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04-22-2007, 08:57 AM
Good morning to you all! Yesterday was a busy day with the commissary run, a baseball game, followed by the NASCAR race. Unlike last week, the Cubs won and Tony Stewart came in second, so all in all our sports people did ok! :lol:

I have the sweater all knitted except knitting on the trim and am holding off on that until I am alone and it is very quiet as I have to pick up over a 100 stitches down the front side of each piece so I have to count how many rows there are and figure out where I should pick up the stitches. I started another strip for t's blanket and started the blue sparkly ribbon sleeveless top. I did the ribbing on straights that tranferred, but the circs were 2 sizes larger and I had a devil of a time. My fingers were so sore by the time I got 200 stitches on the circs and then a row knitted to start. It is now coming right along and will make a very pretty top.

Jean: Sounds like you had a busy day too and maybe today will be the same. Poor Jason, moving into a new area and having to be the one to start everything. When I was growing up we didn't even have home delivery. You had to go to the post office to pick up your mail if you lived in town. The bad thing was you had to rent a box, which I thought was unfair. Even when Jack retired and we lived there for a couple years and to this day, that is the way the mail is done there. You have to rent a box to get your mail. Here you are lucky if you even get your mail, though I have to say, since they transferred our complex to another post office for delivery, it has improved greatly. Instead of 4 in the afternoon, we usually have our mail before noon.

Today is clean the downstairs day. You wouldn't think with only two people the house would get dirty, but it sure does, especially the kitchen. I hate this white linoleum. It pits with age and dirt gets in the pits and does not want to come out so every so often I have to get down on my hands and knees and clean the floor. I can't wait until we can tear it out and put in new flooring.

Well, this is not getting anything done and Jack will probably be up in just a little while. Have a nice Sunday all!


04-22-2007, 04:24 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It started raining around 10:00 this morning and hasn't stopped since. My basement will never dry up at this rate! :( Our mailbox project was rained out so maybe next weekend; Jason has a date when it has to be installed by, but I don't know when that is. If the yards are "mud" I don't know how they can expect good results from anyone. I have laundry going and have read the papers; next on my list to do is a grocery run.

"Gma" -- I always hated knitting/crocheting the first couple of rows because they always felt more like a "wad" to me. :lol: You must knit fast to get so much done! :yes: Bob's little hometown still has the "locals" getting their mail at the post office. The little town Jason and Amanda lived in had the same set up. I wouldn't mind that so much in nice weather, but would hate it in the winter, I think. Amanda pointed out it was a pain when she had Ian and Zowie with her because she would have to take them in with her. She was looking forward to when she could send Ian in by himself, but that won't happen now. :D My laminate floor is dirty looking as soon as anyone walks on it. I wish I could afford to go back to carpet; I told Bob the other day I might get an estimate when we have the bedrooms done. He just gave me "the" look and said I was the one who picked it out. :dunno: Thanks for starting the new thread today.

Have a nice "rest of the day" and a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-23-2007, 08:20 AM
Good morning ladies! I think it is going to be a hot one today. It is supposed to be near 80. At the moment, it says it is supposed to be sunny and 80 next Sunday when we take Thomas to the ballgame so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

We went out for late breakfast early lunch to Bob Evans yesterday and I had their yummy chicken salad plate. It is loaded with a lot of nice fresh fruit, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We came back and I did absolutely nothing yesterday so I am going to really have to get after things today. I should have cleaned the downstairs yesterday so I could start upstairs today. Ahhh well, it isn't like I am going to have company or anything.

I have gotten a really good start on my blue ribbon top. I have it joined on the circular needles now and it is coming along. I also have 2 squares and am starting the third on the blanket so it is coming along. T's birthday is June 25th
so I have plenty of time to get it finished, but I don't know if I will get the hat started and done or not. Lots going on in June including the baby's birth.

The silence is broken outside with fire trucks this morning. Wonder who set their house on fire? Probably some nut making meth in this neighborhood.

Well, not much going on in my neck of the woods. Hope you have a good start to the day!


04-23-2007, 06:45 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It was a typical Monday at school. Seniors are beginning to realize they only have a short time until they are done, so the push is on to get the projects and papers finished. Bob has a meeting until 6 or after; guess I will wait until he gets home to decide on supper. Sometimes they have snacks and sometimes they don't. I woke up at 1:15 this morning and could not get back to sleep. :mad: I went downstairs thinking I could finish the night in the recliner . . . wrong! There is some really weird stuff on TV in the middle of the night. I was still awake at 3:12 when the paper came, and I read that. :hyper: Finally I went back to bed about 4 and was sleeping so good when the alarm went off. I thought I'd be dragging today, but so far so good. I hate nights like that and I can usually fall asleep in the recliner so I don't know what my problem was last night. :dunno:

"Gma" -- Have you ever thought about investing in a knitting machine and going into business making things for other people? Maybe you could incorporate that with a candle business. ;) Bob's secretary has one and she whips out personalized Christmas stockings lickety split.The sun has been out today and it was most welcome after the rainy day yesterday. It's not all that warm though; I wore a sweater to school and left it on all day. Kids are wearing shorts and flip flops; I spend the day on the north side of the building so the rooms never see sunlight to warm up.

Not much is newsy from my corner of the world today. Have a nice evening and a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-24-2007, 12:13 PM
Good morning, ladies!

Not much to report. Boss has asked me to work a couple of hours extra everyday until he can get a new property manager (old one was his daughter and she up and quit with no notice). A few extra dollars will be nice.

I love chicken salad, Faye, you made me hungry for it. Guess I'll make some for lunch. Surprisingly, Arby's has a really good one, here.

Its going to be 80 today - really nice weather. The flowers are blooming and it's gorgeous.

I hate it when I can't sleep, but I'm always so tired that isn't a problem much anymore.

I threw my workout clothes in the bag and went to Curves after I dropped Stan off for dialysis - and found I had 2 different shoes. I just wore them and announced it to everyone when I started on the circuit so they wouldn't be wondering - they'd know - I can't even dress myself anymore! We all had a good laugh.

Well, have a good day - I need to get to work!

04-24-2007, 06:37 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is a windy, cold, gloomy, rainy day in my corner of the world. Of course there was no heat at school and a couple of the teachers plugged in their space heaters which is a no-no. My furnace was running when I got home and I turned it up so it would be toasty by the time Bob gets home. I hate that damp chilled feeling. :(

Susan -- I had to laugh at you wearing two different shoes to Curves. When I was in college I had a 7:30 class and would get dressed by a night light because my roommate would be sleeping. I wore a black shoe and a brown shoe to class one time. They were both loafers and looked alike in the dark. :lol: After that I always made sure that whatever shoes I was wearing the next day were out of the closet and ready to go. Enjoy your extra hours and income!

I need to make a phone call before I head off to WW. Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow. I'm hoping for WARMER weather and sunshine!

Jean -- :rain: from Iowa!

04-25-2007, 04:47 AM
Just a quick note. I have some virus bug, vomiting, diarrhea, terrible headache and body aches and have been in bed all day yesterday. I am still not feeling well, but I guess it will pass eventually. I came downstairs because my back is hurting and thought maybe the recliner might help.

I will post again when I am feeling a bit better!


04-25-2007, 11:35 AM
Faye, so :( you are sick. We have some sort of gastrointestinal flu going around here, too - I'm praying Stan and I don't get sick. Sick or well, he has to go to dialysis. They have isolation rooms they put people in so they don't make other sick.

Jean, :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: more rain! I think you've had enough. We had a thunderstorm at suppertime last night. It really came down for about 20 minutes, then the sun returned.

Hope you both have better days today!

04-26-2007, 12:47 AM
Good Evening. Flowers! It's been another rainy day in my corner of the world. The wind is terrible and even though the thermometer said it was 46 degrees, it felt more like December than April. The school building was cold today and more space heaters have arrived on the scene. Supposedly the boiler has been taken apart for the summer . . . what is wrong with that picture!? I went to a Signature (home decorating) party tonight. For once I didn't let the sales gal talk me into anything other than the four tiny baskets I bought. The gals exchange small gifts when we do our MN resort week in June. I have enough stuff to dust around as it is.

"Gma" -- I'm sorry you have been sick! :( I hope you are feeling better tomorrow! :yes:

Susan -- It is suppose to be in the 80s this weekend and no rain in the forecast for tomorrow. At least when it is colder the furnace runs and that helps to dry the basement. The stomach flu has been making the rounds at school too. So far I have been lucky enough not to catch it. I use lots of soap and sanitizer! :yes:

I'm heading off to bed. I was up and down all night last night, going to the bathroom. I hope I sleep better tonight.

Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from :rain: Iowa!

04-26-2007, 08:48 AM
Good morning gals! Well, I am pretty much back to my old self except sore ribs and muscles from vomiting. That should go away in a couple days. I felt better last night enough to eat regular solid food and went to bed early so I feel pretty good this morning. I am going to try and take a small leisurely walk this morning just to warm up my legs etc and maybe do a tad of light housecleaning. Nothing strenuous.

Susan: Hope Stan is now coming along well with everything and getting stronger and healthier as much as he can considering dialysis. I wore a shirt on backwards to work once! lol The tag was gone and I think I dressed in the dark that day.

Jean: We had rain all day yesterday and it rained last night also. Hopefully it is all done with and we will have some nice sunshine. We watched the CUBS game on tv last night and it was not only raining there it was freezing. The fans were sitting all bundled up in jackets, scarves and blankets. Can't beat us Cubbie fans, we are nothing if not loyal! lol We are looking forward to seeing the Iowa Cubs play on Sunday with Thomas here at Autozone Park.

I had deleted cookies to clear out my computer and lost my tracker info so I had to start over. I decided just to have a head start on May! For April, I lost a total of 7 lbs the best I can figure it. I was gone from WW for about 3 weeks with the trip and everything so I have to figure out what is what. I will gladly take a total loss of almost 28 lbs. I am short by .2!

I can't believe the baby's birth is getting so close. We only have about 5 more weeks.

Well, I need to finish some little downstairs chores, figure out points for dinner and get a shower, make the bed and such and maybe do that short walk.

Have a nice day all and hope we all have :flow2: (pretend it's the sun!) weather today!


04-26-2007, 07:04 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We've had a warmer day today and the sun was out this morning. Everyone was shocked that we had heat at school this morning. It was "off" by noon, but at least the building was not as damp and cold as yesterday. I am so ready for Friday!

I turned in my first detention for this semester and the asst. principal had better act on it or I will take it further. The student has no respect for women and is a jerk every day all day. I'd finally had it today and told him to go back where he came from if he didn't like the rules here. An unattractive girl (pretty darned ugly in fact) started yapping and I told her to be quiet. Her comment to me was, "don't look at me with that weird face!" I didn't stop to think first and said back, "it takes one to know one!" Of course she didn't get it. I wrote her up too. I found out later that the boy had at least 3 other teachers write him up today.

"Gma" -- I'm glad you are feeling better! :yes: The cleaning will wait for you so don't over extend your energy. You have done so well losing the weight! :cp: I lost 3.6#s at WW Tuesday night. I'm not sure how because I didn't get any walking in last week.

I'm off to do cat chores for a neighbor and make a dreaded WM run. Have a nice evening and a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-27-2007, 08:25 AM
Good morning ladies! Hopefully the rain is gone and we will start really warming up now. It has been rather cool the last few days.

Jean: I have to :lol: at your so not teacher come back! I hope the little brats get their punishment, but don't hold your breath! You have terrible administrators. I had a row with WW online and so I canceled my subscription for etools. I sent them a message asking them when my next billing cycle was, got this stupid message back about how it was set up correctly and they promptly charged my credit card for 3 months even though it wasn't time. So, we will just use good ole ingenuity to figure points for things without nutritional labels like meats. Besides Dotties, I have a book by Dr Phil that is his weight loss plan and in it is all the nutritionals on all kinds of stuff so I can just use it and my points calculator to figure the points.

Boy, sure do miss Maggie. I was hoping she would have gotten her situation figured out and could start posting again.

I decided not to try going out and walking just yet. I really need to make sure I am totally well before I exert myself too much. I did clean the bathrooms, but that is always a snap. I am going to do the downstairs today and then finish upstairs tomorrow and be free on Sunday since we are taking T to the ballgame on Sunday.

Jack was a bit grumpy this morning, but his allergies are bothering him some and he hates early mornings. He sure has the wrong job then! lol I just try and stay out of his way in the morning since he can be sullen, kiss him goodbye and wish him a good day knowing he will call later in the day all cheerful!

Not much else going on here. Oh, I did get my top and wrap and they both fit and look great. The wrap is actually this huge scarf and can be worn different ways so I will experiment. Have to tell you I was surprised the top wasn't tight as the Cold Water site size info indicates they size quite a bit smaller. I guess my weight loss is making changes! lol I am also little by little getting back into my summer clothes, thank goodness.

You gals all have a great day and a nice weekend!


04-27-2007, 10:52 AM
Rainy day here, but not too cold - already in the 70s.

Right now, life is boring. Same old thing every day.

Queen Elizabeth will be here next week end and the following weekend is the big Jamestown Founding Festival so I'm planning on taking the next 2 Friday's off. We are 2 miles from all the happenings and on the only main road going in so traffic will be horrendous - plus they are inspecting all cars so that will be a further delay. I work on Jamestown Road. The Queen came 50 years ago for that celebration. Guess there's not many times monarchs are able to do this. And unfortunately it would be a great time for a terrorist or nut to attack and get into the history books.

Jean, I'd be in a mental hospital if I had to deal with those kids. You deserve a medal!

Have a great weekend!

04-27-2007, 10:38 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It is clouding over and looks like it could rain any time. What we don't need is more rain! Today was so long and so boring! Lots of kids were gone for make up games/meets/matches, etc. Some just like to take Fridays off! One of my garage cats is friendly and meets me when I come. The other is a spook and runs. I know she spent last night outside because she ran into the bushes when I stopped this morning. I left the garage door open after school hoping she would go in, but saw no sign of her when I just walked down to close it.

"Gma" -- The online hassle is why I don't take advantage of the cheapest WW rates. They can just keep adding charges and ignoring your request to stop. :( I hope you got your etools straightened out. Every once in awhile they will offer a 'free' trial, but I've never tried it. I was hoping Maggie would be back online by now also. I was thinking she said they would be on the road come summer although she might have meant next summer. :dunno: I'm glad to hear your new clothes fit as it is always a hassle to exchange items via the mail.

Susan -- I guess I have been working with kids for so many years that I am immune to most of their antics. The rudeness and cockiness get to me the most -- I'd just like to slap some of them. :o That seems to get worse as the years go by. I got nothing back on the detention notices today . . . the girl skipped school today and when the boy showed up for study hall he was pretty laid back for him. He ignored me and I ignored him. :lol: I don't blame you for staying home when the Queen arrives. It would be nice to see her in person; she always looks so stern. I would have loved to see Princess Diana!

Guess I will go see what is on TV. Hope you all have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-28-2007, 07:55 AM
Good morning to you all! It was supposed to have rained last night, but I don't know if it did. Now they have reversed themselves again and are saying it is will be in the 80's tomorrow and sunny so all's well with the ballgame with Thomas.

I guess I have been dropped like a hot potato from the Red Hat group. I replied to two month's of lunches for Feb and March saying I would not be able to attend and have not since been notified of any lunches since. Fine with me. If they want to be like that I have no problem with it. I didn't like having the once a month "clique" lunch anyway. There was a couple drunks in the group that always drank their lunch and the one loud obnoxious one. This particular group was a total disappointment to me. I joined to meet new friends not to be left out of the group and talked to by only a couple people, the same two every time.

Susan: Good luck with all the traffic mess. I am sure even seeing the queen would be cool. She is quite a stern looking person all the time and can be quite hard I have read.

Jean: Ahhhh, the weekend, no teenagers! Have a nice weekend. It is coming to the end of the year though and will probably gets nuttier before it gets better.

Everyone have a nice Saturday today. I am going to finish up the kitchen cleaning and do the rest of the upstairs than I will have a totally clean house for another week. I even shampooed the dining room carpet yesterday; always a backbreaking procedure.


04-28-2007, 04:29 PM
Happy Saturday, Flowers! :cp: The sun is shining brightly and it is a beautiful day; there's a bit more wind than I would like but nothing compared to last week. Maybe spring is really here to stay this time. I've been doing the usual Saturday laundry and I need to make a serious grocery list and head in that direction. I'd rather go look for flowers so may do that too.

"Gma" -- I know you are looking forward to the ballgame with Thomas tomorrow. I hope the weather holds for you, and it is a good game. Aren't there other Red Hat groups that you could visit and see if they are more to your liking? I hate going into a group not knowing anyone at all. I always think their activities sound like fun around here.

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world and I need to get back to my Saturday chores. I am so looking forward to the end of the school year. A couple of other teachers were talking at lunch yesterday and they expressed the same thoughts. I don't know if it is the crappy weather we've been having or the kids themselves, but everyone is ready for it to be over.

Have a great "rest of the day" and a super Sunday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-29-2007, 07:30 AM
Good morning friends! Sounds like it is going to be a nice day. The birds are already tweeting outside. Of course that means they are also already pooping on my deck! :lol:

We just hung out at the house yesterday, watched the Cubs game, which they won quite handily, and I cleaned the kitchen. I didn't even get much knitting done. I have almost run out of yarn for the blanket, so am going to have to get to Michael's and get about 4 skeins, two each color to finish it up. My blue ribbon sweater is coming right along though it is leaving sparkles everywhere including the pets. Fortune and Butterscotch could easily be best dressed pets with their coats so nice and sparkly. :lol: There isn't anything I can really do about it. The ribbon has tiny sparkle pieces as part of it and they come off. I was looking at a scout site and found some cute, what they called, spoof patches. I am thinking about buying several and sewing them to the blanket panes. They have a game boy merit badge, an x box merit badge, different kinds of adult badges, all kinds of stuff. I figure I can find at least 6 and scatter them on the blanket in a pattern somehow.

Well, I should do morning chores. We are going to leave her around 12:30 to go pick up Thomas so we have plenty of time to get to the ballpark, park in the parking garage and walk to the park. If we get there too early, they have a place just for kids that Jack can take Thomas over to and play for a bit if he wants. They are giving away oven mitts today so I would like to get there early enough Thomas can give one to his mom. Not that she cooks a whole lot, but kids like stuff like that.


04-29-2007, 05:40 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it is 90 degrees outside! :eek: The weather channel says it will be 90 again tomorrow . . . it should be a wonderful day in paradise! We got up and got ready for church as usual. When we got there, there were no cars around. We looked at each other and remembered that the "Messenger" had said there would be a one church service Sunday coming up and today must be it. :o So we went back home and waited two hours to go to church. They were having a "hamburger bar" for lunch and then an auction where people bring their treasures, talent, or time to spend on some project and the people bid on the items. We made a donation to the cause and then split after church was over. I've been repotting some of my house plants and Bob has been planting geraniums in the outside pots. I'm still doing laundry and sweeping puddles down the drain. :(

"Gma" -- I hope you have a great time with Thomas today! It will be even better if "your" team wins! ;)

Hope you all have a nice "rest of the day" and a marvelous Monday tomorrow. Smile and do something nice for yourselves!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-30-2007, 06:46 AM
Good morning everyone! Hope you have a nice day today.

We lasted not even an hour at the ballgame. Thomas ate some ice cream and complained of a stomachache so we brought him back home. His mom got mad at him, because he was ok when he got home and she felt we wasted a lot of money on him. We felt he probably was bored, but we weren't mad or anything. So, we only watched the first three innings. Good news is I didn't eat too much junk and I have lost enough weight the seats didn't pinch! So for me, that was a success all by itself. We were tickled as the couple sitting behind us had a two year old and his name was Jackson! There seemed to be babys and toddlers all over the place yesterday. Luckily, the tickets I bought ended up being in the shade the whole time so it would have been a pleasant game.

Thomas has his very first piano recital in two weeks. He said to me yesterday, "If I have mastered Fur Elise than I will play that if not, I will play a song my mom doesn't like." I ask him why did his mom not like it and he said it had too many sharps in it. I think maybe it is the difficulty of the piece is her concern, but I know he will play like a champ. He showed us his new violin and played a little for Granddad until his mom made him stop. He is still in the screeching level! :lol:

We hung out at home for about an hour then went and got some dinner and came back and tucked in for the night. I just had a bit of soup and a bit of pasta. I wasn't feeling too much like eating last night.

Jean: Bet you felt like there was a time change and you somehow missed it, huh? We did that once when the time changed in the fall. It is weird to go somewhere expecting a parking lot full of cars and seeing nothing! Hope your good weather contines. It was almost 90 here yesterday and is supposed to continue in the same vein this week.

Well, I am going to hop up and get my downstairs chores done. I still need to vacuum and dust upstairs and would like to get to it today as it will be time to start all over again in a day or so.

Have a good one today and enjoy the nice weather!