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04-08-2007, 09:18 PM
Hi! I have been absent from this website for quite awhile. While I was on my weight loss journey, I lived by the information I found on this site!! I used the weight trackers and advice I found on the site faithfully. I started my weight loss journey at an all time high of 243 pounds. After about 2 years, I now am weighing in at 133 pounds. I have maintained a weight between 133 and 137 for almost 1 year. I am looking for support to help keep the weight off. I still follow the plan I used to lose the weight. I am a fanatic about counting my calories and try to walk everyday. I prefer to walk 5 miles a day; but am recently coming off of a 1 month slump of no walking. I really feel better when I walk. It is a brainless task-which in turn provides about 1 hour of sanity a day. Anyway, thanks for letting me chat and I am looking forward to reading all the great advice I know I am going to find here!!
Take care and good luck!!

04-08-2007, 09:41 PM
Hi Ann :wave: and welcome back!

Congratulations on your (almost) year of maintenance - that's awesome! I think the first year is the toughest and then it gets a little easier as each year goes by. Or maybe we just get a little more confident?

We've got a great group here and we're all looking forward to hearing lots from you. :)