General chatter - I played a practical joke on someone I don't know

04-11-2007, 05:27 PM
Several years ago, my friend called and asked a favor. She said that the guys back in the shipping dept were sick of hearing a coworker bragging about how much money he was getting back because of his wife's at home business. They wanted to shut him up! She called and told me his name, wife's name as well as their 3 yr old son's name.

I was working in a very small office. I went away from my desk in the front to another phone. I knew 2 others would hear me, but it was OK. I called this guy and said I was from the Internal Revenue Bureau. (There is no such thing. I didn't want to say IRS and get into any trouble.) I said I was Agent 37. (I almost said 99 but was afraid he might have watched Get Smart and would pick up on that one).

I confirmed his name, his wife's name and that she had her own business. Then I verified he had a son and gave his name.

I then told him that he would have to have 3 years of his back tax returns together along with the one this year and that another agent would call him to set up an appointment. I asked if he understood this. His voice was cracking but said he did. Then I uttered that annoying phrase, "Have a nice day."

I didn't ask anything more personal than what I stated here. When I got off the phone, 1 coworker said he'd be scared. My boss said that he'd have to go home and change his underwear. (Well, words to that effect)

Less than 1 hr later, she called me. They had to tell him it was a practical joke. He'd called his wife. He didn't know that they'd called her ahead of time so she could play along. She went off on him. The poor guy was just about in tears and couldn't hold a pencil.

I wish I could have seen his face.:o

04-12-2007, 10:30 AM