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11-11-2001, 08:19 AM
Morning laydeez and a special welcome back to Happyface and a special welcome to our newest member RR's bump - hope you're both fine.

I have a confession to make. I have sooooo gone off program, I am still journalling everything I am eating, but I am not truly watching my points. I really seem to have lost focus at the moment and I can't seem to get it back. The cardio bounce is going well, but the drinking of the water has really gone to pot. I found it much easier to drink in the summer (coz I really hate water) and now I can see no reason why I should drink it in the winter. To top it all, my leader emailed me yesterday to tell me that she has quit WW for family reasons. I know the onus is on me to get going, but she was a fantastic leader. If you missed more than a couple of weeks, she would email you or post you some encouragement. WW have lost a great asset in her and I am sad to see her go. I also have an ongoing issue, which is not helping me either. Sorry to start off the new week with a vent, but I feel a bit of a fraud starting the thread each week, when I am not really following the program. Anyway, hopefully I haven't put everyone on a downer for the week, but just felt I had to be honest.

Have a great week everyone

11-11-2001, 09:11 AM
Good morning!

Thanks for getting us started BFB. You do not need to be on program to start the thread. We are here for support. If we were all doing well all the time we wouldn't even need to be here. :) So, vent away! I hate water too. I just don't like drinking it. I have been terrible with the water. I know it has SO many physical benefits aside from weight loss but I have to force myself to drink it. Usually after I've been drinking it for awhile I get used to it and even ... want it (ha!) but for now I am with you. I don't like it and dont' want to have to drink it. Sorry about your leader. The leader makes such a big difference in the whole ww experience. She sounds really exceptional. Good luck.

Happy Sunday everyone!

11-11-2001, 10:00 AM
Morning all.

My we are early birds this morning! I'm going to a football game and tail gate party - that is what set me off 2 weeks ago and I've just now got back on track. CANNOT do that to myself again. Must handle it better today. :^:

BFB - so sorry you have lost such a great leader - they can really help a lot. There's no reason for you to feel like a fraud, we all do the same things and like happy said, that's why we're here.

I don't know if this will help any with the water issue, but here is what I do incase it does - I fill up a 64 oz jug of water every morning. I take my vitamins with a whole glass. I drink water with every meal - this has been very important - even while dining out. I usually have 1 diet coke during the day (sometimes 2) but I drink that water the rest of the time.:) I split up when I take vitamins because I heard you should not take calcium when you take your regular vitamins, so at lunch & again at dinner I take calcium and vit. D. I think it helps me to get my water in splitting that up too.

If anyone is interested, I set up an online photo album from my 40th birthday party at www.clubphoto.com and my email address you use to find the album is rabbit930@ivillage.com

have a great Sunday all and "focus" is my word for the day.


11-11-2001, 10:46 AM
Rabbit: You must be going to a "PACKER" party!! :lol:

I know you live in Bear country. And here I am in Packer Country. The whole city is buzzing with game day excitment. I am not much of a football fan anymore. Basketball is more my game or baseball. But I sure know what to day is. Sad that I don't even know what time the game comes on. But I know little B will be watching with his heart and soul.

Okay now that I am back on WW. Let me do things the right way. I had another one of those eat everything in site days. I know it is all emotional eating. Since the ex is playing games with me. Calling here, showing up at work etc. I have to get him out of my head and life. I was doing great and then 6 months later he pops in. But I SHALL OVERCOME THIS TOO!!!!

Vicki: Go for the pictures. I have one at 9 months and that is it. All though I was happy when I was pregnant, I did not have much support from anyone. So enjoy every momoent. I want to have another baby, but does not look like that will ever happen. I have come to terms with it but I so do enjoy everyone else's time. I just love them all.

Can you PM your address or send to my email?

Thanks a bunch.


11-11-2001, 12:13 PM
Goood Morning!!!!
I am being lazy again!!!We have been rearranging and throwing away things in the house and have been busy this weekend!!!I did a girlscout function which was ok except SD#1 wasnt talking to me cuz "I am pregnant:. She went ballistic when we told her, she screamed, yelled and was soo ugly....I didnt let it upset me cuz I dont wont to worry "Andrew" about anything.Today is better soo I will have to show love and more love I guess....

Still doing 5 miles daily, but too scared to go over 4 mph...Plus the boobies are miserable if I even attempt to run...I think I am gonna do those pics!!!

Dani--Soo great to see U back!!!!Glad life is going good and U R getting back on track!!!!

Lauren-Hope things get straight at work!!!I think I will have a dacquirie after July 4th next year!!!!! :lol:

I havent gained anything and can still wear the same size pants..I do notice a roundness in my stomach when I zipped up the jeans!!!!

Rabbit-Great pics!!!U looked soo happy!!!
Have a great Sunday!!!!!

11-11-2001, 02:19 PM
Hi All,

Having a pretty lazy day around here. Do have to go food shopping later though.

RR- I was wondering how SD1 took it...figured it wouldn't be good, but she'll get used to it, just like she will/has the wedding!

Pryia- Good for you getting back to WW and OP! I'm pretty happy where I am right now (Believe it or not!), so I'll pass on Parsippany for now. Thanks for thinking of me though! Possibly in the future, if things get worse, I'll ask you about it again!

Rabbit- Great pics!! Is Blake your DS? He looks like you! You look fabulous!! I have not seen a pic of you since I think the one of you and Kymber!! I was in WalMart last week and they have the Christmas music going in the Christmas decoration department, kind of got me in the mood too! We're not sure what we're doing about a tree this year. I have a small fake one at Mom's house, but Jim doesn't like it. Told him maybe we can just get a small real one this year, and see where we are next year.

BFB- Sorry to hear you're still having issues...hope things get better soon! Vent away...that's what we're here for! It doesn't have to be weight loss related! :)

Dani- Are you still in the same town you were in? I guess I consider that south jersey because my aunt is in Marlboro, and I consider that central! I guess I would consider Karen central jersey too. I guess being down & west, I just think that way! :lol: Heck, I was trying to convice DH to move to Delaware!!

Anyway, better get showered (yes, it's 1:30 and I'm not showered yet!) and get something's accomplished around here!

Have a great day all!

11-11-2001, 07:10 PM

Checking in to say - woohoo I did it! I made it through the tailgate party and the football game fine!:D :D

Pryia - Actually I'm in the more central to southern part of the state - it was a RAMS game. Had a great time.

RR - I figured sd#1 would be upset about this and I'm so glad you didn't let it upset you. Just be happy! :) Being pregnant is such a fun time. Thanks for the picture comments - I was happy and had a great time.

Lauren - Thanks!! The picture of me and Kymber should be quite a bit different than these! And yes, Blake is my ds. I always like hearing he looks like me.:)

Better run -


11-11-2001, 07:58 PM
Hi all! :)

LBH, in my old town I lived right at the western nook... the very point, where NJ bends inward on the Pa side. That is right smack in the middle of the state. Now I am about 20 minutes north of that. I live between Trenton and Princeton. If you divide the state in half (north and south) we would have been like on the line. But if you think of it as north, central and south, then we are definitely in central. Marlboro is east and we are west. Depending on where you live, South Jersey starts in various places. :) I don't care what anyone calls it. North. South. Central. Same place. :)

Rabbit, I looked at the pictures and you do look great! :) I also remember the one with you and Kymber. Thank you for sharing them!

RR, sorry to hear SD was so miserable. You have a great attitude about it though. You just enjoy this wonderous time. :)

Pryia, sorry about the ex problems. That is not good.

Gotta run for now. Talk to you all soon.


11-11-2001, 11:02 PM
Hi Strangers!

Just checking in to say hello.

Vikki-Congrats! I am so happy for you. I am sure the SD will come around.

Rabbit-You look fantastic! Happy Birthday late!

BFB-I know it's hard to loose a great leader. Even though I havent been in forever I couldn't imagine my class without my current leader. Hang in there. Maybe you will get someone just as good.

Pryia-Hey girl. Hang in there. One day a guy deserving enough of you will come along. You deserve the best and don't settle for less. I decided to forget men when I moved from SC to GA and just concentrate on me etc and of course I met the love of my life a month later :)

Lauren-How is married life? Hope you are doing well.

I am still fighting the migraines of course and then I was in an auto accident on 10/28. We were rear ended so I am dealing with that and going to physical therapy. I had all intentions on rejoining WW this past Saturday but it took 3 hours to just get out of bed and move around a little. Me and the hubby both suffered a bad case of whiplash and back strain.

I just wanted to check in and say hello. Miss you guys!


11-12-2001, 10:04 AM
Hi Everyone!

Wow! I don't look at this website over the weekend and IT WAS SO BUSY!! It was great reading everyone's posts - and welcome back to the "new" faces.

I had a pretty good weekend - I did splurge on brunch on Saturday - bacon and eggs and toast! It was a big deal for me and it was great. You have to do stuff like that once in a while. And my weight as of this morning seemed pretty good but I'll check in with my "official weight" tomorrow and see if I've met my Thanksgiving Day Goal.

BFB - love to hear from you and don't worry about posting and not "following the program". Don't let that keep you away since we all do that at times. I spent many months just hanging out and sort of following the program and maybe losing 5 pounds over a few months and then it just kicked in. And it will for you too, you never know what might trigger it. I should check out those bras too and see if they sell them here. I could really use it. Sorry about your WW leader maybe the next one will be great too??

Rabbit - good for you with the tailgate party - that can be so hard. Congrats with the water too, that's the one area where I could use some work. And as for the tootsie pops - wish I knew where to send mine because I hate the chocolate ones - love the cherry. I still have 2 chocolate tootsie pops in my desk from who knows how long ago!! But if you have some local bulk food places, check there. I have on occassion found the tootsie pops in the bulk bins and then you can pick out whatever flavour you want.

Pryia - good for you for rejoining and realizing what the problem is. Don't let you know who cause you more pain - he's probably done enough! Emotional eating is the worst, but you can do it!!

RR - sorry about SD#1 but I'm sure she'll come around and keep up the good attitude. I hope to be pregnant one day and I'm going to try to enjoy every moment of it (try to anyways) since it is a miracle and, like you, I don't know how many chances I'll get.

Hi to everyone else, have to get some work done.


11-12-2001, 02:04 PM

I'm doing good this week - woohoo! I have to make a bunch of fudge for Thanksgiving and have to figure out how to handle that one.:nono:

Happy - Thanks!:)

Water - Hello! And thanks!! Sorry to hear about your accident - hope you & dh are okay.

Elisa - Those tootsie pops would probably be cheaper buying them bulk too - you sure don't get a lot in a bag.

have a good day all.


11-12-2001, 03:36 PM
Hi All,

I'm having a pretty busy day, with orientation happening it's always busy! I've been hearing various conversations around the office today about this plane crash that happened this AM. People are worried, but last I checked, it appears to be an accident. I know my old boss is up here for the day and she is driving home to NC because the airport's still closed! That's probably a 10 hr. drive or so.

Not doing to well on the eating front this week. I am logging everything, but I can't seem to stay out of the sweets. :( I bought some icecream at the supermarkey last night and had a big bowl...then instructed DH that he will have to make the scoops for me until it's gone...1 scoop per serving (in a nice small bowl to fake me out!!)

I am going to the gym tonight after work though, and I'm also going to reschedule my walk-through for Wednesday night. On a positive note, I'm doing better with the water than I was...for some reason, when it gets colder out, I don't drink as much. I like water, but I just don't want cold drinks as much.

Anyway, gotta run! Have a great afternoon!

11-12-2001, 11:32 PM

Elisa-Hope you make you Turkey Day goal. Good Luck!

Rabbit-Thanks! We are hanging in there. The DH bounced back better than me. I go to physical therapy tomorrow. I am so looking forward to that heat pack.

Lauren-Good for you on the gym. I am trying to get it back in gear. Right now I am just doing stretches etc in PT but I just got the Leslie Sansome walking tapes and I want to start doing those.

Hope you all have a great evening!


11-12-2001, 11:38 PM
Hi there everyone,
Just got back from grocery shopping (it is 10:30pm! Yikes!). The good news is, I bought some fruits and ... what are those other things?... OH! yes, vegetables! That's what they're called. :) I went grocery shopping directly after my kickboxing class. So I was motivated to buy healthy. I did get ice cream but it is healthy choice lowfat, so it is better than what I usually get. Ice cream is the big thing for me. I love it. I felt really good in my class tonight. I kept up better than usual and I didn't feel ... on the verge of collapse! It just felt good. So that is an improvement. I am eating "fair" but I am not stuffing myself silly. I was eating so MUCH before that I constantly had that "Thanksgiving evening" feeling everyday. That is a big step. It made me feel lighter and it made me feel more comfortable within myself. I have to get a scale or borrow one to know where I am. I really do not know. The truth is probably worse than what I imagine it is.

Rabbit, glad to hear you are doing well this week. You can handle fudge! Don't let the fudge win! You are stronger than fudge! :)

Hi Elisa, and thanks for the welcome back. :) It sounds like you are doing well if you might have already met your Thanksgiving goal. I look forward to reading your posts. :)

Setina!! Great to hear from you! I am sorry to hear about your accident and I hope you are doing well.

Lauren, sounds like you are pretty busy. :) Hope things settle down soon. I am especially busy this week too. We have parent conferences (all at night) and parents visitng this week and things like that. Good for you about the water. I am bad all 4 seasons. :) I am only good while and after I am exercising.

Well, goodnight all! Have a great day, tomorrow! You can do it!


11-13-2001, 10:15 AM
Hi All,

Well, this day started off bad...got a speeding ticket on my way to work. :mad: Supposedly going 44 in a 30. It was one of those stupid, come around the turn there's no traffic, punch it kind of things...ya' know?! I've been soo good for soo long. My license was clean, now I have 2 pts. again, and the crazy NJ insurance premium is gonna go up...DH will not be a happy camper.

I did drag myself to the gym last night. It really helped that I pass it on my way home. If I didn't, I think I probably would've blown it off.

Gotta run...

11-13-2001, 02:18 PM

Made it through another day ok!:D

Lauren - yeah for stopping at the gym! Good luck on your walk-through. Bummer about the ticket!:(

Watermelon - hope your physical therapy goes well.

happy - Congrats on all of the steps you're taking! I've decided to wait until the day before the kids get here to make the fudge - I don't want it around to tempt me.:devil:

have a good one.


11-13-2001, 05:18 PM
Hello all!!!
Zero energy lately...Not feeling too good today with the nausea and dizziness..It is weird how the old blood sugar will drop cuz someone else is hungry before U!!!!I think I will have to add more for breakast than a cereal bar!!!!

Lauren--Yeah for hitting the gym!!!I will get back into it on Friday!!!
Well, off to nap again!!

11-14-2001, 11:20 AM

Me again. Had a good day yesterday too. Made minestrone for dinner last night - delicous - and my notes said only 1 pt/cup.:) I have been getting lots of cleaning done before the kids get here. I love Thanksgiving!:D

RR - yes, you must eat well!! Hopefully you'll feel better after the first few months, they're usually the toughest.


11-14-2001, 01:02 PM
nothing to say really, just found this picture and thought it might make you smile....

11-14-2001, 06:50 PM
BFB, you do find the cutest pictures. :)

Rabbit, congrats on another good day. :) I love when people are excited about Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to it too, even though all the family lives close by. I'm not cooking. We are going to my mother in law's. We take turns with my family and dh's. Last year we had Thanksgiving in West Virginia and we got to ski all weekend and it was great. My parents have a place there. 3 years ago, we went to Miami for Thanksgiving becaues dh's family all went down there to his aunt's. So we had dinner poolside in 80 degree weather. (such variety!) Anyway, I have gone astray... have a great time!

RR, I remember with my pregnancy I was so surpised at how plain old tired I was in the beginning.. I remember thinking that the baby was so tiny how could I be THIS tired! But your body is doing something amazing and I guess we cannot underestimate the effort that is involved. Take care of yourself. Rest whenever you can and eat well... more breakfast sounds good. Hopefully the discomfort will pass by the time you start the next trimester. :) Savor all of this special time!

LBH, sorry about your ticket. :mad: I am glad you got to the gym! Good for you!

Well, I am very tired today. I had parent teacher conferences last night and I am just plain wiped out! The day is long and I guess I am not used to keeping up that level of energy for that long. Tomorrow we have another round. So I plan to rest tonight. I may not go to kickboxing because I really think I need the sleep. It feels like it is 3 a.m. and I am fighting to make myself stay awake.

Have a good midweek, everyone! :)

:dizzy: dani

11-15-2001, 10:18 AM
Hi All,

Went to the gym last night for my walk through. Was pretty disappointed because they got the messages mixed up and told her I cancelled...last week's message...instead of that 6:30 was good for me. She booked someone else at 6:30, so she rushed through with me...took about 15 minutes!! Thankfully I knew how to work most of the machines, and she did say if I needed further help, let her know and she'll help me. She also told me I need to do aerobics to lose (duh!), but I can't make it there in time for her classes...some of us work for a living!! Guess I'll stick to the treadmill, which I have zero patience for. I lasted .30 miles on it last night. I cannot just stand there in one place walking on the treadmill, TV or no TV, it's just plain boring!!

UGH...I'm busy, and venting, better go!!

11-15-2001, 11:17 AM
Hi Everyone!

I don't know if anyone can really answer this question or not but I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on calculating points. There's this restaurant I love that I go to on a semi-regular basis for their greek salad. It's soooo good. And I never know if it's really bad for points are not and I have no idea how to guess. The lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers etc. have zero points but there's a little egg and feta that I could guess for and then there's the dressing. It's basically a vinagrette and they put the dressing in a separate container for takeout so I guess I could measure it and see how much is there?? I have no idea whether this salad is "cheating" or not so I'm not sure if I should be really careful during the day just in case - any advice - it's my dinner tonight!

LBH - nice to hear from you but it sounds like you've had a bad couple of days. It sucks when you finally push yourself to go to the gym and then something like that happens. I also find the treadmill really boring which is why I do go to classes - it's hard to quit halfway through when there's a room full of people looking at you. But if they're not convenient you'll have to find something else. The problem is (and I know this from experience) if you don't enjoy you won't keep doing it - I love my classes and I still have to drag my butt there - like today! Good Luck!

Dani - sounds like your Thanksgiving's are so much fun. I find any huge family gathering is a lot of fun and stressful at the same time because one person usually ends up doing most of the work but maybe skiing or a pool helps ease the tension!

BFB - love your pictures but what's going on with you??

Rabbit - sounds like you're doing well staying OP right now - Keep up the good work!

RR - hope you're feeling okay and I think the tiredness does go away eventually but what do I know!

Hi to everyone else - have a great day.


11-15-2001, 01:53 PM

Tonight is weigh in and I should have a loss but for the moment my scales are not showing one! :( Hopefully it will be different there! I have 13 points left and 16 activity earned.:) Keep your fingers crossed for me!

BFB - Cute!:D

happy - cool that you go to such a variety of places for Thanksgiving! We always go to dh's in Indiana. And to my family's for Christmas! Woohoo! We tried switching back & forth like you do, but his family doesn't really do anything for Christmas Day - I call that year "the Christmas with no food".:dizzy:

Elisa - sorry I have no idea of dressing points. Could you ask them for the nutritional information??

have a great Thursday!


11-15-2001, 07:09 PM
Hi! Just realized once again that I haven't looked at the thread all week!!!
No time to visit, just a quick hello!!! - jul

11-15-2001, 08:22 PM
Hi all

Just a quick stop by again. I am doing really cr@p at the moment. Have no motivation and need to kick start myself (I know you've heard it all before) just can't seem to find the starter pedal.

Hope you are all well and a special hi to the bump

11-16-2001, 11:13 AM

I lost 1.2 pounds last night. Finally going down again (last week was a maintain & the week before was a gain). This will surely be a tough week for all! Good luck!

BFB - sorry you are having such a tough time at the moment. I go through those all of the time & sure wish I had the answers.

Today I pick up ds from school :) - and ss also arrives. So I've got some cooking to do! Later!


11-16-2001, 12:01 PM
Hi All,

Rabbit- Congrats on the BIG loss!! You definitely deserved it!! Have fun with DS and SS!!

Hi Jul!!

Elisa- I don't have my WW stuff on me today, but I would say the salad probably isn't that high in points. If you just dip the dressing you probably wouldn't use more than a tablespoon or two, and I think regular dressing is 4 pts. per 2 T., isn't it? I mean, you could plan for it, like have a light lunch if you're gonna have it for dinner, or vice versa. Even if there's a whole egg in it, that's 2 pts., I don't eat feta, so I don't know, but it's probably not more than 3 pts. worth, 2 T. of reg. dressing, 4 pts., so worst case it could be 9 pts.?? That's not bad at all. Thanks for the encouragement, I am going to try a class, when I can get there in time. I'm also going to force myself to go at least 3 times a week, even if I dont' do much, at least if I get there...

Hi Dani!!

We're having Thanksgiving at DH's brother's house this year. We alternate between my side and his for T-Day. For Christmas, his family does Christmas Eve, and mine does Christmas Day, so it always works out! :) I'll be bringing broccoli casserole and pumpkin pie.

Have a great day all!! (Man, I can't believe it's after 11:00 already!!) :eek:

11-16-2001, 02:27 PM
Lauren - thanks for your advice and I did basically count it like you said. When it comes to things like that I prefer to over count rather than under count so I'm not fooling myself. I share the large salad with my friend but it's quite big so I figured 4 for the dressing, 2 for the cheese and 2 for the egg so that's 8 and if it's one or two more that's still a pretty good guess. You can't imagine how yummy this salad is!

Rabbit - yay for you!! it's nice to know the scale can actually move when you do things right - keep up the good work!! Have fun with your kids!

BFB - you'll figure it out one day - don't beat yourself up. If you're not "staying OP" then it's because you're not ready but you will be one day and then it will be so easy - I swear!

I'm trying to have only 6 or 7 points today (before dinner) because I'm going to my MIL's for dinner and she's making a turkey (not it's not TD here either) and her stuffing. And it's the stuffing that I love soooo much. The turkey probably isn't too bad for points but I know the stuffing is. So I had an apple and some soup today and we'll see if that holds me over to dinner....

Have a great weekend everyone!


11-16-2001, 05:25 PM
Happy Friday all!~~
I met DH at his club and had more fun than working out alone!!!He laughed cuz I was searching for non breast squashing machines...Man, these things are sore!!!!:dizzy:

Lauren--I love the treadmill..With earphones on and music blaring that is my time alone from everyone...I shut everyone off and relish the quietness~~~~

BFB-The Hump is there!!!!It is weird to have a hard rounded belly...still in the same pants but 1.5 lbs heavier...I think I am gonna meet that 4 lbs gained the first trimester!!!I did notice my waist is thicker!!Too weird!!!!

Happy wonderful weekend to all!!!
I volunteered for some OT--soo I am off to rest!!!

11-16-2001, 05:41 PM
Hi everyone! :)

LBH, too bad you got rushed through your walkthrough. I would have been disappointed too.

Elisa & Rabbit, my Thanksgivings have only been like that twice. All the 32 other ones have been perfectly ordinary. :) Both our parents live relatively close and we do the normal local dinner thing, which is what we are doing this year as well.

Hi Jul! :)

Rabbit, congratulations on the loss! Yay! I know you are happy that ds is coming home! :)

RR, have you been to the doctor yet? I remember my friend saying they didn't even want to see her till like the 8th or 10th week, but I went right away. It's amazing what a tiny little thing like that can do to the rest of your body.

Have a good day all! The weekend is here!!!


11-17-2001, 12:40 PM
I'm taking a break from painting my husband's bathroom. Feeling a bit woozy from the fumes. There is only one window in there so I came upstairs to get a fan....and you know what happens when you pass by the computer. I may never get that 2nd coat of paint on the walls. (RR: note, do not paint while pg).

I'm maintaining the 174 (t-day goal). I think I'll plan to maintain this to New Years and then work on a new goal. The longer I maintain the less likely I'll be to gain.

- jul

11-17-2001, 02:11 PM
hello all!!!
Just got in from working some OT at work..It is amazing the energy U have after a 16hr sleep!!!!:D
My energy comes and goes lately!!!

Dani-Nope on the Md visit....I go on Nov 29 and will hopefully have a sonagram soo I can see the heartbeat....I had to be at 10 weeks before my appointment..They say that most miscarriages happen by then so that is why..I dreamed the other night she told me I am not pg..Hmmmmm..3 positive tests, no AF since Sept and this nausea????/Maybe I have the flu!!!!!:s:

Have a great day all!!!

11-17-2001, 07:50 PM

Well, the first day of Thanksgiving vacation and I did lousy on the food! I'm going to chalk it up to being the "denial" thing (food that I don't usually allow myself to have around) and go from there. I have had chex mix today but luckily dh finished it! If (and when!) I make it again I think it will have to be kept in the basement! I have had no fudge today. I'm thinking of allowing myself one piece/day if I can handle only having one. If I can't, it will have to be none!

Lauren - thanks! Nice that your holiday plans work out so smoothly!

Elisa - thanks! I did lousy yesterday. But it was one day, I don't want to turn it into more.

RR - oh, I remember that hard rounded belly feeling even now.:)

happy - thanks! And yes I am!

have a good one - Rabbit