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04-28-2007, 01:13 PM

04-28-2007, 03:35 PM
I loved the stories about Satanella, her ds's teacher. Was Satanella a nun? And her entire home could be repainted from oatmeal to eggshell. She had a difficult family (like many of us but not like Bagz) and was a tower of strength to all. Those lentils were delicous. I did eat mine.

04-28-2007, 04:34 PM
:hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: Remember when she ran the system's goddess with kiwi's help!!! and her delicious lists!!!!AND HER BOOKS ON TAPE THAT SHE USED WHILE SHE CLEANED!!!! AND HER POOL!!!!AWWWWWWWWWWW I WISH WE COULD WISH HER BACK!!! WISH HARD EVERYCOW!!!

04-28-2007, 05:46 PM
And don't forget the Marie's Blue Cheese Dressing and the ounce of salted peanuts every hour on the hour. I miss Lushy too!

I think System Goddess is STILL going. No one remembers the moderator password any more to delete it!

And I wish Hoochie Mama would come back. But not CRAZY MOM or Raul. They were scary.

Dh and the kids are sleeping outside in the yard in a tent tonight. I feigned illness but may try it tomorrow night when I hear how it was.

Tomorrow I will garden my little tushy off.

04-28-2007, 06:15 PM
ohhhhhhhh i just planted my sweetpeas!!! dd in denmark says the weather has been hot and beautiful!!! she looooooooooves denmark now!! and her danish man of course!!!----sugar---how brave of you to even think of sleeping in a tent!!! i admire you----remember the one who tried to tell kiwonk how to fix her kitchen floor---- however----no one can beat dusty ----she is a classic---but june's admonitions were precious.i think i will make a carrot cake with cream cheese icing----just so i can avoid dieting.

04-28-2007, 06:46 PM
Need advice. DS must move out of dorm by Saturday. His only final is Friday. Until then he'll probably (won't tell me) be with lcp. I hear she has been in hospital for days with migraine. Anyway, DS has tiny car. He will not discuss plans to get his stuff home. Should I plan to go and help him or let him figure it out?

I am avoiding dieting with fudge from Winn Dixie. They moved the scale so it's inconvenient and not in front of anyone.

I miss the LISTS;
1. Shift laundry from washer to dryer.
2 ... don't remember what else she did.

04-28-2007, 06:47 PM
Oh, and I liked Carrie. Remember Carrie? Lived on a farm and was nice and sweet.

04-28-2007, 07:48 PM
Oh, and I liked Carrie. Remember Carrie? Lived on a farm and was nice and sweet.

AND sat next to Art Linkletter on a plane. I wonder if she shared her fried bologna sandwiches with him?

Peachy - I would let ds figure it out on his own but tell him you're available if he decided he has too much stuff. Well, that was helpful in a wishy washy way, wasn't it?

Bagzeeee - we are having 27C weather! Unbelievable. Spain on the other hand is cloudy and 18C. Go figure Denmark was sunny the whole time we were there too. It is soooo cute. I still need to tell you cows more about it.

Dh brought home a strawberry plant today that has pink flowers. I will try not to kill it. :^:

Satanella was every little Catholic kid's nightmare. Something like Dusty Jane in a habit, I would guess.

04-28-2007, 07:51 PM
I need to tell the supermarket I'm not available next weekend if I'm going to help him or wait around for him. Even at age 19, men are impossible.

04-28-2007, 07:56 PM
i agree with sugarplummers-----agree to help if he needs it but tell him you need advance warning due to work obligations-----it's hard to just let them be----i always end up saying what i want anyway---no sense stewing about it====ohhhhhhh carrie----she was funny wasn't she----i think the one who was telling kiwonk how to fix her floor was called dahlia or some fall flower.remember when lushie would substitute teach and regale us with stories about that---of course i forget them all,but she had such a way with words.

04-28-2007, 08:00 PM
Kiwi took exception to that bossy advice didn't she? Was that when she (Kiwi) hired the young guy with no shirt to come and drink Pepsis outside her kitchen window? My fav all-time cow moment was Sugar, the propert and darling Canadian, asking Dusty who died and made her queen of the world!! I keep waiting for Sugar to lose her temper again but it hasn't happened.

I just asked for the weekend off. After being a mom-servant for all these years, what's another weekend.

04-29-2007, 09:27 AM
Grrrr. I absolutely detest that mom-sevant role. And somehow, we seem more amenable to playing it with sons than daughters. Although, come to think of it, I think that's just me, being stereotypical. In reality, I have bent over just as far backwards with every single one of my daughters, too. And sometimes I have to admit that I start feeling very taken for granted. Especially when they've been out to dinner or something with their darling father, whom I had to fight tooth & nail for child support, and who never paid his half of their college tuitions. At that point, it was either scrape together the money to pay a lawyer to take him back into court, or scrape together money to help the kids with their college costs. I helped with their college costs. Now HE brags about his "accomplished children". He has also travelled all over Europe, South America, Australia and God-knows-where-else while I helped every single one of them (except DS; he's not ready, yet) with their houses, been generous with the grandchildren, etc. (He brought our granddaughter a little cheap string bracelet back form Hawaii). Puleeze.

Oh, you did the right thing, Cowp. Someday he'll be properly thankful, I'm sure.

Laced lentils? Hmmmm. Laced with WHAT, may I ask? :fr:


04-29-2007, 10:25 AM
And who can forget Letty, our size 1 (or was it 0?) beauty expert. Or Sheba, the belly dancer (click click), who brightened our day just by dancing by. For a while, I jumped to the assumption that every new poster was possibly Lush

04-29-2007, 11:29 AM
this is a picture of a flying cow---they inhabit the beaches of eastern canada---it is a rare sighting and will only be available for a short time.what was the name lush was using the last time she posted---i forget----something about being from pakistan and weighing the same as some sort of wooly mammoth.

04-29-2007, 11:39 AM
I love the cow. You have whales there also, do you not? Are you SURE this is not a whale? Look at that flipper. I believe it MAY be spewing. What is behind the whalecow? A mountain? Where is its face?

I remember the wooly mammoth girl but not well. If her name had more than two syllables, I will never recall it. One sound per ear is my limit.

04-29-2007, 03:20 PM
Looks like a flying puffin to me. A very cute flying puffin.

Did I really say that to Dusty?? :o I think she irked me so much that I may even have written her a personal e mail. These days I find that losing my temper on the internet with perfect strangers just doesn't pack the punch it used to, so I save my crankiness for my loved ones. :D

04-29-2007, 05:39 PM
well the last time i remember lush posting--she was very worried about her daughter's leg and probably she is too busy teaching or looking after her family---or picking blueberries--or was it strawberry fields she lived in????

04-29-2007, 05:43 PM
Lush is an expert on Robert Parker novels. She (and other alter egos) used a term Spencer, Parker's hero, used about his girlfriend from time to time. She finished half her steak and "ballooned up" to 103. Lush accused me of ballooning up from time to time. She was right.

It can also be said that she singlehandedly started the war between the US and Canada without ruffling one enemy feather. She was a diplomat, motivational speaker, BINGO pro, and she liked to drive into the city and hear weird music.

04-29-2007, 07:37 PM
...and she hated celery in Chinese food.:carrot:

04-29-2007, 07:48 PM
awwwwwwwwwww---and we were originally MESSY and then WLB started and cybermom closed and we tried to post somewhere else----where was that----i think she started us here in 2001-----that is blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

04-29-2007, 08:08 PM
Lushie hated the word messy so we spelled it with a line through which I can't see how to do now.

04-29-2007, 08:35 PM
ohhhhh and she hated any reference to the menses.absolutely,the period sponge salesman sent her over the edge.

04-29-2007, 08:53 PM
I am reading old Lush posts wherein she tells us she has 3 kidneys and that's why she weighs more. Wabby then says she has long eyelashes that's why SHE weighs more. Lush goes on to report that she saw someone in NY not wearing black and the security cameras had to be retooled. Who stuck their hand in the ceiling fan?

Lush resented having weight loss measured in units of turkey carcasses.

Remember before I met Herbie, she had me make a list of qualities I wanted in a man and insisted that good driver be on the list. That was very helpful. She said a good driver has a lot of other good qualities, also. Herbie was a good enough driver but all his qualities did not balance the *ssiness of the whole picture.

Cherry Cow
04-29-2007, 10:57 PM
Y'all are making me miss Lushie SO MUCH!

04-30-2007, 03:20 AM
Wow, that was some symphony of Lush-lessness. Glad--oops, I mean sorry I missed it. I thought Sugar was the one with the extra kidney?? Lush was posting as Lohana or something. She had to keep changing signin names everywhere because she could never remember a password. Or write it down apparently... ;) What I remember are the horrifying breakfasts she related -- full of cream and cheese and butter and fat and bacon. But not just a "normal" amount of those things, more like fat wrapped in butter and fried with bacon with cheese melted over it swimming in a dish of cream. Or something.

I have just come home from a lovely weekend with DD. Although really I was only there 24 hours. We went out to Grendel's Den in Harvard Square, where I treated her to a nice but unbelievably cheap meal. Then she treated me to dessert at Finale, where they serve these gorgeous plated desserts, all fancy with different shaped chocolate and layered thises and thats and sugar skewers. Just amazing. Today we had brunch together and I met a couple of her friends I hadn't met before. Then DD had to go set up for the concert and I went back to Harvard Sq to shop at "Curious George" bookshop. I got a beautiful stuffed kitty for my niece along with a lovely picture book plus a couple of Golden book reprints -- $2.99 each; they had all the titles from way back. I got her Dumbo, and The Color Kittens I think it's called.

Then back to campus for the chorale concert -- it was beautiful, and well worth seeing a second time! Afterwards DD and I were both starving (she's always starving -- the prerogative of the skinny!) so we got lovely (dirt cheap) tacos, with the most fantastic salsa on them. Oh those are the best.

I could not believe how little I spent on food, or on anything for that matter -- my motel room was a reward night for points I've been accumulating, so it was free. I didn't pay for parking at the college; I kept finding free spaces, and the police told me they weren't ticketing this weekend anyway. Brunch this morning was free -- they usually let parents in free when they come to the cafeteria with a student. And dinner last night was 1/2 price because we ordered before 7:30 -- Two nice meals plus drinks and tax came to $22, seriously. And the luscious tacos cost $15 for 4 of them plus 2 drinks. Wow. I think I spent more on tolls than I spent on food.

Then back to campus again to load some of her stuff into the car for me to lug home, and I left Boston about 6 PM. Didn't need to eat a meal on the way home, so I made really good time (only stopped once, at the Tim Horton's --yay-- ). Puppy was glad glad glad to see me. DH was asleep!

My car is going back down to Mass. at the end of the week, but without me in it -- DD and the BF both finish exams a week from Thurs. and his car is too small to load their stuff into (especially since they want to haul BOTH their stuff at the same time), so they will come home this Friday and the BF will trade me for my SUV, and then he will pick up DD next week and they will get home someday or other. Meanwhile I will get to drive a snazzy little red car with a stick shift.

Night girlie cows.


04-30-2007, 07:42 AM
G'morning! :coffee:

Wow, Kiwi, what an incredibly fun & economical weekend, eh? What a wonderful relationship you have with DD! Will she be home for the summer, or is she off to somewhere exotic to further her studies and immerse herself in some other culture?

My middle DD - the one who is exec. director of the American Heart Association hereabouts - had her annual "heart walk" on Saturday, so the other two Ds were helping out all day. I stopped by briefly, but she seemed to have it all under control, so I just went about my business. I'm perfectly well aware that my kids are all adults, now, and very capable ones at that, but there are still times when I am taken somewhat by surprise, and find myself marveling at their "adultness" and managerial skills. I guess some part of me will always see them as little kids, yanno?

Today, the eldest DD has an appt. at the MS clinic in Boston for further evals, so she'll park at my building and we'll go to the appt. together. I'm hoping for the best. She was in town for the Heart Walk, and handed out water & refreshments all day - and then was totally exhausted all day yesterday.

Ummmm, yeah. Quite a "lush fest" this weekend, eh? Quite the legend around here, I see.

Have a great day! I'm hoping for some sunshine...yesterday was kind of damp and gray all day.


Ella :dizzy:

04-30-2007, 10:10 AM
Kiwi, you are very cheap. Quite impressive. Stuffed critters, even in the supermarket are $10-15 and aren't so cute. I think I'm looking forward to seeing DS in a week. Not so sure as right now he's with lcp and I am forgotten.

Sugar, you have the extra kidney? Ooops.

Lush was Amish, wasn't she? Or close. Closer than me.

04-30-2007, 11:03 AM
Geez, with all this LushLove, ye'd a think she died and this is here virtual eulogy center.
just a quick pop in gals...I'll be back soon... Just FYI... I passed the Project Management Professional licensing and now I am an official PMP. No thats not short for pimp.

04-30-2007, 11:42 AM
Yay! So great to see you back, Schatzi!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on passing your exam!!!! How awesome is THAT!!!???!!! :dance:

Hope DH is making a speedy recovery!

Come back soon...???? :D



04-30-2007, 12:04 PM
What I remember are the horrifying breakfasts she related -- full of cream and cheese and butter and fat and bacon. But not just a "normal" amount of those things, more like fat wrapped in butter and fried with bacon with cheese melted over it swimming in a dish of cream. Or something.

So what's yer point? :D :D :D Glad to have you back, Kiwi. Must read about your exciting time when I am more awake.

Yes, I'm the one with three kidneys. I bet that adds about 2 extra pounds that I can blame on something else. :running:

Way to go, Schatzi!!!! :cheer2: Hope things are good on the health front too. :hug:

I am still gardening. :broc: I wore gloves but my fingernails are still wrecked. So much for glamour.

Extra alert for Peachy ----> We're having stuffed squid for dinner tomorrow night .:yikes:

04-30-2007, 02:22 PM
You're gonna stuff a squid??? How, um, interesting :eek: and....scary! I don't want to think about what that's going to look like...
Kiwi, you are very cheap.Thank you! :high: Of course, the $2.99 items were only the Golden books; the beautiful kitty was about $15. My niece must have these things, you know, I cannot possibly resist. But I didn't feel like I overspent, anyway.
Lush was Amish, wasn't she? Or close. Closer than me.:lol: Lived closer anyway. I had the impression some of her relatives were Pennsylvania Dutch. You know, the ones that make shoofly pie.
Laced lentils? Hmmmm. Laced with WHAT, may I ask?Crack, of course. :nose:
Geez, with all this LushLove, ye'd a think she died and this is here virtual eulogy center.Don't worry, there's a method to this madness.... Congrats on becoming a PMP!!! Will you have to recruit HOs now? You know, Human Organisms....

Gotta go to Physical Torture. Later cowsies

04-30-2007, 03:50 PM
I'm pining away for Lushy! You guys make me miss her so much!!! Remember when she had the affair with her cpa? something to do with a spinach pie?

Thanks for the :hug: 's -------

DD is in CA again, as her BF's dad died suddenly of a heart attack, and they are there for the funeral. Too much sadness in our world. :(

Schatzi, congrats on the PMP!!! It sounds a little obscene, but I'm sure it's a perfectly respectable thing to be.

Kiwi, your DD weekend sounded divine. Good food. Good cheap food. I like.

Sugar, this is the first year ever that I haven't dug one bit in the dirt. Not one little shovel full. All my containers have the dead remains of last year. I suppose I'd better get it together soon if DD is getting married in the back yard in June. I think I'm going to call my friend's service - Amigo's Landscape Maintenance --- besides, I figure I could use a few amigos.

Sugar had the 3 kidneys and I still have extra long eyelashes. Sugar, you do still have the extra kidney, right? I hear they're worth some big $$$'s on the black market.

Hi to the resta youz cows, too. I gotsta get some work done.

04-30-2007, 04:15 PM
I went back and read 2001 cow blurbs. It was like a time capsule. Now I'm all nostalgic and kinda sad. I read one entry when I'd gone to the beach w/ DH and 4 teenagey kidlets. It sounded like a really nice time. Wish I was there.

04-30-2007, 06:26 PM
that happened to me too wabby--- i was sad when i read of your dh entrys and i also felt nostalgic for my younger babies---TIME EFFIN FLYS FOR SURE---i wish i could wheel ds down to timmy's with his pluggy in his mouth and his plastic shopping buggy in his lap..........................

04-30-2007, 08:14 PM
Ahh, nostalgia.

Funny, I was having the opposite stream of thought on my way home last night. Never a good idea to be alone in a car for too long, I'm finding. Started remembering how much money I wasted on therapy for depression which never accomplished anything positive (it did accomplish negative things). Made me want to sue the doctor for taking my money on false pretenses. I think I could have paid for a year of DD's college with what I paid that man to tell me stories about his family.

Sorry, little :mad: snuck in there today... I had been thinking about something Dooce ( said on her blog recently, looking back to when she was struggling with post-partum depression -- she said she wished she could go back and tell her self at that time that everything was going to be all right, because it would have really made a difference. Nice sentiment, not sure it really works, though. Can you tell yourself everything will be all right and believe it?

If so, I want everyone to know that everything will be all right.

Eww, I just took a sip of coffee and there was a chunk in it. I spit it back. Serves me right for heating up another cup at 7 PM.

Well, now that I've horrified each and every one of you, tata!


04-30-2007, 11:33 PM
I could tell myself that everything will be all right and believe it if I went back in time with that message and knew that I'd been in the future and had knowledge thereof. Isn't that what she was saying? Everything turned out all right and she wished she hadn't been all worried about nothing.

DS drove from St. Pete to Gainesville today and called to let me know he was doing so. That's impressive for him. When he got to Gainesville, he would've called me but forgot. By the way, I learned that some people don't know what you're talking about if you say St. Petersburg. One of the nurses at DS's hospital didn't get it and when it dawned she said, "Oh,St. Pete." And she GREW UP in Gainesville.

I didn't see those beach entries. Once I found the kidney story, I got no further. Speaking of kidney beans, a kid at school shoved one into his nose. It lodged, took in moisture, swelled and he had to have outpatient surgery to get it removed. He's one of the bright ones, too. He was copying another kid who put a split pea into his own nose.

05-01-2007, 07:35 AM
Ahh, nostalgia.

she said she wished she could go back and tell her self at that time that everything was going to be all right, because it would have really made a difference. Nice sentiment, not sure it really works, though. Can you tell yourself everything will be all right and believe it?


It's an interesting meditation exercise. I've done it, actually. I was SO miserable so many times during my first marriage, and when I heard about this concept, I thought it might be helpful if I could somehow go back - perhaps in the dream state(?) and reassure the "young me" that her life will, in fact get much, much better. I think the *belief* comes about because from where you are now, everything IS alright...everything DID turn out well. It's not like those visualization exercises where you're supposed to visualize what you want to have happen (or how you want to look): you are simply passing on the truth of what HAS happened in your present that is unknown to you in your past.
Was it helpful? Well, at the risk of sounding looney or "new-agey", I'd have to say that it did. During meditation, I actually could recall little "rays of sunshine & hope", I guess you could call them that I felt once or twice as a young wife overwhelmed by the demands and insecurities of a narcissistic husband who demanded that "everything had to be about him" up to and inclusing resentment at the time I spent with my babies. Just little glimmerings of hope, you understand...nothing terribly concrete; just enough, I guess, to keep me "keeping on" and believing that life might somehow get better some day. Were those glimmerings of hope the result of a message of some kind from the future me? Well, quantum physics certainly says it's possible. :dizzy:

Not looking for a debate, here, Cowp - this is just a personal opinion, and will not lead to any mention of Hitler. Also not offering it on an authoritative level. Really.

Chunks in your cawfee, Kiwi? Oh, :barf:

We are re-doing one of the bathrooms. It had that oh, so ugally ceramic tile with the black trim around it (fifties, is it?) and we've debated tearing it all out or just decorating around it and living with it (it's sort of a secondary bathroom). So, I did my best to decorate around it, but it's been an annoyance to me ever since we moved in. FINALLY, I found, online, a method for painting over ceramic tile that actually works - if you follow the steps religiously, the result ends up with a perfectly shiny-enamel surface just like the original, but <sigh of relief> a different color. So in between bike riding, tutoring my SIL for his certification test in English (He's already certified in Math and teaches math, so I have no idea why this additional certification is neccessary), grocery shopping, exchanging birthday gifts and blah-blah and so on, I've been painting tile.

My daughter's appt. in Boston yesterday resulted in a FOURTH opinion that she needs a hysterectomy, so she's finally accepted the neccessity, and is going to go ahead and schedule the surgery. On top of the MS, she has a mass of fibroid tumors in her uterus that have been draining her system of iron - she's badly anemic - and now, they're coming out for good, which should improve how she feels a great deal.

Have a great day, all -

Ella :wave:

05-01-2007, 12:43 PM
she said she wished she could go back and tell her self at that time that everything was going to be all right, because it would have really made a difference. Nice sentiment, not sure it really works, though. Can you tell yourself everything will be all right and believe it?

I don't know about this going back in time stuff. If I could have seen my future I don't think I could have lived my life. I suppose I wish I could go back and appreciate the ordinariness of my days. It's those ordinary days you miss, not the big deal days. ---------- and telling myself everything will be all right is what I do now, and I really have no faith in it. I know that nothing will be all right. Never again. Things will just be and I'll have to get used to it.

Kiwi, depression is such a thief, it steals your life and perpetuates itself because when you're depressed you're unable to make those changes that could chase the depression away. The old Catch-22. Wish I was around to give you a :hug: when you feel that way.

We need Lushy here to lighten us up. She'd say forget the :hug: , you need a :rollpin:

I'm going to this, and when I do, I'm staying here -
I need to do something and I may spend the entire time sobbing in the corner, but at least it will be a change of scene and it may even help me a little. Why doesn't everyone meet me there?

05-01-2007, 03:38 PM
One of the nurses at DS's hospital didn't get it and when it dawned she said, "Oh,St. Pete." And she GREW UP in Gainesville. Wow. She must be a blissful person...

tutoring my SIL for his certification test in English You have a male sister-in-law? :chin:

Why doesn't everyone meet me there?
The Oval Door looks like a lovely place, not too expensive either. I will wave my magic wand and join you! :wizard: Boy, I could sure use a motivating seminar or two...

I have practically killed myself today going for a long walk with Jet and her rambunctious friends. My doggie friend asssured me we wouldn't overdo (I was quite wary because of my hip), but true to form, when I felt like turning back, she wanted to keep going. With friends like these... :no:

DH went off this morning to do something, so it would be nice to accomplish something today -- so far I've put Rosie to work vacuuming the LR and den, run the d/w and done a load of laundry. What I really want is a nap.

Elle, I hope your dd has a very successful surgery that really makes her feel better..

I wish I had ugly tiles in my bathroom so I could paint them. What were they before? White?

Speaking of surgery, I wonder where my mom is; I haven't heard a word since I got back from Boston, and she moved rooms so I don't have the number. Sigh, must make phone calls and check in.

Later gators. I see Rosie's Power light has gone from green to yellow; she will be coming to a halt pretty soon.


05-01-2007, 03:49 PM
SIL = son-in-law

05-01-2007, 04:38 PM
Thanks, Wabby, for the clarification on son-in-law. For a minute there, I was wondering if I'd made a mistake??? I feel bettah, now. :)

I wish I had ugly tiles in my bathroom so I could paint them. What were they before? White?

Speaking of surgery, I wonder where my mom is; I haven't heard a word since I got back from Boston, and she moved rooms so I don't have the number. Sigh, must make phone calls and check in.


Ummmm, think a sort of seafoam blue-ish/green-ish...very strange color, whatever it may be called...nothing whatsoever matches it. The tile is about 2/3rds of the way up the walls - more like 3/4ths of the way up behind the tub (which actually is nice & big & roomy, so I DO like that) - and THEN, Tah-dahhhhh!!!!! BLACK trim (narrower tiles) all around the top of the tile part, a narrow line of black tile running horizontally around about a foot from the top, and of course the towel bars, toothbrush holder, soap holder and toilet paper holder are all built-in black ceramic. If it were black and WHITE, I would've left it alone...could've used practically any color with it, yes? SOOOO, after months and months of looking, I found wallpaper (that cost a freaking fortune, so it's good that it's just a small bathroom) with a brown background, a kind of carmel-colored branch-thingie that repeats across it, and <be still my beating heart> the actual SAME (or extremely close) color blue-ish/green-ish branch thingies, too. SO, I'm painting over all the black tile *accents* in the same brown as the background in the wallpaper, and putting down floor tile that looks swirly-marbley with dark brown and a bue-ishy/green-ishy swirly thingamabob running through it. So, my towels can all be brown - because matching that blue...blah blah...color is downright impossible.

Hmmm. TMI??? Yeah, probably. You put me in front of a keyboard and I jes' keep typing until they put me in handcuffs and drag me away....

I hope your Mom is okay, Kiwi.

And that Oval Door place looks boffo, Wabby. Wish I could be there, too. I'll prolly be still painting tiles. :(


Ella :twirly:

05-01-2007, 06:35 PM
SIL = son-in-lawAh, silly me! I don't have one of those, so I didn't think of it. How inconvenient for them both to start with the same letter. Have you noticed that we rarely abbreviate mom and dad? Speaking of whom (for another awkward segue), I did get my mom's phone number and call her. She talked my ear off for a good long time; she was really glad to hear from me, which is always nice. I know all about more than I could possibly want to know about recovering from hip surgery. And hospital food. She's doing well, slashing through one post-op difficulty after another, and hoping to go home in a couple of days. Yeah, slashing -- or something...

I've got to get off this computer before I grow roots.


05-01-2007, 07:55 PM
Just for the sake of truth in advertising, I must disclose that my new avatar is not a photo of me or anyone I know.

And speaking of avatars, I have not mentioned, Peachie, how much I like that pic you're using! Adorable.


05-01-2007, 10:34 PM
Just for the sake of truth in advertising, I must disclose that my new avatar is not a photo of me or anyone I know.

And speaking of avatars, I have not mentioned, Peachie, how much I like that pic you're using! Adorable.
Kiwi, your avatar is a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Little Lulu. Mine ... as you know .... is DS holding a lion.

Let's all decide we don't like Lush.

*sigh* remembering how Bagz didn't post for a little while and someone said they missed her and Lush said, "I don't care anything about Bagz. I have new ecru rugs." Something like that.

What's with this quotie thing?

One of my kids who is black wears her hair pulled up into a power puff on top of her head. One of my white kids was squirming around and not paying attention and nothing is ever their own fault so I when I told her to pay attention she said, "I can't see because of that fuzzy thing." Meaning the hair. I found it very cute and both kids are.

05-01-2007, 11:10 PM
i remember when lush dissed me and said she didn't care---just for that i hope she can't get to the computer because she has three turkey carcASSES on her arse----and her brand new spanx that she bought to control them have ripped in four places-------

05-01-2007, 11:39 PM
her computer was in the basement. Her dh was always tearing down and builiding new walls. Maybe he walled her in but in a different room from the basement.

05-02-2007, 01:51 PM
What's with this quotie thing?I don't know, I'd say you hit the wrong button.... It's kind of neat though -- we can condense things! I could type one of my bi-weekly rants and it would only take up an inch of column space. Good discovery!
she said, "I can't see because of that fuzzy thing." There have been times I've wanted to say that very loudly in a theater -- or "I can't see because that man's too tall" or "I can't see because that lady has a beehive on her head". Unfortunately I'm not cute, so I don't get to say it. Power to the little kids! :high:

I think maybe Lush's DH had another midlife crisis and they packed up their belongings and moved into a treehouse in the Siberian forests for a year. With oatmeal knotholes, of course.

In 3 minutes my timer's going to go off informing me that I have to take a shower and go to PT. My life is so eventful I can hardly stand it.

My old SAAB just rolled up the driveway. :stress: My first, last and only NEW car--in 1986! Now reduced to playing dead in an accident re-enactment at the high school. Life is so tragic.


05-02-2007, 02:58 PM
I'm counting down the minutes until lunchtime. I'm running home on my lunch hour to let the carpet cleaning man in the house. I hope he can do something to combat the fragrance of 2 big dogs and one not so well house trained weiner dog. If not, I'm thinking of moving the dogs into Grandpa Jim's mobile home, since it's unoccupied now. It's still occupied with all his junk, but I don't think the dogs would mind.

Kiwi, DD still drives my one and only brand new vehicle - a 1996 Ford Explorer. It's still running strong. My car I have now was 1 year old when I bought it. Saved me lots o' dough to buy a "preowned" car.... and ya know they're all used cars as soon as you drive them off the lot.

Anybody watch the tv show "the Riches"? Maybe Lush joined a band of gypsies like them and hit the road.

05-02-2007, 06:01 PM
I'm thinking of moving the dogs into Grandpa Jim's mobile home, since it's unoccupied now. It's still occupied with all his junk, but I don't think the dogs would mind.

Kiwi, DD still drives my one and only brand new vehicle - a 1996 Ford Explorer. It's still running strong. My car I have now was 1 year old when I bought it. Saved me lots o' dough to buy a "preowned" car.... and ya know they're all used cars as soon as you drive them off the lot.

Anybody watch the tv show "the Riches"?
Dang nice of you to provide the dogs their own house, I think.

I've bought 2 used Explorers (thanks to DH totally one), wouldn't have dared to spend the money they wanted on a new one! My new SAAB cost under $14K in 1986. Gave me 13 years, I think that's bargain! But I don't think I'll ever buy a new car again--for the same reason as you mentioned.

I LOVE the Riches -- that's one of my favorite shows. I have always loved that guy who plays the father, can't think of his name offhand, but he used to be (I guess still is) a cross-dressing comedian and funnier than anything. What a show, eh? Absolutely wild.


05-02-2007, 06:16 PM
Eddie Izzard is his name. Minnie Driver is great in her role too.

You can't believe the rain storm that just blew in -- flippin' monsoons out there, and I have to drive for 2 hours on the freeway after work to my B&B. At least it will still be light out. Oooh. Now it's thundering. :rain:

05-02-2007, 09:56 PM
I have never seen the Riches but a coworker told me about an episode in detail. She said she couldn't watch it again because it made her too nervous. But isn't Eddie Izzard a comedian? I thought his name showed up on Netflix as a stand up comedian.

I have nothing to say. Will stare at screen for a minute before posting just to be sure.

05-03-2007, 03:01 PM
Eddie Izzard is his name. Oh, thank you. Yeah, Minnie Driver is astonishing in that role, and really the whole cast is first rate. The old woman in the gypsy camp whose husband was the chief -- she is played by a woman I know. She was married to the minister of the church where I grew up in NC. I used to have a crush on their son. How's that for a small world?

But isn't Eddie Izzard a comedian? PEACHEZZZZZZZZZZZZ, you didn't read my message, did you? :bb: Nobody listens to me. Izzard is best known as a British transvestite comedian. He calls himself an "executive transvestite"; he's absolutely hilarious. When I first watched The Riches, I didn't recognize him by sight, but when he talked I realized who it was. Total transformation there.

I am home alone again today, whatever shall I do? Yeah I know, the day's half over, but I could waste the whole entire day without batting an eye, no problem. DH went to the big city for an appt. and to hang out at the city library. He's back on the geneology kick, looking for signs of his mysterious great-grandfather :shrug: . DD is spending her study period before finals with her BF, big surprise. I'm glad she can do that, actually. I guess. She has a healthy attitude towards life on campus, participates in a lot of things, but can't be bothered with the party scene, so if she wants to leave for a couple of days, okay with me. Granted at her school, the majority of kids study pretty hard, but they also party hard when they're done. Frankly I never imagined that DD would take the straight-laced road, smart as she is -- she's also very independent and enjoys some pretty off the wall things. But I digress.

My mom is supposed to be home I think; I'll have to give her a call. It's amazing how quickly they get you recovering from something as invasive as hip replacement, I hope she will accept some help when she gets home. I can't see my stepfather moving her around when she can't do it herself.

I am bereft today, although I have to admit I am not feeling more than a pang or 2 of loss. I watched my old car get towed away. It looks perfectly good, doesn't it? Soon it will be an accident victim. Aaarrgh I just realized they took my license plates! I always nail my license plates up in the garage! I will have to retrieve them after the big show.


05-03-2007, 05:01 PM
I enjoyed geneaology for a while....someone in my dad's family line actually traced us back to 13th century Germany...somebody back then emigrated to France, then Scotland, then England, and then in the early 1600's - not long after the Mayflower - to Massachusetts. Then to Rhode Island when Roger Williams broke off from the rest and hightailed it a few miles southwest. Must've seemed like a long way away back then, eh? My great-great - or maybe 3 or 4-greats grandfather had a wife & 5 or 6 kids in the Newport, R.I. area, but went out west during the gold rush to make his fortune, and never came back. They figured he died out there. Interesting, though, that the family name started popping up in California right about that time.

I got bored after a while, though, with just finding names and dates. Nothing to flesh anybody out...nothing about what they did (except for a few isolated cases where they were listed by occupation, or signed some kind of town documents, or were mentioned in somebody's little town histories) or what they information, even, on how they looked - again, except for a few old pictures, but nothing much back before the late 1800's. I found quite a few of their graves in the Little Compton/Tiverton Four Corners area of Rhode Island, and happened upon some interesting marriages, but nothing in much detail. It just got a little dull and dry to me. But then, I tend to become bored rather easily. I like to read novels - I like *stories* with beginnings and endings that you can kind of sink your teeth into and get to know the characters.

Nothing new on this end. Still riding my bike - nice rides now that the weather is better. My son's first car was a Saab just like the one you just had towed, Kiwi. He wrecked it the second week he had it.



05-03-2007, 07:23 PM
I can certainly see what you mean about the dryness of all those names and dates, although I am impressed with the depth you were able to follow your family ties. DH has learned a lot about his family from this, but the really juicy tidbits are only to be had by connecting with other people who have family information. I don't think it's likely to get much info of that kind further back than 3 or maybe 4 generations, but you never know till you try I guess.

My little SAAB will experience its very first accident next week. At least I don't remember anything worse than a little car-door ding or whatnot, in 13 years of driving it.

"Whatnot" really doesn't belong in that sentence, but I like it so it's staying.

Tada, I have officially wasted the entire day.


05-03-2007, 11:49 PM
It is very rude to belittle people with poor memory retention. I will accept Wabby's apology under certain circumstances:

1. she must prove to have a bigger butt than me.
2. be able to explain why one of my kids thinks the moon is an egg.
3. use a lot of exclamation points in the forthcoming apology. Sugar has explained to me why this is necessary. It is a cow rule.

My tiny baby comes home Saturday, I think, for a week. When he was little I would tell people he was perfect and they'd smirk while remarking that he may seem almost perfect to me but no one is perfect. They were j*ck*ss*s because a perfect two-year-old screams in public and he did that. A perfect three-year-old has potty mistakes and he did that. He did it all just right. Now, at 19, he's still perfect if you have the list of things that make an introvert perfect. It bothers me that he's moving in to a new dorm next year and doesn't have anyone picked up to room with. Aren't they suposed to make friends for this?

Now, I must go to bed. Buenos Noches.

05-03-2007, 11:50 PM
Kiwi is mean to SAABs.

05-04-2007, 05:16 AM
You mean the moon ISN'T an egg? I've been duped.

A worm is eating my computer!!! {{{{{Hssss! Hssss!}}}} That's why I'm typing on the other computer. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

I think we're ALL perfect our own flawed way. And perfection is relative, isn't it?

!!!!! :carrot: :broc: :carrot: !!!!!

My new (and now former, since I won't be darkening his doorway again in this lifetime) ENT doc says my sinuses are retaining water (??????) and that I should eat only white rice for an entire day. How helpful. German doctors are interesting. I will go search the net and do a self diagnosis. Then I just need a doc who can spare a couple of sheets off his prescription pad and I'm good to go.:dizzy: :dizzy:

Must go clean. Friends for barbeque this evening. It's toooooo sunny!!! Germany is drying out. The crops are wilting. Potatoes and sugar (which comes from sugar beets around these parts, dontcha know) will be horrendously expensive. Grass is catching on fire by itself. I am thirsty.

05-04-2007, 07:33 AM
Jeeze. I thought Germany was dark and shadowy and filled with old, crumbling castles on the Rhine. I should get around more, evidently. Or stop reading old WWII novels. (I actually only do that every couple of years). Trying, here, to figure out what my perceptions about Germany are based on. Hansel & Gretel? The Brothers Grimm??? How much are you paying for gas over there now, Sug?

Those Saabs - now I realize that my son's must've been older than yours, although it looked pretty similar - are such boffo-looking little cars. Classy, I mean. He was in his junior year of HS, and had saved 1,800 from his snow shoveling jobs and some other little jobs - oh no, snow shoveling was when he was younger. Seems to me when he got that car, he'd been working for this place called Taylor Rentals (they rented everything from circus tents to popcorn machines to tv's) for a year or more. We - his father and I - matched what he'd saved, and I think the car cost around $3300, so it must've been about ten years old then? It was dark blue - so pretty :) . He drove it into a guardrail on the expressway a couple of weeks later during a rainstorm, and pretty much totalled it somehow. :( No injuries tho, so THAT was a good thing :) .

I got a check in the mail from a private philanthropic foundation for $5,000,000 yesterday. I have repeatedly suggested that these checks be made out to me, personally, but nobody takes me up on it. I must work on perfecting my argument. If somebody would just write me one for a measley million, I could retire, yanno? ;)

The sun is shining through the studio windows (DS & I both have our computers in here). I guess it means we're having yet another cool but sunny day. I guess that means I'll take a bike ride :bike2: after work again tonight. (Only missed one day this week because of rain, but went out twice on Saturday). Now I feel guilty if I DON'T go. What have I gotten myself into, anyway??? :fr:

Have a great day cows! (And Kiwi - remember - wasting days is our prerogative. It's called "free will", dang it! We're not Puritans, are we? I hate it when people feel guilty about wasting time! Who knows it was wasted? Maybe you did some of your best thinking! Maybe you were doing a lot of subconscious processing that even YOU don't know about! WHO says your day was wasted? Certainly not ME - and don't I count??? ;) But isn't it funny the way women today are programmed to feel that they have "wasted" time - or "wasted" a day when they don't feel they've accomplished enough? Again, who sez????? I happen to LOVE days off from work when DH is working, and I can lie about slothfully - reading, sometimes messing around for a while on the 'net, sometimes not doing much of anything. I used to feel that if I was home "sick" or something, I should do extra cleaning, cook a big, elaborate supper, etc., etc. But I noticed that when DH stays home, HE doesn't do any of those things - in fact, he MAKES a mess! SO, why should I have to *accomplish* stuff just because I'm home? Nope, nyet, and uh-uh! Not me. Not anymore!

Okey-dokey. Buh-bye for now!

Ella :coffee:

05-04-2007, 08:38 AM
I have returned from not being here.
let's seee: If suggie could release all the water being retained by her sinuses she could save Germany 's beets.

Ah, Kiwi I'm proud that you donated the little SAAB to your rescue squad - or is it appearing as a prop in a school play? Much fun has been had by moi, using the "Jaws of Life", zazzle saws, and what not to cut roofs and posts and open locked doors.

My lovely Auntie did a brief geneaology of my mothers side of the fam.... I have a copy of my gparents wedding certificate... and it looks like a very poor job at altering the wedding year was be a year earlier than my mom was born.. THE SCANDAL!!!! And it turns out that my greatgrandmother lost her husband on the boat ride over here, and hooked up with a German dude who lost his wife --so they had a marriage of convenience... My gma went deaf as a result of spinal menigitis, and we didn't know it since she read lips so well... we use to wave our arms wildly or make faces to get her attention thinking it was a game... I couldn't understand why a real old world Italian nonnie would say things like MachSchnell!

Cowie: Ds is Puuurfect!!! And alot of men could give 2 craps about having friends... They got their family and a GF or wife and thats enough for them.

Wabby is gpa Jim moved out already? How is he adjusting... and how are you adjusting? That weekend looks like a good way to reassess what you want and need going forward in this new life forced upon you :hug:

I'm off to the dentist this morn...

later my moooettes

05-04-2007, 11:08 AM

05-04-2007, 11:09 AM
In Case You Were Wondering About My Avatar---that Is My Dd {turned 23 Yesterday!!!} Kissing The Blarney Stone.

05-05-2007, 04:27 AM
I can not figure out the picture. What angle is it taken from? Where is her pretty face? Is she on her stomach? Who took the picture? Are they on top of the stone? Is the stone sticking into the air or laying flat? Is it germy? Do they wash it after every kiss? Is she wearing epaluts? Is that how you spell those things that are found on the shoulders of uniforms? Is the stone falling over on her? You are not very helpful.

I love Sugar.

05-05-2007, 11:12 AM
Every now and then, I select a Cow of the Month. It is usually Kiwi. I don't know why. I can't think why a person who does not cherish their faithful SAAB would be given such a title. This month, ta da everyone hail Queen Cow of the Month Wabby !!! Wabbo will be receiving her tiara and sash by email. Kiwi will send them along as she has them stashed somewhere.

We should have another competition. I believe I know the "sorriest" woman in the world. Can anyone beat this?
She is in her 20s
Is pregnant with her 8th child.
Does not work.
Sends her kids to school dirty. Someone reported one of them to the child abuse hotline for body odor and wearing the same clothes each day.
Rarely picks her kids up at school. Family members do it.
Last 2 times she has picked them up, she has send bigger kids up to say she's in the car, sick, and I need to bring the signout sheet to her. I did so once.
Yesterday, I refused and she came up looking 100 percent healthy, nicely dressed, spunky.
The child who was reported came to me with a baby doll and said, "I have to give my baby a bath. She stinks." The child smelled heavily of baby powder. She is four.
Childcare is free for her but she must sign many papers: field trip permissions, monthly attendance papers, daily signout, etc. They disappear into a black hole.

Who can beat that?

My baby will be home. I had a dream that he was still in the hospital with the pneumo thorax and that he got out of bed, fell and broke two bones. I want him HERE>>>>

Kiwi, give up the tiara.

05-05-2007, 05:08 PM
Where is my post I posted yesterday which completely explained why my love for my Saab is so deep and mature that I know I must let it go??? And which answered all questions and discussed all topics wisely and succinctly??
I wuz robbed! Call the Internet Police

However. ahem. Congratulations to Wabby for snagging the tiara and sash; I will put them in the mail right after I launder and iron them. And um, replace the doodads in the tiara that I used for poker chips. Well, first I have to take the sash away from Jet, but I'm sure she'll find another chew toy she enjoys.

I am quite sure that lovely mother of 7+ should win the Most Useless Breed Cow of the Year Award. Maybe someone could inject her with those 5 year birth control pods after she gives birth to another neglected child.

donated the little SAAB to your rescue squad - or is it appearing as a prop in a school play? Yes, the local police and fire departments stage a mock accident every year or two, with kids at the high school in key roles and the rest of the students watching. They make it very realistic, call the parents of the "victims" to the scene, take them away in ambulances, have an assembly about the fatalities, etc. It has quite an impact on a lot of students.
i am having a five day hormonal headache and i am tired out from it----my whole jaw aches too cause i have tmj and i am still being cursed with the curse despite my effin fifty years----I AM TIRED OF THIS ALREADY SO LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE ME ALONE YOU WRETCHED PLAGUE. Guess what you have to look forward to when it decides to call it quits? Six months ago I thought "oh, these are hot flashes, eh? Well, I can live with this, no big deal." Now, I'm having trouble sleeping and every time I turn around I'm having a hot flash. It's exhausting. And sometimes nauseating. How the **** long does this crap last anyway? I'm also starting to think that no estrogen=permanent joint pain.

Is there anything else I can beeyotch about?

We went down the road a piece yesterday and met up with DD at the State U. to go with her and some of her friends to (DD's friend) M's dance recital. It was great, and we got to take them out to dinner, so that was nice too. When we got home, we traded vehicles with Dd's bf, so now I have the little red sports car to tool around in. Wow, that thing is tiny compared to my SUV!

Later gators. Gotta go look for those poker chips.


05-05-2007, 09:44 PM
Call the parents? Like make them leave work and scare them?

DS is not home yet but I've spent the day watching, so to speak, his journey. He ran over something in the road and was afraid his car was damaged and dangerous. But now he's on the road but the car has to be checked out later. I just want him home SAFE. He's about two towns away.

Here's a characteristic of a professional educator. We took the kids who'll go to kindergarten next year to see their school. They had a tour, a snack, and were told to sit in the hall, against the wall while the bus came. They sang songs. The principal stood and observed them. We have one cute little guy who is bound to be a bully as soon as he can find someone smaller. When kids told him to move down and give them room, he got his little smirk and didn't move. Zoom ... the principal is sitting on the floor with him asking him sweetly what his name is. I'm sure she wrote it (and some others) in a book of Kids To Keep An Eye On.

Going to cook for my sweetie pie.

05-06-2007, 02:19 PM
Call the parents? Like make them leave work and scare them? Well, they all know about it ahead of time, of course, but it still has quite an impact.

I'm reading the beginning of Cold Comfort Farm online and it makes me want to add phrases at the end of sentences such as "as you can quite imagine."

Hope DS arrived home safely and is happily eating homemade food.


05-06-2007, 04:18 PM
Yes, thank you, he is. There's a "growing up" series that parents have to undertake. For example, I had to step back, and tell him that if he felt he should call a mechanic then he should do so; if he felt the car was safe, then he should proceed. I practiced this earlier when he was having trouble in school and reporting very bad grades to me. My training was to demand details and try to figure out exactly what I could do to fix it. Instead, I said, "I'm proud of you and I know you'll make the right decision." Was hard but right. He seems to like hearing that sort of thing.

I wouldn't read anything long online. You're staring at a screen? Isn't that bad for eyesies?

Any realistic suggestions for "hostess gift" DS should take to Mexico next week?

05-07-2007, 12:58 PM
Flowers would wilt. Alcohol or food would be confiscated at the border. Hmmmmm. I'm not all that good with hostess gifts for friends here. Ask Bagzie. She'd know just the perfect thing.

How did I manage to win cow of the month? What did I do? What did I not do?

I'm back from the seminar, all enlightened. Problem is, the problems start hitting you before you can even get home. Aaaargh! I want to go live in seminar land. I met a whole buncha interesting ppl, all ages, all occupations, all at different places in their lives. It was sooo fun b/c I'd never have gotten to know these wonderful people in "real" life. Even ppl that stayed at the B&B were fun. One sweet little grandma looking lady revealed that she raced airplanes in the 60's and was a corporate pilot. Who'da thunk it???

05-07-2007, 02:32 PM
I wouldn't read anything long online. You're staring at a screen? Isn't that bad for eyesies?Possibly. It's only the first 3 chapters or so. I can't read anything on paper comfortably anymore anyway, so I'm not sure it makes any difference if I read it online. It really sux getting older.

I am not good with hostess gifts. I usually bring a bottle of wine; obviously that's out. What's the situation? That might trigger some ideas.

How did I manage to win cow of the month?You're just cute and adorable. Cow of the Month is always cute and adorable. I should know.
I want to go live in seminar land. That's not a bad idea!

We have a big branch on our power and phone lines beside our driveway. It partially broke from the tree, but not all the way. Too high to cut down, very frustrating. DH has been trying to cut the whole tree down in hopes that the branch would come with it, but when he started pulling it down, the branch held and started pulling the wires further :eek: It's starting to look like a slingshot. He had to stop and call someone with a bucket truck. Don't know when we'll ever get that taken care of.

In the meantime when I took the dog out to play this morning, I could hear an absolutely cacophony of bat squeaking up in the eaves. I may move out of here.


05-07-2007, 02:57 PM
Ack! Bats! I had some in my old house. They nested in the chimney and flew into my den through the fireplace. Exterminators don't appear to know - or at least didn't back then - anything much to do about them. The best advice we got was to open up the windows so they'd find their way out, and then put a screen over our chimney opening. We had two or three *events* though - with bats flying through the house and me holed up in the bathroom with the kids until ex-not-so-DH got home, except he was more afraid of them than I was, and didn't do us any good at all. The last time we had a bat-attack, the kids and I sat out on the front steps for about three hours until our next-door neighbor came over and told me to open up the windows.
Good grief, I had forgotten all about those danged bats!

Have a good day, everyone!

Ella :D

05-07-2007, 05:42 PM
Sorry to remind you! You'll no doubt be hearing a lot more about :bat: in the months to come. If you look back to last summer's postings, that's practically all I talked about.

I've just been looking up some info on getting rid of :bat:, and reading through it, I'm so freaked out I have to stop.

05-07-2007, 08:13 PM
What would be a good hostess gift? If you all keep saying you don't know, I will get a switch.

05-07-2007, 09:32 PM
I suppose a switch might be nice...if they're into that sort of thing. :o

05-08-2007, 12:26 PM
I've always wanted some boiled peanuts - how 'bout that?

Bats are good. They are environmentally friendly insect controllers.

05-08-2007, 02:27 PM
You may fetch the switch, but I need more information in order to make an informed decision on this delicate matter. Don't have him take bats. They already have them in Mexico. Who are the recipients, how old are they, is he staying with them for an extended period, is he trying to impress them or merely be polite? Normally I would suggest maple syrup because people keep reminding me none too subtly that everyone likes maple syrup, but something tells me that's not indigenous to Flawridder.

Here are some ideas: Sea Urchin Vases ( and Wooden Tulips ( This ( would be good if there are kids.

By the way, boiled peanuts are definitely an acquired taste... :p

If you have hot flashes all the time, how do you tell if you're actually sick? I feel like carp.

Did you ever Google something for so long that you forgot why you were searching for it?


05-08-2007, 03:01 PM
How about a mobile? ( windchimes?

05-08-2007, 03:31 PM
forget the switch -get them a ClapOnClapOff-TheClapper
Sorry I am the emotional wreck cow this week. My poor DH has been going through the "normal" post cardiac depression/anger/moodswings. I've been walking on egg shells, and whatever I say or do is wrong... and he feels worthless and helpless and doesnt know why he was brought back or survived.. To keep my mental health I have been walking miles to nowhere and back.. I'm emotionally exhausted and physchologically bruised ... must go nap.

05-08-2007, 07:47 PM
Some of these ideas are wonderful. I once gave a hostess (Bagz) boiled peanuts and she PUT THEM IN HER COMPOST PILEEEEEE!!!!

Bats sound nice. Kiwi has some to spare. Are they cute ones?

Kiwi's ideas are normal and lovely but Ds has decided to give the hostess hand knitted socks. Guess who's knitting.

You are a carp. Carps are hot. Do you feel bad other than hot?

Wabby, as Cow Queen, can you get me a new culvert or anything?

05-09-2007, 12:39 PM
Poor Schatzi - :hug: :hug: Hopefully this will be just a stage and y'all can get back to normal soon. Must be SO hard.

Anyway - The reason I feel carpy is that Doc Friedrich now officially says I have severe iron deficiency anemia and made me go buy some giant iron supplement pills. I chose the more expensive kind since they dissolve in the intestine (I don't really like to think about my intestines all that much) rather than the stomach and therefore don't make you so nauseated. WRONG-0!!! Who are they kidding? Talk about "gastrointestinal distress" - I have been lying on the sofa all day feeling unbelievably barfy. Anyone taken these before? Do you eventually get used to it? Which is worse - barfy or pale and exhausted?

Yeah. wind chimes. Or a coffee table book with purdy pictures of the Sunshine State. Something cute and artsy and totally useless. People go for that.

What do boiled peanuts taste like? We have a peanut plant growing outside. Maybe I can make my own.

05-09-2007, 02:33 PM
So sorry things are so difficult with DH, Schatzi. I can imagine. I've seen other men go through that psychological wreckage after heart problems; it's scary. I think you're doing the right thing, getting out of the house when you need to. Hope things get better soon.

Hope you feel better too, Sug. I thought taking iron was supposed to make you feel better; how annoying.

Peachie, Here's a lovely photo of one of the bats. I thought I had posted this before, but I couldn't find it, so let me know if you'd like a few. I know where they live.

I have one more PT session and then I'm on my own. I think what I need is an ice bath twice a day. Or my own private masseuse.

If I heard this right, at DD's school, they were giving free massages to relax people during exam period. I shoulda gone to that school. Oh, that's right, I did. I don't remember any free massages. They always came with strings attached....


05-09-2007, 08:37 PM
1. Kiwi coulda just said NO NOT CUTE>

2. Why can't Sugar eat red meat and black strap molasses and be cured?

3. Re: boiled peanuts. Yummy.

4. Today one of the teachers was reading from a book on bugs and such. Real pictures. Non fiction. One boy said he ate slugs. UHHGGH said the teacher. She named other things and he said he ate them. She said UGHHH every time. Then she showed a peanut worm which looks like a peanut but has a scretchy neck and live in riverbanks. Little girls said, "I don't eat peanut worms. I'm allergic to them."

5. So sorry Shotsy. You need an affirmation maybe. You are good and loved and strong and all that. Say it.

05-09-2007, 09:21 PM
sugar---make him tell you why you are anemic and fix THAT problem!!!! i think you need to see Dr. House---i hate iron pills-i was supposed to take them when pregnant---they made me sick so i didn't---then i need two blood transfusions when i had dd----to bring the iron level back up---and then ten years later they called me and anyone who had had a transfusion in the mid-eighties in for blood tests to see if they had give us AIDS---now that was fun-----i was fine but alot of people had been infected that way---how scary was that!---------------what is causing the anemia???

05-10-2007, 05:00 AM
I've never had a bat in my house so that's probably why I think that one is adorable. Outside is just fine. We saw one flying around the other night. I saw a thing on TV about this huge palace in Saudia Arabia somewhere where a manservant (is that a PC word?) was swinging some kind of incense stuff on a plate to ward off the bats.

sugar-- what is causing the anemia???

It's the Monthly Great Flood, my dear. I guess the blood loss/iron loss thing must have started after I went off the pill several years ago and has now reached its limit. Don't know how much they can do about that but I have to go the ob/gyn soon for a checkup anyway so I'll see. Last time I mentioned it he said it was normal. :dizzy: Apparently my iron is so low that I have no reserves left and diet won't help at this point. They'll check again in three months and then I can probably keep it under control. Not feeling so barfy today thanks to some delicious ginger tea.

I saw a kid eat a slug (well, HALF a slug) once and it wasn't pretty. Things I have eaten: fried ants, fried grasshoppers. No peanut worms.

05-10-2007, 11:45 AM
One boy said he ate slugs.....Little girls said, "I don't eat peanut worms. I'm allergic to them."HeeHee I love little kids. Speaking of kids, DD's high school band teacher is pregnant. We are all very excited. She's so nice. Her husband is covered with tattoos and piercings. But also nice. Just a little off the wall. You know how they used to say that the country tilted and all the kooks rolled to California? Well, there's something about this area here that brings in odd couples. Many people move here for some job reason and bring along strange and interesting spouses. I'm not sure why. The local Congregational church has a woman minister who's been here 5 or 6 years whose husband's name is Milton Bradley. And that's not nearly the oddest thing about him. They are an interracial couple: she is a red-haired, pale, plump middle-aged woman; he is a big black man with 2 foot long dreadlocks and a grizzly beard. They are both just lovely. But a little off the wall. Something about the air around here.

... I think that one is adorable. Outside is just fine. Well, theoretically I'm not opposed to them outdoors. Although if I see one swooping around the yard when I drive in the driveway, I freak and have to put something over my head to get in the door. I'm glad you think they are adorable; if I catch any live, I'll send them to you. They are fuzzy and have fascinating paper-thin leathery wings. I hate that we have to kill them usually in order to catch them in the house, but the swooping and hanging from the wall and stuff is just unbearable. Also the poop. I have to wash DD's BF's car today because it has bat poo on it. :mad:

Here is how my SAAB looks today:

05-10-2007, 03:19 PM
and then ten years later they called me and anyone who had had a transfusion in the mid-eighties in for blood tests to see if they had give us AIDS---now that was fun-----i was fine but alot of people had been infected that way Oh Bagzie, a girl I knew in high school's child had a blood transfusion in the 80's and died of AIDS because of it. So sad.

Kiwi, I love off the wall. You'd never know by looking at me b/c I'm white bread. Maybe I should move to Maine.

My joke of the day -
What do you get if you play a country western song backward?

You get your dog back, you get your truck back, you get your girl back, you get ....

05-10-2007, 04:42 PM
Sob sob for the SAAB... (corny aint I)... Well darlinks, DH went to the docs yesterday... they cant believe how well he is doing... we talked about the depression which is very common... and if it persists we will seek professional care... I 'll relay more in an email... but so far things are looking good. And I am getting a grip emotionally but I am still all hivey and have loverly cold sores now.
I couldnt take Iron either... burp, and metally taste and ripped me stomach up... I hope you find something Sug to help you feel better...its carpy feeling crappy all the time.:hug:

Holy Bat Guano Kiwonk! Bats in the Belfry again!!! This is a yearly thing!! We must figgure out how to bat proof the house!!!! How about putting a bat house up in the yard??or is that inviting more trouble???? I love bats...but I would draw the line at having them as houseguests..... SLUGS on the other hand I detest!!! Naked Snails!!! Slimey!!!! GA-----Ross!!!!
Lets, see I got a partial perm and had my hair cut...Mr Lyn musta been on drugs, as it looked like someone hacked at my hair with a machete... soo.... I stop in the salon today to see if he could fix it and his Chair and station are GONE!!! He up and QUIT!!!!! Its a soap opera at the Village salon... and I'm not surprised that he left... so I had Cute H try to fix the cut... I said H look at this !!! She stared and I said What was wrong with him!!! She stared and said "If ya cant say somethin nice...." and 20 bucks later.. I have a half decent doo....

Ok thats all thats new from Gary Gnu

05-11-2007, 07:22 AM
Hey, Schatzi - good to see you posting again! I can only imagine what you've been through. Men are lousy in general at convalescing. My father, who, bless his heart, would be 104 if he were alive today, had bypass surgery when they were just in the pioneering stages with it. He got a lot of mileage out of having had the same surgeon as Dwight Eisenhower and Milton Berle. After his surgery - which was horribly traumatic for all of us: he was 59, I was barely out of my teens, and I had never, ever known my father to be anything other than a big, robust man, perpetually suntanned, who spent all of his spare time traipsing through the woods around his & my mother's house - clearing brush, creating lawn space, making gardens... By profession, he was an engineer; was one of the men who conceived and built the Winsor-Quabbin Dam project in western Mass which provides the major part of Boston's water supply. Anyway, he seemed to go overnight from this big, robust man to a small, pale and horribly ill one - hooked up to all sorts of machines and paraphernalia in the hospital. When he was ready to go home, the doctors advised him to "rest" and not overexert himself. (I think now they actually prefer to see patients get moving again). Anyway, he said if he had to spend his days just "sitting around" as my mother, who was a nurse, wanted him to do, he might as well be dead. I'll never forget the day I drove into their yard (I was in college and living away from home then) and saw all sorts of construction and earth-moving equipment busily working on the hill up in the woods behind my parent's house. My father was nowhere to be seen, and I asked my mother what the devil was going on. She shook her head and said, "Oh your father. The man has lost his mind. He says he's always wanted to learn to ski, never did, and now, by God, he's going to while he still has the time. He's having a ski tow installed! He's up there supervising, of course!" (Back then, they were all rope tows). From that point on, my father's bypass surgery was no longer an acceptable topic for discussion. He even reacted to someone saying "How are you today?" with suspicion. He spent the next ten years happily skiing that slope up in the back acreage.
Well, hopefully, your DH won't come up with anything quite so dramatic to reassure himself that he's regained his what - masculinity? Stamina? Manly strength? I don't know, but men seem to especially hate this stuff - or at least have less capacity to deal with it than women. Poor guys, eh?
In the meantime, please look out for your own health. It's so nice to have you back!



05-11-2007, 01:33 PM
He spent the next ten years happily skiing that slope up in the back acreage. Wow. I would have liked him. My grandfather was that kind of man, always building something cool. He built an inground swimming pool back in the 50s or thereabouts, complete with wading pool/footbath, patio, and later, a "cabana" with changing rooms. He also built a one-hole golf course,

mykeyboardjust diedgoodbye

05-11-2007, 04:49 PM
I got my keyboard back. Jet keeps diving under my desk, where there's really no room for her, and as she comes out she often takes one of the cords with her. :rolleyes: Luckily I know how to type without a keyboard....but it is very time consuming. :dizzy:

My DD is home!! She and the BF and my SUV got home last night. I don't know where they put his stuff (he unloaded it at his house before they arrived here): the car looked totally full with hers. My little dear needs a LOT of stuff... I had to give back the sporty little red car, more's the pity, but the roads are probably safer with me behind the wheel of a big box than tooling around like a teenager anyway... :lol:

DD is out pounding the pavement looking for her summer job. :crossed: At least I think she is. Maybe she's just shmoozing with the home crowd.

I'm going to go make :jeno: dough in my bread maker. I hope it comes out. Ta


05-11-2007, 09:03 PM
I would have liked Ellas Dad and Kiwinis gpa fer sure...Quite the manly men... I've never been one for those "sensitive types" that seemed to come in vogue in the 90s ... :lol3:

Thank Gawd ya edited that note on the pizza kiwi.ya had me thinnin you were wearin an apron, had yer hair up in a bun and wearing high heels in the kitchen! Glad the kiwiette is home safe and sound -- has it been the first year over already??? I bet she did fantastic and didnt even gain that freshman 15!...

Ella my dh waited all of 2 days before getting behind the wheel :yikes: I just need to :kickbutt: to get him to exercise now... he did come for about a mile walk with the furkids so thats a start... his spirits seem better ... so that s good too. thanks fer your concern darlin :hug: how is your DD doing?

Cowhide, is DS home for the summer or is he in meheco or spain or where??? and Lcp --is she exploring the congo on some grant??

Bagz is DD home from the land of thumbalina and cheese?

As a result of this health scare, I;ve gone to the Dentist to learn I have about 2000 worth of work to do... I wanted to hit him since he said "when you get around your age the issue is periodontal disease, but you are fine" :frypan: hmmpfh "my age in deed!" :snooty: I just have a bunch of old leaky fillings that need to be replaced... and another crown.. I swear all my teeth will be capped before im 60. -- and I went to the eye doc... my vision hasnt changed in 10 years but I couldnt use my contacts because I was having trouble seeing close up-- and had to wear my they were on my nose to see afar, and on my head for close up On off On off onoffonoff... and I swore NOT to be one wears them low on the nose and peer over them like an old gma...or buy some hippydippy chain to hand from (no offense to anyone who does) -- well, they make these lenses now that are bifocals... they are MAGIC!!! I love them!!! Lets see... I also had my cartoid check for plaque and stroke stuff.. the guy says my carotids look clear..Look see the Red..this is the oxygenated blood going to the brain and the blue is the jugular with the used blodd returning.. I said my husband would disagree with you--he swears no oxygen gets to my brain heeheee... and I got checked for peripheral artery disease and abdominal aneyurism ..and osteoporos...bone density! All fine... next is a check up and then a gyno exam and I hope that will bethat !!! DEAR GAWD I AM TAWKIN LIKE IM ** 88 years old :tantrum: but...thats what I be doin the last weeks.

05-12-2007, 01:28 PM
Quite the manly men... I've never been one for those "sensitive types" that seemed to come in vogue in the 90s ... :lol3: Don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em.... what I really want is one of each: a manly guy for all the woodchopping and stuff, and the sensitive type to have a conversation with. Real life men are so, I don't know, individual, y'know? What I need are total stereotypes. :lol:
Glad the kiwiette is home safe and sound -- has it been the first year over already??? I bet she did fantastic and didnt even gain that freshman 15!... You hit the nail on the head! She didn't gain an ounce that I can see -- all that dancing and walking up and down hills I guess. She's right now in the process of settling herself back in the house, unpacking, lodging her belongings back into our little hovel, hopefully dumping some detritus. She went out and bought me a new shower curtain yesterday, a mother's day present, because I was talking about shopping for one. It looks almost exactly like the falling-apart one (very tropical, all fish and dolphins). Except not falling apart :D

I agree with Schatzi; I think everyone should post an update on where and how their dear ones are, who has come home to roost, etc.

I'm making most of the mother's day dinner tomorrow -- another in-law get-together at SIL's. I'm roasting a boneless leg of lamb ala Rachael Ray (

Good going, Schatzi, on having all your vitals checked out. Might as well get it all over with at once, more or less. So you like the bifocal contact lenses? My eye doctor told me I would probably not like the way they worked. I use hard lenses (rgp) so maybe that is different anyway. That whole reading glasses issue is very annoying, and has made me wear my contacts much less than I used to. This is not a good thing: my glasses are so ugly I'm embarrassed to be seen in them, but I don't want to spend the money on new ones, because I've been spending money on reading glasses. :rolleyes: Oh brother. And my eyesight keeps gradually changing too.

Later gators

05-13-2007, 08:22 AM
Ds didn't gain either. I have been very busy with him and now he's on the plane headed for Mexico and I have a minute to b*tch.

He bought travelers checks but didn't tell me. At the airport, he said, he left them in the car and to mail them to him. I suggested he get them replaced. Anyhow, I can't find them in his car and he didn't write the numbers anywhere.
I told him to pack, put the suitcase in the car and be ready to walk out the door in the morning. He put the suitcase in the car partially packed.
He thinks he put the information from the travel company in a suitcase he left with lcp.
Oh, there's other stuff but these are the highlights.

Honestly, I expected him to return more grown up. More responsible and level headed and thinking things through. Silly me.

05-13-2007, 08:55 AM
Honestly, I expected him to return more grown up. More responsible and level headed and thinking things through. Silly me.

Oy! I can see I have a lot to look forward to. What can I say except maybe Happy Mother's Day! Geez, the nonsense we put up with, eh? But we still love 'em to bits.

I didn't gain at university either. In fact I lost weight from all the running around and having fun. I had a very diet-conscious roomate so we rarely had snacks in our room and had to rely on the blurgy cafeteria food. Remind me to tell you about The Brown Meal some time. Or the Cream of Wiener Soup.

I have made up for all that skinniness now, though. me --->:dance:

And :val1: :cheer2: Happy Mother's Day! :cheer2::val1: to the rest of the herd too, doggie moms included, of course. What would our little darlings do without us? One of mine already asked if he could eat the chocolates he gave me this morning. That's my boy. :D :D

:carrot: :broc: :cb:

05-13-2007, 09:05 AM
YES YES YES Happy Mother's day to EvEryOnE

I am wondering if Cream of Wiener soup prepared Sugar for German cuisine.

05-13-2007, 09:44 AM
A VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL!!!! And that most certainly includes you, too, Schatz, because your "furkids" are so well looked after & loved. Now that my kiddos are all grown and off creating their own lives, OUR little furkids (khatz, not canines) have become very important to DH's and my mental health - even though the little buggers STLL won't let themselves be held & petted! We wanted to feel noble :dizzy: - and so got them both from shelters, which was personally affirmational (izzat a word???) but I gotta tellya, it sure is taking a long time for them to get past their abandonment issues and trust us enough to be held (there's something so calming and peace-inducing about having a khat purring in your lap). They seem happy and secure, and interact with us well enough - so long as we don't attempt to hold them. Grrrrrrrrr.

ANYHOO, my dear & darling Son called me yesterday, wanting to make sure he didn't miss me today because I might be out somewhere or something. What a thoughtful boyo, eh? He is fersure coming the last week in June (he'll be delighted that the spare bathroom has been so beautifully redecorated. Hmmmmm. Doubtful, actually, that he'll even notice, but he WILL be the first "visitor" to test it out. Omigawd, Can you imagine thinking of your very own child as a "visitor?" :( ).

Thanks so much, Schatzi, for inquiring after my DD. She is, in fact, scheduled for a partial hysterectomy on May 23. The rash - and nodules on her lungs were, they're thinking, a bacterial infection of some kind; not malignant, at any rate, which was our worry. The firbroid tumors in her uterus are huge - making her uterus the size of a 21 month pregnancy, they say - and must come out for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that they are draining her body of iron; she has had to take those monstrous iron pills too, Sug, and while in hospital, had intravenous iron. She feels tremendously self-conscious about the "pregnant tummy" although to be honest with you, as slim as she is (I think I may have mentioned in an earlier post that she was training for the Boston Marathon when she was diagnosed with the MS) it isn't even noticeable. BUT, she's been home from hospital for several weeks now, has gone back to work, and keeps on keeping on. She's always been very active, outgoing, busy, etc., and refuses to slow down because of the MS or anything else, for that matter.

My other two DDs are happy and well, and I will be spending today with all three of them and their families (and DH of course) once I've had my bike ride, had my bath & made myself presentable, which I need to get moving on.

Good luck to your DD, Kiwi, in finding a job for the summer. How great that she's going to stay at home with you!

Cowp, don't expect too much maturity from YOUR DS just yet. Boys seem to mature a bit more slowly than girls do - MY DS certainly has. He's turning 26 next month, and it's just been over the past year or so that he's become what I'd consider responsible and adult in his approach to life. He was a "kid" all through college and beyond, while my girls seemed to take themselves - and their lives a lot more seriously a lot sooner. In fact, my DS STILL loves it when I call him my "baby boy". I can actually HEAR the big smile in his voice over the phone when I do. He ran into some problems with traveling awhile back because he'd lost his driver's license somewhere & couldn't find it in time for his flight. I think he may have gotten about four duplicate licenses that year - it was horribly annoying! (Couldn't find his passport, either, so he was in baaaad shape, travel-wise.)

Alrighty - getting moving, here. Have a grand and wonderful day, all!!!

Ella :wave:

05-13-2007, 07:29 PM
Honestly, I expected him to return more grown up. More responsible and level headed and thinking things through. Silly me.Yeah, really, you silly thing! Like that's going to happen! You still haven't told us how long he's going to Mex. for -- all summer? overnight? Yeah, I know you probably tole us a'fore, but I'm menopausal and have no brain.- even though the little buggers STLL won't let themselves be held & petted! We wanted to feel noble :dizzy: - and so got them both from shelters, I have a shelter cat. She was a year old when I got her and had no idea what a cat was supposed to do with its life. She is still weird, 12 years later. Although she craves attention and will sit near you enough to get petted and scratched. I've found that there's something about letting them come in the bathroom with you that makes them even more affectionate than usual, and also that if you stroke a cat right down to the end of the tail and off, they will always come back for more: they can't seem to help themselves!
Good luck to your DD, Kiwi, in finding a job for the summer. How great that she's going to stay at home with you!
I suspect anyone who is actually hiring will snap her up; I hope she doesn't take the first job offered unless she really wants it. The hardest part around here is hearing about the jobs -- most of them go to relatives. It's nepotism central. We are reaping the benefits of the bf being home this summer -- DD didn't even consider anything else besides coming home. I suspect next summer will be a bit different.
One of mine already asked if he could eat the chocolates he gave me this morning. :lol:

My roast lamb came out beautifully. It was nice to provide a major part of the dinner (our house is too disfunctional small to host the family, so we rarely do the largest part of the dinner. The spring salad was delish too -- parboiled asparagus, radishes and cukes. mmm

05-13-2007, 08:40 PM
Omigawd! Did I say 21 MONTH pregnancy??? Week! Week! I meant a 21 WEEK pregnancy! What the devil would a 21 MONTH pregnancy look like, anyway? Good grief!

I only did ONE bike ride this morning before we had to head out to DD's Mother's Day cook-out. I rec'd some gorgeous hanging plants for my front porch, An absolutely boffo necklace of the most amazing shade of teal-ish jade with a rusty-colored carved jade medallion. Quite unique and lovely - very ME. :D

Gotta call me sis & wish her a happy day. Hope all of yours were T-riffic!!!

Ella :dizzy:

05-13-2007, 09:41 PM
DS is in Mexico for six weeks. I can get email from him. The host's son got married yesterday and moved out so DS got his room. Still looking for the traveler's checks.

05-14-2007, 02:22 PM
Omigawd! Did I say 21 MONTH pregnancy??? Week! Week! I meant a 21 WEEK pregnancy! Well, yeah, I was knocked speechless by the idea of a 21 month pregnancy. I feel much better now. :lol:
Still looking for the traveler's checks.Too bad he didn't lose his cellphone instead, like DD. All you have to do is call that to find it (left it on the desk at home under a piece of paper... :rolleyes: ).

Well, DD has an interview on Wednesday with a paper mill; they have a student summer job program. 40 minute drive away. :( We figured if she works 8 hour shifts, she can deduct $1/hour for the commute.

ta. I keep trying to write about other things, but then my delete key says no, that's boring. What can I do? :shrug:


05-14-2007, 05:13 PM
hey gang! we had a nice time in halifax---dd is staying there all summer,other dd is travelling europe all summer----one step dd is working in colorado,other stepdd is working in halifax---SOOOOOOOOOOOOO,this will be the first quiet summer in 13 years!!!!! we do have stepdd 16 here for six weeks and she is a doll so ds will be happy to be getting some company---the twenty somethings were coming and going all night long so it will be the first summer of being able to sleep so that is a good thing!!!lone dd got a job selling icecream on the touristy boardwalk all summer--she seems happy with that.sounds delicious!

05-14-2007, 05:18 PM
that is a pic of a swan we saw in the public gardens this weekend.he is very grouchy and my dd saw him chasing the park attendant and trying to bite him the day before.

05-14-2007, 07:46 PM
Sugar has the title for our next thread and it's time for her to use it.

Swans are pretty but big so I'd be scared. Girlless summer though ... means ... we're ALLL INVITED!!! YAY

05-15-2007, 02:11 PM
Okay, what is it -- I'll post it.

I like your kitty drawing, Peachie. where'd it come from?

I stopped my meds (NSAIDs) on Friday, the doc said I should. I'm supposed to just ice everything and stretch. ha. No way am I keeping ahead of this by icing it. The hip was almost 100% painfree, but it's creeping back. The tennis elbow never went away, but now... :headache: Time to research alternatives.

DD and BF made fried rice for us last night. I marinated the beef, but then I tried to stay out of the way (not that easy for me to relinquish my kitchen). It was mmmGood! This could be a good summer.... :hungry:

Pretty swan, Bagz. Are you posting more photos somewhere?
DH just learned the other day in his geneology travels that his grandfather was conscripted by the Canadian army (he was a Canadian citizen, but had moved to Maine) during WWI and was in Halifax when the big harbor explosion took place. His oldest son, DH's late uncle Louis, apparently was 3 years old and remembered it very clearly because he was outdoors when it happened and a policeman came and told him to go inside.

In case anyone wants to see doggie photos I posted on Facebook, here's the link ( I put up photos of Jet and also my previous Belgian, Molly. Amazing how different they are. Jet is prettier. But they were both adorable puppies.


05-15-2007, 02:48 PM
Kiwi, those puppy pictures were so darned cute, for a moment there, I almost wished I had a dog.

Then I remembered that I'm a khat person.

In fact, at the Mother's Day cook-out at my daughters, her MIL's great big old Airedale (they live next door, and Rory-the-Airedale is a venerable and highly-esteemed member of the family) was present throughout the day and served as a reminder to me of why I'm a khat-person! I like Rory well enough, you understand, and I think his breed is really quite handsome. BUT Rory has no concept of etiquette whatsoever, and MIL simply expects everybody to accomodate him - and ENJOY accomodating him. He spent a good part of the day under the table where I was sitting, attempting to eat. He rubbed back and forth on my knees, and would periodically leave from under the table, go get a drink or beg some food from somebody, and then come back with his chin hairs all wet and dripping - and in many instances, smeared with ucky food particles - and commence to rubbing back and forth across my knees and slobbering on my legs again.

Actually, I should probably be grateful to Rory.

Because of him, I did NOT eat anything off my diet! (I gobbled down a few grilled chicken wings and then very considerately turned my seat - and Rory - over to another unsuspecting guest.)

Now I KNOW that many - and maybe even most - dogs are better behaved (and their owners a bit more considerate of others) than Rory. In fact, I'm sure of it.

But it's the Rorys of the world that give dogs a bad name, and that's the truth.

No offense to your lovely doggies or your darling furkids, Schatzi.


Ella :dizzy:

05-15-2007, 04:31 PM
i thought sugsie was starting a new thread----------THIS LENTIL THREAD IS TOO LONG-----

05-15-2007, 05:44 PM
Psssst! New thread has been started!

05-16-2007, 03:07 PM
He rubbed back and forth on my knees, and would periodically leave from under the table, go get a drink or beg some food from somebody, and then come back with his chin hairs all wet and dripping - and in many instances, smeared with ucky food particles - and commence to rubbing back and forth across my knees and slobbering on my legs again.
Yep, that's a dog for you. We inflict our dog on some people, but it often ends with putting her in her pen (or in the car when we are elsewhere). I have to admit DH is much quicker than I am to get her out of the way, and sometimes I put up with her pushy behavior too long, mostly in the interests of improving it. Jumping on the m and f ils however is nooooooooot good. The "she's just a puppy" defense is going to expire soon....

Guess I'll saunter on over to the new thread. :kickcan: