Exercise! - Best exercise machine for me? Worried about weight limits...

04-22-2007, 11:48 PM
I was considering purchasing the Gazelle, but the weight limit stated on the regular one is 250, and the Freestyle is 300 but I saw where a 210 lb person found the fit to be snug. Also, I have seen reviews where people's feet hurt from using it. I am thinking of getting a recumbent stationary bike, but wondered what other options would be good for a person who is as big as I am. I haven't exercised for years so it would need to be adjustable or low impact. Ideas? I can't afford a really expensive machine, under $250 preferably.

Thanks for your advice!!!

04-23-2007, 10:30 AM
There's a lot of people on here that love the Elliptical Trainer. I am eventually going to get me on too! Here's a place where you can make payments and they also have some @ Walmart for the price range you need. Good Luck!

Link: http://www.smoothfitness.com/elliptical-trainers/index-f-fin_on.htm?abc=fin_on.htm