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11-21-2001, 07:16 PM
Hello and welcome to the Thin Group! We are a great group of ladies (but men are welcome if there are any who care to join us) who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight in 2000. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another. Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

Please feel free to check out our website and learn more about us at:

Love, CJ

11-22-2001, 10:50 PM
Hi Everyone :)

I've been reading this forum for the last week and really like the way you root for one another in all ways of life---from weddings to divorce to weight loss :D to the inevitable occasional weight gain :mad:

My name is Tricia and I am new to these message boards. I'm currently a vet technician in Vegas, a Mother to a beautiful and rambunctious 22 month old, and about 20 pounds more then I want to be. I was once upon a time, 50 pounds over where I want to be, so 20 isn't that bad, but it still bothers me. I have been known to eat a ton and then regret it immediately after. Heck, I can be regretting it while I'm unwrapping that piece of candy, but I'll still eat it :o

But this time around, I want to make it to that legendary 132 pounds I was at as a Senior in High School. And I want to do it the right way. I have been watching my calories, but trying to eat just a little of what I want and going to the gym now. I just started and am trying to do it three times a week--ack! And one day a week, like today, Thanksgiving, I give myself a free day where I don't record what I eat. I noticed last week on my free day that I'm less inclined to pig out just because I've been so good all week, I don't want to regret one day!

Anyways, I just wanted to say hi, introduce myself, say happy Thanksgiving, and hope to hear from all of you :)

sweet tooth
11-23-2001, 10:27 AM
Hi Tricia,

Welcome to this group. I'm a relative newcomer to this group and have found these ladies to be super. I have received so much support for my weight loss, I can't begin to explain.

It sounds like we are at about the same place with weight at the moment - I'm about 150 pounds and want to lose another 30 pounds, a little more than you. I have been following the WW 123 success program since July and have lost about 36 pounds so far. It's been hard work, but well worth the effort.

You mentioned that you are watching calories. What do you consider a good daily calorie intake? I was watching calories at one point, but wasn't very good at sticking to it. :D I guess I didn't have my head around wanting to lose weight yet.

You are smart to be losing the weight while you are still young. I can speak from experience, it is much harder to do the older you get. You go for it!

The rest of the group is still off celebrating Thanksgiving, so I have been pretty much talking to myself the last day or so. My hubby would comment that he thinks I talk to myself most of the time, anyway. LOL. I'm sure when the rest return from their weekend celebrations, they will send a great big welcome. From me, I'm glad you are here.

Also, CJ posts weekly weight loss for people who want to participate. If you get your info to her ( before Friday every week, she will post your successes every Friday. I find that is something that makes me accountable on a weekly basis.

Take care,

11-23-2001, 11:59 AM
Hi Peggy!

Thanks for the welcome :) I guess what I consider a good caloric intake isn't that low, between 1200-1800 a day. I usually average around 1500. Before this go-around, I did restrict myself to 1200 calories a day before Halloween and it did work--brought me to 148, where I like to be (although now I've decided if I'm gonna work for it, I'm gonna do it all the way :D ), but within a week, I returned to my normal stasis kinda weight now, 154. :mad:

However, that taught me to try to do it right this time. So I'm trying not to starve myself, but rather eat right and get some exercise in there. After all, muscles look better then not! During the day when I'm at work, I'm faced with so much YUMMMM food that it's so hard to resist and that tends to be my downfall. Particularly on my 10 hour days like today. Usually clients or one of the other techs or doctors bring in some kind of junk food, lessee, earlier this week, it was Krispy Kreme donuts AND a whole cake with cupcakes too. I'll get through most of the day and then around closing time, all that darn sugar calls and then instead of one or two cookies, donuts, etc, I just chow down. LOL.

This time around though, I'm not doing it anymore. But when I get home at night, if everyone else has had a cinammon roll, as long as I haven't been bad at work, I will let myself have one or a half of one. I guess if I refused myself junk totally, I'd lose faster, but I know if I did that, I'd quit within a week too. LOL There's the only catch.

Anyways, I've babbled enough. I'm good at it;)

11-23-2001, 01:32 PM
Pssst! Sh!!! It's me. Jo. I'm supposed to be working. But hey, since I'm not getting paid to be here, I might as well have a little fun. I'm at work and Rich is setting up my new computer. Actually, he just ran out to the store so I'm all alone. Sure is dark and creepy here! Hope he comes back soon. Then after I help him "just a little" maybe I'll leave him to his other tasks here and hit the local mall. Hm, shopping at the mall on Black Friday.... Maybe ... maybe not.

Well, you guys remember all my promises for Thanksgiving. Well, forget them all. I know I did. Ooh, I was bad bad bad bad bad. Scale this morning says I'm up something like 10 lbs! :cry: I knew it was stupid but I did it anyway. And yes, I did feel stuffed and sick and way too full by the time I was finished. It's going to take me a little while to live this holiday down, girls. Tomorrow's weigh in will NOT be a good one. :mad:

Tricia, welcome to the group. I'm not usually in this kind of mood. Only when I do something stupid. Around here, we have these things called "butt kicks" that we give each other. I'm due for some really big ones!!!

I got on the treadmill this morning for about 20 minutes but my heart just wasn't in it. I'm still waiting for the motivation fairy to come visit me where exercise is concerned.

Oops, just saw my car come into the parking lot. Sure hope it's Rich! :^: Hopefully, I'll have my new fast fast fast computer all set up by the end of the day ... which will hopefully be only a few hours more. It's sunny and mild and really pretty outside and this is not my idea of a good way to spend my day off!

Hope you all have a good weekend!
Much love, Jo.

sweet tooth
11-23-2001, 04:43 PM
Well, it looks like just the three of us today.

Jo - Now Jo. Here's the heart to heart. Today is the day after Turkey Day. Let's get with the program today. Don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow, just concentrate on today. I have a challenge for you...after weigh in tomorrow, I challenge you to stay OP with me until the following WI. Let's see if we can both lose 2 pounds between WIs this week. I'm laying the guantlet...LOL.

The treadmill is good. I can't get regular with the exercise yet. However, I will try to get my bod moving this week. It just is so darn hard with that puppy sharing the treadmill. It's also too cold for him to take for a walk - have to put his parka and touque on. Soon will be his boots, too. A lot of work just to get out of the house.

Tricia - Looks like you are doing great with the weight loss. I always found it very disappointing to have a new baby and still be big. You are doing it right. Keep up the good work on the exercise. I struggle with the exercise, but am going to have to get my act together. After Christmas I am signing up to have a personal trainer here at work. They only sign up 2 times per year here, and I was away when the September sign-ups were on, so missed out. It may have been somewhat intentional...

Everyone have a great weekend. We finally get our internet cable at home tomorrow, so I will be able to play more at home and also at work. Yippee.

Lotta luv,

11-23-2001, 08:58 PM
Watch out girls, Carolyn's back! It's been so long I didn't know if they would let me on. Well it is Black Friday and you couldn't drag me out to a store but I did go to the gym (Health Park) where I've been a member for 3 years but never darkened the door. I had my meeting with a trainer and he was very kind to an old woman. We won't discuss what percent body fat is involved. I figured I get points for just showing up. Somebody send me some willpower so I will go again.
I am still doing WW and having a hard time until last week. I decided it was time to get serious, so I literally ate out of a measuring cup to keep portions in control. I lost 4.2 lb. for the week for a total of 33 lbs. Therefore I went into Thanksgiving very strong and it paid off. I sampled almost everything but only a spoonful. I weigh again on Tuesday.

Jo- you will do it again. You are strong and you will take it off.

Must run for now. Will try to get back soon. Have really missed you guys! Carolyn

11-23-2001, 09:05 PM
Sorry I forgot to welcome Tricia

Tricia-Welcome you've come to a great place. How smart of you to work on your weight when it's only 20 lb. Don't let it get any higher like I have and I wonder if I will ever get to my goal. You sound very motivated now. Good luck.

Sweet Tooth- You younger girls are so smart. You too, are working on your weight while it is still attainable. Good luck to you also. I bet you'll make it!

See you later. Carolyn

11-24-2001, 01:54 PM
Hi all - hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now we can all get back OP - right?!?

First, I want to welcome Tricia to our group! As Carolyn put it "You have come to a great place"! Post often so we can get to know you better ... I should talk - I have been pretty scarce around here, but we have been traveling a alot and I just have not had the time (and sometimes, no computer). Oh yes, as Peggy mentioned .. if you want to get in on the weekly updates just send me your start date/start wt/present wt/goal wt and I will add you on. then you just have to let me know by Friday what your wt is and I will add it. If I don't hear from you by Friday I assume that you are the same and your wt will remain the same until you tell me different. You may want to check out our webpage also (address on the begining of each thread).

Carolyn: Good to see you back girlfriend! You are doing so good, I am so proud of you! That is what I need to do - one full week of using the measuring cups! I am going to get more strict after the holidays ... have not been journaling last couple weeks .. am doing it today tho!

Peggy: Thanks for the conscience! LOL We did not have our thanksgiving dinner until Friday - we are at the cabin and son and daughter-in-law are here too ... so we made a small thanksgiving dinner and I really did not eat too much! I had my piece of pumpkin pie this morning for breakfast!

Jo: Don't fret too much on that 10 lbs - I doubt it is actually that much, probably a lot of bloat. You could not possibly put 10 lbs on for 1 day! You've done too well to fall off the wagon and not get back on! Hang in there - we're here for you.

Sharon: Hope you are having a great time with your family. That was really fun spending longer time together wasn't it? And then lunch together on our way back home to Michigan and you going to MI to be with family. Let me know when you get back home!

Our daughter's wedding was absolutely beautiful - as soon as I have pics I will post one ... It was a beautiful wedding.

Well, got to go. We are going to go gambling tonite - wish us luck! Talk to ya all later.

Love, CJ

sweet tooth
11-24-2001, 05:11 PM
I just couldn't wait to post. I'm trying out our new internet cable. Was finally installed this morning after a 6 month wait. The repairmen always had some excuse or another. They finally came on a Saturday and met hubby in his work clothes...that truly is a scary thought.

It's working just fine and so much faster than the telephone line we used at home - that's why I didn't post much on the weekends. It was difficult to wait so long after the servers that we have at work.

Talk to everyone later. I have some of my Christmas baking in the oven and need to go check. Noooooooo, I'm not tasting. I will get the boys to do that for me later.

Have a good weekend.


11-24-2001, 05:49 PM
Peggy I know what you mean! We have cable at home but here at the cabin I can't get it! So..... I have to do dial-up here and that is murder when you are used to the cable! But, I'll put put up with dial up rather than no computer at all.

Well, everyone is just kinda lazing around here - it's raining again - (wish it was snow) so I thought I would check online again and see what is happenng.


Love, Carol

11-24-2001, 11:00 PM
Hi everyone,

Well, Thanksgiving, Friday and Saturday have killed me :mad:

Well, Friday wasn't so bad and Thursday, well, it was a holiday, but today, today I was so bad :eek: It was my 6th day of work, yes 6 days!, that that lovely woman known as my boss's wife had put me on the schedule for (without letting me know, I'd like to add) and yesterday was a long 10 hour day and then today, another 10 hour day and I just couldn't handle it anymore :(

I chowed down on Krispy Kreme donuts all day and Chinese food tonight. I'm pretty ashamed of myself, to be honest. I can't even tell you how many donuts I ate!!! Ah, the horrors of letting my way of eating go for the holiday!!!

So I'm pretty irritated with myself right now. On a good note, we delivered 4 Chocolate Lab puppies (the good, zero percent kinda fat Chocolate LOL) during a c-section yesterday and three of the babies are happy and healthy and at home now:)

Anyways, thought I'd post and say BAD TRICIA, BAD :mad:

11-26-2001, 10:26 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

It's Monday morning and I'm not working. What a wonderful thing! Have lots of errands, of course. How can a person living alone have so many errands?

Tricia, it was a holiday. Get back with the program today and you will be fine. We can never say we are never going to slip. That would be to self-defeating. You will be stronger now because you know what your goals are. Hold your head up high and move on!

CJ It was good to hear from you. I would love to see pictures of your daughter's wedding. I know you are proud of her. Hope you are journaling today. In the Dec. issue of WW magazine there is a crustless pumpkin pie. I made it before thanksgiving and took it to school for the 3 WW that are there. We loved it. I made it for our Thanksgiving dinner also. It's 4 points and I really feel like I had something special. I also have a good corn recipe. Is this the place to share it?

Thanksgiving was great at my house. Most of my family was here. I have 2 nephews that couldn't make it because they live to far away. I even invited my X so he could be with our granddaughter. Am I good or what? There will be a star in my crown for that one.

Hey Jo, guess what? I am going to the Health Park to exercise today. Yes, it's me, Carolyn who is going to exercise. Sure hope I fall in love with it. I guess I finally realize this b..... needs to move! Wish me luck.

Better run those errands.....See you guys later......

sweet tooth
11-26-2001, 01:57 PM
Hi everyone,

I just got back from WI and lost 3.75 pounds this week. That means I lost the pound gained last week, plus 2.75 more. Yay! This week I reached two major milestones in weight loss - I broke the 150 pound mark, AND I'm down to the last points range at WW. I like the first, but not so much the second, although they are both accomplishments.

Hope to reach my next mini-goal next week - 2.5 pounds more means that I will be at 40 pounds lost, total. Where did those pounds go?

Many of you mentioned last Friday as Black Friday. I have never heard of that. Someone please explain. Dumb Canadian, eh?

Carolyn - So good to hear from you again. It's good to hear that your strategy for Thanksgiving paid off. I have found it easier to maintain my weight loss if I have a plan before special occasions. Even if the plan is to not follow a weight loss plan. That way, I don't eat as much as if I went in thinking I would take a vacation for the event. Good for you. It will pay off. I'm impressed with the exercise, too. That is something I really struggle with.

Jo - Where are you. Haven't heard anything all weekend. How are you doing after WI on Saturday? I weighed in today, so am starting fresh today to see if I can stay OP for an entire week, until next WI. I'm hoping that I will be able to do that.

Tricia - Don't worry too much about all those donuts. Start your program fresh today, and then see all that can be accomplished by next week. You are so very lucky to be able to work with animals every day. The college that I work at has a faculty that teaches the technicians that assist the vets, so I am able to go visit once in a while. Some of the people who work here own a bison farm and one of their bison had twins last spring. The mom couldn't feed both of the calfs, so she abandoned the runt. They found the runt out in the field one weekend and brought the calf in to the Animal Health area here because they were unable to feed it at home. To make a long story shorter, the newspaper got involved and at the same time our city was promoting the sale of bison as a meat source. The little bison was selected as the mascot by the bison association here. The newspaper article solicited notice by farmers in the area and they found a cow to nurse the baby bison. They call to each other out in the field and now there is one bison in a herd of cattle. It's really cute.

Hope everyone has a great week and that their WIs are a success.


11-26-2001, 03:21 PM
Hi all! I'm here Peggy! Now ask me if I'm happy.

Nope. :( OK, under Small Successes, I must report that I did go and weigh in on Saturday. But who was it that was saying it wouldn't be as bad as I thought??? Humph.

Actually, I'll be truthful. It wasn't the 10 lbs. I thought it'd be. But it was BAD . Oh it was soooooo bad!!! I was up ..... Oh, I can hardly even say it here....

Gulp. 6 lbs!! :( :( I almost cried. Actually, I did, in my car after I walked out. I'm so mad at myself!!!! :mad: I failed miserably in my Thanksgiving challenge.

OK, so what am I going to do? Plan ahead for Christmas I guess. Try to do better I suppose. :^: Come here and vent maybe???? Pretty please, may I? I'm going to need you guys.

Today, I'm already on my third bottle of water. I had yogurt and fruit for breakfast and a big salad for lunch. We have to drop off Rich's car for inspection tonight so I'm going to walk home with him (about 2 miles or so). We went out yesterday and got all the ingredients for the WW veggie soup and will make a big pot of it tonight too. I want to get rid of all or most of that horrid gain by next Saturday!!! And of course I have PMS big time which isn't helping!! :o Oh brother!

I have to run. I apologize for not addressing each of you but as you can see, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. It's not helping that there's a new guy starting here at work and I'm trying to get him organized and settled too. Seems to be the blind leading the blind today.

Only 3 hours left to go...... Yikes.
Love you guys!

sweet tooth
11-26-2001, 07:15 PM
Jo, forget the 6 pounds. That is now in the past and part of it can chalked up to the PMS. Yogurt and fruit, a salad and three bottles of water. What a great way to start the Christmas challenge. Then, the walk home tonight. Way to go! We'll be there very soon. Keep up the great work.

Last Friday. a friend called and commented that she had seen me in the hallway at work. She was amazed at how much I had lost and asked how I had done it. I explained that I was following WW and tried to eat sparingly through the day, so that I could have my treats at night - I really like meat and cheese and sweet treats. She told me that she was on WW for a while, but found making the special food, like the vegetable soup a real hassle.

I didn't understand until she told me she followed the recipe right to the letter, including chopping all the vegetables. I told her that I make mine by getting out the pot, throwing in a can of tomatoes (Aylmers makes great herb seasoned ones), a can of mushrooms, a can of ff broth (Campbell's has the chicken broth that is seasoned with garlic), then the little ready to eat carrots, some cabbage from the ready to go coleslaw mix, and any 0 point vegetables that I happen to have in the freezer. Takes about 5 minutes. Simmer for 1 1/2 to 2 hours and package ready for work.

She hadn't thought about doing it the easy way, so went home this weekend to try. Just a suggestion for you if you find cutting and chopping a lot of work. I know that I wouldn't be making it for myself if it took too much time. I just wouldn't have the same motivation. Once it's in my lunch, I can't bring myself to eat anything else. LOL

Meet you at the Christmas challenge later in the week. Keep it up!


11-27-2001, 10:01 AM
Peggy, I like you! :) After the walk last night (details to follow) Rich and I decided to make the WW soup. He's the cook so he immediately started with the saute pan and the chopping of onions and garlic, etc. I stopped him with "No, no, no! Here's how you do it!" Then I grabbed a big pot, dumped in the fat free broth and the tomato paste and pulled any veggies I could find out of the fridge and freezer and we did a little cutting but mostly just dumped them all in. Not enough liquid? A bit more broth. Not "colorful" enough? Well, we have some red peppers here. How's it look now? :lol:

Anyway, we put it in the crock pot (the only pot we had that was big enough!) and let it simmer all night. Whole house smelled sooooo good this morning!! It was still warm when we put some into some tupperware containers and brought it in for lunch today. Can't wait!!

:o Huh? Yes, Jo is looking forward to healthy food!!!!! Wow!

Well, I was really good yesterday. Ate really low points and drank gallons of water. Oh and that walk!!!! I told you guys it was about 2 miles, right? I forgot to mention that it was all up-hill. Did I say up-hill? Should I say "up the mountain side"!!!! What a hill that was!!!!! Boy, were my legs sore by the time I FINALLY made it to the top! I had been all bundled up in my heavy coat and scarf but had pulled off the scarf and opened up the coat by the time we got home. In fact, I had Rich hang onto one end of my scarf and pull me along at one point! :lol: But I made it!!!

And here's the really strange part. I, uh, want to, uh, would like to, um, er, do it again tonight! :dizzy: Who said that!?!?!?! It was FUN!!!!! Hope the weather holds out for a while longer. My treadmill has an incline setting but I don't even think it goes up as high as that hill!!!

Guess I'd better go now. What's up with this 2 page thing again! I can't go back and read all the older posts! Grumble. Well, I do know we're all waiting for pictures from Queen CJ!! Can't wait to see the wedding photos!

Have to refill the water bottle and get moving on this pile of paerwork now. Hope you all have a great day!

Much love, Jo.

sweet tooth
11-27-2001, 12:15 PM
Jo, you are doing so well and I am so proud of you. I have been doing the soup thing at lunch for a while, and add piece of high fibre, low fat bread (1 point), along with a salad (of course the bagged lettuce that I don't have to chop) with ff dressing (1 point). Add a piece of fruit (1 point) add a diet pop, water, or something like that and you go home having had a 3 point lunch. If you have a low point breakfast, then, hey, you have most of you points left to enjoy the evening.

I have always found that I like treats and nibbles in the evening, so can plan to enjoy stuff I really like. Most of the time, I feel like I am having to eat it to meet the minimum points in a day. That actually contributes to not wanting it. When I check my points before bed, I often find that my points are too low, so just have to have those 2 little cookies there to bring me up to the minimum. Enjoy!

I went to a bake exchange last night and was enjoying my coffee with the others when I decided to have a couple of sweets (we all bring samples of our baking). The women there have all noticed the weight I am losing, so when I had two small chocolate chip, coconut cookies (3 points), they were all teasing me. After I got home, recorded them in my journal, I was still one point short of the minimum, so ate a piece of cheese (I love cheese). Even after all the teasing about the cookies, I was still able to manage it. The funny part about the whole point thing, is that I had to change range levels yesterday, so was operating on 2 points less than what I am accustomed to and still barely hit the minimum.

Of course, I don't always do that, but try to save points during the week so that I can have a bit of freedom on the weekends or during special occasions. We often have Sunday dinner, so saving points during the week, allows me to have Sunday dinner without guilt. I also find that if I eat one day per week with saved points, it seems to boost my metabolism so that my body doesn't think that it is starving to death. I think that is the basis of the Wendie plan.

I have gotten really stingy with my points during the day because I like to have the flexibility with my food at night. So far, it has worked for me. It was originally difficult to resist the donuts, cakes, cookies and desserts when I am with people. This has become easier as the months have progressed. Now if I decide to have something that people think is not a "diet" food, it is because I can have it, not because I am breaking the committment I made to lose weight. That's a great feeling.

Be sure, be sure, be sure to write everything down. It is really difficult to get into that habit, especially if you have a bad day, but if you write it down, then you can always go back and see what the trends are and when your difficult times are. Even though you feel guilty, it ends up to be a benefit in helping establish new patterns for the future.

When I first started counting points, I took my journal with me everywhere. I actually wrote my food down and calculated the points before I took the first bite. In a restaurant, I took my journal and food book out and calculated points before ordering off the menu. My friends thought I was nuts because I would get my journal out, write it down before I would even take a candy from anyone. Seeing it written in black and white really helped me to decide how much I wanted it. Now it seems really silly, but for me it was part of the discipline that I was trying to teach myself.

I'm not so obsessed anymore, but I still write down everything that I eat, and have done that every day since July 9. All but one day. We were in the Middle East, it was hubby's birthday and I decided it was time for a treat, so we ate off the buffet that evening. I would have written the food down, but I really didn't know what the heck I had eaten LOL.

Keep in touch. We all want the hear about your successes.


11-28-2001, 09:41 AM
WHERE IS EVERYONE!?!?! :( Remember the good old days when we all used to post and post often??? I miss those days!

Well, I did the walk again last night but have to admit it wasn't as thrilling and stimulating as I hoped. The first one just seemed to be more "fun". And my legs really hurt this time. Don't know why. I admit to ending up at the VFW last night but I drank only Diet Coke and didn't take part in any of the snacks they usually have. Went home to have a fat free turkey sandwich on light bread with mustard and lettuce and pickles.... why the heck am I UP when I get on the scale this morning!?!?!?! I HATE THAT!!!!

Have to weigh in on Friday morning this week because I won't be able to go to my regular class on Saturday morning. I'm not looking forward to it. :(

Peggy, I want to be just like you. You always seem to record your points and plan ahead by banking points, etc. I hope some of that rubs off on me!

Have to run. Hope to hear from ALL OF YOU soon.
Much love, Jo.

11-28-2001, 10:05 AM
Good morning gals. Thought I better check in. Yes, Jello, I miss those days too when we all posted a lot! Well, maybe after the 1st of the year things will get busy again.

We are up at the cabin, of course, and we have SNOW! It looks so pretty up here. I am going to WW meeting today in town ... If I wait until we go home I will have missed 5 weeks and I need that weekly weigh-in! I jsut got myself back journaling the last couple days. To me, that is the thing that keeps me OP - you have to count those points!

I think today it will be a work in the cabin day. We have a tiny small bathroom that we are going to rip out and make bigger. We already put in the extension last summer - just have to knock out the inside wall ...

Peggy, were you ever able to download the excell wt chart from the WW site? I can send it to you if you didn't and want it. Keep up the good work on your wt loss, you are doing so well! I know I will too soon, as soon as I get myself back on track (and I am on my way again)

Well, have to get dressed and fix breakfast. Something lite, WI is at noon. And I am going! I'll let ya know later....

Have a good day everyone!
Love, CJ

sweet tooth
11-28-2001, 10:58 AM
Hi everyone. So good to hear that everyone is well.

Jo - Way to go on keeping OP. Last night at the VFW was one of those hoard times when everyone else is drinking and eating. BUT, you did sooo well. How do you feel this morning now that you got through that. I know that the scale doesn't always cooperate, but it will take a little while for your body to re-adjust. Just keep it up and you will soon be seeing the effort on the scale, too.

Good for you on the walk. It's so good to know that you have accomplished that, even though you didn't want to do it very badly. The efforts will pay off.

How is your kitchen reno going? Ours has come to a standstill at the moment. Both DH and I have university assignments due within the next week, so we have been working on those. We also volunteer for the Salvation Army and this is a pretty heavy duty time for them, so we have been out most nights this week. We still hope to have the reno done by Christmas, though. Just need to get down to the store to order new appliances and counter tops...

CJ - So good to hear from you. We have snow in Alberta, also, and the weather is dipping to the -10 degrees. I have been freezing cold for the last 2 weeks, which is not normal for me - expecially when everyone else thinks I'm nuts. I'm beginning to think it's because I don't have the same insulation as last year. I'll take being cold...can always put on another sweater and wear mitten indoors. LOL

Let me know how your bathroom reno goes. We are presently trying to get the kitchen finished by Christmas, then we move on to the bathrooms. One of ours needs to be done very badly, so we hope to take some time off in Feb. and just get it done.

Thanks for asking about the excel spread sheet. I did try to download, but couldn't download. The computer techies have the port for the download closed here - part of their firewall. If you can send me a copy, I would appreciate that. Thanks.

Where is everyone else? We're all waiting to hear from you and see how y'al are doin'. Gotta run - have a meeting in a few. Take care. Beeeeee good (hehehe)

11-28-2001, 12:57 PM
Hi Everyone,

Well, today was my weekly WI, and the good news is, I didn't GAIN any weight, but then again, I didn't lose any this past week too. Of course, I know why :^: So I accepted the Christmas Challenge and am gonna work at losing 6 pounds this month. We'll see :)

Jo---you are doing so great lately with your motivation :) Just look at the way your legs hurt the second time you went up that nasty mountain/hill of yours!!! That's great---that's your legs saying that they are giving up fat to make muscle :) And we all know, muscle may be the hardest thing to get, but it's the best thing to have to lose weight :) Did I make any sense? LOL I just wanted to say way to go!

Well, I was just checking in. I love hearing what you are all doing out there.

Oh and it's finally sweater weather here in Las Vegas. Hehe. One of the mountains outside of the valley may have snow on it, but besides the chill factor, we're pretty normal around here.

11-28-2001, 03:47 PM
Well, I confess that I have not journaled or drank my quota of water daily since we were in Kansas .... and believe my, I feel it. I went to WI today here in Gaylord because I needed it to get myself going again! I did start journaling again yesterday so it will take me a good week to get that in my regular routine without thinking about doing it ... and I have started getting my water in also again. So, my WI today was 172.5 (2 1/2 lbs UP)!!!

But, I have a really funny story to tell about my WI. Back home I get weighed in on digital scales. When we started staying up here most of the summer, I would go to WW up here to get weighed in, but they use the weight scales - not digital so it always showed me as 2 lbs lighter than the digitals - of course I always went by the digital scales weight. So this morning when I went, I was thinking "I'm probably up a couple lbs, so thank goodness these scales weigh me less - it won't show that I gained"!!! Can you imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw a new setup for weighing in and NEW DIGITAL SCALES????? The girl in front of me said " be aware that these scales weigh you a couple lbs more than the old ones" and I jsut laughted and said "I know, I was counting on that this morning" and then proceeded to tell her about the differences in the two scales and how I was hoping for that difference today!

Tricia: That was good that you stayed the same! Keep up the good work - next week will be better - for both of us!

Jo: Hope you don't mind I joined your "I was UP club" ... we can all work harder this week. I think Sharon joined the "UP" club this week also, but I will let her tell you herself. I commend you for walking tho ... I have to get myself hyped up to get busy on exercising!

Peggy, glad you got the chart ok. It is very similar to one I had, but I didn't have the BMI figured in mine.

OK ... hubby is calling - needs my help. See ya all later...

Love, CJ

11-29-2001, 10:38 AM
CJ, welcome to the club. But I gotta warn you, it's no fun here. Not like The Thin Group or anything. ;) There's only one rule. You have to work very hard to get out of the I Was Up club.

Speaking of working hard, I have been. I admit to not getting any exercise yesterday ....

Wait! Change that! I got home and did a couple loads of laundry (up and down the basement stairs, etc.), washed dishes, gathered up and took out all the trash, straightened the living room.... I'm counting that as exercise!!

The truth is that my period has come and hit hard as usual. I'm so cramped and uncomfortable, I can hardly stand it. And it's only 9:30. Oooh, it's going to be a long long long day. There's not enough Midol in the world!!!

Otherwise, I've been a good girl. I've been counting points and writing it all down. I had just a bite of a chocolate covered pretzel (my favorite!) last night but then wrapped it all up and put it away in the back of the fridge. I counted it as a point even though I don't even think it was that much.

And the scale has simply not budged. I'm giving up! :o No, not on the weight loss efforts. I mean, I'm giving up on the scale and stepping on it every morning. I'm going to do my best and hope for the best. Sometimes that's all we can do, right?

Well, I'd better go. Time for more water and a few more drugs. Did I mention it's going to be a llllooooonnnnnngggg day?

Love you guys!

P.S. CJ! Sharon who!?!?! Tell that girlie to get herself in here!

sweet tooth
11-29-2001, 11:37 AM
It's good to hear that everyone is just about back to a normal routine after the holidays, etc. It is so difficult to manage losing weight when there are tempting things around. So far, I have not been tested, but I know with Christmas coming, it is just a matter of time.

We start out Christmas celebrations at work the week after next. We have a staff dining room that the students cook in as part of their studies (the college I work at teaches culinary arts). Sooo, they will be serving Christmas dinner - I will be going with my work unit one day, with hubby's work unit another day and then with some friends on a third day. On top of that, the students also compete in the World Culinary Competition. This group is having a fund raiser to send them to the competition in Europe in the spring - they will be cooking for the event, so it is a don't miss night. Theeen, the week before Christmas, our unit has a bar b que in the carpentry shop, following a bowling tournament. At least I will get my exercise before eating. I am trying to plan now for managing the extra food those days. I guess the good part is that most of the events are at lunch, so I will be able to adjust dinner points if I need to.

I start my Christmas volunteer activities tonight with the Salvation Army. I am NOT looking forward to standing on the street corner (-20 degrees today), ringing my little bell and collecting money. Tricia, it's past sweater weather here. We are into long underwear, sweaters, big socks, boots, hats, mitts, scarves and parka weather, and it's still toooooo cold. Fortunately, tonight they will be having their emergency response vehicle there and will serve coffee and stuff. I'm only interested in the coffee, I don't want to know what the stuff is. LOL.

Jo - So good to hear that you are staying OP this week, even though you feel so yechy. I can relate... It probably is one of the reasons that your weight was up so much this week, also. Hopefully that will re-adjust by the weekend and you will show a great big loss. Keep it up!! I laughed about your exercise last night. I often think about our mothers and grandmothers who were in great shape, not becuase of their gym memberships, but because of all the laundry, washing floors, yard work, etc. that they did. I think that you are right about getting your exercise last night. We often don't appreciate the physical labour that it takes to keep a home.

CJ - Thanks again for that spread sheet. It is so easy to manage and gives a really good picture of what has happened over the past five months. It is a super tool. If anyone else wants an excel spreadsheet, complete with graph to chart their weight loss, this is the one. Very easy to use.

A 2 1/2 pound gain? That's not bad after a wedding, visiting with Sharon and Thanksgiving. It could have been a lot worse. Buuut, now is the time to change that, get back with the program and work toward your goal for Christmas. Way to go!

Tricia - Good to hear that you didn't have a gain last week. Those donuts, they do it every time, but fortunately, there was not too much damage. Keep up the good work. Glad to see that you have joined us in the Christmas challenge. This is a secret, but CJ said it was 5 weeks til Christmas.....SURPRISE! It's only 4 weeks til Christmas.

I'm already counting down to Christmas. We start vacation on Dec. 21 (I usually skip out at noon) and don't return until Jan. 2. We are planning to spend Christmas with our daugher and son-in-law and, of course, the 2 grandchildren in Swift Current, Sask., then on to Winnipeg, Man itoba to spend the rest of the week with our son - the one who moved out when we were away in September. He moved out and left his dog, so we thought we should go at Christmas and deliver the little devil to him. We will then be down to only one animal (unless you count the son that won't move out) at home.

Well, I guess it's just about time to get to work. I piddled and diddled too much time away already. Have a great "rest of the week" and keep up the great work on keeping OP. Take care.


12-02-2001, 11:04 PM
Hello Ladies, hope everyone had a great week-end. I did and stayed on program all week-end. That is hard to do. I have a group of friends who always "pot-luck" it on Sat. night and it is very hard to stay on program there. But I did. Now I think of all those goodies I passed up and I feel I should lose 5 lb. instantly! Heaven knows if I had eaten them, I would have gained !!!

I want to share this easy recipe with you. Use 2 cans of shoe peg corn, 4 or 5 green onions cut up, 1 large tomato cut up, and stir in 2 T. of low fat mayo. It is a cold corn salad and very different. Goes well with hamburgers (or Boca burgers). The men really liked it. We figured it was about 3 points per serving.

What's with only being able to see 3 or 4 posts at a time? Probably something I did.

I am still exercising (still means I have gone for 2 weeks). That's major progress for me. Sorry I didn't address everyone but will try next time when I can see all the posts. Everyone stay well and try not to stress over the holidays.

"You stand in your own light. Make it shine"

12-02-2001, 11:41 PM
Signing in as a member of the Up Club ladies. I'm afraid though, that I don't intend to stay long. Mind you it's like 5 pounds, so that may take a while to get rid of.

Jo & Peggy hope you got lots done on your renos this weekend!

And CJ, cannot wait to see photos..

It is quiet around here isn't it?

Well 3 weeks til Christmas break, yay. 7-14 days off work depending on how much my boss allows. The more the merrier, silvous plait!

Things came to a head with the bf on Friday. Strange the same day we almost break up, one of his best friends gets engaged. We saw them yesterday, she was glowing with excitement. So cool. Then of course I went home and cried because I want love like that. But I guess not everyone gets it. And they do have two high disposable incomes, good jobs, happy families. We have a baby, huge mortgage, both overweight with little time to work on it and family situations that are pretty sad. Ah well. Our lot is better than many...

Charlotte is doing really well and tonight we will decorate our tree. It will be exciting to have our first Christmas together :)

Would love to hear from everyone else too. Sylvia? Sharon? Gail? Judy? Everyone else?

Checking out - lets move one and all!

12-03-2001, 10:06 AM
You know, guys, I'm seriously considering changing my weigh-in day to Monday night. I weigh in on Sat. morning and then go completely insane and off-program over the weekend. Maybe with a Monday night weigh-in, it would be different. The weekend is when I seem to go completely out of control. The only problem is that I love my Sat. classmates and leader. I'd miss them too much. Just have to come up with another idea.

Spent most of Saturday outside raking the leaves and cleaning the gutters. It was about 70 degrees here! Love this kind of "winter weather". Sunday was colder and overcast but my sweetie was still up on the ladder hanging the Christmas lights. I spent most of the day decorating. But then I made the mistake of watching Mystic Pizza on TV and getting hungry. Yes, I did have pizza for dinner but it was Weight Watchers with a little chicken added to the top. Still the chocolate covered pretzels seemed to disappear rather quickly while I was wrapping presents.

Again, I made the mistake of getting on the scale and lapsing into panic mode. But I'm not going to give up. I'm going to face the weigh-in scale (spent $120 for 12 weeks of coupons) every week and do my best. Have plans for every meal this week. Unfortunately, it also includes chinese food for lunch tomorrow. But I'm hoping if I plan it and calculate all the points, etc. I should be OK. We'll see.

Have to blow the dust off the treadmill again too. Haven't been doing any "real" exercise. Raked leaves and all but it didn't really feel like exercise. I need to sweat and feel like I've worked. Starting tonight, it's at least 20 minutes every night, I promise.

OK, I've rambled enough. Boss just walked past for the third time and I just found out the other "phone girl" called in sick. Going to be a long day.

Talk to you all later!
Love, Jo.

sweet tooth
12-03-2001, 01:53 PM
Hi, everyone. I haven't been able to post on the weekends because my son decided to take my 'puter in to have a CD burner put in it - Christmas present. He just hasn't gone to pick it up yet and now he has gone skiing for the week. Makes it really tough to post and also complete university assignments this week. Just have to stay at work - my fav place to be???

Just got back from WI - another 1.75 pounds. Missed my next mini-goal by .75 pounds. Hopefully, next week I will be down another .75 pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 40 pounds. Yes....40 pounds gone forever.

Jo - I think you might have something in changing to Monday WI. I find that weighing in on Monday changes how I choose to eat on the weekends. It may be psychological, but it helps. If you don't like the leader or friends on Mondays, go to the Saturday meeting, but WI on Monday. I don't know if that would work for you, but it might helps with the binge eating on the weekends. How was your WI last Saturday?

I'm really jealous of you and your winter weather. It was minus 12-15 here all weekend and I am darn cold. I have discovered the down side of losing weight. I just don't have enough insulation to keep me warm - I have been complaining about the house being too cold, I have the thermostat at work cranked up (thank goodness my thermistat operates only my office), I wear my mittens and parka everywhere. The only time I am warm is in bed with my puppy heater. He can't figure out why I want him to go to bed with me (hubby feels a little left out there LOL).

CH - So good to hear that you have stayed OP all weekend. I also find it difficult to stay OP when out with people or at pot lucks. We had a pizza day at church yesterday that I didn't know about beforehand, so I ate two small pieces of pizza, a diet pop and left it at that. It was difficult to stop because I haven't had pizza for so very long and really, really wanted more, but didn't. It is getting easier to resist in situations like that than it was a few months ago. Way to go and keep it up.

Sam - Don't worry about being up. That happens, especially after holidays like Thanksgiving. Just stay OP as best you can, then it won't seem so difficult to manage Christmas. I have been fortunate so far...we missed Canada's Thanksgiving when we were out of the country, so the only tempting holiday time I have had so far was in September when everyone thought it would be a good idea to have 50th birthday parties for me. I wasn't prepared for them because they were all suprises, so had difficulty managing to save points beforehand and then preparing myself mentally to eat properly there. I am already starting to prepare myself mentally for Christmas, and hope that I can succeed in staying OP. I am planning, in advance, even if I have to take my own stuff to eat. This is serious business...LOL.

Hope everything is working out with your bf. It is very difficult to see friends go through wonderful times when you are suffering yourself. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Well, I guess I should be off. Time to get some work done around here. Have a great week, everyone.


12-04-2001, 09:18 AM
Will it be me this time!?!? Oh, I'm so afraid.....

I did it!!! Please come to thread number 68!!!