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04-10-2007, 02:41 AM
I've decided that I need to get away by myself for a weekend. I live in Thunder Bay and I am trying to go to Minneapolis for a 3 day weekend to take an art class at the end of this month.

I have been saving like crazy and selling stuff of ebay to finance the course I want to take. I am scared that I can't afford a hotel and will have to cancel my trip, which would bum me out more than I already am.

Does anybody know of somewhere that I can stay for really inexpensive? If someone has an extra room in their house I would love to be able to stay with them. I love to meet new friends in different cities. I would be willing to pay a small amount. Or if anybody knows of an out of the way really inexpensive hotel- please let me know.

Also, what other stuff is there to do in Minneapolis? I've never been there.


04-10-2007, 04:01 AM
Hi Stacie,
I was in Minneapolis twice last year (I am from England) and will be going back there at the end of August!:carrot:
My good friend lives out there so I didn't have to fork out any $ for hotels....but I will email her later and ask if she knows anywhere for you to stay that doesn't cost too much.....

A great place to go (which is free!) is the Mineapolis Institute of has 3 floors of arts & culture so if you are into all of that, you could easily spend a whole day in that place!

Uptown is a great place to has a vibe about it and has some great CD shops, bars and retro clothes shops also have the Mall of America to go explore.....I think it helped having my friend acting as my tourist guide as I would not have had a clue where anything was.....

Hope that was of some help!

04-10-2007, 04:35 PM
The MOA will take a whole day, also check out IKEA:smug: ....staying anywhere outside of the mall area is reasonable, like in Coon Rapids. They have a great airport lounge, shopping area also.

04-11-2007, 03:27 PM
Thanks, I will make sure i schedule in some shopping time.


04-11-2007, 06:41 PM
I found a place to stay for $20/night! It is just a room in lady's house, but I hope my husband will let me go now. Isn't that awlful!

If anybody can think of a way that I can make a quick buck short of selling myself (not that anybody would buy), let me know. I still have to finance the $350 dollar class.