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05-17-2007, 09:52 PM
I don't know if there's enough of a demand for it yet, but I figured maybe we could use an official stabilization thread. That way, those of us who are on stabilization can discuss all of the crazy new challenges that we're facing, and everyone is welcome to ask and answer questions about the second phase of the LAWL journey!

I got impatient and asked to be switched to stabilization today, and I have to admit, I'm overwhelmed! I was unlucky enough to end up with the one girl at the COD that I can't stand; she's friendly enough with most people, but with me she's cold as ice and I get the feeling she couldn't care less about my progress. So she practically throws the new diary and booklets at me and leaves me confused and speechless.

Of course, I'm going to go over all of the info with someone who doesn't want me to fail when I go in again next week, and I'm even thinking about stopping in tomorrow just to make sure I have it straight. However, I figure I might be able to get some info from the knowledgeable individuals here to tide me over.

I was given the "Maintaining for Life" food guide, with pretty much every food in existence, good and bad, listed along with exchanges. It was my understanding from previous conversations that I wasn't supposed to use it until maintenance, and during stabilization I was supposed to stick to the weight loss plan (in my case, blue), but increase the number of exchanges. However, I've been reading through my new "Free to Live" binder, and it says on page 3, "While on the Stabilization plan: The servings for some foods have changed from Weight Loss. Use the servings listed for Stabilization and Maintenance." If that's the case, does that mean that I have the green light for ALL of the foods in the MFL book? Or should I just use it to revise the serving sizes of foods I was already allowed to have during weight loss?

If it's the first one, that kinda scares me. As much as I've been whining about missing my old foods lately, I'm not sure if I'm ready for fettucini alfredo and french fries yet. So much responsibility! And I'm getting kinda freaked out about possibly regaining! For me, week one is unlimited veggies, which won't be a problem. Week two is an extra dairy. Week three is an extra fat (and it would be an extra half-protein if I was on green, gold or purple). Then it gets complicated.

Week four, I get an extra fruit... but only if I'm within 3 pounds of my heaviest week 1 weight! Week 5, I can have an extra starch (which I'm REALLY looking forward to!), but again, only if I'm within 3 pounds of my highest week 1 weight. If I didn't get the extra fruit in week 4, then I can choose between the fruit and the starch in week 5. Then week 6, I get one more fat, but again, only if I'm within 3 lbs. If I missed either the fruit or the starch in weeks 4 and 5, then I can choose between fruit, starch and fat.

I know this is a rather long and frantic post, but this has me pretty worried. I was sooo excited for it, and now it's here and I'm terrified! HELP!!! :?:

05-18-2007, 12:15 AM
Oh, and also I noticed that in the stabilization/maintenance booklet, the exchange for half a bagel is 2 starches; I'm really hoping that's a typo, but somehow I doubt it. Anyone know for sure?

05-18-2007, 08:59 AM
I am on week 4 of stabilization too. I am on the gold plan so I do get the 1/2 protein (which is wonderful for me).They told me to follow the portions for the food plan that I was already on (gold). Just because you get the extra food doesn't mean you have to eat unlimited vegetables, extra dairy, extra fruit or starch or whatever every day. It just means that you can have them if you want too. You need to eat the requirements for your plan and add the extras if you feel like you want them. It does help to get the same COD every time too. To keep adding the extras you have to be within 3 lbs of the highest weight you had in week one. It helps to keep track of your weight in your diary just for yourself. As for the bagel. A 2oz bagel still counts as one starch. I have one almost every day with PBand J. I hope this rambling helps. I too am a little worried that I will gain it back or lose the control I feel with the plan. But so far so good. I was shocked that I have actually lost a little bit more even witht the increased food.

05-18-2007, 09:31 AM
So I called my COD this morning and asked to speak to Chantale (my favourite, she's always so helpful!), and asked her all of the questions that were plaguing my mind. She told me ABSOLUTELY NOT to use the "Maintaining for Life" guide yet; that's for maintenance only. So I'm sticking to my same foods and portion sizes from the blue plan, which is fine by me. I told her I was still freaking out about maintenance, and she was able to calm me down and reassure me that, when I get there, they'll explain everything and it won't be so scary anymore, but until then to just forget all about it. So I'm feeling much better, and I think my panic attack is subsiding :p

Sometimes I find it REALLY hard to just give in and trust the plan. Dave knocked some sense into me last night, when he told me that I was the same way (panicky and skeptical to the max!) when I started phase 1, too, but look at the results! That calmed me down a bit too. I just need to relax and trust that all of the dieticians and counselors know what they're doing. And I have to keep choosing "good" foods to make sure that I don't gain more than 3 lbs, and as a reward I'll get extra food. This is a much more manageable challenge than it would have been if all of that other crazy food and larger serving sizes had been added in. So I'm feeling better. I can do this!!! :D

05-21-2007, 06:40 PM
Stabilization can be a little scary, but so exciting. It took me forever to eat the new foods on my list. Then I realized that the whole point of the weight loss phase was to instill portion control and that I was not deprived. It's about better food choices and knowing that if I want it I can have it, just not tons of it. That made me feel better when I ate my first pickle! You'll do fine. I lost weight during stabilization, but have been able to maintain for two years now.

Good Luck.

05-21-2007, 07:20 PM

Take a deep breath.

It's not that bad, it's just too much food. :bunny: Especially on the veggies. :bunny:

I'm down 2 pounds since I started, but we know we can't go by me. I only have one week left to go, then it's on too scary maintence. :yikes: If you need anything PM me, I'm a few weeks ahead I can the sounding board you need.

Plus look at it this way, an extra starch and an extra fruit means Cosmos at least two nights a week. I don't know about you, but Vodka usually helps me drop a few pounds. :hat: