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04-10-2007, 08:36 PM
Le sigh. I keep jumping from exercise "plan" to "plan" - although mostly it's ideas rather than plans, I'm never all *that* specific. Mostly cause I hate being so specific because it's easier to mess up a specific plan than it is to mess up a flexible idea. Anyway. I'm always bouncing around - I did WATP for awhile, got sick of Leslie - too freaken perky and encouraging - tried to start C25K a few times and kept getting interrupted, so I've half-quit that, done DDR (Dance Dance Revolution video game) on and off for a few weeks, which I actually enjoy...

...but I keep getting discouraged all the time because I don't feel like I'm doing *enough*. Like, walking around my neighborhood isn't *enough* because I'm not running. C25K isn't *enough* because I do it on a treadmill at the gym not outside. DDR isn't *enough* because I'm still doing the "basic" level (I trip over myself too much at the higher levels and just get frustrated, which makes me stop playing).

How do you figure out what's *enough* exercise? Is there such a thing? Do you *have* to be exercising all hardcore for it to be worthwhile?:jig: :coach: :wl:

I guess I know, intellectually anyway, that any movement is better than none. But I just don't feel that way. It's like I need to instantly be the valedictorian of exercising to feel like I'm doing myself any good.

How do you guys talk yourself around this mentality? Does anyone else even GET this way?:sorry:

04-10-2007, 08:59 PM
What has helped me more than anything is to set small manageable goals.

But you have to be able to allow yourself to feel good about them too. I have to really discipline myself not to be too self critical. You want to up the bar every time sure but I don't want to up the bar an inch and then tell myself that I'm bad for not going a foot.

I think this whole process is just as much mental as physical and requires just as much mental discipline.

C25K is really a very good plan if you like running. Of course there is nothing wrong with switching things around either. But sticking to one plan has the benefit of seeing progress from point A to point B not necessary for weightloss but it is helpful for motivation.

Good luck you are doing all the right things.