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05-18-2007, 04:04 PM
Hi Ladies- I hope you all find your way over here. I would be lost without you all.

This thread is dedicated to checking in daily and keeping eachother on track. Feel free to pop in and introduce yourself.


05-18-2007, 04:27 PM
Thanks for starting a new thread Nikki :hug: . I'm sure the others will find us soon. I hope your Friday is going well.

Judy - No, I'm not any kind of scientist, but I love nature - especially unusual plants and birds. The only kind of chemistry I'm involved with is when I touch up my roots about every six weeks! :lol:

Carol - Your puppy sure is a bundle of energy - maybe a trip to the vets to get "tutored" is what he needs to calm down :dizzy:. I always think of the Far Side comic when the dog leans out of the car window bragging to another dog that he's going to the vets to get tutored. Maybe your nasty coworkers need to go to the vets too! :lol:

Marie - I hope you're having a great time skiing and swimming today.

My back is playing up because of all the gardening and I could hardly move this am. I took 2 ibuprofens so will attempt to go to Curves. I still have so much I want to do in the yard, so it's quite frustrating when the body won't cooperate! On Saturday we're going to a specialty nursery out in the country where they have mini kiwi trees. My trees are out of sync with the male blooming about a month after the two females - hence no fruit! I'm looking for a new husband for my two lady trees. :lol:

Have a great weekend everyone.

05-18-2007, 04:29 PM
Penny It is good to see you. I hope everyone finds us. My day is so crazy I barely had time for breakfast. I'm thinking steak for dinner and maybe brocolli mmmmmm.

I hope your back feels better soon.


05-18-2007, 06:07 PM
This will have to be quick. I have had a hectic day and am in a crummy mood at the moment. I'd hope to focus on one or two key things before packing up to leave the office, but lots of little fires needed to be put out and so much for not working late tonight :censored:

I may not be able to check in tomorrow, my travel day, but I will try. I had a good workout this morning and have been eating on program all week :D . I will let you know how much weight I've really lot, based on Saturday morning's weigh-in.

Nikki, thanks for getting us restarted...and Penny, I hope we are able to connect on Sunday!


05-19-2007, 07:29 AM
Nikki thanks for contacting me and setting up the site. The ongoing contact is so helpful I think we all would be lost with out each other.
Penny oh I can picture Bear doing exactly that out the window! He is quite the man I tell you. But in many ways he is coming around and that is so nice when he does what he should do. Puppies will be puppies I am told and spaniels have high energy and spirits to boot! My back is killing me in the mornings not so nice its my lower back butt area. If it doesn't improve soon I will go see the doc. My last resort. If I take Aleve before bed or something like it I am much better in the a.m. it passes after I am up for a bit. But it does hinder the yard chores a bit. Penny I would like to send them all off to the vet. That might be a good resource to use. When their acting up next time I am going to think of what you said and just have a little giggle to my day it will be a good tool for me to use. Its funny the one tries to put all the blame on the other one. Then she tried to start telling me something about the other one I put my hand up two times and stopped her and said I really don't want to know thanks. I will continue to use that approach and not get into any of the gossip stuff. That way eventually it might stop or slow down all together. Grown woman I tell yah! My daughter says I would rather work with guys sometime I have to admit its easier but they have their issues too.The hubby and I went out for fish dinner last night I am not sure what hit me but my stomach went way off. I seem better now. Wow! Hopefully the rest of my weekend is okay. I did plan on kayaking in the morning sunday we'll see what the weather and my body is lIN. Judy hope things slow down for you. Where are you off to this time around? I did manage to go shopping for some healthy stuff before I felt yuk. So now I have no excuse I can make better choices and eat healthy. If I feel better tonight will be a grill night some meat and veggies. I am going to make some eggplant parm on sunday baked eggplant not fried. I have to work on the flower girl dresses tonight. Taking them in and putting some trim and ribbon on. It would be a good project to do and get out of the way. The wedding will be here before I know it. I am going to get my hair highlights done too. I want them done a couple of weeks ahead of time in case I want adjustments done. I am still trying to decide on how to wear my hair up or partially up or down and fluffed. So much to think about and before I know it just memories it will be. But I want it to be nice and beautiful for the day. I pray for a nice sunny beautiful day. Well talk to you all soon I plan on some gardening this weekend along with sewing exercise etc. Lots to do! Take care!

05-19-2007, 09:03 AM
Judy- I am sorry you are in such a crummy mood. I hope you feel a bit better today.

Carol- I would be lost without you ladies. Very exciting that the wedding is fast approaching.

I have a mix of emotion that I am graduating tomorrow. I am kind of sad and lost and at the same time thought it would be a bigger deal. Tomorrow I plan to go off atkins for Dinner but right back on it Monday morning. We are going for Japeneses and I cant pass up the fried ice cream or sushi roll .


05-19-2007, 03:09 PM
Hi all, Thanks Nikki for starting the new thread. I didn't realize there was a limit to the number. I guess good to know. :?:

So tomorrow is the graduation. It is a big deal Nikki and we are very proud of you. Look at everything you've accomplished.

Penny, while I was being a chemist with my hair (hello Garnier Hair Color) I remembered something about vinegar rinse during my youth. I'm going to look into that. You could be right on the algecide - PVC pipes - but I swore I bought non-copper algecide. I will start the vinegar rinses again but for now the hair can't go swimming for a day or two. But it's not green anymore. :carrot:

Judy and Penny enjoy your get together. Carol, Judy's traveling to Oregon. Unfortunately I'm 5 hours south of Portland or I'd crash their get-together.

Carol, I hope you have the funnest time tomorrow kayaking. That's so great to go with a group (especially a young group that doesn't see that you're supposed to be "older". What a great compliment!!!

Yesterday skiing was great. DGS Mom and I had a lot of fun. A couple hiccups getting there, but we did have a great time. Here's a photo of me having a break while coming off the summit. (note the green jacket to match the green hair.):D

Because of the hiccups (south roads to the ski area were closed so we had to come from the north - Bend, OR) we stayed in Bend and went shopping. We bought loads and had a fun time. I didn't get home till 8:30 and I had dinner with DH so I didn't swim. :mad: But it allowed me to color my hair this am so that's okay. I will use the swimcap/conditioner setup to swim tomorrow (or maybe this afternoon if I live dangerously!!!)

Diet wise, doing so-so. I'm really not motivated but I'm not being bad either. I'll get going on it consistently sooner or later. As long as I'm so-so, I'm not gaining and that's all I really care about at this point.

Today I promised DH to weed wack. Oh. Loads of fun... :( Then I'm going to actually work on the Roman Shades for my sliding glass doors so that the sun doesn't fry my house (we took down the vertical blinds that Dear Kodiak liked to lift his leg on...) Devil Doggie...

No exercise so far today, but it's to be cooler so I'm going to take dear doggies walking. My legs are tired from yesterday. Skiing in slush is way harder on the legs then light powder. I'd never thought about that before but I guess it makes sense. Quite the workout yesterday. :o


05-19-2007, 09:19 PM
Nikki - I hope you enjoy your Japanese meal - the fried ice cream sounds goooood! You deserve a treat. I'm sure you'll enjoy your graduation. Our son had a great sense of relief when it was all over. Now begins the next chapter of your life and I hope it will be a happy and fulfilling one.

Carol - I'm glad you like the idea of sending your mean coworkers to the vets to get "tutored" :devil:. They need to go to learn some manners! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you have nice weather for the wedding. You must be getting really excited by now. I hope your back is feeling better. I think we both tend to overdo it with the gardening! I hope you have a great time kayaking and that the weather stays nice.

Marie - You look great in the photo. Your hair doesn't look green at all. It looks like you had good weather. Too bad you missed out on swimming but I'm sure you'll soon make up for it :swim:. Maybe Kody thought the vertical blinds were thin trees :lol:.

Judy - I'm looking forward to hopefully getting together with you tomorrow afternoon for a coffee. I hope your trip went smoothly.

I just got finished putting in some plants we bought at One Green World. They have a great website and sell by mail order if you're looking for something unusual. I bought an akebia vine and a new female kiwi. It turns out the one we have is an incompatible variety with the male. Let's hope this new arranged marriage works out and we get some little kiwis next year. Luckily they were having their annual sale so we got a good deal. I've also planted some foxgloves and delphiniums. I'm trying not to put in too many annuals as it's really a waste of money as they last such a short time. Our peonies, roses, and clematis are really looking gorgeous this year, probably because of all the rain we had this spring. I must say the bark dust really makes the flowers stand out. I'm doing quite well food-wise and have lost a pound, so I hope this is a trend.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

05-19-2007, 09:46 PM
Penny :bravo: on the missing pound!!! That's fabulous.

And I owe you a BIG THANKS!!! I researched the green hair in pool and you were 100% right that it's the copper doing my hair in. So out I went to the pump house and yes my algecide is copper based. Unfortunately I have a year's worth that I will now give away. On order is a year's worth of non-copper based and a metal remover (as well as other stuff). So hopefully that will sovle the problem. I just wish I came HERE before I colored my hair. I learned the vinegar rinses, baking soda pastes, tomoto paste, and other concoctions would have removed it. At least I know for the future. So again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been a bum today other than cleaning a lot. I updated my website to put a skiing link with pictures on it. I guess I just had to play. Food has been munching on grape tomatoes (my latest addiction from costco) and cherries (also from costco). At least they're good for me.

DH didn't get the job he interviewed for so we're pretty bummed. :mad:

I'm still planning to take the doggies out but the day is slipping away. :D


05-20-2007, 10:34 PM
Marie - Thanks for sharing your webpage with the pictures of your adorable grandson and your fur babies. The photos from your Alaska trip are incredible. I've heard a lot of good things about Alaska cruises - maybe we'll have to go and see for ourselves one day. I'm glad my tip about the algaecide came in handy. I hope the new kind works well for your pool. Sorry to hear your DH didn't get the job he wanted. I hope another good opportunity comes along for him.

I just got home from meeting with Judy in downtown Portland where we met for a coffee. We had a good long chat about everything from exercise to knitting. Judy is a lovely lady and I'm so glad I got a chance to meet her. Hopefully some of the other ladies on our thread will be able to meet up when our paths cross.

The weather here is so cold and rainy again. I wish the weather would make up it's mind which season it is!

05-21-2007, 09:49 AM
Hi Ladies-

Marie-You look amazing. I don't know why but I pictured you as a brunette. Kind of funny the images we can make in our heads. I hope you are feeling less bummed today.

Penny- That must have been great to meet Judy. I am glad you two got that chance.

Well ladies I am a graduate !! It feels so good. Yesterday went pretty well. My mom and dad did not kill eachother lol. However, after spending a day with dad mom is in some nasty mood. Oh wells. I graduated with honourable mention for achieving a 3.7 GPA. It was very exciting. Last night I had the most delicious dinner. However, I only ate about a third of it and gave the rest away. This was my way to try and make sure I did not gain from it. I have a job perspective lined up so everyone keep your fingers crossed , candles lit or prayers going whichever you believe in. I can use all the positive vibes I can get. I started my July 4 challenge for myself. I lowered the lossto 10 pounds so I can meet it this time. I feel so good today I guess it is because I have all my non work time to myself. I am looking forward to doing alot of house cleaning. Getting rid of the old always makes me feel better.


05-21-2007, 12:14 PM
Nikki - Congratulations on your graduation :congrat: :cheer2: I will send you lots of good vibes :yoga: for the job and keep my fingers and toes crossed :crossed:.

I need a challenge, so I'll join you for your July 4th goal, but I'm only going to aim for 5 lbs. I agree, Marie does look great - all that exercise she does is paying off!

05-21-2007, 12:23 PM
Penny- Thanks I am glad you decided to join me :)


05-21-2007, 02:01 PM
:bravo::cb::dancer::goodvibes Okay Nikki, I couldn't decide which smilie to use so you got four. The last one, the good vibes is sent your way. I hope you find the right job for you.

Penny, sounds like you and Judy had a great coffee. I wish I'd been up in Portland yesterday. The Alaskan cruise was beautiful but I wouldn't do it again - it was chilly even at the end of July and there wasn't much to do except eat. I was lucky I only gained 3 pounds in the 7 days. All I did was eat, eat, eat. We're going back to Alaska in July but are flying and staying at an awesome lodge in Fairbanks. I'm so looking forward to Denali Natl Park and DH and I are going to snowshoe. Much better than eating non-stop.

Thanks for the compliments on the photo - I take very few decent photos that I had to share one that was good. :D

Have you ever noticed how easily a good mood can go to pot??? I was happy as a lark an hour and half ago. But then I decided that I could handle 1 hour of yard work (I hate yard work). So I weed whacked. The whacker wouldn't work right. The line wouldn't feed and by minute 50 it totally got screwed up. It is currently sitting in the middle of the driveway - where I threw it - yes I threw it. Then there was the other part - DH was joining me on the yard work. He picked up pine cones from BEYOND the yard. There's garbage (wood, housing stuff) stacked around the house and it looks trashy. I HATE it. But no, he picks up PINE CONES from where no one would ever see them???? :mad::mad::mad: So my mood has gone from good to pissed (sort of like Nikki's mom sounds like). At this point I'd like to go to work instead of having a day off.

BTWm I do feel better letting of steam.

So I'm going to work on improving my mood and I'll probably come back later.

05-21-2007, 08:13 PM
Marie - I hope you got over your hissy fit over the pine cones by now! :lol: I know exactly what you mean. My DH mows down by the river, where you can't see it from the house and leaves the grass 6" high in the front and back yards. :shrug: I keep my mouth shut because I can't drive the tractor mower and I know what his answer would be! I hate our weed wacker, my arms vibrate for two days if I use it or the hedge trimmer, so I usually don't do those jobs. Oh the joys of country living! The pluses outweigh the minuses though and I still love it here. I'm going to have to wheedle my DH into getting the mole traps set soon before the little varmints take over the whole yard. The trip you're planning to Fairbanks sounds awesome - even better than your cruise. I'm afraid I'd blimp up if I took a cruise - too many eating opportunities!

05-21-2007, 11:09 PM
Penny, I did recover a sense of humor. Actually writing and posting the post helped tremendously. DH and I took the dogs to Topsy (remote area by the Klamath River) and went hiking. We had a fabulous time. Then I swam 1/4 mile - I'm pooped. I even trusted DH to trim the ends of my hair. I had an appointment tomorrow but was scared she'd take too much off with the pool problems. So I got DH to trim it. I called to cancel the appt and the stylist is no longer there - so I guess it was canceled all along. BTW, my hair is so much better. The dead end removal helped and I am now doing a lemon rinse after swimming (wearing the swimcap and conditioner - no chances here).

Mole traps??? Icky!!!! I'd hate to empty them. I do agree about the joys of country living. It is worth it - just sometime frustrating. There's never an end to the jobs.

Have a good day tomorrow. I'll probably be busy at work since I had 2 days off. :)

05-22-2007, 12:45 AM
Arrgh, I'm tired of fighting with the hotel's anemic wireless connetion! So this will be a quick note via the BlackBerry.

It was great to meet our Penny! It was the highlight of my trip so far.

I was doing well on the eating and workouts, but I think I overate today. But tomorrow will be better. I want to have a good weigh-in on Thursday morning, and a better on on Memorial Day.

Back when I can sit at a computer!


05-22-2007, 09:09 AM
Judy- Good to see you. How long will you be on the road this time?

Marie-I'm not looking forward to the brittle hair from chlorine do you know how to fight that?

I am bumed out good. 14 days back on atkins and no loss this time around. This time first cycle I had lost 6 -7 pounds :(. I'm wondering if I'm cheatin somehow but don't realize it. I'm going to look back at my eating journal and try to follow it these next few days see if that helps.


05-22-2007, 10:17 PM
Marie good thing yah got a grip on the green problem. By the way nice photo. Funny how you have someone pictured differently. I had you with brown hair. Hah hah! Judy and Penny lucky duckies getting together how fun. I didn't make it kayaking it was to rain so it was canceled out. But this whole weekend I will be out there almost everyday at camp. Our first get away for the season. Penny wish we were closer we could exchange some plants. I have several gardens and this year their coming right along. My doctor took xrays and wants me to threapy. We'll see? Meanwhile I have some things that need to be finished a little at a time my daughters are helping me out. The coworkers are calm for a bit never know how long but never trust it staying wide eyed is smart not letting my guard down. Judy before you know it you will be back home again. Nikki a big congrats to you hurray what an accomplishment. Your parents should be very proud! The wt. thing is so tricky maybe your body is just adjusting a bit before it shows much of a loss again as long as no gain thats the biggy. Well good luck all and moles give them some gum balls down their little tunnels they chew it up and oh well guess what their not so healthy afterwards gone gone gone! Well just finished my evening snack a pria bar mint flavored choc. 110 cals an a good treat. Well watching my intake but no perfect today. Not a lot to eat just not the best choices for lunch and dinner. Well take care all.

05-22-2007, 11:05 PM
Nikki, my stylist said to wet my hair, then add conditioner before going in the pool. Alas, it helps protect from the chlorine but as Penny said, not from the copper in the algecide. A lemon juice/water rinse is what I'm doing now to stave off the green. You can also use a vinegar/water rinse but I hate vinegar. Also a baking soda paste seems to work. Also always wahs your hair after swimming in a pool.

I'm sorry about the non-loss Nikki. I know how you feel, sort of. I didn't lose either but I've been so-so and not trying awfully hard like you. Thank goodness I exercise like a banshi or I'd be in trouble.

I did a 4 mile WATP this morning and this afternoon I swam a quarter mile. Tomorrow is a treadmill day so a bit more of a workout. No swimming as we're going to DS1, DGS and DGS's mom's house for a BBQ.

I think when I work year round (very soon) I'll be better off. I HATED going back to work today. I was bummed the whole day. I love the 4 day weekend but this was depressing. So I guess I'll survive the bump up in my contract come July 1.

Judy, I'm thinking of a Blackberry - who's your carrier and which one do you have. My DS1 has the pearl but I don't hink I'd like the keyboard. I want individual keys for each letter. What do you think???

I'm so glad Penny and Judy had a good time. It is so cool we're starting to meet each other. Wow. Although Penny is ahead in that she's met both Judy and me. :)


05-22-2007, 11:12 PM
Marie - That was brave of you to let your DH trim your hair! I don't know what I'd look like if I let my hubby do the same. Maybe not so bad as he trims the hedge pretty good!

Judy - It must be hard posting from your Blackberry - I'm sure it takes much longer. I bet you're looking forward to being home and sleeping in your own bed.

Nikki - Don't worry about not losing this week. Your body is just making an adjustment and I'm sure you'll soon be losing again as you are very motivated.

Carol - I wish we lived closer too. I'd love to be able to exchange plants with you. That's funny about giving some gum balls to the moles :lol:. Sorry to hear your kyaking trip was canceled, but it wouldn't be much fun in the rain. Hopefully you'll get another chance soon.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning to look at an age spot on my face that didn't look normal and he did a biopsy. He also saw something a bit suspicious on my back and removed that for a biopsy too. I'll get the results next Thursday, so keep your fingers crossed for me. Afterwards I met with a few friends to tour the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens. It was lovely and a lot of the rhodies were still in bloom. They have about 8 acres and lots of waterfalls and ponds (kind of like a Japanese garden). Then we had a nice lunch and strolled around an antiques mall. Now I have lots of work to catch up on tonight, but it was worth it.

05-23-2007, 01:36 AM
Whew. what a day! Busy, but I got in a little shopping. The Macy's in downtown Seattle had lots of great bargains in clearance. I will have to mail the excess home, I don't have the room in my suitcase. I will be home Wednesday night. I have been okay on food today, I think, and I did some cardio early this morning, and have done lots of walking.

Carol, moles blowing bubbles in their little tunnels is a funny image....what do you do about squirels?

Marie, my BlackBerry is from the 8700 series. This is my third BB (!). My second one was the precursor to the Pearl. The keyboard takes some getting used to, but some took to it like a duck to water. I prefer the "full" keyboard, althought he keys are smaller than Chiklets. Treos are good, too, maybe better, but I've never had one. My carrier is Cingular. They and T-Mobile have cornered the BB market in my area.

Nikki, it's the devil trying to make you throw in the towel. It never hurts to analyze your program, of course. Do what makes sense to you and the weight will give up and start to fall off again.

Penny, your trip to the gardens sounds so peaceful. What an nice way to hang out with friends. Let's hope that there's nothing to these mysterious spots.

Time to mostly pack, and do a little work before crawling into bed. Catch ya later.


05-23-2007, 07:26 AM
Marie your determined to ensure your not going to go green good for you. Keep up the exercise its going to pay off as it has in the past.
If we do things long enough that are good for us not only do we build in new habits for a life time but eventually they have to pay off. Nikki you have made lots of new changes look how far you have come. The rest will follow and you will look back soon and say wow that was well worth the effort. So keep going girl!
Penny hope everything works out well for you. I will be thinking of you and your testing. Wish we could exchange how cool would that be. I have the biggest hosta I have ever owned it has to be 3ft. by 3 ft. I think I will measure it for fun. Must like where it is I guess. Need to buy a few annuals that will bloom all summer long sunny ones are needed. I have a shade garden that has finally filled in nicely don't even need to mulch now hurray only took 10 years! Have you ever planted a Russian sage oh so pretty and grows about 2 ft. tall and wide. Nice show piece and smells good too.
Judy did you get to Pikes Market this trip? One of my favorite places to go. Sounds like you enjoyed shopping and bargains make the whole difference in the wallet. Good for you and I think having some new things always makes us happy. The crazy squirrels haven't been around quite as much with Bear running around. Guess he is a good in the yard to keep them away. Lots of pretty birds and those are welcomed til they try to eat my berries but Bear may chase them off to that will be okay we have an acre for them to fly around on. Judy have a safe trip and glad you got to walk and shop a bit beautiful place as I remember it. Did you see the bubblegum wall in the alley way by Pikes Market? Its a bit crazy but amazing at the same time. People do the funniest things at times and that was one of them. Well girls I am having my Kashi for breakfast and packing a salad for lunch and yogurt with frozen berries and walnuts. Thats my newest treat taking a yogurt putting in some frozen assorted berries and walnuts and layering it all I split it into two dishes one for lunch then save the other for dinner time etc. Nice treat and healthy too. Off to work and I need to write some reports so I am ahead of the game for next month with the wedding no time to mess around I have off over a weeks time. Oh my back feels better today I woke up feeling better than I have for weeks the Aleve is helping I take it at night plus 2 times during the day. Maybe I will not need PT it costs and that is never any fun.
Take care!

05-23-2007, 09:23 AM
Aww thank you all for making me feel better. I think its possible my body is just reshaping. I am slihtly adjusting my diet this week to see if it helps. I know I will see a loss soon. I have got to go buy a pair of shorts today. I was avoiding it but it is going to be 90 tomorrow and friday and I will die if I have to wear jeans lol.

Marie- I used to put leave in conditioner in my hair before I swam. What you said reminded me of that. I will have to get a bottle of the spray leave in.

Penny- Fingers crossed that the results turn out good.

Carol-Great idea to get ahead before the wedding

Judy-when do you get to go home and rest a little? You seem to always be away for work.

I am thinking of sitting out in the sun today a bit and reading to destress.


05-23-2007, 02:21 PM
Nikki, I use full power conditioner before I swim. Humectress. That's just till it's gone, then I'll get something like pantene or something cheap that really still coats the hair. In other words, the spray/leave in type might not be strong enough. If you have light hair, going overboard protecting it is not a bad idea (said she 10 days late...). Good luck on the tweaks. Sometimes you just have to let your body be and get used to the lower weight before it will lose more.

Penny, I laughed at your comment. DH loves long hair. So I know he'll be careful and not take much. His love of long hair is an insurance policy. He'd hate it if he screwed up and I had to have it cut off. But the hedge comment was too funny. The garden/lunch sounds fabulous. Peaceful and pretty.

Carol, I'm glad your back is feeling better. I HATE when mine is sore. You feel fine otherwise so you want to be doing things but you can't. Somehow I missed you post about bubblegum and moles. Boy do I have a good image though. :)

Judy, I loved the Macy's in Seattle. Perhaps buying a cheap suitcase would be cheaper than shipping. when I was at Macy's it was anything but a bargain. I wish I could do all my shopping there. My purse is from there. Only place that had something I like. I'm picky about a purse - I had my last one 6 years - and this one looks just like it except a tab bigger so that the new, gargantuan Jeep key fits in - it didn't in the older one. I hope your trip home is safe and peaceful.

We're going to DS's place tonight. I just love the DGS and miss him. DH and DGS's mom and I are going to figure out when we're going to go to Mt. Hood skiing. Probably towards the end of June. Oooo, that's going to be fun.

I don't want to work (where I am now), but I suppose I should.

I could surf more on a BlackBerry. Judy, I talked to DH last night and I told him the difference between the Pearl and the 8700 and he agreed the 8700 was a better idea even though it's a bit more. I think he thinks I'm nuts for trading in my pretty pink razr. :)

05-23-2007, 07:46 PM
Thanks for all your good vibes for my test results. The waiting is always the worst part.

I just planted some nasturtium seeds. I had forgotten how pretty they are and easy to grow. I have a hard time walking past the garden section at Freddies! I'm looking for a wrought iron arbor for a climbing rose I want to train over a path. You see them in lots of gardens, but they aren't that easy to find.

The weather has warmed up again so I can put away my winter woolies - again! :dizzy:

I've been pretty good with my calories today so far but I didn't go to Curves. Maybe I'll go tomorrow instead. My back is still acting up from my last bout of gardening. I guess almost all of us have bad backs on this thread! I can sympathize with you all - it doesn't slow us down much though, does it?

I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday.

05-24-2007, 08:11 AM
Well packing for the weekend trip off to camping in the woods. I purchased a life jacket last night and my water sandals. The kayak is already on top of the camper. I still need to purchase a rack for my car maybe in July. The wedding cost is gone up a bit as it always does last min. things etc. It will all be fine. Always my last famous words. I am having a bowl of cereal this a.m. as we are having a lunchoen for birthdays today. Oh that coworker decided to come in for the day. I am glad as I think sometimes people need to just get on with their lifes and stop all this silly junk! Not that my eyes won't remain open because that will never change the scars are there to remind me to becareful. I am happy to have friday off and the long weekend ahead. Penny when do your results come in? My daughter was concerned over a tissue mass she found on her self. After some testing it came back as extra skin buildup do to her being so thin she can just feel it etc. They will reck in 6 months to ensure their correct. But that was good news she takes after her Dad's side for being little. But I am dressed in my new capris and their a 10 and it feels good. I still have not done the scale just guessing and checking myself with the clothes and rings maybe next week I will take a look. Oh well it seems to be working when the doc did my wt I didn't even look. Must of been ok no comment. I go back in a few weeks for a blood test I will see then. Judy are you back home from your trip. I am jealous as that is one of my favorite spots. I am waking up feeling so much better now a little sore but I can move the Aleve seems to be helping. Well lets see after this weekend I have waited to long to give up my kayaking. Getting close to nature this weekend will be a blast. Maybe I will post a picture for you all. Well take care stay greenless Marie but enjoy that pool. Nikki oh shorts time forsure show off that wt. you lost how proud we are of you. Penny playing in the garden is something next week I need to finish. I have some seeds to put in and a veggie garden to start. Oh too much always to do. Have a good long weekend everyone!

05-24-2007, 09:03 AM
Morning Ladies-

Marie- That makes sense about the conditioner. I have dark brown some argue black hair. So I don't need to worry about the sun wit my hair just the chlorine makin it brittle.

Penny-I'd love to see some pictures of your garden when it blooms. I too am putting away the winter clothes this week.

Carol- It sounds like things for the wedding are moving right along. Enjoy your camping trip.

Judy- I hope you are getting to relax a bit.

So I went shopping yesterday and it was odd 10's are to big 8's don't quite fit in some and when they fit I did not like the way they look. A skirt was big in a size 6 and the 4 fit perfect. I bought one pair of shorts in a 10 knowing in a week I won't be able to wear them because they will be to big. Oh well ! Today I peeked at the scale and I am finally seeing a loss. It says I am down to 152. I won't change my ticker til next week though.


05-25-2007, 10:51 AM
Congrats on the loss Nikki, you are doing so great. Clothes sizes are such a pain. One would think that the manufacturers would want to have some uniformness to them so that people aren't always having to return an item because it doesn't fit. I know I get mad and won't buy a brand again if it's a hassle.

Carol, I hope your camping is great. The kayaking will be great fun.

Penny, definitely post your garden pictures - sounds like your yard is wonderful. I hope your back gets better quickly.

Judy, hope you're doing good.

I got up at 4 this morning so I exercised and am surfing before work. The scale was evil but I feel bloated and am darn sure I didn't gain 3 pounds of fat since Tuesday - or am a sleep eater and since I'm hungry in the mornings I don't think that's the case. :)

Judy, I'm getting my elves out and will be trekking across the mountain tomorrow morning for some quick shopping. I did buy a new phone - the t-mobile wing. It's a brand new on and was a bit pricey but I will like it. I'll try out the internet today (probably at work). :)

Talk to you later.

05-25-2007, 06:49 PM
Hooray, it's the long weekend :sunny: Wednesday was long and tedious, and I didn't get home until just before 2AM Thursday morning. I slept in and went to work in the afternoon. Today I feel almost human again. It feels like summer here, which is nice after feeling cold and damp out in Penny and Marie's beautiful part of the world! It will be a weekend of chores and catching up with friends, Netflix and reading. I walked for 25 minutes this morning, but otherwise I haven't worked out since Tuesday--too sleepy and tired. I'm looking forward to doing a short workout tonight, and resuming my schedule.

Carol, I hope you're having fun out there in the woods!

Nikki, I knew the scale was just messin' with you :goodscale . I'm having a similar issue with clothes. The scale is inching downward very slowly, but some of my pants are too big. I bought size 18 pants this week without trying them on (really good quality, only $9) to wear in a few months but as it turns out they almost fit me now.

Penny, I hope that your back is recovering, I wonder if there's special exercises and stretches for home gardeners? Hmmm, there's a book idea :chin: . If you use it, please remember me in the acknowledgements.

Marie, I hope you like your Wing. I'm not a big techie, but I have been very attached to electronic organizers for the last ten years, they are more important to me than the phone functions.


05-25-2007, 09:12 PM
Carol - I hope you have a great weekend camping and kyaking. Enjoy wearing your new capris. I'm looking forward to seeing your picture when you post it - maybe one of you in your kyak. I get my results next Thursday - thanks for asking.

Nikki - Congratulations on your loss. It must be so nice fitting into the smaller sizes, especially with the warmer weather coming. As far as our challenge - I weighed the same on Friday, but have only been on the challenge for a few days so hopefully I'll show a loss by next Friday. I'll post some garden photos when the peonies are in bloom in about a week.

Marie - You and Judy are the Gadget Queens. I don't even know what a t-mobil wing is! I hope you enjoy using your new toy. Have fun trekking with your elves. :lol:

Judy - I hope you enjoy your much deserved down time this weekend. The weather warmed up after you left. I hope you get better weather next time you're over this way. I'm glad you found some nice pants. It's always good to find clothes that fit well - especially if it's a bargain.

We're going to a big garden center tomorrow. I want to get some more foxgloves and some shade plants. I bought a new hummingbird feeder today - those little guys are so spoilt around here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend.

05-27-2007, 06:20 PM
I'm in a good mood today :D . Besides enjoying the slow pace of a long weekend, I finally started going through my old clothes. And my summer work shirts from several years ago fit again, hooray. So all I need is one more pair of summer shoes and I can stop thinking about clothes for a while. I'm annoyed that the scale isn't moving faster, but I know that it will catch up with reality any minute now. I was planning to change my ticker, but the 3FC site is being worked on so I'll have to wait another day or two.

I managed not to gain any weight on the road, which is a rarity! And I have conquered the evening munchies, at least for now. Mixing up my workouts with the cardio machines has helped, along with sticking to the meditation and the self-hypnosis. This week I will experiment with reintroducing fruit and the occasional whole grain into my diet. A few pieces of summer clothing that I'm just a few pounds away from wearing are prominently placed in my bedroom as reminders of how important it is to stay with the program.

I'm catching up with friends and chores this weekend, and enjoying the heck out of not having to do anything if I don't want to! My apartment has felt cluttered and junky lately, so I'm taking advantage of my good energy to purge clothes, knickknacks, old bottles of dried-up glue, etc. Just seeing a few more clean surfaces is calming.

Penny, hanging out with flowers and hummingbirds sounds lovely. It feels like full summer here already--upper 80s and humid--so I forgive you for not hooking up the weather for me while I was out west.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend--judy

05-28-2007, 10:34 AM
Judy- Congrats on maintaining and fitting into old clothes again. I can imagine you are enjoyin yourself not having to do anything.

Penny-Maintaining is good give it awhile to kick in.

I managed to get past some major ice cream cravings this weekend. I felt like everywhere I went they were serving soft ice cream. My boyfriend helped immensly telling me how much I would regret it and that it would only taste good for a minute. I am back to drinking my water today and hoping to see a loss wednesday.

Happy Memorial day

05-29-2007, 08:10 AM
Girls what a great weekend. I kayaked for appox. 5.5 hrs total for the weekend. It was really cool and I could do it by myself so it was peaceful just nature and me. I also went to the rock beach which was quite a walk. But I ate like a hungry bear so wt. loss most likely none to report but I feel good and have a tan and a little burn. But other than my back hurting this a.m. in good shape I think. I didn't find my Aleve bottle from camping and now I know I should have looked harder for it. Oh well on my way to work I will stop to grab something for it. Getting in and out of the kayak isn't so easy as its very low. Thank goodness for a little seat that blows up for better comfort. I now know the deal I got for this boat was real sweet. The guy called last night to see how I did. I told him I love it. I went up streams which curved etc. I was feeling pretty confident by the time I left camp. I think its going to be a good source of relaxation for me. Which I need. My hubby was getting a bit grumpy as his illness sometimes makes him. I just said see yah in a bit took off in my boat and relaxed with nature watching the two swans as they prepared their nest. We visited the cookie factory its a camp with large wooden post which have craved elfs and fairies. The lady has had this place since my kids were very little. She bakes all the cookies on site and has huge clear jars of all sorts of cookies. You go in and help yourself. The pms choc. cookies with mint frosting and mint chips those are my favorite. Good thing I burned calories huh? Well Judy sounds like you had a good weekend. Nikki congrats to you. Penny hope the tests results are fine. Marie I guess you must of enjoyed the pool huh? The kids were in my sisters in ground pool yesterday just having a blast but no adults went in side line watching. Well take care and Judy I am going back onto South Beach starting tonight. Already had some cinnamon bread for breakfast I did think it helped with cravings and the book said you can go back to stage one any time I think I skipped over 2 a little to fast and back to normal stuff entirly. But the wedding is in about 24 days so now or never. Tonight I am working on the flower girls dresses I promised to get them done this week and I will. Just a little taking in on the sides and some trim put on. No good pictures of me this weekend but I had wished my camera was on board when my girl friends tipped over the canoe. They were only in a few feet of water but it went quick and was quite a good picture. Hah hah! Oh sorry I have a sick sort of sense of humor at times. I am off to work girls.

05-29-2007, 02:00 PM
Hi all, I'm very frustrated with 3FC since they changed servers. I wrote a post last night and it just spins saying it's "posting". It never does. So I emailed it to work and tried from here. Does the same thing. So I give up. I will try writing again later.

05-29-2007, 02:06 PM
Marie your post showed about the post not posting last night

05-29-2007, 07:30 PM
Carol, I'm so glad you had fun! "PMS cookies"--what a great idea! See you on the Beach.

Nikki, this weather (and the opening of the summer season) screams ice cream. I love rich soft-serve ice cream, and especially old-fashioned frozen custard and malteds...yum, yum...maybe my growing lactose issue is a blessing in disguise, I don't much want to act on the cravings, or a small amount will do. When I was a kid, my family could do some serious damage at the Dairy Queen!

Penny, I hope you're feeling well, and had a nice time with the flowering plants. And Marie...come back!

My weight's settling a little higher than I hoped, but I went ahead and changed my ticker, with Independence Day in mind. I think I've finally got a little momentum going here, so my July 4 goal will be 218 or better.


05-29-2007, 11:12 PM
Judy - Congratulations for not gaining while you were on the road. It's very hard to stay on plan when you're away from home and your usual routine. I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend and had a chance to do some 'spring cleaning'. Good luck for your July 4th goal.

Nikki - I get an ice cream craving about this time of the year when the weather starts getting warmer. I'm looking forward to going to our favorite ice cream parlour on the coast soon. I only eat ice cream about twice a year but it has to be really good - no low fat stuff! A nice long stroll on the beach should burn off the extra calories.

Carol - I'm glad you had fun kyaking. Those PMS cookies sound like they would cheer a person up. That cookie factory sounds so quaint (but dangerous). I hope your back soon feels better. Mine is doing much better but I'm thinking of getting more bark dust on the weekend so I'll have to be careful I don't overdo it again. The bark dust is working very well to keep the weeds down on the beds I've spread it on so far.

Marie - Sorry to hear about your posting woes. I hope you had a good weekend.

I went to my yoga class today after missing two lessons. It felt so good to stretch. This time last week I couldn't have touched my toes! Our yoga instructor also does acupuncture, so I'm thinking of getting it done on my ankle. It's going to be 92 deg. here tomorrow so I'll have to get my work done early as my office is upstairs and it gets like an oven. We're getting central air installed next month, so that will make life easier on the hot days.

05-30-2007, 07:35 AM
Penny we are due to get the 90's on thurs and fri. I plan another trip out this weekend to kyak that will help burn some cals and flab on my arms. Bark dust we call ours bark or mulch are we talking about the same thing. Most likely. I bought a tree from the nursery for $2.00 normally 29 to nurse back to health again for years of beauty I am sure. Do you have hens and chicken plants there? I purchased a huge huge one it was at least 10" wide in a circle with little ones coming. I gave it away to my daughter for her birthday on friday. She loves it and it was the last one there so I will wait for a slip of it. Enjoy but becareful of your back. The ice cream topic its tough. We all love it. I was told years ago by a nutritionist whom was helping me learn about chol. triy. etc. told me to skip lunch and have a hot fudge instead. It makes sense to change out the cals instead of having both and feeling satisfied. Marie I haven't run into that problem but it must be frustrating as all heck! Sometimes I have trouble just finding the thread. So come back Marie! Judy good for you on the loss and staying focused see you on the beach today. I am starting my day off with poached eggs and some toast. I will get all the way on by thurs. gradual break in for me. I stopped to get a trim last night and ended up with a dye job. Hah hah! Guess I felt the need for a little make over. We also talked about styles for the wedding which is coming fast. I am a bit worried that if it is a 90 degree day my jacket will roast me even for a short period of time. I think I may look today just for fun to see whats out there for dresses again. Still have the tags on mine. Maybe just a nice shawl would work? Oh we will see. I spoke with my daughter in law and they aren't arriving until 5 so no facial for her. I might have to get it instead wow facial, nails toes a whole new me. That is the day before the wedding spa day instead of a girls drinking party my DD doesn't drink at all nor does her man. My DIL and I had a lovely talk. Well take care and be good!

05-30-2007, 09:29 AM
Judy - I am happy you are on the path for July 4:) Momentum is awesome.

Carol-I use to do the meal swap before atkins and it does work. Now with Atkins though I can't do it. However, if I can get my hand on some heavy cream I can make a homemadeice cream I can eat.

Penny-Central air sounds like a blessing. Good going on your yoga class. I love to stretch.

I am weighing in 2 times this week. Once today and once Friday. Reason is that Friday - Sun I am going to eat some carbs so I get the cravings gone. My weigh in today was exciting I lost 4 lbs and weigh 150. By Friday I am expecting to see 148. I never thought I would see 150 I am so psyched. It has probably been about 7 years since I weighed this little.

Hang in there everyone.

05-30-2007, 06:19 PM
Wow, Nikki, congratulations! :woohoo: That's a huge milestone. It's your hard work, focus and dedication that got you this far--keep it up, lady! Are you going to have any downtime this summer, now that school is done?

Carol, the spa time before the wedding sounds ideal. Sometimes the wedding party is a nervous wreck just before the event, it would be great to plan to zone out and relax...

Thanks, Penny! I have such a hard time sticking with a program when I'm traveling. There's really no reason for it, I can always make better choices and plan ahead, but most times I use travel as an excuse to eat my favorite foods. And trust me, I can find something compelling (and fattening) anywehre I go! This last trip was the first time in years that I really stayed focused, and I didn't starve, either ;) .

I brought a quinoa salad to work today that I'd planned to eat for lunch, but I ended up going out with an old friend instead and had a green salad with chicken. I ate the quinoa around 3:30, a little nervous about the carbs setting me off in a "hungry" frenzy. But almost two hours later, I'm still feeling full and not munchy--so far, so good. I made too much quinoa, so I guess this will be my afternoon snack for the rest of the week.

See you tomorrow--judy

05-30-2007, 09:55 PM
Hi all, I'm going to try again. If it doesn't work I'll probably PM the post to you all. I gave up posting the one I wrote on Monday night. Apparently it had gremlins.

It's hot out today and I'm going swimming after posting. I've been driving my yellow CJ5 topless (as in no roof as opposed to without shirt and bra) for the last few weeks. Today it was awesome! I did the treadmill workout this am and will swim 1/4 mile next. I did 1/2 mile swimming yesterday and didn't walk, jog or do a video. Wow that's a first. My left knee was bothersome - I think it's the WATP and side motions. So I'm going to stick with the treadmill as it doesn't aggravate it at all - even the jogging.

Food is getting back on track. I should be under my 1700 cals by over 300 today. I was aiming towards that to flush my system of the junk I've put it it. I even got a pimple from it!!! Weighin yesterday was good so I didn't do damage of the long weekend.

Nikki, wow, 150. You go chickie. That is fabulous!!!!

Judy, I distinctly remember a post in the not so distant past of 231. Now you're 224 and goal setting at 218. You join Nikki on the you go chickie. Very good control on the trip. I can not be good on vacation. It's not even possible with me.

Carol, good job on the kayaking. I added 10 lengths of the pool with the breaststroke to work different muscles in my arms. I usually do freestyle and back stroke, but for some reason the breaststroke is using diff muscles. Enjoy the spa, that sound like fun.

Okay, I'm going to push the post button and it better work!!!! :)

05-31-2007, 07:48 AM
Nikki congrats that is wonderful news for sure! Wow Atkins has really helped you get where you wanted to be but you as a person were determined to get there congrats!!!!!
Judy congrats to you too! How wonderful to see some good changes come your way. I wasn't so good in my dinner choices last night. We went to celebrate my SIL birthday at Red Lobster. What I ordered was higher in cals and in the end I wished I'd ordered something differently. The scallops were about the size of my pinky nail not what I thought at all. But live and learn huh? I am going to be on track today. With my salad for lunch again and a grilled chicken br. for dinner with some veggies. My hubby had a doctors appt. yesterday the doc thought his mumur sounded louder than in the past and asked when we see the heart specialist. I have to ck into when the next appt. is I hope they see no changes. This is an operation he doesn't want to have and has fought it off for years leaky valve. But without it could be a risk for a stroke down the road now that wouldn't be good either. Sometimes life just doesn't seem so fair but we will make the best out of it cause what else can one do? I am not going to alarm the kids the timing just isn't right with a baby on the way, wedding etc. plus we really don't know for sure anything. Maybe his hearing is off!!! Lets hope. Marie I am so glad you were able to get on its so frustrating I know I have been there. Sounds like your trying to get back on track good for you. How easy it is to let things slip in how well I know. Remember you are building muscle by swimming. I wish I had your pool. I had Bears appt. all set up for going to the fix it doc. But then heard that doc lost my hairdresser dog last week after the same surgery so I am canceling and rescheduling with another place. Oh how awful that must of been no thank you. I don't want anything to happen to my crazy bear. Well gotta get to packing my lunch. Talk to you all soon today will be a better day for me!

05-31-2007, 10:29 AM
Marie - Your post is showing today. Go you on the under calories and having a good weigh in.

Judy-I'm babysitting and looking for full time work this summer. I had a day or so of down time so far. I have been trying to do stuff around the house that I neglected when I was writing my thesis.

carol-I hope everything works out with your husband.

I made the mistake of stepping on the scale today and show a slight gain. I suspect it is from the heat my whole body feels dehydrated.I'm sure it will disappear soon.


05-31-2007, 02:18 PM
I just got back from my doctor's appointment and I'm glad to say that my skin biopsies were negative! :carrot: I had one of the spots "frozen" off as it was the kind that can turn to skin cancer if not removed. What a relief!

I have to tell you about something strange and wonderful that happened. I was hoping for a sign that everything would work out with my biopsies, such as seeing a rainbow. I went to lunch with some girlfriends the other day and one of them was talking about her Indian friend who has a large collection of sari's - Lynne said they were "like the colors of the rainbow". This morning driving to the doctors I thought - with not a cloud in the sky - I doubt I'll see any rainbows. Just then I drove past a plant nursery with all the sprinklers on and, you guessed it, there were dozens of little rainbows arching across the field! It sure helped me cope with whatever news I was going to get. Just thought I'd share it with you. P.S. Later my DH and I went to a coffee shop and the store we parked in front of had a big rainbow logo in the window!

Carol - Your makeover for the wedding sounds like fun. It always nice to do such 'girly' stuff. I think you're right about wearing something cool for the wedding as it's already pretty hot in your part of the country. Last year we attended an outdoor wedding in California and it was 105 deg.!!!! They had tents and everyone got a little hand fan and a bottle of water but I was roasted even in a sleeveless dress. I guess Californians are used to those temperatures. Kyaking must be a great workout for your arms. Don't worry about your puppy too much, those operations are pretty routine and I'm sure there are not many that turn out badly. It will probably give you peace of mind to go to another vet's office though. Yes, bark dust is the same as bark mulch. It's pretty inexpensive here as we have a big logging industry. Good deal on the tree for $2! Sometimes all they need is a little TLC to thrive (kind of like us!) I'll keep your hubby in my prayers.

Nikki - You are doing fantastic! Don't worry about the little blip on the scale, overall you are losing at a very fast rate. Like Judy says, you are very focused and dedicated to reaching your goal.

Judy - I'll have to get some quinoa. It makes a nice salad. I have a recipe somewhere for a middle-eastern salad with mint and cilantro, very refreshing on a hot day. Quinoa has lots of good nutrients too - maybe that's why you found it so satisfying.

Marie - I bet you're enjoying this hot weather. I hope your knee is feeling better. Swimming is probably a bit easier on it than the WATP. I also break out when I go off plan and start eating rich foods/junk. It doesn't seem fair that I still get pimples at my age!

06-01-2007, 12:06 AM
Happy weekend!!! Okay, I'm starting early but I'm quite happy about it. Monday holidays tend to make the work week hectic and the 3 days I've been at work proved the theory. I'd scheduled tomorrow off for quite some time. Starting Monday I have to work full weeks again. :( But till then, I'm thrilled.

Today I snuck a look at the scale a day early. I have the devil's weigh. 166.6 so I called it the one devil weight. :) DH thought I was nuts. It's the exact same weight as almost 2 weeks ago so that's good.

I'll be at 1500 cals today. I was at 1300 yesterday to shock me back on track. Today was way easier. So now I just ahve to be good through the weekend and I'll feel better about my will power or lack there of.

Penny, I definitely am enjoying the weather. I LOVE hot weather. I was teaching an inservice in a non-air conditioned school and the group was fading fast. I was in heaven. :) I'm glad that the biopsies turned out with good news. With all the irrigation around here, I love catching the little rainbows. It's an awesome, uplifting sight. Always makes me happy. (except when I'm driving the topless Jeep and they irrigate the road too and I get wet with the gruesome canal water).

Nikki, eeks - babysitting. I don't think I'd like that at all. I hated it as a teenager and I only babysit DGS occasionally (none since they moved out). I loved rasing my kids but babysitting is too hard for me. I guess that's why you have your education degrees and I do computers in a school district.

Carol, my thoughts and prayers for your DH. Heart things are scary. My DH has a heart dilemma (not serious but needs medication). Sometimes when e over exerts I point out that he has heart problems. But he retorts that his won't lead to an attack, but you just never know when those heart mumurs or extra beats are there. Not normal is not comforting.

I swam 1/4 mile afterwork in the sun. :) I love when I get into the pool before the sun goes behind the tall pines. Before work I did the treadmill workout.

Talk to you all tomorrow. Judy I hope you had a great day.

06-01-2007, 07:54 AM
Penny I am pleased for you about the testing results sometimes things just work out nicely thats great news! Rainbows how perfect for you. When a niece of mine passed on at a young age. I was quite sad and thougth why didn't I see the signs and oh just going through a tough time dealing with the loss. Well I said to G-- please give me some type of a sign that she is in peace and happy. Later that day I saw the most beautiful butterfly ever in my yard. The colors were different than any before or after. I always said it was the sign I asked for and Desiare is taken care of. Never know about these things! Congrats! I bet your dust is cheaper the name of my tree is a Franklinia I looked it up really cool tree flowers leaves change colors of so cool. My hubby will plant it this week for me. I have to choose a spot I think somewhere to show it off in front. What a deal!
Marie your body is most likely adjusting itself again. Not a bad thing. Nikki you will find a job just keep up your good efforts as you do with yourself on the wt. end and it will come. Good luck!
I heard back on my xrays narrowing in my lower disk. Not great so guess its not my bed though it might help? I am going to threapy on the 6th. She isn't sure it will make a difference but its worth a try. She also said if it doesn't I could see a specialist oh I don't think so no ones touching my back! So I guess I need to be a bit more careful and not think I can lift as much without help. Maybe having someone do a few things is coming quicker than I thought. Never thought I would be having these issues. The a.m. is the worse. maybe PT can get me back into feeling better and working out at the level I was at before. Thats when I slowed down in that area. I only pray this makes a difference. Well on the food front yesterday was a good day nothing crazy to eat. Went to the store for lunch time foods. Came back with tom. spinach, turkey, ch, and croutons and made a nice salad repeat today as some is still in the ref. Grilled some chicken for dinner and had aspargus steamed that was it. Best day in awhile to tell the truth. I am a bit concerned with my dress for the wedding like thinking the jacket is too heavy. I stopped yesterday tried on one dress didn't care for it as mom of the bride but pretty. I think I will look again on saturday just for fun. It seems crazy to do but I need to look and feel great. Oh better take some meds that day early on. Talk to you all soon.

06-01-2007, 08:41 AM
Marie - Good to see you. Conrats on your good weigh in.

Carol-Take care of that back. I hope you feel better.

Penny - I'm happy your test results were negative :)

Today I start my carb fest as I call it LOL. My final weigh in for this cycle of atkins is 151.That is a 13 lb loss in 6 weeks. I have to say I am very happy with that.


06-01-2007, 11:01 AM
Oops, I missed yesterday. The day got away from me. I'm doing well, glad to have gotten through another difficult work week. I'll come back later when I have more time. Just wanted ot do a quick shout-out to Nikki (yaay, 13 lbs!) and to Penny (yaay, clean bill of health!).

I should have a few moments this afternoon to really check in, but that's what I said yesterday...


06-01-2007, 03:04 PM
Just a quick check in for my challenge today - I'm down 1 lb. - yay! :D

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

06-01-2007, 04:38 PM
Morning all, I did the Friday weigh-in and didn't have the one devil weight again (I thought it was sort of cool) - the scale said 165.8 so apparently a loss of .8 from Thursday morning. Really, bloating, heat, more fiber really is sort of entertaining. I'm not changing my ticker to 47 pounds until I'm on the low half of 165.

I have a new breakfast to share that's really tasty and healthy. When DH and I were in Eugene, we went to IHOP and the choices were not great. But I found a chicken fajita omelet. I had them make it with egg substitute so it was healthy. Anyway, I've improvised at home since it was so good. I use 1/2 c. egg beater stuff (60 cals and 12 grams of protein), and make scrambled eggs. Then I add to the top .5 T. sour cream (I'm going to buy and try lite sour cream but the reg at 15 cals isn't bad) and a dump of salsa. So for 78 cals and only 1 g of fat, I got loads of protein. That's the basis of the breakfast. The omelet had had chicken and cheese also. Last week I grilled an extra chicken breast and added about an ounce and 1 T. of the 2% cheese. Way yummy!!!! Because of the dose of protein, I can make my 180 cal. mocha. Cool, huh?

Judy, another difficult week? Because it was short or because you'd been out of town or both? I swear, you're job sounds way too stressful for me.

Nikki, 13 pounds in 6 weeks is great. :carrot: Have fun (but not too much) on the Carb fest. :devil:

Carol, I'm so sorry you're having back problems. Just an FYI if your dr. sends you to a specialist. My mother had her first back surgery by an orthopedist and nothing worked. A friend suggested going to a neurosurgeon and he's the one that fixed it. Not saying anything for one or the other, just make sure you get two opinions from specialists.

Penny, :carrot::carrot::carrot:wow WTG. Great job. I hope your weekend is great too.

06-01-2007, 07:34 PM
Okay, now, where was I? Oh, right...

Penny, I like the idea of quinoa because it's light, versatile and has so much protein. But I made it so rarely I didn't know what to do with it. So I've been collecting recipes, and really enjoy having a simple small quinoa salad with a little chopped-up veggies, feta and homemade dressing. I jsut have to remember not to eat too much, since it's still a starch. But so far so good. And congratulations on losing another pound!

Carol, it must be worrisome to think about your hubby needing surgery. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I agree with Marie about your back. No one really knows what's going on with backs, is it bones, muscles, nerves, etc.? I would ask different kinds of doctors for advice, including an acupuncturist. And poor Bear, he will be "fixed" before he even gets to have a problem...

Nikki, are you inhaling a big ol' plate of spaghetti? I'm envious. A summer chasing kids around should help you with the scale!

Marie, this will just be long, tough year at work. Most weeks will be difficult, alas. I am wearing too many hats, and dealing with being one of the two "buck-stoppers," which is a new role for me. I feel good about the work I'm doing, there's just too much of it because we're short-staffed and overcommitted. But this won't last forever, just a few more months (if I do a good job with fundraising). Focusing on my health goals is actually helping me deal with the stress.

Time to go home. I hope eveyone has a great weekend.


06-02-2007, 07:15 AM
Well I am glad its the weekend. My back isn't being so nice this a.m. I just took Aleve and hopefully it lightens up. I am to go shopping with my daughter today. I need to find a scraf fancy or a shawl light and airly to go with my current dress for the wedding. With our heat wave I would never beable to wear the jacket to warm. What was I thinking? Or maybe a whole new dress never know. Looks like rain here today. My daughters MIL to be must think she is rich! We were going to have boxed wine as for so many its the cheaper way to go around 135 guests. Well she won't drink boxed wine its cheap. So she said that will be something she will provide. Okay then! Why do people have to be so difficult and is there really a huge difference does anyone here know? Oh daughter has started to look for new employment due to her hrs currently. The company must of gotten a phone call or wind of it. They called her in to chat about her future plans first thing off the bat yesterday. Offered her to work her current hrs. but from home possibly. I told her thats a great offer but if you do it give them a deadline for it to start. That was truly unexpected she has asked them for years to have different hrs. I guess when push comes to shove sometimes differences might happen? Time will tell. I think their getting a bit nervous that she can make this change in her life now. Making good money is lovely I am sure but people need their lifes too time is too short. Well on the diet front I am trying to make healthier choices but sometimes the devil gets into me. But overall I am still doing okay. Scale day monday its been awhile. Judy have you gotten a chance to ck out the gluten cookbooks or mags.? I have a consumer on my caseload and staff have been to the library finding some cool stuff. Good luck creative is the way to go and variety.

06-03-2007, 02:36 PM
Hi all, another quiet day at home - 3rd day in a row (except I currently have the stereo blasting). DH has guard weekend and DS2 is where??? I don't know for sure but he was home for a while. DH has been sort of depressed lately and a bit moody. It's gone on two weeks and I'm staring to get a bit worried and frustrated as he brings me down. There's a part of me that's ready to tell him to go back on swing shifts (that he likes much better) and then he won't be so depressing. I think about blurting it out but I'd regret it I bet. Hmm. It's been on my mind a bit. I'm going to give another 2 weeks to snap out of it, then he's going to be told to see his dr. Does that sound like a plan???

Food - great and on track. Same with exercise.

Yesterday was the wedding day. I went to both co-worker's weddings but didn't stay for either reception. Hard to believe 2 weddings and not a bit of wedding cake. Since I'm a cake monster, that's actually pretty amazing. Wedding 1 - the couple didn't show up to the reception for an hour after the ceremony. I find that so incredibly rude. This isn't the first time I've left the reception because of that. I was hungry (since I chose to swim instead of having lunch and knew there'd be food and I wanted to save calories). My other co-workers and I all left. Wedding 2 - the VOICE - just didn't want to stay. Ick. But I did go to the wedding. My other co-workers and I went out to dinner. That was very nice. Boy am I glad the day is over. Now on to DS1's graduation in 2 weeks. Mucho yard work to do for the pool party. :( I hate yard work.

Carol, take it easy so your back starts to get some relief from the Aleve.

Judy, good luck on the fund raising. I bet you're great at it and what a cool angle to help with the focus on health. If I'm stressed at work I always resort to comfort food. I wish I could do what you're doing.

Chat later.

06-03-2007, 05:55 PM
Hey, Marie--Maybe your hubby is depressed about not getting that job he wanted....I know it's a cliche, but men do seem to have a hard time being open about being disappointed or unhappy (unless sports are involved:lol:). Maybe he's just really unhappy about work, and thought this new opportunity would be the path to something new. Good luck on figuring out how and when to have the conversation! Congrats on not wasting your calories on cake. Most wedding cakes don't taste that hot anyway--except for the one for Carol's daughter, of course ;) .

Carol, the wine they used to sell in boxes was swill, so it got a really bad reputation. But you could ask at a good wine shop, and they could tell you which boxed wines are pretty good. The other mother is probably hung up on appearances. Most folks wouldn't know a good wine from a bad one, anyway. But if she wants to do the choosing, and pay the price, more power to her! I'm sorry that your back's giving you so much grief.

I had a leisurely Saturday, and trekked out to Trader Joe's to pick up a fw of my favorite yuppie foods. Today has been nonstop rain, so I've been puttering around and not accomplishing much. I did a good cardio workout this morning, and watched one of the videos for my new stability ball. I'll try it out this evening before dinner, just to get the hang of it.

I wish there were some other day between Sunday and Monday...maybe called Wunday or something, that would give me little more time to get my game face on for another week. Maybe I'll start a petition drive!


06-04-2007, 07:43 AM
Marie men keep so much inside as to protect us from knowing something or how their really feeling. I guess in the olden days they were suppose to take care of us and protect us from everything, not sharing disappointment etc. So this is not really unusal behavior. But you two sound like your able to always talk about things so maybe a nice quiet dinner for two by the pool side and chat about things. Well good luck mine is like this alot due to his illness feeling bad that I have a heavier load etc... But I almost think part of him was a bit glad to see me down a bit with my back. As I wasn't able to do my norm and he actually said without thinking your usually taking care of things for me. He did get out and plant a few little trees I purchased last week. It was good for him I think not that he doesn't do things cause he does them way more than he should at times but it was good therapy. Good luck with opening him up to chat or figuring out whats up. We are always here for support. And girls I want to thank all of you for supporting me with the wedding and my back. Your right Judy her cake will be great I sure hope so after 350.00 smacks. She is a beautiful bride yesterday was her final fitting at my home. I can tell you she just glows! The lady tried to charge me only 20.00 for heming her dress and doing the bussel in the back. I said no way she picked it up and del. it back great job too. I couldn't thank her enough she said you could of done it after looking at my grandaughters dresses I remade to suit the theme of the wedding. They came out great very rich looking. For mom's dress no jacket because of the possible heat. I did a make over to a sheer black shawl with a little one line of beading above the ruffle on the bottom. Then picked up some beautiful black sequene trim to put on my top of the dress neckline and over the skinny little shoulder straps. Now I feel positive that this is the perfect mom's outfit, comfortable, light wt. and simple but pretty. I may wear a pair of black strapy shoes I already have? Or get new ones and thats it.
On the diet end I have been doing okay not crazy on snacks that aren't healthy like chips and stuff. I did see pumpernickel pretzels yesterday has anyone had them? I passed them over this week is no bread week. Saturday I was a little naughty with a gyro lamb for lunch fit for a king. But it was lunch and dinner. Judy getting back onto South Beach seems kind of tough so I am just cutting back we'll see how this week goes. No pasta or bread starting yesterday. I made eggplant parm. yesterday so I could adjust the recipe to meet my needs. It came out great. Lunch for today with a salad too. Judy have you started to add fruit back in yet? Thats such a hard thing for me to give up. The bread and pasta is so much easier really for me. Well take care girls sorry this is so long just chatty this morning I guess! I plan on having a good intake week. My back killed me saturday and part of sunday but this a.m. it feels a bit better I will continue to baby it. Therapy consulting is this week on the 6th. Then the 14th I am going to a back seminar just for informational purposes my friend said she'd go with me.

06-04-2007, 09:29 AM
Penny - Conrats on your loss

Judy-Wunday would be awesome LOL. I have been thinking about going back to using my stability ball. Now that you mention it I will force myself this week.

Carol- Those dresses sound great. Good luck on cutting back. I hope your back feels better soon.

Marie-Way to go on the no cake.

I had a carby weekend. Today I go back to eating well and lots of water. I had mcDonalds twice this weekend and a piece of cake Saturday night not good but I shall bounce back and make my Jul 4 goal.


06-04-2007, 12:18 PM
Marie - I hope your DH will soon feel better. Maybe changing shifts has upset his sleep patterns and it may take a while for him to readjust. Judy may be right that he's still disappointed from the job that fell through. Wow - two weddings in one day and no cake! That was a good choice to forgo the receptions. You probably had a nicer time at the restaurant - at least you got to choose what to eat.

Judy - I like your idea of a "Wunday" or maybe we could call it "Funday"! Weekends are always too short. I love Trader Joe's, they have so much good stuff and mostly healthy without preservatives, etc. Have fun with your stability ball - I've seen them on TV but I'm such a klutz I'd probably keep falling off!

Carol - Your outfit for the wedding sounds very nice. It's good you have that lady to help with the sewing. I hope your back soon feels better. Maybe it's acting up more than usual because of the wedding stress (even fun things can be stressful). Try to do some relaxing things like a long bath or whatever works to get you relaxed. I always feel tension in my back when I'm stressed.

Nikki - Sometimes it's good to have a little break from our diets. I know you have the discipline to get back to your regular eating plan.

I had a good weekend eating wise and have managed to keep the pound off even though we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary on Saturday with a meal out. Actually two meals out as we went for breakfast to a new French bakery and shared a delicious quiche lorraine and an apple brioche - out of this world and well worth the carbs! For lunch we had sushi to offset some of the calories from breakfast and all in all I was still within my calories for the day. My DH flew to Baltimore on Sunday and was delayed because they had some thunderstorms left over from Barry. I got a lot more yard work done and I think the garden looks the best it has since we moved here.

06-04-2007, 12:21 PM
Penny - Way to go on eatin right and conrats on 38 years :)

I just ot done with a 23 minute choreography cardio show. I am going to try to work out 3 x's a week.I have to see how my ankles hold up.


06-04-2007, 02:45 PM
I finally got around to posting some garden photos. Also, a really horrible "before" picture! I'm eating a Lappert's ice cream in Maui and my son's icecream is strategically placed in my lap! You can click on the thumbnails to make them larger. ( ( ( ( (
Imagehosting - PicTiger (

06-04-2007, 07:21 PM
Marie, thanks for the beautiful photos. Although I generally threaten anyone who tries to take a picture of me eating, no one looks good eating, I don't care how skinny you are!

Carol, I've been eating fruit for two weeks now. Not much, at the most a cup of berries and/or half a large apple a day. It sounds unnatural to avoid fruit, doesn't it? It was one more thing that I would eat too much of, and it made me hungrier for other this point I'm avoiding so many other major categories of foods, including normal baked goods, that I can't spend any energy mourning one more thing. I'm getting plenty of good food to eat, and that better than 75% of the people on the planet. Maybe I'll treat myself to some pineapple or watermelon if I reach my Independence day goal :D .

Nikki--I'm new to this crazy stability ball. I know people who sit on them all day at work, that would be awesome!

Penny, 38 years married is worth celebrating! Good for you. Your hubby picked a bad time to come east, rain, rain, rain. It's beautiful here now, though.

Gotta run--judy

06-05-2007, 12:08 AM
Judy, it was Penny with the awesome garden pictures. I wish my yard looked like that.

Penny, I'd never recognize you in the ice cream shot. What a difference!!! But I'm not sure which looks better - you or the garden. You look fabulous.

Carol, the dresses sound so wonderful. Please do post a couple pictures of the wedding. BTW, when is it again?

Nikki, 2x at Mickey Dee's??? Are you going back on Atkins now? Good luck with the ankles and working out.

I got to swim today - I know - no news flash but it's supposed to be cold, raining and just plain old yucky all week. But I lucked out before the front arrived (it still hasn't I think but it's much chillier). So that was a wonderful surprise after work. DH had the day off and took the pool cover off and got it clean. Very nice of him.

He had a good day and I do know that it's the not getting the job that's irritating him. The problem is that he has 25 years experience in the sheet metal shop, is a shift supervisor and applied for the shop chief. EVERYONE expected him to get it. The dingbats higher up hired a guy with no sheet metal experience and no supervisory experience. It was quite the slap in the face. Then they lied and said that he was fine with their selection. What BS. By now he'd usually be getting past it and just do his job, but the guy they put in the position is doing shady things (like violating copyright laws) and is always late. That's really bugging him since he was supposed to be so great. Everyone in the shop is feeling just about the same. It really was a raw deal and I'm trying to be understanding but after a while, it does get old. And Guard weekend always makes him moody and grouchy. For some reason it was more irritating to me than usual. Today he was in a good mood. So I just need the lottery to shine my way and get him out of there. Oh, one side note, on of the higher ups that didn't select him, put him in for a sizeable monetary award that we just received. Talk about strange.

Past that, today has been good. I'm glad I'm working whole weeks for a while - perhaps I won't keep feeling like I'm barely treading water.

Some kid at a school wasn't paying attention as I was walking by, jumped and twirled into me and pulled back my pinkie toenail (was wearing sandals). It hurts like the dickens. He did apologize and I hobbled off without saying anything because I truly wanted to swear. :) I thought I did good by clenching my teeth. So this evening I tried to put on my tennis shoes and just couldn't. My slippers are hurting it. So you all have any idea how I can walk/jog tomorrow???? I'm thinking I could exercycle with the sandals on. :)

06-05-2007, 07:24 AM
Penny nice photos your doing great. The garden too. I have a iris that is a bearded one about 36 inches tall. I have gone to putting more white in my garden and the colors show up really nice this year first time doing that. All that hard work with wt. and gardening is paying off for you. I will post a picture as well when I have my daughter over to help me. Also after the wedding to show you girls my daughter the beautiful bride and her mom.
Judy the ball sounds like fun way to go. Keep up the good work.
Marie glad your hubby opened up thats good for both of you. My SIL applied for a union job at his company everyone he knew and others said oh man you got it bud you've been here so long proven yourself dedicated etc. It was given to another guy with half the time and whom doesn't even get along with the guys. So guess who helped pick him out the higher ups it was nothing to do with votes it was already in the works from the get go. Sad but these lousy things happen and its not fair or nice. The other guy will fall on his face in due time with your hubby standing on the sidelines watching shaking his head with many others.
Girls I was told yesterday that my stress maybe adding to it a bit the back thing but narrowing of the disk isn't from stress I don't think. But my pressures most likely trigger it more to cause pain. The grooms family decided to pay for all the booze hurray! The parents have been divorced for a long time and still have issues so they came together for this how nice is that. Hurray in my pocket book.
Well today I am packing my lunch and going to grill some chicken for dinner just the hubby and I for dinner. The SIL's birthday today and she is struting out with his sister and aunt for a big lunch Italian. Sounds good huh?
Well talk to you all soon my down fall yesterday was the hubby brought in some fresh Italian bread other than that I did well.

06-05-2007, 09:40 AM
Marie- Yea I know I totally over did the carbs. I go back to atkins Friday. Last time when I only ate carbs 2 days it did not work well. Of course, Mon- Friday I am eating healthy carbs not McD's or fries or pasta or bread or rice even. We shall see what happens. I prefer to go back on Atkins immediately. I may o back on it tomorrow as then I will have been off 5 days. I just dont want to shock my system to fast by going back and forth. Otherwse I would have gone right back on Atkins yesterday.

Judy- I could never sit on it all day. I do however, love using it.

06-05-2007, 11:12 AM
The perils of multitasking...of course I knew that was Penny in her garden, but this is what happens when I try to post while I'm doing something else (like participating in conference calls). My bad!

Marie, sorry about your toe! Something similar happened to my big toe years ago, and the nail has been a sickly gray ever since.


06-05-2007, 12:07 PM
Morning all, this morning I got the nail clippers out and cut the nail off. Hence I can wear shoes. So I took the doggies out for a 2 mile walk before work. Thoroughly chilled me and I'm still shivering. Right now I have 2 sweaters on, a blanket over my lap and my space heater on full blast. I am getting a little warmer. It misted a bit and was 45 degrees. I wasn't dressed properly. But the doggies were thrilled when I left for work since they got to do something that we've never done before I leave for work.

Carol, definitely the physical back stuff isn't related to stress but the stress can aggravate it by the tightening of muscles. So take it easy. Good news on the $$$ in your pocketbook.

Judy, participating in conf. calls and 3FC'ing??? Oh your my type of gal. I am a multi-tasker through and through. I can no do one thing at a time. Drives me nuts.

Nikki, good idea on chosing the healthy carbs. Enjoy fruit as the fruit season is here and it last so little time.

I weighed in this morning and am still the same as Friday's weigh in. Just fine with me. But one pound more will make it under 30 pounds to my goal. so I'm working for it. I've stayed on track (vigilantly) for a week. So I think I'm past my so-so eating style. Back to healthy and under control.

Time to work.

06-06-2007, 12:13 PM
Judy - I'm glad you are phasing some fruit back into your diet. I figure it's better to eat some delicious fruit than a muffin, bagel or donut. You're right - you are already eating better than most people!

Marie - I hope your pinky toe is getting better. I know you don't want to miss out on your exercise. I have some Clarks sandal/sneakers that are really comfy. They look like a sandal on top and the soles have "treads" like sneakers. I'm rooting for you to lose the pound to get below 30 lbs to your goal.

Carol - I love irises, but I think it's too dry in my yard for them. I like white flowers too. In fact, it's been my dream to one day visit the Sissinghurst "white gardens" in England. All of the flowers are white - it must look spectacular. I can't wait to see the wedding photos. I hope your back gets better soon.

Nikki - I think I might cut back on carbs a bit too. I've been feeling bloated lately from eating too many carbs. Even when I stay within my calorie limit, eating too many calories as carbs makes me feel yucky.

Thanks, everyone, for the compliments on the photos I posted. I remember how miserable I was on that vacation (where I was eating the icecream). I felt like I was the fattest person on the island! I never want to have such low self-esteem again. Yesterday I hosted the monthly luncheon meeting for my chapter of the charity group I belong to. There were 18 of us and we did a salad bar lunch where everyone brought a salad ingredient. It worked out well and was fairly healthy.

06-06-2007, 12:18 PM
Marie - Way to go on maintaining.

Penny- It is funny how I never put carbs together with that gross feeling until I cut them way back. Good luck cutting carbs.

I went back on Atkins today. I decided to change my weigh in day to Friday from now on. So I will weigh in for this week on Friday officially. I already feel better back on Atkins and It's only been 4 hours.


06-06-2007, 05:18 PM
Hi all, I'm taking a lunch break and thought I'd write. My co-workers went to the airport for a ride in WW2 airplane (at $425 each) I declined. DH would kill me.

I'm starting to think I'm getting a cold. I've ben shivering for 2 days which I thought was normal as it's brrr out. But I can't get warm. I think I have a low grade fever. The clue was when me throat started to hurt about an hour ago. So when I get home, echinachea here I come.

Penny, I know that when I eat too many fruits and veges I get bloated. I figure as long as it's not fat I don't care. I love fruit and vege season (aka SUMMER) so I just enjoy them. The white flower garden sounds pristine. I like bountiful colors but can imagine how awesome a wedding would be in all those white flowers.

Nikki, good luck on your next interval of Atkins. I'm glad you're feeling better.

I did WATP 3 miles this morning as I forgot to reset my early alarm. That's faster than the treadmill. I'd like to do a real mile on the treadmill after work but we'll see on how I feel.

06-06-2007, 06:25 PM
Marie, would your hubby kill you for spending $425 or for passing up the chance to fly in a vintage plane?

06-07-2007, 07:58 AM
Girls I went for my first P.T. visit. Wow I guess I have to learn to bend a bit differently and pick things up different too. She feels with better posture positions, some push ups to get me back in place. I should be better soon. I need to do them 3 times a day at this time. So I had a good 1 hr. visist and they excepted the consult charge paid yesterday and then just my 10.00 co pay per visit. I will be going 2 times a week but not the week I am on vac. Also she said to get one of those little rolled pillows for behind my back when in a seating position like work watching t.v. etc..She was funny couldn't believe how strong I was during the testing. I told her I might be 52 but honey I am an active lady. Sometimes there is no choices but to do whats needed around the house etc. Thats why I have no time for this dang back stuff. She laughed. Nice girl and I think we will do okay together she's young but knows her stuff used to work in my field. So throuhout my day I will try to sit with better posture.I am also going to start using my treadmill for up to 1o min. .$200.00. I had a fun and relaxing time. My poor daughter geting married should of been with me she is totally stressed. Her passport is still not here and she called and they said it may not make it in time for her wedding they couldn't guarntee it. She did it about 3 months ago. So her man is looking into it with our congressmans office I guess they should beable to help move things along thank goodness. I have been pretty good on my intake at least no real junk food. I did eat a candy bar but it at least was a dark choc. milkyway. Nikki you will be fine and I am sure will get right back into the swing of things. Its so easy for us to get off the golden path I know for a fact! Marie I agree with the stress too. The weather is making all of us come down with junk. I have a little sinus stuff going on. I am going to take something to ward it off. It was only 60's here yesterday I think back up to 80's by friday. I have more whites in my garden these days and I like it cause everything else shows up better with them. I would love to see a white garden I bet with lots of greens it looks lovely. I hope to work in my veggie garden this weekend we haven't even started it yet. My nephew is coming out tonight and I think we will ask him to help us get the rotor tiller from my daughters so it can get done. Nice having a younger person around to help out. Well off to work I go. The snake at work has been going through so many personal things I have just given her space for times she needed the office to herself without her asking. Also I do feel sorry for her and told her so but still have my guard up and always will. To bad I have to feel that way cause I truly don't like it.

06-07-2007, 08:00 AM
Lost my whole post girls dang! Anyways the P.T. is going well and I paid the consult chg. 65 and now only have to pay 10 per visit. Intakes going okay nothing too bad ate a dark choc. milkyway thats about the bad of it all. Well now that I lost my first entry I got to go to work will catch you all later.

06-07-2007, 09:01 AM
Marie- I hope you feel better.

Carol- I'm glad you went to PT. Hopefully you will feel much better.

My first day back on Atkins was hard. I was craving carbs so bad. However, I think that means I sucessfully reset my body to crave carbs which should make this cycle work much better :)

I have a phone interview today. A company in NYC who deals with digital media and advertising called me last week. They are looking for a customer training coordinator. I would love to have the job. I just have to fiure out if I could do the commuting. My condition gets worse with stress and to much walking so that is a major concern. I figure worst case I get experience interviewing and if I decided I cant take it at least I know I am qualified for such positions.


06-07-2007, 07:29 PM
Help me, ladies, I am desperately craving baked Lay's potato chips! I am not actually hungry or thirsty, and I ate plenty of crunchy food for my afternoon snack--carrots and celery with spicy hummus--so I know it's all mental. I treated myself to a small buttered popcorn at the movies last night, so my body is saying, "Yippee! We're going back to normal!" The monster has been shrieking for potato chips for hours now. I'm afraid that if I give in (it's not the worse snack in the world, just empty carbs and calories), the cravings will come bigger and faster...I'm close to 222 now, trying to get unstuck from the same weight range, and it just feels like a titanic struggle...So although I was planning to work late tonight, I think I'd better head over to Curves and then go home to have lovely grilled steak and a salad. I feel better now that I've written this.

Okay, quickly before I run away from the chips: Carol, I'm glad that you're feeling upbeat about the therapy. If I were you, I'd schedule a massage the week after the wedding. I bet you'll need it, after the stress, partying and being on your feet!

Nikki, you're right, it is helpful to practice interviewing in a real setting. I have to interview lots of people, and a candidate who is tense or tongue-tied can torpedo her chances, no matter how strong her background is.

Time to workout and have my healthy dinner. I will have to take work home, but that's better than staying here and fighting with myself!


06-07-2007, 09:18 PM
Judy - BACK AWAY FROM THE CHIPS!!!! I think carbs love company and always want to invite some friends if you let them in! :lol: You can do it - tell the carb demons you are in charge! :devil:

Nikki - Good idea to "practice" an interview. I had a job eons ago in Australia. After I had worked there several years, my boss said I was a terrible interview as I was so tongue-tied and nervous! However, he said they were desperate, so they hired me anyway! :lol: As it turned out, he said I was one of their best hires ever. I always hated interviews. Luckily, I've been working with my DH in his business endeavours the last 25 years, so he can't very well fire me or he'll be in a world of hurt!

Carol - Your post reappeared. I hope the PT will help your back. I'm going to do accupuncture next week for my ankle - I figure it's worth a try. My yoga instructor also does accupuncture and I've heard good reports from others that have been to going her. Avoid the snake in your office as much as possible - you don't need any extra stress right now!

Marie - They would have to pay ME $425 to go up in a clunky old plane! Think of all the fun stuff you could buy for that much. I hope you're not coming down with the same bug my DH had. He was sick for nearly 3 weeks - a record for him. Good idea to take the echinacea, etc.

I had a busy day today with a board meeting (maybe should be called 'bored meeting') that went on and on and on. I wished I could put my head on the table and take a nap! I had a burger for lunch (a rarity for me) but it was good and I enjoyed every bite. I had fruit on the side instead of fries and ate only half of the bun. I love it when others suggest new project for other people to do. Someone suggested I put a Paypal button on our website for people to donate money. A totally lame idea, in my opinion, lots of work and no potential, given the fact that we are a fairly obscure charitable organization with very little traffic on our website. I've decided to quit my position on the board next year and take a break. I'm very busy in my DH's business and it will be nice to have less stuff to do. Maybe I can start up my soap or eBay business again - at least I can make a little pocket money and have fun at the same time.

06-07-2007, 10:24 PM
Judy- I hope you managed to stay away from thechips. Carb cravings stink!

Penny - Taking a break sounds like a good idea if yiou are frustrated.

My phone interview never took place. I am not upset as I really knew I couldnt take the job because of the commute. While I was sittin waiting for that call I got a call from a staffing agency and they want me to go meet them tomorrow and go on an interview either directly after or early next week. I never imained I would have 3 companies contacting me without sending them my resume directly. I only posted my resume on Monster 2 weeks ago. I have renewed confidence that I will land the right job real soon.


06-08-2007, 07:34 AM
Nikki are you just looking for a summer job? I thought you wanted to teach but maybe I didn't remember your major? Well at any rate good luck and yes interviewing experience is always good. As I told my daughter you just about have to sell yourself and how great you are. So go in there and do good. One article I read said that the thing people usually don't say and should is I really interested in this position and I look forward to hearing back. I guess we all figure they no that or we wouldn't be there but hey its worth a try. We met some friends at the beach and I was bad had wings. Oh so bad I did take some of the fat off but still WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So today I will be good I think I will make some type of seafood for dinner. Lunch and breakfast choices were good at least I did some good choices for the day. Maybe I should go back to tracking food. Lately just not trying to over do except for those dang wings. Well its friday thank goodness. What a busy week. Today I plan on staying in the office and working on some paperwork as my office mate is out today. High 90 today they say.
Judy ward off the chips the wings were okay but not really worth it in the long run. Sometimes if we don't give in to what we want we end up even munching down more calories in the end. Well I gave in as everyone else was ordering the .25 wings that I was with temptation
Penny I have those type of meetings to I like your name for them.
marie I do feel less sore. I'm doing the exercises and trying to sit with better posture. I guess it makes sense and seems to be helping. I need the lumbar roll for my chair at work and one for home at the computer. That I have to see where I can find them.
Well girls have a good day for me I am going to work on not giving in today. Judy I should of had your will power.

06-10-2007, 03:23 PM
Ladies, thanks for your encouragement! I did manage to run away from temptation on Thursday, but overall I was a little sloppy last week. I was hoping to record another pound lost by this weekend, but I will settle for half a pound and focus on not improvising so much next week. This week several of my lunches and dinners will be at meetings or restaurants, plus there's two receptions to throw in there. If I can hold my own this week, I will be extremely proud of myself!

Penny, in my professional opinion, you are right to think that Paypal isn't a priority for a group like yours. There's no harm in it, you just probably don't get enough online donations every month to make it worth setting up.

Nikki, good luck with the job hunt. It always feels good to know that you have options, so you don't have to talk yourself into wanting a position that you really aren't interested in.

Carol, I hope the lumbar roll is helping. I roll up the blanket they give you on the plane and put it behind my back for long trips, it really makes a difference.

I have been having fun mixing up my cardio. I bought a Dancing for Weight Loss video which makes me feel like someone in a Bob Fosse musical (only not nearl as good). I wasn't really using the fitness ball, so I have been practicing just sitting on it to convince myself that it's not going to explode under my weight. So I finally worked through one of the videos yesterday. Jeez, it's a lot harder than it looks! Both the dancing and the ball forces me to do some things differently, which will help me lose a little faster. I have probably fallen into a rut....

Marie, I miss your posts! I hope you aren't ill, but if you are, get well soon.


06-11-2007, 07:53 AM
Well girls I am a bit sore from my kayaking yesterday. I guess it was a little too much but I would do it again today. This is the worst I have felt in a week as far as being stiff in the a.m. maybe I just slept wrong. Oh well its monday and my work is calling me so thats the way it goes. I was so hungry when I returned home the food intake wasn't super by any means. But today I will start again to try to make good choices. Salad planned for lunch time. Judy I have to get that roll. But good idea to roll something up meanwhile. Sounds like you are doing well are you still on the south beach? I should jump back on til next week and just take off a little. They say thats the beauty of that plan to beable to start again etc. Just add the veggies and protein and get rid of my carbs. bread and pasta. Keep up your exercise by your chart it looks like your doing well. Congrats. I am not going to meet my goal by next friday but I feel okay at least I am maintaining and that is not a bad thing as long as it stays that way but a few lbs. gone would be a nice thing too. Nikki hope the job hunt is going well. Marie where are you? Penny hope things are going well. I have my little veggie garden planted my brother in law and hubby did it together. I was pleased as its always me. I worked in the flower beds instead. My SIL the other day said more flowers as I was making a purchase. I said hey you buy CD's and DVD's I like my flowers. Statement made and made strong don't mess with my gardens. I do have lots but thats okay! Well to each their own I say! If we were all a like the world would be a boring place. Today I will strive to make good choices.

06-11-2007, 01:35 PM
Hi Ladies-

Judy-Dancing for exercise sounds fun I love to dance.

Carol-Way to go on the kayaking

I went on an interview this mornin. I think it went well. I should hear this week. As far as Atkins oes I'm not weighing myself as often lately. I am on plan though so I hope to be ok on wed.


06-11-2007, 03:22 PM
Nikki - Good luck for the interview. :crossed:

Carol - Sorry your back is still giving you grief but it looks like you don't let it slow you down much! I'm glad you had fun kyaking.

Judy - Way to go with the exercise :carrot:. It's a good idea to mix it up a bit so you don't get bored.

Marie - I hope you didn't come down with the flu or something. There's a lot of bugs going around here in the Portland area right now. Kind of strange for June.

I've been eating some salty foods lately (pickles, cheese, Chinese food, etc.) and it's shown up on the scale as a 2 lb. gain. My stomach is bloated up about twice normal size. Now that I've cut out the salt, I'm hoping to be back on track on the scale by Friday. I managed to get some yard work done despite the crummy weather. I just dashed outside between showers :rain:.

06-11-2007, 05:41 PM
Well, as Mondays go, this one wasn't so bad. Hope it bodes well for the rest of my week, and isn't the calm before the storm!

Penny, it's amazing how just a little salt can be a sponge for weight!

Nikki, I have a Crunch cardio salsa video that I like, but it's a short wrokout and I don't really get my heartrate up as I'd prefer. I have a Shape one that irritates me...the jury is out on how much I'll like this new dance video. I spent most of my youth in the free-form hippie/reggae/punk era, so while I like to "dance" I'm not sure that what I do counts as dancing :D .

Carol, you are my hero, out there kayaking with the young folks. Between that and the gardening, I hope you're being extra kind to your back!

I only had time for a short workout this morning, so I'll go to Curves on the way to this evening's event. It's a sit-down dinner (I think) at an Italian restaurant. I'm thinking of just visiting with people briefly, but leaving before the food starts to arrive, so that I can go home and eat "safe" food. I do love Italian food, just the smell of the garlic makes me voracious, and of course there will be vino. But this is the kind of environment where I overeat. It might sound crazy to people who don't have my issues...retreating to my home where I have some nice roast chicken and veggies is definitely an option, if I don't think I can avoid the heavy, fattening delights.


06-12-2007, 07:57 AM
Way to go Judy you are on the move! I am trying to garden with bendings a bit differently and I think it helps also trying my best to have better posture. I have a seat that has an air control on it with the kayak. That is a blessing and really buldges in the lumbar area. Which is really good for me. Work is going well but really busy with me trying to fit everything in before my vacation time. I have just handed in two reports which are the last due before then and been real busy geting my visits in. I worked an hour and half over last night. I think today I might get out early as friday is a therapy day. So I already am only working til noonish. My daughter is so organized with this wedding stuff its great. She should be a wedding coordinator herself. I finished the little flower girl dresses last night. I am going to finish my trim on my dress tonight and be done with all of that stuff.
Nikki sounds like your interview went well. Good luck with that and the right job will come along and you will get what you have worked so hard for. Even know my pay isn't the best in the world its a lot better than years before. The job is really what I like and that out weighs everythings else even the crazy coworkers. I like making a difference in peoples lifes and with this job sometimes can do that. Sending them on vacations or off to camp or saying hey lets try this and it works thats what excites me. Also helping them solve some difficult problems in their lifes. I get quite a variety of tasks some I like and some I could do without. But thats every job I guess. Good luck!
Girls did Marie go on vacation I hope she is not ill? I do miss her come back Marie!!!
Penny the salty foods are tough and I know cause I crave them too. Love those pickles. I feel fat today for some reason. So a salad for lunch and grilled chicken for dinner is the plan. No junk food. Maybe I should just not eat at all. Oh now I know thats not smart but sometimes it would help. I am going to start to journal again today. A friend lost 18lbs with ww and is only 2lbs. from her goal I am a bit jealous. Great for her and she deserves praise!!!
Have a super day!!!

06-12-2007, 10:32 AM
Judy-My friend ands I used to dance around her living room at least an hour a day. I was in the best shape ever then. We did hip hop and regeaa.

Carol- I hear you about the job. Alot of parts of this job I interviewed for sound boring. I am debating on takin it for that reason. It is hard because I don't know if I am use to academia and all jobs are like that.

Penny-That salt weight will disappear real soon.

I decided to go ahead and change my ticker to what my weight was last week so I don't get discouraged if I dont quite reach 151 again this week.


06-12-2007, 03:27 PM
Nikki, seeing your ticker is inspiring! You've come a long, long way from your starting weight. :carrot:

Carol, your daughter is lucky to have such a handy mom. I didn't realize that you were making the little dresses, too! I agree with you about choosing meaningful jobs when you can. Most people in the world just have to work, but when you have an education and live in a country like ours, we have more options than others do, and can look for work that speaks to our talents and values. I've been in nonprofits for over 25 years, and while it would be nice to have more money, I wouldn't trade this for anything. Well, maybe being the queen of the world would be nice...

So I ate at the restaurant last night after all. As soon as I got there, I knew that I wouldn't be able to meet-and-greet and then leave. I had a little salad, some eggplant parm and a glass of wine. The portions were enormous, the small lasagna could have fed three people! Another dinner tonight, at a New Orleans-style place. I'll focus on veggies, since I had turkey stew instead of a salad for lunch today.

Penny and Marie, I hope you're doing well today!


06-12-2007, 06:59 PM
Judy - All that extra exercise you've been doing should counteract the yummy Italian food. I hope you can manage to avoid too much temptation :devil: at the New Orleans style restaurant. Hopefully they have some veggies that are also tasty. Being Queen of the World might bring a few too many temptations with all those state dinners! :queen:

Nikki - You are such an inspiration. I wish I had half your willpower. I'm glad to hear you are getting some job interviews. It's a good idea to weigh them up and not jump into the first one that comes along. Our son found it quite a change going from college to "the real world". He had a very heavy course load throughout his four years as he did a minor in Math in addition to his Engineering degree. Things move at a totally different pace in the workplace. He's enjoying his current job very much. He only stayed about 7 months in his first job and then was offered the job he took in Boise. He got a lot of practical experience in the first job though, so although it wasn't something he wanted to do long term, the experience has come very much in handy in his new job.

Carol - You're right about posture being very important for our backs. I've always been a bit of a sloucher, so I try to sit straight and walk with my head up and shoulders back. I have to really work at it as it doesn't come naturally to me. The yoga seems to be helping a lot with my posture as I'm more aware of my body since I started doing the yoga classes. It's great that your friend has lost some weight but YOU deserve praise for your progress too! Maybe your friend's loss will give you a bit of added inspiration.

Marie - We're thinking of you and hoping you're ok.

I was at the docs (plastic surgeon) today for my annual check up on my implant and he says I need a smaller one because I've lost so much weight and now the other side doesn't match! I'm going to hold off on doing it though as the surgery is about $6,000 and my insurance deductible is about $3,500. I wish all this medical stuff wasn't so expensive. It just cost me $770 to get the two spots removed and biopsied! I've been doing better calorie-wise the last couple of days, so I hope to be down again by my next weigh in. We're getting central air conditioning installed tomorrow. Hopefully it will get hot enough to try it out - it's been so cool here for this time of the year. We needed a new furnace anyway as our old one is about 25 years old and very inefficient.

06-13-2007, 07:52 AM
Nikki you will know when its the right job. I left my old job of 10 years to go after an different job. It was after I go my degree in 98 late but better than never. I do not regret my move and now have doubled my old pay. But in the school district only worked 180 days, vac's, 32 hrs a wk. So I am surely in the field I fought to get in. I like my job even though it can be stressful I surely can say that I am never ever bored but would welcome the opportunity to try it once in awhile. I also work for a nonprofit organization for the past 9 years. One more year and I get my 5 weeks vac. my benefit pkg. is a good one. Sometimes when searching for a job checking out the whole pkg. is pretty important or maybe it was just my age and having a husband with health issues? Oh well thats where I am at. Yesterday trying to smooth things over with a couple in their 80's and a group home. They wanted to take their daughter home to live again. Oh now thats not a good idea! So I will work out their issues with the group home and hopefully have a happy ending for all of them. My life is crazy at work sometimes but in the long run I truly like what I do and it shows in my work I think or hope so anyways.
Girls I have been so tempted when coworkers ask me to go to the store for lunch I so right to the sub area. I did get whole wheat and lots of veggies with little mayo and turkey but thats still not so good. I have packed my veggies to make a salad for today and have a yogurt. I will stick to it. So that is my weakness lately. I guess the intake journal would help and I will do that this a.m.
Penny glad your son is doing well.The posture thing takes practice and I have to remind myself to do it also. But I do think it makes a world of difference. Did you explain to your doc's office your ded. is so high? Because they might be willing to knock off some for you. Many times we don't ask and there for they don't ever offer but are willing to consider it. So maybe you should ck this out if you want it done earlier? Good luck.
Judy I didn't totally make the flower girls dresses I redesigned them. I picked up some beautiful dresses for 20.00 a piece when Kaufman's went out of business they were 125.00. My daughter liked them but not the way they looked on the neckline or the trim. So we went off to a special wedding material and design shop picked out trim and I redid them. My youngest GD needed her shoulders and sides taken in now that was not fun. The other one just the sides. So we added the trim and ribbon and they match the big girls in the wedding. I am putting trim on my dress around the whole top neckline, shoulder straps and the lower edge of the mock top. It dresses it up as its too warm for my jacket that goes with the dress. Wow its coming fast. My carpets get cleaned on friday and I want to do some major housework on saturday. Then we have a wedding to attend at 11 and reception at 1. So that day is gone. Your doing a swell job and I know the restuarants its not easy. But they say just order and eat half!

06-13-2007, 09:51 AM
Penny- As your son found I am finding the workplace much slower then academia. I am hoping I find something that I feel fits me. It feels good that I am getting interviews means I have skills lol.

Carol- I decided not to teach in the typical sense. I am going to try to use my degree to teach technology < software, hardware etc > in a college or business setting. I must say you have me really impressed by overhauling the girls dresses. I am waiting to get a job to get a new sewing machine. Mine broke and I am lost without it.

Judy-Good going with only eating a little. As Penny said all your exercising should counter it.

As for me, after blipping back up to 155 last week I managed to lose 4 lbs this week and go back down to 151. I will see 149 next week mark my words. I'm not going to screw this up I have 3 weeks to make my July 4 goal and I will do it. I think ,I can, I believe!

Marie I hope you are ok. We miss you ....


06-14-2007, 07:51 AM
Lost my note be back later

06-14-2007, 10:16 PM
Carol - I'm sorry you lost your post - that can be soooo frustrating! :mad:. I did mention to my plastic surgeon that I'd be paying 'full fare' for my surgery and he said he could give me a discount, but it would still be a LOT of money. It's not a really big deal as the difference isn't really noticeable and I'm also leery of having any kind of surgery as there's alway the chance of infection or a problem with the anesthetic. So I'll just have to avoid being photographed for pin-up pictures! :lol: You must be getting so excited about the wedding. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Nikki - Way to go with losing the 4 lbs. :cheer: I am struggling to get back to 187. I've lost one pound but I'm still at 188. I still seem to go one step forward and two steps back! I'm determined not to start gaining in a big way, so I'm still hoping to reach my goal for July 4th or at least get nearer to it.

Judy & Marie - I hope you are doing well. Poor Marie, I expect you came down with that bug. If so, get well wishes are coming your way :getwell:

I just got back from a fund raiser in Salem (our State Capitol). Lots of interesting stuff and some internal politics to digest. I don't think the Board is thrilled that I'll be stepping down after this term. I really have to work on saying "no"! I've been working a lot more hours in our business and it's just getting too much. Sometimes people think it comes easy and they think those in charge can just keep on going but everybody gets burn out eventually.

06-14-2007, 11:13 PM
Hi, ladies! I'm having some very long days of meetings, and am just popping on to say hi. I'm making pretty good food choices, but no time for exercise. I can't wait until Saturday morning! Hope everyone has a good Friday. I'll check back in soon.


06-15-2007, 07:40 AM
Girls I am having a lot of trouble getting on this morning. I usually just go to Search and put in Daily check in. Today it says I need 4 words etc. Wouldn't let me do it. So finally after great frustration I put in new post and had to go all the way down to get it. Crazy and too much time. If someone could send me a private message to let me know how they get on I would appreciate it. Time is important these days.
Well yes Penny I am getting so excited. But it doesn't seem possible its next week. The couple have their passports and as you have heard on the news that was not easy. It was one of her hardiest things so far with many phone calls and one to the congressman. Then the gov't lifted the whole thing and on came her passport after the future SIL paid 40.00 extra dollars for a faster del. service. Many tears had come for this one as she felt her trip crumbling. So off to Mexico they go. Hey Judy our traveler is this wear they get jewelry cheaper ? Or am I thinking of a different location? Just wondered? At any rate I have increased my exercise this week and feel better for it. I am trying to beaware of my cals too. Got away from that a bit and now trying to gain some control back. Life gets stressful and we tend to let little things slip in and then regret it afterwards crazy moves we make sometimes. Well I am off to buy lots of groceries today to stock up my cupboards for the kids coming home. I already purchased my sons favorite ice cream choc. w/ peanutbutter. Its nice to have things that they enjoy and coneys too. We will be doing some camping after the wedding. I am looking forward to kayaking with them too. All the grandkids will camp with us for at least one day. Then I think we will take them for a weekend in August just Grandpa and I give mom and dad a little break. Well off to work I worked late again last night so I won't have to use as much sick time for therapy appt. today. I am also off to the hairdressers for highlights and color. Hope it comes out nice I am keeping it longer than in the past. I can pull it back when its hot. I did get to talk to my sister and asked her to not touch a drop of wine or anything til she does the poem during the wedding. SHe promised me and I said if you don't I will be extremly upset. I don't care how much she drinks afterwards but not before. Oh such extra stuff I need to think about!! Mom's stressing can yah tell? Take care and hope I can find the site again. I am still concerned over Marie.

06-15-2007, 12:10 PM
Carol - Getting your hair done will be a nice chance for you to relax - at least for a while. I hope your therapy appt. helps. That was kind of funny about your SIL and the wedding poem :lol:. So many details for you to think about but it will soon be all over. I''m glad the passport situation worked out - it must have been very worrying. It's good you can have something else to look forward to like the kyaking trip with the grandkids. I'll tell you how I find this page - it may not be the best way, but it works for me: I just bookmark the current page and when it goes to the next page (like now it's page 7) I delete the old one from my bookmarks. I rename it 3FC so I can find it easily on my "bookmarks toolbar". I have a Macintosh iBook, so it may work differently if you use a PC.

06-15-2007, 05:05 PM
Judy - Good going on your food choices.

Carol-Sounds like wedding plans are in fulll swing. When is it?

Penny-Hope everything is going well.

Has anyone heard from Marie? I am getting concerned.

I'm still on induction 1 week with no cheats. My TOM is due any moment so I feel icky. I'll speak to you all on Monday enjoy your weekend.


06-16-2007, 07:43 AM
The wedding is next saturday at 4. Your right soon it will be over and just a lovely memory. My son and daughte in law fly in on 5 right before rehersal dinner. We are attending another wedding today. Our daughters next week and then the following week were invitd to one in N.C. its never ending. But good times out weigh the bad. I may kill my sister whom is to do the poem by then but everything else is going smooth. My hair came out good a bit lighter than I wanted but I will deal with that just a little change. I will work in my gardens today before the wedding we are attending. My therapy is going well and I think I will continue for a bit. I feel better than in awhile and the goal is a good one. Getting back to the workout I was doing last August before I hurt it. So far I am keeping up with things she is giving me to do at home and then the exercises at their gym. Foot press yesterday and the nustepper which I was up to 1,000 steps in less than 12 min. So not to bad. I can tell in my walk that I am getting back to normal a bit more picking up my faster speed. That feels really good and I have missed that ability to do so in the past few months. Learning to bend differntly too. Well food intake is going well. I will becareful this a.m. to just have cereal with a few strawbetties then something lite veggies to munch on and maybe some yogurt before the reception. Have a good day everyone.

06-16-2007, 04:16 PM
Oh, hooray, hooray, hooray, this past week is over. I feel like a new woman, now that I got through all the meetings, socializing, and work. I didn't lose anything, but I managed to just barely maintain, so I am pleased about that, too. It felt great to sleep a little later this morning, and then do a leisurely workout.

Carol, I'm so excited for you and your family. I have several relatives like your sister, they can be the wild card in any public gathering! Yes, Mexico is the place for silver, especially in Taxco. But you can buy some lovely high-quality jewelry at great prices all over the country. The good stuff will be stamped on the inside with a tiny number to denote the percentage of silver (.925 or higher) and "Mex." Tell your daughter not to buy it if it doesn't have the "Mex" stamp. To find our 3FC thread quickly, I have it as a "subscribed thread" in my user control panel. That way when I come to the site, I just sign in under User CP, and click onto subscribed threads.

Penny, maybe you can hold off on the surgery until you lose even more weight...then either both sides will match, or you can try to get a two-for-one deal from the plastic surgeon. :D I hadn't realized that the procedure would be so costly. I've always told myself that if I got down to 175 or under, I'd so something about these huge ropey veins in my legs, and I don't think this is something my insurance would cover. I guess one of the benefits of losing so slowly is that by that time, medical advancements should make this this a simpler and cheaper process.:rolleyes: Hey, I'm always trying to find the bright side of any situation!

Nikki, a week with no cheats is really good. You have willpower, girl, give me some of that! If you stay on track, I bet you'll see a little whoosh once TOM comes and goes.


06-17-2007, 01:31 PM
Nikki - I hope you'll feel better and start losing again as soon as TOM is gone.

Carol - This seems to be the year for weddings for you! I hope you had a lovely time yesterday. You are doing great on the step machine. I'm glad that you're starting to be able to do more again now that the therapy is helping. I hope your sis behaves - relatives can be a pain but we love 'em anyway!

Judy - I hope you're enjoying a relaxing weekend after your busy, busy week. I'm also hoping that maybe the surgery will get cheaper for me in the long run as I will be on medicare in 7 years - about the time when I have to get my implant changed out anyway. I can't get the other side made bigger to match as that might interfere with my mammograms, which would not be a good thing. As you say, it's good to look on the bright side - this gives me 7 years to lose the rest of the weight and at the rate I'm going, I'll need that much time! :lol: My legs are so awful the only thing that might work would be leg transplants! :D Thank goodness for long pants. I will not be wearing shorts again in this lifetime.

I pm'd Marie - I hope she's ok. We miss you Marie!

Have a great Sunday everyone.

06-18-2007, 07:36 AM
Well girls therapy is really helping and worth every cent. As I seem to have started to get back to my normal ability with dancing and yard work without an awful lot of pain afterwards. I wish you had all been there to boogy. It was fun I danced with a friend which has moved away and was up for the wedding. But they played anything from the oldies to country. Now the country they played was real hoe down country. My friend was trying to teach me good thing I had a few wines cause otherwise I most likely wouldn't of been trying it. Now that did hurt my back a bit all that stomping stuff and kicking your legs out. At any rate I burned away some calories that day and the next with gardening. I just did my push ups from therapy and they weren't too bad this a.m. Bear has to get kicked out as he feels I am on the floor to play! Silly dog! So I sent him out to chase birds he never gets them but its also good exercise. The squirrels haven't been around this year too much because of him. Now thats a good thing. My flower beds are looking great a little more work and they will be done. So exercise has fit back into my life nicely a little forced if you know what I mean. At therapy she has gotten me on the stepper and the press leg machine and adds a floor exercise as well to be done daily at home. I would of never thought this would work out so well for me. But as I said things seem to be improving. Saw my sister yesterday and no mention of rehersal dinner. I will call her thursday to ensure she knows where to go and the time. Someone mentioned something about doing another thing when we were together and I mentioned I am stressed to the max and can't take anything else on. I thought maybe she would get the hint to back off and just go with the flow. My intake of food wasn't bad this weekend being I attended a wedding and all. I guess the hrs. of yard work would balance that out too. I actually can see my flat slate walk through my big garden path now. It looks really nice. I think we are going to have around 30 people after the wedding reception at my house. So I will have to get real organized this week being I only have friday off and we are spending hrs. at the spa. Well Judy I know what you mean about work weeks ending and meetins etc. This week I only have about 8 people left to see then its paperwork crunch. I need to write up each visit and log all my progress notes for my supervisor. She will be handling my caseload while I am off playing. I am off from the 21st til the return date of the 3rd. I took one extra day then I had planned. Still need to put the trim on my dress no big deal just need time. Well gotta go and clean a little before work today. I figure if I tackle something each morning a little I will be farther ahead. Take care oh saturday will come quickly and boy do I know it.

06-18-2007, 07:40 AM
thought i lost this?

06-18-2007, 10:01 AM
Morning Ladies-

Carol- Sounds like your time off will be rather hectic. Have fun with it !!!

Penny, Judy...Hope all is going well.

I'm still doing ood on eating. Although I did have 1 bite of a burger bun this weekend. Otherwise I have not cheated ans am hoping to dip below 150 once my TOM leaves.


06-19-2007, 07:35 AM
Time is flying thats for sure. I have been on target with the exercising the therapy helps as that is 2 times a week 45 min. at least. I have been trying to do the exercises on the side she gives me and introduces a new one each time I go. I have been doing okay on the food end too. I did cheat and have a bite of cake but then regretted the calories I had. An egg roll but counted the cals in. So at least I am aware of my intake and portion control. It is to be in the 90's today then cooling off. Nikki it is so hard when we try to control the intake but you have done well. I think having a bite is better than nothing at all. So good control habits your building. The girls at work were saying oh your so good I said you don't see me when I am being bad. The therapist added leg curls yesterday. So I did them as well as the other equipment. I feel really so much better and I wasn't really going to go to get this service. Now I am glad I did and its paying off. Take care and keep up all your good efforts I figure in the end they have to pay off sometimes it takes more time than others. My future son in law just started a month ago to go to the YMCA and I think he is very pleased with his results. They did the family package and really are using it. Hopefully it keeps up cause he looks good and must feel so much better.

06-19-2007, 09:36 AM
Carol-I am glad you feel better. I would not be surprised if the therapy helps your weightloss. It is added exercise after all.

Yesterday I had a good day. I had lots of protein and got all of my water in. Hopefully all of my eating well will show on the scale soon.

06-19-2007, 10:11 PM
Carol - Leg curls are what saved my knee. I've found that since I started working out at Curves, my knee pain is totally gone. Before, I could hardly go up and down the stairs without a lot of pain. There are several machines at Curves that focus on the leg muscles and that has really helped. I'm glad your therapy sessions are helping you.

Nikki - I'm sure you'll soon see a loss as you've been really on track with your plan.

Marie & Judy - I hope everything is well with you.

I went for a free acupuncture session today with a friend who is a licensed acupuncturist. Another friend went with me and she did acupuncture on both of us - me for my ankles and my friend for her hand arthritis. I managed to walk around town quite a bit afterwards without any pain. Hopefully it lasts. My friend and I took the opportunity to go for lunch and we had a nice lunch at an Italian restaurant. I had the poached seafood salad and she had ravioli with bolognese sauce. We shared a bit of each and it was delicious, without too many calories. I'll have to make a point of going downtown more often as it was really fun to look around all the shops and see all the "different" types of people!

06-20-2007, 07:17 AM
Nikki time is flying by did you have an interview? My daughter is looking around for a job with better hours. Her company doesn't want to lose her and is checking into having her work the same hrs. needed but from her home or a lap top. That would be very good as she makes pretty good money and any job for her will be a pay cut. Time will tell. She had a second interview at one job and she isn't going to take it. They changed the job description since the first interview a bit with no more money and she would be salary without any adjusted time and a demanding position. So out the window that one goes I think. Well our time is flying by with the wedding coming qiickly. My intakes have been pretty good. Last night I did have a BLT for dinner but that was it. And cooked the bacon on papertowels in the mic. to obsorb the fat content more. Then naughty Bear got the rest of the bacon on the dish and a tomatoe slice. He got in trouble naughty thing he is. We don't give him table foods but if we drop something and he gets it before us. And he is fast. I swam yesterday and that was about it for exercise.
Judy you must be busy. Marie you are really missed here and I pray all is well.Penny your walk to in the city sounds wonderful and yes sometimes we don't take advantage of where we live etc. So check it out and if its like me things are there I had no idea about. My friends daughter now owns the little diner in our town. I had no idea it was hers. We will have breakfast there this saturday with our kids. Hair appts at 11:00 dressing at my house at 2 and wedding at 4. Think of us and pray all goes well. Your lunch sounded interesting I was careful yesterday but did have lunch out of the office at a chinese resturant. Didn't eat only a few noodles with sauce and 1/2 the rice and left on some of my food. Better than I normally would be so I took it as being good. Has anyone tried the little green tea packets to add to your water. Oh so good. I stick a bottle of water in the freezer at work then a little later go add one of those it is so refreshing and in the 90's I needed it. We had quite a rain storm last night but the yard and gardens needed it and much better to have it today instead of saturday. She is hopefully getting married on the large deck at the lodge. It is called Arrowhead Lodge and now I hear its getting quite popular to get married there. Everything under one roof wedding and reception beautiful setting. I will post a few pictures afterwards. Well off to work I go and this will be a stay on program day. I have poached eggs for breakfast, salad for lunch, grilled chicken for dinner with veggies. No snack grab only healthy. Oh a health bar and a few dried apricots. Lots of water, tea and coffee too. Stay healthy and every once of goodness must bring a change in our future. Were looking good girls lets keep it up.

06-20-2007, 08:58 AM
Penny - Is the accupuncture still effective today? When I went for accuuncture someone told me you don't realize how helpful it is until you stop going. I believe that.

Carol- I had 1 interview which was not good the woman who interviewed me seemed like she wasn't even interested in me and bad talked the executives in the company. Not someplace I would want to work.
You will be in my thouhts this weekend.

As for me I had the worst weigh in. I am showing a 4 lb loss. I am wondering if somehow I am sabotaging myself. I eat usually sausage for breakfast 2 patties and a cup of ice coffee with 2 splendas. Luncxh has been a hotdog or burger no bun. and dinner a burger or chicken with brocolli. I also have plain turkey roll ups for snack and 90 ounces of water minimum. I cant understand what I am doing wrong.

06-20-2007, 12:02 PM
Hey, sorry for not checking in. I began a reply yesterday, got distracted for a long time, ended up losing the post, and didn't get back to it until this morning. I'm a little bloated from TOM and salt (noshing on too many nuts lately), so after a peek at the scale this morning, I'll just stay away from it for a few days. I got away from my planned menus last week, and have been eating carelessly.

So Carol, the big day's almost here! I'm glad that you are putting up some limits. The better you are at getting things done, the more you are asked to are doing well to stay so focused on therapy and healthy eating! I know you'll look beautiful and feel good this weekend.

Penny, I'm glad hear that you got immediate relief from the acupuncture. Your Italian lunch sounds yummy. My lunch meeting for today was cancelled (yippee) and I didn't bring lunch, so maybe I'll have something Italian.

Niki, do not despair! Have you been working with a nutritionist? I wonder if there's a guided way to tweak your metabolism by mixing up your eating and exercise, maybe your cells are hoarding every little bit of energy, to keep you at this plateau.

I PM'ed our Marie also, and am sending her positive thoughts....:hug:


06-21-2007, 07:40 AM
Well girls the count down is here for sure. The kids will be on their way home soon. I hope they get in on time etc. lots of airline problems yesterday here with flights. I painted their room last night a last min. thing just threw some old paint together then got the stuff and an hour later it was done only a small room and only 2.5 walls to paint. They I took the little curtains down, made some quick ones. Want a laugh I cut the material kind of decortive stuff heavier stapled it instead of sewing threw them up trimmed them to size. I was done no sewing and YAH know what they look great. I felt like I was part of one of those makeover shows. My daughte stopped by not the bride to be she was laughing mom what are you doing now!!! I laughed and said I think I am over the edge. But all is well the room is clean and looks good. I hope they like it. They enjoy the private area being downstairs etc. its peaceful and a little get away space. Maybe I should try it? Anyways Nikki this last week I started to have slim fast for my breakfast most days. I like it the coffee one but put it in the freezer for a bit. I think it gives me some energy and more protien in my start of the day. Now yesterday I had breakfast out but had my shake for lunch and a salad with low cal dressing. But my bad girl thing was cheese and crackers with a little pepperoni with a friend after work. Then I ate my chicken grilled for dinner with veggies. I feel good and I still haven't gotten on the scale just clothes tell me the story thing going on. I did therapy again yesterday it would of been easy to cancel but I thought and said best to go and glad I did. The painting must of wore off those extra cals. The weather is to be only around 75 on saturday no rain in the forecast so I will have a choice to wear my jacket or shawl or do both ways if I choose. Spa day is friday and we are having a little lunchoen only 6 of us. I am going to the deli area and picking up some speical salad stuff and putting fresh fruit on kabobs with a little dip. Judy glad to hear from you hang in there. I will most likely touch base on friday but of course not saturday !! Penny hope all is well and that your still getting results from the service.

06-21-2007, 08:56 AM
Judy- I should have done what you did and stay awy from the scale. TOM is evil !

Carol-Two more days wow you must be so excited. I would be careful but dont not enjoy yourself eat smaller portions but enjoy the day.

My weight gain yesterday was from TOM thank god. Today I am back down to 151. I am hoping for a 2 lb loss minimum this week . I will feel a lot better once I hot the 140's. I am inching on a 50 lb loss. That is some mile stone !


06-21-2007, 02:10 PM
Okay, I apologize - I'm not sick or on vacation. I've been so darn busy with the end fo the school year at work and DS graduating from college. DS graduated on Saturday and we had a big party (loads of work to prep) and days of out of town company dining at my house while I was working the end of school stuff. Hectic doesn't even describe it. By Sunday I felt like a bulldozer hit me and Monday the hectic work started up again. June is my busiest month and having company and big party was too much. The only me time in the last two weeks was to exercise at 5:30 in the morning. The rest was work. So, Carol, my hats off to you since you have the big wedding in two days - you managed better than moi.

So again, I am sorry I worried all of you. That was never my intention. I'll be better in the future - except from July 7 - 14 when I'll be in Alaska but you won't worry now. :)

Carol, I'm so glad the weather looks like it will cooperate with you on Saturday. That's always a relief. I kept watching the forecast for last Saturday - the part was a pool party and there was no way all the people would fit in my house for an extended period of time. So looks like the weather gods are/were on our side.

Nikki, my fingers are crossed for the right job to come along. DS got an interview last week (right after his final - before the ceremony - in San Diego. They called out of the blue from Monster and the flew him down there, moved him about in a limo (I've never been in a limo) and they hired him. So he accepted the job and will start on Aug 20th. Beaucoup bucks so he's quite excited. Definitely lucky boy.

Penny, can I assume from the past two weeks of posts I've tried to read between working that you once had a masectomy? If yes, I didn't know. What a cool, backhanded compliment that they aren't the same size anymore. I like Judy's point on the 7 years to finish losing so that Medicare can even them out.

Well, I'm on track exercise wise as usual. I've changed my routine and take my two huskies out every morning as it's light at 5:30. I missed the jogging and so this week I added jogging on the dirt road. Wow, who'd ever guessed I'd jog in "public" (no one's around at that time of day and I live in the sticks). But it's working well. I'm also swimming 1/4 mile every afternoon after work (except during all the company). I ordered a Kathy Smith Lifting Weights to Lose Weight DVD and someday will find time to try it out. I need to tone as I'm looking flabby on the top half in summer clothing. Sweaters are so forgiving.

Food wise - struggling some days, some days I'm angelic. I need more of those days.

Well, back at the work pile.

06-21-2007, 07:20 PM
Marie, it's good to hear from you. The bad part about a virtual relationship (besides the fact that you might be precocious 11-year-old, but Penny has met you :D) is that when someone drops off, you don't know why, or if it's just for week or forever. I'm glad that it was for celebrations and company. I hear good things about San Diego, I bet your son is delighted!

Nikki, I knew it couldn't be as bad as all that, with as little as you eat.

Carol, you frighten me, lady. Whoever heard of the mother of the bride implusively painting a room days before the wedding? You sound like the original Energizer Bunny.

I am struggling with munchies a lot. I know that it's stress, and my body not wanting to go any lower (my fat cells think that 220 lbs is skinny :dunno:. I am working out, but snacking too much. I really want to get close to my July Fourth goal, but it won't happen if I can't keep my lips shut!


06-21-2007, 09:26 PM
Marie - I'm glad you're back. It sounds like you've had an incredibly busy but fun time. Yes, I had my mastectomy 5-1/2 years ago (left side only). The right one was reduced because I had huge boobs and that way I didn't need a huge implant to make them even. It is kind of a back handed compliment from my doc that they now don't match because I've lost a lot of weight. How come I couldn't just lose it from my butt???

Judy - I've been struggling a lot lately too so my goal seems to be slipping away. Tomorrow is a new day so I'm going to try to be extra good to make up for my slip ups. I hope you can hang in there and get back on track too - I know how hard it is with stress eating.

Nikki - I'm glad your bloat has gone with TOM. It's great that you're near your 50 lb. milestone - what an achievement!

Carol - You sure are the energizer bunny! I hope all the last minute preparations for the wedding are going well.

I've had a sore hand ever since the acupuncture. She put some needles in my hand and some in my foot - somehow the "meridians" are connected according to Chinese medicine. This has kind of put me off of doing it again as I don't need any more new pains, I have enough with the old ones!

Also, I have a horrendously sore throat today so I may be coming down with the cold from heck that my DH had a few weeks ago. A lot people around here have come down with it and it lasts about 3 weeks with a lot of folks getting bad bronchitis afterwards. I'm doing all my herbal stuff and Zicam so I hope it doesn't get full fledged.

06-22-2007, 07:54 AM
Oh Marie so glad it was only a fun time with family and the end of the school year business that kept your away and not an illness. I can only say oh how I know what thats like getting ready for company, events etc. It all is busy work and in the end it always turns out nice. Yeah girls I was a bit over the edge the other night but at least it got done and looks really nice for their arrival today. Just a little creativity and some work for a couple of hrs made a super difference. The wedding spa day is today there is 6 of us and I have packed some lunchoen foods for the event. They serve us wine etc. but we provide the food. All healthy let me tell yah veggies , fruit, salads and whole wheat pita pockets. Then off to an Italian resturant for dinner tonight. I am doing a slim fast for breakfast to get a good start for the day. I tried on my jacket last night that goes with my gown it fits better than a month ago. I thank therapy for that those push up must of slimmed my arms a bit toned up. Its going to be only in the 70's but sunny no rain in the forecast. So I am able to wear the jacket instead of the shawl if I choose to. I finished putting the trim on my dress at 10 last night. The food for the saturday night after party is bought and cheeses cut etc. Thanks to my best friend and her hubby whom came over to lend a hand. I am very luck to have such a close friend. She is really closer to me than my own sisters. I guess we just have so much in common. I am going to teach her some of my exercises from therapy. Penny we all slip on food at times its how far we go that matters. I am sure that you are more careful than you think. Nikki sometimes that scale can be evil I guess thats why lately I haven't used it but I should ck it soon. Maybe I am just maintaining? But the clothes fit and thats a plus. During some stress I jumped off the path a bit. Lately I have jumped back on and thats whats so important. We can stray girls as long as we don't go far cause that gets all of us in trouble. Well time to say good bye and get some things done. Penny I am going to pick some fresh flowers for my vases in the house. My foxglove plant is about 40'' high. Love this type of weather this year for the gardening hot, cool , rain etc. a variety helps. Have a little thought for us at 4:00 on saturday and toast to my daughter Tam and her new hubby Mike. The lovely couple. I am off from work til the 5th decided to take a little extra time. I hope that I don't regret it later as I will have to earn some more. Oh well little late to think about it now. Kayaking and camping, gardening and having time to do what ever will be a nice change.

06-22-2007, 11:26 AM
Marie - So glad you are ok :) Your son is lucky he landed a job that fast.

Penny-Feel better soon. Sore throats stink

Carol- Have fun this weekend can't wait to hear how everything went.

Judy-Hang in there I know you can do this :)

Well ladies I need some help today. Tonight we are going to my bf's friends house for dinner. She is making pasta :yikes: ! I only met this girl once and I don;t want to insult her but.....I do not want to throw away all my hard work. I don't want to eat the pasta. I would rather eat something at home before we go. How do I handle this tactfully ? Am I doomed to eat the pasta?
The worst part is I emailed her to ask her if we could bring anything and she told me they were making pasta and if I wanted to bring a side go ahead. I know my boyfriend would say you should have told her you couldnt eat pasta when you spoke to her. However, I was not raised that way. When in Rome do as the Romans ya know. Normaly this would not be a problem but I'm finaly seeing a loss and I don't want to mess it up . Please help me out !!!

06-22-2007, 11:56 AM
Nikki - What I would do about the pasta is to take a teensy tiny portion (hopefully you can serve yourself) or ask for a small portion and try and just eat whatever meat/sauce is on it and fill up your plate with lots of salad. If you don't mention it, she probably won't even notice you're not eating a large portion of pasta. Good luck!

Carol - It sounds like everything is on track for the wedding. I'll be thinking of you and the happy couple tomorrow. Thanks for your support - I'm going to be really careful what I eat today.

My throat is a lot better - maybe all the herbs and potions helped. Have a great weekend everyone.

06-22-2007, 12:01 PM
Penny - Thats the problem I cant eat any of it. My metabolism finally got to the point of not craving the carbs and finaly I am losiung aain after the last 3 weeks. I don't want to mess it up and even one bit of pasta can do that with atkins. I think I wil make a lare salad and bring it. but still have the pasta issue . I cant even have the sauce to many carbs. I am on 7 carbs a day plus veggies. Unless I put it on my plate and don't eat it but slip it to my bf lol.


06-22-2007, 01:28 PM
Nikki, I think you should be honest and tell her what you're doing and how far you've come. Bring your own food and tell her you are so happy to be there to enjoy the company. But don't eat to please someone else. That's always a losing combo. Most people respect your diet if you're honest. But some won't and those are the ones that you don't care if you hurt their feelings as they don't care about yours. right?

Penny, I'm glad you're feeling better. I swear by echinecea. Always nips it in the bud for me (okay most of the time). Plus it's definitely allergy season.

Judy, I'm with you on the munchie struggle. Somedays I'm so good, then bam, I get hit with the munchies. Luckily they are about even and the exercise is keeping me steady. But I want to lose more so I need to get back in better control. I'm thinking of being on this teeter-totter until after my alaska vacation, then get back on track full-time. Only my birthday would be an off day so that's do-able. I'm going to break up the summer in eating goals.

I did buy Alli from Costco the other day. At one point I'd been on Xenical and I didn't like the dose. too strong. So this 1/2 dose sounds like something to try. I don't eat high fat, but I don't go fat-free either. I'm giving it a go. I'll let you know. I'm only using it for lunch and dinner as I have no fat at breakfast. That means the 150 capsule bottle at Costco for 70 will last 75 days. We'll see what happens...

I walked the doggies around the 2 mile block this morning. I didn't jog any of it as I wasn't in the mood. Up the big hill, I did truck so my heart rate would be pushed. I'll probably swim 1/4 mile later this afternoon since I do every afternoon.

Carol, I'm hoping you're having fun at the spa and that the wedding be blessed tomorrow at 1:00 my time.

06-22-2007, 01:28 PM
Nikki - I really feel for you in this situation. Maybe you can fib a little and say you have an upset tummy and just eat a bit of salad. Otherwise, you'll just have to come clean and tell her you're doing low carb, although she probably won't be too sympathetic if she's spent time preparing a special meal for you and your bf. I wonder how other low-carbers handle this kind of situation? Maybe there's a thread here on 3FC that has some advice on the subject.

06-23-2007, 03:27 PM
Hi all, Carol, I'm thinking of you and your family. 90 minutes to the wedding.

We took the doggies out running on the mountain. Probably about a 3 mile hike. It was a nice morning. I'm thinking of trying the lifting weights DVD I bought two weeks ago. I guess I'd have to open the package. :)

I was going to rebuild DH computer with VISTA however I decided I needed a bigger C: drive (I have a D: drive for data) and found a great deal at Staples. So I called Staples and they don't have any - so I ordered online and it'll be here on Wednesday. Got me out of playing with the computer all weekend. :) I just figured the small C: drive wouldn't work well with the bigger operating system. So my C: drive will go from 20G to 500G. Small steps. :)

Well, that's about it. Hope it went okay last night Nikki.

06-24-2007, 12:25 PM
Hi All-

Thanks for your advice. Friday night went well. My boyfriend gave them a heads up before we left and she was gracious enough to make me a rosemary chicken with brocolli. So I was able to stay on track all weekend.

Marie- I just spent the weekend watching my bf and his dad build a pc from scratch. Lucky you did not have to do that.

Talk to you all tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

06-24-2007, 07:43 PM
Oh, my poor so much wants to be on vacation! I was in meetings all day Friday and most of Saturday. It was fun to go to a baseball game Saturday night, tho. But today I have been a total slug, some puttering around the house but not much else. Oh, well, some days will be like that.

Carol, I thought about you and your family on Saturday afternoon. I hope you are somewhere with your feet up as i write this!

Nikki, it was good of your guy to speak to his friend. Sometimes people give you attitude if you mention a diet--as if you're choosing to snub their food--so sometimes I just take Penny's advice and allude to something digestive, nobody wants to hear details on that! Here's where the gluten sensitivity has started to come in handy:D, so feel free to borrow that one from me. Good for you, you're on a roll :carrot:.

Penny, I hope your throat problem is totally gone. I'm sorry that the acupuncture made you sore! I'd complain to the acupuncturist. You shouldn't feel any discomfort, unless the person just isn't very good.

Marie, let us know what you think of Alli. The side effects sound kinda gross, but I've read that your body adjusts after a few weeks. I wish you were here--I managed to delete my sound icon from my toolbar, and am trying to figure out how to get my sound back!

Last week was one of my worst weeks in months. I even had a candy bar on Friday, and boardwalk fries at the ballpark last night. I think I'd finally let myself relax after a stressful period at work, and wasn't focusing. But I did a long hard cardio workout this morning, and am enjoying having a day filled with healthy veggies and protein. It would have been nice to have gone to the BBQ festival downtown, but I guess I would have spent the afternoon eating too much. I'm back to using my little whiteboard "menu" on the frig, after two weeks of eating out more than eating my home-cooked meals. I will stay absolutely on course these three days, to give myself a nice start before leaving town on Wednesday.

Be well--judy

06-24-2007, 11:00 PM
Ah, the end of the weekend. I always hate SUnday evenings. I'm lucky, tho, tomorrow I'm off but it's still not weekend. DH won't be here. BTW, he and I talked the other night about his job and the depression. I told him that I was relieved that it had finally lifted. He said he'd noticed too and took a page from my book and started exercising every day. He's definitely doing better.

I had major hair color issues today. I dyed the roots and bam, it all turned green. What a mess. So DH and I went to the store and bought a Strawberry Blonde on the advice of a beautician - she said it would pull the green out. She was right. It's got just a hint of red - mostly blonde. But the damage it did to my hair. I was sure upset earlier. Now that DH cut 1" off it's better but I didn't like losing the inch.

I walked the doggies this morning for 2.5 miles. They sure have taken to the early morning walking routine. Yesterday when we didn't leave the house as soon as I left my bedroom they were annoying. Today, we left immediately and their tails were a waggin'. Come winter, they'll be so sad. They'll have to use my light therapy.

Judy, you and I are in the same boat food wise. I go off but then make up with the exercise. BTW, I hate the Alli. I stopped taking it on Friday. My stomach was so gassy and that's just not nice to my family. :) I guess that was $70 down the drain. Anyone wants it, I'll send it one to you... And I'd hardly had fat. Also made me feel bloated and fat.

Nikki, cudos to your BF. That was very nice of him and the hostess. I'm glad that you're doing so well on your plan. I go through peaks and valleys dieting. Months of being and angel and a couple weeks of being a devil. Right now I'm the :devil:


06-25-2007, 12:05 PM
Marie - I'm glad your DH is feeling better. Your doggies are so lucky that they get so much exercise. I know someone who lives in an apartment and has a large standard poodle. That breed also needs lots of exercise but she and her husband both work and the poor pooch sits around at home all day. I don't think it gets to go for walks very often. I wish people would think twice about getting big working dogs and keeping them cooped up all day. I've heard some bad things about Alii too - I guess it's not something you can take long-term. Can you get your money back?

Judy - I'm sorry you had such a hard week - work and eating wise. I hope this week gets off to a good start for you. I've also been struggling lately. I have been experimenting with not logging my food and I'm afraid there's been some "calorie creep". I really don't want to have to log everything I eat for the rest of my life, but maybe that's the price I'll have to pay to keep things under control. It was probably a good decision for you not to go to the BBQ festival - I know that I'd have zero willpower in that situation!

Carol - I can't wait to hear all about the wedding. I was thinking of you and the happy couple on Saturday. You are probably heaving a big sigh of relief that all the work is over and you can relax a bit.

Nikki - I'm glad your dinner worked out well. It was nice of the hostess to make something low carb for you. It was also very thoughtful of your bf to help out by mentioning it to her. I know how one meal heavy with carbs can be a slippery slope!

I had a fairly good weekend calorie-wise and managed to do some gardening and I walked a mile on the treadmill yesterday without my foot hurting too bad. My right hand is still sore from the acupuncture so I think she must had hit a nerve or something. Since she's someone I know personally, I'm not going to mention it to her, but I won't be going for any more treatments.

06-25-2007, 12:09 PM
Marie- Yea my boyfriend is pretty great. I o through the same peeks and valleys. From october - Jan of this year was a valley. Atkins has truly been a god sent to me. It has helped me blow away my plateau at 157. 5 more pounds to go before i reward myself. I have wabnted my stomach re pierced for 4 years now. Once I get below 145 I will do it:)

Penny- ood idea to let the acupuncturist know. Is there any health reason you are not going to go back ? I know for me it was a monetary thing.

06-25-2007, 02:28 PM
Nikki - The reason I'm not going back to the acupuncturist is that I've been having a lot of pain in my right hand where she placed the needles. My left hand and foot where she also placed needles are ok. I'm hoping it goes away soon as it's kept me awake a few times at night. I'm glad that Atkins has helped you get off your plateau. I'd like to try it again as I've had success in the past on Atkins but I don't think I could stay on it for very long.

06-25-2007, 02:53 PM
I hope your hand feels better soon and you get some sleep. Regarding the atkins there are some days I cant bare to be on it. However, I find when I play with recipes and make yummy foods I can do it better. Today I made a potaoe salad but used cucumbers instead of potatoes. It came out pretty good.


06-25-2007, 04:09 PM
Marie, it's good that your hair is back to a 'natural' color! My hair is mostly black, so I can't imagine how I'd look with a greenish tinge. Your hair will grow back out before you know it. I hope your hubby continues to improve his mood. And thank you very much, but please keep the Alli, I don't think I'm terribly interested!

Penny, "calorie creep" is a great term! That has totally been my problem these last two weeks. An extra 100 here, and extra 200 there..and suddenly that's enough to keep from losing, and for my stomach to assume that the ceiling has officially been raised from 1400-1600 calories to 1800-2100. This is where my resistance to tracking my eating is holding me back. I will ponder calorie creep, and maybe it will help me talk myself into keep a log, at least when I'm on the road.

Nikki, I'm sure that a piercing would be a disincentive for me:fr:. But the idea of being proud of my belly, instead of hiding it, is motivating. So go ahead and lose those last five pounds!


06-25-2007, 10:35 PM
Girls what a great day we had from weather, ceremony and great food and company. Lots of dancing for all and the food was so great. We had it catered by a local company and everything was so tasty. Everyone had a super time. My son inlaw wrote 3 pages of beautiful things to say and did so very well that was laughing points and loving momments in it. I never heard anyone do actually all that in front of such a crowd. But he wanted everyone to know he was marrying a lovely girl and he couldn't ever live without her and can't remember what a day was like without her on his side etc... I tell you my own heart melted as he read it out loud. He really is a special person and I think they will have a lovely life together. I was almost late for the wedding as the hairdresser did me last. A french twist and poofy on top it came out really nice. I had to ride to the wedding with friends instead of my daughter but did get there before she put on her dress etc. My husband was able to walk her and did it that wasn't easy but something he was determined to do he almost fell at one little pt. losing his balance on the step but my older daughter greeted him on his side steadied him and everything was fine. He also did the father daughter dance a bit so but it worked so that was also pretty special. The couple just enjoyed every second of their day I will add a couple of pictures. Oh my dress came out lovely and lots of compliments I wore the shawl too. Well it fit so nicely so I knew it was the right dress that day very comfortable to dance in as well as walk in. Now this is all a memory and one great one at that. This week I am enjoying the visit from the my kids from Maui and my little grandson. We are off to camp in the morning and relax for a few days so you won't hear from me til friday or saturday. I am going to kayak, fish and enjoy the company of all of them. So take care and I will catch up with all of you soon.

06-26-2007, 09:21 AM
Carol-I am so lad things went well Saturday !

06-26-2007, 11:58 AM
Carol, thanks for taking the time to let us know how it went! Have a great time with your Maui crowd.

Today is a big day: I wore a sleeveless dress, something that I never do. I have lovely sleeveless dresses, but I keep waiting for some magic day when my arms aren't so huge before I wear them. This morning I looked at the four dresses in my closet and asked myself if anyone cared except one screamed in horror on the subway, so I guess it's okay :cool:. My dream is to have upper arms like Angela Bassett's. When I first saw the movie What's Love Got to Do with It, I thought she looked strong enough to give Larry Fishburne a good sock in the jaw :faint:. My biceps aren't too bad, thanks to Turbo Sculpt and Curves, but I will need lipo and surgery to get rid of the flab and skin hanging off my triceps. Whatever. I will wear my dresses this summer and keep on lifting weights :wl:.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


06-26-2007, 12:48 PM
Judy- I am glad you are having a good day. I am sure your arms don't look as bad as you think. Keep up your good work :)

06-26-2007, 04:37 PM
Carol - Thanks for your wonderful description of the wedding - I could almost imagine I was there. It sounds like everything went off perfectly and your son in law was very sweet to make such a loving speech. I hope you have a nice time with your visitors from Maui.

Judy - You've given me courage to wear some of my sleeveless things (without wearing a jacket or blouse over them to hide my arms). I'm getting to the point where I don't give a darn who sees my arms - I want to be comfortable when (and if) the weather gets hot here! As you say, people aren't going to notice anyway. We can call ourselves the "Sleeveless Sisters"! Enjoy your sleeveless freedom!

Nikki & Marie - I hope you're having a good day.

I'm managing to keep on track the last few days and have been walking on the treadmill. Once I can do half an hour without too much discomfort I may try walking in the park - it's so much nicer than walking indoors.

06-27-2007, 10:38 AM
Morning Ladies-

I hope everyone is having a good day. I had my weekly weigh in and lost 5 lbs this week :carrot: I will be happy if I can get down to 147 by July 4. Although it would be nice to meet my goal.


06-27-2007, 01:22 PM
Yay Nikki! You are a real inspiration. Congratulations on losing 5 lbs. :woohoo: You'll soon reach your goal at this rate.

06-27-2007, 01:31 PM
Morning everyone!!! Carol, sounds like the wedding was wonderful. Congrats to you for getting a thoughtful son in law. That's the best a mother can dream of. Enjoy your vacation and Maui family.

Judy, a friend said to me about 23 years ago that I know I'm fat, you know you're fat so just wear shorts and stay comfy. That really stuck with me (BTW it was not said in a mean way). At that point we were living in VA and the summers were upper 90s and humid (as you know and are living). I'd been wearing jeans to cover up. She said that and it was the most liberating thing going. I've worn shorts, sleeveless shirts, etc ever since. BTW, my arms are ugly. And I hate to lift so they stay ugly. Someday the lipo and tricep tuck will be done for me too. :)

Penny, I agree you should tell your friend. Especially since it's still sore - you might need to go to a dr. Who knows what happened but all should be informed.

Nikki, way to go on the weight loss. I'm glad Adkins works so good for you. Calorie counting is the only thing that works for me. The 2 day stint on Alli proved that. :)

So the Alli thing, I don't know if I can return it. I doubt it. But I think officially it's out of my system. This is the first day I don't feel bloated or gassy. Horray. I will just use diet and exercise from this point on.

Penny I totally agree about the doggies and exercise. My dogs are so happy since we not go daily. They've always been running around our yard, but the morning ritual is what they're excited for. They bug me till I get my shoes on. :) They're going to be very bummed when I go on vacation. I told DS2 that he needed to walk them and he looked at me like I was nuts. As long as he feeds and waters them, I guess I won't complain. :)

Well, back to work.

06-27-2007, 02:24 PM
Penny - Thanks

Marie- I'm glad you feel better after getting Alli out of your system. Did I miss something are you off on vacation?

Judy, Carol I hope you are having a good day.


06-28-2007, 04:04 PM
Nikki, congratulations! Last week was a great week for you.

Penny, I'll think of you and Marie as I work through my self-consciousness about my arms. My legs, though, that's a whole other story...

I have been good about doing cardio in the fitness center at the hotel in downtown Atlanta my first two days here. All the cardio machines have little mini-TVs, which I thought would be irritating but is quite diverting, especially if you have the sound down and are listening to music. I make up dialogue for Paris Hilton, Larry King, George Bush, the Headline News anchors, etc., and snicker. My eating has been okay. I bought some bottled water--the main challenge yesterday was feeling dehydrated, and taking in extra calories in sweet tea and a smoothie instead of plain water. Today is better.

Okay, time for more workshops! I'm at a big event with thousands of people, including some I haven't seen or even thought about in over 20 years. It's very disconcerting to see someone from my past step out of the elevator or the Starbucks in the lobby. Luckily by now most of us are wearing our name tags. Yesterday I felt like someone in the early stages of Alzheimers', running into people I felt good about but not knowing why!:dizzy:


06-28-2007, 05:26 PM
Judy, sounds like you're having a good time. I'm proud of you for exercising in the hotel's gym. Look how far you've come.

Nikki, I'm not on vacation yet. DH and fly to Fairbanks on July 7. We are so looking forward to it. We were supposed to go to Mt. Hood tonight to ski tomorrow but since it's forecasted to rain the entire time, we cancelled. Skiing in the rain sounds dreadful. I don't like skiing when it snows (flakes pelting my eyes or with goggle making them wet) so rain would be awful.

I have the dreaded annual visit in a little over an hour. I'll be honest - it's supposed to be annual but I haven't gone in about 5 years. So I'll be scolded as well as the yucky rest. But it'll be done. I learned a bit more about my family history that made me get off the procrastination.

I walked the dear doggies this morning and swam laps last night. I'm going to swim when I get home too. I guess I'm exercising regularly 2X per day. How silly is that??? Food is okay today but I'm still struggling big time. When I return from Alaska, I will be on the ball and lose 10 pounds. That's my goal - lose 10 pounds after July 14th by hopefully Christmas. Just know disgusting Alli to help. :)

Work is okay. End of the year state reports are basically done!!! I just finished the last but I have to help with one on the alternative schools because I understand how the state system works. :(

Talk to you tomorrow. Judy, I'm grabbing my shephards hook, sheep and elves and am going over the mountain to Costco. I love Costco!!!

06-28-2007, 06:24 PM
Judy - You're doing great with all that exercise. Good idea to keep well hydrated. Name tags are a great idea a big gatherings (except everyone has to lean forward to squint at your name so they can't pretend to actually remember it! :lol:)

Marie - Have fun at Costco. We went yesterday and spent about $80 stocking up on bathroom tissue, paper rolls & kitchen trash bags - talk about thrown away money!!! Of course my DH had to look at all the cool gadgets. I'm amazed how much furniture they carry these days - unfortunately most of it made in China. It's great that you're exercising 2x a day. Good luck with your 10 lb. goal for Xmas, it sounds doable. You must be getting excited about your trip to Alaska. I've heard so many good things about Alaska, especially the cruises. If I were a bit more adventurous I might talk my DH into going.

Nikki & Carol - I hope your day is going well.

I went to my yoga class for the first time in 2 weeks and it felt good. I had to modify the moves a bit as I had minor surgery on Tuesday so I have to be careful till the stitches come out. I'll go on the treadmill later, so I'm doing pretty good for exercise today.

06-28-2007, 07:37 PM
Judy- Way to go on the exercise

Marie-Enjoy it when you get there. Got to love Costco!

Penny-Good Job on the exercise.

I am kind of down today. Nothing to realy report. Catch you tomorrow

06-29-2007, 07:46 PM
Nikki - I'm sorry you're feeling blue :(. I hope you feel better on the weekend.

I had a pretty busy but good day. Calories ok and I worked out at Curves. My boob procedure is such an improvement - I'm very happy with the result. I'm looking much more "even" without having to replace the implant. I'm splurging a few calories on a Margarita as I deserve it and it's Friday! Yay! :carrot:

Have a great weekend everyone!

06-29-2007, 08:27 PM
Penny, glad that you're evened out. Probably no one would have ever noticed, but we sure notice on our own.

OK, Costco was great. Is great! I love that place. Here's the story... I ordered Alli online at and it was taking a while to get here, so a week ago Wednesday, I bought a bottle (70 bucks a shot). I tried it on Thur and Friday and hated it. Really, really hated it. I flet bloated, fat, gassy, but didn't have the icky talked about side effect. But I hated it and it took till Tuesday to feel better. So I brought the one back to Costco today with the online receipt because it was vacuumed sealed and clearly not opened. The other one is in my med cabinet awaiting disposal. So I told the guy how horrible the stuff was and that I wanted to return that one so that my mistake wasn't 140, it would just be 70. So he says, "Let's do the first one." I'm confused at this point since I wasn't trying to return the open one (didn't bring it or the receipt). So he refunds the online one and looks at the printout and says it's to be destroyed. That means he'll refund the second one and told me to destroy it when I get home. I'm like blown away - I didn't even bring it to the store. He looked at my records, asked whne I through I bought it - I told him the exact day and he credited my AmerExpress. I can now dump those suckers down the toilet without any guilt. Is that not cool. He said Costco 100% guarantees satisfaction. I would never have thought of trying to return the opened package. Wow.

So I've had a great day. :)

Nikki, I hope today is less blue than yesterday. I went through a blue funk ( used to call them DBFs - deep blue funks) but it wasn't deep at all last week. It was strange to be down for about a week - I guess the bipolar isn't all the way eradicated with the exercising. So Nikki, I hope your funk lasts way shorter than my week.

The dr. appointment was very good. I didn't get chided or anything for waiting 5 years. She was nice and understanding, and she grew up a bit in the 5 years (part of the reason I wasn't keen on going back - I'd liked her but she was about 28 and very hip - not my thing). But she's had two babies and is much more laid back and not dressing like Hollywood. She naswered many questions and said, "great, look you weigh less than when you were here last". I then came clean and told her how much I'd gained in the period and how much I've lost. She loves all the exercise I do. She thinks I'm healthy. Now just to have the normal card come in the mail...

Well, I'm going swimming now. HAve a great night!

06-30-2007, 09:35 AM
Hello girls and just wanted to try and catch up with all of you. Congrats to Nikki with your loss! Hurray! And Judy good for you wearing what you wanted after all you should. I am pretty built on top with a broader than I'd like musclar shoulder area and still have some flab under my arms. I am not sure where it came from it just appeared one day. And with rowing and gardening one wouldn't think that would be there. Oh well it is and I am not going to let it stop me from wearing things. Maybe it will disappear. But good for you and now see your dealing with making some changes you should be proud of as well. You have worked hard to get some wt. off. I am going to get serious again soon especially after the kids go back to Maui. My son is delighted he is shipping his 1954 chev. car back to Maui. Dad and I gave it to him last year. He has been working extra hard to have the funds to send it home to use it there. It was nice to see him so happy. First he had to insure it here and register it before shipment could be arranged. We took our 1954 ford skyliner and his car out the other night cruising to the beach to the car show. It was fun. They have been driving it around town to their friends etc. He is going to fix it up and when we visit Dad can drive it there. Nice seeing your kids respect something special. Well on the food front its been tough few too many goodies. We visited the Fly by night cookie factory at camp. Always a dieters no no. Pms cookies and all. Oh so tasty but naughty. Our weather has been great. We did return from camp early as the mosiqutos were eating us all up at night couldn't even sit by the fire long. Even with stuff on etc. But we swam, kayaked, walked a bit and enjoyed each others company. Well on thurs. its back to work and the MAUI folks leave on tues. seems to soon. We are going to the Adirondacks on sunday to spend the day. Sight seeing and shopping etc. oh of course dinner there. It is only about 1 and half hrs. away from us. Talk to you all soon. Marie is Alli that wt. loss stuff in a white and blue container. I saw it I think at the drug store. Is that the stuff Oprha is backing ? I also was thinking of trying it. Though the slim fast shakes were helpful for mornings during the work week. 10 proteins to start my day.

06-30-2007, 01:24 PM
Carol, definitely don't try Alli. I don't know if Oprah is backing it but it screwed up my digestive system so badly I could never rcommend it. I flushed all 146 capsules down the toilet (there were 150 but I'd used 4. The bottle was white with ALLI in four different colors on the label.

I'm glad you had a good week. Your "street cruise" sounds like fun. Every once in a while I like riding in my DH's 1948 Diamond T truck. But it hurts my back so I don't very often.

We took the doggies up to Hamaker Mountain and hiked this morning. We expanded on of the trails by taking a side path up a steep incline. My lungs felt that turn pretty quickly. But it was nice.

Then I had strawberry french toast with whipped cream for breakfast. Oh well, I undid the good of the exercise. But it sure was tasty!

06-30-2007, 03:22 PM
Hi, chickies! I'm doing this one my Blackberry, so it will be short. I have been working out and walking a lot, but also eating heartily, so we'll see what the scale says Monday morning. I fly home on Sunday. It may be more tedious than usual, due to heightened security at the airports.. I had a lovely brunch with an old friend today. Shrimp and grits! I'd better head to the fitness center!


07-01-2007, 07:51 PM
Welllll....I'm stuck in Atlanta for an extra day. My 'good' knee went ballistic Saturday night, swelling and hurting so bad I couldn't sleep and could barely hobble aound. So I went to the ER early this morning instead of to the airport. I was a bit panicked because this happened years ago with my other knee, pre-surgeries, and it puffed out overnight like a Polish sauage, and had to be drained. One of my all-time most miserable experiences. Anyway, I will be mobile enough Monday morning to head back home.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend!


07-01-2007, 08:41 PM
Judy- My gosh I hope that knee feels better soon. Are you keeping it elevated?

Carol- I heard Alli does nasty things to your tummy. Personally I would not try it. Seems to good to be true.

Marie, Penny hope you ladies are well

I had a good OP weekend. I'm hoping to see some loss this week even thouh OI likely wont meet my July 4 goal. I always set them to high. I think from now on I will just go with the flow and not set such high goals.


07-02-2007, 08:35 AM
Girls its the end of my fun with my kids they fly out in the morning on tues. We had a good time together. Today I plan on taking them to shop for the baby I would like to purchase something they can take back on tues. at least a little something. My son is going to build some of the babies furniture and a trunk for toys treasure chest style. So I am helping them with the funds for that. Just want to help with something they'll not out grow to quickly. Wow our time went fast together. Heard from the wedding couple and they are loving Mexico with lots to do they will be back on thurs. So starting tues will be my jumping back on board with my scale and behaving better the last couple of weeks I have been relaxed in that dept. My best friend has asked me to be her buddy with eating healthier and exercising. She is going on vac. this week so will start that together next week. But for me my log and journal will begin on tues. Marie we must of been on a little break together. I ate some lovely texas french toast at a Pancake House yesterday but then tucked in a little exercise so it kind of balanced a bit. At least one will hope it did but things have been eaten lately that now I can say I had it and can live without it again no big deal. Being healthy is important and I need to jump back in full force on tues and make some healthy changes in my lifestyle again. No more big events coming up or excuses for me. Costcos oh how I wish it were here we have BJ'S AND Sam's but its not the same, similar.. Guess that Alii stuff is not so good pooh hooh on the stores and people pushing it. I just saw it the other day and Ophar had some teas she is pushing I almost ordered it then thought forget it I can buy tea and add in fresh orange or lemon myself and save a lot of cash. I am working on paying off some of the extra expenses from the wedding over the next few months so am tightening down the hatches a bit around here. I did garage sale on saturday and redecorated a bathroom with newer rugs, table cloth from pottery barn, new scatter rug for my bedroom and vase for all under 20.00. I am going to setup a sale at my house in a few weeks so starting to sort through stuff this week. Marie glad your hair is better now this may sound nuts but go buy some mayo and put it on your hair when it is dry wrap it in saran wrap for about an hr. wash it two times it will put the moisture back into your hair. Coloring two times so close together does bad things and this will help if you can sit out side and let the sun warm it into your hair like a hair dryer old trick reasonable and works great. If you do it let me know what you think I have done it several times over the years when having big issues with dryness or over processing. Nikki you remain doing well and sometimes setting goals to high is tough. Having a reasonable goal you can reach makes a difference not too low but not so high either good luck. I am making one too. Judy your just a traveling lady good for you exercising at the hotels. I can tell you all that I haven't been doing my PT exercises and I feel the difference. Though I have been dancing, walking and gardening today I will add in those exercises cuse I hurt this a.m. The kids got my hubby onto the chair lift at the mountain yesterday and he wasn't going to. They just know how to get him motivated and he doesn't want to say no to them. Too bad they are so far away. We will both truly miss them. But in November will have a new grand baby and will visit them in Feb. or March for a couple of weeks at least. Penny sounds like you are doing well keep it up never did curves but glad that its something you can get to and do. I am going to start at the gym this week to the site is being remodeled so I have to go to one by my work.

07-02-2007, 09:02 AM
Carol- I am glad you had fun with the kids. Making a contribution to something that the baby won't outgrow is a great idea.

I just got my pool open so I am hoping with the swimming my loss picks up.


07-02-2007, 05:21 PM
Nikki, good luck with the swimming. I found that adding the swimming in the evening to make me more energetic every night. Usually by 7 I'm wilting. The swimming changed that. I get up so early to exercise, that I go to be by 9. The swimming has made me have a few more productive hours. So I don't know if helped in the weight mgmt but it's sure been nice for getting things done.

Carol, I'm sorry your kids will be leaving. How exciting though next spring you'll be able to visit a new grandbaby.

I'm having a boring day. Doing the end of the year rollover for the student info systems. Very tedious, detailed oriented but boring none the less. I knew when I scheduled it that it would be a boring day. My reward - a swim when I get home.

Judy, I hope your knee recovers quickly. Don't we just love how our body acts up now that we're getting older? There are days I just feel old. I hope your knee isn't serious.

Well, back to the tedious stuff. Talk to you later.

07-02-2007, 06:29 PM
Carol, what a week you have had! I know you're sad to say goodbye to the Hawai'i kids, but before you know it the honeymooners will be back with their vacation photos.

Marie, it's great that your swimming schedule has the added benefit of perking up your evenings. I am beginning to like when I can do cardio after work, but I have to make sure I get home from work before 8PM, or I end up eating dinner and going to bed too late.

Nikki, good for you, having a gold star weekend. I bet that shaking up your routine with swimming will help reach your next goal.

Penny, I hope you enjoyed your weekend, toasting your boobs with margaritas!

I got an early flight home today. I didn't go into the office, and have been puttering around at home all day. My knee is a little tight, but if I hold off on long walks and working out for a few more days, I should be fine. Maybe it was the elliptical traininer at the hotel--some of them bug my knees, others are no problem. One of the reasons I got serious again about weight loss a few years ago was knowing that my "good" knee will need surgery at some point, and it would be nice to be considerably smaller before I'm on crutches again.

I ate weirdly yesterday. The pain meds made me sleep more than anything else, so I ate protein bars, an apple and all my remaining snacks, but never had a meal per se. Now that I'm home, I don't have much in the way of fresh produce, just freezer and pantry food. I'm looking forward to grocery shopping and breaking out the pots and pans!


07-02-2007, 06:33 PM
Marie- I think swimming helps tone. At least that is my experience. I always get more eneretic in summer when I swim. I love lying by the pool reading too < of course with SPf on>

Judy- Welcome home ! I am glad your knee feels a bit better :) I can relate to your knees and the desire to lose weight. I have bad ankles and the excess weight kills them.

I had a good day I treated myself to an afternoon of reading in the sun. It always destresses me to do that :)


07-02-2007, 10:25 PM
Hi all. Looks like one of my posts didn't make it - don't you hate it when that happens??!! :mad:

Anyway, I had a good day and visited with an elderly friend. I feel bad that I've neglected her a bit lately and I know she enjoys having visitors. It was good to have a nice long chat and to see that she's doing well in her new apartment.

Judy - I'm sorry to hear that your knee has been acting up. It sounds very painful, I hope you feel better soon. It must be especially hard when you're traveling. It's good that you're home now and can prepare some good home-cooked meals.

Carol - I've enjoyed reading all your news. It must have been a whirlwind for you lately. It's nice that you've been able to spend so much time with your family. I'm sure it's been a bit hard to stick to your plan with all that's been going on but now that things have calmed down a bit you'll find it easier to keep on track.

Marie -I envy you for your pool now that the weather is getting warmer. It would be lovely just to go outside and have a dip whenever I wanted to. It's easy on the joints and that would be great for my ankles.

Nikki - I'm glad you had a relaxing day reading in the sunshine.

07-03-2007, 01:54 PM
Penny, it's good of you to go out of your way to hang out with your elderly friend. When I was a kid, I hated being "dragged" along with my mom to visit older neighbors, but now I appreciate the extra effort my mom and people of her generation took (and still take) to keep home-bound folks from feeling isolated.

Nikki, an afternoon in the sun with a good book can sure chase the blues away! I think I will do something similar for the Fourth, just kick back and enjoy the good things of summer.

My knee has totally forgotten all about its troubles. I will try a light workout tonight when I get home. I haven't worked out since Friday!


07-03-2007, 02:34 PM

07-03-2007, 02:48 PM
Today was a bit sad my family flew out this a.m. but next time will be here to visit with a new grandchild. I tried to focus on that to get me through their leaving. Well then went off to the grocery store to purchase some healthy foods for the rest of the week to make my choices a bit easier. I also stopped at the farm and picked up a few more things to put in the garden as I had some room. I planted brussel sprouts and basil plants today. I can make pesto that will be nice over some pasta this summer. My squash plants are looking good I will have more than I can use most likely. Bear is going on friday to get altered and have his nails clipped while he is under. Then my mom whom is 85 is going for carpal tunnel surgery next week on the 10th. She will stay a couple of days with me as my sister will be out of town. I had it arranged for my older sister to take her for the surgery. I explained that yah know I have been away from work for 2 weeks and it wouldn't be too great for me to request a day so soon. So the pressure was on and I delegated quit nicely. Sometimes we can only do so such. I am going to go to the shelter for a coupon for my dog its a cheaper rate to have him altered. Then off to swim a bit with the grandson. Dinner tonight is easy we have spaghetti and meatballs from last night and I will make a salad to. It will get easier but I have to guide myself into better choices more water etc.... Judy glad your knee is better. Traveling always hurts mine due to a past surgery I always get sore and need to get it comfortable. Yah Nikki the relaxing sounds great. You go girl and Judy join her I'd like to do it too! Saturday I might get a little break after I pick up the dog. A little me time I say! Penny it does make us feel better when we help others not a bad thing a little lift with kindness. I had mom over for dinner and to spend the last evening with the kids. She enjoyed the pictures my son shared with her of his life in Maui. He had them on his computer screen easy on her eyes too. She will never get there so its nice for her to see at least his lifestyle and that he is happy and doing well for himself. Well off to run some errands take care and if I don't check in have a good 4th Nikki you are doing so well just remember how proud we all are of what you have accomplished in this time period.

07-03-2007, 05:33 PM
Hi all, I'm waiting on my boss. We had a 9 am appointment and it's now 1:21 pm/ Okay, she did show up for a couple minutes and said she'd be right back. Oh well. I got lots of other work done while waiting.

This morning during the doggie walk, I listened to music, not a book. Man I cruised up and down the roads. Apparently listening to the books has a slower pace. So I'm still going to listen to books, but be aware of my pace.

Less than 3 hours till the Hump Day break (okay 4th of July - I love how it breaks up the week).

I'm starting to get sad about leaving my doggies for the week vacation. I'm very excited to go to Alaska but I wish they were coming too. Blizzie's an Alaskan Husky so she should go see her motherland... DH doesn't quite agree with my logic.

Judy, I'm glad your knee is better. I hope the light workout works this evening. Isn't it a little scary when testing out healed tissue - I'm always scared of re-injuring.

Nikki, you pool day/ reading book hit home. That's my plan for tomorrow. It's supposed to be in the upper 90's and I love my SPF. I bought a blowup boat to float in. I lounge day is my goal. BTW, the reading a book comment made me remember a conversation with DH yesterday. He and DS2 were talking and DS2 gave him a Harry Potter book. DH had told him which HP movies he'd seen and DS2 gave him the next book in the series. After swimming I saw the book and questioned it's presence. DH said it was for vacation. I said, "I didn't know you knew how to read books." He looked at me so strangely. In 24 years of marriage - he's never, ever read a novel. Car manuals, magazines, etc - NOT A BOOK. It never dawned on my that he could read a real book. Both he and DS2 thought I was nuts. Of course he knew how to read, they said. I knew that, but it was a weird concept. :)

Carol, I'm glad you delegated some of your mother's care to your siblings. Strange that you'd have to ask - shouldn't she volunteer, ask you how to divide up mom's needs? I guess once you're delegated the caregiver, others can sneak away. Happens in my family too. When I flew across the country for my mom's surgery but my 2 siblings that live 30 minutes away couldn't be bothered taught me that lesson. When I couldn't go for surgery 2 and 3 - they did step up to the plate, but it wasn't selflessly.

Okay, I just had the best lunch I've had forever. Co-workers and I were talking about peanut butter (a big love of mine that I'm deathly allergic too) and I had mentioned a week ago that I wish I could have a PBJ. The staple of my childhood. One co-worker asked if I'd tried Almond Butter. I'd never heard of it and he told me where in the store it is. They had that and Cashew Butter (which was a little cheaper than the almod butter). I bought the Cashew Butter. Last night I made home made bread and today I had a CBJ - it tasted exactly like a PBJ. I'm in heaven!!!!

07-03-2007, 06:02 PM
Penny- It was sweet of you to visit with your elderly friend.

Carol-Sounds like you are busy as usual. I hope you get your YOU time.

Judy- I'm glad your knee feels better.

Marie-I've always wanted to try Almond butter. It sounds great. I hope your boss shows.

Well ladies tomorrow I am going to continue to eat low carb but eat a bit more then usual like 30 grams instead of my normal 10. I will post the results of my challenge at some point tomorrow. Enjoy your 4th ladies:)

07-04-2007, 06:04 PM
This has been a nice lazy day! I did a regular workout today, with no problems, but I will ice my knee this evening, just in case. I have a kitchen full of groceries, yaay! Walking to the store I could smell the neighbors' BBQ, so I splurged on on a few ribs at the deli counter, otherwise I bought groceries more in line with South Beach.

I didn't reach my July 4 goal, but I am relieved that I haven't lost too much ground, and my weight is about the same. My pants are looser in the waist and thighs (thighs, finally :D), so I know that if I keep the faith I'll be fine. Labor Day is too far away to be a good goal for me, so I'll buckle down and focus on getting down to 218 by July 25, three weeks from now, when I do the family vacation.

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely day! I may walk over to the Air Force Memorial, which has a splendid panoramic view of DC and the fireworks on the National Mall...or I may walk over to my TV, where the view is even better:devil:.


07-04-2007, 07:45 PM
Judy - I'm glad your knee is feeling better. I'm sure that's a big relief. It must be nice for you to be able to stock up on groceries since you were on the road so long. I hope you enjoyed the ribs - one of my favorites too! I didn't reach my July 4th goal either, I actually gained 2 lbs.! Maybe my new habit of having a nice cold margarita in the evenings has caught up with me. Oh well, looks like I'll have to go back to journaling my food. I hate doing it but it seems like the only thing that works for me. I just heard about the bad weather headed your way - they just evacuated people to the Smithsonian building in DC as they thought some tornadoes might be on the way. Keep safe out there!

Carol - It sounds like you have a great veggie garden. I love basil, especially with tomatoes, but the bugs around here love it too so they disappear pretty quickly if I plant them. It's nice you could spend some time with your Mom. I'm sure she enjoyed seeing the photos. I called my Mum today as it's her 85th birthday. My brother bought her a digital photo frame and we all sent digital pics to him so he could load them into it. He also found some old slides from our time in Australia about 40 years ago and made them into digital pictures. I can't believe we were ever that young! Talk about hippies! My brother, who was so skinny with long curly hair and a tie dyed shirt now is bald and rather portly. I had waist-length hair parted in the middle and look as skinny as a rake (although even then I thought I was fat!) Mum was thrilled to bits with the photos.

Marie - I'm glad you found a safe substitute for peanut butter. I love almond butter. I'm allergic to cashews, so I don't know what cashew butter tastes like. I hope your DH enjoys the Harry Potter book. In 38 years of marriage, I've only known my hubby to read one book - On the Beach by Neville Shute - and that was about thirty years ago! I love to read and feel sorry for people who miss out on such a wonderful experience as getting "lost" in a book, whether it's a novel or non-fiction. I'm not sure when you're off on your trip - but have a great time in beautiful Alaska!

Nikki - I'm sure your challenge went a lot better than mine! I ended up gaining 2 lbs.! :( I'm going to cut out the margaritas and I'm sure that will make a big difference. Those things are loaded with calories but go down so quickly! I'm also going to eat out less - it's always harder to control the calories when I eat out. I'm also going to start journaling my food again as I started gaining when I stopped journaling.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th!

07-05-2007, 07:44 AM
Judy I am going to ease myself back into the SB diet. First I am just trying to get my ground on not nibbling as much and crazy as it sounds having more fruit and veggies. The SB thing I like is it takes away the cravings and that helps so much. I do have the cook book. Marie I have a health food store which sells the PB but they make a mystery one with more than one nut in it kind of cool huh? I like it on toast of course. I bought some healthy raisan bread the other day of so tasty. Now on SB I think thats off limits at least at first. I am not sure I will do the full two weeks of the no no's. We will see. But next monday I would like to start that its my goal mini one of course. Today I am writing my intakes for today on a little note pad. THis will help me get a good start. I was careful yesterday and only had a burger at my sisters oh yah and a few tortilla chips and dip but added them in. Not over board. Had no pie when everyone else did and ate some fruit later on as my snack. Got to get back into the nothing after 7:30 thing only water with lemon. Packed a decent lunch for work today and my water. Slim fast for breakfast and a health bar for snack around 10. So this is my introduction back into the working world and my healthier lifestyle with food. My family got home safe after 4 planes and said they would never fly USAways again as they routed them so crazy it added on about 4 hrs to their flight. I am starting this week to save my funds for the hubby and I to visit them and our new grandchild in the spring. I am opening a seperate acct. for this only. I also am requesting for christmas no presents but a deposit for our acct. We will enjoy that above all at this time. We are going to slow down the christmas list a bit this year too. Buying a little something for each couple and then our grandchildren since each family will have one at least now. Well Judy hope all is going well with that knee. I haven't been to PT but will be scheduling her today for next week. I have slacked off on the exercises she asked me to do this weekend I will add them back in as well as the eating habits being good. My friends are camping we may go up to kayak on saturday afternoon depending on the weather conditions. Penny too bad there isn't a lighter version of your drink. CK it out on line maybe then you don't have to give it up. Oh follow it up with a couple of glasses of ice water!!! Hah hah! My garden is liking our crazy weather conditions one day in the 90's then down to the 70's and lower at night. Just crazy this year but the gardens seem to like it. I sent my last jar of grape jam home to Maui with the kids they were happy to tell me it made it and they will enjoy a little bit of home during their times of using it. I have picked quite a few raspberries and hope to make at least one batch of jam. Lots of grapes so this year at least a few batches of jam there. Well take care girls I think I caught yah all up and sorry its so long.

07-05-2007, 08:52 AM
Hi Ladies-

I did not make my July 4 goal but I lost 5 lbs. I am happy with that and will continue to lose and add in moderate exercise.

Judy-Way to go on the looser clothing :)

Penny-Journaling and avoiding alcohol have been life savers for me. Good luck with your new plan.

Carol-What a great idea creating the account. My boyfriend and I did something similar a mini vacation fund.

Marie- Hope all is well


07-05-2007, 01:14 PM
Hi all, I'm at work today and have almost nothing to do. I'm thinking of spending the day creating a new template for our district's webpage. I'd love to get rid of the old one. My old boss created it and it's not fun - not to mention he wasn't organized so when I update it - it takes forever to find every nuke and cranny he hid things in.

Nikki, 5 pounds is awesome. I wish I could say that this time but I can't. I'm just being so-so. But the countdown is on - July 16th I'm starting up again. I'll be back from Alaska and there will be no more excuses. It sort of strange - I'm looking forward to it. There's a big part of me that likes when I'm in control. Right now I'm not. I don't see a reason to get on track when we're leaving in less than 48 hours - get on track to just fall off seems silly. But there won't be any excuse after I return.

Judy, if Penny was right about your weather, I hope you stayed to watch the fireworks on TV. Sounds like you had a nice day off.

Carol, good luck getting back on tract. Be my inspiration - be successful then tell me about it on the 16th. :)

Penny, you have the bugs eating your stuff, I have bambi. BTW, bambi and firends decided to walk with the doggies and me this morning. Three of them, two bucks and a doe, stayed about 50 yards ahead of me and the dogs for about 1/2 mile. It was weird. They kept looking back, knowing that they were safe. I sort of wanted to run after them to get them to leave as Kody was pulling on the leash like crazy. But after a while they finally veered off the road. I definitely live in the wilds.

Okay, I'm thinking of going for a walk (really don't want to work). I need some duct tape and the store is close... (and no the duct tape isn't for my mouth but that could be a good idea...)

07-05-2007, 03:41 PM
Marie, I am picturing you walking with the doggies and the deer :D. Deer are always so skittish, it's nice to think of them strolling along without sprinting away. Sorry work is so boring! Thinking about your vaction is nice way to pass the time.

Nikki, five more pounds is awesome, good work! :carrot:

Penny, those digital photo frames are so cool! Including really old photos was a brilliant idea.

Carol, if Penny wants to lighten up her margaritas, she could just drink tequila shots, but that might lead to other problems :dizzy:.

I have so much work backed up that I can barely focus on one thing without my mind racing over to something else. It's adding to my feeling "hungry" which I'm not, really, I've eaten plenty of food already today (turkey slices, almonds, a plum, plain yogurt, a cup of squash soup, green salad with shrimp). It's just nervous energy. So I will have a big mug of mint tea and wait until near the end of the day to have a Lara Bar, which is too many carbs for South Beach. But I had an early morning meeting and didn't have time to pack my afternoon veggies and hummus. Turns out that the woman I was meeting with forgot, after all that...

Okay, I'm taking deep breaths...there, that's better. I will come back for moral support if I can't stop thinking about food!


07-06-2007, 08:12 AM
Girls regarding things eating our lovely gardens and our soon to be healthy foods try and get some human hair from the salon. I had bunnies eating my cuke plants some down to nothing little brats. Anyways I got a bag of hair and in a flash threw it in no more issues. I guess they sense us being in the garden kind of easy and no cost or fuss. ck it out. Oh Marie have a great trip my son lived there for almost a year and I never got out there. But it was a lovely lace and seems to be the place to go this year. Hope you enjoy every min. of your time away. Worry about the loss later on and enjoy yourself. Bear is off to the vets today and not quite sure why he can't have food this a.m. really turned off by this fact. I am feeling more in control the last few days back to tracking my intakes for now til I get in the groove again. I turned down an offer to go for lunch yesterday and said I brought. Today I will pack another salad but be creative with it. I took a mango yesterday and it was really good shared it with a coworker. Just doing a few days of watching the intake feels better. I will set my goal on monday for the month of July. My first day back to work wasn't to bad at the end of the afternoon I thanked my boss for doing such a good job with my caseload and told her it made for an easy transition back. NIKKI CONGRATS ON THE HIGH 5! Judy I might need a squash soup recipe there is lots coming in my garden. Well gotta go get my little poo off to the vets.

07-06-2007, 09:01 AM
Marie- Enjoy yourself in Alaska :)

Carol-Wayto go on making wise food choices. The beginning is always the hardest.

Judy-What is a Lara bar? I love tequila shots :)

Penny -Hope you are doing well.

I am still plugging along. I feel like I havent lost anything even though the scale says different.


07-06-2007, 12:27 PM
Carol, your poor little doggie! I just read in my backlog of magazines (Ntl Geographic, maybe) a funny take-off on the X Files, but with dogs as Agents Mulder and Scully. Since they don't always understand cause-and-effect, they were freaked out by sudden disappearance of fleas (collars), not being able to scratch their noses or see behind them (cones), or waking up from a deep sleep and finding their manhood missing. I'm glad your reenty into work wasn't bad.

Nikki, I love straight "sipping" tequila more than shots, if it's a really good quality tequila. Luckily, that's too expensive to indulge in often, and there's no point in having more than two. We may be facing a shortage a few years from now, because changes in the agave crop, so I say stock up now! Lara Bars are near the Power and Luna bar section of the store. All natural, half a dozen or fewer unprocessed ingredients--the entire list for the cashew cookie bar is "cashews, dates." Flavors are cocoa mole, lemon bar, etc. They don't have as much protein as some of the others, but they don't have that chalky taste that some have, either. They do have a few grams of fiber, and they're gluten-free. When I miss having baked goods, I can have a sweet, chewy Lara Bar and not feel so bad.

I'm pulling things together for a quick trip to Manhattan next week. Like Marie, I'm not feeling too motivated about working, since 2/3 of the people around me seem to be on vacation! I guess that's because the holiday was in the middle of the week. I didn't work out yesterday, to ease my knee back into things, but I did a cardio video this morning, and will go over to Curves on my lunch break. Every day has been a struggle with munchies (note my gushing over Lara Bars, above) because I indulged in empty carbs when I was in Atlanta. I'm trying a new thing: I bought a little tin of cacao nibs at Whole Foods. They're smaller than Chicklets, but just a couple seem to chase away my late-afternoon craving for sweets. The entire little tin is one serving (140 calories) but at this rate they will last me for two weeks :D.

Back to work! Have a great day, all.


07-06-2007, 12:28 PM
Marie - I loved your story about the deer. I bet they have learned that dogs on leashes are not a threat and like to torment them! Kody was well behaved under the circumstances and your arm got an extra workout! I hope you guys have a wonderful time in Alaska.

Judy - I hope the deep breaths helped. You sure had a stressful day. I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.

Carol - That's interesting about using human hair as a critter repellant, I'll have to try it some time. I hope Bear does ok at the vets. I'm glad you're starting to feel more in control.

Nikki - I'm glad the scale doesn't agree with you in this case! :lol:

I'm feeling a lot more in control too, now that I've started journaling my food again. Don't you guys get me started on tequila shots! :lol: I'm better off not having any alcohol as I just can't afford those couple of hundred extra calories. Have a great weekend everyone!

07-06-2007, 12:30 PM
Judy- I just started drinking tequila and I mix some with a bit of watermelon sf syrup it is divine the aave with watermelon mmmm.

Penny - Way to go on getting back on track :carrot:

I just got out of the pool did 30 min of swimming. I am sure I will feel it in the morning.

07-06-2007, 06:31 PM
Hi all, I'm making progress in the prep for leaving town. But probably not as much as I should have as I'm easily distracted. I did finish the laundry, got the suitcases from the shed (I'm thinking Judy has hers always ready to go...), re-printed itineraries, etc. Today is DS1's 22nd birthday and they're coming for a BBQ. I made a gigantic chocolate mint cake. Hehehehe - they have to take it home with them. It looks incredible though. The cake is actually lo-cal but the two tubs of icing aren't. C'est la vie - I'll only be having one slice.

I'm going to miss my doggies so much. Traveling is hard - I really want to go but I wish the doggies were going too.

Nikki, I never feel achy from swimming. I've always thought that was the cool part of swimming, it never hurts. I'll be doing that soon as the temps are hot again.

Judy, you and I are on the munchie bandwagon. I'm thinking about food way too much. A week from Monday should put the kabosh on that - I hope. Good luck with the piles of work. My Dear Boss told me to go home yesterday so I did. I floated and listened to a book. But not after I'd learned a new webauthoring trick. I was actually having fun when she stopped by (she was supposed to be leaving for Hawaii and kept getting side tracked - about an hour after she stopped by, I said if she was still in town I'd have to come smack her - yest I said that to my boss - she is the best boss I have EVER had in my life). Then I went home.

Carol, I'm glad your boss kept your caseload afloat. Isn't it cool to have a good boss? My last one was incompetent (said whatever anyone wanted to hear and then did nothing) and the one before that had physical tantrums when she was pissed. My current boss is getting very close to the friend status (which I shy away from but I really do get along with her). Anyway. Good job on the food choice Carol.

Nikki, that's a new one - the scale being nicer than expected. Send that square box to me... :)

Penny, I've heard of the human hair trick. I don't know why, but it's icky to me. But I'm a bit strange. Good luck with the journaling and I'll join you on that task soon.

Time to actually pack. :(

07-08-2007, 02:39 PM
Yikes, it hot out..96 degrees or so. Won't it be lovely when the West's heat wave makes it over to the East Coast :faint:. Yesterday I picked up around the house (although I'm not finished--how can a small apartment take so long to clean?). I got a free makeover at the Shiseido counter at the mall. It was lovely, so of course I bought more of the products than I planned. I did a workout on cardio machines for the first time since my knee freaked out last week. So far, so good, but for a while I'll only do a few bike/treadmill workouts a week, and do more videos on my carpeted floor. Today I worked out washed my hair, got a mani-pedi, and am at the office few a few hours.

Carol, I hope that Bear is speaking to you again...

Marie, I have a suitcase closet (don't laugh) and two travel kits--one fully loaded, and one TSA-approved Baggie for overnight trips and carry-on luggage.

Nikki, I'm glad you're enjoying the pool!

Penny, keep mentioning how empowering it is to journal one's food, maybe it will sink in for me subliminally:D.


07-09-2007, 08:34 AM
Marie you surely made me laugh it sounds like are last boss's were related! Was she about 5"9 ? Have a super trip and yes having a good boss makes the world a better place for sure.
Nikki and Judy you girls may be onto something with that new drink idea hows the cals no carbs right? Your too funny. I guess I will stick to my glass of red wine or blush or maybe a Mikes hard lemonade which I prefer over the others but more cals. I had a pretty good weekend with food intake nothing over the edge jumping in and being more careful always is a challenge. Why we ever let ourselves get out of a good routine is beyond me in the first place. But if I really could figure it out and stick to it life would become so much easier. At least I catch myself before too much damage is done. I did the scale and up a few lbs. So I guess I had better be good. I purchased some helathy groceries and am on a roll now and journaling my intakes with you Penny together we will be better with this step forward. I made a good black bean salad yesterday from cooking light. I purchased four mag. at a garage sale for .25 a piece and tore out the pages of interest and recipes. So I am trying to use some of those to spark my intakes a bit. Cooking Light recipes are also available on the net for free with a search but no pictures. Oh well can't have it all I guess. Well this a.m. I am taking a client to meet some folks to go to camp for a week. So I am leaving a bit later good thing cause I got to sleep in a bit the rain storm was loud and lots of lighting too. My daughter and SIL came for dinner last night they are doing so well. Their trip sounded lovely and they had a great time. She being a veggie had trouble in Mexico finding anything good on the menus to meet her needs but ended up creating somethings herself. They said its more what the Mexicans think Americans would like to eat more than what they really do. Funny huh? Bear is doing quite well a little quieter than his norm but that part is a nice change. He is such a love that it makes up for his naughty behaviors sometimes. Glad to have him back home and I THINK he would agree. Well take care and try to be good and make healthy choices . Before a bite goes in I am trying to think about what I am doing! Lets hope it works!!

07-09-2007, 09:24 AM
Hi Ladies-

I had a rough weekend. I was in the pool saturday and I fell off the ladder. I strained my right arm pretty bad. I have a disability whch makes my left arm useless so I do everything with my right arm. It will be hard but I am trying to rest my right arm as much asd I can which means no exercise for the moment since I cant pull myself up the pool ladder.Then on Sunday my bf and I cleaned out the pantry and kitchen throwing away 3 big black bags worth of stuff. I still live at home and mom has been avoiding doing it so we did it. I am glad its done !I also had a weight blip I gained 2 lbs last week after not eating well on the fourth :(
I guess I was riht last week when I said I felt bigger. I am not going to type much because my hand hurts. I will ttyl.


07-09-2007, 03:36 PM
Nikki - Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your accident - it's the last thing you need! I hope your arm will heal quickly. I'm glad your bf helped you clean up the pantry at your house. It's good not to have too many junk food temptations around. Don't worry about the 2 lbs., they will come off again now that the July 4th holiday (and extra calories) is over!

Carol - I'm going to join you in thinking about every bite that goes in. I think a lot of my eating is done on "automatic pilot" :lol:. I heard that the bigger variety of foods you eat, the harder it is to lose weight, so I'm going to also try not to eat so many different foods. Trouble is, I'm a real "foodie" and love trying different things all the time. I'm glad Bear is feeling ok after his "little operation".

Judy - Your Shiseido makeover and manicure sounds lovely - I'd like to treat myself to something like that. I'm glad your knee is behaving.

Marie - I hope you're having a wonderful time in Alaska.

We went for a nice walk in one of our favorite parks yesterday and my foot didn't act up. We only walked for half an hour, but it was lovely to walk along the river and see all the boats, etc. We saw a cute squirrel asleep in the crook of a tree right near the path. He opened one sleepy eye, looked at us and went right back to sleep.

So far I'm doing ok calorie wise, so I'm hoping the scale with cooperate on Friday. :crossed:

07-10-2007, 07:43 AM
Nikki so sorry about your fall. Boy life is never easy is it. I think you have a keeper with the BF that he will help you with so many things thats great. Good to have that area cleaned out. Sometimes we all just get so many things and don't know when to discard or take the time. Now that it is done I am sure you feel better about that. Take a little break it will be fine. I know a couple of lbs. are a pain I feel it right now too along with a sore back this a.m.. I was doing pretty good it could be rain related I didn't return back to PT as I figured she showed me exercises now I can just do them myself. So this a.m. I did take the 10 min, and do them. A bit of walking during work yesterday I guess around 15min. extra and then pool time last night. So I squeezed in a little movement. I think tonight I will swim at my sisters as I can do laps. I counted my cals yesterday around 1600 so not too bad. But I did have bread english muffin mult. gr. and a ww bagel so there were a bit too many carbs. At least they were higher in fiber and protein. The down fall was a burger with cheese for dinner and some mac. salad. But I still added the cals up. Fine tuning is tough sometimes. Penny see if I don't have a lot of creative ideas and foods to choose from I get bored and go way outside the box. Everyone is so different and thats where we all have to go with some individualized plans weird enough but I think its true. We gain and lose differently too. Boy our bodies can sure be tricky. Hope Marie is relaxing and adventuring well in Alaska boy would I like to do that. Talk to you all soon. kEEP MOVING!!!

07-10-2007, 10:49 AM
Thank you ladies for your kind thoughts:) My arm is a bit better today but it is only 9 am. I sept with it elevated and wrapped up. My eating has been good. I am dep in ketosis which means I am burning fat. I found an alternative to using Fit Day. It is called MY PLAN and is a tool designed for low carbers. I started tracking my food yesterday and I'm going to see if I can pick any trends up in food consumption and weight. Yesterday was so warm I drank a gallon of water.

Penny-Good job on the walking. I am glad your foot is holding up.

Carol-My boyfriend is so good with many things but oh so bad in others. I guess we have to take the good with the bad. I really love him and am hoping we can both get good jobs and get married. We are waiting for financial reasons right now.

07-11-2007, 07:42 AM
Nikki nothing is ever prefect but somethings can be groomed over time. Good luck with the new plan I will ck it out. I am trying to be really good doing my PT exercises in the a.m. 2 days in a row hurray. But my food intake was too low during my day yesterday by the time I came home I could of ate an elephant. So now that the macorni salad is out of the house I won't make it for a bit. I think it came out too good and then it was cool and something simple. Normally I stay away from pasta but in the 90's and it was there well yah know the story. Girls I am happy to say my daughter has pretty much accepted a new job with regular hrs and not the pay she is making but for starting in a new field not bad at all a couple of dollars less than the one she has been at for 7 years. The boss was surprised but she has been telling them you need to get me different hrs. etc. before Sept. when her son starts all day school. I am thrilled for her to have weekends off 7 yrs of missing family functions is long enough for all of that a normal life will be nice and no driving home in the middle of the night. Mom can be at peace without wondering will she be okay its storming. Well wanted to share the good news. Hope your enjoying your vac. Marie and taking in all the great sights. Judy are you away too? Penny hope your doing good? Well tonight I am having grilled salmon on skewers that were prepackaged with peppers hope their is good as they look. Only 90 cals each so I put out two and will do grilled squash and a rice to go with them. Take care friday is scale day for me.

07-11-2007, 09:44 AM
Carol - Good news about your daughter :) Salmon is yummy in the summer.

I had my weigh in this morning and I lost 1 lb. Better then nothing! I know now that I am watching different things that I neglected to before I will lose more in the coming weeks :carrot:

Penny/ Judy- hope all is well

07-11-2007, 01:35 PM
Carol - I'm glad your daughter has finally got better hours. It will be nice for her to be able to join in more family get-togethers. I agree with you that I couldn't give up my favorite foods completely. The idea of eating bland foods to lose weight would get old real soon! Yesterday we had company for dinner (a business associate of my DH). I made the Swiss national dish of Zurcher Geschnetzeltes (veal in cream sauce) which, as you can imagine is NOT low cal! :lol: I took just a small portion with about 1/2 cup of egg noodles and lots of salad and was satisfied. I would usually eat about 3x the size portion! It's not something I make very often, but it always gets raves when we have company. For dessert I put a small slice of pound cake in a dish for each person, drizzled it with a good amount of sweet sherry and topped it with fresh raspberries and a small scoop of Haggen Daz reduced fat vanilla ice cream - easy and delicious. Today I'm having Lean Cuisine to make up for it!

Nikki - Yay on losing a pound! :broc: I'm glad you found an alternative to Fit Day for low carbers. I'm sure it will make keeping track a lot easier. I hope your arm is continuing to improve. I sprained my wrist last week being too gung-ho with my yoga and it's amazing how you don't realize how often you use your dominant hand all day long till it hurts to do so. I put a brace on it and stuck Salon Pas pain relief pads all over my hand and forearm and it really helped. So I know how you feel although your injury sounds a lot worse than what I had.

I'm down 1/2 a pound from last Friday so I'm hoping it will be a whole pound by my Friday weigh in.

07-11-2007, 01:40 PM
Way to go Penny :)

07-12-2007, 07:31 AM
Nikki congrats on the loss. I am scaling friday hope for some change to the good. Wow sometimes its hard to get into it all. But in the long run the long haul is the best way and do I know it. So I didn't do the salmon last night but had venison very lean tonight I will have my salmon its marinating in some lime dressing. Haven't tried this before light lime dressing by Paul Newman. I will let your know if its good or not to waist your funds on it. I like my own lime so I thought well give it a whirl. Hope your arm is better Nikki and you too Penny I must of skipped over that one. Wow we are quite a group and my back is bothering me a bit again. Guess should of kept up with therapy huh? Penny good job keeping to your choices of food the best you could. Having some is sometimes better than not at all or in the end we consume more than what the cals in what our real choice would of been. Congrats on control!!! I have never had that dish but it sounds like heaven! Next week I am taking off thurs. my 85 yr. old mom is going in for heart catherization and they will see if she has something going on in there that shouldn't be. She was to get carpal tunnel surgery on tues and it was canceled due to pretesting results. Never a dull moment. So thats where I will be a week from today with mom at the hospital praying it all will go okay. Its never easy seeing them go through things like this. Well take care everyone I am off to prepare a nice salad for lunch today.

07-12-2007, 09:55 AM
Hi Ladies-

Carol- Hang in there your mom is in my thoughts.

The scale is starting to move in the right direction again for me. I am very excited that since I made adjustments to the way I am doing atkins it is working :) I am aiming to hit my final goal of 130 no later then my birthday which is october 4.

Penny / Judy I hope all is well

07-12-2007, 06:54 PM
Carol - I'm sorry to hear that your Mom has to have the heart test, but it's a good thing that they are checking it out just in case. I'll keep your Mom in my prayers. The lime dressing with salmon sounds good - let us know how it turns out.

Nikki - I'm glad the scale is moving in the right direction for you again. You're doing great!

I had a few too many calories so far today. We ate up the leftovers from the veal in cream sauce and it was so good I ended up eating a bigger portion than I intended, so I'll just be having some cottage cheese for dinner. Our heat wave is over, thank goodness. After several days over 100 deg. it's now a pleasant 80 deg.

07-12-2007, 06:54 PM
Hi, strangers--

"Never a dull moment" is right! I was running around to meetings in a stinky, sweltering Manhattan earlier this week. My knee is giving me fits again, so I went to my doctor for xrays and meds. I will need to schedule an MRI, too. I knew this day would come, but I thought it would be a few more years down the road. Anyway, my knee is already feeling better, but my work has suffered this week (and there's a lot of it, too), and I'm supposed to be cleaning house, doing laundry, etc., before my brother shows up tomorrow afternoon. It's been hard to move around, even lying down, so this has been a terrible week for workouts. This whole week has been a calorie disater, but c'est la vie, as we say back home in Ohio.

I haven't caught up on all the posts, but congrats, Nikki, on your loss, although hurting your arm must have been a major league drag! Penny, you are losing too, good for you! Carol, I am thinking about your mom and the rest of your family and sending positive thoughts.

Gotta run (or hobble, in this case).


07-12-2007, 07:34 PM
Penny- Good job on compensating. I am munching on a big salad and a chicken cutlet for dinner.

Judy-sorry to hear about your knee. I can sympathize.

My arm is bthering me alot tonight. I got only 2 hours of sleep last niht and its just not a ood painnight for me.


07-12-2007, 10:43 PM
Judy I hope you'll soon find an answer to fix your knee problem. Nikki, hopefully you'll get some good zzzzz's tonight. Carol I hope you soon get relief for your backache. I think we all need a big group hug for all our owies! :grouphug:

07-13-2007, 07:37 AM
Wow we are all having some type of body issue huh? Oh lets all get feeling better quick I know its summer and this is no time to feel like this. I am headed to do my exercises when I GET OFF HERE. Thank goodness its friday. I told my boss I need next thurs as a sick day she was great with it. Thats mom's test day. I did the scale this a.m. and happy to reoirt 1 lb gone every little bit counts. After the wedding I got a little to comfortable with food choices. So this isn't a real loss just a time around again hopefully the last time. We are just not always so careful or at least me. But at least recognizing and making a step to correct the issue is the important thing before it goes to far. Nikki congrats on your goal. My B day is the 20th and I hope to report at least another lb gone or 2 that would be nice. The salmon was a bit too fishy for me this time around a little disappointment as the idea was good I thought. But I had a coney and a tortilla with a little ch. salsa and peppers, onions on it folded it on have used cooking spray and indulged into that. My other intakes for the day were within my limits including at a time of a need for a munchie a health bar. I need to pick up more healthy foods snacks etc. The little ones have been over and grandpah says their eating us out of the house thats the way it goes. There growing little ones the oldest being a male and almost 11. Needless to say anymore huh? Judy sorry about your knee been there about 6 yrs ago. My thoughts are with you on that one. gOOD LUCK AND i HOPE IT FEELS BETTER SOON. Have a nice visit with your brother and don't worry about the house with your knee a little mess is understandable and he isn't going to worry about it. After all maybe he will help you out? Penny its so hard when we have extras around that are so darn tasty. I love to cook and sometimes I think maybe it would be better if I didn't less to want to eat. But then I guess I would be a box eater and thats never healthy. Thanks girls for your kind thoughts on my mom and boy will we need that. have a great day!

07-14-2007, 08:03 AM
I am glad its the weekend some coworker office stuff yesterday made for one stressful afternoon and slid over to my evening a bit. I told my boss if someone could give me what I earn now and benefits I'd be gone. She said oh don't let it get to you that much you have worked hard. I can only hope this trouble maker moves on to a new job I guess. But at times when I have other stresses these crazy work things are just not needed. I said by now you should be getting a handle on whom is always trying to start things and it should be stopped. This is something she is trying to do and hopefully before long can. Just when I think things are going well junk comes up to stir up trouble. Why do people have this much time on their hands is beyond me cause I don't. This time they tried to get some others in trouble to. When they get talked to all will come down. This person must of gotten spoke to in the past and now she wants to tell on anyone she feels is leaving a few min. earlier etc. Well she doesn't have her facts all straight and its going to back fire at least to a degree. Oh well as you can tell I guess I am still a bit upset. But now that I have released it maybe it won't be so bad so thanks for being my batting board and support. On the food front not bad yesterday til I ordered a pizza and wings last night. But only had one and half large pieces and a few wings in my mood it could of been worse. The rest of my day only was appox. 600 so not as bad as it could of been thank goodness I ater healthy the rest of my day. So I am trying today to be good out for breakfast which will count as breakfast and lunch. Then a good dinner and something with yogurt and fruit for dinner. I am off to the farmers market this a.m. and then garage sales with my SIL and my girl friend. I am going to try and let this go now and have a good weekend I guess I have to think of the source and she isn't a very happy person and is lacking something in her life to make her this way. I should feel sorry for her but at this time just mad. Well give me some strength to let it go and get on with my life and good living plans. Today I will try my best to eat well on monday I would like to see a loss. Lots of veggies buying at the market and stock up on good things. Take care and have a great day.

07-14-2007, 12:50 PM
Carol - I'm sorry to hear that your coworker is being such a pain, you don't need that now, especially with all the stress about your Mom. I hope the troublemaker gets what's coming to her real soon. People that send out bad karma usually get it back in spades! Just remind yourself how glad you are that you are not that person! I hope you have a nice time at the farmers market and find lots of good bargains at the garage sales. It will be a good way to get your mind off your work stress, etc. Keep up the good work with your diet - I know how hard it is to stay on track when stress gets you down.

I'm glad to say I'm down a pound - finally! I thought the scale would never budge. It's cooled down quite a bit here so I may get out and do some yard work today and maybe go for a walk later.

I hope everyone else is having a good weekend.

07-14-2007, 08:11 PM
Way to penny :dance:

07-15-2007, 06:23 PM
Hi all, we're back from Alaska. It was beautiful and exhausting. We hiked and hiked and my feet hurt. The knees aren't doing very good either so I should fit in here just fine with Judy's knee, Carol's back, Penny's wrists and my knees. We're a fine bunch... My knees/feet are sore from climbing mountains. today we took the doggies out for a short, slow walk on the mountain behind the house. They ran and ran and I strolled along. Last Monday we climbed Mt Healy in Denali and it wasn't easy. Literally exhausting and painful. They didn't have many switchbacks - just straight on up trail. At some point when I'm not ready to sleep, I'll get the pictures off the camera. We also saw a couple dogsled demos and I got to play with doggies. That was the best. What I really liked about Alaska was they revere huskies. My doggies wouldn't be the oddblalls there. :)

Food was bad. I relate with Nikki - I feel big. The clothes still fit but I feel like I gained 25 pounds. Yesterday and today I've been good. Tomorrow is the day to be totally on track.

Carol, my thoughts with you and your mom. I hope everything is okay. JKudy, get that knee MRI'ed and get it fixed. Exercise will make the 50 by 50 possible. Nikki, I hope that your arm is better. It would be a shame to miss some of swim season.

Speaking of which, I'm going to check my pool's temp. The solar heater wasn't on while we were gone and it was chilly last night.

07-16-2007, 07:11 AM
Marie you have been missed but glad you had a great time. Its always nice to get back home. Especially with your doggies good you had some to play with. Sounds like the hikes were great I bet the views were beautiful. Welcome home. Penny thanks for your kind words and sometimes thats so true. I would like to know how this person has so much time on her hands to check up on others. Cause I don't! Well girls the garage sale were great and the Farmers Market as well. We had a good time just one friend and I went. We enjoyed the day the buy of the day was a Pergo Floor package with all the flooring and supplies needed for 120 and all brand new in a pkg for a 12x12 room. My friend was delighted to say the least good buy and she is re doing some of her house. We laughed and ran errands etc. That evening i grilled the steaks and we had a little vino. It was a pretty good day not to over board in cals. Then on sunday first thing my weekend turned as the news from my sister that my couison whom has been battling lukeimei passed away. She was on 56. From that pt. on it was not a good day. I am sad for everyones loss and awaiting arrangements also as i need to take time off and maybe cancel Mom s hospital trip as well. We all thought she was going to be okay so this was more of surprise to all of us really. I guess we all take life for granted too much. So when I think of my petty job and how people act at their ages it makes me a bit angry. But some things we have no control over. I am trying to do my best to stay on track with my intakes. Yesterday I had some clams only a couple of dz. they weren't the best ones we ever had. But due to the saltyness I am not using the scale til wed. no since in setting myself up for failure. I have to really get into this and make a move to lose. I packed a good lunch for today and will plan a nice dinner as well. Nice to have so many veggies around now. I bought some flavored pasta homemade at the market jalopeno flavored. The gal gave me a recipe it has chicken in it but I plan to make it with out it. Take care and have a good day.

07-16-2007, 12:52 PM
Marie, I'm glad that the trip to Denali was good, and that you got to meet some new canine friends along the way.

Carol, I'm sorry to hear your sad news. I hope that your co-worker won't be adding to your stress load today.

Penny, yippee on losing another pound! :carrot:

Nikki, how's your arm? My knee is much better. I took Friday off, and while I've been walking around a lot with my bro, I haven't worked out since last weekend. I am desperate to get back on the exercise track this next week and a half, before I go to see my folks and pick up my nieces. I will have an MRI on Thursday. My fear is that the little cartilage left is disintergrating a little earlier than I'd planned, and that I will need to get my knee 'scoped, or I will have more episodes like the two I've had this month.

Eating has been off-target. Not horrible, but my fitness-minded brother does like his ice cream....he's leaving today. We have a good time hanging out and playing Scrabble, I am blessed to have such nice sibs.


07-16-2007, 02:28 PM
Marie - Welcome back! I'm glad you had such a great time in Alaska. Hiking in Denali sounds so wonderful. I bet your puppies were so happy to see you when you got home. I'm sure all that extra exercise negated any additional calories.

Carol - I'm so sorry to hear that your cousin passed away. You're right about us all taking life for granted. Since my illness, I treasure every day - even the "bad" days are a gift! My DH had sad news today when he called an old friend only to find out that he had passed away a few weeks ago. I think our loved ones who have passed on would not want us to grieve their passing but remember the happy memories of the good times we had with them while they were with us. I'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Judy - I'm glad your knee is feeling a bit better. Good idea to get the MRI. I know several people who have had the keyhole knee surgery and it's worked well for them. It must have been nice to have your brother visiting - especially as you get along so well.

Nikki - I hope your Monday is going well.

We had a nice weekend. Yesterday we had lunch on a floating restaurant on the river. I did ok with the calories - I had coconut shrimp and shared some with my DH as they were quite big. Afterwards, we took the streetcar downtown to the Pearl District and walked around a bit. I had a small gelato icecream which was delicious. The weather was very warm and humid - it felt like Hawaii. Later, I got quite a bit of yard work done.

07-16-2007, 06:22 PM
Hi all, I finally got rid of my emails that piled up through the week. Luckily it's summer and most are gone for the summer or it would have been worse. Now it's back to playing with the webpage stuff. Probably tomorrow I'll be able to work on that - that will be fun.

Starting today I'm going to post the previous days calories and exercise. Part of being accountable and getting back on the losing wagon. So yesterday was 1742 and I walked 2 miles and swam 1/4 mile. The 1742 is not bad since I wasn't trying to be on track - I was just sick of eating from the trip. Today I'm a bit hungry as I'm aiming for 1600 cals per day. A shock to my system. :)

Carol, I'm very sorry about the passing of your cousin. Good luck holding all the irons in the pan. Especially the petty woman at work. Eeks. I don want to ask - how can she be a caring social worker when she's a back stabbing a$$? Can she actually do her job?

Penny, your day sounds nice. I'm sorry your DH lost his friend.

Judy, sounds like you and your brother had fun. I loved the description of fitness minded brother and ice cream. That's me fitness minded but don't ever take my ice cream. I LOVE ice cream. Not as much as I love my doggies, but ice cream is comforting. Speaking of which, at least the doggies aren't fattening - they make me exercise. Everyone should have a dog. :)

Nikki, hope your arm is healing. I'll do a few laps in the pool for you tonight.


07-17-2007, 07:54 AM
penny your lunch sounded wonderful on the river. Something I would surely enjoy also. The hubby and I went on a dinner cruise once for an anniversary it was nice. Your right about life so many times we do take things for granted and then things happen to make us think twice about that. We had a family gathering with all us cousins and my aunt whom is 81. So sad but at the same time we were able to share the good times as you had mentioned. It will be a rough few days. Her son is flying in today. No services til wed. and thurs. Judy thanks for your warm thoughts also. Your all so nice and sweet and so supportive. Hope all your aches will be mended soon. My work is funny the trouble person seems to try harder than ever to be nice to me yesterday. Even came in my office to tell me a riddle now how off the wall is that??? She has never done it before almost feeling a bit guilty over her actions I think. Yah know the time has come for me to at least venture in seeing what another company pays etc. So today is the big step I am sending my info. to another company. Don't no if I will even get an interview but lets see and just interested in seeing what someone else has to offer. Go figure I am up for 5 weeks vac. next year. Well if they could give me good benefits, professional work site and decent pay the change may be worth it. But I would miss some of my folks thats for sure without a doubt. Nothing seeked nothing gained maybe in the end I will be more grateful for where I am??? Stress level times are tough but I did okay I think for the most part a little wine with the family and some cheese and crackers but otherwise not bad. So funny you should say that Marie as yesterday I timed her she was chatting away about everything and anyone for 45min. in the a.m. when I was doing a report. I am starting to document the times it happens and at the end of the week maybe I will hand that in but thats not my game and I feel awful even thinking it I think she has pushed me a bit to far this time around. But people like that which have bad karma will get it back in droves!!! Too bad someone is so jealous huh?? One of my clients moms thanked me last evening for working with her son. They are wonderful people and I would truly miss them if I left my job. But sometimes you can only take so much. Then it wears on you mentally and physically. Well I will match you with the calorie count Marie and put mine on too. Yesterday added up to around 1600 and that included my wine!!! It did relax me a bit and I slept like a log. Have a good day.

07-17-2007, 09:50 AM
Hi ladies-

Sorry I have been MIA. I had an emergency situation I had to take care of with my boyfriend. I have been out of town sti am until tomorrow. My eating hasn't been the best because I have only been eating one meal a day and drinking lots of diet soda and coffee to keep the adrenaline going and handle what I need to handle. I won't weigh in this week until friday.

Marie- I am glad your trip was so nice.

Carol- So sorry to hear about your cousin. My thoughts are with you.

Penny- That coconut shrimp sounds great. Hawai would be nice right about now.

Judy- i dont know how my arm is.. It stil hurts a bit but I am running on pure adrenaline now so I cant feel as much pain. I guess I will find out thursday how I actually feel once I am home and can relax a bit. I am glad your knee is better.


07-17-2007, 12:57 PM
Hi all, I just lost my whole post - incoming message startled me and somehow I deleted everything... :mad: and it was such a good post. Very witty...:p

So to try again...

Nikki, I hope your emergency with your BF is resolved positively and quickly. One meal a day is bad, but we all have to do what we can do in hard situations. Our thoughts are with you.

Carol, since you're sending feelers out about a new position, you might want to make a pro and cons list of leaving. If it's just the irritating idiot, perhaps you could talk to you wonderful boss about putting physical space between you - such as a different office, cubicle, dividing wall, etc. She might want to keep you enough to go the extra mile if she knows you'd be willing to leave because of this person. And if you get a job offer, you can look at the list and really make a good decision that's best for you. Remember the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence. You have a nice boss and that's a rarity - and 5 weeks vacation is nothing to sneeze at.

I faced the devil this morning. It's been 1 month since I last weighed in. I was going to wait another week, but decided to unbury my head. It was ugly. Really, absolutely ugly. There's a reason I felt fat - I gained 5 pounds in the last month. Eeks. The evil scale chortled at me and I didn't drop kick it into the pool. I'd sort of expected it. I truly thought 2-3 but I will deal with the 5. Nothing as motivating as an evil scale. I took my tracker off as it's wrong and I didn't feel like changing it. I will let you know when it's accurate again.

Yesterday's stats: 1539 calories, 1.1 miles walking, .4 miles jogging, and .25 miles swimming.

I'm pleased that I got my calories back in control. today is day 3 of being on track. I hope it stays relatively easy.

This morning I added 2 miles biking as my knee is getting bothersome. Believe it or not, the walking/jogging doesn't hurt but after sitting for a while it stiffens up pretty quickly. DS1's orthepedist told him to use the exercycle to strengthen his knee - he didn't but I will give that a go. Pretty soon I'll have to admit there's a problem if it doesn't get better.

Time to work... :(

07-17-2007, 03:11 PM
Nikki, I hope you and the BF are okay.

Carol, your clients are lucky to have you on their side! I hope that the one difficult person doesn't drive you away from your work.

Penny, hanging out on the river and in the Pearl District sounds wonderful. That's such a neat area.

Marie, after work today I will go to the bookstore and buy one of those skinny calorie-counting notebooks, and starting tomorrow I will post my calorie count here everyday. It's July, and I won't come anywhere near my 2007 goal if I don't suck it up and focus! Years ago those little books helped me lose over 60 pounds. I just purely hated all that tracking, but that beats weighing over 200 pounds for the rest of my life. I have to admit that nothing else is rally working for me, and I've been backsliding like nobody's business for a month now. So there's nothing to it but to do it!


07-17-2007, 06:43 PM
Marie - Give your scale a good kick from me! :kickbutt: Don't worry, the pounds will come off quickly now that you're back on track. I think it's a good idea not to have to stick 100% to your eating plan when you're on vacation, otherwise you just feel deprived and miserable. It's the other 300-odd days of the year that count. I hope your knee gets better. Mine was "cured" by doing lots of leg lifts, lunges and squats at Curves. I started out really slowly and carefully and built the reps up. My thigh muscles are a lot stronger now and that helps support my knee. You can do the same exercises without any machines if it's ok with your doc, I guess it depends what's wrong with your knee.

Judy - You and me both! It's just too depressing when the pounds start sneaking back on when we've worked so hard to get them off! I've been backsliding and have only just knuckled down and started keeping track the last couple of weeks. I seem to be heading in the right direction again. No more backsliding for us - we can do it! :carrot:

Carol - I'm with Marie on being cautious about "jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire". You have a good thing going with a nice boss and 5 weeks vacation. Don't let one aggravating coworker spoil it for you. Maybe you need to do a little confrontation (not something I'm good at) but it might clear the air and let the person know that you've got her number. A private word with your boss might help too, especially if you drop hints that you might not be able to continue working there under the circumstances.

Nikki - I hope everything is ok with you and your bf and that your arm is feeling better.

I'm down another 1/2 pound :cb: Not official yet till Friday, but at least I'm no longer gaining.

07-17-2007, 09:29 PM
Well girls the ----- hit the fan today. My boss came in and told me she was sorry about confronting me last week but the info. the other person gave was not accurate and she found out I was the one telling the truth about it. The other girl stuck her nose where it didn't belong confused a whole lot of stuff trying to look good and make me look bad. It back fired but I did show my supervisor that I was at my end of the line and was ready to look for something else showing her the resume on my desk. She said no way then said please give me a chance to straighten things out your good and I don't want to lose you. She actually tried hard all day to let me know that too. Well I sent out the resume but didn't tell her doubt I will even get a call on it and if I do I will follow up to ck it out never hurts to look. But you are all right 5 weeks vac. a yr. from Sept. is nothing to sneeze at. I also really do like my boss and my clients as well. Most of my coworkers are great just a couple bad apples. I guess you get it anywhere. She did get talked to today and stayed to herself all day long and looked upset. Now just how does it feel I say oh guess I am a bit bitter but look how many times this has happened. The boss ensures she is putting a stop to it this time. From now on write ups! Hurray!!! On the calorie count good for breakfast and lunch dinner now was chinese just wanted it kind of a victory dinner in away. Shouldn't be such a bratt I guess. Marie sorry to hear but I know you can get it off. It happened to me to. We just take a little brake and think we can eat like we used to and it doesn't work for us. To bad we don't just learn it right off the bat. But look at it this way we stopped before it got to out of hand. Im with all of you lets get it off. Judy you too look how far you have come. Sometimes little things make us crazy and we just go off a bit. Vacations, weddings, stress etc........ Nikki sorry to hear about your boy friend hope everything is on a mends now and you will be fine. Together we are all learning to cope with stress and changes. It sure is a learning experience huh??? Thank you all for your ideas and support and I agree not to really let her push me out. Like the boss said if she had not ck'd with me and kept it to herself the truth would not of come out. So in the long run this might of been worth it. Calling hrs. on wed. night and the funeral on thurs. so sad I say. Too darn young for such things to happen. Thanks for your kind words everyone.

07-18-2007, 03:56 PM
Carol, I'm glad you were vindicated AND you didn't just say "that's alright," but you let your boss know that you'd been pushed too far. Good for you. Difficult people are everywhere :(, but you and your boss can take steps to prevent a difficult pattern or situation from becoming the norm.

Yaay, Penny! You're moving in the right direction. It's all front-sliding from here on in.

So I bought a food diary last night, not the exact one I was looking for, but this will do. I couldn't face the scale this morning, but I will work up the nerve by the weekend. So far today I've had a cup of kefir (yogurt), about 3 oz deli ham, a small salad with crabmeat and water chesnuts, and about 1/4 cup of mixed bean salad. And plenty of water. Right away I'm challenged with a calorie count for the salads, which I had at a lunch meeting, but at least they will be tracked and go into the record. My knee was achy last night, so I still haven't worked out, but I brought my Curves bag with me today so that I can see how it feels to go there this evening. So of course, as I write this, my knee begins to twinge...;).

Nikki and Marie, I hope your days are going well.

07-18-2007, 04:27 PM
Hi ladies-

Thanks for the support. The bf and I are working things out but it will take awhile. He got in to an accident Friday and had my medication in his car so he is in a bit of legal trouble until I can prove they are mine. We have to go to court and all. Talk about stressful ... He was just bringing them from his house to mine . I spend a lot of time at his place so I leave them there as well as my at house.

07-18-2007, 04:54 PM
Hi all,

Carol, I'm glad that the truth is coming out at work and that the idiot is getting just reward. And I'm glad your boss has realized the error of her judgment.

Calories: 1464
Exercise: 5 miles exercycle, 1.2 miles walking, .3 mile jogging
And the scale was a pound nicer today...

Penny, YEAH on the 1/2 pound. You are getting there. It's sort of funny, we're all struggling this summer and the typical person loses weight in the summer and gains in the winter. I guess we're all backwards. Perhaps we could lose during bother times...

Judy, did you get the calorie counter? I use my computer program that I keep on a USB drive. I'm trying to figure out if there's a Windows Mobile program I could use and have it on my phone. If I find one, they'd probably have a blackberry version too. I find tracking on the computer way easier but not those internet sites. I can use my program on anybody's Windows computer. Just plug the USB drive in and I log it. And I was so angelic I put the drive on my keychain so I'd always have it. But the phone would be even easier. DS1 said that Windows Mobile needs to be re-encoded from a reg. program so that's why I can't transfer it to my WING, but I might try - what if it worked???

Work is fine, life is fine. We're going to see DS1, DGS and almost DIL this evening. Burgers is all they know how to cook so I'll be having a plain burger to keep the cals down. It rained this morning (shocker - that doesn't happen here in the summer) so I didn't walk the doggies. I used the treadmill. Poor Kodiak stood by the side of the treadmill staring at me for a good 5 minutes. I felt bad and told him that it probably wouldn't rain tomorrow. :)

07-18-2007, 10:45 PM
Carol - It's good that things have come to a head at work - maybe this will clear the air and your work environment will improve. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow when you attend your cousin's funeral. :hug:

Nikki - Sorry to hear about the crummy situation with your bf and the misunderstanding about your meds. I'm sure things will work out ok when it is explained. It must be stressful for you though.

Judy - Front sliding - I like that! From now on we'll only slide forwards!! It sounds like you are psyched up for losing again and I hope that keeping a journal will help - it's a useful tool for keeping track and keeping us honest.

Marie - Yes, I usually gain in winter, but this year I seem to be an equal opportunity gainer! I can just see Kody looking dolefully at you as you run on the treadmill! One of our kitties, Teddy, likes to go 'walkies' around the outside of the house every morning. As he's supposed to be an indoor cat it's kind of a no-no but he knows to stay with me or my dh and not run off. Whenever it's raining he won't go out and just looks at us accusingly like it's our fault! It's been raining a lot here too - so weird for this time of the year. It's nice and refreshing though, after our heat wave.

07-19-2007, 12:32 PM
Penny thanks for the support. I am back home now and can't wait til I get in from work and can sleep ! I am not even going to worry about this weeks weigh in. I will do it next week !


07-19-2007, 04:17 PM
Nikki, I hope you're getting some rest after this most recent adventure. Your poor BF must have been traumatized. It's bad enough to be in a car accident, but then to have this other accusation hanging over his head, too...

Penny, I have been tracking but not formally in my little book yet. There's all this stuff you're supposed to do to launch it--measuring, affirmations, and whatnot--that I will focus on Sunday afternoon. I'm just practicing making myself write on anything at this point. I'd gotten out of the habit of posting a "menu" on my frig for the next day, which was keeping me from improvising too much. That was a huge factor in my struggle these past few weeks. I've tried the online and PDA logs, but there's something elemental about pen and paper that I think does work for me, as long as I don't tie myself up in knots over calculating every type of calorie and gram.

Marie, I think that you, Penny and Carol should upload You Tube-type videos of your animals being adorable! I feel like I know them at this point. My little log is actually a squatty spiral-bond notebook, with calorie, fat and carb listings in the back. It even has a page of little stars I can use on days I was awfully good. I am carrying it around in my purse, and trying to have positive thoughts about it. Maybe I'll sleep with it under my pillow, or give it a pet name, like Fuzzy...

I did well last night. I had a salad with salmon and miso-ginger dressing for dinner, and a smoothie with half a cup of raspberries for dessert. Later I had a handful of sunflower seeds, and was glad that my brother's ice cream is all gone, or I woulda inhaled it. This morning I had a bit of tofu (early, on my way for my MRI), and later a cheese stick and some almonds with skim Chai from Starbucks. I had yet another lunch meeting today, where I had about four oz sliced roast beef and turkey w/mustard, tomato salad and roased veggies. Not enough water this morning, though, so I'm trying to rehydrate myself. I have to stop by a reception after work, so I have a cup of veggie soup and some shumai dumplings to eat before I go, so I won't nibble.

Carol, I am thinking of you and your family today.


07-19-2007, 04:20 PM
Judy- Way to go on the eating :)

I am on my way to work in 20 minutes I will get my rest when I get in. My bf is holding strong for me and me for him. This situation made me realize how much I truly do love him and what I would do for him. Funny how a situation can bring people closer.


07-20-2007, 07:31 AM
wow Nikki your time has not been fun at all. Your right through rough times things that happen bring folks to a way of learning more about each other. A stronger understanding and relationship can be made. Good luck. Okay where do you girls find these books with cals, fats and a diary to write your own foods in? I have always made my own but if somethings out there I want one too! Thanks again for all your support it was a very rough day that started at 9:15 and ended around 5. We all spent some well needed family time togther after the last event that was around 3. Talk about a long day with emotions flying high. I have my stress to prove it as a muscle that tends to tighten up in my shoulder blade started yesterday. So some muscle rub smells great on me today for work.
Oh thought I should fill you all in. I had a message from the company I sent my resume to. They want to setup an interview. I will call today and follow through with my interest. I will not leave my present job unless the pay and benefits meet my needs. It is closer to my home by 14 miles a day round trip. Now that would be a plus. Does anyone use EZtime at work? It might be great some places but with our schedules and the in and out and starting and ending at different sights its a bit crazy. Just started this last week another stress at work. My current job is working with special folks with developmental problems, MR etc. this one is folks with brain injuries. Current 24 people on my caseload new one 17. I really like my caseload I have and thats hard. Oh well guess I will see what this little adventure leads to never hurts to adventure and find out what your worth.
Food intake yesterday was within my limits but I only calculated in my head.
About 14500 together. Today is our company picnic I will try to be good this a.m. no bread as I will most likly have a roll later?
Someone told me when you have fresh broccoli to take the stalk and peel the outer layer off and slice it steam it than use it like water chestnuts. Being it was on sale and I have lots this is something that I am going to attempt. I am going to make my own garlic broccoli pizza.
Saturday is my daughters and my birthday. We are going to have a little gathering on sunday. Maybe have my mom come over too. Her new hospital day for testing is wed. anything else going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marie, Judy, Penny and Nikki this site has been good for all of us. We might still be struggling with some unwanted lbs. but together over this time we have learned alot about food, friendship, emotions, exercise and made some good changes in our routines and habits. So lets get moving to make those unwanted lbs. to slip away too. Are we also charting exercise on these notebooks? I will add that to mine as its a must!! Now that this week is about gone its time to get real serious.
Have a good day!

07-20-2007, 09:45 AM
Carol - Good luck with the interview. I use an online database to track my food. It is called MY P.L.A.N. If you pm me I will link you to it I dont think I can link it hereOI might get in trouble.

So ladies I couldnt help but peek at the scale today. I felt lighter so figured what the heck. I was so surprised I weih 147. I did it I broke the 150's :carrot: . I have a total loss of 51 lbs now :)


07-20-2007, 03:11 PM
Nikki, you rock :congrat: That's a tremendous accomplishment. And to think how much drama and stress you've dealt with this past year. You have earned every pound lost. Sometimes women on these boards complain that their BFs or hubbies get weird when they lose significant amounts of weight. It's great to know that you and your BF are tighter than ever.

Carol,that you have an interview so soon is a testament to your skills. No wonder your boss doesn't want you to leave. It can't hurt to check out your options. Re the log: you can find different ones at any Borders or Barnes and Noble-type big bookstore. I used to use Corinne Netzer (I'm not sure that's the right spelling), who does different variations, depending upon what you want to track. I got another brand this time. I hope you're able to relax and enjoy the birthday weekend after such a tough week.

I am easing back into working out--so far, so good. I will need to start physical therapy again, though :(. I need to find someone close to work or home, if I have to go a few times a week. I did okay last night. I only had a glass of wine at the reception,then had shumai and stir-fired shrimp and veggies for dinner, with a smoothie w/cup of mixed berries a little later. This morning I had a chicken b-fast sausage and scrambled Eggbeaters for brekkie, a piece of smoked tofu for a snack, and greens, chicken verde and watermelon for lunch. Watermelon is high in sugar, but I've been craving it all summer and it was wonderful.

Penny and Marie, I hope you're having a great day!


07-20-2007, 03:14 PM
Judy- My boyfriend is actually enjoying the fact that I go home with him yet other men are flirting with me now that I lost so much LOL.

07-20-2007, 03:20 PM
Hi guys, chitown newbie here; I am on day 2 of phase I so far not too bad; went shopping for staples today; however here is my problem; I work 12 hour nights and its hard to stay balanced you eat because everybody else is eating always bringing in cookies, chips.... how do I stay focused any suggestions? its also my three day weekend to work.

07-20-2007, 09:03 PM
Chitown - Welcome to 3FC! :welcome2: It must be tough working 12 hour nights, especially when everyone is bringing in unhealthy snacks. I think the best thing you can do is to make sure you bring plenty of healthy foods with you so that you don't get tempted. Good luck!

Nikki - Congratultions on your big loss :woohoo:. You're doing awesome! Having guys flirt with you is a great "side effect" of losing weight - that's always good for our egos!

Judy - I hope the PT will help. I love watermelon too and I just read it's very high in potassium, so it's healthy too. I hope "Fuzzy" is doing well :lol:.

Carol - It won't hurt to check out the other job - just to compare. It sounds like you'd have a much lighter caseload. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! :celebrate: It will be a nice break for you to have a joyful get together with your daughter and Mom.

Marie - I hope all is well with you.

Have a great weekend everyone!

07-20-2007, 09:11 PM
Hi chitown and welcome. Are you doing atkins or SB?

I do atkins and bring peporoni or some cheese as a snack.


07-20-2007, 11:59 PM
Hi everyone, it's been a busy couple days at work so I couldn't post. Work, I suppose, had to take top priority. But now that it's weekend, I'm posting from home. Last night I wanted to swim, sorry internet surfing didn't sound as inviting. Tonight it's too chilly (75) and so no swimming.

Thursday's stats: 1466 cals, exercycle 2 miles, walking 1.5 miles, swimming .25 miles.

Wednesday's stats since I didn't post yesterday: 1636 cals, jogging .5 miles and walking 1.25 miles. Not bad since that was the visit DS1 and they only cook burgers...

Nikki, I'm so sorry about your BF accident and the legal mess with your meds. I always carry my inhalers and one dose of meds in my purse but don't carry copies of the prescriptions. Hmmm... perhaps I should learn something from your BF's problem.

Carol, I definitely agree it's worth doing the interview. Know what you want and what you're willing to sacrifice and perhaps it's a good choice. One doesn't know until it's checked out. One thing to consider is seniority issues - if there are layoffs, last hired usually first to go so I'd ask about that. What is EZTime???? I'm glad you're through with yesterday. Funerals are so hard. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! Are you a Leo, too? (I don't know the dates... my BD is in 2 weeks).

Judy, I found a coupld PDA / desktop diet programs. I'm going to try a few out this weekend. Of course I like the most expensive one best. I want one that I can sync to my desktop. I hope your knee starts to feel better. Definitely don't push it. When do you hear about the MRI results?

Penny, our weather is stinky. I don't like clouds in July. The desert is supposed to be sunny and in the 90's this time of year. Your cat stays with you on a walk? Wow that sounds more like a dog. :)

Judy, I'll be posting a few snippets of my pups and DGS on my website soon. I'll let you all know when I do that.


07-21-2007, 08:44 AM
Congrats to Nikki that is SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go and turning heads is always fun!!! Gotta make a girl feel real good inside and out!!! You go girl!!
Chitown welcome here! I find keeping some healthy snacks at work help me to not get into the other stuff as much. Variety for me makes the difference and being creative with foods trying new things good luck! Let us know how it goes?
Girls I have an 8:00 interview monday. I am going to ck it out do my best and then afterwards think about the benefits of staying or moving on if I am offered the switch. Working with a bit different population could be trying I am sure. I hear different stories as they are brain injured folks they forget easily it could be challenging but what isn't? I heard its a good group of folks over their throught the grapevine. I am not going to make any harsh decisions but thoughtful ones. Balancing things out etc. Being treated professionally would be a nice change. I have 12 more years to work and thats another thing to think about. Being happy and not always having to deal with crazy office stuff. But I guess thats anywhere. Do any of you expereince things like I have on a regular basis? Just wondered how it is other places? If you don't mind telling me. Or maybe its just my small petty office? Well my friend and I went to the Casino last night we had dinner there. Oh so good. I wasn't too bad mostly seafood for me. Little pie only ate part of it in the end. She won I didn't be we had a good time. Then came home a watched a dvd of my daughters wedding my friend did for me with the music background oh so nice and thoughtful. We are going out garage saling and shopping this morning. Just a hang out time. Then I will stop into see my daughter as its her birthday too. Well Judy good luck with the PT hope it helps yah! Nikki I will ck that site and Marie thank you as well for your info. I will go with one of them I think. Marie EZ time is when you clock in and out of your shift at work on the computer. But with our jobs and no lap top to take into the community with us it isn't easy. My job is out of the office in the later parts of the day when folks get home etc. So the boss always ends up adjusting my schedule so far at least. I can't see how it works for folks like us whom are in and out so much and starting and leaving at different times throughout the week. But we are doing it with lots of adjustments from the supervisor. Crazy system just pay us our 40hrs. and let us do our jobs. That would be a perfect world but companies always think their getting cheated. The job was exempt and should of remained that way I think. Oh well. Have a great day everyone and think of me on monday! Should be interesting I think if nothing else I will come away feeling better about my own company and maybe that will be that??? But who knows maybe its a good idea??? Only time will tell!

07-21-2007, 07:09 PM
That makes no sense that they made you hourly Carol. Your job is exempt just by the work and the FLSA law that defines it. Silly people. Up until last June we had a problem worker in our office of 5 - she's thankfully moved on (and is annoying others as the rumors have it). I think that there's bad eggs everywhere, but the amount of their stench is probably different. Your egg is rotten. :) Happy Birthday!!!! too.

Judy, I've been busy with my Wing - I downloaded Pocket Quicken and have been playing with it. I love it and even DH didn't wince at the 40 buck price as it would have been so handy on vacation. I downloaded a program for calories and will play with it next.

We went to the mountain and let doggies run. Blizzard now has a weird sore on her foot and we're watching whether to bring her to the dr. (even the er doc tomorrow if necessary). Other than that, they had a blast. Got a 2 mile hike in. Then we went to a road district meeting at a neighbors and we road our bikes there. Tomorrow we're going to take the bikes into town and ride. DS2 wants to join us even at 7 am. Our favorite diner has re-opened after being closed for construction for a year so we're biking then having breakfast. Calories be damned for that. :) I will work on making up for it the rest of the day.

07-22-2007, 05:39 PM
Hi, Chitown, welcome to our little thread :welcome2:. It will be nice getting to know you. I'm a former Chicagoan, lived in Evanston and on the Far North Side for many years. I don't know what to do about the munchy workers. If they aren't pushing you to indulge, or for everyone to stop and eat just because one person did, you're already ahead of the game. I can hear my mom's voice: "just because everyone else is doing something, that doesn't mean you have to do it, too!" If you keep your goal front and center you will be fine.

Carol, it sounds like you had a nice b-day weekend. Good luck with the interview. It's good to have choices. I think that wherever you have people, you'll have a some nuttiness. The trick is to find a place that handles it well, and nips anything toxic in the bud.

Marie, you weekend plans sound healthy and fun. Sorry about poor Blizzzie, though. I will call about my MRI next week. Unless they tell me something startling, like my knee is falling off, I'm not going to start making appointments or anything until after vacation.

Penny, I have named my diet log "Coach," and am trying to give it a personality like that mean trainer on Celebrity Fit Club:drill:. Fuzzy just wasn't intimidating enought to be motivational.

Nikki, your BF sounds like a treasure. I hope you are done with the legal unpleasantness.

I have had a good weekend, chores, working out and eating on target (except for microwave popcorn last night). Today I did cardio and weights for an hour, had Eggbeaters with salsa and broccoli for a late b-fast, and a chicken and spinach Lean Cuisine with green beans for lunch. I was going to have quiet contemplative afternoon, but it sounds like new neighbors (with kids :eek:) are moving in down the hallway, so I will knock a few things off my to-do list, and play home spa this evening. I am back to the scale and the tape measure today, and feeling good about things.


07-22-2007, 08:10 PM
Hi All,

Judy sounds like a good weekend for you, like you're motivated to go with your coach. I did buy diet software for my Wing and desktop but I'm having trouble synching it. I think I'll like it when I get it to work... :)

We biked 12 miles. My butt is SO sore but it was a great time. Breakfast was good and I didn't overeat. I have to figure out the calories so I stay on track.

I forgot to post the previous day's stats yesterday so here are both...
Friday: 1611 calories, 1.2 miles walking, .3 miles jogging and 2 miles exercycling. Saturday: 1562 calories, biking .33 miles (itee bittee...), .25 miles swimming and 2 miles hiking. So far today I'm doing good and way too much exercise.

I've been busy today. We did the grocery shopping after the morning adventure, then laundry, clean the bathroom and floors, clean the bathroom and made fat-free banana bread. It'll be interesting to see how the changes effect the taste.

Well, have a good start to the week. We'll be thinking of you tomorrow Carol.

07-22-2007, 09:34 PM
Hi Ladies-

Judy- My boyfriend realy is great. We have to get a trial date for all this business but we are donr for the time being. Way to go on your eating well Judy :)

Marie-You are doing awesome so much exercise you go girl :carrot:

I had a good weekend. However, I did not get all my water in :( I will get it in the rest of the week though.


07-23-2007, 08:04 AM
Good morning girls well I am ready as I will be for my interview its been like 9 years since the last one. Then I was leaving a job I was at for 10 years too. But to continue to grow with an education that I finally accomplished. I figured out last night what I would need in order for it to be worth the change. Also want to hear more about their company. I ck'd it out online and its not so big in our area but is around in lots of states. So that is interesting its a contempory company maybe up to new thoughts and ideas? Not so mind set? But who knows? So I will go do the interview and then ask some questions they may not beable to meet what I need. But we will see nothing lost nothing gained etc. At the least I will of learned something more in life. Maybe in the end I will find the present company isn't so bad to work for. My caseload is important to me but in this field someone always could use your help. Vacations are so important to me at least to beable to have 2 weeks to go to see my kids. We will see I will fill yah all in later on. I feel pretty good this a.m. not nervous etc. But it will pass like wildfire as my coworker that I share an office with works at this place and is the person leaving to move out of state. Oh well never hurts to look right? Little late to think about that now anyways! I am a firm person that if you start something you should always follow through with it.
Today is the start to my new lifestyle being healthier. I am going to take my good friend with me on this journey. We are starting to exercise and eat healthy together. I am ready to make a difference and she is too. I will ck out the sites and come up with one that meets my needs.
Marie 12 miles wow I couldn't do that I don't think. Must of been rewarding in the end. My daughters new hubby bought her a nice new bike for her birthday. Really cool looking. I think thats nice. I need one too.
Nikki glad you and the boyfriend are doing so well. Thnks for the site.
Judy sounds like you so motivated and on a role. Now are you still doing south beach?
Penny you always are so up beat keep it up!
Off to do my hair and nails have a great day. I am off!!

07-23-2007, 12:17 PM
Carol - I hope you had a good birthday celebration. Good luck with the interview today. I'm sure you'll do great!

Nikki - I hope things go well for your bf. Sometimes difficulties of one kind or another bring us closer to the ones we love - kind of reminds us of our priorities.

Marie - You're doing great with the calories and exercise. How did the low cal banana bread turn out? Yes, our cat are more like dogs. They like to fetch and are very affectionate. Burmese cats are sometimes called "people in fur"! Teddy is pretty good about staying with us when we walk him round the house. He can't go out on his own because we have coyotes and big nasty feral cats around here.

Judy - Sounds like you are feeling upbeat and back on track. I hope the new neighbor's kids aren't too noisy.

I had a busy weekend with volunteering at the British Tea Tent at the Portland Highland Games. We were swamped with customers for our traditional baked goods and raised several thousand dollars for our causes. I was a bit bad snacking on the "rejects" so I'm going to have to be extra good this week to make up for it. The weather was cool (mid 70's) where it's often close to 100 deg. this time of the year.

Have a great week everyone!

07-23-2007, 12:29 PM
Carol- Good luck on your interview

Penny- That tea sounds lovely. I have been craving sweets lately. a nice homemade bread sounds divine. Anyway, sounds like you had great success in raising money. Way to go!


07-23-2007, 03:59 PM
Carol, I hope the interview went well! And how nice to have a good friend to be your healthy-weight buddy.

Marie, didn't you get the memo about Sunday being a day of rest?

Penny, I enjoy hearing about your cats. I fit the profile of a cat person, but alas, I have allergies. Plus most of my family members are violently anti-animals, they would never visit me. The British Tea Tent sounds like a ripping good time.

Nikki, I'm noticing how close your little froggie is to that lily pad on on the far right....

I earned a gold star yesterday. The hardest is convincing my tongue that my stomach isn't hungry in the evening, but I managed. Today I didn't have time for b'fast, so I ran out the door with a couple of slices of ham, and had half an apple and a cheese stick later on. Lunch was a cup of homage veggie soup and a chicken and spinach Lean Cuisine. I have almonds and carrots for the late afternoon crunchies. Tonight I'll have a salad and a beef patty for dinner, and maybe berries and cottage cheese for dessert. I'll confess if I stray from the plan. I did 50 minutes of cardio this morning, yaay for me.


07-23-2007, 11:46 PM
Hi everyone,

Carol, I hope the interview went well and that you sit in the driver's seat on making the choice.

Judy, good job on the tongue lashing to the tongue. :) I find convincing my tongue it doesn't need more is difficult. And the 50 mins of cardio is great. I did miss that day of rest memo. I always figure that I rest M-F since I have a desk job. I'm always exhausted by Sunday evening.

Nikki, I really can't believe they're pushing to a court date. If you could prove the meds are yours then what's the big deal??? You think it's because you're not married and he had them in his car? Regardless, that's just dumb.

Penny, the tea sounds wonderful and if you didn't know, baked items that are broken let all the calories escape and they're free. Oh how I wish... :)

Blizzard is having surgery tomorrow. The vet visit ($$$) was that she has a fox tail stuck between her toe and it's traveled up. They have to knock her out to try to dig it out and it's infected. My poor soul doggie...

I've been a lousy mood today regardless of the exercise whiched I'd hoped would knock me up. I felt better after the vet, knowing Blizzie will get better, but perhaps I was a bitt too worried???

Yesterday's stats: 1955 cals (but remember the bike ride and the restaurant... not too bad considering). 12 miles biking and 1.5 miles walking.

Today is looking very good stat wise.

07-24-2007, 06:29 AM

I do think it is because we are not married and the town he lives in apparently selling/ taking my pain pills is all the rage. People really need to get lives !
Way to go on your biking my gosh you must be so toned. I am going to need to start doing some cardio. I havent been able to swim since I hurt my arm. Thursday I get my botox tratment. As soon as the after effects wear off I need to fiure out easy cardio that wont hurt me.


07-24-2007, 07:27 AM
Well girls I went for the interview and it sounds good if they can meet my requirements for the pay. I think its a good choice. I asked for more income as the vacation time isn't as good. But the flex time and not being watched over every second makes up for it. I would work 40 hrs. with a paid lunch like we used to get at my current job. I would travel time cut of 15 min. in good weather in and back. Pretty much my own boss most of the time. Caseload would have more mental health but some MR too and a smaller caseload due to MH folks. Wow someone recognizes you need a smaller load. Thats something. Anyways it went really well the money at this point is the issue. If they can't give me really close to what I want it might not be for me. I don't want to go backwards but forward. Less office stress though only me doing this job and one p.t. person. So my office would be quiet no high school crabbing to deal with or hear. Wow an adult office and real drinking water, better working conditions etc. So we will see if they can meet my demand she seemed quite interested and actually had ck'd into who I was before the review. I started to fill her in and she said due to my contacts already your reputation speaks for itself. A few contacts told her she would be lucky to get me. Now thats the way to start an interview huh? But the income needs to be what I need too. Time will tell lets see what they come up with. Other benefits are equal to mine and health ins. after 2 yrs. is at no cost to me. Now thats something! On the diet end didn't count cals. but lets see if I can head figure them out here. About 1450 not too bad. No exercise though and I got to get into that. If I take this new job I can actually walk during my lunchtime another little plus. Bad area where I currently work. Time will tell. Penny your tea sounds like a lovely thing to be helping with good for you. Judy wow your so motivated rub some of that onto me okay. Nikki when my sister was younger something similar happened when they crossed the border. They were treated differently due to their age and fades at that time. People can miss judge someone so quickly shame on them. I am sure it will all work out but who would of thought it would be an issue? Something innocent sent to a different level. Thinking about yah! Marie I am with you lets get this going girl friend. Your ahead of me with the exercise you and Judy are going to have to send some my way. Well catch yah all later got to get ready for a conference day out of the office.

07-24-2007, 04:49 PM
This will have to be quick: Carol, great interview! You know, if this job doesn't fit your requirements, someone else will. But if you were clear on your financial needs I bet this new place will try to match it.

Nikki, I hadn't realized that your arm was still bothering you. I hope you find a good workout alternative soon.

Marie, I hope that Blizzie's surgery went well.

Penny, we're having unseasonably cool weather here, too, which is delightful. The humidity is on its way back, but it was nice while it lasted. It can be steaming again next week, when we're at the beach.

Today is a bit frantic, trying to do as many things as I can before leaving for two weeks. This has been an okay eating day, and I passed up the ice cream we had for an ex-colleague's birthday. I didn't work out this morning, but if I can leave at a reasonable hour this evening I will have time to do something when I get home. In the morning I'll do laundry, clean up and pack. I will check in every couple of days--and I'll take the Coach with me.

Hang in there--judy

07-24-2007, 05:54 PM
Judy, I hope you and Coach have a successful trip together. I swear, traveling is torture for a dieter. Blizzie's still at the vet. Dr. did call me mid-surgery and believes the foxtail had migrated out a long path. But she said Blizzie's tonsil was still very swollen so she asked if she could remove it to have it biopsied. I said yes and now I'll be nervous. Blizzie is my soul doggie and means the world to me. Getting her out of the house this morning was quite comical as I still had to feed and water Kodiak and he was mad when I let her out the front door and not him. I'm thinking he wouldn't be jealous now. Poor blizzie will have a sore paw and won't be able to swallow. I think she'll get plenty of ice cream tonight.

BTW, Blizzie had lost 3 pounds on her diet since April - BETTER THAN ME... At one point not as good as me but alas, travel did me in... The dr. was very pleased and said to keep at it that she'd healthier for it.

Carol, congrats on the FABULOUS interview. My fingers are crossed that they'd come to your financial amount as the environment sounds much better. Judy is right, keep your options open if this one doesn't work out as it's clear your reputation proceeds you and will open doors.

Nikki, narrow-indedness that will be forever on your BF's record - even if it's "wiped" clean. There's always a trail. I agree, those that are addicted to street pain meds need to get a life.

I did walk 1.7 miles today. .7 with Blizzie and Kody (had to be short so Blizzie wouldn't get dehydrated because of the surgery and no water) and 1 mile on the treadmill.

Yesterday's stats: 1562 calories, 1.5 mile walking and 1/4 mile swimming.

Nikki, I do think I'm very toned - under the layers of fat and skin. But "I" know I'm much fitter even if the skin hides it. :)

Back to the office grind...

07-24-2007, 08:23 PM
Judy - Good for you earning a gold star and for all that cardio! :carrot: I know what you mean by convincing my tongue that my stomach isn't hungry! My mouth has a mind of it's own! :lol:

Marie - I hope Blizzie is doing ok. It must be very worrying for you. I bet she will enjoy the ice cream treat. Oh how I wish broken cookies had no calories! That goes for "samples" too!

Nikki - Sorry to hear your arm is still sore, I hope it gets better soon. I need to do more cardio too. My workouts are on the weight machines at Curves and I don't seem to be able to get my heart rate up any more. I guess I'm also averse to breaking a sweat! The only thing I can do to get my heart rate up is the exercise bike :ebike: (which I hate) as I can't walk long enough to get my pulse higher.

Carol - Congratulations on the great interview. It sounds like you are in a very good bargaining position - either with your present employer or the prospective one.

I went to lunch with some girlfriends today and managed not to have dessert, even though the restaurant is famous for them. I had a half rosemary chicken sandwich and soup. They are also famous for their soup and I had the Hungarian Mushroom. It was very good and I'm going to try and make some at home. I made some homemade tomato basil soup last week and it turned out really well. I still have about 4 servings left in the freezer. That's what I like about making soup - you get enough for several meals.

07-25-2007, 08:26 AM
Girls my attitude with the job is nothing lost nothing gained. It is a waiting game its hard with non for profit as sometimes they try to pay lower and want to stick to their budget. But this is a bigger company not in our area so much but in other states. I went to a ADA conference yesterday and retention was part of the subject and they were stating that its such a loss when people move on to another company. That retention is so important and the knowledge lost which a person has from their experience isn't always replaceable. I sat there thinking hum! Maybe they should tell some management people that in order to keep people things need to be changed and not so laid out all the time. Time will tell and if I don't get this I will keep my eyes open for other companies. It wasn't to bad going for an interview I was comfortable with the process.
Marie hope your doggies is okay and home soon! Bear went to the groomers and looks like a rat his fur smooth as can be. Left his ears longer and gave him his eye brows and a little spike but everything else is gone. Cute but in the fall I will have my fluffy dog with longer fur.
Judy you are doing great with coach. Keep it up. Where are you going this time? Penny tht chicken sounded good. I have fresh rosemary in my garden maybe I will make some of that. I made an omelet this morning and put it in a wrap with veggies and a little ham. I saved half for thurs. breakfast at work. That way I can get in on time and have it there. My calories for tues. appox. 1650 for cals. A bit high but I ate some nuts. Between the salt on the nuts and a ham that was to be low sodium my salt intake was high I think? Having a yogurt this a.m. too trying to add in more dairy. Kondike sugar free bar was added in my yesterdays cals too. I like them hopefully their okay what do you all think. On the sugar free list diary and oh yeah there is choc. but isn't that suppose to be good for us a little that is? Talk to you all soon.

07-25-2007, 09:23 AM
Judy- Good luck with the traveling try to enjoy.

Marie- How is Blizzie today? Marie you are doing awesome girl keep it up!

Penny-Rosemary chicken is delicious! The soups sound amazing I've been craving soup this week. I guess because I have tonsilitous. It has been reaal hard to stay on atkins while sick but I am managing. I just want a big bowl of ice cream LOL.

Carol- What is used in the klondaike bar in replace of the sugar? If it is sugar alcohols be careful they are known to trigger cravings in some people. Otherwise one once in awhileshould not be an issue.

I had my weekly weigh in today. I maintained which is fine by me :) I have been sick since Friday. I think I just ran myself down and the stress did not help. Went to the doctor yesterday and he thinks I may have asthma. Fun Fun.


07-25-2007, 05:35 PM
Happy Wednesday,

Things are going okay. I got a bunch done this morning at work and will get back at it after a quick post. Blizzie is doing really good. I didn't walk them this morning as it's too soon, but I'm going to fit Blizzie with the harness so I can start walking her again tomorrow. I can't use a collar with the tonsilectomy. Nikki, sounds like you could use one of those too. Her paw looks pretty good too. It was so sad, I walked into the dr. office and she was in the back howling. As I talked to the dr. and paid the bill, she just kept howling. Then after she sees me, not another peep. She was a sad doggie.

Carol, I've had the sugar free Klondikes and they are very yummy. I think their in the 150 cal range but well worth it. You deserved it. I don't think I'd like my doggies groomed to look like rat. Talk the groomer and tell them to leave more furn next time. Sounds like they nearly shaved Bear.

Nikki, good job on not gaining. As is the case with traveling, I use illness as free rein to eat so you're way ahead of me on that.

Penny, please send me the recipe you used for the Tomato Basil. I've tried to find a good one and have come up empty. That's my favorite soup in the whole world. The rosemary chicken sandwich sounds good and good for you passing on the desserts. Like traveling and illness, lunching with friends is another good opportunity to cheat.

So because I couldn't walk the doggies and DGS is visiting tonight, I decided to swim for exercise this morning. All was ok in the 55 degree temps as the water was warm, but the pool light stopped working and the electrical stuff that runs the fiber smelled like fire. So I got out of the pool and turned it back off. In the 1/2 mile I swam I only bumped the walls about 3 times. BTW, the walls and bottom are white and oh I wish I had lines in my pool...

Yesterday's stats: I believe about 1540 but I left my Wing at home with the calorie tracker. I walked 1.6 miles in the morning and was a bum the rest of the day. No swimming and it was hot out. Sometimes I just don't make sense. :)

Judy, hope all is good.

07-25-2007, 09:01 PM
Marie - Here is the recipe for the cream of tomato soup. I converted it from a Fannie Farmer recipe:

Makes about 7 cups:

2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon Better than Bouillon Chicken Stock paste (or any other kind of chicken stock cube)
1/2 cup chopped onion
4 tablespoons flour
4 cups milk
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda (stops milk from curdling)
3 cups tomatoes, chopped (fresh or canned). I used two large cans of petite cut tomatoes.

Melt the butter in a soup pot. Add the onion and cook over medium heat, stirring, until the onion is softened but not browned. Sprinkle the flour over the butter mixture and continue to stir and cook for 1 to 2 minutes. Slowly add the milk, bay leaf, sugar, bouillon cube/paste and salt and continue to cook and stir until slightly thickened. Stir the baking soda into the tomatoes. Add the tomatoes to the milk, and bring just to a simmer. Remove bay leaf and blend till smooth. You may want to put about a cup of the soup aside before it's blended and add the chunky bits back in, if you like it that way. Julienne about 10 fresh basil leaves and add it to the soup before serving. Taste and correct seasonings. I like to serve mine with a swirl of half & half or cream.

P.S. I love the Better Than Bouillon chicken or beef stock for soups and sauces, it's a bit spendy but makes a big difference in taste, in my opinion. I buy mine at Fred Meyers but most grocery stores carry it.

07-26-2007, 07:41 AM
Nikki sorry to hear your not feeling so well. You do need some soup. Summer time is the worst time for feeling yukky. Feel better soon.
Marie burr weren't you frozen or did you have your wet suit on? I haven't been swimming as much as normal this year. The weather has been really strange. Today though is to be in the 80's. My mom will be staying with me til sunday. She had to spend one night in the hospital after her heart testing they found a blockage of 80's percent in on arterey. They fix it right away and she will most likely feel a bit better too. Could of been having symptons and her not knowing it. So I spent my day at the hospital. Not a good eating day with that and homemade pizza for dinner. I will jump back on today.My back is a bit sore today but we walked some hills near the hosipital yesterday to go to the store. But I need to really get into the exercises the therapist gave me. My sister also told me yesterday who is honoring my gym pass and its a different way home but would work out for me so I will start that on friday. But today with mom just coming I better come home to relieve everyone else. Healthy dinner planned for tonight. Penny I wrote down your recipe and will give it a whirl. Sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing. I think our newbie lost her way back it can be so tricky. Have a good day.

07-26-2007, 01:17 PM
Hi all, there are days this is not my favorite site. I just had a nice post and it disappeared. I realized I hadn't put yesterday's stats in so I was going to edit it and it was gone. :(

So I'll try again.

I did take the doggies for a short walk this morning but Blizzie starting looking tired so I turned us back home. Probably about a mile - short exercise for me - but I'll swim a half mile instead of a quarter tonight. Blizzie is recovering really nicely. Saturday we're going to the vets to have the chip implanted on both doggies so I never lose them. DH wasn't so please about more $$$ but it's on 42 each and the annual license is cheaper for chipped doggies so it'll pay for itself.

Yesterday's stats: 1598 cals and 1/2 mile swimming.

I played with DGS lots last night and chatted with DS1. The company that he accepted a job with called and asked to change his start date of 9/24 to 8/13. So he'll be leaving early. At least DS2 conditioned me a little for the kids moving away. I will sorely miss DGS though. DGS will be back this weekend as DS1 and DH are going to work on repainting DS1's car.

Penny, thanks so much for posting the recipe. I'll print it out and get the ingedients. I'm so excited to try it. I agree that real beef or chicken base rocks over that icky boullion. I learned at just a few years ago. Hope all is going good with you.

Nikki, I hope your recovering quickly.

Carol, my thoughts are with you and your mom. I hope she improves quickly. Have you heard anything about the job??? I know what you mean about newbies. Most often they post only once or twice. I know it's bad of me, but I never expect them to stay. We've got a great core group here but more would be merrier.

Time to work, talk to you tomorrow.

PS Penny I just added the recipe to my calorie calculator and if there's 7 cups, each cup is 116 calories (made with skim milk)

07-26-2007, 06:42 PM
Nikki - I hope you're feeling better. I love ice cream too but it's just a ''once in a while" treat for me when we're out. I'd eat the whole container if I had it at home.

Carol - I'm glad they discovered your Mom's heart condition early so they can fix it before it causes a problem. You must be dealing with quite a bit of stress lately with one thing and another. I hope you get some smooth sailing soon!

Marie - I'm glad Blizzie is getting better. It's a good idea to get chips in them, it makes it so much easier to identify them if they get lost. It must be a bit sad for you with your DS1 and family moving away. I hope it's not too far. Thanks for figuring out the calories for the soup. It's lower than I thought it would be and very filling. We had some yesterday for supper with some cheese toast - yum!

I've been doing some clothes shopping for my trip to the uk in September. I'm trying to pack as light as possible so I'm getting things that mix-and-match. I figured I had better hurry up and get some more warm weather clothes as most of the stores are already stocking up with their winter gear! We are lucky to have a Columbia Sportwear outlet store right nearby and I got a really nice top for $6.50 which was originally $30!

07-27-2007, 07:53 AM
Well girls the company seems quite interested in hiring me. I got a phone call at work yesterday and she gave me an update. One of the higher ups came into town and he told her there was no need for a second interview he was impressed with me info. etc. So now she is just trying to get the funds I requested and meet what I asked for to complete the process. If that happens I think this will be it. She said I was her #1 choice and thats what she wants. The main office for Human Resource Dept. is in New Jersey. So she is waiting for someone there to get back to her. The first 3 months will be tough with insurance and no time off really but a flexible schedule more income in the long run. The vacation isn't as good but the atmosphere a better one and 14 miles a day less driving, paid lunch which makes my day .5 shorter. I checked on the benefits their 403B or something like that over exceeds mine with matching 1.5 to my one. Not so bad mine is .5 to my one. So some good some okay stuff its something I am feeling is right if they match what I have requested. The pity stuff in my office will always be there and its beyond the norm for most places. I am not getting any younger and making a change now makes more sense to me. So what do you all think have I lost my mind or been pushed to far by stress at work or am I making a good move. Ot will give me 2.5 hrs less work time a week and appox. 3 hrs. less driving time with city traffic no major highways in the winter. Thanks as always for being my sounding board. I do value all of you. On the diet end I did well yesterday. Around 1500 cals. The new job I could actually walk on my lunchtime good nieghborhood. Taking my stuff for the gym today and will stop on the way home. Mom is staying with us until sunday. Her hearing is so much worse than I had thought. She is always grateful for our help and I am glad she is comfortable in our home. Penny I need to clothes shop too. I want some choc. pants for work and that pretty blue that goes so nicely with it. Marie thanks for the break down on the soup. I am going to make some as well. Take care girls.

07-27-2007, 12:54 PM

I'm very glad that it's the end of the week. Still loads to do at work, but I love Fridays! I took the doggies out for the 1.5 mile walk. Blizzie had her tail up and wagging the whole time so we did the whole thing. She's doing great. I don't think she'll appreciate going back to the vet tomorrow but Kodiak will be going with her so maybe she won't cry.:shrug:

Yesterday I caved to a desire and had a small DQ blizzard with all its 500+ calories. When my friend and I were waiting for them I felt guilty and she said swim a few extra laps. So I had this great idea - I'll swim a mile (freestyle/crawl). So I started on my quest after work. Wow, that's a long way. I was feeling it by the end but I succeeded. I've never done freestyle the whole way. In the couple times I've gone that far, I've added side stroke, breast stroke, etc to make it easier. So I did something new. :swim: BTW, the blizzard was worth it. So yesterday's stats: 1803 cals (the swimming supposedly was worth 618 cals so I made up for the blizzard). Swim 1 mile and walk 1 mile.

Carol, I think you're making the right choice. If you were being impulsive, you'd have jumped ship at whatever $$$ they offered. You stood up for your worth and if it all works out, your stress will be reduced in so many ways. I'm proud of you for taking this chance. Good job on the cals by the way.

Penny, I LOVE :love: Columbia Sportswear outlets in the Portland area. I have loads of their stuff and only one item of theirs not but at an outlet. You'll get great summer clothes there, that's for sure. DS1 is moving to San Diego about 800 miles / easy 12 hour drive. Not too bad and I LOVE the ocean and I'll visit often.

Time to work but I'll check in tomorrow. I hope Nikki and Judy are doing great.

07-27-2007, 02:05 PM

I seemed to have missed a lot! I just have a moment, I'm at a public computer. I've been ignoring my Coach, who's been languising reproachfully in my bag. But I have mostly made good choices while staying at my mom's.

I will be back later today or tomorrow...

07-28-2007, 08:23 AM
Marie sounds like it was worth the cals. Yummy stuff. Sometimes as long as your in control its okay and sounds like you knew what the cals were and followed up with a great swim. As far as the job goes I know at my present job things will happen then get better for awhile then right back to where they were again. The stress isn't on the job as much as the petty junk that goes on in the office and new rules on a regular basis. I hear its not that way everywhere and it wasn't at my last job. Your always going to get someone whom dislikes you or whatever but it doesn't become unbearable. Maybe if they meet my demand it just shows to me well its ment to be and I should take it. I did take a half of day off yesterday using some personal time and then took off another personal on tues. I had 16 hrs of that left and if I go it gets lost on my end. So I figure might as well use it up. Also I figured use it up and if I don't leave its no big deal either I still have vac. etc. But some of my coworkers are also looking for other employment as well one has been for awhile but more leads currently another friend has been there as long as me. To think of working under these conditions for another 12-14 years is crazy. If this doesn't work out I think its time to look other places as well. This was just closer to home and a smaller caseload. But the difference in caseload is reflected in a more active need too. So it balances out equal most likely. Oh well only time will come. I just read their fiscal year started July 1st. So maybe the approval for funds will be there easier than the end of a year? She has told me more than she has needed to so it makes me think it could be a go soon but I could be wrong. The worst thing will be telling my families and clients. I may have some follow me who knows?
Judy where are you today? Your like Waldo in the book always moving places and people not knowing where you are. At any rate I hope you follow your coach or at least let him out of your bag leave him on your dresser in the room visual is always helpful. Good luck. I have a baby shower and a picnic today. Plans to Kayak on sunday hopefully its been awhile my back is quite sore today but maybe exercise will help me. Take care girls have some fun. Didn't count cals yesterday but here is my thoughts egg roll for breakfast and lunch and a hard boiled egg, some fruit, salad with light KEN'S LIME DRESSING oh so tasty, then a crisp chicken small sandwich at burgerking last night left part of the roll and a homemade choc. chip cookie. First time I baked in awhile SIL b-day. The children stopped in and stayed with pop and I and so our dinner went to them and we ended up getting BK. Crazy evening! BK is something so rare around here for me. Crazy I tell yah and not so healthy either. So not sure what I really had. So now that I look at the whole picture it was not a good cal day at all! Better day today I will becareful even though I have events going on. looking at that intake just woke me up!!!!!

07-28-2007, 05:21 PM
Happy weekend all, I'm thinking a cat-nap might be in order this afternoon. A nice lazy summer day is really nice. We did do all the in town stuff this morning with the doggies and they were very good. Blizzie was definitely traumatized from earlier this week. She was scared to go back. The vet was great and played with her on the floor and then Bliz didn't even know the chip had been implanted. Hopefully that helps for future visits. Kody loves going there. He's a goofy boy.

Yesterdays stats: 1680 calories, 1.5 miles walking and .5 mile swimming. I guess I couldn't resist keeping on swimming. It was hot out and I didn't want to get out of the pool. It's hard to just play with the stupid swim cap so I just kept going. And my hair isn't green.

The vet called and Kodiak is no longer anemic. That was a good news call. :)

Carol, I agree about not staying in the current job if the pain in the butt person doesn't leave. So keep looking if this one doesn't turn out but I bet it will.

Judy, it's very bad to ignore one's coach...


07-29-2007, 11:21 PM
Where's Waldina? She was in OH with family for a few days, back home this weekend with my not-so-little nieces, and headed to the beach on Monday, where she'll be through Friday. My nieces are very excited about doing so many new things.

Marie, I'm glad the doggies are both better. It's so hard when they can't express themselves with words, and youcan't explain why you're making them do these scary things. I'm sure they are happy to have you for their human.

Carol, I hope your back allowed you to go kayaking today. Did you have a nice time with your mom?

Penny, thanks for the recipe! I love pretty much anything with tomatoes. This is gazpacho season, so I will be whipping out the Cuisinart when I get back.

Nikki, it's always something, isn't it? I hope you're okay.

I haven't been too far off program. My nieces have horrible eating habits, and it shows--they are very overweight. It's not their fault, the adults around them have created this problem. At my sister's on Friday, dinner consisted of take-out fried chicken, mac and cheese, cole slaw, pepperoni pizza and green beans. I am trying to set a good example without being all Food Police about it, but it's hard.

Gotta finish packing. I won't be here everyday, but I'll check in whenever I can. Keep up the good energy! My Coach is annoyed with me, I'm sure, but he knows I'll come back to him soon...


07-30-2007, 07:42 AM
Okay girls I overate this weekend parties, chinese and then got on the scary scale this morning. Maybe part of the #'s were salty wt. But what the heck no way will I keep it where it is. I have slacked off big time and feel it. So now I am going to use the scale daily to get myself back on the road of recovery I feel like an AA meeting is needed but a health one in stead off the wagon I was I tell yah. OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This isn't a good thing I think I let the stress go to my old habits so now more than ever I need to get on track no matter what event is going on no more excuses allowed. I am counting cals on paper not in the head to easy to get off track. Exercise is a must somehow daily. I did start my day with my back exercises today and am off to the gym after work today. I will start off slower and increase my time throughout the week. I was to have pday on tues but one of my clients dad died so I may have to attend the calling hrs. out of respect. I will see how it goes or a nice card and a phone call. Maybe I will just see if she needs me for anything today instead or just to talk. At any rate I will fit in my exercise. I MANAGED TO GET IN A SHORT TIME OF KAYAKING TODAY AND HAVE PLANS OF GOING OUT ON TUES. Another must! My mom went home yesterday a.m. and we did have a good time with each other even with all my running in and out. My sister returned and lives tight next door to mom so that helps alot. Mom's hearing is really not so good now I know how bad it is. But she's a doll just a sweet old lady my best friends mom is kind of mean an not so nice at times. I am blessed in that area of my life. Marie glad your puppy is doing better sounds like a good vet. Bear is really cute but still gets into trouble on a daily basis like a naughy kid. He is so lucky I love him!
Judy sounds like your staying on board with your diet unlike me going off board into the drink and feeling like I am ready to sink. I have set out my life saver and ready to swim back to healthy eating and a better lifestyle no more funny business!!! Well I have a meeting with my boss today and she is going to address a reoort that I handed in a bit late for as much paperwork as we do sometimes one or two things may get over looked, so a plan to ensure it doesn't happen will be put in place. I willnot tell her yet that Iam looking for another job unless she got wind and ask me directly. Time will tell. I should know by tues. about the other job offer just waiting for them to work out the funds. If not I will continue to ck out other places I think. Somethings at my job will never change its mtg. stuff. Well here's to a new start and its monday what a great day to start my healthy quest on !!!!

07-30-2007, 09:52 AM
Hi Ladies-

I'm going to mak this short as I'm not feeling well. I had a botox treatment thursday and haven't had a chance to rest yet. My boss called this mornin and broke her ankle so I won't be working this week as she will be home with her son. Luckily she said she will still pay me. This weekend after my injections I decided to take the weekend off of Atkins. All the stress of everything finally got to me and I wanted a weekend to eat what I wanted. Today I am back on track though. I havent peeked at a scale yet but I am going to be ok with whatever it says.


07-30-2007, 01:39 PM
Morning all,

Carol, sounds like you do need to keep your options open at your present job. Overworking people always results into problems. I'll never get why people don't realize that. Our fingers are crossed about the new job and that they find the funds.

BTW, DS1, DH and I will be going kayaking on the Rogue River on Friday. DS2 suggested it for my birthday and HE forgot to ask for it off. So he's not going but the rest of us are. :) Sort of funny but that is truly DS2 - he never remembers to ask for days off and usually forgets holidays and birthdays (unless they directly result in gifts for him). So he doesn't get to have fun and we do. It's sort of appropriate since he's an airhead.

More doggie woes. Kodiak has a sore on his chest that we're watching. I'm hoping it's not a foxtail that worked it's way in but there's a possibility. I swear I should just sign my paycheck over to the vet. But Blizzard is doing great so that's good.

Nikki, I hope you start feeling better. Get out a floating lounge chair and float in your pool. That will relax you and maybe make you feel a tad better.

Judy, don't you hate watching parents give their kids crap??? After fighting with my weight all my life, it just irks me that people stupidly put their child into that same battle. My kids aren't healthy eaters by any stretch, but I sure did give them healthy foods and never pushed food at them. They're both skinny sticks and very healthy. At least I stopped my family's food obsession in my kids generation. I think about food all the time and I know that's inherited from my childhood. Visiting my parents always clarifies just where my problem originated. During the current meal the next on is being planned. You poor nieces are probably set for life for the weight battle. Enjoy the beach.

Penny, I hope all is well.

I took today off and am going to play around. We did the bike ride again yesterday and paid attention to the mile markers. The ride was 16 miles, not 12 as I said last week. I was exhausted yesterday so I'm a bum today.

Yesterdays stats: don't know the cals as I haven't finished putting them in but about 1700. 16 miles biking, .75 walking, and .25 swimming. My own mini triatholon.

Sats stats: 1600 cals, 1.5 miles walking. And a great cat-nap. ;)

Well, time to play or goof off (usually one in the same).

07-30-2007, 05:46 PM
Carol - I hope you have a good time kayaking - you deserve to have some fun. It sounds like you are really motivated so you'll be seeing some lower numbers on the scale soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the new job prospect works out in your favor.

Marie - Sorry to hear that Kody now has a problem. I don't exactly know what a "foxtail" is. Sounds like something your pups need to keep away from! Kayaking on the Rogue sounds like fun, so long as it's not Class V's! I'd like to do some bike riding too - maybe when I lose a bit more weight. We have some nice trails around here and it would be a good way to get some low impact exercise.

Judy - I know what you mean about families having a bad influence food-wise. My Mom still strongly believes that food=love. I'm kind of dreading the food aspect of my trip in September, she'll be very hurt if I don't stuff my face at every meal! :lol: I may have to resort to making up some food "allergies"!

Nikki - Sorry to hear you're under the weather. At least you don't have to work this week. I hope you get to enjoy your time off. Taking a weekend off plan isn't a bad thing. We all need a little splurge now and then, so long as we get back on track.

I did a lot of yard work on the weekend and also some clothes shopping, which I usually hate. This time I found some really nice tops to take on my trip. It makes it so much easier now I can shop in the regular sizes. It's funny, I still feel like a bit of an intruder looking at the smaller sizes. When I was bigger I felt very self-conscious when looking in the regular size depts. I'm still not losing, so I'm going to have to refocus on what I'm eating and try to get more exercise.

07-31-2007, 07:43 AM
Nikki we all need a break once in awhile and as long as you jump back on quick enough you should be okay. What ever your scale says it might of been worth the little time off. I used my scale today and was down 2 lbs. from yesterday so some of my wt. was water wt. thank goodness. So I am still not happy but better than I thought. For a bit its an everyday ck to get myself back on track. Yesterdays cals 1400 and I tracked on my new little chart I created on my computer with exercise and stress level and cals for each day on it. I also did some exercise too. Wed. I am taking a PD instead of today due to a clients father passing and calling hrs. I felt should be attended. No word on the job yet but if its ment to be it will is how I am thinking. Nothing ck'd nothing gained. If I don't get this I think it would be wise to continue to ck other options out. At least I know that its possible to make a change if its what I want and desire. Maybe I will take the county test when it comes up but it would be a pay cut in the beginning. Who knows options! Marie I will be kayaking with a friend on the Moose River wed. in Old Forge the Adirondack area about 1.5 hrs. away. We will leave early in the a.m. and have a nice breakfast there. Decided to rent kayaks as she doesn't have one and it will be easier to just pay the funds then load mine etc. We will pack a nice picnic lunch and have that off shore some place. Hopefully we will have a great time and a much needed stressless day. She is my best friend never kayaked before but canoes so she should be fine. Not to worry just enjoy what ever our day brings our way. We will stop at a few little shops too. Penny talking about shopping good for you my picking in my closet is getting slim I need to buy a few new things for next year now and some new fall clothes. That is a good goal for me if I lose 4lbs. this month I get to shop for me. What a great idea a reward system might be in order. I should burn a few cals on the river wed. Marie poor Kody never a dull one huh? My thoughts are with you and hope he will be fine. Enjoy your day off to the water ways and enjoy what ever wildlife comes your way. That is one of the nice things about being out on the water checking out nature and things we just normally take for granted. Great calorie burner too. Have fun!

07-31-2007, 09:57 AM
Carol - go you on 2 lbs water weight or not a 2lb loss is a 2 lb loss. I will weigh myself thursday. I just want to give my body a few days back on track before weighing in.

Penny- Way to go on the shopping and tops :) Doesn't it feel great to get cute clothes.

Marie-How is kodiak doing today? Enjoy your trip it sounds fun.


07-31-2007, 02:26 PM
Hi all, I'm back at work today but not too interested in doing my job, hence I'm here. But I'll get to it soon. :)

Kody is about the same, I don't know whether a dr. appointment is warranted yet. I'm out of $$$ so I'd like not to. I'm applying the goo prescribed to goldie in the past so I'm hoping that will take care of it.

We went biking again yesterday. From DQ and back was 9 miles - almost made up for the cals eaten at DQ. BTW, it was great. According to my new database program, I ate 2321 cals and expended 728 in exercise. So I guess it wasn't too bad. I also walked 2 miles in the morning. today will be less exercise and definitely less eating. :) We bought a new seat for my bike (actually DS1 is buying it from my bday present so I don't get if for a few days). I'm hoping that will help on the sore seatbones.

This morning I bought DH and I season passes to Mt Shasta (the ski area we visited most last year). The early bird special ends today and I want to not pay attention to the cost next year, so I did it - paid the $$$. Now winter isn't quite as hateful as usual. :)

Nikki, I decided I hate my scale - even on it's occasional nice days. I don't blame you for waiting a couple days. I hope you're feeling better.

Penny, interesting your feelings about shopping in the reg size area. Anytime I wander into a plus size I feel like an intruder even if my mind still thinks that's where I belong. I once had a plus size saleswoman (read not girl) tell me I was in the wrong dept. I wasn't sure whether to kiss or scowl at her. I guess it was a compliment but my body image will probably always see the fatty.

Carol, enjoy the kayaking with your friend. I'm really looking forward to Friday's adventure. But first 3 days of work. Which I'm now ready to get back to...