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04-04-2007, 01:02 PM
Just curious if anyone here has heard of it or drinks it.

If so, what do you think about it?

What do you like/dislike about it?

Would you or would you not recommend it to others?

Thanks in advance!

04-04-2007, 01:18 PM
never heard of it.

what's special about it? :)

04-04-2007, 02:07 PM
I have recently been introduced to it myself and have just started it. I had never heard of it before either and was wondering if I was the only one that had been so sheltered as to have never heard of it. It is a fermented drink made from sweet tea and a Kombucha mushroom, or culture as it should more properly be called. The culture is alive and is a co-dependant blend of healthy bacteria, yeasts and other micro-organisms.

Kombucha drinkers around the world have reported a massive list of ailments and sicknesses which have responded positively to drinking Kombucha on a regular basis. The "secret" of Kombucha is not that it 'cures' a multitude of illnesses but that it boosts your body's system to fight those sicknesses.

Anyway...this is the info I have been given along with a culture and directions for making it. The people who gave it to me I know very well and are very trustworthy, so I agreed to at least try it. As always, I wanted to run it by my 3FC friends to see what you all may know about it.

04-04-2007, 02:48 PM
I've never heard of it either. Let us know how it is when you try it!

Suzanne 3FC
04-04-2007, 03:51 PM
I remember when it was very popular (at least for one year). Everyone was drinking it or selling it. Then it was found to be associated with some serious illnesses, and at least one fatality, and it suddenly disappeared. Most of the dangers seemed to involve the tea brewed at home and not purchased tea.

04-04-2007, 03:57 PM
There is an interesting overview of it on wikipedia. Apparently it is a fermented mushroom? I imagine if you make it at home, there could be some issues.

04-04-2007, 04:40 PM
I have heard of the death that was supposedly associated with it; however, it has been proven that the death was not directly linked to Kombucha. The news article I read was actually from the health department that investigated the death, and they said themselves that it was ruled out as the cause of death (the lady had quite a number of illnesses, such as diabetes, etc.) I am actually on my second gallon. It tastes a lot like a strong cider vinegar. The people who got me started actually like the taste. My husband and I don't *like* it but it is definitely tolerable.

They call it a "mushroom" but it is actually an active (alive) culture that resembles (by looks) parafin wax on the top of home canned jellies, etc. It isn't actually a mushroom. It is called a "scoby".

As for making it at home, cleanliness is HIGHLY STRESSED, as 'unfriendly' bacteria from uncleanliness can cause it to mold and then it isn't good to drink. Although I wouldn't compare my house to the local dump, it isn't exactly an operating room either, but I have had my batches come out fine so far (have made 4 total).

I will let you know how it goes with us as well. I just wanted to see if any of you have had this before.