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05-17-2007, 02:57 AM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support :grouphug: and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting.:gossip: So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

05-17-2007, 09:45 AM
Good morning to all you jaded ladies, :wave:

FrouFrou - FrouFrou?? Hope your back is even better today. About the elliptical, they are much more affordable than treadmills, since there is no motor. I tell ya, I can feel it working lots and lots of different muscles. I can't do many steps yet, but it does have a setting for 10,000 steps. That made me laugh, since using it is like climbing a mountain, lol.

PinkJane - it's so fun to have you and some of the others who are as nuts about WDW as I am. :) We're already making some plans for our trip there next March, since we're going to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure, too. I wish we were going sooner, like you, but this is our Christmas gift to the kids. Well, the tickets are. This will be my 9th trip, and I never get tired of it. :dizzy: What's your most favorite thing to do there?

Sue - yay for lost inches! :cp: I had some Grecian wind flowers in town, and they were so pretty. Kind of like tiny multi-colored daisies. Hope you can fix your bike.

Marti - wow, sounds like a good variety in your garden. It all sounds yummy. My favorite is the tomatoes. I never get tired of them.

Today I'll be watching baby Jackson while Gina spends the day with Mackenzie on a field trip to the zoo. Can't wait to get my hands on him! Tonight is the twins' graduation from preschool. I think I'll probably cry at that. I'm doing great OP, and am using the elliptical, going for as long as I can, and adding to it each day.


05-17-2007, 12:58 PM
Well, kids are graduating (my son from 8th and my daughter from HS) at the end of the month....exactly 2 weeks from TODAY...I need to get busy! I 'planned' on being in the 150's by then but I'm still dangling above the 160's! So I'm going to set my goal for something obtainable. Like 165.5 (40 pounds down from the beginning) and I'll be proud of myself for that. I need to do somethings to boost it down tho. Yesterday I did ok...except for lunch wasn't so great. But the reason I stayed the same is I think because I was drinking a diet coke late into the night....trying to do the books.
I think i'll be able to motivate myself into moving the scale down further. I know i'll be happy when I hit the 160's. So today I'll work on drinking my water and eating some salmon. And I think I can get it down some. But I think TOM is suppose to be week. So I might have some ups and downs yet!
Thanks for the support girls! :) I needed that.

05-17-2007, 03:13 PM
Happy Thursday, Ladies!

Did the Wally World thing this morning. I've been going later and later it seems. Not bad though...was in and out in a jiffy. Then ran over to this little nursery stand. They always put up a little spot in the shopping center and for the last three years I've bought this little ground cover that has purple flowers, anyway. I bought some of those last week, along with 2 carpet rose bushes that I can't plant yet. Went back to get three more but wanted red and they were out. :( so bought a white one to go in between the two red. She called their store to see if they had any red ones to send them over so waiting for her to call me back to get those. Those are going in the back by the deck. Headed to Sams later to pick up lots of water and other necessities. Back is feeling much better. Still have to be careful though.

Froufrou...yeah, it's a band and something I thought was kind of random. But I like it...don't like using my name for my username.

PINKJANE...your vacation sounds like it is going to be so much fun! Glad DH will get to spend the weekend home with you.

JANE...I would love to get my hands on Jackson to! It's been soooo long since I have been around a little one. Have fun with him today and give him some hugs and kisses for me! And squeeze those cheeks too! IT Figures has an ellipitcal, that's when I started using one. I love them! But the first time on it, OUCH! Have fun with yours.

SUE...WTG on the inches! :woohoo: :carrot: Sorry your chain broke on your bike. This sale will be our last too! Trying to get rid of extra stuff we don't need. Whatever doesn't get sold will be given won't go back into boxes in the house.

MARTI...I was wondering if you planted a flower garden or vegetable garden, just forgot to ask. It sounds good! Quite an array of veggies, and watermelon, yummy! I was going to the chiro for a while. Should have finished going because it really loosened me up and felt so good! When my back is out though, it makes it worse, especially when he tries to pop it back into place, ouch. I do need to get back to going though.

TINA...2 graduations?! Good luck with them both. Mine made me sad, but happy too! Sad because it made me realize that my kids were growing up. Even if you don't get to your goal for them, you should feel proud of how far you have come so far. You are doing great!

Hello to everyone else, JULES, MINDEE, SASSY, TAMMY, VANN, MARYKATE and anyone I forgot to mention. Hoping all is well with you ladies.

Take care ladies, and I hope everyone is having a terrific Thursday!

05-17-2007, 03:30 PM
Me again...

...MINDEE, just received your thank you card and you are welcome. Hoping all is well with you and the family, especially baby Marissa. Can't wait to watch her grow as we have the boys. Take care. :hug:

05-18-2007, 01:27 AM
Good evening ladies....

Tomorrow is Friday......thank goodness for that!! Not like it was a bad week or anything, just would rather spend my time doing something other than going to work. :D

Jane--I LOVE tomatoes. And the funny thing about that is as a kid, I absolutely hated them, and I also had some bad issues w/them because of that. Not sure when I started to like them. James planted some currant tomatoes. I have never heard or seen them before. The lady at the nursery told him they were tiny (great for salads) with a great big taste! Sounds perfect! I hope you have a wonderful time with Jackson today. Give a hug for me!

Tina--Cristina is right, you should feel extremely proud for how much you've lost so far. You look great and I'm sure you're feeling great too. You know...I had to give myself a pep talk this morning. With the moving and other things that have been going on around here, I lost track of what was important to me when it comes to my health. I think we all need pep talks here and there every once in awhile, whether it be from others or from yourself. point being.....we're always here for ya!

Cristina--I've never heard of the band, will have to look it up. I really hope that your back starts to feeling better soon. I know how miserable I feel when my back goes out. And it's usually due to my sciatic nerve...that hasn't really acted up in I've done it, mentioned it and watch, next week I'll be whining that I'm all bummed up! :lol:

Hello to all you other gals out there.

Tomorrow I'm covering for a gal who is taking the day off. Which is perfect for Friday. I need to be there at 8:00.....and that means I get to come home at 4:30......and have plenty of time to spend w/hubby who should be home by then. Looking forward to being off early. Knowing that I had to be up early and having to get to bed earlier, I did my walking this morning. I had so much energy it was great.
It's really strange. When I walk in the mornings, I have incredible energy. When I walk in the evenings, I sleep wonderfully. So I'm benefitting from either schedule. How cool is that?

Ok.....I need to get off the computer and do some cleanup in the kitchen. I've been keeping up w/the clutter much better than I have ever done. What was wrong w/me before????

Have a great night!

05-18-2007, 01:40 PM
Thanks Marti! :) I REALLY appreciate that. Yes it's nice to have people put things in perspective. I know that my kids won't notice a couple pounds at graduation....they'll just notice me in the crowd...yelling 'THAT'S MY KID!'. HAHA! So, really! But yes truly I'm happy with how far I've come but I know that I'm going to finish this time. Expecially with you all cheering me on and doing this WITH me. :)

Froufrou...Same to you! :) THANKS! I had a REALLY bad evening last night....mama drama....and it's nice to come on here and have ALL of this great support. I think if it wasn't for you all I would sometimes just go lock myself up and eat my way into ablivian (sp)

Well, today I have a lot of bookwork to do. I have to pay some bills..yuck. And try to figure out what to do on a personal front. (personal issues) So please those that pray ~ could you send one up for me? Thanks! ;)


05-18-2007, 05:10 PM
Hello ladies...

Just a fly-by. Busy morning and not much time now to spend on the computer. Mainly got on to check my e-mail. Will post more tomorrow. Take care ladies and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

05-18-2007, 07:56 PM
Hi all, sorry I haven't been posting though I have been lurking....

Lots going on. Reader's Digest Condensed version is work still sucks and keeps me busy, I have been having problems with my allergies of course since it is spring, I ended up with the flu and had no voice for two days, DH and I are trying to work through our problems to salvage our 21 year old relationship, my niece and her little Blair are doing well, Little Henry Joseph arrived on Thursday, 8 lbs, 4 oz, 21 1/2 inches long looking like a carbon copy of his Daddy with the exception of a head full of jet black hair (will be a heartbreaker with the black hair and his Daddy's green eyes), DS and his gf are having problems which is breaking my heart, DD broke up with the bf who was going to be a cop--too controlling and violent, she met a new guy who has a three year old who calls her TeriBeri and will soon have a little sibling since DD is now pregnant--went to the first appt today and heard the heart beat and got an ultrasound picture the tentative due date is Dec 28, she goes for the sonogram to get a better idea of the date next month--she can't remember her last period date, all we know is that on March 19, the hospital did a pregnancy test when she had the stone to rule out an etopic pregnancy and she definitely was not pregnant then.

Well, I will try to keep up better!!

05-18-2007, 08:55 PM
Good Evening Ladies:wave:

Gotta make this kinda quick, have to run the boy to his softball game, then go pick up Hubby at the truckstop...was a beautiful day today, had to do some runnin around town...just finished my 60 on the treadmill, gonna make salads for dinner when we get back...well have a Good Evening All.

Jane - this will probably sound corny but I was at Disneyland when they opened the Carousel of Progress and it was always my fav., when they took it out to put it in WDW I just about cried LOL, so now whenever we go that is my first stop at the Magic Kingdom and then on to the Tiki Room LOL...but honestly I love everything about WDW.

Pink Jane
Your next WDW vacation is 114 days away!

05-18-2007, 10:10 PM
Gotta SHARE....
I went shopping with my DD and she had to buy jeans. So I thought I would try some on too. And I told the lady that I was probably a size 32. (these are in lucky jeans) and that I was wearing a size 10 but that Express jeans normally run kinda big for the size. So she grabbed some for me to try on and I ended up walking out with a size 8 and 29!!!! Woah! I was shocked and happy! Now I can see I need to lose weight in my midsection but still I was so thrilled with these jeans. And the first pair I tried on my butt was too big for (too low) but these are perfect. I love them. They're relaxed fit and midrise. So they cover the crack! haha! WOW..:carrot: (me dancing in my jeans) What a motivation too. I thought about running on my treadmill when I got home. After I eat my salmon burger I will! haha!


continued....I DID eat salmon and run on my treadmill. I think I had some frustration (mama drama) to get out and boy did it feel good. Very recommended. :P

05-18-2007, 10:12 PM
Hi Ya Jules! :wave:

Wow sounds like you've been very busy! Big :hug: as well.

Hi to everybody else out there! :wave: I hope you all are doing well and have a Great Weekend!


WTG Tina! That is awesome! ;)

05-19-2007, 09:02 AM
Happy Saturday to you! :D

Tina - first off, a big WOOHOO for the smaller jeans! What an accomplishment! About the graduations, I cried at each of my 3 kids' graduations. That "Pomp and Circumstance" melody gets me everytime.

FrouFrou - the roses sound just beatiful. I had some "carefree delight" ones at the house where Mary is living now, and liked those so much because they really were carefree. What I've got now is Fern's roses that we transplanted at the new house. I had a beautiful bouquet of my cut flowers for Mother's Day and took a picture of it to share with you guys, if I can just take the time to get it on here, lol.

Marti - are you talking about grape tomatoes? I buy little tiny ones at Walmart, but Neal has planted some for me, and I love them in salads. Have a good time with your sweetie this weekend.

Jules - wow, what a range of emotion for you, sweetie. I hope you and your DH can work it out, Julie, but if not, you can't say you didn't try. Follow your heart. And I'm so sorry that your son is hurting. When Terry was 19, the girl he loved with all his heart broke up with him, and there was nothing I could do for him, and I felt so helpless. So I know what you're going through. Congrats for new little Henry Joseph! He sounds like a real cutie. Thank God Teri is out of the relationship with the last bf - she sure doesn't need a guy like that. Now on to the best part - YOU'RE GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!!! WOOHOO! Julie, it's the best thing ever, and you'll make a wonderful one. What a great little Christmas present.

Mindee - I got your card early in the week, and thank you for it. Hope all is well for you and yours.

Pink Jane - nope, that's not corny at all. My fave at MK is It's a Small World because of the delight my DGDs get from it, and the 3-D show Mickey's Philharmagic. It's totally awesome, and you have to promise you'll go see that. It's a fast-past ride, but the seating holds tons of people. I also love the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribean, Toon Town, and just about everything else, too, lol. Btw, they have a great salad w/chicken at Pinnochio's.

Sassy - glad to see you!

Hello to Tammy, Vann, Sue, Mary Kate, and everyone else reading this. :wave:

My scrapbooking crop was last night, and we all had such a good time. One of the pages I did is a photo of Neal with Mackenzie the 8 y/o planting pumpkin seeds when she was 4. I bought a fresh pack of pumpkin seeds, emptied it out, and use the package on the page.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do today, other than tackle the never-ending Mount Washmore. :dizzy:

Have a good weekend, ladies. :hug:

05-19-2007, 11:20 AM
PinkJane--we are doing more salads ourselves

Tina--Wow--good for you--I haven't wore a size 29 waist jean since my second pregnancy with dd

Sassy--it's been very stressful to say the least but I need to let it all go--I can't fix it all even though I want too!! Hugs are good!!

Jane--DS is the one having the doubts and I love his gf - have for the past 5 years of their on/off relationship and she is good for him--I told him to think hard before he made any decisions--if he breaks her heart again I think she will finally be done. I have so many mixed emotions--I am so excited to be a grandma--the ultrasound picture is on my fridge, dd was the one that was never having kids and the guy is nice but really immature for a 24 year old that has a 3 year old daughter. Their relationship is still so new--they argue alot and I am not sure she would have stayed with him if she wasn't pregnant, her roomate and him absolutely hate each other. Boy--even when the kids are grown things don't get any easier!!

05-19-2007, 01:45 PM
Good Morning Ladies :wave:

Woke up to rain. Well, more like sprinkles. I'm so glad that I mowed the lawn after work yesterday!! ( I love my yard....I will have to post another photo of it!)

Jules--I'm so sorry that you're having so many thing occur in your life right now. Great big hugs from me to you!!:hug: I hope that everything turns out alright, especially w/DH. 21yrs is a long time. But as Jane has said...follow your heart. :hug:

Tina--What a fantastic NSV!!! So happy for fact, I'm a bit jealous of you!! I wanna fit into smaller jeans too! :dizzy: You must be on cloud nine!

PinkJane--Oh my gosh...the tiki room! I've gone to DL once w/my family when I was 8. I'll always remember the Tiki Room. As you know, the lights are dim as you enter and find a seat. There were 7 of us in my family (5 kids) and we were all quiet and behaving well. An older couple was walking down the aisle to find a couple of seats....apparently the woman didn't see me (I was at the end w/an empty seat next to me) and she proceeded to sit in my lap! My parents had to let her know what was going on because I froze in place and couldn't move or speak. :lol: What a memory eh?

Jane--No, they're called Currant tomatoes. They're the size of peas. I have never heard of them and actually had to get online to look them up to see how small they really were. I didn't know they even existed! But don't they sound perfect for salads?? I love the sound of your page you did of Neil and DGD! And that is such a great idea using the package of the seeds. I have this photo of my grandpa working in his flower garden and had planned on doing the same thing. I miss scrapbooking!! Really need to get my stuff together and organized and start again. My sister is starting a cropping event each month starting in June. Can't wait!

Hello to everyone else out there!!

Well I have some things I wanna do today so off the computer I go! You all enjoy your weekend!!


05-19-2007, 04:01 PM
Marti - I'm kinda slow. Wasn't sure what a NSV was but I figured it out..yeah me! (NON SCALE VICTORY). :D I like that! It's been such a HUGE motivator for me. Don't be encouraged. It happens when you least expect it. I had been bummed that my scale hadn't moved more than 1 pound in the week prior. So it was the incentive I needed to get on the treadmill last night. I even ran listening to "bring sexy back ~ justin timberlake'...I'm like oh yeah ~ i'm bringing my sexy back...hahahaha

Jules~ THANKS for that! :) I know....I think my inches are smaller than the last time I was at this weight....or maybe it's just the new vanity sizes....I don't care...:carrot: I'll take it!!!

Jane~ whoo hoo! THANKS! I will feel great and not have to hide in all of the grad pics! I used to. And I will probably CRY too....such an accomplishment for my crew! :) School doesn't come easily for them....nor did it for me! We are too social!!!!

Sassy ~ THANKS for the WTG too! How are you doing? Are you now staying motivated? Is it working?

Well, EVERYONE~ I went 2 miles on my treadmill last night. Working off some anxiety! But my foot starting aching on the 8th lap. So I had to get off. And then this morning it was beautiful and I thought I should go for a walk outside. But the problem with that is you get so far and my leg (the one with the limphnodemia in it) started hurting but I HAD to come back...haha but I got to my moms and she drove me home! haha! DARN! I'm eager to get into the 160's~ only 1 more pound and i'm in there. OK...wish me luck! Wow...from the 200's to the 160's ~ I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! :D

05-19-2007, 04:57 PM
Hi to everyone- sorry I have been MIA... stress level ya know!

Anyhow MindeeI got your card. That was so nice of you to send. You are VERY welcome. Hope Marissa and boys are doing fine.

As for me...
My daughter is turning 14 next week. We are having a bowling party tonight for her. We went to DQ and got a small ice cream cake. She has been overweight most of her life and I mentioned to her yesterday that we were going to start walking cause we needed to lose weight and exercise. I have allowed this to go on way too long. I tend to stick my head in the sand and not do anything. So she was actually receptive, which is unusual- lol. So today I told her that we needed to get on the scales, and we were both scared of how bad it would be. I thought she prob weighed 260, but thankfully it was 240. She has gained about 20 lbs since last summer :-(
She actually said that she needed to know the number so we could set some goals. I think maybe she is finally tired of not being able to buy cool clothes. I bought her a pair of shorts today. I tried some on for myself and then chose her size according to how mine fit me. She wasn't with me at the time and I was saddened to see that much more and she wouldn't be able to wear even that size.
Anyhow we talked about doing something about this for health reasons, not so she can be "skinny" and of course I still need to lose about 25 lbs. I think that if we just consentrate on doing some exercise and not eating junk, we will be ok.

My son got his Wii finally so I have been playing that ALOT. It is soo much fun. My husband and I have been playing tennis on it. It's fun cause you don't have to chase the ball when you miss- lol I found myself jumping up to get the ball, it was so funny, but a good workout, I was sweating!!!!

As far as work goes, I was alone all last week. The boss had told me early in the week he was going to see if that lady could come next week. I wanted to ask him why??? I don't need her. On Friday he asked me if I loved the job, hated it, or what. I told him I had a good week and that I had proved to myself I really could do it and was proud of myself. I was hoping he was reading between the lines that I was saying I was fine ALONE!!! The stress level has dropped considerably. I think just not having her waiting to jump on my every mistake helps. I mean mistakes are meant to happen so we can LEARN!!!

Anyhow, I am hoping to be on here more. I told my daughter that we could set up our little trackers here, was going to on my myspace page, but we thought maybe this would be better.

That's it for me now. Take care everyone!

05-19-2007, 05:36 PM
Hey Everybody.

Extra :hug: Jules......and your right you just got to let it all go.......

Hi :wave: Jane! :)

Tina -- Yeah I'm staying motivated, listening to my body and pushing food away when I'm full and I'm doing pretty well. I am not "perfect" but then again, who is? Now I just need to begin exercising. My mom is coming up to visit this coming week (we're going to get her on Tuesday 22nd) and I'm thinking that she can "motivate" me to get to walking! :carrot:

Hey Jodi :wave: and I agree with you, helping your daughter is a wonderful idea. I've been overweight most of my life too and my mom always helped me too. She never "nagged" me or anything (not saying you were) and that also was a big help. She helped me read labels and choose healthier foods and kept me motivated with exercise. I ended up losing 50 lbs too back then. ;) Awwww I wish she lived closer to me now..........:( Anywho, I wish you both the best of luck as I know its not easy, no matter how much weight you have to lose.

:wave: to everybody else out there, Marti, Pink Jane, Cristina, and anybody else I forgot to mention...........


05-20-2007, 12:31 AM
Evening ladies....Glad to see so many of you checking back in. You were missed.
Busy week-end here, or maybe I am just lazy. DGD's choir program last night, which was cool. Yardwork and housework today. Nothing earth shattering. :)

I didn't get the new bicycle chain yet, but hope to tomorrow or Mon. Seems with the gas prices so high we have curtailed our trips to the stores. I will make a list and do one trip to all the places we need to get to. Did that last week and it worked out well. I have been used to just jumping in the car and going here or there whenever. I have my doubts if gasoline will ever be below $3.00 about you?

Yes, inches are lose that is!! I am having my struggle with the scales, but one day I will win!

Sassy- Sounds like you are going to have a good time with your Mom. Way to go on being motivated. Hope you learn to LOVE to walk. :)

Jodi- Awesome that you and your DD can do this together. More awesome that she is receptive and ready to give it a go. That is the hardest step I think. Glad the job is becoming less stressful! :carrot:

Tina- WOW! that is all I can say about those jeans! You have done so well...your goal is in sight. Yay!!

Marti- So glad to hear that you are loving your yard. I know I am doing the same. It is so nice to sit out in the front or back and have shade and a cool breeze. And it is so quiet. Would love to see more pictures. I plan to post some once our grass is in good. I hear you about the scrapbooking, I keep saying I need to do that, then I don't. Can't figure out why I don't...except for the huge box of photos I have to go through. Yikes!

Jules- Missed you...Sorry to hear you are going through some rough spots right now. I know that makes it hard to come here sometimes, but hope you won't stay away again. We don't judge and often times can help. (and probably some or most have gone through much the same as you)

Jane- How was your day with Jackson? I haven't held a new baby for awhile...even though there is a newbie in the neighborhood. The day of his shower I had the sniffles so kept away from him. Cute idea for the scrapbook page. I might steal that idea as I do DS's pages. He helped DH garden more than once as did DGS..when they were tiny, of course. As I said to Marti...if I can ever get through this box of photos.

Pink Jane- Every time I read what you are having for dinner it sounds so good and healthy...than I go eat something that is not good for me. GRRR. I am so looking forward to garden produce and lots of fresh salads. Keep up the good work.

Cristina- Hope you are having a nice week-end. Did you go ahead with the garage sale? If so I imagine you are worn out. Have a relaxing Sunday.

:wave: to all I might have missed...Vann, Mindee, MaryKate, Tammy....and everyone. Thinking of you all. How large our family has become! :hug:

Lazier day tomorrow... yippee...

05-20-2007, 04:14 AM
Thanks Sue. I used to love walking and honestly I still do, its just because of my back injury it causes a lot of pain if I walk a lot. Guess I'm going to have to walk through the pain.

Yes the gas prices are outrageous and ridculous. I don't see how people on fixed incomes do it or the people who have those huge SUV's! I'm very happy with our new car and it still takes about $50 to fill it! DH & I were talking if we still had our old truck it would have probably taken about $150 to fill! So I don't see how some people afford it! I'm not sure that its going to go down anytime soon though. We can hope and pray for it, but not sure its going to go down anytime soon!

Have a Great Sunday Everybody!


05-20-2007, 02:30 PM
Just wanted to say thanks for all the kind words. I tend to withdraw when the problems get overwhelming. I know I will have support here so I just need to post. Sometimes I do start but then delete it.

Hubby and I went for a bike ride yesterday and had a good day. He's been better cause he knows that I am totally upset and depressed with some of the decisions my kids have been making lately. I really thought that we had taught them better than some of the things they are doing.

Well back to the laundry and I have to get mowing too.

05-20-2007, 05:52 PM
Hey Jules,

I am the same exact way, so I do understand. Here lately I am trying not to withdraw, but I know its hard when you feel blue........

We are all here when and if you need us. :hug:

Glad you and DH had a great day!


05-20-2007, 06:54 PM
JULES...lots of hugs to you. :hug: :hug: :hug: Glad to hear that you and DH had a nice day together. And CONGRAT'S on becoming a grandmama!

SASSY...I finally went and made a new signature, copied you, lol. Hope you have a nice visit with your mom.

Jules and Sassy...I do the same thing as well. Don't really want to talk when I am down or things are stressing me out. funny, though because when I do come here and talk about I do feel better.

SUE...nope, didn't have the yard sale after all. V didn't really want to mess with getting stuff out of storage and he only had to say that once, lol. So, we'll end up having it at a later date. And I am with you on the gas prices, geez! We're at $3.29 here, ugh. Glad DH works 5 minutes from where we live and I drive a small vehicle.

JANE...I changed my username but didn't really want to be called by that, lol. I had some of the carefree roses at the other house and liked those as well. And yes, they are 'carefree'! I can't believe the different varities of roses out there. Would love to see the picture of yours/ they are pretty.

HI to everyone else :wave:

Busy outdoors today. Supposed to start raining tomorrow evening so thought I would enjoy the weather while I can. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as well! :hug:

05-20-2007, 07:39 PM
Cristina: COPYCAT! :p Just teasing! Looks good! ;) Yeah I am the same too, funny how that is, huh? That you feel better after talking about it? You think we would have learned by now. lol.


05-20-2007, 10:04 PM
I told my daughter that after supper we would take our walk and my 15 yr old son asked if he could go. Now THAT was a shocker. So I said sure and we will take the dog. We walked for 45 min. We live in the country on a road that is usually busy, but today it wasn't too bad. We walked down in one direction, dropped the dog back home on our way back in the other direction. She was about ready to die- lol We are ALL overweight- even the dog.
Our goal is 45-60 min- so day one is down and done!

Have a good week everyone!

05-20-2007, 10:54 PM
Just a QUICK note for Sassy. :) I JUST started to walk again. The last time I was 'into walking' was in 1999. So, it's amazing that i'm excited again. But this is my trick. I want to share. I use my sons ipod. I downloaded some really great 80's and current FAST music. :) I enjoy listening to the music so much that I want to walk further! I also have been spliting it up. I go on the treadmill at night. (about 2 miles) and I walk around the neighborhood in the morning. So I get a lot of mileage in. Couldn't do it without the ipod....seriously.

Tina's Music ~ Burning down the house (talking heads)
Alanis Morresette (anything)
Sexy Back (justin Timberlake)
Yeah yeah
Gone (kelly clarkson)
Anything FAST ;)

05-20-2007, 11:05 PM
Happy Sunday evening ladies... We had a relatively lazy day. Or at least I did. DH can't ever be lazy. I watered plants and picked at a few weeds. Sat on the porch most of the the papers.
I didn't even cook today, we had leftovers and for dinner...Wendy's value menu sandwich and fries. (ugh)
DH and I walked half the usual amount. Even lazy there! I didn't get the bike fixed yet, but sure will as I miss riding.

Brother's and Sister's is on...gotta scoot.

05-20-2007, 11:12 PM
Good Evening Ladies!!

Jane--How was your day with little Jackson? How are you enjoying your ellipitical? I've had one for about 2 years and my entire family loves it. You're motivating me to get back on mine. I thought I would die the first time I tried it but you will amaze yourself in how quickly you will built up your endurance.

Jules--I hope things work out for you and dh. I may know what you are going through. I was married for 20 yrs and tried everything to hold it together. I didn't want my kids to go through a breakup. But things didn't work out regardless of the counseling etc. (ex was cheating) The good thing is that I met a wonderful honest and trusting guy and we will celebrate 9 yrs of marriage this August. I never thought I would be happy again but I guess I was wrong. I've been very blessed. Hang in there, I wishing the best for you.

Jodi--Congrats on the walking. My stepdaughter has always been overweight and would you believe that her mother is a WW leader who has climbed the ladder in management with WW but never once addressed her daughter's weight. At 22, she still struggles with her weight. Sad :(

Cristina--How's the painting, planting, decorating etc going?

Tina--Congratulations on the smaller jeans. About 15 lbs ago, I squeezed into my daughter's size 4's. Was I! Was there a muffin top showing....yes!! But I did get into them! Now, I just settle to have things fit again.

Marti--can't wait to see pic of your yard and the rest of your house!

Hugs to PinkJane, Sue, Mindee (Where are you??) Sassy and anyone else I missed. Hope your weekend was great. Mine was fabulous....

I had my first weigh-in today with WW after only 5 days and lost 3 lbs.!!!! Even though I joined last Mon, I started on Tues but decided to have my reg weigh-in class on Sunday. The class was huge for a Sunday morning class. I talked my sis into joining thus the reason for a Sunday class because it works out better for her. I'm finally so motivated!! Now, if I can only get myself into more exercise.

Oh...Brothers & Sisters is on and it's the season finale. Gotta go. Sleep well tonight ladies!!

05-20-2007, 11:44 PM
TY Tina, I did have an MP3 player (but I gave it to FIL when he was ill and wanted something he could listen too music on, but I can use DH's.) I agree music is a wonderful motivator, I used to walk with music A LOT. I will certainly try my best. ;)

Hi Everybody :wave:

I hope you had a Great Sunday and will have Sweet Dreams.......:cloud9:

Thanks again,


05-21-2007, 10:32 AM
Hello ladies,

Jules - OIC about your son. My oldest sister used to say "small kids, small problems, big kids, big problems" and she was oh so right! And no matter how well we raise them, they will do things we just can't believe they did! From what I know about her, your DD is a smart girl, so I know she'll do what's right about the bf in the end. So glad you had a good day with DH on Sat.

Marti - yep, those tomatoes sound great - just right for salads and munching. I'd never heard of them til now. Speaking of little veggies, the guy we rent our ground to is growing some the the tiny individual watermelons again, and I just love those! As for the scrapbooking, I'm in it so deep, lol. I have a doc's appt. to check my blood pressure in E'ville again tomorrow and I can see another trip to Hobby Lobby coming, lol.

Tina - I had to giggle about your "social" comment, lol. Just about every one of my teachers told my mom that I "like to visit with my neighbors too much", lol. I'm the sort who strikes up a conversation anywhere with anyone. Nothing wrong with being friendly, right? Btw, you're doing great, and I am so proud of your weight loss success, Tina!

Jodi - good to see you! Wow, sounds like you, DD, DS and the dog are all going to get healthy this summer. Way to go! Glad things are going better at work.

Sassy - glad you're staying motivated and as you say, none of us are perfect. We just do the best we can as often as we can.

Cristina - I thought I read that you don't like to use your real name online, but will call you whatever you want rather it's Cristina, Cristi, FrouFrou, Witchy Woman or something else. My carefree roses that I left at Mary's are doing wonderfully, and I have a clear shot of them from my front porch, so I still get to enjoy them. I think my favorite are the daisies, though. The more I pick them, the more they flourish! Gotta love flowers like that, right?

Sue - yes, the gas prices are awful, and with me living way out where I do, it's a real crunch on the old pocketbook! I just loved Brothers and Sisters last night, didn't you? Garry Marshall was a hoot as Uncle Weiner, lol.

Tammy - see above what I told Sue about Brothers and Sisters. What a good show! I'll be glad to see Rebecca tell Sarah that she wasn't so innocent regarding the kiss with Joe. Not that that excuses him, though! Sally Field is so good in this show, and I really like Patricia Wettig, too. I liked Patricia (and her real-life hubby who produces this show) in 30 Something, too. About the elliptical, I've begun to get a good cadence on it, and keep going until my thighs are burning, which doesn't take much, lol. I'm not feeling much pull on my upper arms, though, and I thought I would. Lord knows I need to do something drastic about my "flaps"!

Mary Kate - well, I'm waiting for info of your WDW trip. Do tell! What were the 3 funnest (is that a word) things you did?

Well, ladies, I was up early and even gave myself a pedicure before 7 this morning. Of course this means I'll need a nap later, lol.

I had a great, relaxing weekend, and hope you did, too. Lots to do this week, though. One fun thing I have planned is going with Mary and her 3 girls to see Shrek 3 on Wednesday. How fun! Ya just gotta love Shrek and the whole gang, right?


05-21-2007, 01:00 PM
LOOK AT MY TICKER!!!! I finally got into the 160's!!! Now i'm shooting for the 150's.

Jane, haha about the 'social' comment. I'm the same way. I'm afraid when you get on the phone with me you might as well call it a night. haha! We girls can talk! And also...thank you so much for your comment on my success. I am so excited about it and it's hard to share sometimes ~ especially with people that are struggling. I want to encourage people but I don't want to stick it 'in their faces' know what I mean?

Sassy, Yes you will really get going once you start listening to music. Also, I have another little secret...right after I put on my earphones and start up my music...I dance in the that TMI?

Hey everyone...I'll be checking in later! :) Have a great start to a new week! OK?

05-21-2007, 06:34 PM
Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know I just got back from my drs. appt. My A1C (Diabetes Test, checks my blood sugars for 3 months) is very high, so he gave me some new meds to try. My cholesterol is a tad bit high, so he is putting me on Lipitor. But my Good Cholesterol is only down one point! :carrot: I also have a Cat Scan scheduled for very early in the morning for my abdominal pain. The Ultrasound showed nothing, there were a few cysts, but he said they aren't the kind to worry about.

I did tell him about my awful exp. with the ultrasound tech and he was not happy at all about that. So I'm getting my Cat Scan done at the Hospital instead of the Clinic here in town. ;)

That is about it. Don't have much time to chit-chat, sorry. I have a lot to get done as we're going to pick my mother up tomorrow afternoon.

Ta Ta For Now!


05-21-2007, 09:07 PM
Just wanted to stop by and say today was a good day. Thanks for everyones support--I don't know why I stayed away so long!! I am really tired so I can't stay on for individuals but I wanted to post!!

05-21-2007, 10:33 PM
Good Evening Ladies:wave:

Another beautiful day here, it was nice all weekend, a little windy but that felt great as hot as it was...Hubby hit the road this morning and now he is on his way to Alabama...our daughter came over yesterday to see her dad and he talked her into going to WDW with us so I spent the afternoon getting her a plane ticket and adding her to our reservations LOL...I did my 60 on the treadmill early since the boy works early on Mondays...I cooked a chicken breast with some garlic and herb marinade on it for my dinner, was very tasty...well I just wanted to check in, Have a Good Evening All.

Tina - Congrats on hitting the 160's

Jane - Philharmagic is one of our favs too, Hubby just loves it, we end up seeing it many many times LOL, that and the tower of terror we ride over and over and over and over....LOL

Marti - LOL I bet that was funny

Jodi - Awesome job on the walking

Sassy - Sorry to hear about your A1C, I have type 2 so I know how hard it is.

Sue - Gas prices are horrible, it's 3.29 here and I am really glad I only have an 8 gallon tank LOL

Jules - Glad you had a better day and I hope things keep looking up!!

Tammy - Congrats on the 3lbs

Pink Jane

05-22-2007, 12:03 AM
Evening...Beautiful day here. I actually wasn't so lazy. Walked 2 miles, so I might get back in the swing of that. :) Visited our neighbors from the other house...had been neighbors for 28 years. (my walking buddy too) Then I came home and planted 3 clumps of zebra grass that she gave me. None of my 25 bulbs are up yet...but I am hopeful.
I made a pork roast and cabbage for dinner. I know, I know, it stinks...but it tastes good. lol

Pink Jane- I am still amazed at you and your exercise. I wish I could eat as OP as you do....and your food always sounds yummy.

Jules- :wave: I know exactly what you are saying about having grown kids...I sometimes look at mine and think "who's kids are these?" Other times they are just like

Sassy- Sorry the news from the Dr. was not better, but at least you know and can start on meds. and feel better. Now to find out about the pains. Good luck at your scan. Have fun seeing your Mom.

Tina- Congrats!! That is super!! I am struggling to get into the 160's myself...but not moving very quickly. My own fault...I just lose momentum easily. Don't ever apologize for being excited with your progress.

Jane- I hope you enjoy Shrek 3. DD was taking her younguns to see it yesterday and I forgot to ask how they/she liked it. I loved Uncle Weiner. So funny.

Tammy- did good for your first week at WW. Keep up the good work.

Jodi- Sounds like a nice family activity. My DH doesn't usually walk fast enough for me, but I gave him another chance tonight and it was fine....I don't know if he walked faster or I walked slower, but it worked. :)

Cristina- Our gas was $3.38 this week and down a few cents today. I have a big car, so I might have to re-think that. DH has a full size truck too. ugh!

Hello to everyone I might have missed. Time to get off here.

05-22-2007, 02:38 AM
Hello Ladies--

Wow...where did the time go? That weekend went by fast. I'm hoping that this cloudy rainy weather will stop by next weekend. Want to enjoy the three day weekend.

Ok, lets see if I can catch up some before it's totally out of my hands! :D

Tina--NSV are the best. It can be anything to do w/your weightloss journey. I think my favorites are the comments from people who actually notice. Having a gal at work tell me I have tiny legs....that makes me laugh, what is she seeing?? But it does keep the motivation going. Congrats to making it to the 160's! I was thrilled when I finally made it back to the 140's. Now I really need to concentrate on myself again and aim for the 130's. Sheesh....does it ever end??

Jodi--Glad to see you posting! Our DD's are close in age. My DD will turn 13 next month. I think it's great that you and DD will be working together to reach a healthy goal. Jhanai and I started walking around my neighborhood when she's over. She's gained a little since school started. Summer is coming quickly and she's wanting to get moving again. So I told her we'll walk everytime she's w/me. She has plans to walk to her friends house and walk w/her when she's not. Walking is a great start!

Sassy--Good for you for listening to what your body needs. Of coarse no one is perfect and we'll all have our days. Sorry to hear about your blood results. As Sue mentioned, at least now you can start feeling better once you start taking some medication. Keep us posted on how you're doing.

Sue--I took some photos of the yard this morning. I will have to get them on the computer sometime soon and post them. You know, I don't even know what the gas prices are around here. I get the most spendy due to the car being a good reliable car having a hemi....but I hear Oregon has some of the highest priced gas. What's up w/that?? What's nice is that before we moved.....I was spending a little over $200 a month just for my car alone on gas. So far this month....I've spent $45. Talk about a HUGE difference!! I would actually ride my bike to work since I am so close....but the road that leads to work is a very busy street and by next year, the new hospital will be open and it'll become even busier. Should really consider it though. Maybe a couple times during the summer....see how I feel about it all.

Jules--Just want to let you know, that we'll always be here for ya!! :hug: I'm happy to hear that DH and you are getting to spend some time together and having good days. Maybe you two ought to go out of town for a day and just spend some quality time together w/out all the stress of everyday life. Get to know each other again. Lots of hugs! :hug:

Cristi--What are 'carefree' roses? You must share w/me. You know I thought I had about 7 or 8 rose bushes around my house....but then I counted them the other day and their are 14 just on one side of the house! I had no idea! I love to keep up w/roses. The other house we lived in had one rose bush. (actually there were 3 but my grandpa and the landlord pretty demolished two of them when the downed some trees) Anyway, it was such a puny little thing. I took care of it and kept it trimmed and pruned. By the time we left, it was this magnificent bush that had gorgeous buds! Hope I can do the same to these roses!

Tammy--I will post photos of the yard soon. Congrats on losing 3lbs!! I didn't realize how close we were to weight and weightloss goals! I'm glad to hear that your sister has joined you....that will be great to have a motivator and supporter. Good luck to the both of you!!

Jane--My DD LOVES those little watermelons! I don't know what size melons James planted. I just know he planted watermelons. How did it go w/the trip to the doctor and the blood pressure check?? Is it under control? Now I was a little surprised that you had never had highblood pressure before and he's already wanting to put you on medication????? My doctor wanted to monitor me for a few months (I believe about 6months) before they decided that I needed medication. I wanna go see Shrek3 too. Jhanai & I may go next weekend she's here. Looks funny.

PinkJane--Your dinner sounds good. I eat so much chicken that my DD wonders if I've started making "clucking" noises. :lol: You'll have to share some recipes of your favorite dishes that you use to help serve healthy meals. Keep up the great work on your exercises and healthy eating. You're keeping me motivated!!!

Hello to everyone else out there that I've missed. :wave:

I walked this morning since hubby was at work. Treadmill is right across the hall and it's not necessarily the quietest machine. (darn thing) I like getting the walk done early.

I did the WI and I'm up a pound. So I'll be changing the ticker. I've hit a couple bumps on the road to weightloss....but I'm straightening myself out and should be back on track. It's hard when you're trying to do everything right. At least I haven't gained all my 16lbs back that I recently lost. I'm hoping that by the end of the year....that I'll be the closest to my goal than I have been in years! That is plenty of time to lose. A huge bonus will be that I actually made my goal. I want to lose slowly (but not too slowly) so I know it'll stay off.

Ok ladies...Off I go. You all have a great night.

Hugs! :hug:

05-22-2007, 12:18 PM
Good morning ladies,

Tina - a big YAY for you, making it into the 160's! And you're welcome for the comments. Here's my story - after being overweight most of my life (except in my 20s), I lost 85 pounds 3 years ago and it took me 11 months to do it, which was just fine. I even got a few paragraphs of mention on pages 8 and 9 in the book the administrators of this site wrote (check for 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet at Then I went into maintenence before I actually reached my original goal of 100 pounds, because my face was becoming wrinkly. I lost control and put back a big portion of the weight, and am trying to take it off again. As Marti says, it never ends. :dizzy:

Sassy - glad you're getting the sugar and cholesterol under control. I know you'll feel better now.

Jules - yw, :hug: I'm so glad you're having happy times now. Have you been to the baby department of any stores yet? Trust me, that will cheer you right up. They have the cutest stuff out there now.

Pink Jane - you are a woman after my own heart, lol. I, too, love the Tower of Terror, and have ridden it by myself since Neal refused to get on it after the first time. The only other one in my family who'll get back on is Katie. Buncha wussies! When Mary Kate gets back in here, she can tell us if she went on it, or not.

Sue - mmmmm Pork roast and cabbage..... mmmmmm!

Marti - I went back to my local doctor and did not have high b/p there. But she said we need to keep and eye on it since the other doc did show a high reading. I just assumed the other doc would put me on meds, but he didn't actually say that. Maybe he would've waited a bit, I don't know. My local doc wanted to schedule me for a pap, mammogram, and blood work, but I convinced her to let me wait until after my birthday in Sept. I haven't had any of that done since 2004, so it wasn't easy to talk her into it.

Hello to eveyone else reading this. :wave:

I finally got all my pictures out of the old albums and into new matching ones. The old albums were falling apart after so many years of use. That was a big job!

Tonight Neal and I are going karaoking with my sister and her DH. Neal will be singing. I will not, lol.

Hope you have a great day!

05-22-2007, 03:52 PM
Jane~ It never ends? arghhhhh! haha! Well, sounds like you're getting it back again. So that GREAT! With me it's a vicious cycle but in a GOOD way. :) I get positive results so I get more motivated...

Marti ~ i'll be thrilled to be in the 140's again...but i'm now looking forward to the 150's. I was looking at my 2 innertubes around my waist and decided that they alone must weigh 20 pounds. ;P I was thinking about naming them. They are driving me crazy. Trying to hide them under my shirts...

Thank you Sue and PinkJane! :) I'm working hard to get where I want to go. I am encouraged by a number of things....coming here of scale going pants getting looser....and people makes me wanna do more for myself like spend an extra 10 minutes on my makeup and hair...and I feel a lot younger and more energetic. It doesn't stop here tho! I'm going to the finish line! Let's do it ladies...together! :)


05-22-2007, 09:14 PM
Good Evening Ladies:wave:

Just finished my 60 on the treadmill and thought I would check in...Hubby is in Birmingham AL tonight and on to Allentown PA from's been cloudy here all day but no rain so far, they keep saying T'Storms so we shall see...gonna cook a turkey chop and make a salad for my dinner then watch Deadliest Catch tonite...Have a Good Evening All

Pink Jane
Your next WDW vacation is 110 days away!

05-22-2007, 09:43 PM
Evening Ladies!

I see my little sis has posted her bio on our forum. I suppose she has been lurking cause I don't see any post yet. So....HEY MICHELLE!!!....where are you?? I know all you ladies will give her a big welcome and encourage her as you have done me on her weight loss journey.

Marti--I've really lied a little about my height. I'm closer to 5'1" OK, the real truth is 5'1 1/4". I feel so much better to get that secret out!! I see our weights are almost neck to neck. See you at the finish line!!

Tina--Girl, if you get to 132 there may not be anything left to you, let alone two innertubes lol!

Sorry, I'll get to more personals tomorrow...just got home from work and watching Idol. Big Hugs to all!!

05-23-2007, 02:57 AM
Evening ladies....

Jane--Make sure that you go in to your doctors in September. I waited so long and now I have promised myself to go in yearly and just have everything checked. It'll keep me on my toes and keep me tuned in to my body.
How did Karaoke go??? Did they get you up there yet??

Tina--Innertubes around the waist totally describes me. :lol: Trying to tuck those babies in is a bit of a challenge............:D You're doing fabulous, I'm sure you'll pass me up in no time!

PinkJane--How much time passes between each trip that your husband makes? Once he's home is he home for a few days? My hubby is gone a day and a half sometimes two and home a day.......crazy schedule.

Tammy--So YOU'RE the sister! I replied to Michelle's bio and had even asked her which one of you ladies is her sis. I hope she'll come here and join us... and yes.....I'll see ya at the finish line. Save me a seat if you reach it before me!

Hello to everyone else out there!!

Mowed the lawn this evening. Looks so nice when it's all trimmed. My back is achy so I don't think I'll walk tonight. Probably in the morning.

Ok...I better get going. You all have a great night!

05-23-2007, 04:09 AM
Morning all.

I know I should be sleeping, but its tough to just switch back to "days" (since my mom is here) I am just not tired yet. So figured may as well get up and do something, so I am doing laundry. I'm in DH's office, since my computer is out in the living room where my mom is..........

Yesterday we went everywhere........and I think I burned off about 1000 calories just sweating! It was we did do a lot of walking as well. So not exercise, but at least I was up and moving. ;)

Today we may go to the Zoo, but we'll see how we all feel, we can always go tomorrow.......

Anyway, not much to say...........

I hope you all are having a great day!


05-23-2007, 09:41 AM
Good morning ladies,

Michelle - ah ha! I guessed at the bio thread that you're Tammy's sister. Hope to see you posting here real soon. What's on your agenda for the day?

To everyone else - have a great day, and a big and a big :hug: to you.

My day will be very busy! I've got to get some things done around the house, then I'm having an early lunch with my niece Carol, followed by a quick trip to the bread store for buns (did I mention I'm having a huge cook-out Sunday?) Then I have my Steel Magnolia meeting at 1, followed by a quick trip to Walmart, then I'll be meeting up with Mary and the girls to see Shrek 3 at 3:45. I'll get out of the theater just in time to make a meeting at the church that I just got called about last night. Neal is on his own for supper, it seems. When I get home, I have to get my menus and grocery list ready for tomorrow.

Gotta make like a tree and leaf ;) .... see ya later!

05-23-2007, 09:44 AM
Forgot to add: I've been OP and have been doing the elliptical everyday! :yes: Somehow I've slacked up on the water consumption, so my goal is to get back to drinking plenty of that. The multivitamin I've been taking everyday seems to be helping my fingernails, if nothing else. :D

05-23-2007, 11:44 AM
Morning ladies- Not a lot happening at my house. Just the normal house and yard work. Today we are going to lunch and to the grocery store. I hope to get in a good walk later.
Yesterday Mom and I went to the greenhouses again. Boy, was that a mistake. It was 84 outside, so you can imagine what the temp. was inside the greenhouses. Mom had to sit on the porch in the shade while I shopped. I did find a rose bush for my BF who had just lost a family member. And I bought a small daylily for here. Got it planted last night and all the plants watered.
AI is winding down tonight...anyone care who wins? I liked Melinda and Jordin, so at least one made the finals. Hope she wins.
I didn't walk last night due to AI and the final of Dancing WTS's. I am a tv junkie sometimes, but luckily when this all ends I am done for the summer. Then we can walk at night like we enjoy so much.
I just rummaged around my kitchen and found my menus from when I did the KISS....need to get back on that.

HAve a wonderful day everyone.

05-23-2007, 01:19 PM
Hey Sister, I am here! Yes, I have been lurking a bit. Thank you everyone who welcomed me and I guess you've figured out by now my sister is Tammy. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here. Tammy raves about how nice and supportive and friendly everyone is.

So far so good on the WW. I've been able to stick to my points (or just under) this week. The big test will be this weekend when Scotty (my almost 2 year old) and I go to WVa to visit my other sister. Who is famous for not cooking and only eating bad, bad, bad foods. :) This will also be my first road trip alone with my son so I'm a bit anxious about it. I'm sure it will all be fine.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! :wave:

05-23-2007, 01:50 PM
Good Morning Ladies!! :wave:

Michelle--Welcome!! :hug: Congrats on losing 10lbs so far!! Fantastic. Looking forward to getting to know you more. As for visiting the sister that doesn't just stear her to a healthy place to eat.

Sue--You are going to have to refresh my memory...what is the KISS diet. Seems like I remember you mentioning this before. I'm intrigued just by the name of it!!

Jane--Goodness've worn me out just reading your schedule for the day!! I hope you have a great time. Tell us more about this big cookout it just family or more??

Sassy--Walking is exercise, so don't think you didn't do any. You should buy yourself a pedometer and see just how far you really are walking each day. It's surprising how many steps we take a day. I think it's great that you're out and about! The zoo sounds like fun. I told Hubby that I want to go this summer. It's been a couple years since we've gone.

Good Morning to the rest of the gang.

I did 2 "quick workouts" this morning. We have "Exercise on Demand" and there is a whole lotta stuff in there!! So I figured I might as well check some of it out. I'm pretty sore at the moment. Not sure if I'll do it every morning, but would like to do it more often than not.

Ok......time to finish cleaning myself up and get ready for work. Hope you're all having a great Wednesday.

Hugs to all!:hug:

05-23-2007, 01:51 PM
Hi! I am working (or I'm supposed to be anyway;) ). But then I have to pick up Scotty, go home, make dinner, finish laundry, go for a walk, and start packing for the weekend.

Please let me know how Shrek 3 was. I want to see it but Scotty's not old enough for the movies yet but I can't wait until he is! :)

05-23-2007, 04:09 PM
Just dropping by to say HI :wave:

:welcome: Michelle, Tammy's sis!

05-23-2007, 08:29 PM
Good Morning Ladies!! :wave:

Sassy--Walking is exercise, so don't think you didn't do any. You should buy yourself a pedometer and see just how far you really are walking each day. It's surprising how many steps we take a day. I think it's great that you're out and about! The zoo sounds like fun. I told Hubby that I want to go this summer. It's been a couple years since we've gone.

Yes Miss Marti! :drill: lol. Well we didn't go to the Zoo today, but walked around this huge International Market we have here and we even took the LONG way out to the car and DH even said he would come pick me and my mom up by the door and I said, "No I can walk" :D Okay not a huge deal, but its something, right?? :D Great Idea on the pedometer thingy! I could also walk around more at work too! I was doing that last week, by going to do things, I would go the longer way around, every little step helps, right? :^:

We may just end up going to the Aquarium or something instead of the Zoo since it is SO HOT! :hot: But then again I probably sweat off some calories! lol. But probably all comes back once I drink my water! lol. So We'll see what tomorrow brings! ;)

I did 2 "quick workouts" this morning. We have "Exercise on Demand" and there is a whole lotta stuff in there!! So I figured I might as well check some of it out. I'm pretty sore at the moment. Not sure if I'll do it every morning, but would like to do it more often than not.

Ok......time to finish cleaning myself up and get ready for work. Hope you're all having a great Wednesday.

Hugs to all!:hug:

We have Exercise on Demand too, I should check that out!!!!!!! I could do that before I go into work and/or maybe when I get home from work too! ;)

Hope you had a Great Day at work! :D

Hi to Everybody out there! :wave:


05-24-2007, 11:08 AM
Hey EVERYONE ~ I am still walking! :) I've done something different than I used to do. And that is I'm walking 2 times a day. Once in the morning (after the kids are off to school...which is coming to an end) and before bed. And if I miss one of those sessions I don't sweat it because I still get a walk in. In the morning it's out and about....around the neighborhood with my sons ipod. And at night it's on my treadmill. So i'm getting a bit of a different workout with the combination. So yesterday I missed the morning one because I was helping my daughter finish a report for was her last day of school. :P And last night it was AI for 2 hours...what a great show! :) And then I got on the treadmill and walked 2 miles. It was funny because I had my ipod on full blast and I was rockin' out on the treadmill and I look over and my DH is asleep on the couch...hahahaha
Sassy ~ I used to use a pedometer and they are great. It encourages you to walk to get those numbers up! :) And it makes you realize how much you do walk just doing things during the day. I think that's great! You seem so much more motivated and it's so great. Even your avator looks healthy and happy! :) Keep that attitude up and you are going to be successful...I just know it!

Michelle ~ Hey I heard you were coming! :) That's GREAT! You are going to love it here. It's fun to check out what other people are doing. It's so motivating. And sometimes when I feel discouraged or things aren't going so great I find such a huge support system here that you just can't go wrong being here! I gotta go but i'll continue later......WELCOME!:D


05-24-2007, 01:11 PM
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