Weight Loss Support - Fighting the cupcakes at work- without gloves

04-26-2007, 02:10 AM
Both facilities that I work in are full of foodies- In on... everyDAY, it is cupcakes. EveryDAY it is pizza and buffets in the break room and potlucks and parties and pasteries brought in as soon as the bakeries open in the morning. In the other... it is the snack bag. A huge blue duffle bag in constant stock of pringles, sweedish fish, gummie worms, dorritos, dorritos, dorritos, chocolate bars, candy covered popcorn... and more. Some days it is easy to just not to even want, but on busier more stressful days it is hard to combat a weakness that sneaks up on me and kicks my knees out from uder me. How does everyone deal with the food at work, if it is similiar for you? Lets not forget the vending machines... at the doorways that wave hello and good bye to you. I'm looking for strategies or a hard core suck it ups! This is new for me. What do you'all do?

What I am doing now- I eat before I come to work and pack a lunch every day.... still, it isn't always enough. I try not to leave idle time to where I am standing around the desk talking. Talking & eating seem to go hand in hand. When it is offered I can turn it down without help, but when I am left.... alone... I can't shake the guilty feeling that "it doesn't count because no one is looking."

04-26-2007, 08:53 AM
Man, I know how that is! There's a girl in one of my classes who frequently brings cookies and brownies and stuff, which is nice-- but I don't want to want any!

I think the best thing you could do is to just NOT EAT ANY. If you go once, then the next time you'll want something you'll go, "Well, I had some the other day and it was good, so I can have some now" and that's not a habit you want to get into! I know that as a calorie counter I'm not supposed to look at certian foods as forbidden, but it might not hurt to think of snacking at work as forbidden!

04-26-2007, 09:15 AM
eesh i can so relate...april has been a veritable gauntlet of birthdays and cakes. I had one piece i think out of 8 cakes and felt fine about it but i take enough snacks with me to work to stuff an apple in my mouth when everyone else is done with their cake. it's actually not that hard, i usually eat the same thing everyday at work and look forward to my snacks and don't want to deal with the upset of eating cake. unless it's friday then it's much harder for some reason. :dizzy:

04-26-2007, 09:20 AM
maegdaeien, that is so true! Things like that are habit forming, if I never start I never feel this need to; once I do, however, it is a battle. I feel it's okay to eat whatever trash I have a fickle craving for- and it's not. >_< I feel like... and I am sure everyone relates- "I don't know how: to start, to stop, to be in control and just do." So far tonight, I haven't eaten anything I haven't brought from home. 2 1/2 more hours till I get to go home. This is like trudging. uphill. without shoes. on icy rocks. for twenty miles..... and back.

04-26-2007, 09:23 AM
This happens too me alot at work too.. last time there was a potluck, EVERYTHING had meat in it.. yay.. I dont eat meat. Yesterday, however, my boss brought in doughnuts, dunkin doughnuts.. all different glazes and and fillings. They looked so pretty. Mind you.. where I work we have big cubicles called "pods" well your whole team sits in one "pod" and there were the doughnuts.. 10 paces to my left all day. Didnt eat a single one. I did have some coffee with half and half.. so my sugar intake was not good yesterday and I went over cals by 25 ( OooOOooO) and went over my carbs.. so low carb day today :( Anyways... here is how I over come...

I tell evvvveryone on my team that I am not eatting it.. that way I wont because they will say " thought you werent blah blah..." also I will calculate the calories in it.. 9 times out of 10 thats the kicker. That will keep me away. I am a calorie counter. AS for vending machines.. I dont bring money to work.. plain and simple. I dont really have a problem with vending machines because A) its a conscious decision to think about and pick out what I want ( nothing healthy is ever in a vending machine) B) Free food is my problem, not vending. Another thing though at my work we do have those oatmeal express things in there so on the rare occassion that I *do* have money.. and if I am starving.. I will buy it. Do you have a vending machine at alll that has the bigger things like the oatmeal, fruit cups, tuna packs ( tuna salad ready made, little can 1million cals) :D I know most people are secretive about their weightloss.. not me.. I am loud and proud.. I try to make everyone around me conscious that I am staying away.. I have 18lbs left to lose.. yadda yadda.. most of them just laugh at me and say " oh no.. heaven forbid.. not 18lbs" lol But it helps me, just the fact of people knowing and then seeing me "cheat" I cant even stand the thought. ANywho.. thats my tales from the office! Good luck girly!

PS Things didnt have calories when I was eatting alone either lol but then I started cal counting and I was FLOORED at how much food I can eat and NOT gain weight.. just maintain.. but I was confused as to why I wasnt losing.. *silly girl* ( me not you)