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04-23-2007, 03:18 PM
Hi all:

just started nutrisystem today and am looking for some buddies to eat and lose with.

I have 98 lbs to lose and just wanted something that would take all the guess work out--and be a good price. have had breakfast so far and it seems okay.

Anyone else out there doing it?

I am excited!


05-03-2007, 12:07 AM
Hi, I started NS on Monday. Doing really well. I have a friend who has been on it for a couple months now and is down over 50 pounds. She looks fabulous.
How do you like it so far?

05-03-2007, 12:29 AM
Hi Island girl--

I love it! 9 lbs so far after 9 days and it is so easy--plus all the fruit and veggies are great--it seems very healthy. A few of the foods are not my faves but it doesnt really matter--as long as I'm losing, that is the most important part!

How long did it take your friend to lose 50? I expect the weight loss to slow down now--I am in my second week.

Keep me posted on how you are doing!


05-03-2007, 04:01 PM
Hi there
Good for you. 9 in 9! I haven't weighed in yet today and I just got home from work. I work 12 hour nights, and I am always heaviest after work, so will weigh in when I get up this afternoon.
My friend has been on NS for about 6 months. She averages 1.5 pounds a week now but loses every week, no plateau so far. She seems to be just melting away.
I don't like all the foods either but have some favorites and will just order those and not order the ones I don't like. I like that we can have fruit and veggies as well.
And I like the ease of the diet. Just pop in, nuke and eat...woohoo!
With my long shifts I don't like to cook or have a big prep time. I did try the Sonoma diet and it was good and healthy, but too darn much chopping and cutting and cooking and I just never had the time, and found it too easy to say forget it and get fast food. But with this, who needs fast food?
Keep in touch.

05-03-2007, 09:18 PM
Hi Island:

that is so cool about your friend--that would be great to be down 50 lbs in six months! It is inspiring.

I love the ease of the food too. My fave lunch bar is the chocolate graham. :devil: It is good enough to keep even when I am off the plan! This morning I made eggs and put too much water and they were very puffy--not much flavor but I ate them anyway!

Those 12 hours shifts sound hard--you must be tired. But I bet you get some extra days off, huh!

Have great weekend!


05-04-2007, 02:02 AM
I am hoping that six months will see me at goal as well, but I am sure that the rapid loss will slow down. I just have to keep motivated and not lose my resolve.
The 12 hours shifts are hard, but have done them for so many years I am used to them. I work a lot of hours in a week but that is mostly cause we are always short staff or some one does not pull their weight (no pun :)
But once we are up to staff, I will work 3 shifts a week and that will be nice with summer almost here. Not that it is not always summer here ;)
Well I am going to have my macaroni & cheese & beef. It is my fav. I also like the low fat granola, and most of the soups but for the chicken noodle, it is too peppery and slimy. I hate the tuna and chicken salad, don't like the texture at all.
Talk to you later, keep strong. I am now down 7 pounds!:carrot:

05-04-2007, 03:55 AM
ive been thinking about ns. how much does it cost? is it worth it?

05-04-2007, 04:14 PM
Hi Free:

Island and I have just started--I am on my 12th day and have lost 10 lbs--I have 88 to go.

For me it is a great plan so far. I have been trying to get on a diet for a while with no success. I find having my food all ready for me helps--I dont have to think about what to eat. Plus having bought it I dont want to cheat. You do supplement with dairy, fresh fruit and veggies. I think it is very healthy and do-able--I can take it anywhere I go because it does not need to be refridgerated and there is tons of variety. It is teaching me to eat smaller portions and to focus on salad as my free food. Most of the food is pretty good--I would equate it with average airline food.

They have a special now where if you go on auto-ship (where they ship you your food automatically each month) they give you 5 weeks with free shipping for $293. Then I can send you a coupon for $30 off if you give me your e-mail address. So that is 263 for 5 weeks. That is about $50 bucks a week which I think is very reasonable. The first week I spent about $100 bucks on extra stuff for the plan--this week I spent $30--for dairy veggies and fruit, fatfree dressing and stuff. So depending on what your food budget is right now you have to decide. It is much less than what I have been spending since I was eating out a lot. Plus you can cancel the autoship anytime and you can send back the food within 30 days if you dont like it.

Check out and see what you think. If you want the coupon you can send me your e-mail in a private message and let me know.

Island: I am down another lb--so that is 10lbs so far--and 2lbs so far this week--My goal is to lose 2 lbs a week but I wont complain if it goes to 1.5 like your friend. Yeah--the tuna casserole was gross--if I have anymore I am sending them back! I didnt really like the chicken soup too much but can tolerate it. I like the mac and cheese a lot and some of the beans...

Have a great weekend!


05-05-2007, 12:39 AM
Just had the ravioli with meat sauce--yum!! My new favorite.

05-05-2007, 01:35 AM
Woohoo, 10 pounds, you go girl. I haven't tried the Raviola yet, so I will have to.
Did not weigh in today. Worked all night and then had to teach CPR after work so did not get home until 3pm. Up for over 24 hours! I will weigh in tomorrow morning as I am off this weekend.
I know I did well thou, cause did not cheat ONCE......yippee!
The best part, no desire to cheat :)
I will let you know how I do tomorrow.
Keep up the good work and happy losing :)

05-05-2007, 01:40 AM
I like NS for its simplicity. So easy to do, no cooking, weighing, measuring, just pop in the microwave and eat. It teaches portion control. For the first couple days my stomach thought my throat was cut, but I feel great now.
Of course a bit of a headache in the beginning from detoxing from sugar, but I have lots of energy now.
I have to lose 50 pounds and have tried every diet known to man, and by far this is the easiest and best I have tried.
Snow already gave you the money info so I won't bother with that again, but it is so nice to be delivered to the door and the only planning is picking your meal online :)
I love the fact you can also have fruit and salads and dessert if you want. I have not been eating the desserts right now as trying to do the sugar detox.
I am a sugar addict :0
I am a RN and this diet is healthy and we have a couple nurses in the hospital on it as well as me. I have a friend that has lost 50 pounds, she has just melted and loves it.
Good luck to you

05-06-2007, 03:51 PM
Hi Island:

I can relate about being a sugar addict--tee-hee! I totally am enamored of the nutrisystem desserts. I really look forward to them. I admire your self control at not having that.

Tomorrow will be two weeks and I have lost 11lbs so far (hoping for one more by tomorrow!) I know it will slow down now but it has been fun having the big loss at the beginning.

Have a great day and talk to you soon!


05-06-2007, 07:03 PM
Good for you, you are rolling. Tomorrow it has been a week for me and I am down 8. I am slowing down thou already as no weight loss yesterday or today, but that is okay.
I feel better and the cloths are a bit looser as well.
I did have the mint chocolate bar last night and it was heaven.
It totally laid my sweet tooth to rest as it was raging yesterday :)

05-09-2007, 02:31 PM
Hi Island:

still going strong--I have been doing well on exercise this week--I kinda sluffed off last week due to the time of month. Down another two pounds--it just is so easy! So I have completed 16 days and gone down 13 pounds. Cant beat that!:carrot:

I had the pasta fagioli the other night--I actually kinda liked it! You and I have different tastes I guess. Except for the chocolate! :D

Have a great week and dont work too hard!


05-10-2007, 05:53 PM
Hiya Snow,
Good for you, 14 pounds wow. I had a bit of a slip over the weekend. Went to a b'day party and had a small piece of cake. but I was proud that I stopped there. Also had some Panda express chow mein, but turned down the Cold Stone ice cream. So I did have a bit of a slip (my days off are hard cause we always go to town and eat out) But even with that I am still down a total of 9 pounds in 14 days on the diet, so I am really happy with it. :)
I agree with you, it is so easy to stick to and I like the food.
I had the veggie fajitas last night, and not too sure how I like them. They are nice and spicy which is good. I love the meatloaf and potatoes too.
Have a great day and keep up the good work, you are doing so well.

05-10-2007, 09:08 PM
Hello ladies,

I started NS on April 11 and in spite of a quick, unplanned trip to NY State where I had no control over my meals, I'm down 13 or 14 lbs (my scale won't make up its mind).

I agree with you that it is really almost effortless. I really feel good too ... relaxed, even tempered, this is good.

I signed up through QVC so I don’t get to pick my food but the price was so good I couldn’t justify in my mind not to at least try it through them first. If/when I get burned out on the selections they send then I will switch over ordering direct so I can pick and choose.

I don't mind the tuna/chicken salad as long as I refrig first. I typically use it to stuff a tomato and eat it on a bed of lettuce.

Islandgrl –when I first started reading this thread I figured with the hours you were working you were probably a nurse. Is Kauai the island that the Marine base is on? My BIL was in the marines and stationed in Hawaii for a few years. I was lucky enough to get to go and visit my sister over Thanksgiving one year while she was there. Of course I was also unlucky enough to have a hurricane hit the island while we were visiting. I’m hoping to get to go back some time.


05-10-2007, 10:52 PM
Hi all:

yes--I have been really feeling it--it is going so well. 14 lbs off in less than three weeks--how could I complain? It motivates me to do more. I have to watch it though--I kinda get used to eating less and then sometimes I have forgotten to eat all the food--I dont feel hungry but I get cranky. Even if I miss just a salad it makes a difference.

Island: that is so fantastic about 9 lbs in 14 days--you are really kicking butt! And with going off plan a little! I am on this challenge on the nutrasystem board that is 100% for 100 days and I am trying to stick with it. I am going to go visit my family either next weekend or the weekend after and that will be the big challenge for staying on plan--I always ho down at my parents! It is good to hear if you go off a little it doesnt make that much different. I think if you stick to small portions like on the plan, then you are okay.

EOFAZ: welcome! great to hear from you. I saw the QVC offer a while back and it got me interested--then I just went online to Nutrisystem and I wanted the food for everyday. I did get the favorites package which means they chose the selection--and right now I am getting ready to send some stuff back--some items just dont work for me.

Have a great week all!

05-11-2007, 02:41 PM
Good morning Snow,

My first order was for the weekend’s off program but I never did take weekends off, I just started right in 7 days a week, at the time they were offering a special on a 28 day plan so I cancelled the weekends off and signed up for the 28 day plan (which was a limited offer). I will probably change to the NS Sight before I’m finished just so I can pick and choose the food. The 28 day plan I’m on is about $250.00 including shipping but you get 14 different meals x 2 for a total of 28 days and a LOT of those meals are energy bars. They are good but they really don’t trip my trigger as a real meal and can see myself burning out on that.

I’m currently on the Christmas Challenge at the NS site; it’s helping me keep focused and kind of fun to be looking forward to Christmas at a significantly lower weight. I bet I get my Christmas shopping done early this year, since Christmas is in the forefront of my mind already.

I have been fortunate, I’ve been able to eat everything I’ve received accept the eggs. Those did make me choke even with bell peppers and onions added. For me it is more about the convenience and how well I feel when I’m eating nutritiously as apposed to how much I really like the food because I haven’t come across anything I just loved, accept for maybe those fudge graham cracker bar things. But I can thank my Mom for expecting us to eat whatever was served for dinner whether we liked it or not and I guess I have that mentality about NS is what’s being served, and I just eat it and feel better for it.

You will do fine on your trip; I had to make a quick trip to see my daughter right after I started NS, gained back 4 lbs because I didn’t have control of where and when we were going to eat. Most of the eating was on the road with someone else selecting the restaurants so I did the best I could and stopped worrying about it after the first 2 days (I was gone 5). I was disappointed when I saw how quickly I gained BUT as soon as I was back on plan it dropped back off so fast I couldn’t believe my eyes. So eat wisely but don’t stress out when you get back if the scale is up a little when you get back because it is probably just water weight.


05-11-2007, 06:25 PM
Good Morning EoAZ and Sno
Good to hear you are both really hanging in there, I am impressed with your weight loss.
I just had two days off and I did great, did not slip once. I am down another .6 of a pound but will not show on my ticker, they only do whole pounds.
EoAZ, I live on Kauai and the big marine base is on Oahu in Kaneohe. I used to live there but we moved to Kauai in 2005 as Oahu has gotten too LA like with over a million people on one island! Kauai has the missile range.
I like the ease of ordering my food and chosing what I like. I have tried a few that I cannot stomach and with my auto delivery I just pick the ones that are my favorites. I like all the cereals for breakfast with pancakes for a treat, like on my days off with some sugar free syrup. I don't much care for the muffins and have a few bars for when I am rushed. I eat my cereal with a banana and skim milk.
For lunch I love the soups, I also like the Tex Mex rice and beans, and for supper the macaroni with cheese and beef, lasanga, rotini with meat balls, southwest chicken, ravioli, and meatloaf and potatoes are my favorites.
I stick with the bars for dessert as never have been big on soy chips, but the cheese curls are okay.
The beef tacos are great if you bust up the tacos and have the whole thing in a bed of lettuce like a taco salad. Nice and spicy and filling. The cheese pizza I add mushrooms too and it is good, (my husband says it looks more like a cracker that a pizza it is so small) I also like the chicken patty sliced and in a salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. So there are lots of ways to make these dishes vary. But on the whole the food is good and has flavor.
I am so glad to have others on the plan and we can talk and keep each other motivated and share stories etc.
On the NS website, they have recipes like potato salad they make with the entrees, I haven't tried any yet but thinging of it.
Good luck and happy losing.

05-12-2007, 01:27 AM
Hi Guys:

I have had another good day--did my walk and some stretching earlier--trying to motivate to do some leg exercises before going to bed. Had macaroni for dinner--one of my faves. Getting tired of steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Will have to come up with some different cooked veggies.

Had a weird fight with the hubby today--he has been kinda withdrawn and irritable and I let him know it was really starting to affect our relationship and he got all hurt and quiet. Sigh! I feel better for having told him but feel sad he is hurt.

EofAZ: I love those chocolate graham bars--definitely stocking up on those! I also like the pancakes for breakfast. I like raisins on my cereal and I add some to yogurt too. I am going to check out the xmas challenge--I am on some other boards at Nutrisystem but I kinda like this format better--plus it seems like the discussion groups there are so huge it is hard to really get to know anyone. But I like setting goals!

Island: did you mean two days off plan or two days off work? Either way sounds like you did good since the scales are in the minus. I havent gotten creative really with the foods yet--except to use olives from my fat portion for either salad or the pizza. I kinda like not having to fix anything just heat and go--but I imagine it will get old eventually!

05-12-2007, 02:51 AM
:angel: Hi Ladies...I just started NS a week & a half ago and would love to join in with you, I was trying to post on another thread and never got any response so nice to see someone does talk here on the
I would love to be supportive to all here & Heaven knows I could use some support for myself. :flow1:

In Light,

~~~May You Always Find The Light Within You...So You May See The light Around You~~~

05-12-2007, 03:23 PM
Hi all;

had the big sleep in this morning--was extra tired I guess from all the emotional turmoil yesterday! going to take a walk soon.

Welcome, Deerhealer--great to have you with us! Tell us a little more about you if you get a chance.

I have been on Nurtrasystem almost three weeks now--how are liking it?


05-13-2007, 01:04 AM
Welcome to our little group Deerhealer. I agree, we actually get to know each other when the thread isn’t so large. I belong to the Christmas Challenge on the NS sight. It is certainly a challenge to get to remember everyone but you also get insight from lots of different perspectives when you need help too. So there are pros and cons to both large and small threads.

Sno -- Boy there must be something in the air, my DH and I had an argument yesterday/today too. I slept in because I was still upset while he’s walking around with the “it’s all water under the bridge” attitude. He gets so angry so fast and then is over it just as fast where I’m slower to get upset but also slower to get over it.

Shannon – have you always lived in Hawaii or are you a transplant? I really hope someday I get to go back again, it is such a lovely place.

The nice thing about NS is it being so easy but if you decide you miss cooking you can add your own touches and stll have the basic NS meal. For instance I wasn’t all that keen on the pancakes, to much effort since most days I carry my lunch with me to eat at my desk with a cup of coffee. But I found the following recipe on the NS boards and it was really good. If you were missing the feeling of cooking something this would keep you on plan and fill your creative need.

Berry Coffeecake

2 cups berries
2 NS pancake mises
1 cup water
3-4 Tbs Splenda
2 tsp cinnamon
fat free cool whip (optional)

Spray pan with cooking spray. Mix berries and 3 Tbs Splenda. Spread in pan. Mix pancake mixes with remaining Splenda & cinnamon, then stir in 21 cup water until batter consistency. Pour batter over berries. Bake at 425 for 15-18 minutes. Service with cool whip. 2 servings. Count as NS breakfast + fruit

This was very tasty, but I did have to bake it a little longer so get the middle to finish up, I probably didn’t have the same size dish as the original author. I prepared it and let it bake while I was putting on my makeup then wrapped it in a towel and took to work. I ate ½ on Monday and ½ on Tuesday (I had a frig to put it in at work).

I received an interesting salad recipe in the mail today. It is a coleslaw with apples and dried cranberries added. Using the Wish-bone Salad Spritzers. I’m going to try it and if it is good I’ll post the exact recipe. It would certainly had some variety to our veggies.


05-13-2007, 07:52 AM
I dont know if I am way too picky (which ive never been told before), but I couldnt stand the NS system. Every meal i tried to me tasted horrible and "off", or left a weird taste in my mouth.

I just gave it up once I had the taste for a hamburger, and I saw I had to soak the patty in a bowl of water first- gross.

But you all mentioned foods that were not available in my diet: I was on the new "nourish" diet, were you on something else?

05-13-2007, 02:33 PM
MLE--Yes--it is the nourish plan. I had really low expectations because I knew that the food was all prepackaged. I was pleasantly surprised and have so far found most of the food edible and some of it downright good! the burger grossed me out too--I was going to return in when my hubby had one and I had a bite--it was really good! I made one too and would not turn down another one--who knew! (Plus there was no greasy pan or spattered stove to clean)

There are few things I didnt like and wouldnt have again (such as the chicken tortellini for lunch or the tuna casserole for dinner). also they use a lot of peppers and tomatoes which can get monotonous (I think they use them because they are very healthy and a low cal way of seasoning food). My big treat has been the bars--I think the lunch and breakfast bars are excellent and the dessert bars are very good too.

My fave dinners are the ravioli with meat sauce and the macaroni and cheese. I like the whipped potatoes with cheese and the broccoli soup for lunch. Breakfast--pancakes and cereal.

I was willing to forgo some taste because I just wanted to have a food plan with no way of second guessing--it is all done for you and you just heat and eat most of the time. I hear that Jenny Craig tasted better but it is more expensive--I found Nutrasystem to be very reasonable and within my budget. So that is my two cents worth!

Evangeline: I joined the xmas club--it was motivating to see that if I lose 2lbs a week until then I will be 182 which would be so awesome. Of course my weight loss may slow down but still. . . Thanks for the recipe--I'll keep it for when I really need a treat. I am enjoying blackberries and yogurt right now--yum! PS--the hubby and I made it up--sheesh--like I needed some more stress right now!

05-14-2007, 12:33 AM
Hello to DeerHealer, and MLE
Hello to Sno and EofAZ
Happy Mother's Day to you all.
Had a pretty good weekend so far, had to work it of course but no biggie.
Managed to stay on program and am down again, so a total of 10 pounds...woohoo!
I love the food MLE, and I am on the nourish as well. The hamburgers are great even if it sound funky having to soak in water.
I also love the low fat granola with yogurt and blueberries added, it is like a dessert...mmmmm
I love to make yogurt cheese add some almond flavor and splenda and use it as a topping on my berries. Very easy to make.
But with my job as a night nursing supervisor and the long hours I work, I love the ease of the diet more than anything. I can add veggies and fruit, and if I don't want to bother, I am happy with just the meals.
EofAZ, I am a Hawaiian transplant :) or a Haole as we are not too affectionaltely referred to here. I am Canadian, move to NM in 1997 after a horrid breakup. Met my now husband there, married in 2002 and we moved to Oahu in 2003 so I could work at the trauma center there at Queens. Then in 2005 we moved to Kauai which was the goal all along. We love it here, it is home, and who can complain about the 12 months of summer :)
Well I had best get ready for work, almost time to head out the door.
Stay strong all, and happy losing.
One day and one step at a time.

05-14-2007, 01:56 PM
Hi everyone:

so three weeks down and 14 lbs off--I am so excited! It is an easy journey so far--keep waiting for the catch!

Island: I put stevia and vanilla in my yogurt which makes it really good--with black berries it is awesome! I like the granola too but I put raisins in it. I have found if I dont eat the veggies and fruit I get a little stopped up:mad:

Have a great week everyone!


05-14-2007, 04:03 PM
Sno … I saw you on the Christmas Club and turned to my husband all excited because I actually recognized a name. I think the motivation for me in the CC is that I just love Christmas and looking forward to it from a weight loss perspective just makes me all happy about staying on plan. Ok, so I’m a little strange, I admit it.

DH and I made up too, of course his sneaking out at 10:00 pm Saturday night to buy me a dozen roses helped significantly.

Islandgrl – I can understand why you would love to live in Hawaii, it is such a beautiful place. You’ve reminded me just how much I want to go back for a vacation one day.

MLE – I used Jenny Craig several years ago, the food was very good but I really disliked the store director and in the end it impacted my success on the program, I just got so I hated stopping in and buying the food because I would run into her. They too have some shelf stable foods and it didn’t taste any different then the NS products. The one on one counseling is about 20 minutes a week is documenting your weekly weight and the majority of that time is used to order and pay for your food. I did not try NS because I was afraid the food would be terrible and now I’m kicking myself for not doing this years ago. I truly enjoy most of the food, as I did with JC. However, I don’t remember the weight just melting away on JC like it is with NS. This is almost effortless, I guess the focus on the Glycemic index really seems to be a factor for me because I don’t crave foods, I’m satisfied and every time I step on the scale I’m shocked that I’ve lost weight and not been hungry. I think a lot of the bad rap NS gets is about texture since I’ve used whole wheat pasta when I’ve cooked and it comes out similar to what NS prepares so I really think that a lot of what I’m eating are tastes and textures that I need to learn to enjoy to be able to maintain my loss. I’ve learned over the years my success is more about my succeeding in maintenance and less about my succeeding on weight loss.


05-14-2007, 04:07 PM

I too love the hamburger. It amazed me that you added water and I wrinkled my nose. The next time I made sure I had tomatoes and lettuce and onion to add to it to make it into a big, fat yummy burger, it is really enjoyable.

05-15-2007, 01:02 PM
Hi Evangeline:

btw--I love your pug picture--so cute! (I have a black lab)

I just had to join the xmas challenge--I enjoy Christmas too but I usually enjoy it with lots of feasting--this year I hope to enjoy it in my new outfits! I was jazzed when I figured out how much weight I could lose by then!

There are so many posts to that challenge it is a little hard to keep up but they seem like a fun bunch.

Having a great week everyone--hope you are too!


05-15-2007, 05:06 PM
Thx Sno, Peanut is a real treasure, we also have CJ, a black pug that technically belongs to my daughter so I’ve been trying not to get too attached but I think I lost the battle and will be heart broke when she moves out with him. I had 2 Newfoundlands a few years ago and they are an ancestor to the Lab’s. Originally there were Greater Newfoundlands (today’s Newfie) and Lesser Newfoundlands (today’s Lab). If I didn’t live in the middle of a dessert I would have Newfoundlands again but it was such a struggle to keep them cool during the summer I just won’t go there again, but how I do love there personalities.

The Christmas Club has been really chatty today, a lot of good advise so make sure you fit some time in to go check it out. Also, if you haven’t already, you might want to drop into the Maintainers here on 3fatchicks and read Meg’s 5th Anniversary post, very good information. She is my hero.


05-15-2007, 06:06 PM
:angel: Blessings Sno..Ladies

Thank you all for the warm welcome. A little bit about myself where do I start lol.
I live in Upstate New York for one with my 2 Samoyeds a male named Nanook * Spirit of Light * is his show name he is a national champion winner of SCA winners dog & best of winner's dog he has many other wins & my girl Kianna * Calling All Angels * also a champion winner...I love them lots & lots.
I have a private healing practice ...I am a Reiki Master & Vibrational Spiritual Aromatherapist co-creating vibrational healing blends with the energies of oils, crystals, animals, angels etc. I work with different modalities of healing for the Mind, Body,& Spirit & vibrational healing for animals as well. I have more about what I do on my profile.

But the one thing I always struggle with is my weight so I am hoping that being on NS will help. I was going to try Jenny Craig but I don't like their sales tactics and not getting any info before you talk to them thanks...know that routine. And then I heard about NS, I was so worried about what the food tasted like and read so many negative things about how it tasted that I hesitated but then I also found good reviews too so I said ..what the heck let me try it.
And I am glad I did its not that bad at all some stuff I really like and a few I would never get again but for the most part I can definitely deal with this.

Sno seem to have lost a lot of weight so far and I am just not having any luck or the reults I thought I would, I have hardly lost any weight in 2 weeks and I am also doing the treadmill almost every day for 40-45mins. I only lost as far as I know now 4lbs. although I am losing inches but still....I didn't weigh myself the first 4 days so don't know what I really started at but I usually lose fast and I cannot figure this out or what's happining here, my friend lost 10lbs so far and I would be happy if I did too...oh well I won't give up I feel very determined to stay with this.
In Light~

:flow1: ~~~May You Always Find The Light Within You....So You May See The Light Around You~~~:df:

05-15-2007, 06:55 PM
Hi all,
Sorry I have not been around lately. Had to work over the weekend and I do either 12 hour or 16 hour shifts, so it is mostly sleep and work for me.
I am off today and having a good day. Down another pound for a total now of 11 pounds after 3 weeks on the plan...woohoo
Still loving it and still finding it easy. I am really liking some of the foods. Like you Sno I have to eat the fruit and veggies, althou I don't every day. I will "plug" up if I don't eat them 5 or 6 times a week thou.
I love bananas in my cereal, I grow apple bananas so always have a ready supply. I also have mango, papaya, avocado and pineapple growing in my yard so I always have ready fruit, and fresh!
I am now in a size 12 and feeling great. My goal is for a size 6 to 8, so I am half way there....woohoo!
Deerhealer, your job sounds really intersting. I am a registered nurse :)
I also have two dogs, Sadie and Zachary. Sadie is a Llasha Aspo (?) and Zachary is a american cocker spaniel.....I love them to pieces. I also have a crazy cat, Leilani.
One son, grown and married who just bless me with a darling baby grand daughter. My life my joy.
Have a good day.
Happy losing.
One day one step at a time.

05-15-2007, 09:15 PM
Hi Deer and Island:

good to hear from you.

Deer: yes I lost lots of weight--14 lbs in the first 16 days. I lost 7 lbs in the first 4 days! (so maybe you lost more than you thought!) But also I was eating like no tomorrow for the two weeks leading up to the arrival of my food. I was so scared at the idea of what seemed like a very radical diet that I had to have my favorite foods as much as possible. So I probably gained 10 lbs in those two weeks!! Then going on NS was like a big cleanse for me. Also--remember that different people lose differently at different times. I usually have a big weight loss up front and then lose very slowly.
You could also consult with the diet counselors and let them know what you are eating and see if you are doing the plan right--they have it free on Nutrisystems website.

However, losing 4lbs in the first two weeks is great and you say inches are coming off too? Cant argue with that. the numbers are not the only arbiter of success. As we go on I know my loss will slow down and I will hit plateaus etc and then just staying on plan will be the big success. Finding a plan that we can stick with is the big deal. I have a big test this weekend--I am going to visit my family which is usually the big feast. I am planning on staying 100% on plan because I want my weight loss really bad! So we'll see how I do.

Reiki very cool. Being a healer is hard--amazing how many healers are large in size! I have been a psychotherapist for many years and I am currently on stress leave. Losing weight is imperative for me because I have been having problems like with my knees because of overweight--which makes it so I cant exercise. Exercise is necessary for me to heal. So I am working on my physical as well as emotional health right now.

Island: I envy you the fresh fruit--I have been to Hawaii many times and usually live on fruit when I am there because it just tastes so fantastic--and having it in your yard is wonderful!

Take care everyone--we are doing great!


05-15-2007, 09:15 PM
Islandgrrl – when you go MIA I figure you are working those dreadful hours. I cannot imagine how you manage long hours like that on your feet. I could never do it.

A grandbaby!! How fun, I have one living in NY State and one on the way. It would be a lot more fun if they lived closer to home but by being so far away I’m always the “favorite” grandma, aunt, etc. The only time they see you are on holidays so you are associated with all the good things in life and none of the bad.

Deerhealer – what part of NY State? I was born in Watertown and was raised in the Fingerlake Region. Currently my daughter is living near the Adirondack Region.

Have a nice evening ladies,

05-17-2007, 02:55 PM
Hi everyone:

hows that nutrasystem going? I just got my new order and am just about to open it--I am going to return some items too. Yum--cant wait!

Lost another pound today--my stall finally broke--yipee! So now I am down 15 lbs. I hope I get one more pound this week to hit my goal of 2 lbs per week.

I put some fresh chives and parmesan in my eggs this morning--pretty good!

Friday I leave for my trip to visit the folks. I am still nervous. I tend to do some emotional eating when I visit them--but not this time!! Send me some good vibes people! I want to stay 100% on plan.


05-17-2007, 04:41 PM
Love the will power dust sno, I could use it some times. Just have a nice trip and enjoy the visit and don’t stress too much about the food. The less importance you put on eating the less damage will occur. I typically do great on the trip itself and then fall flat on my face when I get back. So don’t forget that when you get back you will need to be thinking about how good it will be to be back in total control of your environment.

I’m doing pretty good, I’m loving the ease of the program. I really don’t struggle a lot during the day, I eat my breakfast and lunch at work. The breakfast bars are nice to bring in and have with a cup of coffee in the AM and then lunch at noon. If I’m really hungry I will have some fruit or yogurt in the afternoon. My most difficult time is evenings so I eat dinner with a huge serving of veggies. I don’t measure veggies, I figure it would be pretty difficult to gain wait eating veggies as long as they aren’t loaded with sauces or butter and aren’t a starch such as corn and better to eat them then to start craving something to snack on during the evening. After dinner I will go ahead and make myself a “Frappucino” (1/2 cup fat free milk, 4 tsps of fat free, sugar free, international coffee, 1 package of Splenda and 4-5 ice cubes, blend with stick blender until thick and frothie), after I finish my coffee then about 8:30 - 9:00 pm I will have my NS dessert/snack and shortly after that head to bed. If I’m munching on planned things in the evening then I don’t get into the roaming around just wanting something to nibble on. So far so good.

Have a safe trip if you don’t get to post before you leave.

05-17-2007, 10:44 PM
Hi guys:

I got my order today and so I have lots of great food to choose from to bring along on my trip. I think I will bring yogurt because I kinda depend upon yogurt to keep me from being hungry--I get the plain yogurt and put splenda and vanilla in it. I also have lotsa apples and bars. I am set.

It was busy--had my eyebrows waxed, went to the library, did a lot of laundry and got some pajama tank tops. Made returns. Post office. Phew! Now I am going to relax.

Evangeline:(I love that name--how do you pronounce the "line" part of it?) I like your after dinner drink--that sounds good. I usually load up on salad at dinner and like to put olives in it for my fat. then I get my dessert bar after I have done all my exercises.

Have a great weekend all--talk to you on Monday!

05-18-2007, 02:26 AM
Hi all,
Just a quick note between shifts. Sno have a great time away, don't stress the food, just eat you meals as planned and if you have a slip remember to brush yourself off and get back in the saddle, you can do it, you are my inspiration.
You know Evangaline, I have been nursing for so many years now, working the sh*tty shifts, having to deal with death and trauma, I cannot see myself doing anything else. I truly love it even on days when I think I cannot do another day. Cannnot face another car wreck, broken body etc. I cry on the way home and then I come back again. Why? Because there will always be someone else who need help :)
Maybe that is why so many caregivers are overweight. We are so busy caring for other we don't care for ourselves. We insulated out bodies and hearts with fat to keep out the pain and hurts. No what? Doesn't work, we still feel, so time to let go of the fat and feel:hug:
I am still on program, doing okay. Did have a Fat Boy last night when the ice cream was passed around at work. Normally I would have said no, but just finished working a horrid code and I need the sugar, the comfort, so I said yes with no quilt. Hmmm, another! Duh! We all know that :)
Talk to you soon, and happy losing.
Enjoy Sno, and talk to you all really soon.

05-18-2007, 08:42 PM
Sno – Thank you, I like it too even if I have to spell it everytime I give it out. What is even worse is I have to spell my last name too and it is 8 letters long . It is pronounced E van gel lean

Thank you,

05-18-2007, 08:46 PM
Islandgrrl – my hat is off to you and all the RNs. You would think with all the time you are on your feet it wouldn’t be possible to be overweight. Myself, on the other hand, sit at a computer the entire day, get virtually no exercise and should be even larger then I am.

I’ve been giving some thought on what I could do when I start stressing to offset the desire to eat. Overeating, for me, is actually less about food and eating and more about using my hands/arms to do something because I feel almost panicky. I eat to try to comfort when what I REALLY want to do is burn of the anxiety. I don’t believe stress balls would do anything for me because the feeling is in my arms and legs more then hands. I have been thinking that having something I could throw around might help. Hitting some golf balls would be ideal but the ground in the backyard is stone covered and would destroy my clubs and by the time I went to the driving range the feeling would pass and a bag of cookies will be missing. :devil: A punching bag would be a good thing if I had a place to put it. :boxing: Anyway, just one of those things I’ve been mulling over in my mind.


05-19-2007, 08:08 PM
Hiya all
EofAZ boy can I relate to what you are saying. I have often thought a punching bag would be a good thing, or take up kick boxing :)
It is a sad fact that the majority of nurses are overweight. I think because we are caregivers, work long hours and not good hours and our diets consist of junk food eaten on the run. I cannot remember the last time I was able to sit and eat a meal at work. Usually just grab a bite as you run by, food gets cold and unappetizing and eaten only for the sake of the energy you need to finish the shift. So it is easier to grab a cookie, chocolate bar etc.
And caffiene sodas are our life line :)
I think we also use our fat to insulate our feelings. I know that I do. I eat for comfort, I also have found comfort in my fat. Comfort from broken relationships, broken hearts, sexual abuse as a child. Food has been my one true friend, never letting me down, but then became my addiction. So now I am finding it hard to leave my comfort....but I will and I am determined to beat this.
I just finished working 32 hours out of the last 48 hrs. and I am tired and beat but also elated cause I did not cheat, did not have that comfort food, I stayed strong :D
Now I have a weekend off, and hope that I can get thru the weekend. Wish me luck

05-21-2007, 09:46 PM
Hi Islandgrrl – I can see what you are talking about. Nurturers do put everyone else ahead of their own needs. I’ve been just a Mom all my life but I am much more in my comfort zone if I’m caring for children or spouses. Also with childhood abuse you have a tendency to want to hide behind your size. For instance if men don’t find you physically attractive then you will be less likely of being singled out for abused again. You don’t want the extra unsolicited attention you were getting as a child and so you put up a fortress around yourself. i.e. fat for us To this day I have difficulty walking into a room that have the women out numbered by men but at least if I’m over weight they won’t give me a second thought so it is protection. It’s kind of funny but when I was in my late 20’s early 30’s my girlfriends DH’s like to have me going “out to the bars with the girls”. The knew there wasn’t going to be any monkey business if I was there because one look from me could shut down guys evening thinking about approaching our table. My Mom use to call it “The Look”. My daughter is an electricians and she can give “The Look” very well too. Shuts those construction workers right up, quick as can be, geez when I was her age I couldn’t even walk past a construction sight much less work on one.

Keep up the good work.

I got jammed up this weekend a little, ended up going out to a restaurant on Saturday unexpectedly and wasn’t prepared. I tried to make wise choices but ended up caving in and eating most of everything on my plate. Now Sunday I knew we were going to be at Peter Pipers Pizza for a party so I psyched myself up, decided what I was going to have ahead of time (a salad) and stuck to my guns. I had lunch before we went and dinner as soon as I got home. It was not easy because the pizza looked so good but taking the time to look it up on the website and figuring out that each little piece had 300 calories really helped me with my resolve. I was down ½ lb from last week which I think would have been more if not for Saturday but at least I didn’t gain.

Don’t work to hard,

05-22-2007, 12:36 PM
Hi all:

stuck to my goal and lost 2 lbs last week did fine at folks too. Will post more later--gotta run!


05-22-2007, 03:53 PM
:bravo: Way to go Sno, heck I wasn't out of town and messed up on Saturday :eek: but got right back on the horse Sunday. Was still down 1/2 lb so I'm not so unhappy.

Welcom back.

05-23-2007, 03:17 AM
Hi guys:

it sounds like there was some falling off the wagon but that is part of the game too--just getting right back on and making it a habit is part of lifetime weight stability.

Some good conversation about caregivers. sometimes I think those who give to others fell deprived and food is way of filling that depletion that naturally occurs for healers. Just a thought.

Going out of time was great--no problems stayed right on plan. Just ate my food that I brought and supplemented with lettuce and zucchini. I feel more confident and it feels great to stay on target with my goals.

Take care!


05-23-2007, 05:16 PM
Well I will be practicing this weekend. I've put my food into 4 individual plastic boxes and I'm thinking about just putting them in the trunk and that be that. Just day to day I find my choices will change from what I was planning to what actually happens at the end of the day so I think for the sake of flexibility I'm just going to take my food with me and that way I'm prepared for anything that comes along. I already plan on stopping at the grocery store an picking up fresh veggies and fruits, some frozen berries and skim milk. That way if we don't get beyond the pool in the back yard I won't have to worry. So often once I there then I don't feel like sticking my nose out again so if I walk in with everything I need I should be good to go.

I'm actually looking forward to the challenge. I even just shot her an e-mail checking to see if they ever go there bowflex. I'm taking some workout video's with me and I want to know if I should throw in a few dumbbells. She was always my workout partner when we lived closer and I'm going to make sure we don't just sit around all weekend.


05-23-2007, 07:58 PM
I'm back :)
Wow, what a week. I was suppose to have the weekend off and then one of the supervisor's husbands went into respiratory failure and is in ICU on the vent and I had to work her much for my weekend. And then with the doubles I have been doing and the extra shifts on the weekend, I am exhausted and the diet went to **** in a hand basket.
Comfort foods, chocolate etc....
So now I feel bloated and guilty and awful. My cloths feel tight and I know most is water gain as my body is in full blow survival mode which it does when I get little sleep and am working too much and on my feet all the time.
I am not even going to weigh myself right now because that will just depress me even more even thou I know it is not a true weight.
So I had two days of totally pig out, hotdogs, ice cream and chocolate!!!!
But I am back on program now. Have a two days off and then back for a 16 hour on Friday and then 12 hours on Sat and Sun....All this and home renovations...sheesh
Well now that I have cried in my water :) time to pull up my big girl panties and get back at it.
Really so true regarding body image and surrounding ourselves with fat as a protective barrier. I know that I still do that. When I walk into a room of people I walk with my head down. Still do, not sure why. If people at work knew how I felt inside they would be surprised cause I come off so confident and sure, but I am anything but...the only saving grace is that I am damn good at my job. Sometime that is the only thing that keeps me safe and strong, cause I sure am mush inside :)
EofAZ and Sno, you are both doing so give me inspiration.
Talk later

05-23-2007, 09:35 PM
Islandgrrl -- I don't know how to do quotes on this thing so I'm just going to copy and paste what Mel was commenting on today in the Ladies Who Lift thread (I love to weight lift, it just feels soooo good).

Mel posting to one of the other members: "I can easily "gain" 5 pounds in 3 days which is why I wait at least 4 days after eating too much salt or carbs before I weigh myself. That kind of gain is NOT fat and it will be probably be gone before you leave for NY! have a good time and don't fret it"

Mel is one of my hero’s here at 3FCs; she's one of the personal trainers who frequent the site. She has 5 years at or under goal.

Now, personal experience, when I went to visit my daughter I got way off plan, just lost control of where and when I would eat and was really discouraged when I came back and weighed in. BUT I was shocked at how quickly it just dropped right back off, I went up over 4 lbs and right back down 5 all in one week. SO either just stay away from the scale or if you choose to weigh in be prepared to be amazed at how fast you recover from your food fest.

You know how the program works so stop and focus on how much better you feel when you are eating NS and if you start craving the refined carbs just really put a mental image in your mind of how very much better you feel when you don't eat the ____ (fill in the blank). Coming off the refined carbs may be a little struggle so make a plan in your head how to handle your cravings and rehearse your plan a couple of times. The more often you resist the temptation the easier it becomes.

If you need help and Sno or I aren’t here quick enough then go over to Maintenance and read the Best of the Maintainer’s Sticky. There is so much motivation and encouragement there you will simply not believe. If you haven’t read any of Meg’s stuff she is my other hero on this site. You will understand why if you read her anniversary posts to begin with.

Take care,

05-23-2007, 10:41 PM
Hi guys!

Island--I think getting off plan and then right back on is the name of the game. It follows that there will be times that we are tempted to eat more than we should and the quicker we get back in stride the quicker the weight will come off. I know from my past behavior it is so easy to just give up and immerse myself in the lovely comfort of eating whatever comes my way. But in the end it just doesnt work for me--the final straw for me is the health problems that go with being massive--my knees, my feet etc.

Plus the embarassment of not fitting in chairs in public. The ultimate embarassment was almost not fitting into my seat belt on a plane--I was barely able to fasten the belt and I really had to sweat to get it on and it hurt--but I wasnt going to ask the stewardess for an extender, no way! My husband asked me if I was okay and I just said I was fine but I just was mortified!

I know you can do it and just reminding yourself of the reasons why is part of the deal. Take care and keep us posted! You need some extra tlc--how about a massage or something?


05-24-2007, 12:27 PM
Sno--I can so relate to the seatbelt, that exact image is one of the things that keeps me focused. I made an emergency trip to NY and struggled with the seatbelt. I will be flying back again in September and hopefully I will have lost enough by then to not have to worry about it fitting around me.

Have a good weekend if I don't pop in again.

05-24-2007, 07:42 PM
Sno and Evangaline,
You guys are the best. You are right, I can gain five pounds in a day, and then lose it the next...isn't wonderful being a woman and having the problems with water weight, hormones etc :)
I am feeling better after reading your notes to me and your encouragement.
I will look up the maintenance boards and look for more inspiration.
I am off today and back tomorrow for another 16 hour shift. But I do feel rested and ready to tackle the NS again.
Thanks guys, you truly are what I need in my life right now.

05-25-2007, 12:55 PM
Hi everyone!

Island--good for you--it takes more guts to keep going than it does to just give up. You are doing it!

My week is going pretty good--I got out of synch with my exercise routine when I went out of town and was kinda sluffing off--finally got it together yesterday. It is also kinda hot here so it makes exercise less attractive--but the good news is I have lost two lbs so far this week! Yay!

Have a great weekend and keep the nutrasystem going.


05-30-2007, 02:03 AM
Hi all:

howzit going? I am doing really well--I worke din the garden for two hours yesterday and lost another pound.

I am getting low on some of the foods--I am waiting for my exchanges to arrive. The only desserts I have left are the caramel chocolate bars--I am getting a little sick of those.

Keep me posted!


05-30-2007, 04:45 PM
Hi Sno & Islandgrrl,

I tried to post on Monday but for some reason couldnít get it to take, finally gave up and I havenít had a chance to get back since.

I did pretty good on my trip to Vegas, had one evening that I felt a little awkward about eating NS. My girlfriend had another girl that stayed with them for a while before she got married. He Mom and Dad were visiting and she wanted to bring them over to meet my GF. They were from Russia so my GF wanted to make them a typical American meal right down to the apple pie. I went ahead and had what my GF prepared, but focused on the veggies, salad and one servicing of meat. Had about 1/8 cup of mashed potatoes (just enough to taste) and skipped the pie and ice cream. The only thing I really felt bad about was she had butter on the veggies and I had no way of avoiding that short of fixing separate for myself. In the other meals I did just that but like I said I felt a little awkward with the other guests. Over all I was down a little over 2 lbs for the week so Iím happy with my choices. I got up the next day and was right back on plan 100% AND she had a new bowflex so I got to play with that while I was there and actually exercised!:carrot:

Iíve been doing this long enough now that Iím really starting to get into a rhythm. I donít have to think too much about what I need to buy at the grocery. Usually for me itís a package of frozen veggies for each day, a bag of salad, a couple of fruits a day and my ff milk. Depending on my mood I might get some yogurt or cottage cheese. The longer I use NS the better I feel and the better I like it. :D

Have a good day ladies,

05-31-2007, 09:38 AM
Evangeline and Sno
Wow, you two are doing great. I have been working so much food is low on my list of priorities.
I am lucky if I get my cereal and my dinner in with a fruit or two.
And of course I have avoided the scale like the plaque cause of the survival mode my old body is in.
I have three days in a row of next week and I will hopefully be able to see what damage I have done to myself :)
Take care and I will keep checking in to see how ya'll are doing and to let you know how I am.

05-31-2007, 01:57 PM
Hello ladies!

I agree with you Evangeline--I have really gotten into a rhythm with it too. It is just second nature to eat this way. I make sure I have my yogurt with vanilla and stevia in it, a salad spinner with lettuce in it, and apples, and I am good to go. On days I go to town I get my starbucks in stead of lunch and snack dairy.

Its been 5 weeks and 3 days and I have now lost 20 lbs! It feels so good. :carrot:

Congrats on staying on plan in Vegas--that sounds really hard!!

Island--dont sweat it--you have been under so much stress. It will be good to get some days off so you can get back on track. Stress has always been the number one reason for weight gain in my past. Stay with it--I know you can do it!

Have a great day everyone!

05-31-2007, 05:40 PM
Way to go Sno! You have got to be so happy. Iím holding my breath because I c o u l d make my 20 lbs by Monday, Iím very very close but you never know with these scales. I could end up retaining water and be up a lb. I can definitely move better, my knees just arenít hurting as much as they were. I have bone on bone arthritis in them and being this heavy really does a job on them. My clothes are also fitting better, Iím very busty and it is nice to be able to get my dress coats closed again. Also my jeans are easier to fasten. Iím probably down a size, I just refused to buy anything in the next size and I was busting out of what I was wearing. It just feels good to have things fit again.

Islandgrrl Ė During your dayís off you should sit down and try to plan out what you will take and how you will pack it for the days that you are at work. That way you will be armed when work gets so busy. One thing Iíve done is I know I will eat my breakfast at work so I order the breakfast bars and have them with a cup of coffee and a piece of fruit at my desk and on Tuesdays I have a meeting that I will be in most of the afternoon and of course you can bet someone will need my help preparing for the meeting during lunch. So I plan on having a lunch bar each Tuesday. If I get to busy I will just take it with me into the meeting. The bars are a good way to keep on track when life is just to darned busy to eat properly. If you are working a 12 hours shift you could have milk as a fat free latte on the way to work, in 2 hours your breakfast bar, then in 2 hours a piece of fruit, in 2 hours your lunch bar and a V8, in 2 hours a yogurt or cottage cheese, in 2 hours a snack bar and when you get home your supper and a big pile of veggies. If I counted right you would still have a dairy available to fill in as a carton of milk with one of the bars or as another latte. It wouldnít be the most wonderful way but if you are just too busy to eat, this would keep your body nourished when you are to busy. Keeping your energy up will help you not only lose weight but it will help you stay focused and just plain feel better, emotionally and physically. The bars can just fit in your pocket so you can grab it when you need to refortify your energy and replace it as you get a chance. This really is the ideal way to work the program but if you can do this rather then skipping meals then when you have days off you can just relax and enjoy actually fusing and eating the entrees. Just try it for one day and see if it is do able and if you have to get yourself 3 or 4 lunch boxes and on your day off pack each one with what you will need so on your 12 hour days all you have to do is grab the next one and head out the door and then when you have a snack the next time you are walking near your locker grab your next bar and put it back in your pocket so you arenít caught short.

I wondered why they made so darned many bars but it may very well be to help people like yourself.

Hang in there Islandgrrl.

06-01-2007, 02:27 PM
Hi everyone. DH and I have been on NS for about 5 weeks. I've lost 7 lbs, which I'm very happy with. It's so easy to do. It takes about 6 minutes to prepare dinner, and since DH has a lot of nighttime meetings, he can take an entree with him and heat it up at the office. I love the simplicity of preparing meals.

06-01-2007, 03:32 PM
I'm with you Janice, I just love the ease of preparation. I started the program the first part of April and I'm down 18 lbs so far. I was stressing so much about my weight that I feel like I'm on vacation and all the stress has been removed and as an added bonus my clothes are starting to fit better.

Life is good.

06-01-2007, 04:44 PM
Hi all;

I agree--life is good! It is so wonderful to feel confident about solving this problem I have tussled with for so long.

Janice--my hubby and I are both on the program too--it really helps that we are eating the same thing. He has been just kinda following the program and has lost 12 lbs in the last 6 weeks--I have been following it assiduously and have lost 20. He only has about 30 lbs to lose anyway. We are now walking together and planning meals to gether. It is nice!

Evangeline--tee-hee speaking off bars--they make them for me too! I just got a special deal on two cases of bars on Ebay. I got one case of fudge graham and one case of chocolate peanut butter both for lunch. I actually love the bars--with a salad and a piece of string cheese I feel like I have had a special lunch. And my snack of fruit and yogurt is not far off. My hubby loves the bars too. When I go out to lunch with a friend I bring my dressing and a bar, order a salad without dressing and an herb tea and eat my bar--I totally dont feel deprived and I can go out to lunch too. And on the days I get a starbucks nonfat sugarfree cinnamon dolce latte instead of my breakfast and lunch protein, I feel like I have had a special treat!


06-01-2007, 04:45 PM
The new pants I got for myself two weeks ago are already getting looser! I am wishing I got the next size down!

06-01-2007, 07:09 PM
I'm with you Janice, I just love the ease of preparation. I started the program the first part of April and I'm down 18 lbs so far. I was stressing so much about my weight that I feel like I'm on vacation and all the stress has been removed and as an added bonus my clothes are starting to fit better.

Life is good.

We are doing 5 days on with weekends off. One thing I've noticed is that I've gotten back into the habit of eating healthy on the weekends. We usually follow South Beach on the weekends. Also, we don't drink nearly as much - confine drinking my favorite beverage - wine - only on the weekends. ;) I'm down to where I was last summer, so at least my summer clothes will fit until I lose some more.

06-02-2007, 09:45 PM
Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Janice--you are brave going off on the weekends--I think I would be scared that it would get out of control!

Hey guys, do you think it would be cool if we sent each other buddy bucks? I mean it would save us some money on our next order, right?


06-03-2007, 03:28 PM
Sno, the buddy bucks would be cool but I suspect they are for new clients only. AND I checked the scale this morning and if it is reading right I will make my 20 lb mark tomorrow during my "official" weigh-in. My scale is difficult so I always make sure i weigh the same two days in a row before i believe the scale. Like on Thursday I was up a lb:fr: but I didn't panic. I checked the scale the next day and it was gone plus some so right now I've lost 20lbs but I'll believe it if it shows up again tomorrow. :dizzy:

Janice -- I started ordering through QVC on the weekends off program but never did do the weekends off. After a couple of weeks I replaced it with the 28 day plan and ended up now switched to ordering direct from NS so I could select my own meals.

My DH is one of those people who wishes he could gain a little weight, if he gets on the scale and his weight is down he is as unhappy as I am when I gain. He is ultra supportive because he knows how I struggle and if I walk through the door at night over tired (a red flag for me tired and hungry are a bad combination) he'll fix his own meal so I can focus on mine. I'll fix some veggies while he grills a steak and we will share the veggies and each eat our own entree. I also keep frozen entrees for him in the freezer so he can grab one when I'm burned out at the end of the day (it happens alot).

06-04-2007, 02:11 PM
Hi Evangeline:

wow--I have just lost a bunch of weight this week--I was holding steady at 2 lbs a week and this week I lost 5 lbs! I am so pleased--now I have lost 23 lbs altogether in 6 weeks on nutrisystem. I get worried sometimes because it is going so easily--like the catch will come.

Good job on your weight loss--hard to have a deceptive scale. I finally broke down and bought a new one--I went to bed and bath and tried all the scales--getting on and off and then on again to see which ones weighed me most consistently. I settled on a thinner scale which was only about 20 bucks and it has been really consistent!

Thats cute about your DH--I cant relate to wanting to gain but it must be hard. My hubby was getting kinda slack on nutrisystem but now he is back on track. He has lost 13 lbs since we started but he has only 30 total to lose.

Lets try to buddy bucks--after all--if it doesnt go thru, no problem. We can exchange e-mails in a private message or something.

Have a great nutrisystem week!


Island--hope you are well!

06-04-2007, 04:01 PM
Hello. Would love to join this group. I just ordered my NS today. I was doing South Beach for 2 weeks, with only a 2# loss. I think the stress is getting to me. So...trying this out. I have a few friends that have had success, so now it is my turn!
Hopefully, everything will be here by the end of the week. My fiance is doing the first month with me as moral support. I am hoping to lose 25#s in 4 months for our wedding. Keeping the fingers crossed!

06-04-2007, 05:11 PM
:welcome3: Welcome to the thread H4G Ė I just love this program. The only thing I caution you on is to not listen to what other people think about the food. Different people have different tastes and something that may not appeal to you may be really yummy to someone else. Also something you didnít care for at first may taste really good after a couple of months. You get away from craving salt & sugar and the taste of everything changes. I canít believe how wonderful fruit and veggies taste to me now.

If you should visit the NS boards there are a lot of people who like to talk about the things they donít like. The fact is there is so much variety that you donít need to like everything to find foods you do enjoy. I was so sure I would not want to use the chocolate milk because it wouldnít be satisfying so I didnít order it but I got it in with my free food. Oh my gosh, I just love that, I blend it with a few frozen strawberries and it is like having a big dish of soft service ice cream.

If you havenít already gotten one from the friends you mentioned send Sno or I a private message with your e-mail address and we will get you a coupon to use on your first order. It is $30 and worth fussing with.

Twenty-five pounds is very doable, you may not loose as fast as Sno and I are because you donít have as much to loose but it you follow the program 1.5 lbs a week would put you right at goal in 4 months.

Sno Ė Woo Hoo on the 5 lbs. :congrat: Geez girl you are just flat melting away! Iím down a total of 20.2 lbs since Apirl 9th so Iím not unhappy. My scale did jump back up this morning but it was still a 2 lb loss from last week. Iíve been thinking about getting a new scale, this one calculates your body fat, water and weight for up to like 5 people but you usually need to take the best 2 out of 3 weights.:goodscale I use to go to Weight Watcherís and by doing the 2 out of 3 thing I normally matched right on with the Weight Watcherís scale so if you know itís tricks it is accurate and because of that Iím having trouble justifying buying a new one.

I have to agree, this program is the easiest thing Iíve ever done in my life. I feel absolutely no stress; the weight is just going away with almost no effort.

Islandgrrl Ė If you get to check in on us, I wanted to tell you there is a thread on the NS Website of RNs on NS that work 12 hour shifts. I was thinking if you checked in over there you might get some good ideas on how to balance your program while working your long hard hours.

06-04-2007, 07:31 PM

:welcome: glad to have you here. Your 25 goal weight loss is very doable--like evangeline says you probably wont lose as fast as people who have a lot to lose--I started with needing to lose 98lbs. But you should lose it all in four months particularly with the fiancee helping. I think they say you will lose an average 1% of your total weight per week.

I prepared myself mentally to think it would be like airplane food and I found I liked it but more importantly it is working for me and helping me to get used to smaller portions. I also am getting used to having a lost of salads which keep me from getting hungry. It is very healthy I think. Also, I think both eve and I can send you coupons--the more the merrier right?

If you have any questions on the plan let us know--some of it can be a little confusing.

Eve: I think a nice steady 2lbs weight loss is the most desirable. I get suspicious when I lose 5 lbs because in the past I would then go into a stall and not lose anything for several weeks. Still I am happy for today to get below 240.

Have a wonderful nutrisytem day!


06-05-2007, 11:36 AM
Thanks for the welcome!

I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have struggled so long so I am nervous that I will continue. But excited, because I think it will help with the overeating. Make sense?

Anyone care to share some meal plans? The extra fruit, veggies, dairy scares me a bit.


06-05-2007, 12:39 PM
Hi healthy:

I had the same reaction at first but then you get into how healthy all that is:

Here is a typical day for me:

1 liter of water before breakfast

Bk: nutrisystem cereal with milk or bar
1 cup yogurt with berries or raisins
herb tea

1 liter of water before lunch

L: ns entree
salad with lf dressing
string cheese

snk: cottage cheese with applesauce

1 liter of water before dinner

d: ns entree
salad lf dressing with 5 olives or fruit
steamed broccoli or tomato juice

after I do my evening exercises--dessert bar

On some days I will save two of my dairy servings--from breakfast and lunch usually and have a nonfat sugerfree cinnamon dolce latte from starbucks--a great treat.

Also I have learned to always have washed and cut lettuce in the fridge and then I can just take it out the lettuce, measure out the dressing and I am done!

All my friends know that when I go out to lunch I will only have salad with lite dressing (I bring my own for backup) and I bring a lunch bar,or I meet them for a starbucks. If I am going to be gone all afternoon I will also put a string cheese and an apple in my purse in case I get hungry for my snack.

Good luck! Keep us posted. You can also do things like a have celery for the salads. one time I went to a bbq and I grilled zucchini and put hot sauce on it--that was really good!


06-05-2007, 08:40 PM
My typical day is first thing I have a mug of water. (this is just the way I am I always wake up thirsty and I donít allow myself anything else to drink until I have 16 oz of water. (pre NS it would probably have been a diet coke or two) I have a coffee machine that makes lattes so that is how I have my breakfast milk.

I drink a 16 oz bottle of water when I drive to work, (I have a long commute).

When I get to work I will have a cup of coffee with a NS breakfast bar and some fruit. Typically a banana, peach, apple or pear. I almost all the breakfasts but this is just easy to carry to work and have with a cup of coffee, not unlike having a donut.

Lunch: Is a salad, FF dressing, and an entrťe. I can burn out on salad easy so a lot of the time I will pick a pasta entrťe and have that served on a bed of lettuce. I probably eat half of my salads as a bed for my entrťe. During lunch I fit in another bottle of water (16 oz). If Iím having tuna or chicken salad I add a few more onions and stuff tomatoes with it.

Afternoon: I will have some cottage cheese using my snack dairy and Ĺ of my lunch dairy so I can have a larger serving. If I had a whole banana at breakfast then I donít have another fruit here but if I didnít I will add pineapple or berries. I also may decide to have yogurt here, all depends on my mood. Iíve been known to make a smoothie but the kitchenette I use at work is in the conference center so if there are meetings going on I canít really run my stick blender.

Dinner: I usually fix a package of frozen veggies and split with my spouse Iíll have my entrťe (some times on a bed of lettuce). I use ICBINB Spray to season the veggies or some of the sauce from my entrťe. (Yesterday I had the barbeque and rice and just used some of the barbeque on my green beans for a little seasoning.) I rarely have salad for supper unless Iím making a taco salad with my taco fixing. Iím more likely to drink a V8 while Iím fixing my DHís entrťe. I also nibble on 6 almonds while Iím cooking (my fat). I also have another large glass of water with my meal (16 oz).

I use the other Ĺ of my dairy left over from lunch to make an after dinner drink:
Ĺ cup ff milk
4 tsp of ff/sf international coffee
1 pkg of splenda
Blend with stick blender adding ice until desired thickness.

Or if Iíve saved a fruit during the day Iíll leave out the coffee and blend some yogurt with frozen strawberries or a fruit blend for a smoothie. These I will sip while relaxing after dinner.

My NS Snack is saved as a reward just before I go to bed, those chocolate bars make me feel like Iím cheating they are just so wonderful. I donít just eat those because I donít want to burn out on them but they really do make you feel like you arenít even close to being on a diet.

I have most of my struggle when I get home and Iím tired so Iíve stacked a lot of fixing and nibbling after work (i.e. dinner/after dinner drink/snack) I get home after 6:00 pm and am usually heading to bed between 8:30 and 9:00 pm. I'm a morning person and get up early bright eyed and ready to start the day. Because of this I typically schedule my exercising before work, along with any household chores I plan on getting done during the week. I have a lot more control during the day so that is where I keep the meals lighter. I have cookies and candy sitting at my desk for visitors and I have no desire to have any but if I walked into the house with them sitting on my coffee table during the evening and I was tire, even if they were some I didnít like I would be into them because I was tired, not because I was hungry. For me it is all about feeling tired and then not wanting to think about what Iím putting in my mouth so as long as I have things ready to grab that donít offer me an option for a second serving then I can stick with it.

So take a look at your life style and see where it is best for you. Some people do better if they heat dinner for lunch and lunch for dinner and then donít eat anything after 6:00 or 7:00 pm. You need to take a look at yourself and see where you are your strongest and weakest and build your meals around that.

Also make sure you visit the NS boards. They have wonderful ideas on how to mix up your entrťes when you feel like fusing around with your meal a little more. There are a couple of recipes using the pancake mix that are really good and that is where I got the idea of adding onions to my tuna. Also a lot of women like to sautť onions and/or bell peppers to add to the entrees. This is a good way to get your veggies in and bulk up the volume of the entrťe. The NS boards are a wealth of information.

Hope some of this info helps.

06-07-2007, 10:06 AM
Food is scheduled for TODAY'S delivery!!! I can't wait to get home, and of course, I work a double today!!!!

Tomorrow starts my new healthy life!!!

06-07-2007, 02:01 PM
Thats great healthy! I really hope you enjoy the plan.

I got a new box of food yesterday which was nice because we were getting low on selection. I rearranged all the foods into the pantry so we could see what we have.

this week has been going very well--I am still staying 100% on plan and feel really good about it. Exercising and stretching are also consistent. I have almost no cravings anymore--just keeping it going with nutrasystem. Having the food planned for me just makes me choose within the range of the food on the plan, not outside it.

I got some fabulous raspberries at the farmers market today and cant wait to have some with yogurt!

Have a great day everyone!


06-11-2007, 05:24 PM
Ok Sno, I need some help/advise. How do I handle a trip this weekend to Disneyland? My Granddaughter is marching in the parade and we need to go see her. So we will be going to CA on Friday, spending Saturday and Disney and breakfast with my Step Daughter (Father's Day Breakfast) and then heading back home.

I've go a room with a microwave and refrig and that will cover Friday after we get there and I can probably even handle the breaksfast on Father's Day. But how do I keep up with everyone all day at Disney AND stay on plan. Hmmmm, maybe I could eat dinner for breakfast and then take breakfast and lunch and snack bars with me. I don't know if I will have access to salads and fruit at the park and I'm not certain how much they will allow me to carry in with me, I'll probably be lucky to get in with my NS bars.

I think I'll go home and see what dinner entree I have that could pass for a reasonable "brunch" meal.

Thx for letting me brainstorm.

06-11-2007, 05:56 PM
Hey everyone. So i have been reading all your guys comments and it is so encouraging to loose weight and everyone seems pleased with nutri system. How does the food really taste???

I just wanted to get some infomation before i buy. Thanks

06-11-2007, 10:18 PM
Hi Evangeline:

I think your plan sounds good! Also, you can take string cheese 1 for lunch and one for snack, and an apple. Having the microwave makes things easier. I seem to remember that disneyland had lockers for people to keep stuff? So you could put some of your food in there and your salad dressing.

Have a great time!


06-11-2007, 10:22 PM
Hi AKGurl:

well, I think it tastes good--but I prepped myself to think it would taste like airline food. I like almost all the breakfast except the apple granola bar. I really like the fudge graham bar and the peanut butter chocolate bar for lunch--I will probably still keep those around for when I dont have time for lunch after I am done. Some other faves are whipped potatoes with brocolli and cheese, split pea soup. For dinner I love the lasagne with meat sauce, the ravioli with meat sauce and the macaroni and cheese.

Good luck--and if you send me and Evangeline your e-mail address by private message we can both send you $30 coupons!

Take care and let us know how it goes!


06-12-2007, 03:55 PM
Hi AKGurl

I wouldnít recommend listening to what others say about the food, I did and when I finally tried it was surprised how much of it I liked. I could have been at maintenance if I hadnít listened to others.

It is not gourmet but it is nutritious and if you follow the program then you will lose weight. If you picture how a can of Franco American Spaghetti (with a lot less salt) compares to Olive Garden that is pretty much the difference between NS and home cooking. It tastes good but it wonít replace homemade and keep in mind that some of it tastes better to you then others. But then that goes the same for pizza, a thin crust hamburger pizza (my best friendís favorite) just doesnít compare to my favorite (deep dish with the works). I can eat the thin crust beef if we go to lunch together but I doubt that I will ever crave one.

The trade off is the convenience. It takes all the stress out of planning, measuring, counting points/calories. Another thing I like about it is you can eat it just as it is prepared or if you feel like fussing a little you can enhance it, for instance adding sautťed veggies to some of the dishes or taking the basic soups and adding more broth and veggies to them or using the Tacoís to make Taco Salad.

The only way you will know if it is right for you is to try it.

06-12-2007, 03:59 PM

My concern was that they would not allow me to carry in any food since it would conflict with their concession business. I figured my NS bars may not be detected but if I include fruits and cheese I may get challenged and then they may ban the NS bars too.


Will you send me a coupon, I read someplace that I could use it on my 2nd order and technically June is my second order with NS since I strated originally ordering through QVC. Anyway, I thought it would be worth a try since I noticed on my order edit page that there was a place to enter a special offer/coupon.


06-12-2007, 07:29 PM
Hello all,
I am back. I have been so busy and working so hard, and so totally off my diet that I feel like a dismal failure. I am bloated and puffy and really needing a pep talk
I was even thinking of quitting NS, feeling like I cannot do anything right, but today I woke up positive and pulled my big girl panties up and I am GOING TO DO IT
I have decided that I am not going to work so hard, life is too short and I am not the only supervisor at work, let some of the others pick up the OT once in a while. We don't get paid OT, we are salary so they won't work over their 40 hours a week, and I have been doing it all. So I talked to the DON and she is very aware of what was happening and she is going to put a stop to it. My problem is that I love my job, I love what I do, and I have always taken on more than I should so as not to burden others, but you know what? It hurts me, I over eat, don't sleep right ever, and never have time at home, so it stops now........
So please welcome me back, give my a pep talk and maybe this tiem I will not fail

06-12-2007, 10:08 PM
Hi all:

things are going well--I have been 100% on plan for 7 weeks and have lost 22lbs. :carrot: Doing more exercise--love my new hip hop abs dvd.

Island: Hang in there--I totally relate to what you are going thru. I was a supervisor at a clinic several years ago and adored my job. Then some people left and the administration dragged their feet hiring and I worked the overtime for too long and ended up having a breakdown. I have been off work now for 18 months. I know you can learn faster than me--I was too hardheaded and was not paying attention to the signs.

Putting our health first can be really hard in this age of career driven people. Having rest and a life makes the job better!! And you have to love your time off too or you are not in balance.

Too much stress makes it hard to diet--I know. I think it is great that you want to get back on the wagon so soon-it has only been a week or two that you have been off plan. I know you can do it. It is so worth it. Just think, if you lose two pounds a week you will lose all your weight for sure really fast.

Hang in there girl! We are rooting for you!:hug:

E: coupon has been sent!


06-13-2007, 11:13 AM

I am new to the board and new to Nutrisystem. I've been on it for 2 weeks and lost four pounds already. Keep in mind that things keep popping up for me, so I haven't had as much time to exercise as I should. I'm really happy with the program so far. I've only gotten a few duds in my order. (Stay away from the Microwavable chocolate cake!!!)

Since I'm happy with the food and the plan so far. I plan to renew for next month and the extra incentive is that they offer $30 off to first-timers with a coupon and to those renewing. If anyone wants to start and needs a coupon code, just let me know. Thanks!

06-13-2007, 03:10 PM
Islandgrrl Ė I am so very happy to ďseeĒ, I knew you were working yourself way to hard and was worried about how you were doing. Thank goodness you have come up for air and can regroup now.

Have you had a chance to visit the NS Boards and lookup some of the postings by the nurses on that site? I thought of you when I saw they were posting because I knew they would have some sound advice on how to build NS into your 12 hour shifts. I can make suggestions but the only time I ever worked long hours on a regular basis was because I worked 2 jobs and that is not the same as working 12 hours non-stop.

Doesnít it feel wonderful to be in control of things again, including your food choices? I love that feeling and once you feel in control everything else just sort of falls into place too.

Degrees89 Ė it sounds like you are really doing great. Isnít it amazing just how easy following the NS plan is? Every time I get on the scale I feel like I need to pinch myself, Iíve never lost weight so easily before. Keep up the good work.

Sno Ė thank you for the coupon, NS hasnít forwarded the number on yet but I will let you know when I get it. Are you having them send it to the TI or Comcast address?

06-13-2007, 04:36 PM
HI all:

Degrees--great to hear about your progress! I am not too fond of the microwave cake either. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

E: I had them send it to the comcast address. If you want give me your other address and I will send it to you again--maybe the spam filter got it.


06-13-2007, 07:26 PM
That's fine, I just didn't want to be sifting through the filters of both e-mail addresses. I prefer the Comcast address for personal stuff.

The cake isn't terrific but the other night I added a little couple of teaspoons of low fat peanut butter, a couple packets of splenda and a little more water (about 1/3 cup instead of 1/4 cup) and it was actually pretty yummy. So try doctoring it a little and you may find out a combination that is tasty.


06-13-2007, 09:30 PM
Hi all,
Well I had a much better day today. Managed to exercise, stay on program and feel better about myself.
I don't mind the chocolate cake, I add a touch of low fat whip creame to it and it satisfies my chocolate craving, althou my fav is the chocolate mint bar.
Evangeline, what msg boards are the other nurses on? If I do a search for nurses will they come up?
Thanks for all your encouragement, you all are the best. I am going to make an effort to be here every day even if working. Today was okay other than I had to get up at 6:30am to teach CPR....I also do that as well as work. And I am not used to getting up so early, that is usually just an hour or so away from my usual bed time :)
You all are doing so well on the NS program. I have to get my butt back in gear. I gained back 5 pounds so have a ways to go to be as good as you.
One thing I noticed is you use the bars. I never ordered them and found that when I got busy I didn't eat and then I was starving. So I went to Wal Mart and bought some bars. I got the NS chocolate fudge bar and today when teaching I had it for lunch with a Starbuck's sugar free vanilla latte with no fat milk. It worked, I was not starved, still not starved adn will have no problems waiting til supper time. I was letting myself get too hungry and too tired.
See you tomorrow. :)

06-13-2007, 10:08 PM
Hi Island

feels great to be back on plan, huh?

I totally would be having a problem if it was not for the bars. I keep a couple in my purse at alll times and my fave lunch is just what you had--except I get the cinnamon dolce sugar free syrup in my latte.

They have also been key because I love them so much--my fave is the fudge graham bars and the chocolate peanut butter. They taste so good I really enjoy my lunch and feel that I have had a treat!

Have a great day all


06-14-2007, 10:33 AM
Thanks for the tips on how to improve the chocolate cake. I have about 4 packs left and thought it was a shame to just get rid of them. One new item I tried yesterday was the Oatmeal Raisin cookie. I absolutely loved it! I also really loved the Double Chocolate Almond cookie. Mind you, I'm not really a sweets person.

Anyone have any tips on how to improve the Soy Chips? The only falvor I enjoyed was the BBQ one. To me, the rest tasted like peanut butter, which is not a flavor I like my chips to have.


06-14-2007, 01:47 PM
Hi all:

another wonderful nutrisystem day!

As for soy chips, I sent all mine back along with a few other things I didnt enjoy and exchanged them. It took a while but I figured that I should have the things I enjoy.

Take care!


06-14-2007, 03:10 PM
IslandGrrl Ė the thread I saw was under General Support and called ďRN's who work 12 hour shiftsĒ. There were several ladies chatting there for a while but it looks like the thread has quieted down but I would post to bring it back up to the top and see if anyone gets back to you. Sno and I are in the Christmas Club Challenge and they are a pretty fun bunch of people there to just help with ideas and motivations. I like coming here because it is more personal but the NS board has a lot of ideas to draw from but you can get lost in the crowd.

Hunger and fatigue are my worst enemies, that is why NS has been so helpful. When I get home and am just too tired to think about cooking the shelf stable entrťe can be ready in 90 seconds. If Iím really just to tired Iíll open a can of veggies but typically I have a package of frozen veggies that I can have ready in 4 minutes so dinner is on for me in 5 Ĺ minutes. My poor DH has to fend for himself on those nights, but I keep some frozen Italian dinners for him just for that purpose. I also plan ahead a lot and have his meals in the crockpot so I donít have to do much with his meal either. Sno turned me onto the bars for when sitting down to a regular meal at home isnít an option. In fact Iím going to Disneyland this weekend and Iím taking a variety of the bars with me so I have them to supplement my eating. I figured I would watch for anything fruit or veggie based to have with the otherís when they eat but having the bars with me will keep me from getting painted into a corner and having to eat something that just isnít going to work. Thank you Ms. Sno.

Degree Ė I donít h a t e the chips but they are not my favorite either. I usually keep a couple of bags on hand just in case I want something salty. Most of the time, however, if Iím having a hot dog, hamburger or ham sandwich I have the chips on the side because anyone else Iím eating with typically has fries or chips with there meal. It makes me feel less deprived and them more comfortable about eating in front of me. That is pretty much the only time I use them.

Well I probably wonít make it back online until next week so keep focused and wish me luck at Disneyland.

06-14-2007, 09:03 PM
Hi all, nice to meet you degree.
Sno and Evangeline nice to be back with you again.
The bars are a life saver, I too am starting to carry them with me. They are only 1.98 at WalMart! I dont like any of the soy chips at all, but keep the cheese crispers on hand for the burgers and dogs. Just seem to go better.
I am so glad to be back on plan and have also promised myself to not get on the scale a 100 times a day. My first weigh in will be next week.
I feel so much better, mood wise as well.
Thanks for the RN name E I will try it out.
Off to work I go.

06-17-2007, 03:00 PM
Island: good to have you back too--going off and then on the plan only makes us stronger. Good luck with the coming week!

So yesterday I did a big housework binge for 3 hours--vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathroom etc. Whew was I tired! I hope I lose a lot this week because I did my regular exercise this week and two days of intense housework! Oh, did I tell you all I got stung by a fire ant when I lay down the other night to do my leg exercises? Fortunately it was a little one so it didnt hurt much. Now I lay a blanket down when I exercise!

Also I am happy because a shirt I am selling on e-bay is now up to $70! I thought I would get maybe $10 for it!

I have been on plan now it will be 8 weeks tomorrow--and tomorrow is my weigh in--I am trying not to weigh everydaysince my weight loss has slowed down--the scale can make you crzy!:dizzy:


06-17-2007, 10:28 PM
I can relate to the scale thing. I can be obsessive with the scale. Sometimes weighing myself 10 times a day. So I hid it, then I am not tempted to always be on it.
I am trying to stay strong, glad to be back on program. Good for you with your exercising.

06-18-2007, 11:29 AM
Hi all:

well I am happy to report that I am down another three lbs and have been completely on plan for 8 weeks for a total weight loss of 26 lbs! :D:carrot:

I have had a few moments in the last week where I got very hungry and tempted. The week before I was not hungry at all and didnt lose any either.
Funny how that works.

E: hope all is going well at disneyland--sending you some dust--:dust:

Island: yep, I dont weigh 10 times a day but if I get on in the morning and i havent lost any it kinda brings me donw. It is better to get on less and therefore have more of a weight loss to show for it. Hope you are doing well! Hang in there--:hug:


06-18-2007, 05:49 PM
I ladies, I made it back in one piece. I was very pleased with how I handled Disney, took my bars and we actually went into a restaurant there that only had a salad served with a meal soooooo, my husband ordered the meal and I had his salad and then my grandkids didnít like there grapes and strawberries so I had there fruit and I ate my NS bar.


And this is where it always gets me; I plan for the event and fall face first into a bag of candy in the car on the way home. I can only figure that I was tired and that is always when my willpower or wits are down. So I was strong and good one day and weak the next but I got up this morning, didnít even think about climbing onto the scale, packed my usual NS breakfast and lunches, and have been on plan just as if I never missed a beat. I was good the rest of the week so Iím already looking forward to next Monday to see how much I loose this week.

Boy Iím going to have to really hit the dreadmill to burn off a few more calories and catch up to Sno, you are smoking girl. I started a week a head of you and Iím pretty sure Iím a couple of pounds behind so that shows you that staying on plan 100% is the best way to go but if you get side tracked a day here and there but stay focused the majority of the time you will eventually make it to goal too.

Have a good one,

06-19-2007, 05:24 AM
Wow, Sno you are rockin, good for you girl. 26 pounds. I still have not weighed since my fall off, I am trying to give myself some really good days first.
Evangeline to go to Disney land and stay on program is great! And I like that even thou you had some candy on the way home, you still woke up and moved a head as if you never even ate that candy. Instead of using it as an excuse to eat more candy, you just carried on......woohoo for you
I am hanging in there, some days by the fingertips but determined to not fall back into old habits of just eating and eating anything. I am really trying the bars and liking it and also have the string cheese and that really helps as well.
I find nights hard, but will stay strong.
Hopefully I will show a loss this week.

06-19-2007, 10:06 AM
Hello ladies!

Great to hear about your success at disney! isnt it funny how it happens like that at times? We put all the efffort in one area and then lose it in another. Well next time you can plan for the car trip home too! Or just if there is a bag of candy it goes in the trunk! Dont put me in a confined space with a bag of candy--someone might get hurt!

Island--we are rooting for you--I am going to send you a bunch of :dust: :dust:
:dust: :dust:

hanging on by the fingernails is good enough--you slowly realize you are doing it even tho it is hard!

I am still hungry and I have to watch it because I have been snarky with my hubby because he is not on plan. He ate nearly a whole bag of string cheese in 24 hours!

Have great day everyone!

Nutrisystem rocks!;)

06-19-2007, 05:54 PM
My DH gets it too, but he is routing for me so he just ducks if I walk in the house keyed up and hungry. He is a little under weight so he knows not to make any recommendations when it comes to controlling my weight, not unless he likes seeing his head roll across the floor. He only made that error in judgement once, but he learns fast. I told him I would be happy to help in quit smoking after all, I've never had to do it so I should have all kinds of good advise for him and how easy it would be to just quit.

Well it feels good to be back on plan, and again I'm amazed at how easy it is for me.


06-20-2007, 07:06 AM
My hubby always has junk food in the house. He is a total chocohalic. He will not touch a veggie, only will eat sugared cereals, and he eats HUGE meals. Like having two triple burgers with fries. Tons of Dr. Pepper a day.
I bought him a fridge and make him keep his junk food in his office, and when I snarl, he listens :)
Still hanging in here, thanks for the willpower dust :)

06-20-2007, 11:41 AM
Hi All! It has been a crazy week and a half, but wanted to drop by and post my updates!
Lost 12 pounds the first week!! :carrot:
Started week 2 on Saturday. Had a tiny set back with Fathers day and a family birthday in the same weekend. I had a small sliver of cake on both days. Great for me as I would NORMALLY have a HUGE slice. So...improvement. Not going to stress that I wasn't 100% everyday as I was 100% 5 days, and the other 2 days, only slightly off (on program for everything except the cake). Again, this is a HUGE improvement for me!!
Looking forward to what the next few weeks bring. Feeling very motivated and optimistic that the 25 pounds will be off before the wedding.

06-20-2007, 02:34 PM
Healthy4good -- excellent job.:congrat: Small interuptions in our plans are part of life, the important thing is how quickly you get back to the original plan. Sounds like you've got it nailed, keep up the good work. AND thank you for sharing your success with us.

Sno -- my DH is pretty good about not bringing in snacks but I will start feeling guilty and buy his favorite snacks or cookies (during a strong moment) and then have to face them during a week moment. That is when I warn him that if he wants any of those Oreo's left for his enjoyment he better move them into the safe. (He has a huge gun safe and that will keep me out of them.) He usually doesn't do it with me sitting there watching but the next time I go into the cupboard they will be gone. He really is a good guy.


06-20-2007, 03:47 PM
Ha ha! I love hearing the hubby stories! The other night mine was sitting there eating crackers (he gets more carb on nutrisystem than I do) I couldnt stand it so I asked him not to eat them in front of me. He immediately went to the kitchen!

I was up early today and felt sluggish so I asked my hubby to go on a walk with me, cause I know if I walk I will get some energy. It was great and I then did two hours of housework! Yippee! I think I lose a lot of weight when I do housework.

:bravo: Healthy! I know you can do your goal! great to hear from you!

Glad the dust is working, Island here is some more! :dust: :dust: :dust: :dust: :dust: :dust: :dust:

This is quote from the daily dose on nutrisystem website which I think is really good!

Wednesday Jun 20, 2007
All or Nothing

Thereís actually a lot of wisdom to the notion that a weight loss program is as much about the journey as it is the destination. Sure you want to lose weight, but the reality is that it doesnít happen all at once. If you start setting yourself up for perfection (another way to define all or nothing thinking), at some point, you might just go off trackÖ

Maybe you canít resist a hot dog (or two) at the game. Youíve always been a sucker for buttered popcorn at the movies. You have a drink (okay, three) at your high school reunion.

Whatever your weakness, itíll probably surface at least once while youíre trying to lose weight. Whatís really important is what happens next.

Hereís why: you get a little off track. Then your head starts saying stuff like, ďyou canít really do this; itís obviously not gonna work for youÖĒ Next thing you know, youíve completely given up. Thatís all or nothing behavior.

Before things get to that point, wait! If youíve lost any weight at all or read any of the posts on the bulletin board, you already know this program works for anyone who really sticks with itóand, yes, that does include you!) If youíve wandered a little bit, all youíve got to do is get back on track and keep on trying.

Thatís success!

06-20-2007, 11:56 PM
Bravo Healthy, you are doing well. I too have had a good week, I am putting it all on Sno's willpower dust :)
Evangeline I love the hubby stories too, and my hubby is an Oreo addict, he is actually a chocolate addict. We need a 12 step program for him :)
Well I am back down to where I was before I fell off the wagon, now I just have to lose the rest. Hot and so humid here, sweating just sitting typing, hard to sleep during the days, and the nights at work have been brutal.
Planted some orchids today and did some yard work, nice feeling
Talk to you all later.

06-21-2007, 11:55 AM
Yay Island!

see that didnt take long! Now you are ready to take it off, lady! :bravo:

I know you will do great!


06-21-2007, 02:40 PM
:bravo: That is sooo cool Islandgrrl, I'm with Sno, that didn't take long at all.

Planting orchids sure sound like a lot more fun then planting cactus. But, believe it or not, almost all cacti bloom in the spring and that can be really pretty if I have to say so myself. In years that we get a little more moisture it can be pretty spectacular. Thank goodness we donít have the humidity, it is suppose to hit 108 today in Tucson, better then Phoenix though, their forecast is 112.

The worst thing about the heat is I've got to have a birthday cake prepared for my step-granddaughter's b'day on Saturday. I'm making her a Merry Go Round but it required baking horse shaped cookies and then the cake itself, plus decorating the cookies, assembling the ďMerry Go RoundĒ and finally decorating the cake. Iíve been getting up at 4:00 in the morning to do the baking steps so the house can cool back down by the time we get home from work (I donít have AC just an evaporative cooler). She loves horses so I wanted to do something with horses for her. I found the cutest candles & holders. The holders are posts made out of those glow sticks that kids get at amusement parks? They are about 8 inches long and then the candle fits into the top of them. Just before the party I will bend them, mix up the glow stuff in the middle and put them on the cake and lean little heart cookies against them to complete the cake. I sure hope it turns out as cute as I have pictured in my mind.


06-22-2007, 12:36 PM
Wow E--
that cake sounds fantastic! take a picture and post it for us if you can!

I was complaining on another thread about the heat here but after hearing your temps, I shouldnt complain! It has been around 80 and I dont really like hot weather. I think I am going to move to one of those places that are foggy a lot like Morro Bay.

Getting on for 9 weeks that I am on the plan--I just ordered two months of food to make sure we have plenty on hand. After several weeks of little appetite, I have been hungry this week! but I am staying strong.

My hubby got chips and salsa yesterday--I am trying not to say anything but I think he wont be losing much weight!:?:

Have a great day all!

06-22-2007, 05:53 PM
Sno Ė We are actually getting ďhigh temperature warningsĒ during the news, Iíve never seen that before and I have seen it hotter. Typically it runs 103 / 104 and that actually without humidity isnít all that bad (unless you are actually in the sun) but when it hits over 105 the only place you are comfortable is in AC. My poor DH was out on a driving range all day yesterday (he is a driving instructor for semiís) and he came home sick. They use to work five 8 hour days and then shift their hours to start early and finish early during the summer months to avoid the heat of the day but this year they switched to four 10ís which sounds great unless you are having to be out standing on asphalt during the heat of the afternoon, then it is a lousy idea. He made sure everyone in the office, to include the owner and director of the school, understood just exactly how much he thought it was a poor idea. He actually took one of the buses they have, parked it in the driving range and fired it up to run the AC so he and the students would have a place to get out of the heat periodically. He had to be out directing the semi with a student driver behind the wheel when it was moving but at least that got the students that werenít driving out of the heat and he could cool down when they were changing drivers. Oh well, at least you donít have to shovel heat. :snow4:

Islandgrrl Ė I saw this success story and since it was about an RN I thought I would pass it on to you.


06-22-2007, 07:55 PM

I dont envy you those temps. I used to live in LA and it was not uncommon to have 108-110 days in the summer. And my car did not have air. I used to really like hot weather--it made me feel vital. But after a very hot summer with lots of days over a hundred, I burned out on it. Thats when we moved someplace cooler--most of the year but we do have hot augusts here. Usually June and July there is a strong marine layer which makes things cool and cloudy.

I wrote a nutrisystem counselor to ask if there were any cool weather subs I could do since I dont want to eat a hot dinner when it is hot. Like if we could have fruit and cottage cheese or something. No way. I may do it a few times anyway--I figure if I stay within the calories I should be okay.

anyway--stay cool!:snowglo:

Oh and I sat down my hubby and told him that the reason I have been snipy about his eating is because we started the diet together and I was really enjoying having a diet buddy and talking about our program. And then he kinda started straying and then I felt a little abandoned. I decided to have direct communication rather than continue being a pill.

Got a lot of exercise in today--half an hour walking and moving stones--I am wanting to build a stone wall in my garden. And then about 1.5 hours housework!

Hey E--did that coupon ever arrive?


06-23-2007, 12:43 AM
Hello all,
Wow, Sno and Ev, I can relate to the heat. Before we moved to the islands, we lived in southern NM. Temp were often in the 100 in the summer, dry and hot. But Ev, you are right about the cactus, they are gorgeous in the spring when they bloom. I was so surprised my first year living there, cause I had no idea the cactus flowered.
I wish I could get my hubby to diet with me. He is about 30 pounds overweight, but eats huge meals, and of course would not touch a veggie if his life (which does) depended on it. It is sweets, and red meat and potatoes and junk food that he builds his meals around.
I do the cottage cheese and fruit thing once in a while Sno when it is really hot. My friend from the hospital is now down 60 pounds, almost at her goal and she has always added her own extras as she saw fit as long as she stayed with healthy foods, and watched her calories. She thinks NS says no to these foods cause they want you buying theirs all the time.
I am so proud of myself. I went to the show last night, and did not pig out!! Yippee for me. Had a bit of the DH popcorn, but only a bit, and took a bar and some string cheese and stayed away from the hotdogs :)
I did really well over my two days off, did not stray or cheat and feel really good about it. Back to work tonight and for the weekend. So have to stay away from the nurse's stations as they are always loaded with junk food. But I am feeling good so will not be a problems.
Talk to you all later.
PS: love the sounds of that cake Ev

06-24-2007, 12:34 PM
Hi all:

had some upsetting news yesteday, but didnt eat!

We are all doing so well--it is great to really commit to a plan and commit to weight loss. I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a bunch of stuff that is too big or I dont wear--I listed 18 things on Ebay!

So far so good--coming up on 9 weeks now on plan!

Island; that makes sense about the cottage cheese thing--sometimes a hot heavy meal just doesnt cut it.

E: hope your hubby is okay! that sounds awful. I love a 4/10 schedule but not in the heat!

06-25-2007, 08:02 AM
Well I survived my nights at work, and did great on the diet. I have two days off now that will involve painting the living room. My kitchen is 99.2% done!
This is how I am planning my meals at work now and it seems to work for me.
I eat my "dinner" after I wake and shower, so that is around 5pm, then I have some soup or whatever around 2am. I have some fruit inbetween. And then when I get home at 8am, I have my cereal, shower, go to bed, read til 9am and then to sleep, I find then that I am not hungry so I sleep better, but not really full like I was when I was trying to have dinner after work and breakfast before work, like some one who works days.
The only thing is I am finding that I am not eating my desserts.
I love ebay! I am an ebay junkie. Would love to start selling, but haven't a clue how to get going. You are so smart Sno.

06-25-2007, 11:33 AM
Hi Ladies,
I'm thinking about doing NS and have a couple of questions. I really like my coffee and usually use Splenda and fat-free 1/2 and 1/2. I drink a couple of cups a day. Would that be OK on NS?
Also, when I make salad I use a large salad bowl and use my own seasonings along with red wine vinegar and olive oil (I'm making this for more than just me.) Would not using fat free dressing be a problem?
I pretty much follow the South Beach plan and love fresh sauteed veggies. I'm 55 and find it harder and harder to lose anything. I'm thinking that the NS plan would help train me to eat the right portions. South Beach doesn't really teach you portion control so I think that may be one of my problems with weight loss.


06-25-2007, 12:48 PM
Hi Everyone!

I am ecstatic today--another three pounds this week! I couldnt believe it when I stepped on the scale, after losing 3 last week I figured I would lose about 1 this week. So I went back and stepped on again and it was true! So since starting nutrisystem 9 weeks ago I have lost 29 lbs! I am so psyched.

And last night I was so tempted to cheat. My husband was really chowing down--eating candy bars and fruit. I had gone to the farmers market and got a lot of great fruit and he was crunching crunching and even put a big bowl of grapes right next to me which I automatically reached for then stopped myself. Whew!

Island: :cheer: you are doing so fantastic--what a great plan. It is so great to be in rhythm with an eating plan--it really helps. About not eating the desserts--I was told that the nutrisystem plan was calculated to the minimum amount of calories a day that we need. If we go below that by not eating all of the food then our bodies will go into starvation mode ie lower the metabolism and not lose as much. Just FYI

Chamois: I think the amount you lose on nutrisystem is directly related to the amount you stick to the plan as stated. So you can make any modifications you want, you just wont lose as much weight. I thought I could not do without cream in my tea but I decided to commit to the plan as stated and I have lost 29 lbs in 9 weeks! (I was on Atkins two years ago and it took me 6 months to lose 30lbs.) I now drink tea without milk at all and like it. So the decision is up to you. At dinner you get one fat serving which is 1 tsp of oil I believe, so you could use that in your dressing. I would stay away from the fat free half and half--that may be why you are stalling--sometimes chemicals can cause problems with weight loss.

If you do decide to go on Nutrisystem you can private message me and Evangeline, with your e-mail address and we can both send you $30 coupons.

Good luck!

06-25-2007, 01:08 PM
Hi everyone

I used to belong to this group years ago when I was on Atkins but have decided to come back :)
I've been on NS since April 23 and have lost 22lbs so far. It's driving me nuts because I seem to *gain* two lbs and then it yo yo's for awhile, then I loose it and more! Oh well, as long as the scale keeps going down I suppose right? lol

06-25-2007, 04:47 PM
Hi all:

just finished my walk and some gardening which was pretty strenuous. Tired now. I was planning on some housework and washing the dog--we'll see. I need to rest.

Hi vixen: I think I have seen you on the nutrisystem boards? Yeah cause I started 4/23 too. Anyways welcome and great name. Congrats on the big loss--woo hoo! :bravo: It is always great to see a loss. My weight used to yo-yo a lot--what helps is drinking 3 liters of water a day--one before breakfast, one before lunch and one before dinner( that way you dont have full bladder before going to bed:(. I know that sounds like a lot but now that I have been doing it I really miss it if I dont do it--it feels great to be hydrated and I dont yo-yo--as much!


06-25-2007, 05:19 PM
Sno -- You are doing soooo good, you have really got to be feeling wonderful about your accomplishments. Something I use for a cooler type meal is take the tuna salad, add one of those Starkist foil packets of tuna to it and stuff tomatoes with it. You can also add extra onions, celery, etc. There is plenty of moisture from the salad to moisten everything to a nice texture. I also do this with the chicken but the next time I do it with chicken I think I better ad a little onion or garlic powder or something for a little more flavor. It was a little bland.

No, I never did receive the coupon.

Islandgrrl Ė I am so proud of the way you have taken your plan by the horns and fitting it into your schedule. If you can get the snacks in even if you arenít terribly hungry for them they may be helpful in keeping you from going into a craving mode. That is why I keep a few of the soy chips on hand, Iím not crazy about them but if someone is having potato chips and I start thinking about it I can grab a bag of NS chips and help with the craving. Another think you might consider doing is if on the days you work you just canít fit snacks in then on the days you are off if you find you need a little extra go ahead and use your unused snacks. So for instance if you have 3 snacks left over and you want to use one for an afternoon snack and another one for an evening snack I wouldnít deprive yourself as long as you are not eating extra snacks but leftover snacks. At the end of the week you are still going to have consumed the same amount of food. I know my eating patterns during work days and weekends are light years a part and my unstructured weekend is when Iím more apt to get into trouble. In fact, I may just start doing that, save a couple of snacks during the week and use them to help carry me through the weekend. Hmmmm, Iím going to have to think about this.

Beth Ė Iím 55 and needed to loose a little over 100 lbs when I started NS. Iím down almost 25 lbs currently. I drink several cups of coffee everyday and use non-fat creamer or half and half and Equal or a flavored syrup in most of my coffee. You are allowed 3 free foods per day under 20 calories each and basically I save those free calories and use them to lighten my coffee.

I also somedays will use a milk to have a FF/SF Latte or I make an after dinner drink that takes Ĺ milk serving, 1 serving of FF/SF international coffee, 1 packet of equal, blend with stick blender adding ice until consistency you like. So yes you can have your coffee and nutritionally it would be better if you used FF milk in it BUT with the free foods you do have some latitude in using FF half and half.

A serving of olive oil is 1 tsp and you are encouraged to have one fat serving a day. I would probably mix my dressing separate from the families so I could monitor how much of it was oil and vinegar. It is doable but it comes back to portion control and what constitutes a real serving of oil.

Bbwvixen Ė you are doing wonderfully, I started the beginning of April. Sno and Islandgrrl started around that time too. Welcome to our thread and keep up the good work.

My weekend was hit and miss, I always get into trouble when I fix a cake. I just donít know how to cook without tasting what Iíve creating and when you level the cake you have that little crown to sample. But I didnít have any cake at the party.

I managed to get stung by a scorpion Sunday afternoon; boy was I glad it was AFTER the bíday party, it nailed me right in the palm of my hand. It actually didnít hurt as bad as I would have expected. Not unlike a bee sting but it made my arm go numb up to the elbow and I could even feel the poison in my triceps. I also felt a little sick to my stomach and tight across the chest but not enough to worry about. My husband knew exactly what happen without me even telling him, I think it was the cussing like a sailor that gave it away. The stupid thing had come in a window and was hiding under a book I picked up. The window had a screen but apparently it doesnít fit tight enough. Oh well, the numbness only lasted a few hours, by bed time it was hardly noticeable and this morning I canít even feel where the stinger hit. Now I have a war story to tell my grandkids. :devil: But you can bet when they come over to play the toy box will be emptied out and toys examined before little fingers start pulling out toys that don't get played with often enough. I won't assume they are all outside anymore.


06-26-2007, 10:10 AM
Thanks to all who responded to my questions. I have another question. My husband usually eats whatever I fix for dinner when I am dieting. He could lose a little weight but no where near what I need to lose. If I do NS, I really don't want to be fixing a separate meal for him. I was wondering if NS would sell me just extra dinners. Have any of you ever ordered separate meals?


06-26-2007, 04:22 PM
Chamois -- yes you can order a la carte meals, Iíve done that before and it is very easy to do. My DH doesn't need to lose weight; in fact he could stand to gain a little. BUT I usually look at what I'm having and then match it with something similar. If I have chili then so does he. If I have lasagna then I pick up a Stouffers for him, etc. I fix the same side dishes for both of us.

You might talk to a counselor because you may be able to set it up where you get your auto delivery and an auto delivery for just dinners for DH, they have all kinds of programs and schedules and can probably work with you to fit your needs.

06-26-2007, 05:21 PM
Thanks, Evangeline.

I just placed my order and decided to just get the whole thing for my husband. He won't eat the breakfasts and lunches but will probably eat the desserts and dinners. I figure that I can just keep them and use them for myself later if I decided to stop ordering. I got a discount because we both ordered. I talked with someone on the phone and he walked me through the ordering process. Very nice and helpful! :)

It will take about a week to week and a half for the order to get here. That's OK with me because I am leaving for vacation tomorrow so the timing will be really good.

I'm looking forward to starting this program. My son started about 10 days ago and he really likes it. Last I checked, he lost 7 lbs. already.

By the way, I see the pic of your pug. I have a fawn colored pug also. Her name is Chamois. Pugs are great dogs.


06-27-2007, 02:38 PM

This really is an easy program to follow, the food isn't gourmet but as long as I don't have to fuss I don't care. You will probably spend your first month deciding what you like and what you just really donít like but donít fall into the trap of listening to what otherís think. Different strokes for different folks and I know what someone said about one soup turned my stomach and it really wasnít that bad, just a little bland but how they described it grossed me out so I just canít bring myself to order it now. So I strongly encourage you to stay away from those types of threads on the NS board and just try it and see what YOU think. Sno pointed out that if you think airplane meals you pretty much have got it pegged.

Now the recipes can be really helpful, for instance adding an extra packet of Starkist Tuna to the tuna salad uses one of your protein/dairy servings thickens up the salad and makes it go farther. Also a little onion and celery can give it a really nice fresh taste if you have the time and/or desire. Same goes for the chicken salad. I use it to stuff tomatoes and it has become one of my favorites.

Also a lot of the ladies like to sautť bell peppers and onions and add to a lot of the beef dishes. It helps get the veggies in. I like to take the chili and add diced tomatoes to it. The chili tastes fine without it but the tomato just make it go farther and becomes my veggie serving for that meal. So donít be afraid to use the entrťe as the basic ingredient to cook with, for instance you can really use the pancakeís to make a lot of things. I just mix it up, add a few blueberries and a couple of packets of equal, spray a 2 cup measuring cup with ICBINB Spray and microwave for about 2 minutes (1 minute and then 30 second intervals until done). Dump it out for a pleasant, big fluffy muffin. It doesnít brown pretty but it has a pretty good flavor.

Good Luck.

06-27-2007, 02:41 PM
Oh, My husband said if he had realized pugs were so much fun he would have had one years ago. We spend almost every evening laughing at something my guys are doing. I have my pug, Peanut and my daughters black pug CJ living with us right now. I really wish she would just leave CJ here but I think I will be loosing him come August. :( I've already made up my mind that I'm getting a black female if she really takes him away.

How long have you had your pugger? My guys are 2 and 4 years.

06-27-2007, 11:51 PM
Hi E:

My sister has two pugs and I always enjoy those dogs. So smart and agreeable.

So how is the plan going? I realized I added Omega 3 to my diet the last two weeks and maybe that has increased my weight loss a little--it is supposed to help.

Beth: good luck with the plan and let us know how you are doing!


06-28-2007, 03:35 AM
Hi all
Wow, everyone is doing so great! I need my one sugar free vanilla latte with no fat milk daily. that is my treat :)
And I will try to get my desserts in, it is not that I don't like them, I just never seem to find the time.
I had the day off yesterday and painted my entire living room and hallway.
My poor legs are so sore today from getting up and down the ladder for 8 hours. And of course I never got my water in, and I am showing a 2 pound weight gain :?:
But I am smart enough to know it is not a true gain, and it is water and puffiness from sore irritated muscles.
So I will get my water in today and work out the soreness and get back down in my weight :)
Ouch ouch EV, scorpions! I got bitten by a rattlesnake in Yosimite Park one year and spent a week in ICU. I hate snakes!

06-28-2007, 12:16 PM
Yippee! I lost another pound which offically makes me at 30 lbs weight loss!! That is so awesome. Feeling good and soon I will be lookin' good!

I scrubbed out my fridge yesterday, accumulated gunk in the freezer etc. It feels so good to have that done--I have been putting it off for a while.

Good job and recovery, Island. Its easy to get bummed by the scale but riding out those fluctuations without letting it get you down is key! Water is so crucial.

Have a wonderful nutrisystem day!

06-28-2007, 02:14 PM
Sno Ė are you adding the Omega 3 as a supplement or just making sure you are eating food rich in it?

Islandgrrl Ė I do the same thing with the FF Latte, it is a treat that I save a serving of milk for. I almost always have one of those or the Frappucino thing I make as a dairy. The Latte if I want it for breakfast and the Frappucino if I have it after dinner.

Excellent on recognizing the water fluctuation and that it can be tied to your sore muscles. On days like that I really chug the water to help flush the excess out of my system. I REALLY hate snakes too. Just the thoughts of them may my skin crawl.:fr:

Sno Ė Iím beginning to dislike you, you are kicking my butt. :tantrum: Eventually I will catch up to you but it may be when you hit goal and stop needing to loose anymore. Iím down 25 so Iím not tooooo upset. Keep up the great work.


06-28-2007, 08:44 PM
Hey E--get over it:lol:--I need to get this weigh off now! Plus I think I have much more to lose than you do so bigger people lose weight faster.

I am taking the omega three supplement which technically adds 70 calories but obviously it has not interfered with my weight loss!

Plus :bravo: on the 25 lbs--that is really fantastic. Sheesh, when I think about all the time I wasted on other diets!


06-29-2007, 09:04 AM
Bravo to both of you....fabulous weight loss:cp:
I am plugging away and not losing right now, but again that is okay as I know one day I will get on the scale and pow, it will be off.
I get busy at work and at home and don't always get my water in like I should and I believe if you do not get the water in you don't lose the weight.
It is hard especially at work to drink the water, I am usually running around and never get a chance to pee let alone drink :)
Tonight I am working a short 8 hour shift, and since I got here at 11pm, I have set up two emergency surgeries, shipped a 32 week pre term labor to Oahu, been to one code and the night is still young. So right now I am taking advantage of a bit of down time to have some lunch and water.
Keep up the good work. You guys rock!:grouphug:

06-29-2007, 12:36 PM
Hi Island:

good to hear from you--its great you are taking time to post--I find the more I post the more I stay on track.

Your work sounds really fascinating. I can understand why it absorbs you.

Great job on staying on plan. I think water is crucial--you'll still lose weight but not as fast I think. Do you have a strategy for getting more water?

My deal is to drink one liter before breakfast, one by lunch and one by dinner.
I have wide mouth bottles so if I get behind I can chug a bunch at once. It does cause frequent going to the bathroom but it is worth it!

Have a great day all!


06-29-2007, 05:04 PM
I agree with Sno, the boards really help me stay motivated. I spend almost every lunch hour checking them out. I expect Sno and my weight will drop faster because we started out heavier to begin with, for instance I started 80 lbs heavier then you so I'm going to naturally burn more calories just running back and forth to the restroom from all the water Iíve been drinking. The nice thing is you know the program works and all you have to do is eat what is given to you and the weight will come off, you just canít predict when you will see a shift on the scale.

I typically a 16 oz glass of water as soon as I get out of bed in the morning, then I allow myself my cup of coffee. Then I will sip a bottle as I drive to work so by the time I actually start my job I have half of my water consumed. Then I just make sure I have water with my meals and I have it covered.

Boy when I listen to what your day was like Iím sure glad that Iím and admin and the two key managers I work for are out of the office today. I feel like Iím on vacation. Actually, Iím getting all kinds of stuff accomplished with few interruptions.

Have a good weekend if I donít get a chance to pop in (I have a heck of a time with our service at home, when it is this hot my internet connection goes out a lot.)

07-01-2007, 08:43 PM
Hi all,
I am really trying to get my water in too now. I have the weekend off and am busy trying to get the last 0.2% of the kitchen renos done. It is all just touch up stuff now, so we are definately on the home stretch.
I am trying not to weigh myself right now. I am so addicted to my scale that I put it away and am trying to ignore it. But today I put on my size 12 shorts that I could not get into last week.....and the zipped up without a struggle.:dancer::dancer:
So I am feeling good about that. And I have hubby walking with me now. We are doing 2 miles on the beach a day. It is a good work out walking in the sand. And the dogs love it too!:running:
Thanks to you EV and Sno, I am really feeling motivated and ready to roll again. You are great inspiration to me.:thanks:

07-01-2007, 10:57 PM
:carrot:You go girl!!! My one downfall is regular exercise and the worst part is I love to workout but for some reason I have been so lazy lately that I just can't get my but in gear. I really need to start working on that.

I sure wish I had a place to walk on a sandy beach, when I moved to AZ that was the one thing I missed so. I lived in the Fingerlake Region of NY State and I use to go over and have lunch sitting along side the lake and of course you had lakes to go swimming in and streams galore so moving into a desert was really rough. I do like not having to shovel snow but I still haven't decided if it was worth having little or no access to running water and beaches.

I went out to visit my in-law's this weekend and my BIL asked me how much I lost, I really didn't think it was particularly noticable but he told me it looked like I had lost a lot more then 25 lbs. :cloud9:

:cheer2: Size 12 :woohoo::congrat:

07-03-2007, 10:29 PM
Hi everyone:

hope you are having a fantastic nutrisystem time! I have been pretty busy but keeping up the weight loss like a house afire. I lost 4 lbs last week!

So with three lbs the week before and three lbs the week before I have lost 10 lbs in three weeks! I usually start stalling when I have lost 25+ lbs but on nutrasystem it is just not happening--I am actually losing more. It kinda makes me scared because i am afraid it will slow down!

Island; what a way to recover! Those shorts are an important milestone--it is the best when things start fitting! :cheer:

E: :bravo: that people are noticing! That is when it feels really good. I bet when you start getting regular with the exercise, you will really start shedding the pounds! You are lucky that you like exercise--I never have. Tho I love my hip-hop abs dvd!

Have a great day everyone!

07-04-2007, 09:54 PM
WOW........:cheer: congrats you two. It is so nice when someone see the hard work we have been doing, good for you EV, and Sno look at you go! My gosh girl, you are almost half way there, 33 pounds!:congrat:
I am off today and was hoping to have the kitchen completely finished, but I had a shower and OMG there was water all over the floor in the DINING ROOM:shrug:, it was seeping out from the wall, so hubby had to cut a huge hole in my newly painted dining room wall and sure enough we had a water pipe rusted thru. He has gone to town now to get new pipes etc. So now the wall has to be patched, but the good thing is that he was able to make the cut below where we are putting the wainscotting, so it was not really a big damage. Just slowing things down with having the kitchen/dining room completely done today. We are so close, just little touch ups here and there and we will be finished. The the floor in the living room, put up the wainscotting and the living room is done too!!!!!
I am hanging strong on my diet, not cheating and feeling great. Still not stepping on the scale yet, but I am also still wearing my size 12!
Have a great July 4th!

07-05-2007, 11:16 AM
Hi all:

whew! It has been hot here. Yesterday we put up the airconditioner in the bedroom. today we got up early to do our walk while it was still shady but it is 83 right now at 7 am! We live on top of a mountain and below it is foggy--wish it was up here, it would cool things off for sure!

Things are going great! Still wondering when the fast weight loss will slow down. Am wearing my clown pants--the linen pants that are way too big. I went thru my wardrobe yesterday and found a few pair pants of smaller size that fit right now! Yipee!:carrot: I am still not really into shorts tho--knees are too chubby.

Island: sometimes it is better not to weigh--after all it is not about the number it is about the size--right? Those size 12 shorts are much more of an indication than the scale--plus feeling good about your eating plan is another great indicator!

Have a wonderful day!


07-05-2007, 03:35 PM
Islandgrrl, you are really fortunate that you have a DH that can do household maintenance. My DH is great with the vehicles but if I let him work on the house it never comes out quiet like I wanted it to, then I canít risk hurting his feelings by having someone come in to polish it up. Soooooo, it is easier on both of us if I just hire someone to come in.

You both are doing so well I am so happy for you.

Sno, I started taking Omega 3 and I honestly think it makes me feel very satisfied. I havenít had a craving since I started, Iím actually taking a combination of Omega 3, 6 & 9 and I count it as my fat for the day. Thank you for the tip.

Not all that much is happening with me, just trying to stay cool. We may get a little rain on the weekend, letís hope so, we need the moisture and it will help cool the desert down a little. This record heat stuff is for the birds cratch that I mean lizards. :hot:

Iím one of those people who struggle with melodies getting stuck in my head, if you hum something familiar near me I will hum it the rest of the day. When my girls were small I worked at a bank and my girlfriend use to warn me if I started humming ďIím a Little TeapotĒ during business hours. Anyway, with the Christmas Challenge Iím on at the NS board Iíve found myself humming a lot of Christmas Carols (In July). But you know those stupid Carols will get stuck in my head and before I know it Iím looking forward to Christmas and reaching my Challenge Goal. It really has helped me stay motivated much to my amazement. Iím going to start trying to use this to my advantage, the next time Iím really tempted by something Iím going to start Caroling my little heart out to see if it doesnít get my mind redirected. Wouldn't it be a hoot if the big secret to my weight loss/maintenance was Christmas Carols? :rudolph:


07-07-2007, 06:27 AM
OMG, EV, I laughed and laughed when I read about you getting song stuck in your head. I can see you dropping the pounds by singing Christmas carols.:D
I also get stupid songs stuck in my head. Usually when I am trying to sleep during the day, and I hate it! :mad: I will be trying to sleep and all of a sudden I will be repeating the song chorus over and over in my head. It is hard to sleep when I do that, so I work really hard at redirecting myself away from it.
Sno, you are so right about the scale. I really just need to stay away from it right now. And I am finding that I don't miss it! My cloths are feeling looser and I am feeling good.
And I found my collar bones! Woohoo
I am really lucky that my DH is so good with carpentry. He can do anything, wiring, plumbing, cars, and carpentry. Trust me, he saves us a lot of money.
Good thing too as we had a pipe break over the weekend and we had to cut a hole in my newly painted dining room wall as it is the back to the bathroom shower. Luckily he found the leak right away and only had to cut below where the new wainscotting is going. He was able to replace the pipe and all is well :)
I know what you mean about heat. It has been so hot here too, and no rain. Hawaii is in the middle of a major drought and we are having so many wildfires. It is never this dry here. Scary!:hot:
Hope everyone's July 4th was good.

07-07-2007, 01:16 PM
Hi all:

Okay E--which is the best song for losing weight? I will do it too! Seriously any kind of reminder to stay on plan is really helpful. Like trying on pants that are a little tight etc. Or when I went to this coffee shop that has the smallest chairs ever and the arms hurt my hips and thighs when I sit in them--when I think about that I get really motivated!

As for songs, my hubby is a musician and he is currently in a musical that has these tacky songs--they have been going thru my head like crazy!

Island: collarbones! :bravo: you are doing so great!

Gosh--there are fires everywhere--it is scary. There was on just two miles away last weekend and we loaded all our stuff in the car and got ready to move out. They got it under control but now there is a larger fire 15 miles away--this is going to be a rough summer.

E--good luck with the omega three--mine just says omega three fish oil supplement. I just added it and had my regular fat supplement. I think it has made a big difference in weight loss. I definitely will keep it up. Plus it is good for so many things!

As I write I am eating some gorgeous black cherries that are maroon inside. Yum! the portion is 12 cherries--it doesnt seem like much but actually it is a good amount especially if I eat them slowly. Of course I choose all the big ones. I think I am enjoying fruit much more since being on this plan--since it is really the big treat. Plus the fruit is fantastic this summer!

Have a wonderful weekend!


07-07-2007, 07:24 PM
I have to thank M on the NS Christmas Club board for the Christmas Carols, sheíll make up some new words to a Carol and after I read her post I will be humming the stupid tune the rest of the day. I think I have ďWe Wish You a Merry ChristmasĒ on a permanent loop in my brain.

We finally got some rain in AZ so the temps have dropped down to about 108, feels soooo very much better. This is fire season in AZ too and we have a couple of fires in the mountains around Tucson, Iím pretty sure they have all been started by lightening strikes or at least I havenít heard otherwise. Geez Sno, they must be really close to you if you are packing up for an evacuation.

Woooo, cherries. When I was growing up in NY we have a couple of cherry trees in the backyard. For a couple of weeks a year I was in heaven, I would just go out and pick them off the tree and eat them. That lasted until the birds figured out that they were ripe, then they would come in and strip the tree. I was so mad at my Dad one year; he cut off the lowest branch so his tractor could drive under it. It was the one branch I could reach the best from the ground. Love those cherries. I was reading that they are one of the best fruit for low GI so enjoy, much to many peopleís surprise. Of course bananas are the worst and my favorite naturally. I think the fruit tastes so good because weíve cleansed our palate of sugar and now we can actually taste just how good and sweet fruit is. The same thing has happened for me with veggies, veggies just taste so good to me anymore. Celery is flavorless as far as Iím concerned but had some on the 4th and it was so good.

07-08-2007, 12:16 AM
I love cherries! In fact I have packed some for my lunch tonight. It is so hot it is hard to find anything to eat. I hate hot food when it is hot, so I am having the burger patty or the chicken patty with a salad and that is working good for me.
I am getting all my water in as well which is making a big difference and trying to cut back on my diet pepsi. I drink one a day while working and none on my days off.
Wow, Sno scary with the fires. We finally got ours under control but they have charged 5 teenagers with arson. So very sad.
I love bananas to EV and I grow them in my back yard. Apple bananas, they are tinier and tastier than the bigger ones. I love them on my cereal with skim milk, a throw back from when I was a kid I think.
On Thursday I spent 6 hours removing the old tile from the living room, dining room and hallways. I did it all by myself with a hammer and chisel. I am proudly sporting 3 stitches in my left index finger from the sharp tile, bruises on my hands from the hammer and butt cheeks that are so sore it is hard to sit, but I DID IT! What a work out, and now it is done, and my DH acid washed it yesterday and this weekend he is suppose to lay the new floor, that is if he will pull himself away from the TV and football!!
I am really interested in the omega 3, what is it for? Why did you start taking it? What does it do?
Have a great weekend, and stay safe
Hugs and aloha

07-08-2007, 08:33 PM
Hi all!

Happy sunday! I wore a tank top with my jeans today and it looked good! My hips arent as wide so it looks proportionate--that feels good!

I got more blueberries at the farmers market--I spoke to the guy there and he tells me he will have blueberries for the next month or so! Yay!

YEah--it cooled off a little here--phew! I like it much better when it is in the 70's--then it is pleasant.

Island; omega three it also known as fish oil and you make sure to get the pharmeceutical grade. It is good for depression, fatigue, arthritis--all of which I have. When I found out it is also good for weight loss I knew I had to try it. I dont know if it coincidence but after I started taking it I lost 10lbs in 3 weeks! I kept thinking my weight loss would slow down now that I am at the 30lbs mark but it didnt!

Here is something from Wikipedia about it--but it doesnt mention weight loss:"In the March 2007 edition of the journal Atherosclerosis, 81 Japanese men with unhealthy blood sugar levels were randomly assigned to receive 1800 mg daily of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA - an omega-3 essential fatty acid from fish oil) with the other half being a control group. The thickness of the carotid arteries and certain measures of blood flow were measured before and after supplementation. This went on for approximately two years. A total of 60 patients (30 in the EPA group and 30 in the control group) completed the study. Those given the EPA had a statistically significant decrease in the thickness of the carotid arteries along with improvement in blood flow. The authors indicated that this was the first demonstration that administration of purified EPA improves the thickness of carotid arteries along with improving blood flow in patients with unhealthy blood sugar levels.

In another study published in the American Journal of Health System Pharmacy March 2007, patients with high triglycerides and poor coronary artery health were given 4 grams a day of a combination of EPA and DHA along with some monounsaturated fatty acids. Those patients with very unhealthy triglyceride levels (above 500 mg/dl) reduced their triglycerides on average 45% and their VLDL cholesterol by more than 50%. VLDL is a bad type of cholesterol and elevated triglycerides can also be deleterious for cardiovascular health.

There was another study published on the benefits of EPA in the prestigious journal The Lancet in March 2007. This study involved over 18,000 patients with unhealthy cholesterol levels. The patients were randomly assigned to receive either 1,800 mg a day of EPA with a statin drug or a statin drug alone. The trial went on for a total of five years. It was found at the end of the study those patients in the EPA group had superior cardiovascular function. Non-fatal coronary events were also significantly reduced in the EPA group. The authors concluded that EPA is a promising supplement for promoting cardiovascular health.

Another study regarding fish oil was published in the journal Nutrition in April 2007. Sixty four healthy Danish infants received either cow's milk or infant formula alone or with fish oil from nine to twelve months of age. It was found that those infants supplemented with fish oil had improvement in immune function maturation with no apparent reduction in immune activation.

There was yet another study on omega-3 fatty acids just published in the April 2007 Journal of NeuroScience. A group of mice were genetically modified to develop accumulation of amyloid and tau proteins in the brain similar to that seen in people with poor memory. The mice were divided into four groups with one group receiving a typical American diet (with high ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids being 10 to 1). The other three groups were given food with a balanced 1 to 1 omega 6 to omega 3 ratio and two additional groups supplemented with DHA plus long chain omega-6 fatty acids. After three months of feeding, all the DHA supplemented groups were noted to have a lower accumulation of beta amyloid and tau protein. It is felt that these abnormal proteins may contribute to the development of memory loss in later years.

Finally, there was a study published regarding omega-3 supplementation in children with learning and behavioral problems. This study was published in the April 2007 edition of the Journal of the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (5), where 132 children, between the ages of seven to twelve years old, with poor learning, participated in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded interventional trial. A total of 104 children completed the trial. For the first fifteen weeks of this study, the children were given polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6, 3000 mg a day), polyunsaturated fatty acids plus multi-vitamins and minerals or placebo. After fifteen weeks, all groups crossed over to the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) plus vitamins and mineral supplement. Parents were asked to rate their children's condition after fifteen and thirty weeks. After thirty weeks, parental ratings of behavior improved significantly in nine out of fourteen scales. The lead author of the study, Dr. Sinn, indicated the present study is the largest PUFA trial to date with children falling in the poor learning and focus range. The results support those of other studies that have found improvement in poor developmental health with essential fatty acid supplementation.[8]"

07-09-2007, 12:26 AM
Sno, thanks so much for the info on omega 3. I will get some and start taking it as well.
I broke my neck in 2000 and spent a year in a halo. Was told I would never nurse again! I have now developed arthritis in the neck and I can handle it but do have to take a lot of Motrin, so maybe the omega 3 will help.
I am on my 3rd night shift in a row. Only 12 hour shifts this time, and so far have stayed on program without a problem.
Your and EV suggestion on the bars and string cheese have been a god sent.
I just don't have time to sit down for a meal, but find the bar and cheese satisfy me and I am staying away from the junk food.
I am going to get on the scale Tuesday and see how I am doing. I feel good and cloths are looser so heres hoping :)

07-10-2007, 02:25 PM
I didn't stay focused over the weekend and my weigh-in is typically on Monday's but this week I decided to skip it rather then discourage myself. I know I didn't eat enough to really gain but it might have impacted on how much I would have lost AND I know there will be water retention issues that will through things off so I'll hold off to next Monday.

My daughter is getting married next April and I was telling her that we need to start thinking about the dress, I told her I would like to be able to order it around October (right after my oldest daughter has her baby) and she asked me rather then buying the dress for her would I pay for an NS program for her so she can fit into a slimmer dress next April. She could stand to loose a little weight to look her best. I told her sure, so we need to sit down and decide what will workout best for her. She is an electrician and works at construction sites and they skip eating on a regular basis so they can leave earlier. I expect her breakfast and lunches will be more about bars since she doesn't have boiling water or a microwave anyplace she works. i.e. if she is there the electricity hasn't been installed yet. She has such a masculine job and she has always been such a no nonsense kind of person that it seems odd to having her getting so excited about having a nice wedding with a gown, etc. Geez, you can hardly get her into a skirt much less a full blown gown. Since she is my last daughter to get married I am going to really have fun with this.

Sno, can you tell me how you are able to post the same emotion thingies at the NS site that we have here? Like this one :dust:


07-10-2007, 11:04 PM
Hi all:

well the thing that notifies me when there is a post is not working! Good thing I checked!

I wore my fave ralph lauren tank with my fave ralph lauren jeans today--it looked pretty good! I usually wear a long sleeve shirt over a tank but today didnt bother--my arms are still chubby but the rest of me looked pretty

Down another 2 lbs this week--will it ever stop? Not that i am complaining but it seems like such a miracle. I got myself some pj pants as a reward.

I have been pretty much 100% on plan for 78 days--I plan to go off twice this week--tonight when I make my hubby a pie for his b-day I will have a small slice. And Friday when we go out to lunch for his b-day I will have something small but tasty. I hope this does not screw anything up!

Island: yeah, I have found string cheese, bars and apples to be the big life saver when I am away from home. Also starbucks and lotsa water. Great job on ignoring snacks!

E: I just copy and paste the icons I like--it works pretty good! hang in there--you can do it--especially with your daughter doing it--now you have a goal too--you can be wearing a new size for sure for next april!


07-10-2007, 11:22 PM
Ladies if you want to send me a buddy bucks I think it will work: send it to:

07-11-2007, 04:58 PM
Good Job Sno!!!! :encore: I know just how you feel, Saturday I got to wear a pair of 18W jeans. I walked into the living room and said to DH ďcheck these outĒ. He smiled and said ďLook at that, they are getting to big for you!Ē Not the answer I was expecting but he was right, I could grab hold of each of the legs with room to spare, I was so tickled to get into them that I didnít even notice that they were kind of loose. Boy, did he ever step in it and come out smelling like a rose. Iím still in my regular old tops, I always loose through the top last and gain there first, especially as I age.

You are doing so wonderful, keep up the good work. :congrat:

07-11-2007, 10:36 PM
Hi E:

I usually lose up top too--this time I have lost almost nothing on top but have lost the most off my thighs. I wonder if it is because I started taking the pill?

Yippee--size 18W are too large! thats so funny--my best friend said the same thing to me about my jeans! Dont you love it!


07-11-2007, 10:39 PM
PS: and you said you didnt do so good last weekend--well if your pants are getting baggy then you must not have done too bad!

07-12-2007, 05:41 AM
OMG Sno, you are melting! Good for you:hug: 78 days on plan and no cheats, you are amazing!
EV, as long as the pants are fitting looser don't worry if you had a not so great weekend.
I decided to NOT step on the scale this week again. I am doing so well ignoring it and not having my mood depend on my weight on a particular day, that I just decided to skip it again this week and maybe next week I will weigh, or whenever :)
I am having a tough night coming up this weekend. It is my 5 wedding anniversary and DH has made reservations and a primo Italian rest. here in Kauai, and I know I will not stick to my diet. I cannot bring a bar to this rest. #1 reason is it would hurt my DH's feelings horribly as he has put a lot of thought into this, as we normally don't go anywhere special.
So I think as long as I am good every other day but Sat, I will just have to face the music when the time comes. And if it stalls or puts on a pound, so be it.
Other than that, I am doing well. Bars, cheese sticks and apples. Cannot live without them now :)
Not to mention this forum, and you two. Don't think I could do it without you either ;)
Talk to you soon

07-12-2007, 01:18 PM
So Tuesday night I made my hubby's cherry pie for his birthday. I noted I wanted to snack while I cooked so I chewed some mint gum which took care of that. I had one piece of pie and it was good! But it wasnt so good that I wanted to gain weight by eating more of that or anything else. I did have cravings but they just werent worth it. I am determined to make my goals and leave all the crazy eating behind.

When I go out to lunch with my hubby on Friday, I plan to have what I want but eat it slowly and have small portions--I am sure from being on nutrasystem that my stomach has shrunk anyway--I get full easily. I think this is the whole point to learn to eat less and watch portions.

So good luck Island--we are both going to experiment with eating off plan!


07-12-2007, 02:56 PM
Ladies, only one suggestion, don't skip your other meals to "save" calories. Islandgrrl, have your breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack so when you go to dinner you are in control. You will make wiser choices if you are starving. Did for you Sno, just eat like normal and that way your dinner on your own will be a "normal" event and you can keep it in line with the rest of your plan. One meal does not mean you get to be off plan the whole day.

The other day I was put in a situation where My DIL, Step Son and DH were out running around and DIL was hungry :hun: so we ended up stopping at Denny's for a late lunch/early dinner. I went to the 55 and older menu and picked out some broiled fish and veggies. It was a perfect size and I felt so successful. They forgot to bring me the dinner roll and I didn't remind them. That was the first time I ate from the 55 and over menu but you can be sure it won't be my last.


07-13-2007, 07:55 AM
Thanks for the suggestions EV. I will eat normal so that I am not starved before I go out. That is a usual pattern with me, I know I will eat so I don't eat anything all day and then I could eat the entire menu!
Italian is good but I don't know if they have anything that is not fattening :(
I would love a good caesar salad and even that is fattening:mad:
But I will get thru it and one day does not destroy a weeks worth of days.
Sno, you will do great, you have this under such good control.

07-13-2007, 04:43 PM
Islandgrrl -- It's just one meal. It's just one meal. It's just one meal. :D Someone told me that by next Christmas I wouldn't even remember the meal I was stressing over and it just rung home so well. So go and enjoy everything about the experience. The room, the smells, the company, your anniversary and the meal will take care of itself if you focus everything else about the experience.

07-13-2007, 11:45 PM
HI guys!

well today was my "treat" meal and I ended up just having a slice of pizza and a diet coke. I didnt want to eat anything else because I dont want to stop the weight loss. It didnt make me feel like binging but I did feel hungry pretty quickly. I guess I am used to the balanced nutrisystem meals.

Saw Harry Potter and that was fun. Got a massage tomorrow. Yay!

Good luck Island--I know you can do it


07-14-2007, 01:11 PM
Wow, Sno you are too good. I will definately not be that good, trust me :)
I will just keep telling myself, "it is just one meal" And you are so right EV, we will not even remember the meal we stressed over so badly in a years time.
I am going to Oahu on Weds, have to take the ACLS instructor's course on thursday. I am of course all stressed out about it cause I have to do a 20 min presentation. Not to mention the on line course "Core Instructor Course" and then study and get ready for the 8 hour course on Thursday. I am okay with that but stresses about doing and then presenting in front of the class...:eek:
I am off work today, and I will have to study most of the day before going out for my supper. I just hope the combination of both don't drive me over the edge :)
One thing and one day at a time!!!

07-14-2007, 02:36 PM
Hi ladies,

I just ordered my first round of NS, thought I'd give it a try to get a handle on my portion control. They said it should be here Wednesday. :) If you have any tips on what to avoid in terms of their meals, I'd love to hear it. For some reason, the bean dishes (like their chili) look a bit weird to me! LOL

Here's to a new weight loss adventure!

07-15-2007, 07:37 PM
Hiya Sunny and welcome!:welcome: The food is kind of trial and error. You will not always like what someone else does and vise versa. I love the mac and cheese and beef. Also the ravioli w spinach. I hate both the chicken and tuna salads! I love all the cereals and don't like the eggs. The pancakes are good.
I usually have soup or the bars for lunch with string cheese. That is what Sno eats and she is melting. The pizza is good, but my DH says it looks more like a cracker than a pizza :joker:
Make sure you drink lots of water as well that will really help.
EV and Sno, I survived my anniversary dinner. Had a huge caesar salad, stuck with water and then had angel hair pasta with scallops and shrimp. Ate the scallops and shrimp (5) and less than half the angel hair. I had no champagne as we decided because we were driving Steve did not want any, but I did have a baileys and coffee. Totally skipped the dessert! So I am pretty proud of myself :wave:
Today we will finish the floor, I will study and work on my presentation, and then tomorrow back to work.
Hope ya'll had a great weekend. And again welcome to Sunny!:welcome2:

07-15-2007, 08:25 PM
Dear all:

:welcome2: to Sunny--I hope you have a fantastic experience like I have had with this plan. I have lost 35lbs in 2.5 months! and am ecstatic.

I was thinking about what is different this time about losing weight. Why this time I feel I really will be successful:

1. I was just so fed up and couldnt take it anymore. I no longer felt like a choice it felt like a reality.

2. Over the last 2.5 months I have been training myself to resist food I used to binge on. I have learned to control my hunger--I know I have eaten enough food to maintain my health. When I get hungry even though I have eaten, I drink water and that helps. The hunger wont kill me but the overeating might.

3. This week I have tested myself with my two treats--the piece of pie and the piece of pizza. Not only was I not tempted to eat more, I could have passed on those foods because it has become more important to me to lose weight than it is to indulge in food.

Anyway just some thoughts.

Island: great job--that was really a fine meal you had! :congrat:


07-16-2007, 06:27 PM
Grrrreat Job Sno and Islandgrrl on your challenge days. :cp:DH and I ended up going out unexpected to a steak house. We had to pick up my step-son at the airport and had my daughter visiting until we left for the airport then the plane was late so we never did get around to eat anything but breakfast. BUT they offered a low cal plate and I had that, it had a small piece of steak, whole wheat bread, sliced tomatoes with cottage cheese and a bunch of fruit. They arranged it with the fruit all fanned out so the plate looked as huge and inviting as everyone else’s sizzling steaks and I was comfortable and proud of myself when all was said and done. BTW it was half what DH spent on his big honking steak.

Welcome to Sunny. I’ve been on NS for 3 months and I’m down 28 lbs. :goodscaleI’m not loosing as fast as Sno but I also am not exercising as much and I’ve been off plan almost every weekend, not a lot but like above not eating totally NS so I’m not unhappy with my progress. Like Islandgrrl said, food is all a matter of taste. I like the tuna and chicken salads but I make my extra dairy/protein for that meal extra tuna and chicken to add to the salad them I add onions and celery to make the whole thing a little thicker and stuff a tomato with it. There are some things I really won’t order again if I can help it, some things that are ok for a change of pace and some things that are really.

Now I have just got to kick my butt in gear and get more exercise in, :club:I don’t know why I haven’t been, I really love to exercise, it just seems like I need to do something else when I have the time. Some of it is that it’s just to hot this time of year to do anything accept workout early in the morning and this year I’ve gotten in the habit of doing most of my housework early in the morning so I don’t have to deal with it during the heat of the day. That is the excuse I’m using for not working out AND for my house being a mess. BTW, no I don't have AC. I had an estimate to have central air installed a couple of years ago and they advised me not to waste my money. I would spend 10K and still not be happy with the results because my house was just not setup for it. Two estimates came back the same so I'm still using evaporative coolers and fans. Oh well, summer isn't that long and it is really only the monsoon season that it is truly uncomfortable.


07-16-2007, 11:23 PM
Hi all:

well I am up a pound this week! waah! I have been 100% on plan other than the two treats I had last week. Oh well--the scale fluctuates. I am sure I will lose by next week!

YEah E, we only have about two months were it is really hot up here and so we dont have aircon either--but we do have it in our bedroom. It really helps on those super hot days and nights to have somewhere to cool off.

Gotta go!

Have a fantastic nutrisystem week all!



07-17-2007, 01:12 AM
Hi all - just finished going through your posts!

My husband and I are starting NS shortly - we are just waiting for our food to arrive.... my hubby only wants to drop about 10 lbs but has decided to join me with NS to make it easier for me! We recently had a little girl and I am not having a whole lot of luck getting ride of the excess baby weight!! so I am hoping Nutrisystem will help! Sounds like you've all had great success so far!

Looking forward to visiting with you all!

07-17-2007, 01:36 AM
:welcome2: Sky. You will love the program. Good luck to you.
Sno don't worry about the pound. You are so right about the weight flucuations. And don't forget how our bodies have a tendency to hang on to water.
EV you did GREAT! Passed up a steak, good for you.
I still have not weighed myself but that is okay cause I feel good. And still in the size 12s and aiming for the 10s, then the 8s.

07-17-2007, 07:29 PM
Sno Ė it was the dough on the Pizza, your body isnít use to the refined carbs and it is making you retain water. Drink extra H20 and it will flush right out of your system and you will be back down when you weigh in next time.

Islandgrrl Ė I love the fact that you are resisting the scale and using a pant-omitor to measure your progress. That is such a better system, I wish I wasnít addicted so to the scale. I weigh everyday but it really is more to make sure I havenít gained (because I do get tempted sometimes and hold my breath the next day that I didnít over do it). So normally I step on the scale to make sure I didnít undo anything and when I see it move down itís like getting a little bonus. I know, I know it is a mind game but different strokes for different folks and this is what is working for me right now.

Welcome Sky Ė I hope you love NS as much as we do. So far all three of us are doing wonderfully. It is really nice that DH is joining with you to help support you. The nice thing about NS is how effortless it is to do and you are going to love not having to plan meals out anymore.

07-17-2007, 10:31 PM
Thanks for the support ladies--it was hard to have a disappointing weigh in after all my hard work!

But I will not let this small setback dislodge me from my plan and program. I am 100% again and frankly after that little experience, I dont think I want to go off again! It was so not worth it!

E: I didnt think of it but yeah it must have been the white flour. waah! Oh well--I am kinda jealous of you that you havent been 100% on plan and you have lost almost as much as me!

Island: I agree with E! The panto-meter test is the best. I should go to that--this one little pound would not have got me down since it is not noticeable in terms of my pants!

Sky: :welcome: best of luck with the plan--it is great to have the hubby on plan with you--mine is doing the same thing but he had 30 to lose. So we basically eat similar things. It really helps!

:dust: to all!


07-17-2007, 10:46 PM
Thanks Ladies!

I am hoping that having hubby on plan too will be much easier - not having to cook a regular meal will make all the difference I think!

I thought our food was going to be here on Friday but just noticed that it is running behind and won't arrive until Monday :(... oh well - we are heading off camping on Tuesday but I am determined to take my NS food and eat only that camping - my husband isn't going to start until we get home - but I figure the sooner the better as we have a big trip to the Monteray, CA area planned for the end of August and I'd like to have lost 10 or 12 lbs by then!

Have a great night ladies!

07-18-2007, 05:35 PM
Ladies, just a quick note to say good bye. I am off to Oahu for two days for my instructor's class and my presentation. Wish me luck!
I love the panto-meter :) That gave me a giggle for sure.
Talk to you soon

07-18-2007, 06:34 PM
Island, that sounds like fun!

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone -- my big box o' food just came today and, counting up the inventory, it looks like I have 34 days' worth of meals / snacks. The packaging looks nice -- I'm hoping the food tastes as good! :)

I'm excited about getting started, and tomorrow will be my first official day! Whee!

07-18-2007, 10:43 PM
Island, that does sound like fun!! I am guessing it is nice and sunny in Hawaii right now - unfortunately it is pouring rain at my house - we are having such a weird summer! Anyways have a great time.

Sunny good luck with your 1st day tomorrow - let me know how the food is!

07-19-2007, 01:35 PM
Hi all:

well I am very happy today--I lost the one pound I gained last week and am down two more--thats more like it!

I am motivated to increase my exercise but my ankle is a bit sore so I have to take it slow.

Sunny: best of luck on your first day--I was kinda scared of eating the food at first but got used to it really quickly. This plan has been a lifesaver for me--I was feeling like I would never lose weight before I went on it. Now at 12 weeks I have lost 37 lbs--it has been so quick and easy!

Sky: my hubby has only kinda been following the plan--at first he was right on it. Now he uses the food for main courses but adds other--he has been great about not eating junk and mainly just eats extra fruit and nuts and lofat carbs. He is still losing but much slower. He has lost about 18 pounds in the same period of time and has 12 lbs to go. I plan to stay on nutrisystem till I have lost all my weight. He is fine with still eating the entrees until I have lost all my weight. He eats much healthier now which is great!

E: I havent been able to log onto the nutrisystem forums for several days now--how about you? How are you doing?



07-20-2007, 06:40 PM
Sno -- I've been logging fine but it continues to kick me all the way back to home page whenever I try to post, respond or change pages.

Good Job on your loose, I really am jealous of you. I hit my 30 lb mark today. Now the test is to maintain it over the weekend, then I will feel like I really did hit it. Weekends are difficult for me a lot of the time. That is probably why you are kicking my but.

Islandgrrl -- How did you do on you presentation? Hope all went well.

Christine & Sky -- make sure to play with your food. Don't be afraid if there is something that isn't what you expected to tweak it. Like adding some bell peppers, onions, a little pepper, mushrooms, etc. I always add tuna to my tuna salad to thicken it up and tomatoes to my chili to make it go farther, etc. If you need ideas on ways to enhance the flavor of the food check in on the NS boards, they have some really good recipes that are also fun just to change things up. i.e. using the pancakes to make Danishes.

07-20-2007, 11:24 PM
E--I am only 7 lbs ahead of you and you have had plenty of fun treats whereas I havent! I am jealous that you could lose and eat treats!

07-21-2007, 12:07 AM
Sno and EV, you are both doing so well. :bravo: It is amazing at the weight you have lost, I am so proud of you both.
Sky and Sunny, EV is right. Play with your food and do not be afraid to jazz it up. I did not like the chicken salad but I did try it with some onion, celery etc and now I like it!
And the bars and string cheese are a life saver. I don't even order anything else for the lunches now as I was never eating them and they were just stacking up in the cupboard.
I aced my presentation! I am now an ACLS instructor, one more thing to add to my resume :)
And the best part? I stayed away from Red Lobster! While I did not take my NS with me as no micro wave, I did stick with low fat and salads, and am pretty proud that I managed so well. I am slowing shrinking according to my pantometer ;) One day I will get on the dreaded scale but for now I am enjoying my freedom from it. I am afraid to let it rule my day and my mood, and am doing so well without it right now.
I am off to work, talk later.
EV and Sno, you guys rule:hug:

07-21-2007, 04:30 PM
Hi all:

I was going to walk today and do an exercise video but my back was acting up so I walked for 50 minutes instead. I just finished icing my back, but it still feels like I pulled a muscle but it felt fine yesterday and I really didt do anything--just had my 30 minute walk yesterday. Oh, well--it isnt too bad so hopefully the walk will help it.

Great job, Island! Its so great you can go out of town and stick to a reasonable plan. I bet that pantometer is showing results. I love string cheese--I was getting lowfat cheddar sticks for a while but they dont do it for me like string cheese! I do love some of the lunches tho--particularly the cheesy whipped potatoes with broccolli. Also, congrats on a successful presentation! You have had a fantastic week--and just think how you were about a month ago when you felt like you couldnt do it! Awesome recovery! :cheer:

Have a great day all!



07-21-2007, 06:29 PM
Hi everyone!

I have to say, I'm enjoying the NS system -- the food's pretty good, and it's such a relief not to have to try to figure out what I can have, cook, etc. I know I can't do this forever (I will have to learn to love cooking someday!) but right now, this works soooo well in my lifestyle.

I was off yesterday due to food-related fundraising events at work (I could not resist the evil Krispy Kreme - bought and served hot - donuts) and lunch out, but my first day was great and today has been going well too. I found out that I really like the breakfast granola bars, which surprised me.

Anyway, grats on everyone doing so well!

07-22-2007, 12:52 AM
Hi Ladies,
You have all been doing great!
Thanks for all the great advice.... I am still waiting for my food to arrive - I guess it'll be Monday now - I am looking forward to it - a nice break from cooking will be greatly appreciated!

Snow/Ev - WOW you guys have done so well with your weight loss - good for you!
and Island - I love the pantometer!! I may have to use that one myself as I do have a favourite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that I'd love to fit into again soon!

Congratulations on your presentation and doing so well while you were away.

Snow - hope your back feels better soon!
Have a great weekend ladies!

07-22-2007, 02:20 PM
OMG, Sunny what evil person bought Krispy Kremes. I so love Krispy Kremes, I am lucky that there are none in Kauai.
Sno I hope your back is better. Rest it and make sure you take some Motrin.
We finally had a bit of rain here, it was nice. Had a tropical storm pass by the big island and gave us some much needed rain.
I think my pantometer is working, but you know this sounds silly but my shoes are getting looser! I think my feet are shrinking
And my watch bands are definately looser and they spin on my wrist now.
So not only collar bones, I have wrist bones and skinny feet:D
Well I am off to bed now, 2 nights down and 1 to go.

07-22-2007, 04:44 PM
Island -- they had a charity event in which people bought dozens and the money was donated to charity, so several people bought them and then put them out for everyone. We have a company of around one hundred people, and ended up with 31 dozen (372!!! donuts) in the lunch room...did I mention that my cubicle is literally right outside the lunch room??? I smelled donuts all day...sigh. But they were tasty. And it was for a good cause, even if they weren't so good for my hips. ;)

07-23-2007, 04:59 AM
Sunny, I would have eaten the donuts as well. I am totally a weakling when it come to Krispy kreames! I am just so grateful that they have not built on Kauai :)
They are in Maui and some people go there and buy them in bulk and bring them back and sell them. I try to avoid that as well.
They can be addicting and go to my hips in a flash!
Some things are just better left alone, and they are one I have to leave.
Other than that I am doing great.

07-23-2007, 02:12 PM
Good morning everyone!

Well I am pretty happy--lost another two pounds in the last week which puts me at one pound away from 40! Another milestone soon!

Had a rest day from exercise yesterday--I find it is really helpful to have one day where I dont do much. I did do my stretches and two short walks with the dog.

It is overcast today which is a welcome relief from the blazing sun of the last several weeks. I think I will spray my roses.

Island: it is so cool when all your stuff is loose--my wedding ring is starting to get looser--I had to get it resized larger a few years ago and it really depressed me--soon I will be able to size it back down!

Sunny: Oh well a few donuts in the long run--just get back on the wagon and keep going. I have been working on enjoying the smell of foods I dont want but that doesnt mean I am going to eat them. It works pretty well particularly if I am not hungry. And being close to 40 lbs down makes even more incentive!

07-23-2007, 05:53 PM
Christine Ė I know exactly what you mean. It is such a relief to not be stressing over everything you eat, you just pick up the next meal when you get hungry.

Skyootr Ė well your food should be there today so you can find out for yourself how quickly you start seeing results. Unless you have family to help you eat the produce I would recommend shopping once a week and buying exactly what you need in fresh fruits and veggies each week. Once you get into a rhythm you are going to love it. Currently my rythem is I go to the grocery during lunch on Monday and pick up the add ins for Breakfast and Lunch I need, I bring in a weeks worth of NS for Bkfast & Lunch and then I donít have to think about it again during the week. As Islandgrrl mentioned, for her the lunch bars were a life saver, for me they are what I use most of the time for bkfst. I come into work and have a cup of coffee and bkfst bar almost everyday, add a yogurt and a piece of fruit and Iím very satisfied until lunch. When I first started NS it seemed like I got way to many bars but low and behold they are turning out to be one of my favorite parts of the program. They are so convenient to have with you. I actually went to Disney and packed a breakfast, lunch and snack bar in with my camera and was able to stay on plan all day. When we stopped for ďlunchĒ I had a salad and some fruit and when we were running around when I started feeling a little hungry I pulled out a bar and nibble it down while we were on the move. It worked so well I could not believe it and I kept my energy up.

Iíll stop rambling now. Can you tell I just love NS?

Sno Ė my back has been touchy too this past weekend. I havenít had trouble with my back in a very long time. The thing I found that really helped me (I use to have a back ache nearly daily) was the swissball. Once I learned how to use it for ab and back exercises I stopped having trouble. Also if it does get tight and ache (like this weekend) I will use the ball to stretch out on. I just roll down on it and allow my back to follow the curve of the ball to get a good stretch. If I could only have one piece of workout equipment in my home gym it would be a swissball.

Islandgrrl Ė I think Iím going to start following your example and put the scale away. Iíve really been getting addicted to jumping on it every morning and I think it is starting to make me feel like the weightloss is going very slow. Check back with me in a couple of weeks and see how Iím doing, Iím going to start weighing in the week before my food is shipped only, so I can document my weight online. That way if Iím due another bear then I should get it in my shipment. Wish me luck, giving up that stupid scale is going to be tough.

07-24-2007, 01:19 AM
You can do it EV, the scale is just an evil entity designed to affect women's moods. I think they inject it with hormones :)
Congrats Sno on yet another great loss. Almost 40 pounds that is so amazing, and you are still so pumped and have not lost motivation. I am so proud of you:hug:
I never went to be until noon today and forced myself to get up as I wanted to talk to my grand daughter on the web cam. They are in Canada and 4 hours ahead of me and she goes to bed around 9pm. She is growing so fast, I miss them so much.
The web cam is nice in that she knows her grandma's face and voice, but I long to touch her and smell her :(
If I can figure out how to do it, I will attach a picture of her for you.
Take care my friends, we are doing this!!

07-24-2007, 01:38 PM
Islandgrrl -- I so understand about the DGD, my little 8 year old DGD is in NY State, 3 hours ahead of me. The hard part was that she lived with me off and on until she was 5 then her mom up and moved to NY to be near her half brothers. It was really tough but now she is married and her life has come together so well that I know it was the right decision for her. Doesn't make the loss any less in AZ though.

The really nice thing is, I'll always be her favorite grandma because everytime we spend time together it will always be a vaction trip with lots of fun associated with it.

07-24-2007, 04:42 PM
Hi all:

things are quiet for me right now. I was supposed to get my car repaired today but my friend who was supposed to transport me was sick so I am basically stuck at home for now.

My back is much better--I basically iced it alot and it seemed to work. I will have to look into that swiss ball, Ev--it sounds interesting.

You ladies are setting a great example with giving up the scale. I have done that in the past but right now I like it. Of course once my weight loss slows down I will probably like it less. One of the things I dont like about only weighing every so often is that I tend to think I should lose more weight since I held out on weighing myself!!

Keep it up all!


07-25-2007, 09:34 AM
I am feeling a bit free without being tied to my scale. I have talked to some of my "skinny" friends and what I found interesting is most of them don't even own a scale!
EV I got a phone call from my son and they WILL be here the end of august.
He managed to get a couple of his employees to be willing to take over the stores while they are gone. I am so happy:)
Sno I am so glad that your back is better. Just take it easy thou.

07-25-2007, 01:33 PM
Okay today is my 94th day on Nurtisystem and I have kept on plan 92 days. I get tempted--expecially when I see a big bowl of cherries and I had all my fruit for the day and I want just one! But I know where that slippery slope leads and frankly I am too happy and excited about my weight loss so far that I just cant sabotage! It is a great feeling.

I cant weight to get below 220--it will be a milestone for me--havent been there since almost 8 years! That is my dream goal for july but I know I am pushing it!!

My back is okay--it was my ankle that started acting up during my 45 minute walk yesterday. So I stopped at 40. Things are bound to be a little achy now that I am increasing my exercise.

Island and EV--it is wise not to weigh every day--my weight still fluctuates a lot especially if I just lost a lot--it seems to need to go back and forth until it settles down at the weight loss.

Take care--have a lovely, lovely nutrisystem day.

07-26-2007, 08:42 PM
Islandgrrl -- :cb: August is soooooo very close. You have got to be beside yourself and wait until they see how great you look. :cb: One time I had lost a bunch of weight just before I went to NY to see my granddaughter and when I got off the plane it took her a moment to realize who I was. She was 6 and she said "Grandma, I didn't expect you too look that way". She is such a treasure.

Well I haven't been very successful this week. I didn't give up the scale, I'm so afraid I will be bitterly disappointed if I get on it next month and am anticipating a large loss and there isnít one. I know if I jump on it each day and Iím up then I can think back, OK to much sodium on the veggies, or didnít get in all my water. Does that make sense?

THEN I have had the munchies all week, Tuesday night I broke down and had some pizza with DH. I was eating everything in the house and I finally just decided I might better eat something I really wanted then keep craving and trying to satisfy myself. I think Iíve got it out of my system now but geez I hate it when I canít figure out what has come over me. I was thinking these ďcraving attachesĒ were do to the high GI foods but I canít think of anything I had eaten off plan that should have triggered the frenzy. After it started I ended up with high GI foods but not before it started. I must be lacking something in my diet that triggers this response in me; I just need to figure it out.

Well the frenzy has passed, I hope and Iíve been 100% all day today (last night I was struggling again but I wasnít as far off). At least Iíve learned not to allow it to stop me for long.

07-26-2007, 09:08 PM
I'm thinking about getting NS. After all the commercials, and QVC I really want to try it now! Then I came here and see that it's been working for you all!

So should I give it a go? I'm 21.

07-26-2007, 09:35 PM
Hi I'm so cute!

I am just so jazzed about the plan. First it leaves all the choices out--so if you stick to the plan then there is no way to cheat. Second, I have never lost weight so steadily and so quickly--ever! I have lost 39 lbs in 13 weeks! It is very healthy--I am eating more veggies, fruit and yogurt than I ever have before! It just is becoming second nature! 3rd it trains you to get used to smaller portions! so when you eventually go off your stomach will be shrunk etc!

If you want a thirty dollar coupon--just private message with your e-mail address and name and I can send you one.

Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing!


07-26-2007, 09:55 PM
Hi all:

I am totally a slacker on housework this week except doing the dishes! But I have increased my walking to 45 minutes a day and my leg exercises to 45 minutes a day. And I have done some writing. Its all good--so what if I have a messy house!

Hmm--feeling hungry today and yesterday now that I think about it! Thats good news--I think when I feel hungry I am dropping weight! Yippee!

Taking a rest day today--I may not walk but I will do my exercises. The dog is bummed because she has really been enjoying the long walks!! My ankle and knee have been acting up a little but within an acceptable range I think. As long as I keep icing I think it will work and I will get stronger. Sigh!

Ev: dont beat yourself up--so you had some eating frenzy days--who hasnt. The most important thing is getting back on the wagon! That is how we gain the strength for Long term weight loss!! Remember how Island recouped and now she is doing so great. Going off plan teaches us about ourselves.
Keep posting and post about why you want to do this--it makes it more real! Take care! :hug:

:dust: :dust:

07-27-2007, 04:37 AM
EV sweetie, we must have been on the same wave yesterday. I too had pizza. It was my own fault, I worked all Tuesday night and then after I got off work I had to teach CPR, so I finished that at 2:30pm. I had not planned well and forgot to take a lunch or breakfast so by the time I got off I was starved and then it is a hour drive home and I was already so darn tired, so I stopped at Costco and got a take home, cook at home pizza. On the plus size (no pun intended :)) I only had two pieces compared to my usual 6 or 8:D
And today I got right back on NS and I am not going to drive myself crazy about the pizza.
EV don't worry about the scale, if you need it you need it, myself I am just better without it.
Sno keep up with the ice and don't over do. Your dog will survive :)
Working a 16 hour again today and then off for 3!!! :dancer:

07-27-2007, 03:26 PM
Imsocute -- I started through QVC, last April and am down 30 lbs. I would recommend if you order through QVC to get their American Classic plan, you will end up with the more typical food in it such as hot dogs and hamburgers, etc. Most of QVC's programs are not setup so you cannot pick your foods so the American Classic plan should be more consistent on providing you with the type of food you would typically be interested in eating. The only way you will know if it is right for you is to try it.

If you are going to do the 7 days a week rather then the weekends off you should order through the nutrisystem site. The price ends up being better if you go on auto delivery with NS direct and you get to pick out your favorite foods. I switched to NS direct because I decided I wanted to stay on plan 7 days per week and it allows me to pick which meals I receive. As Sno said, you can get a $30.00 coupon from her if you decide to sign up through the NS site so be sure to let her know if you decide to go through NS directly. Good Luck.

Sno & Islandgrrl -- Thanks for the encouragement, I was 100% yesterday and am on my way to another 100% day. I brainstormed with CAT on the NS Christmas Club Thread and came up with some ideas that I am going to try to implement the next time my nerves start acting up to see if I can get them back in check before I fall face first into a pizza. Nothing helps me more then using someone as a sounding board when you are trying to figure things out so I got a little long winded over there but I think I may have come up with a couple of good ideas. It really does feel like an anxiety attach when it happens so Iím looking for things to take my frustration out on rather then food. I would setup a driving net in my back yard but I donít have grass, I have gravel and that sure messes up your golf clubs in a hurry, so I need to come up with a plan B. Iím thinking maybe a punching bag but if I need help putting the gloves on it wouldnít be good because DH isnít always around to help me. Anyone want to have a pillow fight with a crazy lady?

Have a good weekend,

07-27-2007, 04:46 PM
Hi Ev:

glad you got some ideas on Christmas club. And you are not crazy! I can so relate to using food to manage anxiety--thats partly how I got to be 262! And if it didnt work we woudnt do it! So that is why it is so hard to give it up. So part of our deal is learning to manage our anxiety different ways other than food. I bet there isnt a person on this or the other forum who hasnt used food to manage anxiety.

For me I can manage anxiety with reading, talking to someone exercising, taking a shower--anything to take my mind off of it. Shopping online--just browsing when I dont have money. Going to the forums and reading and chatting. Or sometimes I just have to realize I am anxious and just tolerate the feeling which isnt easy.

Hang in there and congrats on your good day! :hug:


PS--Caffeine makes anxiety worse--I had to completely give it up because it makes me bananas and I cant sleep. Do you drink lots coffee or diet sodas with caffeine? If so you might consider cutting it way down--dont go cold turkey tho it can give you bad withdrawal symptoms.

buzz kamp
07-28-2007, 03:22 AM

i'm a first-timer.

just spent the last hour reading about your collective success on the nutrisystem program. i'm inspired to sign up.

here's some info about me.
i'm at home with my kids in virginia. gained 70 lbs with my pregnancies. lost 50 with diet and exercise. have been on a plateau for the last few months. then gained 5 lbs after i stopped nursing last month. i need to get off my plateau and lose 25 lbs. it's been very frustrating because i eat right and exercise but nothing seems to help. meanwhile, my husband just stops eating candy bars and he loses weight. i'm beginning to get a little bitter.

i'm going to sign up for ns soon.
i'd love to get a list from the ns veterns of their favorite and least desireable foods. btw, "don't order the tuna" -- i got that message loud and clear.

07-28-2007, 01:28 PM
Hi Buzz:

I know what you mean about getting bitter--my hubby is technically on nutrisystem too--and he eats more than allowed on the plan and cheats all the time--and he still loses!

It is a little difficult to recommend food choices--everyone likes different things--like my favorite lunches are the beans with ham or the blackbeans with rice, or the fudge graham bars--but some people dont like beans.

My fave dinners are the lasagne with meat sauce, the rotini, and the chicken with rice and almonds. My fave desserts are any of the cookies, the peanut butter dessert bar and the caramel popcorn. My fave breakfasts are the granola, pancakes, and the bran flakes.

Good luck with the plan and if you want a $30 coupon private mail me with your e-mail address and name and I will send you one!

Let us know how it goes!


07-28-2007, 06:36 PM
Well Yippee!

I am 222 which means I have hit the 40 lbs lost mark! Yay! I feel like I can really do this, my friends and it feels great!

Phew I am tired today--I got a great sleep last night--which was the first in a while--sometimes getting a good sleep makes me more tired. Yesterday I did my exercise and 45 minute walk--the dog was very happy. but then my knee was aching when I was sleeping last night--I think I probably increased my walking too fast. Darn. I am going to take it easy today and tomorrow--give it a break--an ice the crap out of it--hopefully! Then next week I will try for 3 days 30 minutes walking and if the knee is okay alternate those with two days of 45 minute walks.

I have decided to cut back as much as I can on clothes shopping--the expensive Ralph Lauren jeans I got are already loose on me. I think I need just one or two pairs of pants for each stage of loss instead of going nuts because I am a size smaller.

Had a little nsv yesterday. I bought some cherries at the grocery store and tried one in the car. A few mintues later I realized I was snacking automatically on the cherries as I drove. I caught myself when I realized and fortunately I had only eaten three. I realized that was common for me before to snack while driving.

anyway--hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!


07-29-2007, 04:11 PM
Hi everyone!

I see the boards have been busy!

I've been away camping for the last 5 days - am very glad to be home - camping with an 8 month old is a lot of work!! but we had a great time!

Sno - congrats on your great weight loss!!
Island/EV - sounds like you ladies are back on track too! Thats great - don't beat yourselves up about the "slips" accept them, learn from them and move on.. afterall tomorrow is another day right!

Buzz - I've just started NS - got my food on Monday - so started on Tuesday...also trying to get ride of the last 25/30lbs of baby weight!! so far I have liked everything except the Thai noodles - it is very sauces and I am not a fan of Tofu - the peanut flavour is good though - but it's just not my thing.

As far as the Tuna goes - I figured I'd start off with the Tuna items as I had heard they were bad - I actually liked the tuna salad (I put it on top of my salad with pickes, etc and it tasted fine. As for the Tuna Casserole - I had it while we were camping and it was ok - It would have been better had I been at home and been able to jazz it up with somemore veggies and hot sauce etc. But it definately wasn't as bad as some people make it seem!

My favourite things so far are the pancakes, honey mustard pretzels, the turkey hot dogs (these were great), the pb cookie - actually aside from the above - everything has been fine - a nice suprise actually.

My hubby is starting today so it should make things easier. Although I know he will drop 10lbs likely in two weeks - I am prepared for him to drop pounds quickly and easily!! But having him diet with me is nice!

I did well camping - the only extras I ended up having were a few glasses of wine (1 a night) and 4 potato chips... and considering chips are my weakness I was very proud of myself - while everyone else sat around eating chips/popcorn/smores etc... I stuck to plan for the most part...

One the way home thought I didn't have any food so when we stopped at a drive through diner - I picked the lesser evil and went with a BLT - no fries (which I also love) - and gave a bunch of the bacon to the dog!!

Anyways so far so good - I'll be weighing myself on Tuesday morning to see how the week went!

Have a great day ladies!! Good luck to everyone!

07-30-2007, 09:21 PM
Sky Ė sounds like you did really well during your camping trip. Iíve taken my NS with me camping too and it was a slam dunk. Not having to worry about refrig and not having to have a microwave to warm things up sure made it easy. I also keep bkfast, snack and lunch bars in my purse when Iím traveling as a back up plan. You can have a nice salad with fruit and your meal replacement bar as dessert and you have covered yourself nicely. When I first saw all the bars that NS carries I was not impressed, that just shows you how NOT to jump to conclusions because they have turned out to be one of the handiest things to have around. They can really help me from getting into trouble.

Sno Ė Thx for the heads up on the caffeine. I thought about going cold turkey but decided it wouldnít be wise. I did have a cup this morning and I have decided to add a cup of pure water for every cup I drink to help with the dehydration affects. Iím not a coffee hound as much as I use flavored coffees to keep from nibbling in the afternoon. I can have a cup of chocolate raspberry or caramel coffee and feel like I had an extra afternoon snack. So I figured if I cut back 2 cups that will cut my caffeine consumption in half. I already drink non-caffeinated soda when I have it. The trick is I donít get the anxiety attaches on a regular basis. But at least with my brain storming I recognize what is happening and can now try dealing with that instead of thinking I didnít have any will power and giving myself a mental whipping. This type of issue is exactly why I just love the boards, people can be so helpful when they have similar issues and experiences that friends and family would if they could but they just canít relate to what is going on.

Sno you are doing so great, I just am so happy for your success. I hope you are taking pictures documenting your journey.

OH and I was reading the other day that cherries are a very low GI fruit. One of the best you can be eating, I thought of you when I read that article.

07-30-2007, 09:36 PM
Buzz Ė Sno is right, donít listen to what others say, you really need to try the food and make up your own mind. Donít expect gourmet but donít expect something you simply canít eat. Most things, if they arenít exactly what you like you can tweak to make them enjoyable and the variety is more important then the individual dishes. If you order strictly the same thing week after week you will get bored with your food and burn out. So even if there are things that are just ok use them to mix up your meals, that way you will continue to look forward to your very favorites.

That said, I donít think I found anything on the dinner menu that I donít like and the pot roast, mash potatoes and meat loaf, and one sausage dish but I canít remember the name of it are especially yummy (yes the potatoes are not white & fluffy but they taste really good. I assumed I would not like the mac and cheese because I donít like mac and cheese from a box. Well guess again, I tried one that I got in my free week and low and behold it was quiet good. Nice change of pace. LunchóI just love the tortilla black bean soup, and the black bean and rice, I like the sweet potatoes too. The only thing lacking about the tuna salad is that it is very moist. That works in your favor if you take your protein/dairy and add it into your meal as extra tuna. That thickens it up and makes a lot bigger serving; you can also add some celery and/or onions too. I like to use it to stuff a tomato. All the bars are good. Bkfast Ė the only thing I donít like much are the dry eggs. The pancake batter I typically use to make muffins with and more often then not I will have the bars with a cup of coffee and a yogurt. Desserts Ė Iím a sweet baby so anything that is sweet is wonderful. The chips are fine so I keep some on hand in case I want a salty snack I have some to fall back on and I use them if Iím out at a family picnic I can have a side of ďchipsĒ with my burger or hotdog so I donít get tempted by potato chips. But I just love the cookies and candies for desert. I have to force myself to have some of the other things to make sure I donít burning out since I will be on this plan for a while.

Now my style is more about convenience. I eat the breakfast bars because it is portable and Iím normally eating on the fly. I like the dry soups because they are easy to fix at my desk (have an electric tea kettle in my drawer). Just make sure you shake them and stir them really well to get all the dry soup out of the corners. I also put a coaster on the top to hold in the heat better and usually let them sit a little longer the called for. Evening meals end up being a package of frozen veggies and an entrťe. Itís quick and easy and I donít have to put a lot of thought into it at the end of the day when Iím tired AND hungry. (Deadly combination for me).

I think my favorite thing about NS is you can eat it just as it is or you can mix it up and make it your own. Donít be afraid to mix in mushrooms or sautťed bell peppers and onions into your dinner entrťes. Most of the soups can be expanded on by adding a few veggies and low sodium beef or chicken broth. You can use your salads as a bed for your tacoís, fajitas, even pasta dishes.

Sorry I got so long winded but I really do love this program, it is just so darned stress free.

07-31-2007, 01:58 AM
OMG, SNo 40 pounds! You are doing so well.
I agree with you EV about how easy NS is, I love the bars as I can grab one and go, but have also gotten into the string cheese thanks to SNo.
And the cherries, I love cherries and have them everyday and that helps my sweet tooth, as do the cookies. I like the white chocolate almond the best, with the raisen oatmeal being the second best. Love the meatloaf, and the mac and cheese with beef. The dry soups are okay, I like the pea, and love the beans with ham. I stick to cereal for breakfast, could eat cereal for all the meals. I like the pancakes for a treat, as they are really good.
Had a wild weekend, worked our a**es off on the house. I told my DH how it was driving me crazy and bless his little heart but just put the pedal to the metal and got so much done. I think we will be done in a week! Can you believe it? I am loving it. I am so excited, 3 more weeks and my son and family will be here, so instead of just talking to my new baby girl, I will be able to smell her :)
With all the house renos this weekend, my car that died (and wonderful DH fixed) and being so dirty and tired and messy and dusting, I did not do so great on the diet. I had a barbqued steak with my DH last night and had some garlic toast :(. Only had one piece and did not have any potato, but I know I ate way to much steak....sigh!:devil:
Today is another day :carrot:

07-31-2007, 02:23 PM
Hi all!

Had my first weigh in today and I am down 4lbs!! I was so happy to see that on the scale this morning!! YIPEE!

EV those are all great tips - thanks - I'll have to remember to keep some items in the car or in my purse - which has now morphed into a diaper bag!

Island - you must be so excited to see your family! Especially your grand-daughter... it must be hard being so far away from them - I know if my Mom doesn't see my daughter at least once a week she goes nuts! It really is a special relationship grandparents have and I am sure you will have a great time with them!!

Have a great day ladies!

08-01-2007, 08:20 AM
Hi everyone. My name is Kym and I have only been here for about a week.I`ve been hanging in the intro and 40s forum. This is such a huge site that it`s taken me a while to find your thread. All of the weight I lost was when I was on Nutrisystem (through QVC) Because of a family emergency I put everything on hold to care for my dad and since then I`m pretty much stuck.(5lbs up,5lbs down.....)I read all of your posts and felt like I could understand everything you were talking about.Anyway just wanted to say Hi and thank everybody for their posts......Kym

08-01-2007, 03:40 PM
Hi Kym, drop in anytime. You have done wonderful on NS congratulations. If you need to do it "on your own" check out the NS site, there are some ladies there that have nearly wrote the book when it comes to recipes and subsitutions that can be used to replace the NS foods. I've been down loading recipes, etc. so I have them at my fingertips when I transition to maintenance. You might want to check them out.

Amysmithr's web site @
Or @

Christinagray2003's web site @

The-Jazzman's web site @

RecipeXchange @

Using the recipes in the "Collected Recipes" files @

08-01-2007, 06:53 PM
HI all!

I am debating with myself as to whether I will exercise now or later--if I go now I can get it out of the way, if I go later I can go with the hubby--who wont exercise unless I go with him--that makes me mad! I wish he would take care of himself without me nagging!

Anyway my scale is firmly at 222--which is where I was after doing Atkins for 11 months 2 years ago. I havent been below that weight in a good long while! I wonder if I am stalling now--I thought I would lose a bunch of weight this weekend because I was pretty hungry--usually that means that I am losing.

Thanks for the links, Ev--I hadnt thought about collecting recipes yet but it is a good idea--you could make a big batch and freeze them in portions. But I guess I love the convenience of nutrisystem so much--I would probably also want to know what already prepared stuff could be substituted like lean cuisine or what cereals to eat for breakfast etc.

Hi Kym: good to hear from you--are you planning on going back on nutrisystem soon?

SKy--:cheer2: fantastic--four lbs--that is great. And how is the eating going? ARe you finding it pretty easy? ONe thing I do is make sure I have a salad spinner full of cleaned lettuce mixed with sliced red cabbage--that way I can always have a salad. Then I also keep plenty of fat free yogurt flavored with vanilla and stevia in my fridge. I also keep breakfast and lunch bars in my purse in case I get stuck out of the house or have to rush somewhere. I usually also throw a string cheese and an apple in my purse if I know I am going to be out for lunch.

Island: dont sweat it--you probably needed the extra protein after all that work. I bet you dont gain anything. You are so super busy at home and at work--how do you manage all the stress?

Have a great week all!


08-01-2007, 08:39 PM
Great new aviator Sno.

I don't plan on switching from NS until I'm at goal but I want to know what I'm going to do after I get to that point. I lost 90 lbs on Jenny Craig a couple of years ago and gained it back just from not planning enough about maintenance and the panic attach feelings I get that I've mentioned before. That is why I really wanted to research exactly what was bringing them on and what I needed to do to control them. I don't want to ever have to go through the weight loss process again. I am totally focusing on what needs to do once I get there and need to maintain and that is were the recipes and plans of attach are coming in.

Also I like to take things like the pancake mix and created danishes and muffins with it. I don't like fussing with the pancakes but add some equal, pour it over fruit and bake and mmmmmmmm.

Have a good evening, I'm off to get the roots attended to and the ears lowered.

08-02-2007, 01:35 AM
Hey all,
I like the idea of looking at maintenance once off the NS foods. I think I am afraid of gaining it all back too, as have been down that road too many times.
Had a bad night last night, another senseless MVA and fatality. Gets harder and harder to put it away lately, I think I have just seen enough. That is my fourth trauma code in less than a week. 2 fatal, 1 only 14 years old. One a new dad with new baby. All alcohol related. Also left a 16 yr old in a vegetative state.
I hate drinking and driving with a passion.
On a lighter and much happier note, my son and family have booked their flight and are arriving on the 18th......I am overjoyed!:cloud9:

08-02-2007, 02:35 PM
Islandgrrl Ė if you have time you may want to go over and start reading some of the information on the 3fatchicks Living Maintenance Forum especially the stickies at the top of the forum and the Maintenance Library. There is a wealth of information there and now is the time to start planning on what you will do the next step of this process.

17 days and counting, Iím so excited for you. I will be leaving to go visit my daughter in NY on 9/8/07 and I can so relate to your excitement. Some of the fun is taken out of my going to NY for my daughter because as she looks forward to seeing me come she is dreading seeing her hubby head back overseas. I would so like to just bring her back home with me while he is gone.

08-04-2007, 01:24 AM
Hi all:

Had a hair trim today! Maybe that will help with my next weigh in! I finally broke the 222 barrier today and am weighing in at 220. So I have my weight loss done for the week--I am hoping for one more by monday! It will feel good to break that 220 barrier.

A friend of mine invited me to go to San Francisco with her and she would pay for the hotel. At first I said yes but then I remembered that one of the two things I love to do in SF--go out to eat--which I dont really want to do on nutrisystem--I just want to stay on plan until Thanksgiving! Also, I love to shop there and I dont have any money. I also blew a diet there once so I just want to stay home and eat nutrisystem! I am determined to lose all my weigh t this time!

Ev got me into reading the fab maintenance board and I feel like it is really helpful to me to think about maintenance now. This is because I plan for this to be my last diet and that I want to be realistic about what maintenance will be like, instead of just thinking I can eat what I want. I think being super clear about what I want and then putting together what it will take.

Have a fantastic nutrisystem weekend all!

08-04-2007, 04:18 PM
Hi all:

little NSV today--I tried on my size 18 Baby Phat jeans and they fit! My Ralph Lauren 18 jeans are getting too big so soon I will be a 16 in Rl!

EV: have a you found a page that lists the proteins carbs and fat for each meal--like I know the dessert is 1 protein, 1 fruit and 1/2 fat


08-05-2007, 04:38 AM
Woohoo congrats Sno, 42 pounds, that is so wonderful.
I would go to SF to show off the new you. Where your skinny jeans and then you will not be tempted to over eat.
I finally stepped on the scale and woohoo for me too!
I did good and knew I felt lighter.
The challenge for me will be when the kids get here, cause there are so many good seafood resteraunt we want to take them too, and seafood is my downfall.
I will have to wear skinny jeans too! Or shorts I mean.

08-05-2007, 11:42 AM
hi all!!! Islandgrl...what a stressful job you have. It takes a very special person to do that job. My father coded twice and if it wasn`t for the nurses in the trauma ward he never would have made it. I `ve worked at the state hopital for over 20 years because I can`t deal with life and death decisions. Wish I could be more like you. Sno.. You are doing awesome...Don`t buy too many clothes because they will be too big very quickly.I went from a 22w to a 12r in 6 months.(and was stupid enough to buy clothes in each new size) Instead of food my new addiction is QVC.Thanks for the recipe info Evangeline. I think I should go back on the program until I lose this weight. Nurisystem is the only thing that really worked for me in over 10 yrs. I didn`t follow it exactly but I only ate their foods and what they allowed as" extras"

08-06-2007, 01:53 PM
Hi everyone! Sounds like you all are doing great!

Sno - I would also go to San Fran - but you are right it is a great place to eat and shop!!!

Island - at least seafood is someone healthy if you skip all the frying and fatty sauces.... so for a weakness - there could be worse ones!!

EV - thanks for all your great information!! I've found lots of stuff to help me at the sites too!

Kym good advice re the clothes!! I've been on NS for almost two weeks now and I am really enjoying it! If it worked for you before - I am sure it will work for you again! Also, I think anyone who can work at a hospital period is great.... I know I couldn't handle it - but am thankful there are people who love it!

As for me I"ve had a good week... wasn't totally on plan this week - went out for dinner twice!! did well at one of them but for the second dinner we went for Indian and I had butter chicken!!! IT WAS SO GOOD!! anyways got back on track yesterday!... so we shall see how everything factored in when I get on the scale tomorrow!

I must also say there has been very few foods that I haven't loked so far!!

My husband has been doing well too... he was out three times for dinner during his first week - he weighed himself this morning and has already lost 7 lbs.... I am happy for him but it is frustrating that men seem to drop lbs so quickly!! oh well what can you do!

Have a great week everyone!

08-06-2007, 02:00 PM
Hi all:

okay--15 weeks on Nutrisystem--my four month anniversary is in three weeks.

Anyway I lost another pound yesterday so I am down three lbs for last week!

Feeling good! My goal is to lose another 8 lbs this month--we'll see.

Island: I decided not to go to SF--I agree about the skinny jeans and it would be a good confidence booster, but I just cant afford it right now! I have been thinking I will eat out once a month to practice eating on plan at restaurants. That way I can get confident that I wont go crazy when I am around other foods. Yesterday I had forgotten my ns bar for lunch and I was out and hungry so I stopped at 7-11 and they had south beach bars that were 210 calories--the same as ns bars and they were 19 g protein too--that is 6 more g than NS bars. So I had one and got myself a liter of smart water. good lunch! I may get some of those fSB bars for variety.

Lyn: I know what you mean about getting those sizes--but it is really hard not to shop when I can fit into cuter clothing. I just bought a size 16 pair of RL cords on E-bay yesterday. I am a ways off from those fitting but I couldnt resist! Anyway, I plan to try to only get two pairs of pants at each size--and I can sell them on e-bay when I grow out. I also have some clothes that a friend gave me that are in 16 so I will be set when I am that size.

Have a fantastic nutrisystem week all--cant wait to hear how you are doing!


08-06-2007, 05:00 PM
sno....this may seem like a stupid question but could you tell me how difficult it is to sell things on Ebay? I have a house full of stuff I don`t need but have no idea how it works....Thanks......I have alot of clothes in sizes 16, 18 and 20 that I would be happy to give you for free if you want them...........Kym

08-06-2007, 05:45 PM
Hi Kym:

Thats not a stupid question! I think it is pretty easy selling on e-bay-it kinda depends how good you are with computers. You also need a digital camera so you can upload pictures of your clothes.

As far as clothing goes--the items should be in good condition and a well-known name brand. Stuff from target is not worth it because it is so cheap to get it new. I have done best with Ralph Lauren. It is a good idea to go on e-bay and do some research as to what is selling--you can do a search under the brand name and find completed listings and see what they are going for.

If you dont want to go thru this I would suggest a garage sale--you could probably make some money on that.

And if you want to send me some things that meet my criteria above--good shape brand name--I would reimburse you for postage.

Let me know.

Have a look at my store--you can see stuff I have up for auction too.


08-09-2007, 12:07 AM
Hello Ladies,

I had been on the fence regarding Nutrisystem. Then I found this forum from an internet search. After ready the last 3 months of posts, I was convinced. I just placed my order, so I'm committed! Yikkes! :yikes: I hope I am as successful as you all have been. Thanks for the motivation!:)

08-09-2007, 01:35 PM
Good luck Allie--

Keep us posted on how you do!


08-09-2007, 09:08 PM
Hi All, Boy I donít know what has happened but it seems like my life exploded and I canít seem to catch up but I thought I would try to jump in here and check and see how everyone is doing.

I got a small derail this weekend, my DHís bíday. :hb: His sister invited him over for homemade lasagna. I was back and forth trying to decide how not to hurt her feelings by bringing an NS version :chin:and decided it wasnít worth it. Only one day couldnít do that much damage, could it? Well it has taken me until this morning to get back to where I was Saturday morning when I weighed in. All it really did was make me retain some water but instead of losing this week it looks like it will be maintenance when I ďofficiallyĒ weigh in on Monday. Oh well, fortunately she doesnít make homemade dishes very often, that is why it was such a big deal. My BIL and DH have bídays within just a couple of days of each other, that is why it can turn into such a big deal when both households getting together to celebrate.

NSV Ė I was up and 100% on plan the very next day and didnít even look back.:encore: I didnít give it a chance to morph into anything more then one meal so that is a really a big victory. Iím down a total of 35 pounds since April. Not bad considering how many times life seems to get in my way.

08-10-2007, 02:58 AM
Welcome Allie, good to see you here :)
I sure can relate to life EV, seems like every time I am back on track getting strong and sticking to the diet, someone comes in with a cake or something.
This week at work has been awful, some of the travel nurses are leaving back for the mainland as their assignments are over, and of course there is cake, and cookies and pizza and junk in every nursing lounge.
I am proud to say, I have avoided it all. I have managed a polite no thank you maybe later and it seems to work.
I remember a friend of mine telling me that the hospital she worked at used to almost get pissy if you refused there offerings. The other nurses would think you were a snob, so she started to tell people she was allergic to sugar and they left her alone and did not bug her to eat anymore. Some people just hate when others diet and are successful.
Well I had best get in the shower, time to face another shift. I worked 17 hours yesterday! Thankfully tonight no one called in and I am only on for 8.

08-10-2007, 05:29 PM
Islandgrrl -- I don't wander around the plant to much so I don't typically run into snack offerings in the plant. The really bad thing I got into was having a cookie jar on my desk. It is so people will drop by and say hi, otherwise I would never see anyone to visit it. I typically keep some really cheap cookies that I'm not fond of in it. BUT one of my friends likes chocolate and he periodically throws $20 on my desk as says to get some really good candy. Now that is when it is tough, I not only have to buy it but then look at the candy dish all day long. I was trying to get around his request by getting dark chocolate kisses (my least favorite) so he gave me another $10 and suggested a variety pack. Oh well, I'm still doing fine at work. For some reason I just don't get derailed here. It's evenings and weekends that I can get into trouble. When I get tired and/or hungry things become dangerous.

Have a good weekend,

08-11-2007, 01:37 AM
Hi guys--I am having a decent week with one lb lost since monday. I am really hoping to hit my labor day goal by monday--just one more pound!

Today I was trying on some of the smaller size jeans I have in my drawer--two I bought, 2 were given to me by a friend. two of the 16W jeans fit me! That was cool. I am selling some of my over size jeans now--it feels good.

So far I have been staying on plan. I have had some cravings and impulses which were hard to resist but I managed to get by. It is interesting the hardest to resist are the ones that are unconscious--like walking past a bowl of cherries and reaching out to take one--I really have to concentrate to consciously stop myself.

Anyway, I am jazzed now that canada dry has diet ginger ale--I love ginger ale!

Ev: you are doing great--35 pounds is a big accomplishment. Despite all that life throws in your direction. And great job on getting back on track. I fyou dont mind my saying so I am kinda getting the impression that it is hard for you to say no to people or to put yourself first. Like being able to say you are on a diet to improve your health and not feeling obligated to eat stuff that is off plan. Maybe I am out of line but sometimes people who have putting themselves first have a lot of hurt feelings and anger from all the times they let the needs of others take priority. As you might guess I can totally relate to this and had to learn to say no so I didnt have to stuff my feelings. Anyway--hope i didnt get too personal but I think a lot fo people who are overweight struggle with this. Just a thought.

Island: 17 hour shifts--man--I bet your body wants to eat lots of carbs and fats to get through all that stress and fatigue. I remember when I was working as a limo driver for a while and there was nothing like a donut and coffee to keep you going when you were exhausted. Anyway--good for you that you are resisting the desserts! Another good line for getting past eating the desserts is saying you have a blood sugar problem--which is true since eating a bunch of sugar gives us problems!

Have a fantastic 100% nutrisystem weekend!


08-13-2007, 03:40 AM
Hello all
Well technically tonight is suppose to be a day off, but I am working for one of the other supervisors as she needed it off. That is okay though as she is covering for me during my vacation.
Been watching the news with bated breath hoping Hurricane Flossie does not take a turn and give us a direct hit.
Last time we got hit hard was Sept 11/92 when Hurricane Iniki hit and totally destroyed the island. As it is Flossie will hopefully pass 70 miles south on Tuesday.
Keep me in your thoughts

08-13-2007, 02:07 PM
Islandgrrl Ė my thoughts and prayers are with you. I had the opportunity to visit Hawaii Thanksgiving 1982. I was on maternity leave with my youngest and my sisterís husband was stationed in Hawaii at the Marine base. The day after we arrived a hurricane hit the island, fortunately for us one of the other islandís got the direct hit, it was bad enough though as Iíve never been in a hurricane and they kept warning about tsunamis and telling us to move to high ground. We were on this little tiny island that I think the whole circumference was a little over 20 miles so to me I was looking at it saying ďwhat higher groundĒ. Well we spent the rest of our vacation without electric, my DD at 2 months came home with over 50 mosquito bites, every palm branch and blossom was blown off the bushes and trees. The Marines at the base felt so bad for us that they actually donated pictures they had taken so we could see what the island and the base REALLY looked like. But I have to admit it was the most memorable Thanksgiving I ever had, we had a real feast (trying to cook up all the food on the grill to keep it from going bad, no frig, no ice, no stove, etc.) fortunate for me I was nursing so feeling DD wasnít an issue, other Momís that my sister was babysitting for were opening up big canís of Similac, feeding their babies and throwing the rest away. But in the spirit of the season we were offered $50.00 for our pumpkin pie, we cooked it, along with mashed potatoes, squash, turkey, gravy and pecan pie on a gas grill. We were lucky and had a full tank of propane before the hurricane hit, after the stores ran out very quickly.

I was just telling DH (new one from the first adventure) this weekend that I would like to plan a vacation trip to Hawaii together. The only time he was there was when he was in the military and then only as a layover.

Iíll be watching the news now to make sure you are ok.

PS Ainít it grand that you wouldnít need to worry about electric to keep your NS food???? Ok, ok Iím trying to find a silver lining for you. BTW the electric came back on the evening we were packing to go back home. But even with all of that it truly was a beautiful place to visit and I do hope I get to go back someday.

08-14-2007, 12:21 AM
Hi all:

wow--if I am counting right we have 19 weeks to go before the holidays! So I am hoping I will maintain an average loss of 2 lbs a week. So my goal of 182 is doable--if Thanksgiving and holiday parties dont ensnare me and get me off track--hopefully we can strategize about how to handle holiday parties and stuff.

I am pleased to have made my labor day goal three weeks early! so maybe I will be closer to 211 by labor day. Oh this is fun. I was losing at about 2.8 lbs per week, but now it has evened out to about 2lbs a week--oh well. I think dieting would be easier if we lost more weight the longer we are on the diet! Would someone arrange that please!

Good luck with the hurricane, Island--I hate stuff like that. We have a big fire in the back country that they keep saying might veer over to our neighborhood--its not fun living in suspense.

Ev: great to hear from you--how are things going?


08-14-2007, 07:12 PM
Hi everyone,

I've just finished 3 weeks on NS and have lost 9 lbs! I am so happy about that!! - and to follow Island's pantometer - I've also noticed my pants are getting to big! As a little gauge I tried on a pair of jeans I wore before I was pregnant and they fit - they did up and everything... a little tight in the waist still but just the fact that they do up made me happy!!

Island - I hope you and your family are ok and that the hurricane blows right by you!

EV - sounds like a scary experience! Glad you all made it home...

Sno - congrats on making your goal early.

Have a great week everyone!

08-14-2007, 07:20 PM
Geez Sno & Islandgrrl -- the only suspense I'm living in is it coming down to the wire for my new granddaughter. I will be flying to NY to be with her and her Mom 9.8.07 and all of us are getting pretty excited about the trip. Most of my siblings live in NY State so they've planned a family reunion while I'm there. With a little luck I will get to go, it is about 4 hours from where my daughter lives so if she hasn't hatched yet I'll be staying closer to the hospital with her but if all is well then I'll go catch-up with the my brother's and sister's. I had one niece even offer to use her frequent flyer miles to get my youngest DD and her Fiancťe on a flight to NY for the reunion. We'll have to see if that works out.

If I was loosing 2 lbs per week I would make my Christmas goal but my average is closer to 1.8 so I might miss the mark by a little so it is doable. Fortunately, there have been enough trips, etc that have thrown me off a little that my trip to NY shouldnít be to hard on the scale and Holidays arenít typically the issue for me. I can stay focused during the holiday, it is AFTER, and when I let my guard down that I find myself floundering. That is when I will really need a surge of support.

08-15-2007, 01:54 AM
4 more sleeps until my family arrives :hug:
Hurricane Flossie is now a category 2, and looks like she will pass us by. She will cause some major waves and some flooding on some of the islands, but unless she takes a sudden turn we will be fine, only some rain and we need that.:cp:
I am a bit under the weather today, DH says it is because I am working too hard and too much. Could be right!
House is almost done, but done enough for the family to arrive. Just little things to do and nothing important that cannot wait.
DH for some reason has been working his butt off the last two days, he is now outside weeding and cleaning the car port:dizzy:
No happy medium with him, he either does nothing or does everything...sheesh
EV enjoy your grand daughter, I know I am going to enjoy mine. I can hardly wait.
Talk to you'll later
PS: Sno, you will hit your goal with no problems, you have been so dedicated and true, not like me who cheats too much:o

08-15-2007, 09:17 PM
Islandgrrl -- :cb::cb::cb::cp::cp::cp::dance::dance::dance: :broc::broc::broc:

Enough said.

08-16-2007, 08:18 PM
Hi all:

Yesterday I had a Gastro procedure where they stick a camera down your throat and look at the esophagus--I have acid reflux and they were checking for problems. I had to fast from midnight last night until they were done--no water either. They finished around 12 but I was still loopy from sedatives because they have to sedate you so that you dont gag when they put the thing down your throat. Anyway I finally was able to drink water. But what I wanted was a coke. It just sounded like something that would taste good after the weird chemicals they put in my mouth.

It was a good experience. I sipped it slowly and it was very soothing. Yes I went off the plan but I wasnt over in calories because I didnt eaten much due to my throat being sore and just not being hungry. What felt good about having the coke was that I didn't get all crazy about it and drink the whole thing--I just had the amount I wanted and then stopped.

The good news is I lost 2 lbs since monday--so I have done my weight loss for the week. Of course I am worried because I didnt eat much yesterday and sometimes the weight comes right back on when you lose it quick like that but anyway! I am almost at my halfway point and have re-set my Labor day goal to another 6 lbs. Maybe I cant do it but maybe I can?

EV: 1.8 lbs a week is great! Thats like 8 lbs a month--healthy!

island: glad that hurricane is changing its ways--our fire is going the other direction but the smoke and ash is really bad.


08-17-2007, 03:59 AM
EV, you made my day.....enough said :)
Sno, you are doing so well, I am so envious cause I get too lazy to stay on plan. You are my hero.
Flossie went right by us without a ripple, did not even give us the rain we needed.
Well I work tonight and then that is it...........I keep waiting for the phone to ring and have my son tell me they cannot come :( Why do I do that? Always expect the worst :(
Any way my friends, I most likely will not be on line for a while. I will TRY to stay NS strong. Hold down the fort for me and I will be on line as soon as I can. Keep up the good work all.

08-20-2007, 01:06 PM
HI all:

so I have been on nutrisystem for a while and feel like those good habits are starting to get more and more solid. I know I have to keep working on it but it gets easier and easier. All the stress of the week made me realize what a stress eater I am--when I was getting all drained from stress I really wanted to eat rich caloric foods to build up my strength. I stayed on plan and it was fine. I must admit I am really drained from last week and will probably have to rest for a few days.

Island: hope you have a fantastic time with the family! And you are doing great on your plan--no need to compare yourself with me--I have a lot longer way to go than you do and I need to be strict with myself or otherwise I just fade away on diets. I need to lose it all this time and maintain it!

Ev: hope you are well--How are you doing?


08-22-2007, 06:30 PM
Hi Sno – Had some family move into our guest bedroom and the over crowding has got me crabbier then a bear. I did go off plan this weekend but then I always struggle over the weekends BUT I really was anxious about how the week would go. My DIL will do the cooking during the week so I don’t have to prepare food for everyone but the stuff she prepares is very high fat & carbs and I am a bit concerned it will be to tempting to resist. I'm also concerned she will try to undermine my efforts, she’s a very negative personality type and has already tried to motivate me to have some of the snacks they brought with them. Anyway, much to my surprise I’ve been 100% all week!!! It’s only Wednesday but no sweat, I’ve switched up my plan so I’m eating my dinner at noon and just grabbing a light lunch entrée for the evening meal and getting out of the kitchen and letting her cook her heart out. There is still a lot of stress in the house, just having two families in one place and adding in their 2 dogs to my 3 is enough to push you over the edge.

I also have an NSV from Monday. The department had a big celebration for making production goals and involved barbeque brisket, potato salad, and this killer chocolate brownie desert (all everyone talked about during the meeting after lunch was the dessert). Anyway I elected to just have a normal day of NS and veggies and low and behold I came back to my desk to find one of the killer desserts someone was so kind to bring me. That thing was swept into the trash can so fast I even surprised myself. Someone walked up to my desk for help and I didn’t even take the time to acknowledge him until that evil thing :devil: was in the trash. You would have thought it was a spider as quickly as I moved to get it off my desk.:o

So staying on plan is just second nature when I'm at work. Now I need to get that mindset transistioned to weekends and I will start making faster progress.

buzz kamp
08-25-2007, 10:24 AM
hi ladies,

i dropped off the face of the earth since my first posting at the end of july. trying to get my son into a "social skills" group before school starts in sept. i know it sounds crazy but it was at the request of his preschool. he's five but functions as a third grader. i keep him with his age group so he has a hard time identifying with the other kids and vice versa.

alas, thank you skyootr, eofaz and sno for your responses to my initial query.

sno, i've sent you a private email for the coupon but i'm not sure if i did it correctly. this is my first time in an online group.

EofaZ, i'd love to get your pancake muffin recipe.

skyootr, i hope you're still out there. i know taking care of small kids can take all of your time. this is my first step towards taking a little time for myself.

that's all for now.

08-25-2007, 10:41 PM
Hi all:

just a quick check in cuz I am beat!

Today I went shopping with a freind of mine and ended up buying a bunch of expensive tops--they were so cute I just couldnt resist. I think shopping, trying on clothes and seeing myself in the mirror is really good because it helps me to really look at my body and see how much weight I have lost.

I realize when I was thin I always thought I was fat. I never wore clothing I wanted to--like shorts or jeans because I thought I would look too fat. I just couldnt see myself. And I think my unrealistic expectation to be model thin is what got me seriously obese--dieting when I was actually at a good weight for my height and then gaining it all back plus some.

Anyway--I'm working on changing all that now and part of it is appreciating my body right where I am!

E: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: I am so proud of you for what you have been achieving on your plan at work. Now you know you can do it part of the time--so eventually you will be able to do the same at other places. I know it feels fantastic to have control and like you said--just sweep the brownie off the desk before you even really knew it was there--like the unconscious habits are getting so ingrained! Sorry about the stress at home--it is hard to live crowded. Maybe you and your hubby could have a little break at a motel 6 or something for a night or two just to have peace and quiet!

Buzz: you need to send me your e-mail address in order for me to send you a coupon! Good luck with your son. It will be nicer for him if he fits in better.

Have a fantastic nutrisystem weekend all!


08-26-2007, 01:40 PM
Just a quick yippee because I am finally at my halfway point--49 down, 49 to go!:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::dizzy: :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::D:D:D:D:angel::angel::angel: :angel::cp::cp::cp::dance::dance::dance::faint::fa int::queen::queen::queen::queen::queen::yikes::yik es::df::df::df::df::encore::encore::encore::cheer2 ::cheer2::cheer2::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::dust ::dust::dust::dust::celebrate::celebrate::belly::b elly::belly::belly::belly::belly:

08-26-2007, 11:40 PM
:congrat: Sno, :cheer2::cheer2::cheer2: You are doing soooooo great.

If I make it until bedtime I will have made my entire weekend 100%. I'm very pleased with me. Even with the extra snacks in the house I've really been focusing and sticking to plan. I have not been getting my exercise in but I'm hoping to have my workout room cleared out enough to start focusing on that too.

My DIL has a temp job and they are starting to look for a new house to rent so that makes it feel a little more doable. I lost my temper last Wednesday but once I stressed out and vented things seemed to calm down a bit.

Islandgrrl -- How was the visit with the grandkids. I bet you had a wonderful time.

Buzz Ė I think the one I was referring to was to take the pancake mix, fix according to direction but add a little more liquid, fold in another packet or two (to taste) of splenda and a few blueberries (I usually just rinse and pat dry some frozen ones). Spray a glass 2 cup measuring cup with pam, put the entire mix into it and microwave for about 90 seconds. Test center to see if done, continue to microwave in 30-second intervals until knife comes out clean when inserted in center.

I havenít made that for a while because Iíve gotten so hooked on the following pumpkin muffins.

1 NS Pancake Mix
Ĺ cup pumpkin
ľ cup Splenda
about a tsp of pumpkin pie spice
just enough milk to moisten the mixture

mix together, put into 2 custard cups or microwave safe small bowls, microwave 4-5 minutes (again I do about 2-3 minutes and then the rest I do in 30 second intervals).

You can top with some ff cool whip. Ohhhh so good.

I also make limeade (about a cup) using splenda and add enough frozen strawberries to count for 1 fruit serving. Blend with a stick blender until consistency of a slushy. Very cool, tangy and refreshing.

buzz kamp
08-27-2007, 12:08 AM
sno, thanks for the coupon.

eofaz, thanks for the muffin recipe. i can't wait to try them out.

i ordered by food today. hurray! it took all day because the system kept kicking me off so i just finally did the order over the phone.

i've read references to fruit servings and vegitable servings. what's that about?

08-27-2007, 03:11 PM
Buzz Ė you need to add fruits, veggies and dairy/protein to the entrťeís sent to you from NS. You will get that information included when you receive your box but you can start reading up in the forums on the NS board. So, for instance for breakfast you will eat the NS entrťe plus a fruit and a dairy. This morning I had a peanut butter bar with my coffee along with a yogurt and an apple. Lunch you have your entrťe, a salad, and one dairy or protein serving. Some times my dairy may be cheese on my salad another time it may be a fat free hotdog in my bean soup. At dinner you get your entrťe plus 2 veggies and a salad or fruit. (this is where I typically add my strawberry lineade, I like to have something to sip on after dinner or I save a dairy and fix myself a fruit smoothie or a cappuccino). You get one snack of a dairy and fruit and then you get your NS snack. The two snacks are spaced where you feel you need it, for me that is typically late afternoon and then while relaxing in the evening. If I age breakfast earlier in the morning I would probably need a snack mid morning but my breakfast is usually spread out over an hour or so, while Iím getting things started at work so a snack would just run into my lunch to much.

Anyway, be sure to visit the boards at the NS site because there is tons of information there along with recipes and really good motivation. I just caution you to not even read the threads that reference foods you like or foods you donít like. Peoples taste very too much and I actually had someone ruin the chicken noodle soup for me because of something they said and I love chicken noodle soup. It doesnít have the taste or texture of Campbellís but with a little seasoning and a few veggies added I think it could be a good meal but I think about that stupid comment now and it is a pity someone could/would do that to others. Just try everything once and make up your own mind, you will be way ahead if you do because you will reap the benefit of having plenty of variety. You donít want to get bored because you are eating the same 5 things day in and day out. Some things you will prefer adding a little extra to, such as the tuna salad. It is really moist but I like that because I use tuna as my extra protein for lunch and add it to the salad, it makes a bigger salad that tastes good and I stuff a tomato and enjoy. I like onions in tuna so I add them along with some celery sometimes too. I do the same with the chicken salad but the chicken salad along with some pepper. So donít be afraid to add veggies to an entrťe to make it more your own. I love to add mushrooms to some of the meals that have gravies or bell peppers and onions, etc. Just because I like the flavor it gives and itís a way to add more veggies into your meal.

Good Luck,

buzz kamp
08-27-2007, 04:02 PM
eofaz, thanks for the great advice. i'll stock up on the supplementary foods so i can hit the ground running as soon as i get my ns box.

have the rains begun in az?
i lived in tempe for three years in the mid 1990's and vividly remember the august monsoons. just returned from aspen. i love the southwest.

08-27-2007, 08:14 PM
hey nutrisystem girls!

my name is Leda and I'm 24. I'm 5'3" and have been stuck at 137 pounds for over a month. I exercise but cannot seem to control my portions......... I know a male friend of mine who lose 50 pounds in 3 months with NutriSystem, and was just considering it for myself.
as users of NutriSystem, do you girls think it would work for me? I'm a college student in a big city.... so it seems like it would really help me a lot.

please write back with any advice! :)

ps: if anybody has a coupon, please email it to me!!! ( )

thank you!


08-27-2007, 11:31 PM
Today I say goodbye forever to Macyís Woman!
I was in the Misses section and tried on two pair of size 16 pants--and they fit!!óits been a long time. My best girlfriend bought me a beautiful jacket to celebrate. This is a big deal for me, and an enormous milestone. I never thought I would say goodbye to the womenís section so soon. (My girlfriend and I call the womenís section ďthe gulagĒ because it is isolated in the top floor in a dark corner. There are no other clothing sections on this flooróit is housewares. There is never a sales assistant in the section. It seems really prejudiced.)

Leda: welcome! Nutrisystem has really helped us here. I think one of the cool things is it really helps you to adjust your expectations regarding portions. If you look back at some of the earlier posts you can see long speeches about all the benefits. I already sent you a coupon--hope it helps.

Buzz: right now I am adding a cup of yogurt to the breakfast and I usually have grapes as my fruit. And fatfree milk for the cereal. Lunch proteins I often have lowfat string cheese or cottage cheese as the protein. At dinner I usulaly have green beans, or broccolli or mixed greens as the veg, or a tomato juice if I dont want to cook. I always keep clean lettuce chopped with purple cabbage in the salad spinner in the fridge. That way I can have a salad quickly. Below is the outline of the plan:

NS "Basic" Under 60 Plan:
............................................... Women & Men ................................ Men only
............................................. Grocery Additions ............................. Additions
Breakfast:.... NS Entree ........ plus 1 Fruit & 1 Dairy/Protein .................. Plus 1 Carb
Lunch:......... NS Entree ........ plus 1 Dairy/Protein & Salad ................... Plus 1 Carb
Snack:.................................. 1 Dairy/Protein and 1 Fruit
Dinner:........ NS Entree ........ plus 1 Salad & 2 Vegetables ................... Plus 1 Carb
.................................................. ... & 1 Fat....................................... & 1 Fat
Dessert:...... NS Entree

If you have 100+ lbs to lose, add 1 carb to breakfast and dinner and 1 fruit to lunch - Men & Women

E: :cheer2: :cheer2: congrats on your success this weekend--you have really turned the corner and accomplished a big step! Way to recover! The strawberry and limeade sounds fantastic.

Have a wonderful nutrisystem week all!


08-28-2007, 08:43 AM

thanks so much for the advice! I actually didn't receive a coupon in my email yet..... could it be delayed? I'll keep checking throughout the day!
I will also go back to the old posts and just eat up. :)

my only problem is that so many people are snubbing their noses at the food itself....and saying the money isn't worth it for the food you receive. is this true?


08-28-2007, 12:55 PM
Hi leda:

I just sent you another coupon in case there was a problem with the first.

As for what your friends are saying--I used to feel that way and that is why I never tried it. Now I am wishing I had tried it a long time ago because I have lost weight more quickly and easily than I ever have before!!

As for the taste of the food--I think it is fine. I prepared myself for bad airline food. And I think it is better than that. Some things I really like--the lasagne is really good. And others are just okay. That really isnt the point tho--the point for me is to decide what I am going to eat and stick to it. Also, they have a 30 day money back guarantee so if you hate it you can send it back.

I think you have to contemplate how much you are motivated to try this. For me when I started I had been doing a bunch of different diets and was just fed up. I have been sticking to the plan 100% and have lost 49 lbs in 18 weeks. Some people dont stick to it 100% and still lose.

Good to hear from you.


08-28-2007, 01:19 PM

thanks so much! but do you think that I'd lose as much, since I seem to be at a "natural weight" for my height and only want to lose 15-20 more?? i feel like it might work better for those ladies with more to lose..... :(


08-28-2007, 04:11 PM
Leda – NS is nothing more then a 1200 calorie, low GI, prepackaged diet program. The advantage it offers over WW or just counting calories is the fact that it is prepackaged and nutritionally balanced for you. By being prepackaged it eliminates, thinking so much about what you can and cannot eat which is a lot of the stress when you are dieting. For me personally it also helps me when I come home really tired it literally takes me less then 5 minutes to have a well balanced meal ready to eat. I can’t open up junk food any faster then that. You just open one of the packages, warm it up, and add a salad or some veggies and or fruit along with dairy. No fuss, no muss.

You’ve already answered your own question, if you have 75 lbs to lose and are consuming 1200 calories then you are going to loose at a faster rate then if you only need to loose 10 lbs and consume 1200 calories a day. My body, because of it’s larger mass, requires more calories to just walk to the car so it is going to need to pull those calories from the fat reserves, thus using more of the fat each day. Eventually, as I get closer to goal, my loss will slow down so I will need to increase my exercise to off set the “extra exercise” I’m getting just lugging the extra bulk around.

The red flag I saw in your post was your phrase “natural weight”. If you are at a healthy, natural weight I sure wouldn’t be restricting calories. I would count my blessings and look at other methods of developing the look you are after. You may actually need to reevaluate your exercise to loose the last bit of fat and develop some lean muscle. That does not convert to actual weight loss but it does convert to a smaller, fit size, which I think is what we all really want to achieve. I wouldn’t care if I weighed 200 lbs if I was a size 10 with a washboard stomach. (I’m 5’7” so size 10 would probably be way to small for me but you get the idea.)

Now you could use NS to your advantage if you wanted because it would put you at a consistent caloric intake and eliminate a lot of concentrating on making sure you were eating balanced so you could refocus your attention on increasing your commitment to exercise but if you want to use it to loose below a natural healthy weight the progress would be very slow, if at all.

If you haven’t already read some of the posts from Meg or Mel in the Maintenance and Ladies Who Lift threads you may want to. They are both personal trainers with a wealth of knowledge and personal experience. I would really suggest you check into working with a personal trainer, even if it is just for a couple of months rather then investing in a diet program. I think you would like the results and the knowledge you would gain would be invaluable.

Good Luck,

08-29-2007, 08:29 PM
Hi all:

well I hit the 50 down mark yesterday so I can safely say I have lost 50 lbs in four months. I am so happy!!

I almost didnt exercise yesterday because I was kinda tired and hot but at the last minute pulled it out. I get lazy sometimes!

I second everything E says, Leda. Your statement sounds like your current weight is healthy--so you want to go to an unhealthy weight? All of us women are pressured to be model thin which is just a trap. I hung out with actors and models when I was in my teens thur 30's. This is why I got so heavy. Because everyone would say to me--Oh you should lose 20lbs and you could be a model etc. Well I was a healthy weight for me--between 150 and 165 usually. I just didnt have a popular body type--small busted and large hipped.

Everyone put pressure on me to lose weight and starting at age 10 I started dieting. I wish I had done more exercise and just ate healthy. When I was 18 I started resisting dieting but then I caved to public opinion and all the boyfriends nagging me about my weight. I would diet and gain the weight back. When my metabolism was totally trashed, I started gaining back more than I weighed when I went on a diet. It kept creeping up and up and I hit 262.

I wish I had a friend like E who told me to be strong and resist diets and dont date anyone who wants you to lose weight. Diet don't work--as my story shows. Here I am at 48, I have physical problems because of my weight and I feel it is kinda my last chance to get healthy. I am not losing to please anyone, my husband thinks I am beautiful despite my weight. I am doing it this time because of my health. Yes, I enjoy looking and feeling thinner.

But this is very very hard to do and I kno that I will have to work twice as hard to keep the weight off.

Did you know that doctors can tell if you have been on a diet by certain tests? People who have been on a diet have to eat less than other people for the rest of their life in order to maintain a "healthy weight" Dont do this to yourself if you dont need to. If there is someone in your life who makes you feel bad about your body, they are not your friend. Say adios.

Even at my most thin--135, I felt I was fat and never appreciated my healthy body. Now at 213 I feel thinner than I have ever felt before. Why? Because I have been working for years on my body image and loving my body even when it is fat, and looking at my body and apreciating the hard work it does.

Sorry about the lecture but I wish someone had told me this when I was 10 and helped me to stick to a no-diet regimen. I dont mean overeat, but find an eating plan that is healthy and maintains healthy weight.

:hug:Best of luck!


the statistics say diets dont work--say 5% of people lose their weight and keep it off.

09-03-2007, 12:18 PM
Hey There!

I have had SO much trouble trying to cook or pack meals that keep me on track that it suddenly occurred to me to try NS. Duh. I do breakfast just fine since I'm at home and have a few different menus that are reasonable calorie-wise.

Then I go out the door to work the evening shift and only rarely do I take the time to put together a lunch AND a dinner that "work". So I end up in the hospital cafeteria [and I thought NS was expensive!] getting meals that should [I]never be seen in a hospital. Then I hit the drive thrus after work. Obviously, this is just not working!:mad: I'm not gaining, but not losing either.

So I ordered one week a la carte on the NS site yesterday and am waiting for the Box....right now I'm concentrating on my water intake and trying to mind my meals as I wait. It sounds like you all are having so much success that I had to give it a try. I plan to order bunches if the stuff tastes OK--I tried to order everything different so as to try a lot.

I thought I'd do like one person on the NS forum and put all my little packs in one zip lock so I'd know that's it for the day....I am such a simpleton it might just work for me.;)


09-03-2007, 03:15 PM
Hi Cuppa:

good luck--I am totally into it! I now have lost 51 lbs in 19 weeks!

I have thought before about doing the plan but with regular food--but I love not having to cook!

If you decide to order the 28 day plan, send me a private message with your e-mail address and I will send you a $30 coupon.

Keep us posted on your progress!


09-03-2007, 03:43 PM
Thanks for the welcome---I'm really in the doldrums hoping something works!


09-04-2007, 01:47 PM
Hi all

Hope everyone had a great last few weeks of Summer!!

We are back from out two week vacation and I've started back on NS today!... I am so sick of eating out and restaurant menus - having the NS ready to go was a life saver!

I had lost 9 lbs in the 3.5 weeks before the vacation and managed to gain 3 back on holiday (but I'm sure most of it is water weight!).

Anyways EV and Island I hope you had great visits with your families!

Sno - congratulations on surpassing your goal!!

Cuppa - welcome! - I think you will like NS - it is easy and the majority of the food is good (at least in my opinion)!!

Buzz - How is the program going? Did you manage to find a group for your son?

Anyways ladies hope you all have a great week!

09-04-2007, 04:06 PM
Hope I can join you all! I am getting my food delivery on Wednesday, so I will start Thursday.

Hoping this gets me past my months long wallowing and back on track. It will be weird, as I really don't eat much processed food at all, so I hope it's okay. I am avoiding almost all sucralose stuff, because it tastes so bitter to me.

I just want to take the thought out of food for a while, you know? LOL