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11-26-2001, 04:12 AM
Abs are tough for me. I don't like to do ab exercises, but I am trying to make ab workouts part of my routine. Join in if you are interested in sharing what works for you, or if you need motivation, or if you have some motivating stories.

Hi Rose and Sil. I did my ab tape this morning. I always wonder if I can make it through this tape when I start it. I think that I need to develop some muscle memory for my abs. The tape went fine, though I find it difficult - I look forward to feeling more confident with it.

11-27-2001, 02:29 PM
Where is everyone?

Did my tape again this a.m., that makes 3 times. After the first time when I was terrible sore, it hasn't made me sore again. It is still really tough to do though.

Hope you are all well.

11-27-2001, 06:32 PM
Hi Everyone:wave:!

Ledom-I'm so sorry I haven't posted. These holidays sure got in the way. I've been bad these last couple days. I will do abs tonight though. I really was starting to notice a difference and I need to get back to it:)! I'm glad you are still here Ledom. I hope you had a good holiday.

Where is everyone else? Enjoying the holidays? Check in and keep each other motivated:D!

12-03-2001, 01:43 PM
Are you still doing your ab workouts? I am keeping to my schedule with my video. I like the way I feel when I finish, just a stronger torso feeling. I hate when I first start though - there is something about this workout that is beyond challenging, it's scary. But so far I'm sticking with it. I probably need to add a day of abs somewhere. Twice a week is better than before but probably not enough.

12-07-2001, 11:11 AM
Anyone out there thinking about their abs!?!?

What is working for you? What is your success story? I could use the motivation.

I am keeping up with my tape twice a week and it is getting, not easier particularly, but somehow I think I might be improving with it a bit. Still thinking about a way to pump up quanity of ab workouts per week.

12-10-2001, 02:47 PM
please join me in this effort! Rose? Sil? Where are you guys. I think this is helping me. My 2 ab workouts a week are pretty intense. All of a sudden my pants are feel really loose. I don't guess I can contribute it wholely to crunches, but I know it isn't hurting! Post and lets help each other through the holiday season!

12-11-2001, 04:25 PM

Sounds like you're looking for company? :) I'd love some motivation for ab work, since I currently don't do much, and it's my worst area.....

I go to Curves 3x week, and get some ab stuff there, but I'd like to make crunches a part of my daily routine... however, I've always had trouble with doing them!

So, here we go! I plan to incorporate abs into my evening, every day! I have no idea how many crunches I can do... so I'll just do some everyday, and work up from there.

Talk to you soon!

12-12-2001, 11:39 AM
Okay! Now where did you go, Ledom?

I just wanted to post and say that I di my crunches last night! Not too many... 2 sets of 5 of regular, right and left... but I felt it, and I'm impressed that I even did any.

I'm gonna try to find a good, short ab workout on the web, and try to follow it.... I'll post it if I find a good one!

12-12-2001, 12:41 PM

I am so glad you are here. That sounds like a great way to start out. I am all for working up to something rather than just plunging in and hurting and being sore. There are so many good articles to find exercises for abs. All the articles on pilates moves and holds look intriguing to me.

You know what I think is really working for me? I have this FIRM tape called Firm Parts, Sculpted Buns, Hips & Thighs that is fantastic. It's title is misleading though because the BH&T exercise sets have an ab workout between each one. You do this whole workout on the floor, no cardio involved just a lot of muscle work. You know, I am really encouraged after doing this tape twice a week for about 3 weeks now. I can hardly believe it but I think I see the faint outlines of muscle definition in my abs. Also I had to find a belt to hold my pants up this week. This is all good. I feel stonger each time I do the tape. I think this is a tape to ease into, I have had it several years and pick it up every now and then, making it a part of my routine is working out great though!

Once again, I'm glad you decided to post. We can do this!

12-13-2001, 11:29 AM
Hi! Sounds like you're doing great! I can't wait to "have to" wear a belt! ;)

I got my crunches in again last night, so I'm happy! Boy, did I feel them though! I must be doing something right... :) I'm still searching for the right routine though.

How long does that Firm tape take? It sounds like quite the workout!

Keep up the good work!

12-15-2001, 02:00 AM
Hi ladies, I hope that you don't mind me joining in. I was curious to see what kinds of ab workouts are working for other people.
ledom - what is the tape that you refer to?

I started belly-dancing this past summer, and if you are looking for a fun workout, that's the one.:) It works more muscles than just doing crunches. ( upper and lower abs, sides, back...) and is all about being proud to be a woman. Any shape or size! Unfortunately I have slacked off in the past couple months. I am looking for a good instructional video to work with at home, while I am unable to dance with a group. If anyone knows of one let me know, and if anyone is interested, I'll let you know if I find one.
Anyway, my big dilema is that I have somewhat toned muscles with a layer of blubber covering them. I diet and excercise and can't seem to lose the fat layer. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


12-15-2001, 12:19 PM
The FIRM'S: Firm Parts, Sculpted Buns, Hips & Thighs is the name of the tape. It is approximately 30 minutes, just a little shorter I believe.

Washu I am in the same boat as you. I have great muscle tone right now because I have been strength training and doing cardio quite regularly for the last 4 months. I have a lot of weight to lose, but I have been trying for 6 small, well balanced meals a day. I try to come in at around 1500 calories. It is excrutiatingly slow. I do feel I am on the right track though.

12-15-2001, 11:37 PM

I'm here, and I'm doing great! (Well, okay, I didn't do my crunches last night, because we were at dh's Christmas party until late..) But, I'm on for tonight!

I have the same problem too... with the layer of fat over the abs.... I'm not sure what you can do about it other than dieting, unless you want to go to liposuction... sorry! ;)

12-17-2001, 01:47 PM
Hi everyone. I am new to posting here. I do abs each day I work out (M-F). I have a trainer and he can always come up with creative ways to work out abs. We started out with V-ups. Then we did a routine where you lay on a bench, legs out straight, and reach for the ceiling. We did crunches on an exercise ball- works on stability and this week we are doing a routine where you get down like you are going to do push ups, but put your forearms on the ground and then lift your body. only arms and toes on the floor---- ouch!!!!

12-18-2001, 11:11 AM
Okay, I admit it... I slacked off again.. :( I'm trying to get moving again, but missed my ab workout last night... I did do it on Sunday night though.

But today is a new day, and crunches are on the menu for this evening! :)

Welcome txconnie! Sounds like you're doing great! I wish that I had a trainer... talk about a motivator! :D I take it that you like the exercise ball? I've been thinking about getting one (Walmart is selling them for $10)... they have one at Curves, but I'm a little too self-concious to try it out there in front of everyone... maybe I'll buck up some courage tomorrow and try it out!

Ledom, where are you? Hope you're doing alright, and that your pants are falling off! :lol:

12-18-2001, 11:59 AM
The exercise ball is okay. I will probably like it once I am comfortable, but every time I get comfortable, my trainer changes something that makes it just out of my comfort zone. Go get one- I think once you are used to it you will love it

12-18-2001, 02:41 PM
Welcome Connie. I'm here Marvin, it is just a busy busy time of year, isn't it? I am going to a party tonight, giving a party Fri., plus all the other extra activity has me feeling as if I am going in circles. I did get my two ab workouts in last week. Yesterday was rest day and today was supposed to be upper body and cardio but it hasn't happened yet. I am hoping to make it through the holidays intact as far as keeping up my exercise and monitoring my sweets and eating in general. Even if I don't get a work-out in today, I think I'll be able to tomorrow. Gonna run, but you girls keep my on my toes. Keep up the great posts!

12-19-2001, 11:34 AM
I know EXACTLY what you mean about busy!! :lol: We had our last bowling league night of the year last night, and were out WAY too late! So, I didn't make it to Curves this morning, and I can't go after work because I have business stuff to do... :( I'm going to try to fit it into my lunch hour...

I did get my ab exercises in last night, though, and they're still pretty tough! At least I know that I'm doing something, and that feels great!

I'll have to take a look at that exercise ball next time I'm up in the city.... I hate going to Walmart at this time of year!

12-28-2001, 12:21 PM
to you Rose, Sil, Marvin, Connie - who have I left out?!?

How goes it? I have had a couple weeks off exercising, but I'm trying to get back with the program now. Today I got back to my ab tape. This is a good indication because I always put abs last in my rotation. It felt ok, not as strong as pre-christmas, but stronger than a couple months ago. It was good to review our thread here - I could see that at the first of the month I was doing abs and lo and behold I am doing them at the end of the month as well. It encourages me.

So what is new with you guys? Any cool new videos, exercise equipment, or resolutions that the holidays inspired?

Time to get going strong again, I'd love to hear from you and what you are up to exercise wise.

01-02-2002, 11:56 AM
Good morning! Glad to see you 'back on the horse' so to speak!

I finally managed to get in my ab workout last night, after taking most of the holidays off.... :( I did pick up that exercise ball, and a video, and I can't even do all of it! :) So, it's pretty good, I guess. I really like the ball... it's fun, and not nearly as hard on my back as the floor is! :lol: I plan on doing it at least three times a week...

Anyhoo, I'm back on track for 2002, and I'm happy about it!

01-15-2002, 11:20 AM
if you don't use it you'll lose it. That is how I felt when I did my ab tape this a.m. It had started to feel easier before the holidays and my "break" from exercise. Whew! I fully expect to feel sore tomorrow. BUT, I am so proud of myself because I am back with the program now!:D

01-17-2002, 08:22 AM
Hello everyone! I hope you all don't mind me just joining in, but I was reading and I think I could use your help too! I just made the promise to myself to tone up my body this year. My abs are my biggest problem area. I just ordered an exercise ball which should be here in the next two days. And I have a 8 min abs, Claudia Shiffer's Ab tape, and a kickboxing tape that I use for my abs...not all on the same days though!! :dizzy: I hate to work out, it is my biggest downfall. I could use your encouragement on this board to motivate me, if you all don't mind me joining!! Hugs

01-18-2002, 11:28 AM
A big hearty welcome to you! Glad to have you aboard. This morning is my ab morning, but alas a severe case of cramps are my excuse. I WILL play catch-up tomorrow.

01-21-2002, 08:49 AM
I got my exercise ball on Saturday...I LOVE IT! I didn't really know what to do with it so I was just playing around...it's Monday morning and my abs still hurt (along with my butt!!) I don't think it will be hard for me not to do this because I am having so much fun with it! ;) ;) ;)

01-23-2002, 10:22 AM
Melk, everyone says they love their exercise balls. Do you think they are sturdy enough to survive a household with three cats? I am back on schedule with my ab workouts. I am stronger, but I am still flabby. Guess I just have to keep it up. I'll start a new thread as this one is getting too long.