Support Groups - Sick of Being Addicted to Sugar Thread...Join Me!

05-11-2007, 04:04 AM
I'm a sugar addict!!! And i hate it. It makes me feel poorly mentally and physically but I still crave it......arg. I've heard it takes a good 28 days to break a habit.....My sugar issues shame me to no end....I want M&M's in the morning with my coffee, every morning and have even lied to get a reason to get to the store to get them, and then I'm telling my kids no treats until after dinner!!!!!!!! I want to be a kid with someone telling me NO! I genuinely am big enough to learn self control, but I think I need help!

Here's my thought: We can do it through private message groups and do a daily check in. We can talk: when is your worst time of day, options to get around the craving, replacements, distractions, whatever!!!!!!!!! self sabotage, etc. And then have a once daily check in to see if we "won the day" or need some help trying again tomorrow, with bite sized, baby step goals to get through it, and OVER it! This way, there's accountability involved as well as support!

Whose with me? You can message me privately or we'll start a thread to get people on board through the next few days, then let's really hit it! I know we can come up with options and friendships for support!