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11-13-2001, 12:44 PM
OK, cowsies. We've whined and sulked enough about how fat some of us are getting. I stepped on the scales this morning to another 2 pounds of blubber creeping up on me. Enough is enough! I'm ready to start eating decently again. I had cream of wheat for breakfast. I'm going to have a lean cuisine spaghetti for lunch and I'm actually eating some vegetables for dinner. Anyone else up for this?

Any Christmas displays planned Bagzie? Tell me, tell me.

11-13-2001, 06:45 PM
Yes, ma'am.

11-13-2001, 06:48 PM
I have a brand new computer. Now I can expect to sink again into the sloth of computer addiction. I've missed all of you. I'll read and come back. XXOO

11-13-2001, 06:49 PM
Hi, Lushie

11-13-2001, 08:14 PM
We've missed you here in cyberspace. Don't bother reading old posts. I'm sure if you missed anything we'll get back to it again sooner or later.

I was really good through the lunch hour, just hit a little bump in the road when my DS gave me the left over half of his white chocolate candy bar. I'll count it as a fruit serving, ok? :^:

11-13-2001, 10:24 PM
I am tired of being jiggly and needing elastic waists. I will follow you into boring-food-land. Lead me.

My new kitty Ivan the Terrible is a bed ornament. No one is allowed to touch him unless he is on the bed then he is purry.

Good to see Lushling here. I worry about her everytime I turn on the news.

Bye. I'm going to not eat now.

11-13-2001, 10:32 PM
does anyone have day lillies in their yard? I was wondering how you financed them if so. Looking on the net and they're $20 a bulb. PER BULB?!?!?!?!?!?!

11-14-2001, 08:35 AM
...because if you do, you'll be woken at 10:30 by ds5 barking like a seal and needing cough syrup. And THEN at 11:30 you'll hear wierd noises coming from ds8's room and discover that he has barfed all over his bed and himself. His only comment was "I puked." Well, yes, dear, you certainly did. Good thing I was almost caught up on the laundry. Bleh. How old do they have to be to make it to the bathroom in time?

Anyway...... I seem to be on a roll here and have lost another 1/2 a lb. so I'm in, Wabby! And I don't have to worry about Thanksgiving like some of you cows. Christmas will do me in just fine.

Any of you have trouble getting in here the past couple of days or was it just me?

Ivan sounds adorable. What happens if you try to touch him when he's not purry?

Last week I told dh that my car (1983 rust bucket) was making wierd noises and he said "Naaaah!" like usual. Turns out it needed a new alternator AND a new battery and was about to croak. Still makes wierd noises but it runs a lot better now!:smug:

Hi Lushie! Entertain us. Please.

11-14-2001, 09:02 AM
Why doesn't Wabby get up early enough to motivate me for the day or at least for the morning? Sug got up. Sug, I don't think ds ever did that without giving some warning. I don't remember it anyhow and when I suspected he might do that, I supplied him with a bowl.

Having a migraine mommy, he had plenty of instruction on how to throw up and not leave the bed.

Ivan is very docile because he was a show cat. He is accustomed to being handled and doesn't fight it at all ... but if it's not on the bed when you try it, he will scurry behind the sofa and get covered with cobwebs. Who put those things back there?

Eating plan today:
Breakfast: fruit and cottage cheese
Lunch: Subway sandwich and sweet tea
Dinner: Turkey and dressing at the church provided Wednesday meal.

How does that sound Wabby? I'm depending on you to get NINE lbs. off my butt. Don't feel pressured though.

11-14-2001, 02:23 PM
Hey, Peachpit, you live on the east coast, so that would make you the logical choice for drill sargeant. I'm 3 hours? later than you out here on the frontier. Besides, I'm not such a good example. I ran out of time for breakfast so I got a latte and scone on the way into work. Bad Wabbit. I need to go shopping for some healthy type food, too.

My SIL reported that she is completely done with her Christmas shopping and wrapping. She is a stay at home mom with one 14 yr. old daughter. Thats what my problem is: ppl expect me to work and do all the stay at home mom stuff too. And the mom stuff doesn't end when the kids grow up, either.

11-14-2001, 02:49 PM
I should be doing stuff but my day is a waste so far. All three kids have places to go tonight. How are two of us going to manage that? As they get older, this gets so much more complicated.
I am almost finished Christmas shopping for my boys but have no idea how to manage dd. She will want to pick out her clothes. She wants nothing else. I do not want to take her shopping because then she will have nothing to open. PLUS I don't want to pay before Christmas prices for clothes she will be wearing after Christmas. Maybe cleverly wrapped gift certificates.
Wasn't it pleasant when I wasn't around? I'm such a bore.
It is so sweet that you think of me when you hear the news. I don't think I'm going to be the target of terrorists.
I really like my new computer.

11-14-2001, 06:45 PM
I can't keep up. Wabby I hate your Sil. I don't think anyone should go around saying that they're done with their Christmas shopping even if they are. It's just mean. And that goes for you too, Lush. I don't want to hear about your being done. Tell all about how you can't imagine how you're going to get done. That will be fine.

Gave DH **** last night. We're invited to a friend's birthday party this Friday, and I suggested to him that we give her the same thing he gave me for my birthday. He got all apologetic but I didn't let him off the hook. He didn't give me a present, or even a card. He didn't even wish me a stinkin happy birthday. He let everybody else do it and he did nothing. I am so mad at him. He tried to defend himself by saying he took me out to dinner on Saturday. But I pointed out that that was with a bunch of friends and he got bombed and I had to drive home (75 miles). I told him anything -- just a little recognition -- would be nice. He apparently couldn't think of anything to say. I am so pissed at him I feel like kicking him out of the house.

I'm thinking of talking to his parents about him and asking them to pressure him to straighten up. But I'm afraid I'd just be doing it out of spite. Peaches, you've met him, can you believe he's turned into such a selfish thoughtless a**?

Oh well, sorry to be such a downer. I don't really have anyone to talk to about this kind of thing, so you're it.


11-14-2001, 08:15 PM
If they would pay attention to things like birthdays, (and the other gift required holidays, Valentines Day and Anniversary) their lives would be so much more pleasant. Sorry that your signifigant other doesn't realize it, Kiwi, but if it gives you any comfort, my DH has been known to miss a holiday here and there. Of course he paid for it. Which of course, your DH will have to do also.:s: You deserved a sappy sweet card and an impractical yet beautiful gift.

11-14-2001, 08:54 PM
I was going to be a sweet wife and order myself something nice but not too expensive, but no card or anything does require a little more payback, doesn't it? I'm thinking of replacing the crappy tv I keep in the kitchen to watch while washing dishes. DH can put that piece of junk someplace else and I'll get a nice little tv that works. Why not? DH will discover that while a card only cost $2 or 3, no card costs a good bit more. :s:

Oh heck, I'll get over it. Maybe when he gets done with the madness at work (a few more weeks of it), things will get better.


11-15-2001, 08:18 AM
Am I supposed to be doing that now? Actually...... I already bought one present for dh but only because he actually pointed it out to me in a flyer and said "Go buy that". Christmas displays so far: zippo.:dizzy:

Ooooh Kiwi! I have only three words for ya:CUT HIM OFF! (like you haven't already!). I will never, ever understand what goes on in men's heads. They just don't get it, do they? Maybe you should just conveniently "forget" Christmas? :s: And get the new tv! You deserve it! :D

Did I mention that I'm sick, sick, sick? A lovely head cold to keep me entertained while I sort the socks. I also got a new (used) deep freeze so I can start once a month cooking any day now - NOT. :dizzy: Like I could ever be that organized.

11-15-2001, 08:41 AM
And then I realize that I didn't wish Kiwi a happy birthday either! Naughty, naughty Sugar!