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04-09-2007, 01:28 AM
Hi everyone,

Today is my first time on this web site and I'm hoping for the support I need to beat my addictiion to food. I went to a hockey game and barely fit in the seats. i also put on one of those big hockey jerseys and it was tight around my butt and hips. I gained alot of my weight since my marriage to a crack addict 6 years ago. If anyone knows what I've been through please contact me !!!!

Butterfly dawn :tired:

04-09-2007, 09:02 AM
Hi Butterfly Dawn!

Welcome! :wave:

I'm sorry that you have had a rough time of it these last six years, but I'm glad to hear that you found this site and are ready to begin your journey that will take you to where you'd like to be!

We are all on our own journey here! Mine has taken seven years because I had several stops and starts along the way. WEight loss is demanding and challenging, but it IS doable. I find that it takes being a bit selfish for a change and thinking of myself as a valuable person -just like all the people in my life that I focus in on day after day. It seems strange to realize that I forgot myself in the equation for so many years! It feels good to focus on MY needs so that I can get myself to where I want to be.

You can do this! Read all the many posts of people who already have accomplished SO MUCH! It's amazing!


Janie Canuck
04-09-2007, 11:13 AM
Hi Butterfly Dawn, and welcome!

You found a great place for support. I tend to be a bit of an emotional eater, and I think one of the big things is to pinpoint what is causing the emotions. In your case, it sounds like you know the source of the stress - I hope you're in a position where you can do something to alleviate that stress. It's hard to curb emotional eating if the emotional triggers are still there. Good luck, and keep coming here - it helps!