Low Carb Frequently Asked Questions - Atkins WOE and Heart/Kidney Health

04-10-2007, 07:13 PM
Ok, years ago I did Atkins (the bad way) for a few months - loved it, but then I ate bacon every day, salami (all the stuff with nitrates), cheese, butter, etc...

I realize I did not follow Atkins the way it was meant to be. However, if I did it today, I'd most likely need bacon and salami to get me through, lol...so, my questions are - is this WOE healthy for your heart and kidneys?

I've always heard it was unhealthy on your heart/kidneys, but don't really have any proof of that. For those that have been doing this for a while - are your lipids and kidney blood tests still as good as before?


04-10-2007, 09:32 PM
Here is a link to a recent study:


You may also want to check out this site: http://www.sugarfreesheila.com/

She details her way of eating over the past few years and gives her blood test results for proof. I haven't been on the diet long enough to see a difference, but I will post my information when I get it checked.

Best of luck!


04-12-2007, 06:44 PM
Holy cow that is an amazingly helpful site! Thanks so much Julie.

05-09-2007, 06:06 PM
Yes, thanks for the site. It is a great one. I appreciate you showing the link.