Support Groups - Where is my moo-se? (not moose, muse)

11-15-2001, 10:09 AM
Wabby, did you pick me up just to drop me back in blubberland? I am up one lb. this a.m. which makes me +10 instead of +9 with 0 being the goal. Not giving up. Had toast and pnut butter for breakfast; turkey lunch with ds at school; buffet with Herbie for dinner. No snacks.

Kiwieenie, I don't know what to say to you. You deserve far far better than you're getting. Find a marriage counselor or start attending church. Lift yourself up, girl.

Herbie's dds, I just learned, have Thanksgiving allll together with alllll their family and their mom. Their dad was invited. He sweetly said he had other plans. They'll never like me will they? I should just not care.

11-15-2001, 10:16 AM
Say it ain't so, Darling! +10 starting where? At 133? I'm sure you're still the thinnest of us all, not counting Bugsy, who I am *very* worried about. Do you think he's getting enough kibbles? Do they even feed dogs kibbles any more?

Kiwiiiiiii! Before you get involved in this new thread please go back and read my heartfelt posts on the other one.

Anyone going to listen to FlyLady's radio interview? That could be mildly amusing. :p

11-15-2001, 03:38 PM
so of course I will listen to the FlyLady's radio interview. Isn't it amazing that someone so annoying has such a following of groupies?

Dogs do eat kibble still, Sugar. In fact my dogs are on a kibble only diet, after the last fiasco when I fed them the corned beef hash that my DH said smelled like dog food. I figured if it smelled like dog food, it was probably edible to dogs, right? Wrong! Hershey squirts all over the carpet. Ick. What we do for the love of doggies. And the latest fiasco is both of them seem to have met up with a skunk this morning. They are living in the kennel outside until I can get around to taking them to the self serve dog wash. I can't afford to take both of them to the groomer.

Kiwi, I forgot, to tell you I second Sugar P's advice. CUT HIM OFF!!! And buy the tv too, and anything else you can think of. :s: :s: :s: :s: :s:

Peaches, please don't make me responsible for your blubber. I'm having a hard enough time taking responsibility for my own. So far I have eaten cream of wheat w/ skim milk for breakfast. So far so good. So far.

11-15-2001, 03:54 PM
Thanks for the kind words, ladies. Yes, Sugar, already did that :lol: . I think I need a new hobby or something.

Yes, kibble here too. Except that I have had to add a homemade dog food to the mix for my old girl. Sorry to hear about the skunking, Wab, hope it doesn't get into the house. We are only now not smelling it any more and we were skunked 2 weeks ago. The dog is going to the groomer's anyway on Monday because if you put your face up close, she still smells. If you should find your house smelling, I highly recommend those cone-shaped air fresheners, extra strength. Nothing else worked in here.

When is the Fly's talk? tonight? If she's going to cut into my TV time, forget it... :D I'd rather be mindlessly entertained...

Gotta go entertain DD and friend. Well, not exactly entertain, more like feed. Boy, they sure do consume mass quantities as teenagers, don't they?


11-16-2001, 10:18 AM
I have so much to do is gyno day with a mamo in the afternoon. Tonight we are going to see Harry Potter!!!! DH and I are probably more excited than the kids. We never go to the movies.
Kiwi, have you considered getting a job and changing your life? I think DHes in general need to know that we can live without them.
Also...Happy Birthday, Kiwi!!!!!
I just set up my bill paying online. I'm so excited. My cell phone was just turned off while I drove around for weeks with the check in the envelope, in my car with no stamp. What an idiot. So now I am going to be financially organized.
Wabby, poor stinky dogs. We have a skunk who peeks into our doors along the back of the house. I want to get some sort of repellent because sooner or later he's going to spray the house.
Flybag is really getting national attention? I have an unreasonable hatred for her.
Gotta go.

11-16-2001, 01:15 PM
That's the problem, Lush. It's the age old battle between the Fly People and the System Goddess's. Did you know that you still have 168 active members of System Goddess? If you'd only send out a zillion annoying e-mails to your members, you'd be interviewed on the radio too, and be making a fortune selling window clings and calendars.

The dogs are still living in the kennel. I'm feeling pretty guilty about this, but the self serve dog wash closes at 5 pm, so I have to wait for the weekend to deskunk them. My house stays clean and smells of candles, not dog breath. I could get used to it.

So, you US citizens, what are the Thanksgiving plans? If you don't go to Herbie's family's dinner, where will you go Peaches? Will you and Herbie have a romantic dinner at a fine restaurant, or go to the local Denny's? (do you have Denny's there?) We're going to my sister's house for dinner. Have I ever told you that she makes the best turkey in the world?

Have fun at the gyno and boobie masher's Lush.

11-16-2001, 01:30 PM
We live near a chicken plant where they are selling smoked turkeys for $15. The money goes to charity. That's what we're eating on Tday.

kiwi, why don't you LET PEOPLE KNOW when your birthday is coming up and be useful? Mine is in March. Start planning.

I was stung by a Yellow jacket a coupla hours ago at a school. It hurts a lot. I would like sympathy and toast.

11-16-2001, 03:51 PM
because Kiwi told you a couple days in advance. Pay attention. It's bad enough when a DH doesn't send flowers and cards, but when fellow cows forget, geez. Peaches have you gone off and gotten a life? ;)

11-17-2001, 02:11 AM
I have blocked System Goddess mail from my mailbox. I don't know why. I also have an unreasonable hatred for that. I got sick of all those people who could actually make a list and stick to it. Some of them were nutty. Anyway, once Flyhag came along, was it really necessary anymore? She was so much better at it.

I passed my mamo, not the computer screen, but the doctor's screen. I was nervous. I never have felt that way before, but with so much cancer around me, it is hard not to be concerned. I'm a little nervous about the pap though there is no reason to be. I feel fine.

Did anyone watch 24 this week? It was good.

I hate having a teenager. Could someone tell me how to get her safely from 9th grade to college? Would it be possible to ground her for the next four years?
I'm tired.

11-17-2001, 03:40 PM
Lush, I went in finally and told yahoo to stop sending me those "this person joined", "that person quit" the system goddess list (don't know why I still had them coming to my email anyway) and since then there hasn't been any email on that list. I suppose it could heat up again, there were some messages a few months back, but there's not much going on there.

Good luck with the high school parenting. Let me know how it goes.... :dizzy: I of course have no clue.

Glad you went to your md appt. Please encourage me to do the same. I had a mmogrm 6 years ago and haven't gone back. not good. :o

We're going to see My Fair Lady tonight, put on by the high school. I'll sing for you all tomorrow.


11-18-2001, 12:14 AM
I really, really wonder if a yearly mamo means anything. I think it is hype....I haven't had one since 93...yes 93...get off my back. I do get a pap yearly because my mom took des. I have a real nice gyno so it is OK going. I need to go to the dentist...but I hate my dentist...I think he's a jerk. I go every six months but now I don't want to go because I find 15 minutes in his company to be a drag....he thinks he's cool. His name is BUTCH!!!!! Scares me.
DH is freezing his patoot off right now. I sent DS with his snowsuit just in case he gets real, real cold. DH has one of those one piece suits....He laughed at me when I told him to take it, but I notice it isn't in the closet.
Kiwi, I think it all depends on the kid you have as to whether this teenage thing is hard. My problem is that DD's friends have a lot of freedom. For example, a group of them went down to the shore tonight to see the meteor shower. The brother of one of the girls is driving so the parents think it is OK.
I hope My Fair Lady was good. I love high school plays.
Wabby I hope your stinky dog is doing OK.

11-18-2001, 09:03 AM
that would be all of YOU!!!Since I have last posted,dh got a new job with the National CBC---he was working for the local guys---he has been in Winnipeg and Toronto all week and comes home today----I had HELLISH scare at the Mammo-factory---I got a CALL BACK!!!!!a sweet little CHIRPY receptionist crisply informs me that "we need to take some more pictures---could you come back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE---how about tomorrow?"----Needless to say,I was on a starvation diet until"tomorrow"-----They took Three more pictures of ONE spot--and the technicians hummed and hawed until they said"we have to speak to the radiologist"---needless to say,I felt like barfing.ANY-way---they come back{the technician and her "student" who got to witness me almost imploding--and say"you can go now--the report will be sent to your family doctor"DOES ANYONE ELSE WONDER WHAT THIS POSSIBLY COULD MEAN???I had no idea what she meant by that---so I said---WHAT were you LOOKING at?????SO she let me speak to the radiologist who said----and he showed me how when you look at one film it looks like I have a "MASS"{yikes}but with the three new pictures they have three pictures of healthy dense tissue that are superimposed over each other from the first angle of pictures they took-----bottom line for me-----serious relief----SORT of mad at the dumb techs who should have seen the "mass" and immediately taken follow up pictures{which is what they are trained to do}and that would have saved ME and the DR.from the follow up visit!!!!NEEDLESS TO SAY---I WILL BE FREAKIN THE NEXT TIME I GO THERE!!!!!!!also---I am still fat,and depressed about it,and eating like a monsterhhog.....BUT---I am planning some of my displays,and unlike you pouty bags,I am getting all decluttered with my new best friend---her ROYAL FLYgagginess.SO THERE----also,I am glad to hear all about my dear friends and LUSH--I am SO GLAD you are back----------I am glad that Peachers is FAT again,that Sugar and i don't have to make a turkey this week,that WABBY is a drill sargeant----AND I AM TOTALLY WITH KIWI---IDF HE DOESN'T SMARTEN UP SOON,HE NEEDS TO BE TOLD "WE HAVE TO TALK"--THAT SENDS THEM INTO ORBIT{SCARED AS RABBITS}AND THEN BOOT HIM OUT FOR CHRISTMAS{maybe a tad harsh,but the suggestion could have an effect===tell him you need "time to think"---that's scary too!!and sorry I missed your Birthday darling====that was TERRIBLE of me--:?:

11-18-2001, 12:40 PM
So glad everything is all right. That sounds like a miserable experience, as if boobsquashing isn't bad enough to begin with. I'm glad you insisted on knowing what was going on -- med people seem to think we're so dumb we'd just go home and not even question the fact that we had a callback. Just sit around and wait for our God the Doctor to call us and tell us what to think.

I lost most of my respect for doctors while I was in college and had several mistakes practiced upon me by univ. md's. The only doctors I trust now are the really humble ones. The ones who call you "Mrs. C__" because they don't think of you as a child.

Lushie, what are the guys doing out in the cold? It's a little early for snowmobiling (that's what I think of when you describe the onepiece suit). Hunting?

"My Fair Lady" was very well done. The singing was actually not bad at all for a high school play. You know how usually there are a couple of parts played by kids who really and truly can't sing; they didn't have any of those. The main characters wore wireless mikes, which helped the sound quality immensely. Ah, technology.


11-18-2001, 01:13 PM
Everyone here is sick. They are all draped all over the furniture feeling queasy. I am setting a goal of spending the whole day at home. I have to get crickets for the critters today, so that isn't going to happen completely, but it should be close.
DH went camping with DS11 this weekend....he is home now. He is not bitter.
I agree with you about Drs Kiwi. I don't mind what they call long as they don't expect me to call them Dr. Whatever. I expect them to introduce themselves by their first names.
I am particularly grateful for my gyno...who is great. I went through a number of them before I found this guy. He is never critical. He never lectures about things like not getting mamos. He also has good magazines in his waiting room. No Ladies Home Journal and the like. Do people in other parts of the country get Town and Country? It's gossipy, like a People Magazine for the summer house set. It still has wedding announcements etc. Lots of League news.
I've got to get off this computer. Have a great day, everyone. Bagzie, it was great to see a post from you. We will need to talk displays this week as I am starting my decorating on Thursday. I am open to new outdoor ideas....

11-19-2001, 12:03 PM
nope, don't read T&C. thought it was a decorating mag. :dizzy: I do read Talk mag, not that it's exactly the epitome of fine literature.

Whatcha making for Thanksgiving dinner, cowgirls? I think I'm doing the usual veggie and dip tray (not being trusted to do anything important y'know...). Last year I added the Old Faithful Green Bean Casserole which everybody loved (lots of salt and fat always garners rave reviews), so I'll probably do that too. Haven't checked with in-law-in-charge yet. I like being a guest (although I'm still not impressed with in-law stuffing, blecch). I have this feeling of impending doom, though, that someday it will all fall to me forever after amen. shudder.

I took my doggie to the groomer this morning. She is getting the full treatment. A day of beauty. I hope she appreciates it. Shampoo, conditioning, (deodorizing), nails, ears, comb-out, magazine and champagne. Well, maybe not the last two. I'm sure it will cost much more than I've ever spent on my own "grooming".

Tata. Don't forget to get the turkey out of the freezer.


11-19-2001, 01:22 PM
This is my contribution to the Thanksgiving feast - Baked bean casserole, Sweet potato soufle, deviled eggs, homemade rolls, & pumpkin & pecan pie. I'm getting hungry already. Dinner is at my little sis's, but she is not inviting my older sis, who is our problem sibling. I think it's Thanksgiving and even if older sis is totally screwy, she should be invited. Younger sis says she doesn't want to ruin her day by having to put up with older sis's bizarre behaviour. Love these family holidays. My parents are at their winter home in Arizona, so they're avoiding the whole situation.

Lush, I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have a daughter that is through those nasty teenage years. Just keep telling yourself "this too shall pass". My DD and I are friends again and we actually go book shopping together and go out to lunch (of course she still expects me to pay.) And believe me, we had some hellish experiences during her teenage years.

I spent my friday night at the self serve dog wash, Kiwi, so my doggie is beautiful and sweet smelling too.

Lush, sorry to hear that you have barfy ppl at your house. Hope things have cleared up by turkey day.

Bagzie, what a horrible experience. I went through a period where I had to go in for mammos every 3 months, because they were watching a suspicious area. For some stupid reason I wasn't scared, just annoyed. I guess I figured I already had my limit of health problems. I still haven't found a new primary care Dr. since the last one committed suicide. The first question I will ask is "have you been feeling depressed lately?"

Somebody shoot me. I placed a bid on some Spode dishes on Ebay and as soon as I did I was sorry, and guess what? I was the final bidder. Damn. :mad:

11-19-2001, 02:02 PM
This is one too hard to work with.

Wabby may not scold me. Kiwi did NOT tell me personally.

Also, I am NOT happy that Bagz is Happy that I am FAT.

Now tell me allll of you what you think of boarding schools. For ds. Speak.