Support Groups - Hot & Healthy Challenge Chicks 4/30/07 ~ 5/06/07

04-29-2007, 09:38 PM
What is Hot & Healthy Challenge Chicks?

A bunch of us were all part of different challenges together, and when the challenges ended, we decided not to! So we all came together and decided to start a long term challenge group, and we called them the Hot & Healthy Challenge Chicks!

-Anyone can join the group no matter what your goals are or where you are in your weight loss journey.
-We are here to support each other, encourage each other, laugh together, and cry together.
-Our unified goal is to exercise, eat right (whatever diet plan we may each separately be following), and have fun!
-We encourage new members, as the more that join, the more friends we have to support us along the way!
-We only ask that you follow one teensy, tiny rule. At the beginning of each month we state what our goals are, and they can be WHATEVER YOU WANT!
Then at the end of the month we can share how well we did with our goals, etc. However, sharing at the end of the month is completely optional.

We can do this!!

04-29-2007, 09:43 PM
My goals for this week:

*Go to water aerobics at least twice.
*Get my measurements on May 1.

04-29-2007, 11:24 PM
Dear JasonsLea, thank you SO much for the link to this thread!

My goal is to pay real attention to my body telling me it's not hungry anymore, I can stop eating now.

In the 5 1/2 weeks since I joined on 3-22-07, I have lost 10 pounds! It's thanks to this site and FitDay (which makes me pay attention to what I'm eating & doing, activity-wise) that this was possible. Thank you, all!!

Now--my other questions are: What is that yogurt you were discussing in the last thread. (Since we've moved on, I can't just 'roll back' & find the name.) Is that a brand name, or some special kind of yogurt (like 'acidophilus'((sp)) is a kind of milk)? And someone else mentioned a different website like "FitDay--but better". What is the name of that site, please? Your help with these will be much appreciated! Thank you,

04-29-2007, 11:41 PM
I like your idea. Some day I may figure out how to put all that fancy stuff at the end of my post....for today I'll put a little bit in by hand: 235/195/155

FatToFitVirgo...your wt loss is impressive.

My goals for May:
Lose at least 5 pounds....exercise at least 5 hours a week...Take the time to pre-plan my menus so that I know at the beginning of each day what I am eating all day long.

04-30-2007, 10:09 AM
Virgo ~ No prob! Congrats on those 10 lbs! The yogurt they were talking about if called Fage. Don't know much about it so I don't know if it's special or anything, just that it's supposed to be really good. I'm not even sure they sell it down here in Bama. I don't use Fitday, I use Spark People but I don't know if that's the site they were talking about.

Welcome Moxie!

04-30-2007, 10:52 AM
Good morning everyone and welcome Moxie,

JasonsLea - thanks for the new thread

Virgo - The Fage brand of yogurt is called Total, and it comes in different fat levels. I use the 0%. It has a thick, creamy texture and is very filling for an 80 calorie serving (5.3oz). In addition to eating it with cereal, I use it alot as a side at lunch/dinner in order to get my calcium in (I have osteopenia).
The other weight tracking site I use is called "the daily plate." If I were more computer savvy I would be glad to put a link here, but unfortunately I can only do the bare minimum, like post!:dizzy:

My goals for this week are: Exercise at least 5 days
Eat healthy
Stop obsessing about the scale

Along the lines of my third goal, I wanted to know what you all think about how often to weigh? Sometimes I think its better to do it daily, to catch the "creeping up" phenomenon, but other times, I think its better to do it once a week, so I don't fluctuate in emotion with the fluctuations on the scale:?:

Here's to a good day...go us:goodvibes

04-30-2007, 04:38 PM

Jasmine I am up for your challenge, my knee is going out on me a lot, but I still want to try for it, when do you want to start? And is that divided by seven days? I really need to lose the weight before this wedding of my daughter's ( which the date, or something might be changing, she said something is up, but she is not ready to talk about it yet! YUM!!!!) anyhow, I definately want to get lower before the summer and continue to lose during the summer. I did not join a gym, I just got my brace off my arm and the pins out, a week ago Thurs. I started physio, and they are very gentle movements 3 times a day, repeats of 10.

Lets start today!! That is exciting about the wedding. I hope your knee holds out!

I have not done bad today, water is more than half gone, I have been busy cleaning and plan on doing 10 min. intervals of walking while watching tv tonight. My eating is pretty good as well, just getting ready to have a nice chicken salad for supper.

I need to just go and stock up on ch. breast again!


Your welcome. Hint water? Never heard of "hint" water. That is nice you have a gym there!

Does anyone else use tools like this?

What is the link?


In the 5 1/2 weeks since I joined on 3-22-07, I have lost 10 pounds! It's thanks to this site and FitDay (which makes me pay attention to what I'm eating & doing, activity-wise) that this was possible. Thank you, all!!

That is great!! Whooohoooo!!

Now--my other questions are: What is that yogurt you were discussing in the last thread. (Since we've moved on, I can't just 'roll back' & find the name.) Is that a brand name, or some special kind of yogurt (like 'acidophilus'((sp)) is a kind of milk)?

One of the ladies was talking about fage and I was talking about brown cow, not sure about fage but brown cow is not homogenized and has a cream top so(I have read alot about homogenization *MAY* lead to heart disease)


y goals for May:
Lose at least 5 pounds....exercise at least 5 hours a week...Take the time to pre-plan my menus so that I know at the beginning of each day what I am eating all day long.

Sounds good!


Along the lines of my third goal, I wanted to know what you all think about how often to weigh? Sometimes I think its better to do it daily, to catch the "creeping up" phenomenon, but other times, I think its better to do it once a week, so I don't fluctuate in emotion with the fluctuations on the scale

Our weight can fluctuate so much day to day I find it best for me to do it once a week!


Hope you are having a great food and exercise day!!

Okay ladies so yesterday we had a church potluck and the day before pizza. But I am picking myself up right now and am gearing up for 10 lbs this month! Today I AM walking for 60 minutes! I also slowly slipped in to the tuna waters. I really want to be having fish a few times a week but am always scared cat of the mercury! (I know ultimately all we can do is our best and God is in charge of our health) Anyhow my can says wild caught in Thailand and I was reading up online today it was saying stay away from latin america for tuna and that dolphin safe is usually smaller so thus less time to grow and get more mercury in the tuna. It specifically mentioned Thailand and U.S. as having lowest rates of mercury and the can I have also says dolphin safe. ;)

Anyways, I had .50 cup kefir with 1 cup of berries and 1 banana and 1 apple for breakfast, I just had lunch with .50 can of tuna with 2 slices org. sproted wheat bread and a bit of mustard with it. I will think of a snack later and not sur eabout dinner yet. Sat. is grocery day so I will need to start meal planning soon and stick to it!

I am feeling pumped about this and I KNOW I can do it!

04-30-2007, 06:18 PM
idk That tuna still just seems to risky. :( Does anyone eat wild caught salmon? All I see at the store is farmed salmon and it is expensive online!

05-01-2007, 02:30 AM
Hi all, some great goals for this week girls, way to go! Welcome Moxie, glad to have you here. Virgo, congrats on the great loss. Way to go girl!

Jasmine, you didn't really answer my question about the 300 minutes, is that divided by seven days or as long as we get the 300 minutes in per week? Does not take much to confuse me.

Well I was really busy today and did not even get breakfast in, which I know is a big NO NO. But when I finally did eat, had salad with lots of veggies, was going to have tuna, unfortunately had none, which was a shock. Got my fruit in, as well as all my water. Had some cheese and crackers too. Got to do better food wise tomorrow, beginning with breakfast (can't remember the last time I missed it). Walked for 45 mins.

My goals for May are:
Get all my meals in.
Exercise a min. of 300 mins.
Lose 5 lbs.

Well that is it for the wee hours of this morning, talk to you later.
Have a good healthy day all. Miss you SD Gal!!!
Sharon S.

05-01-2007, 09:59 AM
Morning everyone! I'm down 5.8 lbs this week!

05-01-2007, 11:44 AM
Morning everyone!


Yes you can split that up however you like. ;) You can even split the minutes up in the day if need be, like in 15 minute increments, or 30, etc. I am just going to try for 60 straight 5 days a week myself. Good job on eating! You're not scared of the tuna?


WOW! That is great! Please tell me what ya did! I need all the motivation and tips I can get. I braved the scale this a.m. and it said 220!!! I was 210 around x~mas and got down to 203 by end of january but feb was when we started having all the trouble with the ex and now I am sitting here at 220!!! (Now I am hoping a few lbs are water weight but, not sure) I really didn't want to get on the scale but when I weigh myself in one month how will I know how much I lost if I have nothing to compare it to?

I am going to do this!

Okay so yesterday I did walk for 60 minutes and I wanted to be at about 1700 or so cals but I goofed. I was pretty good with the food but then couldnt resist microwave popcorn last nite! I wound up at 2063 but alot of the cals were from vegis and fruit and protein. I will post it maybe later. But still if my "maintenance is 2200 cals and with walking 60 minutes I think maintenance is about 2800" I still burned 734 cals!

05-01-2007, 12:40 PM
Hello, ladies!

I can get Total Cow (brand) yogurt here in Chicago; it's quite good. My favorite flavor is the maple (I'm a fool for maple!), but I let my lean husband eat the cream at the top. Since he's an old dairy man (industrial mechanic who worked on the equipment), he knows all about dairy products. I don't know what your source is on homogenization leading to heart disease. All homogenization does is to evenly distribute the butterfat throughout the milk. If you only eat nonfat or lowfat products, there's nothing to worry about. If you eat the entire container of Total Cow, complete with the fat at the top, that fat is going into your bloodstream (and possibly onto your blood vessel walls) whether or not it was evenly mixed into the rest of the yogurt. That's why I wanted to know about Fage. So that is a brand name, not a "style" of yogurt? Where is it made? I'll have to look at Whole Foods next time I'm there. (Or "Whole Paycheck" as some of my friends refer to it!)

Each of us has to do what works for her. I personally weigh myself every morning. I wake up, go to the john, strip & hop onto the scale. If it's stable or down (yay!), I'm encouraged to "keep on keeping on!" If it's up (boo!), that's my wake-up call to do better that day.

(I was going to make personal entries to respond to your individual messages, but this site is beginning to jam up.) Thank you for your encouragement--and everybody--keep on keeping on!!


05-01-2007, 02:58 PM
Thanks Jasmine! Well, I started counting pts again and I actually paid attention to what I put in my mouth.....I even counted little things like peppermints. I've been on a mission to limit my soda intake (I only drink diet anyway) to 1-2 days a week. Don't know if that's having any effect, will probably see by the end of this month. I eat breakfast every morning, something with fiber and protein and try to eat every three hours. Since I've restarted WW, I've added more dairy and two teaspoons of olive oil every day. Let's see....I worked out about four times last week. Used to only get to the gym once a week or less but have made a commitment to go at least three times a week from now on. Ummmm, I think that all I have right now. Just basically what everyone does. :)

05-01-2007, 03:53 PM

I do understand what you are saying. I also think that the public has been misinformed for years. Like for instance, first eggs are SO bad for us, now they aren't. Heck they even peddled cigs back in the day!! Beef wouldn't be "bad" for us if they fed the cows green grass and not a bunch of stuff their bodys aren't meant to eat including other animals, pumped with hormones and antibiotics, etc. Pretty much anything made from a bunch of chemicals in a laboratory is not going to be what was designed for our bodies. You take whole wheat which is natural and then they strip all the nutrients out, add a few back in, bleach it etc, voila! You have white flour. It is well known now that white flour = bad, whole wheat = good. I even seen a tuna website the other day that listed transfat (in their crackers) as a good fat! I guess no one gave them the memo that New York city has even outlawed this in all their restauraunts. Everyone should know by now that Trans fats are bad for us.

I could go on and on about what the so called "experts" know. I do understand what you mean about the fat in your blood stream and all that. It just seems the more I read, the more I am finding out that the way people ate 100 years ago is the way we should still be eating. And these people drank REAL milk and ate REAL butter and had beef from cows that weren't contaminated, and so on and so forth. Kind of like when I was reading yesterday about the fish, it(among other things) is supposed to help prevent heart attacks and be part of a healthy diet, but the mercury can cause liver and kidney trouble and heart attacks! "Fish" isn't bad for us it is what the society has done to contaminate it. Here are some links that scratch the tip of the ice berg:

Know your Fats (

Homogenization: This is the process whereby the fat particles of cream are strained through tiny pores under great pressure. The resulting fat particles are so small that they stay in suspension rather than rise to the top of the milk. This makes the fat and cholesterol more susceptible to rancidity and oxidation, and some research indicates that homogenized fats may contribute to heart disease.58

The media's constant attack on saturated fats is extremely suspect. Claims that butter causes chronic high cholesterol values have not been substantiated by research—although some studies show that butter consumption causes a small, temporary rise—while other studies have shown that stearic acid, the main component of beef fat, actually lowers cholesterol.59 Margarine, on the other hand, provokes chronic high levels of cholesterol and has been linked to both heart disease and cancer.60 The new soft margarines or tub spreads, while lower in hydrogenated fats, are still produced from rancid vegetable oils and contain many additives.

Nutrients in Butter

The Diet Dictocrats have succeeded in convincing Americans that butter is dangerous, when in fact it is a valued component of many traditional diets and a source of the following nutrients:

Fat-Soluble Vitamins: These include true vitamin A or retinol, vitamin D, vitamin K and vitamin E as well as all their naturally occurring cofactors needed to obtain maximum effect. Butter is America's best source of these important nutrients. In fact, vitamin A is more easily absorbed and utilized from butter than from other sources.61 Fortunately, these fat-soluble vitamins are relatively stable and survive the pasteurization process.

When Dr. Weston Price studied isolated traditional peoples around the world, he found that butter was a staple in many native diets. (He did not find any isolated peoples who consumed polyunsaturated oils.) The groups he studied particularly valued the deep yellow butter produced by cows feeding on rapidly growing green grass. Their natural intuition told them that its life-giving qualities were especially beneficial for children and expectant mothers. When Dr. Price analyzed this deep yellow butter he found that it was exceptionally high in all fat-soluble vitamins, particularly vitamin A. He called these vitamins "catalysts" or "activators." Without them, according to Dr. Price, we are not able to utilize the minerals we ingest, no matter how abundant they may be in our diets. He also believed the fat-soluble vitamins to be necessary for absorption of the water-soluble vitamins. Vitamins A and D are essential for growth, for healthy bones, for proper development of the brain and nervous systems and for normal sexual development. Many studies have shown the importance of butterfat for reproduction; its absence results in "nutritional castration," the failure to bring out male and female sexual characteristics. As butter consumption in America has declined, sterility rates and problems with sexual development have increased. In calves, butter substitutes are unable to promote growth or sustain reproduction.62

Not all the societies Dr. Price studied ate butter; but all the groups he observed went to great lengths to obtain foods high in fat-soluble vitamins—fish, shellfish, fish eggs, organ meats, blubber of sea animals and insects. Without knowing the names of the vitamins contained in these foods, isolated traditional societies recognized their importance in the diet and liberally ate the animal products containing them. They rightly believed such foods to be necessary for fertility and the optimum development of children. Dr. Price analyzed the nutrient content of native diets and found that they consistently provided about ten times more fat soluble vitamins than the American diet of the 1930's. This ratio is probably more extreme today as Americans have deliberately reduced animal fat consumption. Dr. Price realized that these fat-soluble vitamins promoted the beautiful bone structure, wide palate, flawless uncrowded teeth and handsome, well-proportioned faces that characterized members of isolated traditional groups. American children in general do not eat fish or organ meats, at least not to any great extent, and blubber and insects are not a part of the western diet; many will not eat eggs. The only good source of fat-soluble vitamins in the American diet, one sure to be eaten, is butterfat. Butter added to vegetables and spread on bread, and cream added to soups and sauces, ensure proper assimilation of the minerals and water-soluble vitamins in vegetables, grains and meat.

The Wulzen Factor: Called the "antistiffness" factor, this compound is present in raw animal fat. Researcher Rosalind Wulzen discovered that this substance protects humans and animals from calcification of the joints—degenerative arthritis. It also protects against hardening of the arteries, cataracts and calcification of the pineal gland.63 Calves fed pasteurized milk or skim milk develop joint stiffness and do not thrive. Their symptoms are reversed when raw butterfat is added to the diet. Pasteurization destroys the Wulzen factor—it is present only in raw butter, cream and whole milk.


In summary, our choice of fats and oils is one of extreme importance. Most people, especially infants and growing children, benefit from more fat in the diet rather than less. But the fats we eat must be chosen with care. Avoid all processed foods containing newfangled hydrogenated fats and polyunsaturated oils. Instead, use traditional vegetable oils like extra virgin olive oil and small amounts of unrefined flax seed oil. Acquaint yourself with the merits of coconut oil for baking and with animal fats for occasional frying. Eat egg yolks and other animal fats with the proteins to which they are attached. And, finally, use as much good quality butter as you like, with the happy assurance that it is a wholesome—indeed, an essential—food for you and your whole family.

Organic butter, extra virgin olive oil, and expeller-expressed flax oil in opaque containers are available in health food stores and gourmet markets. Edible coconut oil can be found in Indian or Caribbean markets.

There are many more links on that site if you are interested in checking them out.

What is Real milkl (

Milk: It Does a Body Good? (


Milk straight from the cow contains cream, which rises to the top. Homogenization is a process that breaks up the fat globules and evenly distributes them throughout the milk so that they do not rise. This process unnaturally increases the surface area of fat exposing it to air, in which oxidation occurs and increases the susceptibility to spoilage. Homogenization has been linked to heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Powdered Milk

A note on the production of skim milk powder: liquid milk is forced through a tiny hole at high pressure, and then blown out into the air. This causes a lot of nitrates to form and the cholesterol in the milk is oxidized. Those of you who are familiar with my work know that cholesterol is your best friend; you don't have to worry about natural cholesterol in your food; however, you do not want to eat oxidized cholesterol. Oxidized cholesterol contributes to the buildup of plaque in the arteries, to atherosclerosis. So when you drink reduced-fat milk thinking that it will help you avoid heart disease, you are actually consuming oxidized cholesterol, which initiates the process of heart disease.

I know there is more info and on other sites but just grabbed this real quick. I know each one of us has to make this our own though. We do eat raw cheese from a local health store. The raw milk is down the hill though and like 10.00 a gallon! That is why I try to get the non homogenized yogurt at least.

Why Butter Is Better (

Butter & Heart Disease

Heart disease was rare in America at the turn of the century. Between 1920 and 1960, the incidence of heart disease rose precipitously to become America's number one killer. During the same period butter consumption plummeted from eighteen pounds per person per year to four. It doesn't take a Ph.D. in statistics to conclude that butter is not a cause. Actually butter contains many nutrients that protect us from heart disease. First among these is vitamin A which is needed for the health of the thyroid and adrenal glands, both of which play a role in maintaining the proper functioning of the heart and cardiovascular system. Abnormalities of the heart and larger blood vessels occur in babies born to vitamin A deficient mothers. Butter is America's best and most easily absorbed source of vitamin A.

(And just to remind everyone that the vitamin a we get from carrots etc is different. I believe that is the preformed one that our bodys need to change INTO vitamin a. It seems the cows have already done this for us in the butter. ~ Jasmine)

Butter contains lecithin, a substance that assists in the proper assimilation and metabolism of cholesterol and other fat constituents.

Butter also contains a number of anti-oxidants that protect against the kind of free radical damage that weakens the arteries. Vitamin A and vitamin E found in butter both play a strong anti-oxidant role. Butter is a very rich source of selenium, a vital anti-oxidant--containing more per gram than herring or wheat germ.

Butter is also a good dietary source cholesterol. What?? Cholesterol an anti-oxidant?? Yes indeed, cholesterol is a potent anti-oxidant that is flooded into the blood when we take in too many harmful free-radicals--usually from damaged and rancid fats in margarine and highly processed vegetable oils.3 A Medical Research Council survey showed that men eating butter ran half the risk of developing heart disease as those using margarine.4

Butter for Growth & Development

Many factors in butter ensure optimal growth of children. Chief among them is vitamin A. Individuals who have been deprived of sufficient vitamin A during gestation tend to have narrow faces and skeletal structure, small palates and crowded teeth.16 Extreme vitamin A deprivation results in blindness, skeletal problems and other birth defects.17 Individuals receiving optimal vitamin A from the time of conception have broad handsome faces, strong straight teeth, and excellent bone structure. Vitamin A also plays an important role in the development of the sex characteristics. Calves fed butter substitutes sicken and die before reaching maturity.18

The X factor, discovered by Dr. Weston Price, is also essential for optimum growth. It is only present in butterfat from cows on green pasture.19 Cholesterol found in butterfat plays an important role in the development of the brain and nervous system.20 Mother's milk is high in cholesterol and contains over 50 percent of its calories as butterfat. Low fat diets have been linked to failure to thrive in children21--yet low-fat diets are often recommended for youngsters! Children need the many factors in butter and other animal fats for optimal development.


Manufacturers cannot use liquid oils in baked goods or frying, and they are not spreadable. So to harden the liquid vegetable oils to make margarine and shortening, they put the oils through a process called partial hydrogenation. To make margarine or shortening, first the oil is extracted under high temperature and pressure, and the remaining fraction of oil is removed with hexane solvents. Then the oils are steam cleaned, a process that removes all the vitamins and anti-oxidants, but of course, the solvents and the pesticides remain. These oils are then mixed with a nickel catalyst and put into a huge high-pressure, high-temperature reactor. What goes into the reactor is a liquid, but what comes out of that reactor is a semi-solid that looks like grey cottage cheese and smells terrible. Emulsifiers are mixed in to smooth out the lumps. The product is then steam cleaned a second time to get rid of the horrible smell. Then it is bleached to get rid of the grey color. At this point, the product can be used as vegetable shortening.

To make margarine, they add artificial flavors and synthetic vitamins. You may be comforted to know that manufacturers are not allowed to add a synthetic color to margarine. So they add annatto or some other natural coloring. It is then packaged in blocks and tubs. Advertising promotes this garbage as a health food.

Problems with Hydrogenated Oils

Many, many diseases have been associated with the consumption of trans fatty acids, such as heart disease, cancer, digestive disorders and degeneration of joints and tendons (which is why we have so many hip replacements today). Trans fats are associated with auto-immune disease, skin problems, growth problems in children and learning disabilities. The only reason that we are eating this stuff is because we have been told that the competing fats and oils--butter, lard, tallow and suet, coconut oil and palm oil--are bad for us and cause heart disease. This message is nothing but industry propaganda to get us to buy substitutes.

The Brochure Overview (

Keep scrolling down and that gives the best over view. In particular...

What's Wrong With "Politically Correct" Nutrition?

"Avoid saturated fats"
Saturated fats play many important roles in the body. They provide integrity to the cell membrane, enhance the body's use of essential fatty acids, enhance the immune system, protect the liver and contribute to strong bones. Saturated fats do not cause heart disease. In fact, saturated fats are the preferred food for the heart. Your body makes saturated fats out of carbohydrates.

"Limit cholesterol"
Dietary cholesterol contributes to the strength of the intestinal wall and helps babies and children develop a healthy brain and nervous system. Foods that contain cholesterol also provide many other important nutrients. Only oxidized cholesterol, found in powdered milk and eggs, contributes to heart disease. Powdered milk is added to 1% and 2% milk.

"Use more polyunsaturated oils"
Polyunsaturates in more than small amounts contribute to cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, learning disabilities, intestinal problems and premature aging. Large amounts of polyunsaturated fats are new to the human diet, due to the modern use of commercial liquid vegetable oils.

"Avoid red meat"
Red meat is a rich source of nutrients that protect the heart and nervous system including vitamins B12 and B6, zinc, phosphorus, carnitine and Coenzyme Q10.

"Cut back on eggs"
Eggs are nature's perfect food, providing excellent protein, the gamut of nutrients and important fatty acids that contribute to the health of the brain and nervous system. Americans had less heart disease when they ate more eggs. Egg substitutes cause rapid death in test animals.

"Eat lean meat and drink lowfat milk"
Lean meat and lowfat milk lack fat soluble vitamins needed to assimilate protein and minerals in meat and milk. Consumption of low-fat foods can lead to depletion of vitamin A and D reserves.

"Limit fat consumption to 30% of calories"
30% calories as fat is too low for most people, leading to low blood sugar and fatigue. Traditional diets contained 40% to 80% of calories as healthy fats, mostly of animal origin.(I myslef am still able to lose on 30% fat cals. That is when I am not overetaing or eating junk food. As far as 40-80 I belive it is true but we also need to take into consideration the people from 100 years ago were also doing alot more physical work. ~ Jasmine)

"Eat 6-11 servings of grains per day"
Most grain products are made from white flour, which is devoid of nutrients. Additives in white flour can cause vitamin deficiencies. Whole grain products can cause mineral deficiencies and intestinal problems unless properly prepared.

"Restrict salt"
Salt is crucial to digestion and assimilation. Salt is also necessary for the development and functioning of the nervous system.

"At least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day"
Fruits and vegetables receive an average of 10 applications of pesticides, from seed to storage. Consumers should seek out organic produce. Quality counts!

"Eat more soy foods"
Modern soy foods block mineral absorption, inhibit protein digestion, depress thyroid function and contain potent carcinogens.

Anyhow lots of good info on that site. Basically what I am trying to do is get back to food the way it was originally and trying to avoid as much processing and additves as possible.

05-01-2007, 04:21 PM
Goodday ladies, lots of info there Jasmine. Thanks for answering me the question in regards to the walking, for me it will depend on the day and how good the knee is holding out.

Well I remembered my breakfast this morning, had eggbeaters on a whole wheat english muffin, with a banana to follow. Drinking my water too.

As far as the tuna goes, I don't like the fact there is mercury in the fish, but have read myself. that there is so little it will not hurt us. I am much older than a lot of you girls and have been eating it for a much longer time as I don't like any other fish. My father is 95 and has ate it his whole life, he is on less meds than myself, so can it really be that bad for us? Now this is just what I choose to do, with the knowledge I have read and seen.

Must go do some looking for a last minute deal for my daughter. BBL
Sharon S.

05-01-2007, 05:01 PM
Good afternoon everyone,

Today was not good eating wise; I'm off to the gym, though, and I will have finished my water soon. Oh well, two out of three...

FatToFitVirgo - You will find Total yogurt at Whole Foods; there are two sizes, a single serving for 80 cal. and a larger tub that has about 3 80 cal servings. (That's for the 0% variety; calories are higher, depending on the fat content).

Talk to you soon,

05-02-2007, 02:31 AM
VeggieGirl1, Don't feel bad about the eating, if we didn't slip up sometimes, we would get bored and then really slip up, it's only natural. And at least you went to the gym, to burn some of it off. Good for you, your doing great.

Well I did not do great myself today, I have the oatmeal to go maple and brown sugar bars, I just love them, had a few of them today, so was careful what I ate afterwards. I had 1/2 a grapefruit, then a Lean Cusine Dinner at 190 calories, with double veggies and chicken, then just had my fruit. Finished my water and did 30 mins Walking. Bought a new pedometer tonight to, probably will have to wait for dh to come home from the cottage to get it working. That is if he has time, his hockey team that he coaches is in the Ontario finals this weekend, my son plays on the team too. It would be nice if they won, then they would go to play out West, a couple thousand miles from here. Anyhow, I will say good night, talk at you later today. Have a good day my friends.
Sharon S.

05-02-2007, 10:11 AM
Good morning all

Sharon S. - Thanks for the kind words. It was good to read them this a.m. as I woke up feeling disgusted with myself for yesterday. I know I shouldn't be so hard on myself, as that often leads to more eating out of frustration, and a "oh who cares, I can't stick to this" attitude. So, your encouragement came at just the right time:sunny: :thanks:

You sound like you did ok yesterday - you were able to compensate for the bars by eating lighter! And good for you getting a pedometer. I have one, and when I walk outside it really motivates me to keep going for just a few more tenths of a mile, or just a few more calories burned.

Good luck to your son and his hockey team!!!

Today, I started with a good breakfast and will exercise later. No water yet, but soon...

Everyone have a good day:carrot: :carrot:

SD Gal
05-02-2007, 11:18 AM
You girls are posting maniacs!! I'm so happy to see it all!!!

Just a quick drop in, I'm down this week (finally) And hopefully back on track.. I'll bbl..

Super hugs! :hug:

05-02-2007, 03:05 PM
Good morning ladies!


So glad to see you!

I need to run and get stuff done but just wanted to remind veggie that even when we goof, or go over, the difference is getting back up and working on it again. That is the difference between success and failure.

Canuk, great on the walking!!

I did my 60 minutes yesterday and ate pretty healthy, went a bit over in cals though but it will balance out. I chose popcorn over sugar. :)

I am down 1 lb this a.m. Yeah!!

05-03-2007, 01:10 AM
SD Gal congrats on the loss and so good to have you post again, Missed ya!

VeggieGirl1, that is what we are here for to support each other, I am glad it helped.

Jasmine good for you down a pound already, you go girl. It was great you picked the popcorn over the sugar, smart thinking and it paid off.

Well I started off good, even took an apple to have when I was out, I had a salad with chicken for supper as well, so food was good, water way low today and no walking and won't get it done now as I have to get up early have physio, then have to take Dad for an eye test, then have a doctor's appt. Today was a little slower this morning, but did not sleep well, so ended up sleeping late, then had physio, shopped, did a little work outside and my daughter came for a visit and just left. We needed a good heart to heart. Now it's off to bed or I will never get up and going for those appt's.

Have a great day ladies!
Sharon S.

05-03-2007, 01:35 PM
Morning everyone! Good to see you Mimi! YAY Jasmine!

05-03-2007, 04:01 PM
Good afternoon all

Jasmine - hooray for you...keep going:carrot: :carrot:

Sharon S. - sounds like you have a busy day today; hope you have time to take care of yourself.

Today's going ok; food is good, water is a little low, I have to work on that, and I will exercise later. Had to take my mom shopping this morning, and that was a several hour expedition as she moves pretty slow, and forgot to
wear her hearing aids!

SD and FatToFitVirgo - did you ever get to try the Fage yogurt?

Have a great day

05-03-2007, 04:08 PM
Oh, I forgot to add my new ticker signature.:o Hope this works

05-03-2007, 04:15 PM
Worked like a charm Veggie. :D

05-04-2007, 12:39 AM
No, I haven't gotten to Whole Foods yet. I'm looking forward to seeing what they've got. I'll have to look for both Fage and Total brands. Usually I just buy Yoplait or Dannon at the Jewel or Dominicks, which are the usual Chicago area chains.

05-04-2007, 01:44 AM
Hi there, yes it was a busy day. My dad doesn't wear hearing aids, so I have to repeat everything pretty well. He got his eye test and has a presc. so now it is just finding new glasses (at his 1920 price range) that is a bit of a chore. lol

So I got him to his appt. started laundry before I left, then got to mine, I only had to wait an hour to see the doc. then was in for an hour, talking about the same things it seemed, came home and started laundry again. Then dh got back with more laundry, Yeah! I did the first three loads, but made him do the last dryer load. Then he and my son picked on me for awhile, then they left for hockey. Glad I was meeting a friend for a bite to eat. Men are pains sometimes, or should I say most of the time. My husband was starting the coaching of the summer league tonight, which I was against as we are out at the cottage most of the summer and at $1.07 per litre for gas, plus the fact then he stays here, when there is a late game and I am nervous staying by myself, if no one else is around in the other cottages. Which most of them are just weekenders. He already has a commitment to do two weeks holidays at the arena for the guy who runs the place, plus extra days he may want off. What is the point in even having the cottage! Sorry ladies really needed to get that off my chest! I am shaking I am so angry, because he didn't tell me about the summer league, my son let it slip last night. It hurts when people do things behind your back.

Food was up and down today, had breakfast and all, but lunch was two granola bars (as I was on the run, took Dad to do a few groceries as well after the eye test). Supper was a chicken ceasar wrap. I don't think I went over in calories, even with the dressing, I hope not anyhow. I also found out the dietican I was seeing left and there booking for June. lol I really wasn't getting much out of it anyhow. I did read something I thought was interesting, it said drinking cold water actually burn more calories, as the body has to warm it up, fortunately I only like cold water.

I did 40 mins. of walking today, but only got half my water in. Oh well, hopefully I will do better tomorrow.

Take care all.
Sharon S.

05-04-2007, 09:54 AM
Good morning everyone

Sharon S. - Sorry to hear that the summer league situation has you stressed out. Feel free to vent; something similar has happened to many if not all of us I'm sure. Good for you for getting your walking in yesterday. I have to ask -- are you really up after midnight or I am not reading the time zone thing right for you? I'm embarassed to say that the night before last I fell asleep before nine sitting up in bed. I blame it on the menopause thing. I am often tired in the a.m., and I used to be such a morning person. These hormone swings really get to me at times.:dizzy:

Yesterday was good; food good and I got my water and exercise in. Today I had egg whites, whole wheat english muffin and a single serving thing made by Green Giant called Just for One that is brocoli in a low fat cheese sauce for 60 cal. I will have blueberries for a snack. I am off to see my father-in-law in the nursing home later, so I'm not sure I'll get the exercise in, but I'll try.

Have a great day

05-04-2007, 04:35 PM
VeggieGirl1, yes you are reading the time right, I don't sleep well, so am often up late and am NOT a morning person at all. I had to get up for physio this morning for 10am and had to be up by 8:30 am to get some coffee into me so I could get going. Usually my appts. are around 3pm in the afternoon. I can relate to you in regards to the menopause thing, I just got up again about 1:30pm, I came home and looked at the ads in the paper was tired so went back to bed. My son woke me up to say hi, probably around 12:30pm before they left for there first game of the tournment going on this weekend. You have heard of golf widows, I am a hockey widow. I am still upset about the summer hockey thing and barely speaking to dh.

So far I have had 1/2 cup of Fibre 1 cereal in 1/2 cup of milk, just had a granola bar and am trying to decide what I should have next, water barely started and exercise nil so far. Just feeling really blah. My sister-in-law is suppose to call, she has some of our realitives from Rochester, N.Y. over and wants me to come up, I barely have the strength to move, let alone go visit. Oh well we will see. Sorry for the blah's ladies hope you don't catch them. lol BBL
Sharon S.

05-04-2007, 07:59 PM
Good evening all

I'm posting at the end of a strange day; my exercise was great and I got all my water in, but my food was once again a problem. My morning and lunch were fine, but my afternoon was not. I know exactly what happened, and I still couldn't stop the unhealthy eating. :devil: I was tired, and feeling edgy after a stressful driving experience; I know all the things I should do, get out of the house, read a book, walk around the block, blah blah blah...but I don't do it. Why? It's not like I don't know better. The only thing I seem to be able to do consistently is exercise. Which I know is better than nothing, but I want to fix this and I don't know how.
sorry, I don't mean to be a downer, I'm just really sad about this right now.:( :( :(

05-05-2007, 01:19 PM
VeggieGirl1, if you happened to notice, I did not come back last evening to post. Why? Because, like you I blew it, I had good intentions, even had the food made up. I find when I am upset, frustrated etc. I am weaker than I would normally be, just like you and the bad driving experience, it upset you and you probably could not stop thinking about it, so therefore you could not be strongly thinking about what you should be eating. I am an emotional eater, some of the time I can overcome it, other times I can't. Do you think you might be as well? I honestly don't know how to overcome it, all we can do is try, we are not infalable, we are human, and to quote someone: to error is human (I think that is how it goes). But we are going to have these slip ups, all we can do is try not to do it again. I think if we write down, what we have eaten and say in another book, how we are feeling and why (sometimes there is no why, that is just how we feel), I think it may help to keep us on the straight and narrow. Especially if we see how well we have done all day, it may help us not want to be blow it. I don't know, but that is what I am going to try!

So last night I had rice cakes (OK), than 100 cal. choc. chip cookies (OK) then I had three pieces of pizza, small ones (but still), then I had choc. then I had two drinks. So talk about blowing it, I blew it out of the water!!! I did get 3/4's of my water in and 45 mins. of walking. Which I know Jasmine I have to catch up on, to reach our agreed upon 300 mins.

I do have 25 mins. of walking in already this morning.

Will be back, going to have my coffee.
Sharon S.

05-05-2007, 04:57 PM
Good afternoon all

Thanks Sharon -- while I don't want to seem happy that you also fell off the wagon, I can't deny that it does help to know that others have these same kind of episodes. Sometimes I think I do myself extra damage by thinking that I'm the only one who can't maintain an ordered eating style even when I have the best of intentions. But good for us both that we got in exercise today:dance: :dance: and for getting back on the wagon, or horse or whatever falling off metaphor works for you!

How's the weather were you all are? It is just beautiful here today - bright sun and not too hot. We've had so much rain lately that this is a most welcome change. I am actually thinking about getting a bike; :bike2: I'm a little afraid that at my age I may not remember how to ride, or that I'll fall and break something, but with the spring here I hate to confine my exercise to the gym. My husband shockingly said that he would join me in riding outside, so that alone is a reason to do it since the most exercise he gets is getting up to collect the remote or open the refrigerator:rolleyes:
Of course my teenage daughter won't be caught dead riding with her mother!

Well that's it for now; enjoy the rest of the weekend all

05-05-2007, 05:28 PM
:wave: everyone! Sorry, no time for personals but hope you all are doing well!

05-05-2007, 08:18 PM
VeggierGirl1, you gave me the strength to say what I had done, we all do it, just have problems admitting it sometimes. And sometimes it eats us up, so it is better to get it out.

Well I am exited as I got 65 more mins. in walking done this aft. talked to my Dad for half that time, and listened to my MP3 player the rest. So I catching up Jasmine. And half my water or more.

Oh yes, the weather here is nice and sunny, but not so warm you can sit out comfortably, at least not for me! It is suppose to get warmer during the week. I have a bike and love it, I ride sometimes by myself, sometimes my husband rides with me. He was using my son's bike and just got his own. I have a few balance problems, so usually stay well clear of parked cars, that is why I like riding at the cottage the most, few parked cars and still a paved road. Go for it, you might be surprised your daughter might even join you after she see's you going, mine did last year and we had a great ride. She doesn't live at home so unfortunately it was only once.

Really hungry, so have a salad almost all ready and some chicken to go in, talk to you all later.
Sharon S.

05-05-2007, 09:05 PM
I decided to set a exercise goal for the month. 1000 minutes isn't much but it's a start. I need to get off my lazy butt.

Pissed off at Alabama food stamps people. They print an article in the newspaper about wanting more people to apply for food stamps yet I apply, someone who DESPERATELY needs them, and I get declined because I'm not 22 yet and have no kids?! :mad: Well excuse me! So sorry I'm not popping out kids like everyone my age or younger, I'm so stupid. They said that until I turn 22, I would have to have the card in my mama's name but she makes WAY too much money to get food stamps so I am royally screwed. Dammit to ****! I am poor. Seriously. I barely make enough to cover my rent, that's why I'm looking for a second job. Imbeciles!

05-05-2007, 11:52 PM
JasonsLea, I am sorry for your problem with the stamps, it is difficult when you are doing the right thing by not having kids too soon and especially before your married. But the government is a weird thing to understand, just from myself being Cdn. and the dealings I have had, it certainly does not seem to be fair to all our people. I will pray that you will get a second job. What about the fast food business, my kids both worked in them into there 20's and my daughter worked in a video store and a car dealership. Would anything like that be available, sometimes they will work around your other job, if you tell them up front. Sorry hon, can't think of anything else.

Setting goals is a great idea for the exercise, like I said to VeggieGirl1, I think the key to weight loss is writing it all down, from food, exercise and how your feeling. I am trying to keep up with Jasmine with 300 mins. a week. Right now I have to tally up how much I have done as I DID NOT write it down. Maybe I should practice what I preach!!!

Take care, hope things get better soon. Try and think of who you know too, they might be able to help.
Sharon S.

05-06-2007, 12:08 AM
Just to note, I have done 205 minutes exercise up to this moment, only have 95 mins. to do between now and tomorrow evening to reach the challenge. Getting there Jasmine.

SD Gal miss ya, is this the weekend of your son's graduation? Come back to us, we need your up beat support.
Sharon S.

05-07-2007, 01:00 AM
Hi all, guess everyone had a busy day, including myself, anyhow Jasmine, I did meet the three hundred minutes in, I did another 45 last night, then 32 this morning and another 25 tonight. So my total was 302mins. I need to divide it better during the week, this last minute thing is not for me.

I guess most places probably had fairly good weather, although I did here about some awful tornado's, hope it does not effect any of our ladies. Our weather was sunny but cool today.

Updating the hockey situation in my life, lost the final game this weekend 4-0, had tied Sat. nights game and won two others, so there out of the tournment. Now for summer hockey, it is a no go for my husband while we are at the cottage, too far to drive back and forth and too costly, considering we are all ready giving up two weeks up there while dh fills in for the convenier at the rink and the odd day here and there. Thank goodness that is put to bed.

Food today was good, as was exercise, water was a little low.

I tried to start a new thread, but unfortunately just don't have what it takes, sorry ladies.

Good night all, have a good day tomorrow.
Sharon S.

05-08-2007, 02:11 AM
Well I am getting concerned as the last few post's are from myself, where is everybody? Got my exercise in today, probably around 60 mins. Low again on water and veggies, although I had some, fruit was good.

05-08-2007, 06:55 PM
I guess I'm going to start the new thread. Sorry I haven't been near a computer this weekend, kinda busy, worrying and such.