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04-27-2007, 12:48 PM
Hey all,

It's been a rough week (sick dog, heavy workload, no downtime at home), on top of being on the go with kid-stuff the last few weeks, and a TO that did nothing earlier in the week. Haven't had time to socialize on the Losers and Friends thread because of work, and I'm afraid that if I posted this plea over there, that I'd never see the replies. So...that said, I'm shamelessly asking for a pep talk. I've been sitting around 177 for like 3 weeks now, and haven't strayed THAT far off plan...while I didn't expect a 2-lb a week loss, I also didn't expect to be sitting for so long in one place. I haven't had time to exercise, so I know it's not that I'm just gaining muscle...

Remind me that if I keep swimming, that the sclae will play nice with me again? I feel like I'm on the edge of either completely recommitting to the plan or just giving up me back over to the happy side?

Stressful doesn't even begin to describe how this week has gone. I NEED RELACORE!!! ;)

04-27-2007, 01:07 PM
Oh Megan - hang in know and quoted all the reasons your sclae won't budge....stress, no exercise, not enough rest, etc. (ironically enough, I found a bottle of relacore in my kitchen cabinet the other day that I forgot I bought...want's good through 06/08?).
I think we all go through what you are experiencing. I know I have and all I can say is it will pass. You may need to take a short break (like a day or two) and then recommit. I'm actually on a short break from LAWL and instead I am counting calories, but I have every intention of going back to the LAWL plan and guidelines; I just needed a break. I'm like that in a lot of ways; I get bored easily.
I think the main reason I still plug away is because of this site and support and the tidbits I learn here. And I find that when I post and chat, I tend to be more committed than when I lurk on the site. So jump in and chat away. Do something TODAY that will make you happy and lift your spirits....
Where's that darn Pearl.....she'd have a great answer for you.

PS - what's wrong with dog?

04-27-2007, 01:16 PM
Thanks, Joni...

Dog is better now, but on Tuesday my daughter came home from school to find that dog had had diarrhea and vomited all in her crate, and as she's a Great Pyrenees, she has long hair, so she also shook the mess all over the place. The house REEKED (as you can imagine) and even though daughter had paid out a path of towels to get the dog outside, the dog decided to dance all around the towels, further spreading out the mess. I dosed the dog with Imodium AD (on the advice of the vet) and we got the dog washed and the house cleaned up, and as of this morning she's clearly feeling better, but of course on the night that happened, we had someplace to be, so were rushing around trying to get it all done, yada yada yada. Just another day in the life, and we'll laugh about it later, but what a MESS to have to leave work early to go take care of.

I went into the COD the next day, fully aware I was on the edge of emotional eating, and managed to keep things under control, but after a whole week of similar such stressful events, I really needed to see SOMETHING good, like a drop in the weight. When I continued to stay the same,'s just not a good feeling. *sigh*

I'm not depressed, even though this post may seem I am...I'm just tired and in need of the happy boost that a drop in weight brings, I think. :hug:

04-27-2007, 01:24 PM
Megan - Don't give up!!! You've come soooo far already. This is just a small set-back. Recommit to the plan and you know that you'll start to see results. I know how easy it is to rely so much on that da** scale, but just try to get back into the mindset of being POP. Life happens and you can't control that. At least you haven't gained. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, picture yourself at the weight you want to be...another deep breath...start fresh tomorrow. We're all here for you.

04-27-2007, 01:27 PM
Try this...

04-27-2007, 01:37 PM
:) Thanks, Tina! My work firewall blocks YouTube so I'll watch it tonight! :)

04-27-2007, 03:02 PM
Megan Sweetie!
First off.. get thy hand off those Doritos.. I know you are thinking about it, I can even hear them talking to you!! STEP AWAY FROM THE CHIPS!!!

I have had some fun and wonderful slumps on the program and as cheesy as it sounds you have to stick with it and ride it out. I remember being POP for the whole Thanksgiving weekend while family all around me indulged in any and everything for 3 different dinners. I sat there with 2 new potatoes boiled, 9 ozs of turkey (I was on glorious red then, oh the protein sizes!) and a salad with 1 tbsp of dressing. But I wanted those numbers on the scale so badly I stuck it out for the whole holiday.. went in on Monday sure I would be rewarded for being such a trooper and instead.. gained 2 lbs!!!!!!
I seem to recall posting and having Kim and Joni talk me off the ledge. So it hits all of us, it's unfair, it sucks but all I can say is ride it out. Think of it like labour.. it hurts like ****, you wish it would be overwith as soon as possible but at the end, what a reward!
I posted a motivational quote for the gang on Saturday but will repost it for you here.
Hang in there girl!!!!!!

"Some men give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal; While others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigorous efforts than ever before." Herodotus

04-27-2007, 03:10 PM
Perfect quote, many thanks!! And...I say this as I look up sheepishly...I just discovered my TOM is about to start. *relieved sigh* Ever since I got the IUD, I never know when that's coming, so I'm cautiously hopeful that in a few days, I'll see the nice drop that I've been longing for.

That SO sucks about your Thanksgiving meal and gain...I would have completely lost it, I think! :p

You guys rock. Thank you so much!!!! :grouphug:

04-27-2007, 03:35 PM
Megan, you don't know I'm a newbie here in the Land of LAWL at 3FC. However, I'm not new to LAWL. I joined this time last year. I lost 25-30 lbs. Then got discouraged. I got lazy. I got tired of it all--weighing food, writing in my food journal, etc. So speaking from the viewpoint of someone who did "step off the ledge" and went to the dark side, please...DO NOT DO IT. Step back from the ledge. Take a deep breath...or two. Think. You have come such a long way. Do not undo all the great losses you've worked so hard for. Do NOT be like me.

[b]You can do it. You have it in you. Keep your focus.[b] :)

slim n trim
04-27-2007, 04:13 PM
Hi Megan,
you don't know me either as I am brand new to this board. But, hang it there. I know how frustrating the scale stalling out can be. I just went thru that. I lost 8 lbs the first month that I was on the diet then I went about 6 weeks, carefully watching what I was eating, and excersing at least three times a week for 30 - 45 mins, and I saw no change on the scale. I felt like my pants were getting a little lose, but I kept expecting to see the scale drop. Then I started LAWL program, and I saw the scale drop 7 lbs over the next two weeks. Hurrah!!!

So, as frustrating as it is, just no that you are not alone. And, it will show up on the scale before to long.

Hang in there, you are doing great. Don't fall off the wagon now. I keep telling myself that nothing tastes as good, as being thin feels.

Take Care

04-27-2007, 04:28 PM
True, true, and thank you to both of you new (to me) girls! :D Hey, I just ran across this on

Gobbling down white bread and sugar can also leave you (and your face) looking quite bloated. This is because, for every gram of simple carbohydrate a person consumes, their body retains three grams of water, according to Gullo. Eliminate these foods from your diet, however, and in a few weeks, you’ll notice a big difference when you look in the mirror. “It’s the easiest way to look 15 years younger without a face-lift,” he says. Bye, bye bagels, hello sharp cheekbones!

I'll go post it in the Losers thread, too, but wanted to share that here, too, in case other people are stressed about not losing as well. :)

04-27-2007, 09:32 PM
Megan - that's a scary stat! Screw the sodium, I'm going to go back to watching the carbs!

04-27-2007, 10:18 PM
Megan I know exctly how you feel. We all do as everyone here has struggled at one time or another. I have lost 25 lbs so far and even with that I have been struggling as most of you know now for a good 2 months. Up then down and then yo-yo again. I tend to let stress and worry get the best of me and I have to make a conscious effort to make myself a priority. Not to say I have been very successful with that as of late - but I do try. I have been OP all week and I go to COD tomorrow. My home scale shows a minimal loss if anything and I know what to expect before I walk through those dreaded doors in the morning. But I am trying to remember that I did a good job this week and that tomorrow is a new day and I have no excuses not to be on plan (not to say I couldn't list half a dozen right now...but I digress LOL). Remember we are all here for you on good days and bad. I know I would have given up long ago if it weren't for these lovely ladies...and Dan.... here every day. I know some days I don't post but I always read. And if for some reason I can't get here for a couple of days, its me and a cup of tea and the computer and I read everything I missed. I find it helps me.

Anway, sorry that was longer than expected!!! Not sure if it helps...

04-27-2007, 10:20 PM
Joni- I watch the carbs and the sodium so bad that even the girls that work the cafe at work won't let me have something they know I shouldn't. The manager actually makes me put whatever it is away and refuses to sell it to me!!! She then will make something special for me instead. They are absolute dolls. Now that's keeping you accountable!!!!