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11-14-2001, 06:00 AM
Hello all

We a re at # 9 and another lurker has (hopefully ) joined our ranks!! Welcome aboard the BUS Lovinlife!!!( I hope I spelled it right) What a time you have had so far. But I love the determination in your voice. We are lucky here, but best of all there is plenty to share with others. I have been lo carbing since 7/01 and use the glycemic index as a guide. Others are useing other plans!! So keep chatting with us.

I am struggling with another physical issue. I went to the doctor for shoulder pain yesterday. Good god gettong old sucks. I think the most of it is stress. I am in much better shape than Pam is. Many hugs to that girl!! But I will persevere. I have 3 days including today to finish at the prison. That means parties and goodbyes. SO far am OP and exercising will continue.

Terri, sounds like a great day for you!! I wish I was going. Our mall is so small w/ nothing great in it.

Hey Sue, Haven't got the insoles yet so I have been not as a ggressive running. I also want to look at new running shoes. I love your mini challenge!!
Well I have got to run ( well walk fast)

Hello Dana , Lee, B00, Pam and Mary

Hey Lurkers say hi!!!

11-14-2001, 03:45 PM
I guess I just might go ahead and take a seat for awhile. :) Thanks for the invite. I really need encouragement much of the time. I tend to be an "all or nothing" type of dieter. (scary, I know) I either do real real good or real real bad. No in between, which is where I KNOW I am going to have to be to maintain. ANYWAY...I'm here and I thank you for the invite. I appreciate those that strive each day to "GO FOR IT" and shed this that seems to drag us down. Thanksgiving...I'm charged about it. As I mentioned before, Low Carb pie, cheese, cheese & more cheese, turkey, salad..."I'm getting hungry just thinking about it..." and I really really really want to stay OP Thanksgiving...with all my heart. It's just not worth it, in my opinion, to do anything else but...Anyway...Hi, All!! I'll take a back seat on the ol' bus and just enjoy your comments mostly. (it probably seems hard to believe I may be the "quiet type" but I'll try really

11-14-2001, 07:46 PM
Hello My Friends!

A BIG welcome to LovinLife! I KNEW there were lurkers out there! Now that you are on board....we will NOT let you off this BUS TO GOAL!!! Don't sit in the back..sit up fron t with us so we can TALK! Be a good girl and we will let you chose which radio station we listen to! For any other lurkers out there.....JUMP ON!! (But only if you reeeeealy want to get to your goal!!!

I am fine here! I am on plan and managing to get my exercise in! With the weather getting colder the winter clothes are coming out....and being TOSSED in the Goodwill bag! I refuse to keep any FAT clothes! Many things still look nice on...but anything "roomy" is outa here!!! If I ever gain this weight back (bite my tongue) I will have to go NAKED because I am NOT buying any more fat clothes!!!

Hubby brought home the invitation to this year's Christmas Party from his place of work. It is a real big dressy Country Club affair....and you guessed it.......I was ALWAYS the biggest wife. At 5'9" and 262 last size 22W dark purple dress was nice, and I looked "nice"....but it was NOT ME!!! How self-concious can anyone get without EXPLODING into tears??????? Anyway, I thought long and hard about it....and you 5'9" and 220 (right now...but hoping for 210 by then) and a size 18 dress....I may STILL be the BIGGEST wife there!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAArgh!!!! I can almost laugh at the irony of that !!!! AAAAAAArrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! HELP! HELP!!! HELP!!!!!!!! But, I will tell you that I have been looking on line at cocktail dresses and there is LOTS more to chose from in an 18 than there was in the "20s"." Soooooooo here I go! I am checking off the prime rib choice for dinner. (Funny, before Atkins it was always the stuffed fish or stuffed chicken..cause I thought red meat was a "no-no"-------If I only knew it was the carbs ballooning me up and NOT the protein!!! *sigh* I will go there.....I will be confident having shed come of the FAT LAYERS of this FAT SUIT......I will dance (I always danced..but thought, "How big does my butt look???" "How FAT do I look??" "Hope hubby does not get toooooo close to that SKINNY &!%@& dancing over there!!!" LOL.......Isn't it the same script for all of us???? Isn't it a shame???? Again, I ask yyou....WHO THE HECK ORDERED US THESE FAT SUITS?????? Where are my size 10 capri pants and tank top???????? I ordered a stinking size 10 cute outfit!!!!!!! (I will happily settle for my size 14 Lee jeans again!) Hmmmmmmmmm I am rambling. I need to shut up!!!! (But you understand, my dear friends....don't you?????

nasus........ok...time to GET OFF my back! The truth is, now that I dropped the 2 twenty pound bags of potatoes and the 2 pounds of carrots, I am NOT interested in ANY extra weight...even if it is YOUR shrinking butt! need to worry about getting chlorine in your eyes! You have officially made me an exercise savvy person......and I salute you! (How's it going my friend? Hope the job and homelife are allowing you to enjoy some "down time" so you can relax a bit!!! glad you got #9 started and gave us the "heads up" that the food fest of all food feasts is upon us. We MUST be prepared! We am going to my brothers and a few other place to visit. I plan on BRINGING stuff with me to much on so there is NO excuse to go off plan! (I forgot about the deviled eggs "yum-yums." I will add that to my list! I am going to PIG OUT....but it will be all legal foods! Amen!!! Sorry about the shoulder! (Anything to get out of exercise!!! Just kidding!) Hope the good-byes at work won't be too painful! And yes, getting old (I am 43) does suck!!!!!!! LOL

gbo..........glad hubby is keeping you in touch! We are all concerned and want you healthy and happy! I pulled the bus over long enough to help nasus and fralick remove a few seats so we could have you lay flat her on the bus! HOPE YOU ARE COMFY!!!! Sorry if I hit any bumps in the road....but we are NOT letting you off..back or no back! Hang on and enjoy the ride!!!

paula....give us some words of wisdom....oh wise low carber!'s it all going?

butterfly boo.................mamabigbutt......anyone else????? Please check in!

I gotta run! Sheeeeeesh this is long!

Dana (Always HOPEFUL....and HOPEFULLY BEAUTIFUL at the Christmas party!!!) :smug:

11-15-2001, 06:40 AM
Good Morning everyone!

1 week till Turkey Day. ANd as we have discussed or were gently reminded by caring supporters, planning is the key.!!! We are not obligated to sample everything on the table, There are alternative recipes for "favorites". It is OK to say "NO thank you". So we can succeed on a holiday, have fun and not feel deprived
during that day.

Because .....

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels".

Dana You will be the most beautiful woman at the ball, not because of your recent weight loss success, but because You have taken successful control of your life! You have made a goal and are taking the nessesary steps to acheive that goal, because your husbands loves and supports you. because you have embraced exercise( AND CARRIED SUE AROUND). Because you glow with confidance!!!!

LL- All or nothing is a concept that I struggled with for a long time. If I failed or slipped I would use it as an excuse to continue my slip. I took(taking) a long time to change my thinking pattern. I try to just get through today with my eating. I am glad you "piped" up from lurkerville. It's a great place.

Pam god love you girl what did the MD say?

All right all you people sleepe on teh bus we gotta do a count
B00, Lee,Terri, Mary, Are you still on the bus?

Hey Sue How are you? Awesome challenge over at 100#

11-15-2001, 02:40 PM
Hi all glad to see such enthusiam for T-day. WOW!!!!

I am getting ready for is just reading your posts.

Dana i know how you felt!!! i was at a weddign for family about 1 1/2 years ago and i refused to dance with my father when the did the fathers dance because i did not want to get up there and have my huge but swaying all over there. i was at my heaviest and lowest point in my life. I know you will look ravishing in that size 18!!! and just think next year it will be that size 10!!! I will be glad to get off your back i was getting a bit chilled sitting out of the water as you were going so fast!! :lol:

LL I am an all of nothing person too. and boy it sucks. it is so hard to know that you are human and may not get everything done just how you want it. i have been that way too. but let me tell you that this is a life style change, and there will be times that a unwelcome carb will pass your lips. do not punish your self because it means you have failed, and you have not. you have sliped a bit but not failed. if you get on your case ablout one small slip then you are lettng your self open for failure. where the truth is as this is a life change then we are going to make mistakes, and we need to recognise them and them h make changes. One thing i have likened it to is driving if you look down and you are speeding do you stop driving the car??? do you finish driving at top speed?? because you were speeding do you then start running red lights and stop signs??? / NO you slow down and then go the right speed and drive correctly. you finish the trip the right way. youmust apply this to this woe if you find that you have gone ffothe tract then you stop there and finish the day the right way. if you punish your self then you will eat wrong for the rest of the day and then it is harder when you raise the insulin levels to get back on trct then the next dayyou suffer the swings and the cravings come back then it is the same thing all over again a small nibble then the whole day is shot then next thing it is the week then the month and it is so hard to break the habbit again. so think of that nest time you feel let down when you eat the wrong foods. just accept that it is done and yu will have more control the next time. lok at why you ate what you did and what you can do to correct it for the next time. using this method you also can prepare to be off program for ceertain meals. but planning to be off program is a great way to railroad your self. that happened to me last month. i know i was going to be off plan for a day and the 3 days before hadn i could not eat right and gave in to all my cravings. so if yopu plan a controled limited off day then accept it as that, and do not go off plan totoally

WOW did i write a book.. i guess i am a bit philisophical today.

PAm i am thinking of you.

BOO where are YOO?

Lee just checking in and say hi. i do miss your thoughts too.



just want to post this link. it make good thought for the carb addiction we have. read it and have a good think!

11-15-2001, 03:44 PM
It IS great to see everyone's enthusiasm!!! I am SO looking forward to losing the rest of this weight!!! Size 14 here I come...but I have to fit into my size 16 jeans first. I can wear the 16W's but not the regular 16's. Not too many pounds, and I will be wearing them next.

Pat, I hope your shoulder gets better soon. It's a real nusiance to be in pain!!! I've been down for the last few days with my back. Too much fishing and playing in the surf!!!

I'm excited for you to be starting your new job. I know that it will be the best thing for you.

And by the way, you're right "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"!!!

Dana, I am looking forward to one day soon starting my new wardrobe. I have NOTHING that fits me any more. It's a good thing that I rarely go anywhere. My friend Lori will be supplying me clothes for future interviews (and I have already given her most of what I own. I have had to save some clothes, but will be delighted when the day comes that I can get rid of those too!!!). I have no intention of spending money on clothes that I would only be able to wear for a few months. I've got (at most) 30 pounds to lose.

Sue, I guess you will have to wait quite a while to read my book. It is again on hold. My friend Lori and I decided today that we are going to start a business...a medical transcription service. We picked up our license this afternoon. I know that there's a lot of money to be made doing this type of business. In time we will also be doing medical billing. We will be working out of our homes, and are hoping that this thing will take off quickly. We have our first interview with a doctor on Monday morning, and then we are going to go to different medical practices and drop off flyers (and in hopes of having a moment with the doctors).

I am really excited. It's difficult being disabled and not being able to go out to work. Although I do receive a check every month, I hate not being able to add more to our lives. I have lots of "wants" and several more "needs" that are rather costly, and I hate to ever have to ask for anything. There once was a time that I was independent, and I feel that I need to carry my own.

LovinLife, I am also an all or nothing kind of person. This weight loss program is so easy (for me). I eat almost all natural foods; although, once in a while, if I am desperate, I will buy one of the Atkins Advantage bars if I get hungry when I am out. This is no longer a challenge for me. It's just a matter of losing my weight, and then maintaining it.

I need this fat suit gone!!! Hubby says that I look great just as I am, but at 199 (and still holding), I'm not comfortable with myself, and the more I lose, the better it will be for my back. I know that I should weigh no more than 175 for a woman of my height, 5'10" and build (AMAZON HERE!!!).

Pam, I hope you are doing okay. I'm feeling for you!!! Take your meds (spoken like a true champ...I have to be held down and forced meds!!!). As always, you are in my prayers, and I miss you and our visits terribly.

Mary, time to come back on the wagon. No time is good to "DIET"; but the time to change your way of life is now. We miss you. Don't give up on yourself...we certainly haven't given up on you!!!

You too, need to check in with us and let us know how things are going with you. 'sides, I want to know what else is going on in your life!!!

I am/have been staying on plan. I'm still having a problem with getting in enough calories. The meds keep me from being hungry, and I fill up too quickly. It's difficult to eat when I'm not hungry, but I keep trying.

Remember all, this is a life changing program...we are reprograming our minds and our bodies as we shed this fat suit. Our whole enthusiasm for life changes as we change and grow (slimmer). I am in it for the long haul. You all with me???


11-16-2001, 06:37 AM
Hello ladies,

I am back, but I am not doing well low-carbing. I am not exactly sure what I am doing! I have been off plan for the past SIX days! I am afraid to even step on the scale. And to top it off I haven't even exercised. I'm not sure exactly what I am doing...

My week has not been too great. My two boys have been sick and I haven't been getting enough sleep and kind of feel ill myself. My computer also hasn't been working all week and a friend of ours came over and fixed it tonight. I'm not sure exactly how long it will work for as it is just a temporary fix.

I want to joing you all in low-carb eating, but I know this up-coming week is just going to set me up for disaster. I have my youngest sons first birthday on tuesday, then Thanksgiving of course! I havent had a chance to read all of the posts, but I did see the "all or nothing" type of dieting. This is exactly how I operate, one slip up and i'm off plan for the day. Now I've slipped up and I have been off plan all week.

Catching up with the board feels good! My new plan is to start exercising and to stay as low-carb as possible. You all are doing so great and I'm so proud of you!!!! Keep up the good work, it is such an inspiration to read how successful staying on plan is! Have a wonderful weekend and I'll check back soon!


11-16-2001, 04:22 PM
Hi there my fellow weight warriors. I have suffered a major set back I am afraid. I have to have an MRI just after Thanksgiving to confirm the bad disk but we both know what the problem is. I am well versed in this problem but the pain is lessening some in the spine and has settled in my legs as usual. Don't worry kids I know only to well what to do. I am as of today going to calories as I have gained 12 lbs!!!!!!!!!!! Mind you I know about 5 or 6 is salt as My Darling is learning what salt can do. the military has cut back so drastically on our medical coverage and expensises that the prilosec I was taking I can no longer get and the new meds for that are causing a problem too. I admit my concern as the Prilosec is the only medication I have taken that works and I am having a lot of severe stomach problems. I do not want to be projectile vomiting for another two years before we find something else that works. I did that for two solid years 8 - 10 times a day. The humor is I never lost a pound!!!!!!LOL The only thing I got from thAT WAS THE VEINS IN MY THROAT breaking. Then finally prilosec. Now the cut backs are affecting the medications we can get. Only cheap medications are available. It looks like we are going to have to find other Medical insurance and that is a big expense that will really hurt financially but what cjhoise do we have. Ok friends to more cheerful things ........ on the positive side....I have finished my great nephews afgan and am half way through my great nieces. My anniversary was yesterday and I sent mylar ballons an two foot Anniversary card and a yummy basket to my husbands office for our anniversary. He was thrilled and the delivery man was dressed in a tux and sang Happy Anniversary to him! It is good to do such things, it made him feel really loved and what a blessing it is to be able to do that for him. We had my favorite Chinese ....full of salt!!! .....but it was all meat except for the broccoli. Dan brought it home. I knew I would pay for it! up four and a half pounds froms yesterday. Still that goes away fast so no fear. My lack of movement and exercise has been a real problem as I had upped my calories to avoid starvation mode. So hang with me while I resort to calories. In a bit more time I will be able to move more and can joyfully go back to low carb. I am aware that some days will be impossible but for the most part I sshould be able to move again aafter I have been awake for a couple of hours. Mornings are horrible but they pass. The damage is not as severe as before but then my surgeon said he had never seen one as severe as mine when he operated. That's what happens when you are not properly treated for 7 years. We will have this cared for in reasonable time but I really need to drop more weight before all the surgeons pull out their knives!!!!! I am getting better but any little thing and I am fully laid out. Not a cough or a sneeze, bending a little to far or suddenly. I am having to reset my limitations but I do know how to do that and what to watch for. I will have more days when I can can walk about a good bit.
After a short period of time the pain will be mangable and I will be able to resume my life with great care I know but I will be able toget back to a more normal existance. Life is good and it will be better. We all have challeges to face in life and it is evident that God has more confidence in me than I would like but still no more than we can bear. It looks to me like I have a high threshold for more than pain!! ROFL . Ah, to have a boring life! It would be a nice change!!!!!! I am back and will be posting again. This is hopefully the longest one I shall write !!! Love you all.
Ps.... I am the champion yo- yoer of the world!!! I will suceed, despite it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-17-2001, 12:01 AM
HUgs to you and Mary!!! Just both of you know we are here and behind you all the way. (dana is driving the bus on your heels)

not much else here just i did hit kfc today but did ok after tht.

Lee i guess i will wait. good luck with the transcription. it sounds great. let us know what is happening OK.

I am too tired to wrie any thing else so i will check in tomorow

11-17-2001, 10:58 AM

Just checking in, catching up on all the posts.....WELCOME TO LOVINLIFE:wave: ...its great to have you onboard..I also am a ALL OR NOTHING gal, at least I was, since doing lowcarb, Ive changed my attitude about that and have realized that if I do slip up for one bite, or one meal, it does NOT mean I have ruined the whole day or week as it sometimes was.....Keep up the good work you have come a long way!!!!!

I went shopping out of town with hubby and bought some new clothes YIPPEE!!! sure feels good to have new outfits towear.....

today I am gonna clean house, I have everyone coming here for Thanksgiving and havent had time to do my flylady stuff this week, even tho she says just 15 min a day, I havent even had of my daughters friends died.......she was 14 yrs old..and had a heart attack....she has had heart probs since she was born but what a SHOCK!!!!! We (my daughter and I) went over to the parents house to offer condolences and it is just so sad...I cant even imagine losing a child,,,,I cried all night....but it also made me realize to keep hugging my girls and let them know how much I love them....My daughter said the same thing about her friends, she said its awful that it takes something like this to happen to make me realize how much I value my friends and I am gonna let them all know how much they mean to me!!! That made me cry again....... Ok, now tears out of the way,,lets look forward to Thanksgiving and thats just what I plan on doing "Giving thanks to everyone in my life" INCLUDING ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE....its so nice to come here and have the friendship and "butt kicking" that we all need in our lives.....

So to each and everyone of you.....THANKS FOR BEING IN MY LIFE AND FOR ALWAYS BEING HERE.....

WELL, I didnt mean to get all mushy.....everyone have a great weekend and I will check in tomorrow.......

11-17-2001, 12:20 PM
Hello My Friends,

Happy weekend to you all! I know how extra quiet it gets around here during the weekend. But, please try to post. We need eachother NOW more than EVER with holidays approaching!

First of all, my sympathy to the family and friends of the little girl known to tornadoteri who passed away. I suggest we each take a moment to say a prayer for the little girl and those who loved her and then take another moment to say a second prayer for those who simply NEED a prayer. *****There, that made me feel a bit better. I hope it does the same for you. There is NO substitute for prayer, and I thank GOD it is a part of my life. Sometimes I don't understand how people can live without PRAYER or GOD in their lives. For me, it is one of the few constants I can count on.

My hubby is off picking up our "baby" from college. He has tri-mesters at his school, so he will be home until after "New Years." The house wil have a bit more LIFE in it now! Our oldest will be home from college for the house will be "back to normal" with the 4 of us for at least awhile. They are 18 and 21, but still my babies! I will be doing alot more cooking, and alot more laundry, and waiting up for them at night....but loving every bit of it!!! LOL

Hubby took me out to dinner last night! I feasted on chicken wings and celery. I also enjoyed a regular unsweetened iced tea rather than water with lemon....but paid for it later as I am not used to caffein! I have discovered more than ever that this is NOT a diet, it is just a better way of eating for me! I miss some of the "stuff" I used to eat....but HONESTLY........I am sooooooo angry at the "carb world" and my "low fat eating" of the past. Thinking I was doing the right thing all those years....and piling on the pounds in the meantime.......and crying, "WHY" has made me soooo angry that I don't care if I ever eat a pretzel again in my life! I used to enjoy "Twizzlers" licorice as a "low fat snack" and checked the carbs out on a package the other day and about died laughing! No wonder I got fat!!! This LOW CARB way of eatting is both healthy and more satisfying! I am not starving, and I am losing weight! I am also hoping that all the LURKERS out there will jump on this bus to goal! If you are out there.....please jump on and share with us!

terri....again, my sympathy to you for your loss. Congratulations on the new clothes! What a wonderful feeling!

nasus.......kfc still has a hold on you and peanuts still have a hold on me. ****Sigh**** At least it is only a "slight" I do not endulge on a regular basis..and I know you are not on a "first name" basis with the Colonol!!!!!! LOL Keep up the good work! 60 pounds is awesome!!!!!! I started out at 262 so when I hit the 60 loss I will be soooo close to one hundred land!!! Can't wait!!!

fralick......I loved your advice about "Turkey Day". You are correct! And you know what else...I KNOW how mashed potatoes taste....I KNOW how stuffing will sniff, sniff, sniff, and leave it one the table...not on my BUTT!!!!!!!!! nice to see you on line. I sure hope you get the medical attention you need to get you up and around again! Keep fighting the good fight and it will turn out ok. You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

MamaBigButt........some advice here........get to the store and get a book about low carbing. You need to educate yourself if you want to be successful. You also need to start READING everything before you put it if your mouth!!! If you can not get to the store...get information on line. I follow Atkins, which is only ONE WAY to do it. There is LOTS of information online. Get educated, and DO IT!!!!!!!!! You will be successful if you stay on plan and exercise! I am serious! You can do it!

paula........loved your post! are in a 16! Woooooo Hoooooo! That is wooooooonderful! (My fellow TALL girl!!!) How much have you lost so far? You are soooo close to goal, too! I am soo proud of you! You continue to inspire me as does EVERYONE on this matter where they are in "goal land." Hope your new business takes off! I will keep my fingers crossed!!!

Lovinlife...are you out there?????? Please post!!! We need to hear from you! So glad you jumped on board!

Did I miss anyone?????? Sorry if I did!

Hope you all have a good weekend! And POST for heavens sake!

And...YES.....I will be doing the WEIGH-IN POST ON FRIDAY. We MUST stay accountable if we want to succeed!

Dana (Always HOPEFUL)
:D :D :D :D :) :) :) (43 gone!)

11-19-2001, 11:16 AM
Hi all just a min to stop ina and say hi. Pat how did the new job go today??? I am thinking of you.

how did everyones wekend go???
I am sick i spent all day yesterday having diarrrhea and all night too, then i threw all the dinner i ate yesterday up this morning OH boy was i sick last night. i think i may have pulled a muscle between my ribw throwing up, just a bit of a twinge. but not much i should be back up and running tomorow. so i willsay bye for now. hope all had a good weekend, and i will be psoting more whne i feel better.

11-19-2001, 02:56 PM
My fellow Weight Warrors,
Well, I must say I far prefer low carb to calorie weight loss but one does what they must and it is working so I will hang tough until I can get to walking around more. THEN WATCH OUT!!!
I am quite comfortable on this bus ...removing the seats helped!!!!
I do have to lay back a lot but soon it will be better. We did go out this Sunday Christmas shopping and as painful as it was I had a grand time. We even went out to dinner and I had a piece of chicken,greens and salad. THank God for salad bars!!!!!! I had my own low cal dressing so all is well and I am back down 4 lbs.

When you are this seditary low calorie is necessary it seems. So ok I am still very much on this bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You all can't go without me!!!!
I found a Christmas ornament yesterday I just had to have it is a chandelier that looks just like our diningroom chandelier!!! Would you believe our house has three small crystal chandeliers and two big ones! I love chandeliers can you tell!
Anyway........ back to business. I am doing about 600 calories a day until I can be more mobile and at that time Atkins is my way of choise!!!!! It isn't easy but neither is life at times , so what!
I find myself incorporating calorie and atkins as much as possible.

SSSOOoooo, I am settled in this bus with Duro glue!!!!

Lee ...I am so glad you have found a way to work. I loved working but at least you drew a check which I wish I could say.
UNfortunately the Doctors took years before they settled on a diagnosis and too much time had passed. I had no more quarters needed for Social Security. It had been to long since I had worked. I am not the only one to fall in the cracks of our system so I can't complain. Besides my Dear Life is good. Now we have a mini van and traveling is so much easier!!!!! I am quite content. I sure miss you Lee. I wish I could get any part of me in a 16 let alone a 14! ROFL But when I do you will be the first to know about it!!!!!

Thanks all for you support and love I look to you all to get me through the bumps on this road and you never fail me. God Bless you all. My prayers I offer to the little girl that passed and to her family. To you all my deepest heart felt gratitude for standing by me always.
Susie Q. and Pat I am still here Hubby was on the computer all weekend ddoing the website for work. (except while shopping)
He was back on the computer 10 minutes after we got home!
Hang tough my friends it is all worth while.

11-19-2001, 10:11 PM
Hello My Friends!

Just came back from a 45 minutes swim and 20 minutes sweatin' in the sauna! Woooo! I am determined to have a total of 50 off by Christmas! But if I don't, I will not despair! It will come will!

Nothing new here. I am not getting as much time on the computer as I like. With our youngest home from college and the colder weather keeping hubby indoors...I have to "wait my turn." I will still try to get on everyday...but I can not make any promises!

Hope you all are doing well! Turkey day is almost here! (Anyone have a recipe for NO CARB cherry pie???) Just kiddin'!!!

Take care!
Dana (Hopeful as ever!!!) :lol:

11-20-2001, 07:12 AM
Good morning all,

I am still here, but I took a week off between jobs( Sue I start neext monday, but I could feel your well wishes and thoughts:) )
So my schedule is off.

I am once again on the injured list, I am the worst athelite, LOL. I hyperexetnded my neck swimming and pinched a nerve. Who thought you should stretch before swimming. So I am on a muscle relaxer. ANd am slowly getting better. Miss teh swimming though :( . Am sticking to walking, at this time. I am up to 45 mins and 3.5 MPH.

I do want to share a story, my good friends at prison, gave me a mall gift certificate so I could buy new clothes. I shopped yesterday and bought size 20 elastic waist jeans, and size 22 flat front chinos!!!!!!! and size 2X vest. I got the 1X on but it was too clingy. I wish you could have seen teh look on my face when those size 20 pants fit!! It was almost a year ago when I was having a hard time shopping in teh staores because teh 26- 28 clothes were snug. ANd I thought what am I gonna do? I am going to have my family take a picture this Thurs and I will be wearing my new clothes!!

Pam My girl I am so glad you have improved to teh point of getting out side. It can be so depressing being bedbound, especially this time of year. Take it slow though a day a atime.

Dana, I know you must be in 7th heaven with your kid home, the other should be home soon. I do believe there is a sugar free cherry pie filling and a lo carb pie crust recipe out there some where.

Sue, Oh my gosh I heard there was a flu going around, sounds like you got a good case of it. I hope you are feeling better, especially w/ teh holidays coming up.

Lee, How goes it w/ you? How is the weather down there? How is your new business going. That is a hot commodity up here.

B00 Where are you?

Mary? I use teh glycemic index as my guide to lo carb woe. The weight comes off slower but knowing me I don't like to be cheated . I stay w/ foods atht are lower than 50 value. This was easier for me and my husband to adjust too. I have soem web sites if your interested.

Terri- Are you going to be busy this week w/ teh holidays? How is your ex and kids doing? the holidays are always rough when you've had a loss.

Well I hope I haven't missed any one

Have a great day

11-20-2001, 11:40 AM
Greetings! I am still on board. I have enjoyed the latest posts very much. Found myself feeling emotional. So sad, the story of the 14 year old. My heart swelled at the thought. :( I have two boys, 8 & 9, and I cannot even IMAGINE that happening. (I prayed) And yes, I felt better, hopeful. :):) I am still pressing in, reaching for my goal! I seem to be staying the same but it happens -- errrr....every month about this time. I need to get back going to the gym. As I said, I'm an "all or nothing" mentality most times and I haven't been to the gym in 2 months. I had worked out for nearly 8 months and then quit. It's a BIG STEP for some reason, going back. I would go every day at lunch and do 20 minutes on the stair stepper and 20 minutes of weightlifting, arms one day, alternate to legs the next. Then I would walk at night (all or nothing mentality kicking in) and sometimes in the morning I would walk. There were times I would visit the gym twice in one day. Do water aerobics. I should look like Superwoman by now! Ha! NOT!!! Anyhow, I long to just be moderate in my thinking and, say, work out like 3 times a week. Wouldn't that be great? A heck of a lot better than now. I wouldn't start the gym this week because I am going out of town Thursday through Monday and I won't have a FULL WEEK. Then when I come back to work on Tuesday...there won't be a full week. SO WHAT!! I think I should probably START on Tuesday, don't y'all? (I'm from Just tell myself I have to do three days that week and to CHILL OUT!! For some reason I feel like I have to be so mentally ready to jump back into working out. It's weird. As fast as this low carbing drops that weight off I need to do something. I feel like a walking bowl of jello. Thanks for acknowledging I'm on the bus. Y'all are great! Major inspiring. As I said, I'm READY for Thanksgiving. Even excited about it. I'm going to be so full and probably only have about 10-15 grams of carbs. Yeahhhh!!!! I'm making MASSIVE deviled eggs & this low-carb pie. Have y'all tried it? I don't have the recipe with me. It's about 8 grams per slice. It's a certain brand of pie crust and then sugar free pudding, easy on the skim milk...Cream Cheese and then top it with coolwhip. Yummmm. Also, what's this I see about peanuts? ARe peanuts real bad or what? I am a peanut eater. I eat them proportionate to the amount of carbs I can have, of course, but why are you, Hopeful, so "down" on peanuts? Maybe there's something I don't know about em. Does anyone use Ketostix? They help me so much. I've done Atkins (that's my low-carb choice) before and always used them. I am using them again because I LOVE being in Ketosis!! It also helps me measure and adjust things (like peanuts) in accordance. ANYWAY...I've jabbered long enough. Time for me to sit back and ride. :) Talk to ya soon...HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING!! Will post again soon...

11-20-2001, 03:53 PM
Hello everyone!!!!

Just a few minutes here, Im a cleaning fool today hehehe

WE went to funeral yesterday, biggest one Ive ever been to, tons of teens there...a few of them got up to speak about their friendship with Lindsay.....amazing what these kids can do and say at a time like this....

Lovinlife---yes I use ketostix,,,not everyday tho...but I do like the proof of being in ketosis,even tho I usually know when I am by how I feel...

Hope everyone is doing alright....turkey day just around the corner...yum, yum.....I think Im all set for it, just some minor cleaning......

Talk to ya later