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04-12-2007, 08:46 PM
okay i dont know why i do what i do and im hoping someone can tell BECAUSE I DONT GET IT!!
everyday i wake up with this "im gonna have a healthy day of eating and exercise" and end up having a good food day, but am too lazy to work out! the whole day i tell myself that i will work out, but for some reason skip out on it. and when im in bed at night, i get mad with myself that i let it go again and just tell myself i will definitely work out tomorrow. But its this cycle and i can seem to stop! what do i do??:mad:

04-12-2007, 08:58 PM
Exercise first thing in the AM or right after work. Don't wait til its too late to get mad at yourself. That's just silly. If your going to get mad do it earlier and when you still have time to do something about it.

If you find yourself getting mad at night tell yourself that you just have to wait til morning and then you can get mad and go exercise.

Or whatever mental trick works for you. You just have to experiment but don't get stuck in an unproductive mental pattern.

Good luck.

04-12-2007, 10:10 PM
I agree with Hikerchick. On my days off I have to exercise right after I get up, and on days when I have classes and/or work I have to do it right after I get home. If I wait around I'll get too settled and comfortable and then there's no way I'm moving!

04-12-2007, 11:45 PM
As the girls have said:
- exercise first thing in the morning, I know some who go to bed in their workout clothes in order to be ready and going first thing, so they have no excuses, others just make sure their clothes are ready and close by to just hop in them and go.
- pack your gym bag and don't go home go straight to the gym
- exercise on your lunch hour
- take the stairs
- park far away from your office
- get off a block or two away from work if you take the bus into work

There are a million excuses, and they are ONLY excuses... JUST do IT!!

04-13-2007, 09:01 AM
When you are thinking about exercising and telling yourself "I don't feel like it right now", don't wait until you feel like doing it. Just put yourself on autopilot and do it!!. I struggle with this all the time, and if I wait until I feel like exercising, guess what, it never happens. You don't have to make yourself WANT to exercise, you just have to make yourself exercise!!

I exercise at night, because for some reason morning exercise does not feel good to me. I just have to do it (like someone else said) right when I get home and before I settle in and watch TV or get on the computer.

I don't know if I am the best person to be giving you advice, because there are still days when I skip my workout because "I don't have time" or whatever. Hope this helps anyway.

04-13-2007, 11:46 AM
i totally woke up this morning and got on my treadmill and i was just thinking how i would have managed doing it after i came home from work and after i have friday night dinner with my family. But now i did it and im actually thinking about getting another workout in later:carrot:

thanks to you all!! its such a great motivation nowing im not the only one going through this

04-13-2007, 12:01 PM
yup - am workouts ROCK. I am not a morning person by nature, and it took me a long time to get to there but I am SO much more consistant in the am.

Even on the days when my alarm goes off and I go UGH. Most of the time I say "Well, the alarm woke you up so you arent gonna sleep anyway--might as well work out"

04-13-2007, 03:39 PM
There ya go Bean! Keep it up!!:cp: