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05-13-2007, 11:23 AM
and here is the new thread....must fly and get ready for baseball!:carrot::carrot:

See ya all tomorrow....I think.


05-13-2007, 02:48 PM
Just dropping by to wish you ladies a great day.
I have seen or talked to our 3 girls already today and Jackie, son, had said he would call later. It was a fun morning.
Last Fri. nite we went to the Middle School Musical Extravaganza! Two of our 13 yr olds were in it. The musical was called 'The High School Musical' and the kids did a great job...very enthusiastic. Cam and Kerri were both in the chorus/dance line and were cute as a Jock and a Cheerleader. It was very hot in the auditorium but that didn't stop the kids energy level. Thank God, they sold cold water at intermission. On Saturday they had a matinee performance as well as the evening performance. The kids were surly pooped when it was over. There was a cast party at one of the kids houses and when Cam was over this morning he couldn't stop yawning! I told him he needed to go home and take a nap. Last year it was Annie, Jr. and I wonder what they will do next year.

Maria: Enjoy Chicago and the ball game. Chicago sounds like a very interesting city.

Ann & Karen: Your weather must be warming up in Florida as it is getting warmer up here.

Norma & Sally: So glad you had such a nice visit with Maria and Alan. Hope your Winnipeg Spring has sprung!

Glenda: Hope you are looking forward to the end of the school year or does the University continue through the entire year!

Peggy: It won't be long until you have the pleasure of seeing Maria and Alan. Then after a long way round they will be heading to the East Coast. It will be fun.


05-13-2007, 07:12 PM
Hi Everybody and Happy Mother's Day. My kids had me to their place yesterday for a Mother's Day dinner and also it was their 17th Wedding Anniversary. One day last week when I was out shopping with my DIL and we went into a pet shop...........Bad Mistake :D ;) :) I saw and got to hold the sweetest little dog. She was a cross, Maltase and ****zu (sp) She was white with just a little bit of black. I had been talking about getting a puppy for company but thought it would tie me down too much. Well my grandson wrote up a list of 28 reasons why I should have a dog. While I was there yesterday they ALL decided that I really should get that little puppy and when I am away they will puppy sit and even arranged for friends of their's to take her if they were away too. So gals what do you think????
Hi Maria and Alan hope you are enjoying this leg of your journey. P.S. I guess the "board" took out the breed of dog because it looks like a swear word. hmmm

05-13-2007, 11:23 PM
Hope that everyone had a very Happy Mother's Day. Phone calls from kids are nice, and let we Mom's know that we are thought about.

Hope the baseball game was a success. Now on to Cincinnati soon. Before you know it your USA Oddessy will soon be nearing the end. I'm sure your family will be glad to have you back home.

Talk to you all tomorrow. Ann

05-14-2007, 01:03 AM
Slavika GET THE PUPPY! I think she would be great companionship for you. Just think of all the cuddling and love she would provide, not to mention someone to come home to. Besides, I love to cuddle little puppies too... :D I seriously think it would be a good thing.

Maria You are so good to take time on the US tour to make up a new thread for us. You would think that someone else here would remember how to do it. Loving your blog. I find it interesting that the opposing team wasn't recognized. I think it is poor sportsmanship too (not that I know a lot about sports).

Gloria the musical sounds like it was a lot of fun. It is great watching the grand children perform.
Yes, we are enjoying great weather. It hasn't rained since Maria and Alan left... :lol: I think they must have brought it with them when they came here.

Ann it is nice to be remembered on Mother's Day. Now that my Mom has gone, I get pampered. Before I would make the big day for her. I guess it is like the right of passage.

Peggy You are in for a treat when Maria & Alan arrive. We all enjoyed having them here.

Off to bed for me, big day tomorrow, bye for now..

05-14-2007, 11:13 AM
G'day all,

Last day in Chicago.....
Firstly Slavika I totally agree with your family and Trudy, get the puppy.
A friend of mine had a little dog the same, a cross between a maltese and a ****zu, I am purposely spelling this to see if I get censored as well;):D
Slavika you would love having a little 'person' (and that is what they become) in your home, it will be lovely to come home to and just to have around the house. I can see you sitting in your TV room with the puppy on your lap!
A small little dog like that you could also take visiting.
You may remember I had two little pappilions and whilst Alan only likes big dogs, he loved those little things and they used to follow him everywhere and at night sit with him.
Of course the 'downside' is that your grandchildren will be over even more often to have a play with your puppy, I know you are going to hate that;):D
Peggy we will call you when we get to Cincinatti, I am still not quite sure when we actually get there but it will be sometime this week. I will explain all when I see you!:rolleyes:
Gloria the musical sounds great, it would be fun to see your grandchildren participate in these sort of shows, I will have to wait a little while yet.

Hi to everyone I have not mentioned......


PS and I also got censored but I found this little picture...how can you refuse Slavika

05-14-2007, 04:29 PM
Slavika I vote with everyone else. Get the puppy. How cute is the picture that Maria posted. Think how happy that puppy will be to see you when you come home. And having puppy sitters makes it that much better. And you will get exercise chasing after him and walking him. We have a 14 year old terrier mix from the pound. He is still in good shape.
Gloria my nieces dd loves High School Musical. She got a HSM shirt for her birthday yesterday. What a fun play for kids to put on. I bet they had a great time doing it. My youngest was involved in drama in high school.
Spoke with Maria this morning. That was exciting. I didn't get to the phone before the answering machine picked up. I heard her talking and I almost didn't get there fast enough. Should be seeing them in a day or two. How fun. I think I had better dust and clean.

Karen L
05-14-2007, 08:53 PM
I agree get the puppy. You won't be sorry.

05-15-2007, 01:10 PM
Hi Everybody: I have been giving it a lot of thought about having a little critter living me and I know I'd love it but I also know you can't just take off for the whole day. My friend Irenie(whose husband had the stroke) and Maria and Alan met when they were here, doggy sits a lot for her daughter's dog, a wheaten Terrier. She just loves him and he adores her. Yesterday she phoned me and told me he had died. He apparently had the tumor that nobody knew about and it burst. The vet called Irenie's daughter to tell her that the dog was very sick and to come quickly. She didn't want to go by herself so she took Irenie with her. When they got there he had already died. Irenie said, he was still warm and just looked liked he was sleeping, but she was crying so hard when she told all this. Puppies definitely
become part of your family and you love them. The picture Maria found looked very much like the puppy I saw. Thanks for all your advice. :)

05-15-2007, 05:28 PM
Hi All;
Slavika: I think you would have great fun with a puppy, and you do have built-in puppy sitters, so to speak. A dog is a lot of company, and they do become one of the family. What about your DIL pet allergies? Would that be a problem? When we had our cockapoo, we had friends with pet allergies, but they wwere not allergic to her. She didn't shed like many dogs do. She had to have haircuts. Only you can make the final decision, but I don't think you would be sorry.

Gloria: Watching your GKids perform in musical is a treat. and the kids will never forget their experiences with the performance. When I was teaching that is one of the things I did with my H.S. Chorus. Those kids never forgot what they could accomplish, and for some of them that was the place where they could be 'somebody'.

I tried to wreck myself with my bike on Sat. Somehow lost my balance, when I stopped to chat with someone, and over I went! :yikes: Nothing was broken, I wasn't hurt, mostly my pride, but I did get a couple of doozy bruises on my leg, which I iced immediately when I got home. I refuse to stop riding tho.

We had our 'Ladies Montly' lunch today. We have a good time together, and have a lot of laughs. I get to go out tomorrow too, as once a month, the park ladies have a lunch. I don't always go, but this is at the Olive Garden and i do love their soup and salad lunch.

How about Dancing with the Stars last night? Really great performances, and it will be hard to choose. They all deserve something for sure. I think that Layla Ali had a really tough job, since as the judges pointed out, people often think that she should measure up to the women Professionals. She comes pretty close, I think, and a very attractive woman, at that. Anyone have any predictions? I know who I like, but I am only one of thousands of fans who vote. Tonight will tell a part of the final story.

'See' you later. Ann

05-15-2007, 06:16 PM
Slavika, my thoughts are exactly the same as everyone else. We just lost our little Raleigh and, even though I realize we are gone so much, it is so hard to come into an empty house. They are so much company. I will have to wait a little bit, but definitely know we will have to have another critter eventually. Just don't want to think about that heartbreak again, but I know it is worth it just to have that little guy jumping and so happy to see you. And then the friendship.

Sounds like everyone had a great Mother's Day. We had an almost perfect day. We had about 25 of our family to our house and the day was glorious. We have had so much rain, but that day was beautiful. Little kids played so hard and we all spent most of our time on the patio and talked and visited and talked some more. The men were back and forth, watching something on TV. Great food! It sure wasn't all mine, but we had such a wonderful variety. Anyway, it couldn't have been any better. Leon just about broke his back on this yard and it looked good.

I was so tired yesterday I took off a day for vacation. I just pretty much napped all day. Before Mother's Day I went through a bit of a blue funk, just being nostalgic. I miss my mama and uncles, etc. Maybe some of you relate. Anyway, I feel fine now. I just told my sister that maybe if I am lucky my kids will still miss me after 8 years too.

Maria, you are just doing me the best favor with your blog. I won't get to physically visit these places, probably, but I so enjoy visiting them with you. So, you think American fans don't show a lot of sportsmanship? Duh! Some fans are just fantatics. When you have been a fan of OSU, humility comes easily to us. Tell Alan that I just finished "1776." Who was he rooting for?Our country sure did start out with little more than a prayer and a wish. I didn't realize the queen is the head of Australia and Canada. So, your allegiance might be a little different from ours.

Peggy, you will soon see why the rest of us have enjoyed Alan and Maria so much. There really is truth that we know each other so well. It was as if I had known Maria forever.

05-15-2007, 08:45 PM
G'day all,

Indianapolis tonight and Cincinatti tomorrow, I am looking forward to catching up with Peggy.

I am glad you are enjoying the blog Glenda, Alan has also finished 1776, he thoroughly enjoyed learning about the very early history of New York. Your family get together sounded great, I can well imagine Leon would have had every thing just right.
We were 'rooting' (this is not a very polite expression in Australia;);)) for no-one in particular but we thought ALL spectators would enjoy and applaud good play but that obviously is not the case!:rolleyes:

Sorry to hear about your fall Ann, glad more then anything else it was just your pride that received a dent!

Slavika I don't know what I would really do if I was in your situation, a little dog is certainly great company but it will also restrict you somewhat, like coming to Australia for a bit;):D Seriously, I think you would love it to bits and would enjoy it around the place, but only you know how it will effect your social life. So sorry to hear about your friend Irenie, firstly the progress her dh is making and now the death of the little dog:(

Take care all, early night tonight....


05-16-2007, 03:53 PM
Hi: another lunch out. this time to the Olive Garden, but it is easy to do their soup, salad, and bread sticks. It is just a gathering of lots of ladies from our park.

I am rather surprised at the lack of enthusiasm of the baseball fans. At least you would think that when the team you are for made a good play the fans would let them know.

So who do you predict will win the Dancing with the Stars. It is certainly so close now, and with two with the perfect 60's makes it even harder.

Now I have a gigantic bruise mark on my leg that is going into the yellow/green stage. Very ugly, but not painful. Just a reminder of being careful when I am going to 'disembark' from my bike.

Peggy- I'm sure you are now in for a treat. You gals have been very fortunate to meet our good friend. I have been trying to come up with a solution, even thought of driving to Charleston, but now that isn't going to work either. I guess it was just not 'in the cards' this time. Maybe Maria and Alan will come once more to cover the Southern part of the U.S. There are some great spots here too. Maybe not quite the spectacular secenery as the Rockies, but lovely in it's own special way.

I am still thinking a lot about how I want to paint the kitchen. I have about decided on the color, but we have so many cupboards, and if I paint them all white it will be overwhelming, so am thinking about two-toned doors with then white and yellow. Just can't decide how I want it. Maybe I will just have to take one door and experiment a bit until I find the right look. I'm going to have to live with it for a while so it better be right.

Maria- I'm enjoying your Blog too. and as Glenda says, there are so many places that we will not be able to get to, and it is nice to see it with your eyes, and get your impressions of our country.

Hi everyone.


05-18-2007, 03:52 PM
Why don't you do the cabinets white and the doors a soft buttery color? How would that work?

Don't we bruise easily anymore? Had lunch with some old friends yesterday who came to see their grandchildren's award assembly. A few years ago she had a heart transplant and now her medicine has taken a toll on her hip joints and she is on crutches. She said a true thing--seems like this age (and her condition) is like walking on eggshells. Anything you do for one thing, causes something else. I so wish we had an Olive Garden! I love that place!

Have a quiet, sort of, weekend planned. Just a graduation for a niece. They think it will take 3 hours! UGGGGH!

Have a wonderful weekend! Slavika, any decision on that fur-face?

05-19-2007, 05:22 PM
I felt like I was holiday visiting with Alan and Maria. What fun they are! Time is too short and they are on their way again. Doug loved them too. It was hard to say goodbye. Hopefully we will win the lottery and go visit them. There is a saying that people come into your lives for a little while but into your hearts forever. That is how we feel. Gloria you will be in for a fun treat. Just don't give Maria ice. lol
Ann the best thing at the OG is the soup, salad and breadsticks. Have you decided on a kitchen color?
Maria enjoy the rest of your journey. Can't wait to catch up in your blog. I will forever remember out last moments together. Truly memorable-lol. I laugh every time I think of it. {to everyone-it involves some spilled water and broken glass}.
We are going to a fancy wedding in a park tonight. It is sort of chilly and I have to figure out what to stuff myself into since what I originally bought isn't going to work out. Monday is diet day for sure. 25lbs. Going to try doing it through the spark people place on the web.

05-19-2007, 05:54 PM
G'day all,

We are in Charleston tonight and a bit tired after a bit of a sad farewell in Cincinnati:(
We had a great time with Peggy and Doug. It was as though we had known them forever. Doug and Alan were like a couple of larrikins, a bad influence on each other;):D;):D
We laughed so much as Doug was relating some of his fireman stories and yes we all drank a little too much except for Peggy who had to drive.
We enjoyed the sights of Cincinnati, Doug was an excellent navigator even better then our Navman:D
I really feel if we were all to meet together, we would ALL get on well and have a lot of laughs, it would really be a blast.
Everyone has more or less been as I expected, there have been no great shocks or surprises. Our differences makes this board interesting and it would be exactly the same in real life.
I must be off to do my blog.....

05-20-2007, 06:41 PM
Talk about confusion of names. All this time I thought that Maria and Alan were going to Charleston So. Carolina, not Charleston, West Virginia. If I had driven up to charleston So. Carolina, I would have been there all my myself. I guess I didn't even realize that Charleston, W. vir. was the state Capitol. So I learned something today.

I love the peonies and that is one flower I miss here in Florida. we used to have a big bush in our front yard up North. oh well, Now we have a lovely Crepe Myrtle tree that is starting to bud out very nicely. It will be beautiful when it is in full bloom.

We have had some rain, but still not what we need. It will be a long time before water restrictions are lifted, I am sure.

We have a new Ruby Tuesday here in Winter Haven and so we went there for lunch today after church. it is really very nice and the food was good. The only ones I have had any experience with are usually in Malls, but this one stands alone. They were very busy.

That is all our exciting news.

Karen: I hope Frank is feeling better.

Hi everyone. Ann

05-20-2007, 09:45 PM
Ann I cannot believe we got that mixed up. Charleston West Virginia was OK but I spoke to someone at breakfast and told them about our misunderstanding and she raved about the Charleston you were talking about, maybe we should have gone there! It sounds a lovely spot.


05-20-2007, 11:06 PM
It is lovely, and very Southern. Have you had grits yet for breakfast? That is a very southern dish. I happen to be one Northerner who likes them. I always order them rather than hash browns. I'll be waiting to hear how you like Williamsburg. Ann

05-21-2007, 05:10 PM
Ann good thing you didn't go to Charleston SC. We have been wanting to go there SC and to Savanah. Doug likes Paula Deen and we would like to go to her place to eat. I love her accent. I love crepe myrtle trees - I swear someone down the street has one. I have to check it out because I thought it got too cold here for one.
Where is everyone??? Maria are you in Williamsburg yet? Isn't Va pretty and green - I love the drive when you get close to W-all the trees.
We went to the wedding the other night. It was a beautiful evening for an outdoor wedding. Traffic was backed up for miles to get across the bridge to Ky. The groom was a little late because of it. We got lost leaving in the dark. It was high on a hill in a park overlooking the city. We finally made it out - this seems to be our thing. We need to pay attention to how we get to places like that.
Our Penneys is closing to move up the street. I went after school and picked a few bargains while they still have them.

05-21-2007, 07:49 PM
G'day all,

We are exhausted and I will only quickly post here, tomorrow I will do the blog.
Thanks for the email Peggy, was the third critter a chipmunk???
Pleased to hear the wedding went off well, I can now picture you going over the bridge and I even know the abbreviation of Kentucky:D;)
We have not tasted 'grits' Ann, we don't eat hash browns for breakfast either:dizzy:
We did have buffalo chicken wings last night and I thought they were pretty bad, so much fat :eek: and I wasn't fond of the taste either. Perhaps I am too fussy.:shrug:

We are in Williamsburg and yes what a pretty drive and what a beautiful town Williamsburg is.:) We overnighted in a very dodgy Super 8 motel in Charlotteville, it was gross and neither of us had much sleep. We left in the morning and drove the back roads to Richmond, didn't realise how big Richmond was and became very frustrated with the the traffic, ended up at the botanical gardens which were quite nice and then onto Williamsburg.
We reluctantly booked in yet another Super 8 and this one is great, thank goodness. We have booked to see the historic town tomorrow and I will probably ring Ann's daughter tomorrownight.
We are not much fun to be with at the moment, a good nights sleep will make all the difference.


05-22-2007, 02:49 AM
Hello once again from me, it is 18 months since I last posted and I thought I had better speak up and stop lurking in the background. You all sound as if you are well.

We have had a bad year so far with Ted, my husband, having a big operation for bowel cancer but he is well on the road to recovery again and then I dropped my bundle. The weight just piled on and I had no incentive, but I am back on track again and have started a concerntrated effort to get it off.

It sounds like Maria is now over in the States, what a life she must lead - half her luck. (I am only jealous)

Well girls must away now so love to all.

Ash - Jenye. :)

05-22-2007, 10:19 AM
Ash: How nice to hear from you afater all this time. I can identify with the necessary bowel resection that your DH went throug. It has been nearly 3 years since I went that route, and I feel very blessed.

Good luck with the weight loss. I am in a bit of the same place myself. I am having trouble getting really motivated to start over. I must admit I get tired of the lifetime struggle.

Do keep us posted now and again about what is happening with you.


05-22-2007, 11:23 AM
Ash, nice to hear from you again, even if you did report about a bad time you had with your husband. So sorry to hear that, but great that it is okay now. Doesn't seem like 3 years since Anne went through this too. She has really been blessed--don't know that she missed a beat, in fact.

Maria, so happy to hear from you. Glad you survived that Super 8. I guess they aren't all the same. Tell us everything about Williamsburg. Just sounds delicious!

Karen, let us know about your hubby. My hubby has his physical this morning. He didn't sleep well last night. He has so rarely been concerned about his health that he is worrying me. He has a vein that has broken in his eye and is worried right now about that. Isn't it always something?

My high school friends are coming up on Saturday to visit and laugh and talk. We just need to touch base once in awhile. They both live in my hometown and last night at 5:30 an older gentleman was killed there. Somebody broke into his home (a lovely big house), slit his throat and stole his money from his wallet. I know this family and they are super nice and very conservative. It just has everyone in a tizzy, as you can imagine. Do you all keep your doors locked during the day when you are home? I am not so sure we have been that cautious always.

Well, on that sour note, I will depart. Hope you have a good day.

05-23-2007, 06:24 PM
Ash it is nice to hear from you. I am sorry to hear about your husband. That is not a nice thing to go through. My oldest son had about 12 inches of his bowel removed a few years ago. He was lucky that it was not cancerous but it was very painful. Has a beaut of a scar. Anything we can do to help you in the weight dept-we are here for you.
Karen how is your husband? Too much bad news around here.
Glenda that is so awful about that man. I tend to be a little more careful about locking my doors when I am home alone-especially when I am in the back yard. A few years back D went out to get the paper about 5am and some guys were by his truck in the driveway. Another guy was hiding on the side of the house. They said their car broke down. I think they were caught trying to steal something from his truck. You never know about anyone anymore. Have fun with your high school friends.
We had an unauthorized visitor in school today. A chipmunk got in and was in and out of our supply closet. Finally ran out by the 3rd grade kids who loved it. Finally chased him into the cafe and out one of the doors. We were laughing that we never ran so much. I think I will tell the kids tomorrow that we are having chipmunk chili. lol

05-24-2007, 11:29 PM
Now that Maria is visiting parts of the USA that we have never seen, it makes me want to go there too. The blog is always interesting. I am following along with my Atlas. Paula Deen's restaurant sounds tempting too, I have seen her a lot on tv lately. I don't think her menu would qualify as Weight Watchers. What a colorful person she is. I wasn't surprised to read that Peggy had a great visit with Maria & Alan. They are a great couple.

Hi Ash, nice to hear from you again. Sorry to hear about your DH's problems. I hope he makes a speedy recovery. Now that he is feeling better, it will be easier for you to concentrate on yourself.

I was rooting for Joey Fatone to win Dancing With the Stars. Not that I didn't like Apolo or Laila. They all were great. I just thought that Joey was so consistently good and was the best dancer. Love that show, can't wait for the next season to start. Len Goodman was a bit cranky at times, but I think he is a true professional.

Isn't Slavika's Patches the cutest little critter? I am so glad she got herself a little puppy to love.

Glenda, I keep my doors locked all the time. I don't trust anyone. You hear of the most horrible things happening all over. My DH had a broken blood vessel in his eye a couple of months ago. It looked awful for a few days, then it slowly faded, and it didn't cause any damage. You are right, it is always something.

Take care all, talk to you later..

05-25-2007, 12:59 PM
I am wondering where Maria is. She hasn't updated her blog since the 22nd. Maria where are you????? Hope everything is okay.

05-25-2007, 02:27 PM
I know where she is. They have been in Williamsburg, Va. and last night had dinner with my daughter and family. We had a chance to chat on the telephone and she sounds good, but is beginning to get homesick I think. They are on to Washington D.C. today to spend the Memorial Day weekend, and then I'm not sure where they are headed.
They loved Willimasburg, just the way i was sure they would.


05-25-2007, 05:11 PM
We are in Washington DC, quite a drive getting in here but we made it again in one piece and I will update my blog tonight.
Williamsburg was great, we really enjoyed it and loved the surrounding areas. We had dinner with Ann's daughter and her husband last night, lovely people as you would expect a daughter of Ann to be.
Good to hear about Slavika's little puppy, it will be a very spoiled little dog :) Patches would struggle to find a better home!


05-26-2007, 05:44 PM
Hi all; Happy Weekend

sort of a busy day. Did all the laundry and household chores. then we went shopping and were very happy to find gasoline at Walmarts for $3.04.9 and with our card made it $3.01.9. The other stations around here are $3.15.9 so that was quite a savings. Worth driving there. Then after lunch a friend and I went to see Shrek 3. What a clever and cute movie. DH didn't want to go. He doesn't appreciate the annimation. But we two 'kids' enjoyed it and laughed a lot.

What are all you gals paying for gasoline?

Well, off to get din din. Ann

05-26-2007, 08:38 PM
This week it has been 3.49. Noticed this afternoon that it was down to 3.38. Big deal. I think this is the highest it has been here. Doug just spent 90.00 filling his truck.
Maria it sounds like you have been very busy. Sorry about the humidity. You left here just in time to miss it. I feel like I am melting on some days. To me Virginia is one the prettiest states that I have been. Next time we go to the beach I hope to stop and visit it some more. We sort of took a side trip and went through Lexington. My sis loved the Smithsonian. I bet Alan loved finding that outlet mall. They are fun and you can find good deals most of the time. We always make a day of it when I go with the WW for our Brown County weekend in Dec. I am sure you will run across some more on your adventure. Doug misses Alan. He loved having you all here.
Slavika how is Patches doing? I bet you are spoiling him-her????
Did some yard saleing this morning. I find nice books to read to P when he comes over. My friend had her 3 yr old grandson and he had a big meltdown on the sidewalk. That was fun-not! We are going to our nephew's graduation party tomorrow. I hope it doesn't rain even though we need it since it is in a park.

05-27-2007, 08:16 PM
onto the next thread all.....