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04-16-2007, 12:53 PM
Everyone knows that smoking helps you lose weight, right? Well it's true! ;)

Smoking meat that is!

My SIL (lucky woman) married a gourmet chef so every time they visit we get little culinary gifts and this year it was a Cameron's Gourmet Mini Smoker ( OMG this is the best thing ever!! I've had smoked chicken breast and whatnot on the grill but it's always such a messy process. But this little stovetop smoker is amazing. We did plain chicken breasts in it last night and they were so flavorful it wasn't even funny. And all the fat dripped away into the little pan below. I thought it would fill the house with smoke, but not so. All it did was make the house smell like dinner!

Just for the record, I'm totally not affiliated with Cameron's in any way, I'm just totally digging this product.

Tonight's experiment will be smoking some salmon steaks.

Suzanne 3FC
04-16-2007, 02:42 PM
Oooh I have one! Everything is so good. I no longer eat meat, but I love to smoke vegetables. I've smoked tomatoes, onions, and peppers for veggie fajitas :T I'm thinking about smoking some beans for an Italian bean casserole. :T