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05-13-2007, 02:05 PM
OK this is more like a blog but I need to vent, complain or just get it down. I was .2 lbs away from losing my first 10 lbs and I started to choke, not literally but you know I started to gain. Since almost getting to 251 I gained 1.4 lbs by Weds and havent been back since. Yes Ive been a little lax with my dieting and im afraid to get on that scale! Here and there Ive been tweaking my program and I know I shouldnt. Ive eaten whole wheat flat bread instead of light bread, or had a drink and didnt log it, and now Im just irritated with my screwing up. So heres what I know I need to do:

1. Get back on plan and down tons of water

2. Get some exercise

3. Plan my meals ahead.

Now that ive answered my issues does anyone else ever get this way and how do you pull yourself out of it??:dizzy:

05-13-2007, 02:27 PM
Often, early on in the program especially, I'd treat myself with chocolate or a handful of cereal, or whatever it was I was craving, ususally without writing it in my diary; sometimes I'd get away with it, which would just make me do it more, but often I'd pay for it with a plateau or a gain. If it's cravings or this kind of mentality that you're struggling with, you just have to get yourself in the right mindset. Keep your goal in mind, and promise yourself that you're going to stay on plan every day, one day at a time. It sucks to have to fight off the cravings every day, and it can seem like a never ending battle. But I do have some words of comfort: it will get better! At a point further down the road, you'll have fewer cravings, and the plan will become more natural to you! Until then, yes it will be an uphill battle, but keep your chin up and keep up the good work! Slip ups are a part of life, but do your best to have them less often, and eventually it will get easier! :D

05-13-2007, 02:39 PM
Thanks momerath. It really does help just putting it down. I am going to refocus starting today!!! :)

05-13-2007, 02:44 PM
like sarah said, life happens and so do slips..from time to time. the good thing is you recognize that your getting a bit lax and your doing something about it! you know that the plan works..look what you've done so far!
i'm not always perfect on my plan either..and i know that my choices are either going to help me reach my goal or set me back a bit. either way, it's up to you. but the fact that you're making a conscious effort to get back on track is the first step!
good luck and feel free to vent anytime!

05-13-2007, 04:30 PM
I'm actually having one of those slip up days today. I've been pretty good lately, but this morning my fiance and I went to Cora's, a French Canadian breakfast restaurant. We go every Sunday, and I get a whole wheat strawberry crepe with no custard or whipped cream or anything like that. I usually count it as two starches and two fruits, and it doesn't usually do any damage. But this morning I also ate a ton of Dave's pancakes (they were SOOOO good, I just wanted one bite, but then I couldn't resist more :P ), and I've had one of the brownies from the cookbook (I cut them into 16 pieces though, so they're only one starch each). So I think I'm at about 4 starches already, and I still have dinner at Dave's parents' house tonight for mother's day, and I imagine I'll give in and eat some bread there too. But whatever, days like this happen. One day isn't going to set me back hugely, and as long as I get back on track tomorrow (and stay on track!), all will be well! :D

05-13-2007, 08:27 PM
Your day sounds like mine!! We went out to breakfast and I had whole wheat & nut pancakes with S.F. syrup. I figured that would be my 2 Starches for the day. I even left some on the plate :). Then we took the kids for a bike ride through the park and I even took a break from the bike and ran while my daughter rode her bike next to me. Then the kids wanted to go to Rita's waterice-so, I figured it is Mother's Day-I will have a little treat. So I ordered a kid size Gelati (Boy, did that taste good)!!! Then the rest of my day went down hill. I had some peanut butter, then some more peanut butter. For dinner I had a bocca veggie burger, (with a whole wheat bun) more starches!!! I had a salad with that too, also had my bananna with a chocolate la lite shake, which is a good thing. I told my self no more food for the rest of the night.I had all of my food plus some. Then I ate some yogurt covered raisins, while making lunches for tomorrow!!!
AAAHHH- I am such a mess today!!! Tomorrow back on track for me!!!!

05-13-2007, 10:26 PM
Bransgirl - Admiting you need to get back on the wagon and preparing yourself to do just that is 3/4 of the battle!
I agree with Jill and Sarah, there will be times you will have slip ups, we all do. This is when you have that self-motivating talk and get right back on the plan.
When I first started LAWL I could not resist the temptations while traveling. I lost weight very slowly and eventually took 2 months off. Now I am back in 110%. It took quite a bit of self-motivation and deep thinking for me to realize this is a life style change. I will always be faced with challenges and temptations. Since I have been back on the plan I am seeing results and I couldn't be happier. You will too...hang in there!


05-13-2007, 10:45 PM
Haha, I figured I'd might as well fill you all in on my progress (or lack thereof) during the rest of the day.

I ended up having 2 or 3 more of the brownies from the cookbook over the course of the afternoon and evening. For dinner I had some California roast (chicken and pork, I think?), which wasn't bad, but I had 3 slices of bread, each with a sizeable helping of butter. Then I had some mashed potatoes, with gravy of course, and finished the meal off with a tiny little bit of vanilla ice cream with strawberries. I don't think I've gone this far off plan in months!

But again, whatever. This may set me back a pound or two. Maybe not. Either way, I'm almost done, I'm happy with the way I look, and it's nice to feel this full for a change. It was a treat day, and now it's done. I'm vowing to be POP all week this week! Wish me luck! :D

05-14-2007, 04:51 AM
I think everybody is right - as long as you have recognised its a slip and just get back on plan - go and have a WI and refocus yourself (when I avoid my scales I know I am just rying to kid myself and force myself back on them!) We are all human! But keep an eye on that temptation to STRETCH the plan as that can become a bad habit - make sure you weigh everything this week, drink a ton of water and have some exercise if you can. GOOD LUCK!
UK Sarah