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11-12-2001, 10:58 AM
This thread is to post your Small Successes because, however small you may think it is, a success is a success and you should congratulate yourself for it!! Did you resist something you knew you shouldn't eat? Did you take a smaller portion? Did you "go the extra mile" (or even an extra 5 minutes) on the treadmill? Did you say NO when you really wanted to say YES YES YES?

Well, this is the place to boast about it a little. Come on! Let's hear about your success!!!

11-12-2001, 11:01 AM
OK, you've all heard that I had a pretty bad weekend. But here's something. I was in the mall on Sunday and every time I walked past the food court, I found myself thinking "I'm so hungry" and "that food smells so good", etc. Know how many stops I made at the food court?

NONE. I just kept walking. Exercise and food-avoidance all in one!

One small success for Jo.

11-12-2001, 02:13 PM
Hey isn't this thread a good one? and thanks so much Jo for starting this great thread.

I knew that I would be up cause Carol/CJ and Dick are here and we have been eating out almost every day and there were times when I was off program and I knew that I was going to be up and last week I was planning to just not go today. :nono: But last night I decided to just face the music and go this morning. Although the scale was up 3.4 lbs, that is alright because I can know get back on track and work really hard this week with getting back to my exercise program, drinking all the water, filling out my journal and staying on within my points range. So I am very proud for going to my meeting today, CJ came with me and we had a good pep talk about staying on program for Thanksgiving so that was a postive thing for today. :smug:

Jo-Yaaaaa for you that you just kept on awalking right past all those stands. Besides saving yourselves a whole lot of calories, you got in some extra exercise too with your walking I am sure.

Any other Small Sucesses for anyone? Anything thing at all, no matter how small is a success. Come on and post and let us know so you can give yourself a pat on the back and we can give you one too.

Sassy Sharon :wave:

sweet tooth
11-12-2001, 05:22 PM
Jo, thanks for starting this thread. It's a great idea to start bragging about the little things we do to make the weight loss easier.

I have posted part of my latest success on the other thread, but thought I would add a little more. Yesterday I had terrible cravings for desserts (bread pudding with a rich custard sauce) and protein. I made hubby take me into town to go grocery shopping and still couldn't get rid of that feeling that I just HAD to have something.

Soooo, I sat down at the 'puter and thought I would read posts on the 3FC site and drink a bottle of seltzer (bought 30 bottles at the store a few minutes before). When I was finished the bottle of seltzer, I shut down the computer and discovered that the cravings were gone.

In reflecting back, I remember the days that my cravings are the greatest. They coincide with the days that I am not drinking enough water. I don't have this need during the week at work, but I have a fridge full of water in my office. Hmmm. I will need to check to see if this is true, or whether I am trying to convince myself.

11-13-2001, 03:26 PM
A small success for me! I may have mentioned this one before because I've done it in the past. But it still works for me.

I love Mounds candy bars. Needless to say, they are most certainly not on my program. (Well, not as many of them as I want anyway.) Found an answer.

Are you all familiar with Jelly Belly Jelly Beans? They come in 40 flavors like Buttered Popcorn and Cantaloupe and Green Apple and Root Beer, etc. Good thing is that they also come in both Chocolate and Coconut. I figured it out once that 12 beans is 1 point on the WW program. And if you eat a chocolate one with a coconut one (or even 2 or 3 of each) you really do get the taste of a Mounds bar! And you save yourself something like 5 or 6 points.

sweet tooth
11-14-2001, 04:20 PM
18 Weeks on Weight Watchers

July 9 started my journey to weight loss, and now that I am halfway there, here are some of the small successes that I have accumulated over the past 18 weeks.

18 weeks ago:

1. My size 16 clothes were getting too small. Today I decided that I would replace them with the correct size - walked out with a size 10. No wonder my pants were falling off my hips. Bless the person who invented the belt. Bought a whole bunch of stuff in size 10. (Hubby had a lunch meeting, so that gave me waaay too much time on my hands.)

2. I was worn out when I walked around the block. I am now exercising 30 minutes every day and aiming to build up to 60 minutes. (The hard part is walking the dog on the treadmill. Both of us don't fit very well.)

3. I grabbed a quick coffee on the way out the door in the morning. Now I get up 30 minutes earlier and stop to eat a proper, although 3 pt. breakfast. Bonus is that hubby is doing the same.

4. When I tried to circle my wrist with the fingers of the opposite hand, my fingers didn't meet. Now my fingers not only meet, but I can wear a small sized pearl bracelet that hubby brought from China. Before, this was only a dream for "when I lose some weight."

5. I was wearing a W width shoe. The alternative to the W width was a leather shoe that would stretch to fit my feet. Now, my shoes are tooooo big and flop when I walk.

6. I drank water with the occasional meal. Today, I am drinking at least 2-3 litres of water every day. Been running to the biffy a lot, too...

7. I have lots of energy.

11-15-2001, 11:11 AM
A small success for me: Last nite while my daughter was doing something on the computer, I got on her exercise bike and did it for 15 minutes! Of course, it was on the lowest setting, but I still felt the effects!

Peggy: I have been on WW since the end of January and have only lost 14 1/2 lbs ... but, to me that is a big success because if I had not stuck with the program, I would still be 14 1/2 lbs heavier. I can see and feel the difference, and intend to be more strict with the program after the 1st of the year! Right now, If I can get to 165 by xmas, that will be a "small success" for me.

Jo: Thank you for starting this thread!

Love, CJ

11-16-2001, 01:51 AM
I probably should be posting on an exercise thread for this but to me this is a small success since I don't do well in the exercise department - I was burning some CD's tonite and while I was waiting for them to get done I got on my daughter's exercise bike again and did 20 minutes!

Another small success for me - plus I stayed OP all day today!

Love, CJ

11-16-2001, 11:10 AM
Well, they're serving the monthly birthday cake, pies, danish, etc. in the cafeteria as we speak. And I was given a break and able to leave my desk long enough to stop at the ladies' room ;) and go to the cafeteria to refill my water bottle.

A BIG success would have been to go back and fill the bottle completely ignoring the goodies. Ah, but this is a SMALL success thread, right? :^: I admit to taking a little piece of the apple pie. I even brought it back to my desk. I took a tiny bite of the apples and a tiny bite of the crumbly crust on top. Then I wrapped up the rest in some paper and threw it in the garbage.

Yes, it was tasty. Yes, I enjoyed it. No, I didn't overdo it! :D


sweet tooth
11-16-2001, 07:10 PM
Way to go, Jo. I'm so proud of you for tasting and not eating the whole thing. I can't do that. If I taste, I know I will pick at it until it is gone.

You are doing so well. Have a great weekend.

11-18-2001, 08:51 PM
Tonight my niece, Becky was over and husband Ken asked us if we wanted to go for a walk in Mill Race Park. We were only too happy to go there and took a really nice 3 mile or so walk. The weather was beautiful, and it was so nice walking among the fallen leaves. It was great.

Than we get home and my skinny niece goes to the fridge and gets a piece of chocolate mouse cake. Hey CJ it was left by your husband Dick from our Bahama Breeze lunch. Well she ate it and than left one little bite and offered to me and of course I said "NO" But it was sure funny than she waited till she only had one bite left to offer me some. LOL But anyways the important thing is that I turned her down flat. One bite hardly seems worth my while, but I think the reason I turned her down was because how the heck can I go on a 3 mile fast walk like we did and than turn around and eat that? LOL Not me anyways, not this time!

Jo-Good job on your willpower on the apple pie. Yes that was the spirit, feed that old trash can. LOL

CJ-Good job on the tread mill like you have been doing. Everything you do surely helps you get where you are going.

Peggy-Wow look at all you have accomplished during this time. Your clothes are too big, you are exercising like crazy, your are eating a good healthy breakfast, drinking your water and my gosh your shoes have even gotten too big. Way to go!

Look how much we can accomplish with our small successes, they do add up don't they?

Take care guys, love ya. Sassy Sharon :wave:

12-09-2001, 02:55 PM
I have been walking with my Leslie Sanson tapes faithfully for the past few weeks, don't think I hardly skipped a day. I also started a new holiday exercise thead cause I think we need all the help, encouragement, motivation support we can right now during this holiday season. So come and join me and post.

Anyone else have a small success? It can be anything from passing up something or anything else. Join in and let us know about what you have done or not done in your program.

Love ya, Sassy Sharon :wave:

12-11-2001, 09:53 AM
Remember last Friday when they were all partying back in the cafeteria with the birthday cake and I swore I'd stay at my desk and not go get a piece?

Well, my "friend" brought a piece to me! What a nice :rolleyes: person. She left it on my desk and walked off. I thanked her for it, waited until she left, wrapped it up and threw it in the trash.

OK, OK, I licked the fork. ;) But I didn't eat the cake.

12-11-2001, 03:50 PM
Today, I finally got motivated and did all the chores I really, really have been needing to do, like changing my car insurance, picking up some legal papers, and getting a vacuum out of storage (I hate driving all over!) and I had myself convinced that stopping at Jack in the Box and getting a chicken pita sandwich wasn't an awful idea (I'd get the diet COKE!), when I instead went to the drugstore, picked up some seltzer waters and some Budget Gourmet rice meals (around 300 calories, rice, veggies and WATER CHESTNUTS!!!) instead :)

So that was a small success for me!

sweet tooth
12-14-2001, 01:57 PM
I have a small success to report. I didn't really realize it as a success until I thought about it last night. These behaviors are finally starting to become a habit. Yeah!

I went to a Christmas affair yesterday afternoon (food LOOKED great). LOL. I went to find myself a drink, only to have beer, wine, soft drinks on the menu. I inquired about whether there were any diet drinks there and was informed, complete with an "are you off your rocker look" that there were not.

I asked the server to fill a glass with ice and went off in search of a sink to fill the glass with water. Sucked my glass of water for the afternoon.

I know for sure that last year I would not have done that...

12-15-2001, 11:35 AM
Yes Peggy that is certainly a small success in my book and a great idea. I can't believe they didn't even have any diet coke or ice tea there. What are they nuts? LOL I have often done that and it helps you get your water intake while you are at it.

Tricia-Good choice on the water and the rice cakes. I think I might have though longer on that chicken pita, but I know you are sooo glad you did this arn't you? It will pay off for you too. :^:

Jello-LICKED THE FORK? :eek: LOL Well how many points did you count that for?? HA HA HA You are soooooo funny girlfriend. I love it.

I have still be doing really good and have been resisting things myself. The other day I went to the A & W and Kentucky Fried Chicken place, it is combined and was thinking maybe a cheeseburger, no wait maybe that popcorn chicken they keep advertising,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,On the other hand the breading alone would kill you. :nono: So I just asked for one piece of chicken breast and a glass of water. So she asked me if I wanted regular or extra crispy and I told her "It doesn't matter cause I am just going to pull the skin off anyways so surprise me" LOL So that is just what I did and I am sure glad now that I did it now. I know we all have these moments when we really want that cheeseburger or that popcorn chicken, but I think if we just stop and think about the consequences if we give in. I don't mean just the points or calories, but for me that usually will send me on just eating what I want the rest of the day. I just tell myself it will still be there if I want it tomorrow if I really want it or next week even. So I think if we can just get through the moment that the next day we will be glad we did.

Love you guys, Sassy Sharon :wave:

01-04-2002, 12:00 PM
Just thought I'd bring up this thread because I'm spending most of my day working with a guy on a project. Lots of time spent at his desk. And on his desk.... this enormous box of chocolate peanut butter candies!! :o They're sooooo good. (Yes, I do know for a fact. :devil: But I counted the points!) The smell is starting to get to me.

But every time I go in there or reach across the desk for something and I by-pass those candies, I count it as a small success!!

27 small successes so far today ... and it's not even noon yet!!

HELP????? :^:

01-13-2002, 03:02 PM
I started my diet on January 1st. I have been drinking (8-10 glasses) a day. I have also cut down on sodas and juices. I have cut down on my carb intake and increased my protein intake. Howver, I have trouble controlling my sugar intake. I was a big time chocolate and ice-cream eater, however, I have decreased that. But still I am so attracted to sweets. I have also been exercising at least five days a week, running on the treadmill for about 30 minutes or doing aerobics for 40 mintues. So far no changes, still at the same weight. I am getting really discouraged!!! How long does it take to lose at least a pound or two? I'm I doing something wrong? I have about 4 small sweets a week (e.g., chocolate chip cookie) is that why I am not seeing any difference? Is this normal? I need to stay motivated! If I see results (at least -2 pounds) by the end of this month I know I can stay on task. I want to lose 20 pounds by June for my graduation? Can I do it? Please help............

sweet tooth
01-18-2002, 11:04 AM
Cinthusa - good for you. You have taken the first step - starting to eat healthier, exercise and drink water. That's the most important step to a healthier life style. Don't get too caught up on the weight thing, though. It will follow, just be patient.

I, too, have trouble with sweets, hence my nickname 'Sweet Tooth.' Over the past 6 months while I have been on this weight loss journey, I have found that drinking flavored water takes the edge off my attraction to sweets. I drink the fruit flavored ones that are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. By drinking 2 or 3 quarts every day, I have been able to control cravings and the feeling that I am missing my sweets.

There are a bunch of ladies that post on the Thin Group thread. Come there and join us. I think it is more active that the Small Successes that we post. See you there.

sweet tooth
01-24-2002, 05:42 PM
I have a small success to report.

This morning I went to a meeting where there 5 people and 2 dozen of those really neat homebaked, chewy cookies and bottles of pop. At the meeting I had one cookie (planned), and a glass of water.

After the meeting, it was my job to clean up the stuff, so I ended up with 1 1/2 dozen cookies, which are now sitting in the bottom drawer of my desk.

Success: I don't even have an urge to have any. Yahoo. I'll take them home for hubby to put in his lunches this week.

01-25-2002, 02:55 PM
Peggy, you are so brave!!! Cleanup and then storing cookies in your drawer!?!?! If it were me, I'd be storing them in my tummy. :rolleyes:

My small success was Wednesday. Cake in the cafeteria so I decided to stay at my desk so I wouldn't be tempted. So a "very nice, helpful, kind, thoughtful, just-being-nice" person brought me a piece. Is there no escape!?!? :o

I tasted it. It was .... OK. Not fabulous. Not "Oh God I gotta have more!!!". Just OK.

And it was OK wrapped up in paper at the bottom of my garbage can too.

sweet tooth
01-25-2002, 04:02 PM
Yahoo, Jo. Look at you, not even tempted to finish. Six months ago, I would have eaten it, even if I didn't enjoy it that much, just because someone was kind enough to bring. Isn't it great that you taste, decide it isn't that good and discard. Way to go, girl. Keep it up.

sweet tooth
01-29-2002, 10:46 AM
I was just reviewing my stats for this month and surprised to see that the weight is still coming off. I decided to check on my food journal to see what I have been doing that is helping towards losing the weight. Here's what I discovered:

1. I have stayed OP for the last 27 days and not really been tempted to cheat. Yahoo!!

2. For the first 2 weeks in January, I lost over 2 pounds each. The last week, I lost only 1.5 pounds. In checking my food journals, I noticed that this past week I have had a craving for sweet things and indulged in a few pieces of cake and some cookies. Although these were planned and indeed fit into the points range that I am presently at, I think that it makes a difference in how much I lost. Soooo, my discovery is that for me, it does matter where the points come from. Points from vegetables, fibre, dairy and meat seem to metabolize better than points from sugar based foods. Hmmmm. I will need to keep an eye on this and see if my theory is true.

01-29-2002, 10:06 PM
I should have posted this earlier but didn't think of it. We missed our WW meeting for two weeks because we meet on Tuesdays. Of course Christmas and New Years were on Tuesdays. When we finally had our first meeting after that I had gained 2 lbs. My leader thought I would be upset. I was extactic!!! Never before had I gained only 2 lbs. during the holidays. That was a landmark occassion for me. I have gained as much as 10 lbs. during the holidays.

Another small success was this was the only New Years in many years that I did say "I resolve to get healthier and thinner by next year." I was 30 lbs. lighter than the previous year. I do hope to be even thinner by next year but I am content with what I'm doing.

01-30-2002, 03:20 PM
Had to have it!! Just a taste! So I bought a chocolate bar out of the vending machine. Read the label and figured it's worth 6 points. I broke it up and rewrapped the pieces. Each wrapped piece is worth 1 point. I've eaten 1 point's worth of chocolate and I'm satisfied. The rest is still wrapped in my desk drawer, out of sight and out of mind.

I had my taste of chocolate and I'm not tempted for more. If I do get tempted and MUST have a taste, it'll only be a point more and not a whole chocolate bar or two!!