have made some legal substitutions with chicken and will see. You are "right on" with everything you said. It cold have been WORSE before...but who knows! (I hated to go to the doctor 44 pounds ago because I was embarrassed about my weight.......hmmmmmmmmm....sound familiar to anyone!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!) Anyway...enough about me! Keep up the good work and continue to keep us all in line and safely seated! I promise as your driver not to leave my seat....but I have long arms......don't let me reach out the window for any brownies or shocolate covered pretzels this holiday season!!

lovinlife......Smile.....I went back and read your post on #10. Thank you for sharing! You can have MY cheese, babe! I just found out that my cholestrol level is 245. But....I have no idea what it was BEFORE I lost the 44 is it UP or DOWN??? Anyway....I am cutting back on high cholestrol foods right now in order to get it down. I am still low carbing FOR LIFE....I just need to "tweak" my program in order to continue to be successful in every way! (My favorite cheese if some for me!!! LOL) continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope your back is feeling better. It is so good to see you post! Your WARRIOR spirit lifts me! (Did you know that I have a bit of Sioux in me?)

Who did I miss?????? I wanted to give a quick HELLO to each of our bus riders...but hubby is calling me to go watch SURVIVOR with him. (It is our "bonding time" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL) He loves Thursday for Survivor and CSI.

Anyway...TOMORROW is Friday......and that means WEIGH IN make sure you check out that thread. It is our way to stay ACCOUNTABLE on this BUS TO GOAL!!! Even if Mr. Scale is NOT kind to you....share something nice with us!

FOR ALL YOU LURKERS OUT THERE!!!!!!! If you want to get on this bus to goal....JOIN US! We are a nice group of people who want to RID OURSELVES of these FAT SUITS and are DOING IT!!!

My best to you all!
Dana (Always HOPEFUL...and thankful for you all!

11-30-2001, 01:53 AM
Mt fellow Weight Warriors.......
I am back in the saddle again and heading for that distant sunset
(side saddle of course) to the place where dreams are born. I thank you for the duct tape and the visuals!!!!!!! Oh those nasty milk jugs!!!!!!!!
It is much easier to stay OP (and thats sometimes a war) than to begin again. Getting going is the hardest thing.
Susie Q..... God do I know about the doctor thing. Over a year ago my dear ones, I was scheduled for an MRI by a neurologist who would help me resolve all the issues before me and there are many. It is hard to find a Doctor who will really work with you and listen to what you are saying. My Mother said to me casually well Honey you have put on some weight what is the weight limit at the hospital? Panic hit me like a thunder bolt! I ran and weighed myself and as you all know I weighed 338 lbs. I called the hospital aand asked about the weight limit. 300 lbs. I had not been back to the doctor until my recent back emergency. I refused to have to travel to the MRI center where they had special machines for those of us to big for the standard machines.
I would lose that 38 lbs and pray these hernias would hold out.
I thought it would be just a month or so but here it is well over a year later. How easy it is to sink back into the numbing food adiction. To eat whatever you fancy no matter how badly it steals your life or stands you before your own grave. The pain in joints and body the damage to your entire body. Damage unrealized for years.....even then when you know what is happening it is so easy to be seduced back into oblivion. Turning a blind eye to all but sensation. A moment of pleasure for a lifetime of grief. How can it be so easy when you know. How ? Yet it happens and the mind shuts down the knowledge allowing me to fragment my vision and see only what is comfortable to permit the actions that steal my life, my hope and dreams. But I am back in action full swing again and not long this time did I stray because I do know and because you are here to pick me up , dust me off and strap me in . God Bless you all.

11-30-2001, 06:13 AM
Good Morning all,

Whew the week sped by, didn't it? AM OP all the way around! I seem to be moving more at this job than I did at the old job, stairs and all. No time to evem think about eating more than my lunch. Getting the water in has been a challenge though as well as the nessesary potty breaks. :o .

Still making the nessesary transition adjustments from prison to civilan life. That will take some time. I am pleased that I haven't succumbed to stress eating. Although all the other counselors seem to have baskets of candy in their offices. I was having stress cravings yesterday but didn't succumb. I was also craving l;ast night and as shopping is this weekend there wasn't anything legal around. So I didn't have anything!! I am looking to recharging myself this weekend.

Well I will start the weight loss thread for Dana, who promises our poem.

Pam Nice to see you sitting up on the bus again. Where are you at medically etc.?

Dana, thanks for the kind words. They are very helpful and apprciated. You will have to take a picture of yourself and post it somehow after the party

Sue , You are awesome girl!! The challenge is up how did you do?

Terri, how are you feeling? ANy better?

LL- I still haven't checked out your post yet :o . Heading over in a minute.

Hey you others how are you doing? Lee, B00, Mary?

11-30-2001, 11:06 PM
Hi dana!!

11-30-2001, 11:26 PM
Just had to get the hi in to dana as i see she is posting the same time I am!!!

Oh girls i am really tired i had a great day OP all the way i am finding out tons of info regarding ADD/ and ADHD and a tremendous link to finding solutions with low carb!! beleive it or not, if you have any friends with kids with those problems let me know i can send some links to them that are absolutly facinating!! and they really make you go DUHHHHH

So with that in mind i will post quickly as i have had a busy day.
DH's dr appt went tremendous!!! I was so glad. Yes he will have surgery some time in jan- feb. he will have a 8 inch scar on his hip that is to ensure that the bursa comes out intact. but it will be done in an outpatient setting YEA!!! Went to go and pick up the popcorn for the boyscouts (whole troup), my DD went on a camping trip for girlscouts, i was busy!!!

Pat have some bars on hand that will help with those darn carvings. I find them much help!!! and i am glad the week went well for you!!! I finished the 4 day challenge and did great!! I saw movemnt of the scale!! and am carrying it on to next week!!

Pam I love to read your posts. they do come from the heart i feel the same way. we are so self destructing but we do not even think when we are stuffing it in our faces it is a brief moment of reality that gives us the guilt when we do that.

Dana i will not slap you HE HE I am getting out the whip!!! this is when i was going so strong last year i fell by the way side and started with the no exercise then it was some carbs then it was hog fest for 20 lbs!!! I will not let you do that!!! I had lost 50 and i back slit almost half my loss!!! It sounds like you are doing the right things for your diet. when you get your results let me know OK???

LL, Terri, Mary, BOO I am thinking of you!!

Terry i must have missed your post about eading the series. i have not read it i knew that it would have had me totally captivated, and afraid to sleep at night so i willl not read it. god luck with the other series. Good luck with the bug. make sure that you drink all your water!!! and take potassium if you are having the sqirts that wil tend to drain your body of potassium, and with drinking as much as you do it will be a good idea to make sure that you take it!!!

12-03-2001, 08:02 AM
My God it is quiet!! I refused to talk to myself all weekend so I just lurked. Where is everyone?

Oh well. Quiet weekend. DH was working so I was pretty much on my own. Trying to plan for my new schedule, I will be working mostly 10-7, which sucks being new man on the totem poll but what can you do?

OP and got all my water in yesterday!!! I started a 5 day challnege over at the 100# club. I really want that 5 #'s gone before the holiday. Well gotta go w/o.
Sue did I miss soemthing? You are looking up adhd and what's up w/ DH?

Hey everyone check in!

12-03-2001, 03:35 PM
My kids i believe have add not adhd but it is very similar there are meal plans for that, all low carb. i have been working on them and having mild success. i need to hide thier stashes of candy and make them aware that eating behind my back is no good. my 8 & 7 year ols rode thier bikes to the store saturday just to buy candy!!! without me knowing it.

DH needs to have surgery to have a bursa removed he hit it 25 years ago and it has been getting worse every year he now has agreed to have it removed so it will be done in jan.

not much else going on here. i am just plugging away and exercisisnt. trying to make sure i get my protein intake in. staying op but i know i over did thefat thisweekend. and a bit extra on the salt. so i am trying to make up for that. but all is well otherwise.

Yes it is qiet here but we will stay and keep the bus runing for all. OOOOO watch out there is a sharp trun ahead>>>>> woooa we just made it

is all you riders OK????

PAT 5"??? wow i must do mine!!! I have not measured since the begining of october!!!

12-04-2001, 06:12 AM
Good Morning all!

My goodness it is so quiet on the bus. I wish taht the lurkers would check in. Lee, B00, Mary, Terri, Pam Let us know what's up with you all. OP/not OP, exercising or not. This is the place to get support/ praise and encouragement. The holiday times are approaching, with many carb filled treats available at home work and out and about. The new place I work at has bowls of candy all over, UGH!!! And I had 2 pieces of hard candy yesterday, a bit of stress eating. So my goal is to return to the mantra "if I didn't bring it in it isn't mine to eat!"

Today I see the PT for the pinched nerve in my neck. I hope there is something that can be done as it is driving me nuts.

Sue isn't it amazing how many illness' and dieseases improve with lo carb eating? Sure makes you wonder. I have arthritis and pMS which have both improved immensely sincve I switched and maintained consistantly w/ the lo carb eating. So what and who are you presenting to? Does this have to do with your new career? Yes 5 inches!! teh size 20's I bought aren't tight at all!!

Dana, How are you?

See you all tomorrow

12-04-2001, 11:29 AM
Just checking in for a minute.....have tons of Christmas cleaning and getting my tree and decorations up ......also need to do some shopping......

Hope everyone is doing well......we are all back to good health here....finally........

I will check in later tonight to talk to all of you...take care

12-04-2001, 01:32 PM
Poping in to just to day HI to all... staii op and doing good exercise was a bit of a push today. i need to find my enthusuiasm. I know how well it is working but i need a huge shove to push my self. (ozzie does great but it is only 2 days a week and i can not afford more i can not even afford that!!!)

I need to reread my book and maybe my BFL book i need to get it back from a friend that has borrowed it. it id highly motivating so i will plan on doing that.

I am staying OP i have put on 2 lbs (must be fluid) from my low on friday s i am working to get that off. i am trying to cut some of the fats, but the munchies keep geting in the way and i hit the PB!! not good it makes me eat to much fat and i believe to many carbs so i need to find a different munchie!!

I am going to hit my rooms this afternoon to get them all clean and neat for the holidays!! would be nice to see them clean for a change!!! I amy just do subs for the kids for dinner, and dh while i clean and eat tuna!!!

12-05-2001, 06:58 AM
Good morning all

Terri Glad everyone is feeling better. Great to hear from you!!

Sue, I thought you sounded very enthused!! How is your presentation, Better yet when is it? and who is it to? I forget about Ozzie :rolleyes: . How is your personal cabana boy?

Hello everyone else/

I am thinking about joining teh Y after the holidays. I am struggling getting my new job/ hours and home life organizrd right now. Have missed 2 days w/o. Seems like I always do this after posting a challenge. :o . I will have to see what that connection is/ Water and food OP all the way. I was able to stick to my "If I didn't bring it I don't eat it" rule yesterday.

Gotta run\

Oh PT was great!! I saw improvement with the first treatment!! I may get back in that pool yet!

12-06-2001, 01:53 PM
Hey where is everyone???

Pat i am glad that therapy is helping. I am excited. I have figured that i am afraid of success, afraid of change. and that is one of the reasons that i keep going to the peanutbutter. Kindof dumb HUH? I need to come to terms with myself and get down past this hump that i am in. i am still holding those 2 lbs with me but ishould drop it with much water drininkg. it will not be gone by friday's weigh in but for the next one!!!

Christmas is for the birds i can not afford to buy anything so i am getting to the point that i do not want it to come. UGH< and no relief comming i have to sit and play with my finances this afternoon to see whare i can cheat. so i am off to do that. I hate doing that but something has to give somewhere, and i refuse to let the children down. I am not looking to see anything for me but the kids need something. OH WELL SIGH!!!

some day i will hit the big one and not have to worry about this stuff!

12-07-2001, 05:58 AM
I am sorry to skip a day, but my neck has making sleep hard. PT is helping but not fast enouugh, I mean I have been 2 times I should be alright by now, LOL.

OP food and water wise but I haven't worked out in 3 days AHHHH!!!!

But I an on my way upstairs and I will just have to motivate myself to dao it this weekend.

Aw Sue, You have been stressed for so long now. It isn't fair. I thought of you last night when I saw a home care supervisor for our area. Not too long a commute for you> Yeah right. And I think Peanut butter is better than KFC. Don't beat yourself up too much over the holidays.

Where the heck is everyone?

I saw that Terri checked in


But the bus has so much room!!

Well off to the upstairs

12-07-2001, 02:11 PM
The supervisor position is with my old company. LOL They lose them awful fast i wonder why???:?: :?: I knew that they had lost their last one. But thanks for thinking of me. :)

I will say that i have my first meeting st for Dec 18. I do not expect a whole bunch of people, but maybe it will be a start. I am excited. I need to make fliers, business cards, and do my presentation.

I managed to stay away from the PB till late last night UGH!!! but like you said it is better than KFC HMMMMM NO i will not think that !!! SLAP SLAP. STOP THINKING OF THAT!!! KICK KICK The peanut butter jar is right there. OK now i feel better LOL

I was kicking butt in the gym. YEA!!!! I am ready. I am getting over a personal hurdle. I am afraid of losing the weight. I am in the same size i was when i got married and have been since wow i guess about gosh high school!!! (although some of the pants are still tight) but i figure that i am afraid of losing more weight. i have come to terms with that and i droped the water weight last night!!! WHOOO HOOOO now i can strive to reach my goal of being in the 160's (even if it is the hight 160's) by christmas. and about 167 by the new year!

come on aboard all who are lurking!!!

All you regulars you know i have duct tape and i am not afraid to use it!!!!

12-07-2001, 05:15 PM
My Fellow Weight Warriors..... Where do I begin?
Ok get you coffee and have a seat.
It is nearly Christmas, my favorite time of year and I have been a very busy girl. The Tree is up and I must say I did a nice job, the garland and wreath is beautiful. I am pleased with the wreath I made and Hubby has busted a button over it. Next year I want to do one of Roses. I have shopped til I dropped online and have all my shopping done! I finished the two afghans, washed softend them even more scented them lightly with Carolina Herra , wrapped them and all the other gifts did designer bows on all of them, and am sending out a ton of Christmas Cards.... by the way........ Lee...... where are you?

Pat you brave soul.... medically? Who knows at the moment I am beside myself.I went and spent the day with my friend in Montgomery who had a partial hysetorectomy (hope you understand this wierd spelling) and we laughed as we decided I should have went with her and had a two for one surgery. Tom dropped by about three weeks ago, left ,came back , left again and again stayed long enough to get a cup of coffee but not once has he stayed long enough to drink it! The swelling is awful and I feel like I am being put through a wringer washing machine every day. My Back is touchy, the military contract for Prilosec was not renewed so I can not get them anymore and the medication replacement is a joke so I spend nights up being very, very ill. Other than that I am really fine!!!
The great news makes up for everything...... First I love Christmas, Mom will be 80 in June and while her sugar is nearing 500 she is still here but I am wrestling her to get to the Doctor,
and while my Cousin Janice (God Bless her) passed away suddenly at age 61 and as sad as that is through her passing a great Blessing has occured. When my Dad died with cancer at 49
our family scattered to the four winds. It seems we all heard about it and made contact with my Cousin Dan to give our regrets and as a result............. I have again found my Uncle and Aunt( Moms brother) and all my cousins. Suddenly I have a life full of my loved ones and I know Janice saw to that. She made herself known within 24 hours to five of our family members not including us. I thanked her and God to the hilt! My Uncle has black Lung, diabetes and severe heart problems he is not doing real well but Thank God we have had the chance to say I Love You at least one more time. I do not know what time we have but I can promise you I will make the most of it.

As for my weight I can't tell what's going on...I am so swollen that my ankles are huge my legs tight as a drum and my hands two are puffed up. After the Holiday's I will be going to the Doctor with a list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had occasional problem female wise since I gave birth in 1985 but never like bad!!! It will all be ok. I am not easy to kill, believe me. Besides life is golden!!!!!
I will be much happier when Tom comes in sets down and get it all of his chest and mine!
To all of you I am here to stay I am OP except I did have 1 chocolate covered cherry. So I am ok. Just had to have that cherry!
Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year to you all. HUGS to each and every one of you.
Dana Sioux is a good thing to be!!!! Lakhota Sioux is the best!!!!
Just a personal preference!!!!
Despite it all I am having a ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!