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04-12-2007, 06:10 PM
This morning I wasn't really hungry. So I had a small snack when I got up and later this morning I had 1/2 the cereal and milk I normally have for breakfast. By lunch time I was just starting to get hungry. After lunch I was still mentally hungry. So I popped one of the 100 calorie bags of popcorn thinking the volume of it would help. It probably would have helped, but as I was eating that my husband came home with leftovers from his lunch out with a couple coworkers. They had went to an Italian restaurant. He brought home some sort of chicken pasta thing with fresh bread! :o

I've been struggling with giving up some of my calories from snacks to be able to eat what he had leftover. I even got on the treadmill hoping that would help. :running: It has for the most part.

What do you do when you are already wanting to eat and something just starts calling your name? :?: I feel like I'm doing really well resisting so far, and I know I am doing well. I've even started writing down in my tablet I keep beside me how I feel and why I shouldn't eat it.

I guess I'm wanting to know it happens to everyone and some tricks to help take my mind off the temptation. :(

04-12-2007, 06:31 PM
I find that if I've eaten enough throughout the day it is a lot easier for me to resist foods.

Certain "triggers" of mine (chocolate, chips, fresh homemade bread with butter and cheese) are nearly impossible to resist. I try to keep them FAR AWAY from me!

If something in the fridge looks exceptionally good, I divide it into a couple smaller containers. I allow myself to have the portion in the smaller container TODAY and tell myself that I can have another container of it...tomorrow. I've found that by telling myself a food isn't completely forbidden and that I can have SOME of it now, and SOME later or tomorrow or the next day, I am able to stay in control. I can literally have my cake and eat it, too.

04-12-2007, 06:40 PM
I just want to say you are not alone. Food calls my name constantly. My daughter has this scrumptous milky way egg in her easter basket still. My inner fat girl is drooling, and wants to demolish it..but the thinner me is say NOOOO BY GOD! You could have an apple and an orange at the same calorie exchange be alot more full and still feel good about yourself.

I would hate me if I ate it. ( ok, so hate is a strong word but I would wanna kick my own ***) haha. So I guess the question you have to ask yourself is, how are you going to feel AFTER you eat it?

Janie Canuck
04-13-2007, 11:25 AM
I have no "forbidden foods", and don't count calories per se, so I tell myself that I can have it, at the next meal, eg. next day's lunch. It's hard to resist sometimes, but I try to think of how happy I'll be tomorrow when I get such a delicious lunch.

04-13-2007, 11:41 AM
One food that is hard for me to resist....Papa Johns Pizza....I LOVE IT!!! I stopped off at McDonalds this morning and got me a chicken bisquit and fruit parfait. As I was putting my parfait in the fridge...there was a papa johns pizza box. Of course, I had to lift the top and saw 4 glorious peices in there. I was sooooooo tempted to take one and have it with my bisquit. Realizing that was not a good thing to do, I thought about wrapping up 2 peices of it and having it for lunch. thankfully, my inner voice told me to remember that I was trying to watch my calories and I was planning a night eating out. So, i came straight to my desk and ate my bisquit. When I go to lunch, I am going to my boyfriends house to have some tuna. Even though my fitday says I can afford a few more calories, I am going to try to make them good calories.

Just stick to your guns. Keep telling your self whatever it is you want to succedd at. I try to keep saying to myself....bathing suit, bathing suit. lol.

04-13-2007, 11:47 AM
I have found that if I get past that initial "oh, I really want that" stage, then it seems to be no problem. If I resist that piece of cake when everyone is having their first slice, it's like the desire for it goes away. It can sit there on the counter for a couple days, and then I can throw it away without ever having really thought about it again. It's that initial desire that I have to work through!

04-13-2007, 12:02 PM
Last night I ended up telling hubby how bad it was for me and what a struggle it was not to eat it. He ended up feeling awful. He said it never occurred to him that I shouldn't eat it. He said he brought it home for me, but after talking with me he realized that it wasn't a healthy option for me. He immediately threw it in the outside trash can.

I didn't mean to make him feel bad. I did want him to realize that bringing home leftovers that are smothered in cheese and bread that is dripping with garlic butter is not the best thing for me.

I think he secretly wants to keep me bigger. :)

Janie Canuck
04-13-2007, 02:08 PM
Wow, you're lucky to have such a supportive husband!

04-13-2007, 06:58 PM
Wow, you're lucky to have such a supportive husband!

Yes I definitely am very lucky. He is so wonderful. We attribute our success in our marriage to having great communication skills between us. We aren't afraid to tell each other what is going on. Plus we don't keep anything from one another. Of course we also are in love... hehehehe