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04-09-2007, 06:42 PM
Hi, I used to walk up until Sept 06 (I lost my weight that way) I walked 5 miles a day and sometimes added a bike ride. My top was 12 miles walk/ride.
Then I took a break for vacation, then winter rains then spring rains blah blah..now whenever I start to walk it hurts!
I have been having hip pain for about 10 years but now it stops me from walking.
I went to the Dr thinking it was osteo arthritis, like my mother, but instead it is bursitis.
I am a wuss when it comes to shots, so I want to wait a bit before getting a cortizone shot in the hips. I am facing surgery in a couple of weeks for my bunion (I'm scared!) and I know I will need to start walking again.
My question is, does anyone here have hip problems that slows them down?
How do you push past it, and what is a good time or mileage to limit yourself to, to prevent pain?:?:

04-11-2007, 02:33 PM
I have bursitis in my shoulders. It sucks. You probably dont want to hear this, but the ONLY thing I have found to make it go into remission when it flares up (and stay there for awhile) is total rest for a few days....there are seated workouts so that you could at least get some type of cardio workout in (arms work for cardio too ya know :) ) but I would stay off of it as much as possible until the inflamation goes down, the bursa sac deflates, and it feels better (bunion surgery may be a gift to your hips). THe thing about bursitis, is that if you use the joint when it is inflamed, it just keeps getting worse. When it has recovered, I would then go into a strength training regimen with it ....weight lifting has helped my shoulders SOOOOOO much. THe muscle seems to stabilize the joint...I havnt had a bad flare up for a few years now.

I have been dealing with bursitis since my mid 20's (so about 18 years) and havnt had to get a cortisone shot yet...but I may just be lucky.

04-11-2007, 06:06 PM
be very very careful with cortizone/cortisone, it hurts like **** about 24 hours after alot and i mean alot! i had 3 shots in 2005 into the AC joint of my shoulder after a dislocation. secondly it only lasts around 6 weeks, there is also the possibility of putting on weight after coritsone, especially if you are not training, i put on around 10lb per shot which is not unheard of although not common read up on it first, cortisone will reduce the swelling not get rid of the cause of the swelling.

try changing yoru shoes if you weigh over 70kg (about 150 i think) it is recommended you change your training shoes every 3 months if you train regularly. get a good pair of shoes that have support i hear muzhino are really good!

try other forms of exercise i.e cycling/recumbant cycling. swimming, x trainer.

all i can say is read up on anything you can find and ask your doc/phsyio/ gym instructor type person.

04-11-2007, 09:25 PM
Thanks you two! I don't think I will be getting any shots. Not only scared of pain, I'm especially askeered of needle pain!

I swear my flare-ups happen more often than my flare downs!
I will start walking again, but slowly and no incline for awhile.

Anyone here have bunion or other foot surgery? How long can I expect to be totally out of commision for walking even as little as one mile?
I know Dr. said 3 days crutches and then 6 weeks in special shoes.
Then, I can wear reg shoes and walk?

04-11-2007, 09:28 PM
slimminh, I am 127 right now. (Easter's been beddy beddy goot to me!)
I have quasi-good shoes, so many of them don't work because of my bunions. That could be part of my hip problems, but until after my surgury, the only ones I can wear. They are Nike's but beyond that I couldn't tell you the model or name.