Exercise! - When to do cardio and when to do weights?

05-06-2007, 02:16 AM
I'm a bit confused when to do cardio and weights. Is it a good idea to do them on separate days or do a bit of both at once?
Last year I did them simultaneously 4 days a week. But I gave up the idea of weight training and decided to focus on cardio (too much work :( ).

However I'm starting over and going to include weights again (thanks to the encouragment and advice of a few :lol:).

I'd like to know how many times a week I should do cardio and weights, and what kind of weight exercises are most effective with cardio (I hope I'm making sense to you :dizzy: )

05-06-2007, 06:46 AM
Hi Passion! I'm so happy you're going to add some weights into your exercise routine. :D

Here's what I'd recommend if you were my client (and a lot depends on how much time you have to exercise):

For fat loss, try for 4-5 days of cardio to start. Eventually (if you have time), work up to 5-6 days. Try for 30 minutes. If you keep your intensity up or throw in some high intensity intervals, 30 minutes should be plenty.

For weights, start with doing a full body workout 3 times a week. That means you want to pick an exercise for each of the muscle groups (back, chest, legs, shoulders, bi's, tri's and abs) and do 2 - 3 sets, about 12-15 reps for each set.

When you do cardio and weights on the same day, do the weights first and then the cardio. Otherwise you'll be too tired to lift effectively.

In terms of how to set up a weekly schedule, you could do something like this:

M: Weight circuit, followed by 30 min cardio
T: 30 min cardio
W: Weight circuit, followed by 30 min cardio
Th: 30 min cardio
F: Weight circuit, followed by 30 min cardio
Sat & Sun: Rest days

Or you could shift some cardio to the weekend. Really, it's whatever fits in your schedule. :) Just don't do two back-to-back weight days if you're working your whole body each time.

Have fun!

05-06-2007, 11:43 AM
I'm copying this all on to Word and printing it out as I type :D

Again, thank you Meg. I have a clear idea of where I'm heading now :)

The only area I know I'm going to have a heck of a time is my abs (kept screaming everytime I exhaled). It's like the 'electric chair' of fitness :lol:...or any other painful comparison you can think of!

05-06-2007, 01:48 PM
I find, however, that I need to do 10-15 minutes of cardio (not high intensity) to get my muscles warmed up prior to lifting weights. Perhaps it's my age, but I don't like to go into the gym and immediately start lifting weights.