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05-15-2007, 03:59 PM
When I was a LAWL member - one of them told me not to eat a whole banana. And I was having one frequently, sometimes every day. She told me not to eat too many banana's and that I shouldn't eat the whole thing. I was counting a whole one as 2 fruit.

And the 1/2 a cucumber being 1 serving. Is it okay to eat the whole thing in 1 setting?

I'm a fairly picky fruit & veggie person - there's only a few of each that I really enjoy eating -
I enjoy/like:
Fruits: apples, grapes, banana, orange (occassionally)
Veggies: cucumbers, carrots, green beans, mushrooms, green peppers, occassional tomato slice

I'm trying to find new fruit & veggies that I enjoy eating. I will use low sodium V8 and V8 Fusion as well.

The protein - are the weights cooked or raw - I cannot remember....

05-15-2007, 04:10 PM
The protein weights in the book are raw weights, so you deduct one ounce for cooked.

1/2 a small banana equals 1 fruit, so a whole SMALL banana equals 2 fruits (oops, I've been doing that one wrong)

According to the purple and gold plan books, 1/4th a cucumber equals 1 veggie.
I would not worry about having too much cucumber...but that's the way I am.

P.S. LOVE your dogs....I'm a boxer person myself.

Also, I've learned to put a tad of FF blue cheese dressing on my broccoli and I could eat the stuff every night.

Mama Nicole
05-15-2007, 04:17 PM
enjoy your bananas and cucumbers, Snowdog. If for some reason you are not losing....then maybe consider eating only 1/2 banana at a time..........but when I am OP, if I eat a whole banana for 2F, I lose just fine :)

05-15-2007, 04:24 PM
Bananas are higher in sugar...that's the only reason they don't want you to eat too many. But I agree, if you're losing, eat away.
I drink V-8 juice almost daily - I'm not a big veggie fan. I also do frozen broccoli and frozen cauliflower...I like mushrooms, too.
Fruits are so easy in the summertime because I like them all...and they're in season. I do raisins quite a bit, too. Sometimes I just juice a grapefruit or orange. You can also cut up an apple, add a little water, cinnamon and splenda, and microwave it...that's yummy. And frozen bluberries thrown in the magic bullet with some milk is good - my DD's favorite!

05-15-2007, 04:40 PM
Bananas are also very high in starch... Plus, as my son, who went through a big banana craze earlier this year, found out.. They REALLY can back you up, if you know what I mean.. The poor kid was in agony for several days...

05-15-2007, 06:11 PM
Great, the salt police found me... I'm a salt-oholic.

How about watermellon - I LOVE watermellon and with it being summer there's a bunch around. Is that something I could have for 2 fruit servings of in a day - or is it high in sugar????
**of course I'll have to get used to eating it with OUT salt....

05-15-2007, 06:31 PM
^^ No you don't.. Just use the lite salt, NoSalt or AlsoSalt...

Remember.. "Free to Live"....

There are just healthier ways to get our guilty pleasures!

05-15-2007, 08:03 PM
The salt police IS always Big Brother :)

Snowdogs...I would just mix it up and keep trying new things. As Nicole mentioned, there is no harm in eating the banana just be sure to count it. If your weight loss stalls cut back. Through research I have found that fruits like apples and grapefruits help burn more fat I am eating them like crazy now! LOL