LA Weight Loss - Big butt. What kind of a plan should I use?

04-23-2007, 04:50 PM
Hey everyone. I registered here a few months ago asking for your help and I posted pictures of myself but I got banned after like 5 seconds because moderators probably thought I was trolling but I wasn't. :(

Here's my problem.
I'm actually very thin and I want to hit the gym and get some muscle but I have a huge problem.

I don't think my butt is propotional to the rest of my body and I don't know what to do about it.
Overall, I'm thin but that butt is a killer.
And I'm a man. I thought men get fat around stomach or something, not around their ***.
But obviously not the case with mel.

I don't think I was always this way though. At least I don't remember being this way. I was probably normal I guess.

What happened is that I had some things in my life, got depressed and I started taking medication. I know you gain weight from meds but it's possible that I gained it wrong altogether because it all went to my butt.

That's just what I think though. I can't know for sure but that seems as a logical explanation.

I can post my pics but I'm afraid I"ll get banned again.

Anyway, what do you think about this situation?
I want to gain weight (muscle) but I must lose weight (***).

So, what do I do and how? How can I get rid of that *** fat?

P.S Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I thought this was the most appropriate section.

Suzanne 3FC
04-23-2007, 07:27 PM
I don't think there is a diet that can reduce certain areas, such as your behind. If you are thin everywhere else, then diet may not be the answer. You might try exercise to firm up if that's the problem. However, it may be genetic and you may be stuck with it.

04-23-2007, 07:50 PM
Have you considered joining a male diet forum? Men and women have different body structures so there may be more help in an all male forum.

04-24-2007, 11:52 PM
LL Keep that juicy butt. You may find some girls appreciate it. I know that is one of the things I DON'T want to lose when I lose weight.