General Diet Plans and Questions - Help....desperate for a good diet plan. Any one use Atkins?

03-01-2001, 05:37 AM
Hello all. Can anyone tell me something about the Atkins diet that I hear so much about....what you can eat, how it's worked for you, etc? I'd be eternally grateful. Please email me at

Thanks so much!!!!!

03-10-2001, 09:45 AM
Vera, scroll on down to "LOW CARB LIFESTYLE"
and look around, read the threads there. There are lots of people who are having sucess with reducing carbs in their diet either by Atkins or other reduced carb plans.

You can ask specific questions there and get responses from many knowlegable and experienced "low carbers." There are some people trying to combine WW points and LC, by eating at the top of their point range, and increasing their protein and eliminating or at least restricting sugar and refined carbs, you know, pasta and bread and cookies.

Hope this helped!


03-17-2001, 10:30 PM
i have to tell you this i was on it a week just 1 week it messed my heart rate up so bad i was in er twice heart palpatations my dr sent mt to a heart dr i wore a monitor for 30 days ever time i had palpatations i had to recordthem and send to dr. they come to said it was all the fat i was eating to much meat our bodys were made to requir all foods expecly fruit and veggies