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05-03-2007, 01:40 PM
On Sunday it is exactly 6 weeks until my birthday and although I am still dieting up until then, I am starting a new plan & exercise routine on Sunday just to see how I can do in six weeks.

I'm yet to decide on an eating plan but I will be fine with that, but I need help with the exercise part!

This is what I was thinking, can anyone tell me if this is okay or if I should be doing something differently.

30 minutes on the exercise and the weight training routine at the bottom daily
1 hour of yoga three times per week

Weight routine:

Bicep curl with overhead press
Front, side and rear raises

Half sit-ups (hold for 10 seconds, rest for 5)
Alternate toe touches
Reverse crunches
Scissor kicks
Modified Jackknife (side crunches)
Side reach

Kneeling back kicks/knee lifts
Squat thrusts

Forward, back and side lunges

^^ 12 reps of each exercise and repeat the whole routine three times.

Any advice/suggestions? :?:

05-03-2007, 02:01 PM
I wouldn't recommend doing weight training of the same muscles every day. Also, where is your cardio?

I'd recommend either doing the weight training routine every other day or splitting it up so that maybe upper body is one day and lower body is another. You also have no tricep exercises, no back exercises, minimal chest exercises, minimal shoulder exercises and no exercises for the calves. You may want to look at some other exercises to add to your routine for a more well rounded workout.

I also highly highly recommend some cardio thrown into your routine somehwere. 3-5 times per week would be my recommendation if not every day.

05-03-2007, 04:45 PM
Hi, thanks for your help.

I've just realised I forgot to write "bike" after "30 minutes on the exercise"... that would be my cardio, I just wrote it wrong!

So it's 30 minutes of cardio daily followed by that routine & yoga as well.

I will look for exercises for the areas you suggested though, to improve my workout, thanks!