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05-12-2007, 09:15 AM
So, I've found a great new hairdresser and I'm pleased with the outcome. But I never know how much to tip! Every six weeks it's going to be anywhere between 80-130 bucks. Is 15% standard or should I give more? Please fill me in on what you tip your hair dresser. Thanks!

05-12-2007, 09:56 AM
It depends. Does she own the shop? My hairdresser owns her shop so I don't tip. However, if she were renting a space I would tip between $5 and $10 depending on the amount of time I spent in her chair.

05-12-2007, 11:37 AM
I just went and got my hair done a few days ago. Color, shine gloss and trim. It came to 50 bucks I gave 60 and told her to keep the rest. I tip depending on how the service was, the outcome etc.

05-12-2007, 12:35 PM
I wish I had the problem of knowing what to tip a "good" hairstylest. I wear my hair in a ponytale most of the time around the farm, when I go out, I mostly just wear it down. It's long, blonde and straight. so I am in search of a good stylest that can just trim the ends without making it be crooked everytime. Is that too much to ask??? Along time ago I had a good even cut, the charge was $8 bucks and I gave her $20. I would do it again if I found someone with any talent for my simple request.;) So, :congrat: for finding youself a good one.

05-12-2007, 12:43 PM
This link I found has guidelines on tipping for all sorts of services. For a hairstylist it says 10-20%.

05-21-2007, 02:38 PM
I used to be a hairstylist, and a salon co-manager. I personally don't believe, and this is just me, that a percentage of the price of the service should be the deciding factor in tipping. To me, it is just a bad system.

In a restaurant, for instance, I go by the AMOUNT of work that the waitress did for us, rather than the percentage. The waitress doesn't do any more work bringing someone a $5 hamburger than she does bringing the patron a $20 steak dinner. ;) You can have a simple check for $50 that was steak for two people, or you can have a more difficult check that was also $50, but it involved cheaper meals-but had an appetizer, a split dessert, and a mixed drink for each diner. That waitress should get more of a tip-even though the checks totalled the same-because she did more running around, writing, serving, etc.

Go more along the lines of the amount of time that the stylist took with you, and the work involved. If you go to a discount salon and the haircut is $8.99, the "hip" overpriced stylist across the street who charges $50 a cut is doing the exact same amount of work. If the stylists are both spending 30 minutes with you, etc. then the tip should be the same.

If you get a color service-think about your hair. If it is short and it is all colored one shade, it is a much easier service than doing two shades of foil highlights on someone who has curly hair down to mid-back level.

Go more by the service provided, rather than the price of it.

Also...I don't understand the not tipping of someone just because they own the salon. :?: I am sure that Miss Manners or Dear Abby or someone made this rule up a long time ago, but I don't get it. :lol:

05-21-2007, 02:52 PM
FWIW if i love the stylist and the cut etc I usually tip way more than I should.

i've tipped 20 dollars on a 50 dollar cut....