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03-31-2007, 11:52 AM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies site! :wave:

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. Post away ladies!

03-31-2007, 12:47 PM
Happy Saturday, Ladies!

I think I will get caught up with the posts now. Went back and tried to read everything. I am sure I missed something or someone though, so sorry if I do. for your questions...I am lost as to how many post here now. We have so many new ladies I've lost count...but I think it is close to 17 or so :dunno: My journey with weight loss has been very slow. But I am fine with that. For me I know if I take it off slow it will stay off. I too am doing WW's. I go to the meetings on Monday and WI every Monday morning. I go by my scales since I weigh first thing in the morning naked after I go potty and before I eat. With weighing in in the evening I've had two meals, lots of water and I am dressed and depending on what I have eaten and what I am wearing that flucutates 5-7 pounds. :bravo: to you on your 57 pounds one! Wow, I am impressed and very happy for you! You've come a long way baby! Funny you mention Country Curtains! I have ordered from them before and love their curtains/drapes. I am ordering my valances & drapes for the kitchen, DR & LR from them as well. these are the ones. Hope you have a stress free weekend and enjoy the movie with DH!

SUE...I am doing things a little different this time for some reason. I did get blinds ordered for the family room (still waiting for the one) and our bedroom. We get the sun in our room most of the day so needed something fast. Ordering the curtains above and waiting for the sheers to come in as well as curtains and shades for the boys rooms. Decided not to put blinds in the LR, kitchen & DR. We are up off the ground and no one can really see in the windows. Plus I wanted something a little more formal than blinds. Anyway...we too are looking for barstools. We had short ones in the other house but this counter is higher and since we have more space we want something with a back to it. It is hard to find what one wants isn't it? Hey...WTG on your walking and bike riding! :woohoo: You are doing GREAT! :carrot:

MARTI...this house is bigger than the other one. I am lovin' it too! The kitchen is so much bigger it looks empty! I have everything out and still have counter space to put things on, lol. Vince counted the cabinets and drawers to see how many knobs we will need when we get ready to get some and it is going to cost a small fortune for them, lol! So how are you coming along with cleaning and packing? Waiting to hear about your house, details, we want details! :)

PINK JANE...the weather here has been about the same as what you guys are having. The sun was shining earlier and now it keeps going behind the clouds. Too much rain and blah weather for me! But then I have been inside most of the week so...What is the Deadliest Catch? Don't think I have heard of it. But I am a CSI that show! are you liking your new job? WTG on still not smoking! :cp: And hey, you may not have lost but the good news is you didn't gain either! That's always good news for me. Maintaining is just as hard as losing. Sorry to hear about your streak of bad luck. Sending good vibes for it all to turn into a good streak of luck! :goodvibes:

JODI...WTG on your walking and surpassing your upped goal! :woohoo: :bravo: You are doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work! DH used to walk with me but he has been working so many hours I walk by myself or with DD. He said he would still walk but I feel bad because I know he is tired and wants to rest. particular breed of dog in mind. We just want something small for indoors. Love the Madde name and meaning, lol.

JULES...haven't tried any rescues for yorkies, or for anything yet. It will probably be a month or two before we look for anything. We have a yard to do first. Tell Ryan HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you guys have fun tomorrow! :bday2you:

HI MICHELLE...sorry to hear about your grandma. I know how hard it must be, her being so far away. I will say a prayer for her and for your family. Lots of hugs to you all :hug: :hug:

JANE...hope you guys enjoyed your time with Terry & Gina's girls.

HI to VANN, TINA, TAMMY, MARY KATE, KATHY and anyone I missed. Hoping all is well with you ladies.

Not much going on with me today. Still doing some unpacking. Have two boxes to finish off in the living room. It's just some papers and stuff that go in the coffee table drawers, my stuff, lol. Then going to hang some pictures in the hallway and do a load of laundry before doing a little on the office. Not much I can do in the family room right now since it is basically DD's bedroom. Just until Vince does her room though which should be a month or two. But I have or will have some kind of order to it. It is so big that the office is on one side, DD is on the other side and the family room furniture is in the middle, lol. Still plenty of room left. We just won't use it as the family room until DD is out of there. Anywho...

Take care ladies and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :hug:

03-31-2007, 01:21 PM
Back again for a minute before signing off. I went and added an exercise ticker (copying Jodi & Sue, lol). I think I've had a long enough break. Even though I have been working on the unpacking it's not the same as exercising and walking so...back to walking Monday. I may even head to It Figures since I have until the middle of the month, I think. I HAVE to get back to exercising as I have been feeling crummy since not getting any the last two weeks. Add to that, no water and not eating right. Not good at all. So Monday is a new month and a new day for getting back on track for me!

Have a good weekend ladies! :wave:

03-31-2007, 01:54 PM
Cristina- Are you tracking walking with the 15 miles? Is that your weekly goal? I want to get mine up there too, but with all the rain and bad weather I started at 10....sure hope to up it. I didn't know how to put walking and biking on, so just will track walking for now.

I did learn that 10,000 steps= 5 miles and you can add 1000 steps to your total for every 10 minutes biking. So I have been getting 6000 steps with my walking and biking most days...and that does not include the walking of a normal day/life. So, if I ever get my pedometer I think I will be able to get to 10,000 without too much more effort. *fingers crossed* :)
Of course with yardwork starting I will get more than enough I think!

Rainy day here again and I really don't have much to do. I cleaned the house yesterday...ended up even cleaning ceiling fans and all ceilings and corners. Mini Spring cleaning!

Back later....

03-31-2007, 01:55 PM
Cristina- Okay..I did see that was your walking goal for the week...duh on me!

03-31-2007, 02:25 PM
Goodmorning Jaded Women! :)

I'm relaxing this morning. I redecorated my guest bath yesterday. I replaced the cabinet that goes behind the toilet and got a new hamper and rug and towel holder! :) It was fun. I had this metal one that got rusty and it was grossing me out. So I replaced it with a warmer dark wooden one with glass doors. And I put attractive items behind the glass. It just feels so much better. My DD helped me. She's got a great eye for design. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond. I got the last one on the floor and saved an additional 30 percent! :) Yeah!

It's a beautiful day out today. The sun is shining and the birds chirping...I need to lay out by my pool today. (I NEED it..haha)

It's a day or 2 before TOM for me so I have just been cruizin along and not weighing in because I don't want to discourage. I'll try to sneak some exercise in and I allow myself to eat later and drink diet coke to curb the sugar cravings. If I lose some after its over fine...if I maintain during this fine too....then I'll kick it into gear again.

I'll do individuals later If I can! I just wanted to say HI!:wave:


03-31-2007, 02:39 PM
Thank you Cristina for starting a new thread. I went ahead and closed the other.

This is a flyby for house looks like some came and ransacked the place!! Must organize today. Will be going to the dump many times today. :D

Before I go.....I'm ditto on what Jane said about PMing me w/your address if you'd like to exchange cards. I'll exchange mine w/you when I receive yours. I go ladies!!

03-31-2007, 07:49 PM
Marti- How do our houses get so messed up? I swear I stayed home on Thursday and cleaned and it looks horrible again. And I am not even a clean freak so it's not like I sit and critique it so it must really look bad- lol

Sue- Are you using a pedometer to keep track of your miles? The reason I ask is that I don't know how I could accuratly do miles that's why I chose minutes to do. And pedometers never seem to work very well for me. I either lean up against something and it resets or it falls off of my waist.

Cristina- I am right there with you. I haven't been drinking my water and I haven't been eating exactly right. I am going to turn over a new leaf with the new month. I had set goals when I first started losing again at the beginning of the yr where I just went ahead in my calendar and wrote goal weights. It looks like I wanted to be at 190 on April 9th so I need to get back on program. I think with the exercising, I am thinking it's ok to eat this or that cause I exercise now. If I would get in my head that if I eat AND exercise I would be a lot better off.

Hi to everyone else!

03-31-2007, 11:47 PM
Jodi- No, I don't use a pedometer right now...need a new battery. We live on a circle that we know exactlly where a mile I just go by that. So I am not really measuring anything all day except when I am out there. :) Surely I go a few more steps during the day than that....
I never liked my pedometer...maybe I need a good one.

Tina- The bath sounds nice. And so does the relaxing....

Marti- Hi and fly back when you have time.

See ya tomorrow

04-01-2007, 01:18 AM
nothing new on this end.....just a boring old weekend here. tommy has to work all weekend and then earlier tonight we went to my sister's house for my BIL's birthday party. we hung out there for a little bit, got some clothes for Marissa, and then stopped to pick up some milk on the way home. I did talk to my mom on the phone over there and she picked up some new clothes for Marissa as well as some diapers in size 1/2.

04-01-2007, 02:06 AM
Hi Chicks! :wave:

Just wanted to say Hi and show off my new signature, a co-worker made it for me in memory of my kitty. I had to get rid of my Glitter Signature though so it wouldn't go over the limit. :(

04-01-2007, 04:37 AM
Just poppin in before I go to bed. I'm tired of going through stuff.....and by the looks of my house, it doesn't look like I've accomplished much.:dizzy:

I will save individual for another day. Too many to catch up on. So I will share a little bit about the house we're trying to get. (we pretty much know we got it.....just need the finalization of it all next week)

The house was built in '57 and hubby and I call it our "Brady Bunch" home. :D The yard it beautifully landscaped. The inside is dated, but easy work. Won't take long to make it "ours".
The location is great and the neighbors are nice. We're MUCH closer to both of our work and Jhanai. HUGE bonus there! Instead of half an hour commute to work every will take me 5mins.
Here are a few photos, The front of the house and the backyard.

I hope you can see the two smaller ones. Not sure why the difference in size??
The Front of the house photo was taken in the fall and is what I saw in a house hunting magazine. The backyard photos are what I took last week.

Anyway....keep your fingers crossed that everything is A-ok and that we get it finalized soon!! :D

I'm off to's late.


04-01-2007, 09:46 AM
:hug: Happy Sunday to you all!!

Well..I named him Niko only because my DS insisted:-) Vacation has been terrific....the only thing is I gained a pound..I really took a break from loss..(not intentionally) I thought I was getting enough exercise to balance my food intake without counting calories or being acountable...WRONG move...

oh well..I will start over...

Jane--I thought he look just like a Zeke, but Griffin had already started calling him Niko...and Niko kinda has a nice ring to it..I hope the DGkid's are doing well!! Hope you are well too!! :hug:

Sue --I put way too much stock in the yard work...thought I was doing enought to couterbalance my didn't happen!! So it was a great of many lately!!

Mindee--Thanks for asking about Sunny--he is doing effects of the food and he has fallen in love with Niko..his new little buddy!!

Christina--Your house sounds beautiful..I would love to see pictures..I know it is always so crazy getting settled, but the kitchen sounds wonderful..Is that your favorite part of the house?? LMK

Kim--Welcome and sorry I haven't seen you sooner..I was on vacation (technically)...sorta just working on me..this is a terrific group of women--I count calories and stay accountable..I didn't do it this week and I gained a pound..hefty lesson learned:-(

Tina--Amazing how changing your enviornment just a little can positively impact your mood..your bathroom sound beautiful!

Sassy--you will be in my now you know how much I love ALL kitties..I am so sorry!!

Marti--Your house (soon) is beautiful..It feels like it is already yours..lets hope that is a good sign. And I am especially happy that is reduces your time on the road and to get to your DD!!!

Michelle--good seeing you..I will pray for your Grandpa!!

:hug: to you ALL!! Have a beautiful day and Hello to all that I missed!!

04-01-2007, 09:59 AM
Marti--the house is so cute and I love the gazebo in the back. My fingers are crossed with you--hope everything works out!! I miss a short commute, before we moved we could be to work in less than 15 minutes on local roads, now we have a good half hour and that is almost totally on Interstate 81 and 70. It makes me glad I work four 10 hour days with having an hour on the road each day.

Sassy--hugs to you. Our pets become family and it's hard whe we lose them.

Mindee--I did the candy bar in the diaper game at my niece's shower and I forgot how small those newborn dipaers are!! Here's the crib the guys ended up putting together They restored an old two bedroom older stone house--the plan is to go up with master bedroom and bath but the baby is coming before that can happen. The made the house livable after being empty for a few years and then began work on a stone cottage that has a huge fireplace. It's almost finished. The next step is the addition but until then it's pretty close quarters. They are hoping to have they addition done by the time the baby outgrows the crib and need his own room.

Sue--where we used to live I drove the car and marked off a mile on the road which was nice and flat, then very close to that mile was a wlking path that runs almost the whole length of Maryland with mile markers on it--where I got on the trail was one of them so it made it really easy to know exactly how far I was walking.

Cristina--we had such a good time--The Spy Museum was so cool. We hit a few brew pubs for DS to enjoy (without enjoying too much if you know what I mean) I forgot the effect he has on women, the boy is a natural born charmer--so much like my Dad it's scary!! We talked that we are going to have to do this kind of thing more often. We really do have fun together.

Jodi--I agree with having to get your goals in your head--A girl at my WW meetings that lost over 60 lbs and is a goal said that she something that hit home with me, she said that once she got it in her head that she would never be one of those peolpe who can eat anything, anytime without consequences she started doing better. She still has her indulgences, she just tracks them and has a small portion.

Tina--My TOM started, right before my DC trip--I was surprised I still registered a loss Friday, only 1/2 a pound, but I have been trying to be good with my water and eating and I went to the gym three times for about an hour each.

well I have to get started on my chores!! Hope everyon has a wonderful day!!

04-01-2007, 10:03 AM
Vann--sorry I missed you while writing my book!! Your kitty is so cute!!

04-01-2007, 01:28 PM
:goodscale I'm another pound down! It's 21 pounds!
I wasn't going to weigh today because my TOM is about to start but I had to see. I was pleasantly surprised.

Marti~ My house was also built in the 50's and it has a flat roof. I should take a picture for you to see. Mine resembles a Frank Lloyd Wright house. And we had his grandson draw up plans for an addition but never built the addition because we ended up putting in a pool and ran out of funds. And really now that the kids are getting so big the house is becoming perfect in size.

Sassy ~ I love your NEW signiture. That was very sweet of your co-worker to do that. We had a kitty a few years ago but we live on a busy street and sammy would cross that street all the time and on my birthday...well he didn't make it across. So we stick to doggies.

Jodie ~ I love your new picture! :) You look so cute!
Sue and Jodie ~ I used to drive out my walks. I had my 4 mile walk and I had a 2 mile walk that I would take if I didn't have the time to walk the 4 miles. But I'm not able to walk very far anymore because of my foot. I'm going to try to break out the treadmill here today and at least go a mile. I need to start upping my exercise. I also have a recumbant bike and this other machine called a orbitrek, which is kinda like riding a bike standing up. :dizzy:

Everyone else~ You all have a wonderful day today alright? I'll have to get a personalized picture here soon. I still am not crazy about the way I look in pictures. haha! It was a picture of me that got me started on this journey in the first place. My daughter had taken one without me knowing it and I freaked! I looked 20 years older than I am.


04-01-2007, 02:50 PM
:bunny2: New smilies....and I like this one! :D

Just poppin in (once again....) I'm in the middle of cleaning (surprise!) before our landlord stops by later this evening.

I will try to pop in once I've finally slowed down a bit.

Until then, Hugs to all!:hug:

04-01-2007, 03:38 PM
I'm on my way out, but wanted to tell you all hello first.

Marti - love the house!!

Cristina - thank you so much for starting the new thread.

Hello to everyone else. :wave:

DS's kids kept me busy, that's for sure, and I have to say I enjoyed the peace and quiet after they left yesterday, lol. :dizzy: Neal and I are headed to Lowe's and a local nursery to check out the perennials. :cp: It's a little early yet for most of them, but hey, I can look, right?

I will try to be back today, but tomorrow for sure!

04-01-2007, 05:31 PM
Jane- I am trying to get DH to head to the nursery with me. I guess it will be later in the week as he has his projects all lined out. Very methodical man! I also just want to get some ideas....

Marti- Love, love, love the house and the yard is beee-u-ti-ful. I am happy for you guys. Can't wait to hear more. But, moving= UGH! :)

Tina- Way to go. I was going to weigh today, but decided to wait till tomorrow. I am not feeling good about it..even though I have walked alot. I know what I think is alot of exercise is really not much. haha

Sassy- Nice signature. Glad to see you, and hope you continue to get feeling better.

Jules- Those routes you used to have sound really nice. Our little circle is very private, no through traffic, so just the occupants driving in and out. Once all the trees leaf out it will be very shady also. I love it. One of the neighbors actually measured off the mileage and painted it on the street. I know I NEED to pick up the pace and walk longer...and I will. When I walk with DH he wants to walk slower and longer while I want to go faster and stop at 2 miles. :dizzy: Oh, I bet the museum was great fun!

Vann- Niko is a cute name. And he sure is a cute kitty. I wish my DH were more cat friendly. *sigh* I think I also OVER estimate my exercise other than the walking. Then maybe I UNDER estimate my calories. Somethings gotta give so I can lose more. Doesn't help that I take a beta blocker and hormones...both which impede weight loss.

Mindee- Sounds like Marissa will be well dressed. :hug:

Hi to all the other chickies....

I did get 2 miles in walking with DH earlier. Too windy for the bike today, but I told him I plan to walk at least another mile this evening. I don't know why but I prefer evening walks and he is always ready during the afternoon. He likes to take a break from his I usually drop my housework (big sacrifice) and walk when he wants.
Mom and I took a quick drive to the store and out to see the progress on the farm house my DD and DSiL are re-doing. It is a mess right now, but will be so nice when they finish.

Hope everyone is having a nice sunny Sunday afternoon.

04-01-2007, 05:37 PM
Sue & Cristina--I read were you are both looking for bar stools. I purchased my through a local furniture store that carried Canadel furniture. They are out of Canada and do all custom furniture. I got my kitchen set with two additonal bar stools for my island. They have seven pages of stools. I've added the website. If it doesn't work...just go to then click on workshop and then on to the stools. I'm sure you can find someone in your area that carries their line of furniture. It is solid wood and the options to chose from are endless, ie, color, stain, backs, swivels etc.

Just got back from a long day at the Orioles staduim for Fanfest and was just catching up on some post. No time for individuals but will check in a little later. Got to do some laundry, do my Avon order, and get some other paper work done before starting dinner. See ya'll in a bit!

04-01-2007, 07:03 PM
Hello ladies...

JANE...glad you guys had a nice visit with the girls.

MARTI...I LOVE your new home! Glad you are closer to work too! Love the 50's style. We had one in CA years ago and I loved the charm of it. We kept a lot of the rounded ceilings and cabinets in the kitchen because I love the old style. the color of your house too and the backyard especially! Looks very private. You guys are going to have fun putting your touches to it. I love your new avatar as cute! Didn't realize we had new smilies...gonna have to check them out, lol.

SASSY...I like the new picture in your siggy! That was sweet of your co-worker to do that for you. Going to have to figure out how to do one of Josh. Not a memorial one of course but just different images of him.

JODI...I think I forgot to mention that I love your new avatar as well! I saw it yesterday and meant to say something, duh!

SUE...yeppers. I think I may have gone a little high on my goal for the week but if I don't then I won't do as much as I should. I've got to get back to exercising. You are doing great with all yours! I think Jodi has a good idea with the minutes too. Before I started going to the park I went by a high mile walk which for me was 20 minutes and went for time rather than miles. But since the park is measured for you I go by that now. My pedometer broke and even though it was a was pretty accurate.

TAMMY...thanks for the link to the site! Took a quick look and right away found what I was looking for. We are planning on getting a new dinette set as well so wanting it to match...this may be the way to go.

VANN...good to see you back and glad you enjoyed your vacation! Hey, what's a pound when you're having fun? It could have been worse. I am scared to get on the scales tomorrow morning. :yikes: This last week was a bad one for me. But I am getting back on track tomorrow so whatever tha damage I will be back to losing again soon. Trying to stay positive. I will share some pictures once we paint...which will be soon. But I will post some tomorrow once I add them to yahoo or shutterfly. I do love my kitchen the best I think. I love the whole house but the kitchen and living room are my favorite.

TINA...your bathroom sounds really nice! And I love Bed, Bath & Beyond! WTG on the 1 pound loss!

JULES...glad you guys had a nice time at the museum! And I love that crib! Would have loved to have had a corner one when the kids were babies! Things are so different now days and I love all the new stuff for babies.

HI to everyone else :wave:

Need to go get my laundry finished. Heard the dryer and washer both stopped so...watched V put the garage door opener up this morning. He had to go into work for a few hours and will wire it up when he gets home in 2 hours. So much to do, so little time. Glad he does stuff like that though...sure saves us a lot of money...instead of hiring people to do it. Anyway...gotta go and fold some laundry and then get some boxes ready for the troops to mail tomorrow. Time got away from me and I did not realize that Easter is next Sunday! :yikes: Already!
:broc: :yay: :bday2: :easter3: :bunny2: :bunny: :easter2: :easter: :egg: :celebrate:
Didn't realize we had so many new smilies...look at the dancing broccoli, lol!

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day! :hug:

04-01-2007, 07:21 PM
Marti- I love the pictures of the yard!

Mindee-Sounds like you are getting everything ready for Marissa. Love that name- can't wait for you to post her picture. Won't be long now.

Vann- Niko is a cool name!

Tina- I think driving out your walks is a good idea. I think I am going to do that.

Sassy-your friend did a good job on the siggy!

Sue- You are lucky to have a nice safe place to walk. Our here, people drive really fast and they don't slow down even if you are on the road. Can't get down in the ditch right now cause of all the water. There are sections that are more like one lane and it scares me cause my husband refuses to move to the grass when cars are coming. I just know that one of these times he is going to be hit. He says I will do more damage to their car than they will to me. Which might be true if there were going slow, but they are probably going upwards to 75 mph!
I kid you not, every morning we had someone going by that sounded like a rocket going by. So someone finally got a county cop to come out here and sit cause the guy would go by the same time every morning. So the cop was sitting there and looked at his clock and thought well the guy must not be coming and at that moment his radar went off. He said he never even saw the car go by! It took him almost a mile to get the car pulled over and he had clocked it at almost 100 mph!
So now you know why I like to go into town and walk even if I do have to drive 10 miles to get there!

Hi to everyone else that I missed!

04-01-2007, 07:25 PM
Ok..........I need a break. I even went to town to get away from the mess and chaos! Grabbed a coffee on my way back home.

It's looking much better now and we'll be donating tons of stuff that may be useful for someone else. I'm not a garage saler at all.....I don't mind going to them, just don't like having them.

Thank you all for the comments of the house. I'm liking it too.:D

Let's see if I can catch up a little bit here.

Cristina--We'll be painting the house this summer. I'm not to keen on the trim color. Not sure what we'll paint it, but something different. The house we're in now is the same color w/grey something different will be good. :)

Tammy--Those are nice barstools. I've talked about getting barstool for here a couple years ago...never did get any. This house we're trying to get have a funky bar attached to the wall....and it's going as soon as we can get it out!

Sue--For some reason, my hubby thinks we can move it all in one day. Hmmm.....I hope he realizes he is an on call worker and if he gets called in the middle of moving...that's not gonna happen! :lol:

Jane--Of coarse you can look! And I bet if you smile sweetly to Neil.....he'll even let you buy some. :) Enjoy your "window" shopping!

Tina--Congratulations on 21lbs gone so far! That is fantastic and truly inspiring. Keep up the great work!! :cp: I'm the same w/you on photo taking. I hate my photo taken. I've been messing around w/my advatar and had my photo up for a minute. Then decided to change it because it was taken a couple years ago. If I'm going to put one up, I need an updated one. May do that later on in the week.

Jules--I'm not going to miss the drive to and from work everyday that's for sure! That's an hour out of my day that I could be relaxing! (or actually....exercising!) I love that crib! That has got to be the prettiest crib I've seen in a long time! Lucky baby! Wonder if I can talk my husband in finding a corner bed for us?! :lol:

Vann--You should be very proud that you've only gained a pound. Vacation is for fun and relaxation. And for's anything goes and suffer the consequences later (I know that's bad...but that's what I do) And I think a pound is could be so much worse. You did great!

Sassy--Very sweet of your friend to help you w/the signature. It's nice. I would like to know how she did it too! I like the movement. Did she do it w/Photobucket?

Mindee--Are you off having that baby yet??

Jodi--I record my miles on the treadmill. I've worn my pedometer while on it one time and the mileage was pretty much the same. Maybe a few steps ahead, but not by much. But I'm like you...I like to record how long I've walked. Love your advatar! You're so cute!

Hello to everyone else out there. I'm sorry if I missed ya...I will catch you next time.

Ok...I think my break should be over. It's time to tackle my bedroom. The really BIG cleaning will be when we go through our sheds. Now there is a headache if I ever saw one!

Hugs to you all!!:hug:

04-01-2007, 08:09 PM
Marti--Sue's hubby could probably build you a corner bed which does sound neat!!

Cristina--when they bought their cute little two bedroom stone house the had plans, the house itself 1st, they put wood floors in the kitchen and new carpet and painted trim, step 2 is the one room stone cabin with fireplace which they are now working on and then step three was to go up and put a second floor addition for the master bedroom and second bath. They are hoping to have the addition done by the time the baby needs his own room but until then they are sharing so space was definitely an issue--she looked at round cribs and then found this one.

Tammy--my sons friends family has season passes to both the Orioles and the Redskins. His friend keeps trying to get him to go but he has never ever been into sports.

Sue--I mis my walking routes. Our property is beautiful but it has been to snowy and/or muddy to walk some of the hills the trails are on. The road is out of the question--people drive it way to fast.

Tina--my mom and son went to see FLW's Falling Water in PA a few summers ago--they said it was beautiful.

Hi to everyone else!!

04-01-2007, 08:16 PM
Thanks for the picture comments. I bought some new clothes and felt particularly thin that day because of them- haha. My husband saw that on his myspace page and he seriously was going to delete it cause he didn't know who it was- lol

04-01-2007, 08:36 PM
Hey all,

Thanks and I just ADORE my signature, she did it with Adobe Photoshop, she is kind of a self taught Photoshop "Guru". She did give us a website that has tutorials on it, that may be of some help to you too:

I hope you all are doing well! :)


04-01-2007, 11:47 PM
Tammy- Very cool site..Thank you. I will show it to DH tomorrow and see what he thinks.

No time for more individuals...but hi to everyone. I did walk a little more tonight, but it was windy and damp, so I didn't get quite a mile. Thank goodness I got the 2 miles earlier.

Tomorrow is weigh in and measurments...not to mention the first day of my walking tracker. Ugh all the way round! :) *fingers crossed*

04-02-2007, 03:04 AM
hello everyone!

Nothing really new here…..just taking things one day at a time. My next appointment is set for this coming Tuesday. I am anxious to go to it cause I want to know how things are. I highly doubt that I am dilated that much, but it is exciting to know that I will find out in a couple of days.

We have figured out every thing for Brandon’s birthday party. We have it set, as of right now, for the day before his birthday. But the date is subject to change depending on little Marissa. We had started out with Cars as the theme, then he changed it to Thomas the tank engine, and as of Sunday, he changed it yet again to Happy Feet. He is stuck with Happy Feet because that is what is on the invitations, and I don’t feel like changing it again.

Vann~ That is great to hear about Sunny. I like the name Niko for a cat. I have been scouring for information on the latest products that have been recalled. We went to my sister’s house on Saturday for her husband’s birthday party and I noticed that they had Alpo canned food on top of their fridge for their two dogs. Sure enough when I got home and was watching the news, they were saying that Purina was recalling some of it’s Alpo canned wet food. I have been trying to find something that has the types that they are recalling in order to send it to her so she can check the cans that they have.

Jules~ That is a neat crib! I have seen the round ones, but that is the first time I have seen a corner crib.

Marti~ I love the pics of your hopefully new home! It does remind me of the “Brady Bunch” house. Nope, I am still here!

Tina~ Congrats on another pound! Your are on a roll now!!!

Sue~ She is going to be well dressed and well protected between daddy and her two older brothers! I gave in and bought myself a pair of sandals since my feet are starting to feel cramped in my tennis shoes. Same thing that happened when I was pregnant with Brandon. And before you knew it, I had big marshmallow feet from all the swelling!

I have to cut this short……Brandon is awake in his room and the radio is down, volume wise. Which means that he is trying to wake Logan up!

04-02-2007, 10:23 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Marti - once again, I LOVE your house! How soon before you can close? Btw, I really like the photo of Cocoa in your avatar, too. I really should update my avatar, too, but Mickey might cry, lol.

Cristina - omg, those curtains are breathtaking! What color are the walls? I notice they are 100% cotton, but need drycleaned. Wonder why. I'd love to see a montage of Josh in your signature.

Julie - I like what you said to Jodi about realizing that we just can't eat what we want when we want it w/o consequenses. Sad, but true. Something I've been telling myself is "Yes, you can have 2nds. But you have to eat it tomorrow, lol." Silly, but it works. Glad you had so much fun with your DS. I like it when Terry is here and it's just him and me. We have our best talks then.

Mary Kate - how's the arm? I miss seeing posts by you.

Sassy - the photos of Puddy are so sweet, and as everyone else has said, it was real sweet of your friend to do that.

Sue - Neal didn't end up going with me. He stayed home and tilled my cut-flower garden area again. Did you see the article in the magazine supplement that comes with the Sunday paper? It was all about a cutting garden, and I thought that was pretty cool, since that's what I'm up to.

Tammy - the Fanfest sounds like loads of fun! What else is going on in your life? Enjoying a few days off?

Tina - did you mention what's wrong with your foot? Ah, your bath room sounds very nice. Changing just a couple of things can make a big difference.

Vann - Niko's a good name. What's up with you this week? Busy as usual?

Jodi - I love the new avatar! New clothes do make us feel so much better, don't they? You look pretty in red.

Mindee - Happy Feet theme will make a nice party. I think I'm the only person in America that hasn't seen that movie yet.

Hello to Jen, Michelle, Kim, Pink Jane, and anyone else I may have missed. :wave:

I found out that my favorite nursery doesn't open until Thursday. They are locally owned, and have a limited supply of plants and flowers, but they are of a superior quality, so that's where I like to shop. I did get some dahlia bulbs and a couple of butterfly bushes yesterday at Lowe's. We had a beautiful butterfly bush, but when they dug the ground for our new house, it got destroyed by a backhoe.

My health news is that I'm still OP and feeling great! :carrot: I went ahead and bought some new vitamins, so that's good. And I've been getting all the water I need. The exercise is so-so, and I vow to step that up this week.

I'll try to bbl, :hug:

04-02-2007, 11:19 AM
Hi all,

Just a quick pop in to say hello to everyone! Sorry have been too busy to check in and post anything. This week coming up should be better! Have read all that is going on, and there is too much to comment!! But it looks like most are doing well and making progress!

Will try to come back later... Have a great Monday!


04-02-2007, 12:32 PM
Goodmorning everyone! How are you on this monday morning?

Jane, I don't know If I DID mention my foot but I have Lymphnodemia its a condition that causes my foot to swell and get blood infections easily. It's always swollen. So when I walk too much my ankle aches. But I'm hoping that the weight has made it worse and that when I lose much of it I will notice an improvement with my foot. But they say it's not cureable. That i'll always have this condition somewhat. We did a lot of planting this weekend. My hubby and I went to Costco and we got some palms and some bamboo plant and star jasmine and some birds of paradise. And 2 very large pots for the bird of paradise plants. :) It looks nice back there. (around the pool) I'll have to take a picture of my place sometime. We built a huge pool in the back a couple years ago. I will need to take advantage of that this summer. :)

Mindee, love the Happy Feet theme. :) I have to say I haven't seen the movie yet but love the previews. And I just love penguins. My nephew loves The Cars. He collects the little ones. He wants to have them all.

Sue, good job on the walking! :) You're doing so good.

Jules~ Yes FLW Falling water is just amazing. My house doesn't look quite like water flowing through it but it has the flat roof and the brick. Lots of windows. :)

Jodie~ I also think you look really good in red! ;)

Christina~ Had to crack up when I read you said you heard your laundry stop. We have so much laundry and just when I think I have a handle on it one of the kids throws another huge pile in there. So I'm constantly doing laundry. And my hubby is always saying....why don't you fire up the washer! haha

Everyone else....sorry to pass you up but I have to get going! ;) Have a great Monday! Easter is coming....are you all getting easter baskets together for anyone? I'm thinking of putting some teenager baskets together this year. The kids miss it because sometimes I think they're too big for baskets but then they say they miss i'll just put a more grownup toy in there.

TTyall later. TINA

04-02-2007, 01:48 PM
Tina--I got my almost 20 year old daughter and son's almost 21 year old girlfriend some makeup and lipgloss from Avon for Easter and I will give my now 22 year old son chocolate!! I give them a little something and Valentines & Halloween too. They are so spoiled.

Karin--I try to keep up with all the comments since my last posting, but sometimes I get behind and just do a short hi.

Jane--I like your saying too. What the girl said really hit home with me. I am not one of those people who can eat anything and it's okay, I am not alone. My hubby is so frustrated because he is at his highest, but he thinks not eating is the answer and in his starve himself condition, he even made a comment that I could pass up a few meals, it really hurt my feelings.

Mindee--she only found two companies that make the corner crib and the bedding is kind of expensive so she ordered on set of sheets and we are going to go pick up some fabric and elastic and sew a couple more up.

Sassy--hugs to you!!

Jodi--you do look good in red!!

Well, back to work!!

04-02-2007, 04:50 PM
Happy Monday, Ladies!

Hello, hello,'s amazing what the sun shining does to one. I swear it seems like it has been forever since the sun was out...was feeling like a drowned rat. guys don't like the color of the house? :( I love it! You will be amazed once you start moving how fast it will go. We closed on Wed, had a late lunch and then started loading the U-haul. Actually, Jason & Vince did. But me and Vince unloaded it. We did two loads that evening/night, a small one the next morning and then Vince and the guys from work moved the big stuff when they got off from work. I couldn't believe that we were all moved in within 24 hours. I think that was the fastest ever. It would have been even faster had we not had to wait for Steve & Brad to get off work at 3:30. It's the unpacking and organizing that takes forever, lol!

JANE...I too wondered why they need to be dry cleaned. We haven't painted the walls yet..that is coming up within the next two weeks. But the living room will be green, the kitchen red and the hallway gold. I am hoping it all flows well together. I just liked the black drapes and wanted to go dark again but not the same red/burgundy we had before. You are making me want to go to a nursery. We will buy some shrubs and trees soon but not sure how long it will be before grass. I even am missing mowing, lol! Everyone was out mowing yesterday. I am going to have to figure out how to do one a montage of Josh. Just heard from him yesterday and he said they all smell so bad and then he laughed. Eeeewww!

JODI...a new outfit does wonders for us! I always feel pretty when I get new clothes, lol! I didn't think I would feel a difference in my clothes but I am really tired of my capris. I've not lost that much weight, but a few of them I used to have to unbutton to go to the I just pull them down, lol.

TINA...I have bought my kids candy for a very long time. They are in their 20's now and I just gave Jason & Carrie some candy and their card yesterday. And Josh will get his in a little over a week. I just mailed 4 boxes of easter candy, girl scout cookies and puzzle books & tablets with pens to him and the troops. Was so busy with the move I didn't realize that Easter is next Sunday!

JULES...never thought about the sheets costing a lot. But then I guess they would since they are bigger and an odd shape. But it sure is a cute crib.

I just realized I was supposed to add pictures to shutterfly for VANN, or was it TAMMY??? Aaaahh, I forgot! I will add them today and put the link tomorrow for sure, sorry. :(

HI to everyone else :wave:

Was up early this morning. Had a ton of things to do. I did get them all done and was happy to be home. Had to run to Penneys to pick up my orders, post office to get the packages mailed, pay Josh's truck payment, run to Lowes and get some curtain rods and V's checkbook. Goofy in a hurry last night and left it in the cart. OMG! We headed back there to see if it was possibly still in the cart and halfway there DD called and said someone from Lowes got it and it is in their safe there. Thank god! I think we have been living at Lowes lately, lol. Speaking of the post office...does anyone know when the stamps are supposed to go up? I heard June and then I heard May and I forgot to ask while there. Anyway...also went for a walk at the park. Did 1.5 miles and it felt good. Was going to do more but decided I should start slow. Drinking my water as well and took my vitamin. I am aiming for a loss this week for sure! I am happy that I only gained one this past week. I was so worried it was going to be more. One I can deal with but I think I would have cried had it been more, lol.

Well, take care ladies and I will chat more tomorrow.
Hugs :hug:

04-02-2007, 06:12 PM
Happy sunny Monday afternoon.... I don't know about you, but I am having a great day here. The weather is perfect and we had our walk already. If I get a chance I am going to ride the bike this evening.
This morning when I weighed in I was down another pound. And I measured..down 1 1/2 inches on my waist and 1 inch on my abdomen..(belly fat!) My scales are the pits and don't weigh increments..but I swear it was closer to two pounds...I am just going to take 1 and hope for 2 next time.
I measured my portions starting today...I had done that before and then quit, thinking I could "eye-ball" it. But decided I would measure and be more precise...maybe help lose. With cereal it is easy to over-fill. Now, a banana is a banana...ha.

Took Mom to get her hair fixed and went grocery shopping. Now I don't know what to fix for dinner. I think I am hungry for a baked potato. I even bought a sweet potato to try Jane's trick for baking it when I want french fries. (I have never had a baked one and don't like candied ones, so we shall see)
Had some friends from over near our old house stop by and sit a spell earlier. Nice to see them.
I told DH we are going to have to walk early a.m. or in the evening as the days get sunnier. I am not supposed to be in the sun at all, and never without sunscreen due to having had melanoma. Dr. said wear a straw hat, but in this wind who can do that? haha....I would spend all my time chasing the hat. HEY...more exercise!
Okay...I am feeling positively silly...must mean I need my apple snack.
BBL for some individuals.

04-02-2007, 07:21 PM
Hello ALL!!!

Jules- Congratulations on the weight loss (at least you didn't gain:-) like me!

Tina --Congratulations to you too!! Both of your girls get kudos from me!!!

Sue- I can relate to the hormone of the many fun things to come as I get older, but it is tough trying to loose weight!!! I feel your pain!

Christina-I'm sure you did fine on your weight --And we can help keep each other positive!!

Marti--I can't do the garage sale either..I will attend, but I can't stand having to pull one together...Goodwill here I come :) AND thanks for the support. I have been so good and consistently lost weight this was new, but necessary to get back on track.

Mindee- The pet food thing is gotten CRAZY..every night they add a new food that should be on the list. I don't know what to feed the kittens..Thanks for liking DS wanted to feel a part of..and even though I like Zeke better...Niko is cool too.

Jane-Niko has really added some fun to our lives..I think I want him to have a playmate and am considering a little girl..I know I am crazy, but my bigger cats don't pay him much attention. I am traveling on Wednesday --in Training on Thursday and THEN I am doing a Mom/Daughter day (NO DGKids) on Friday...we haven't done that in months..maybe a year or so..I am really excited. We are going shopping at the Mall..then to Cheesecake factory for lunch..who knows if I can abstain (LOL) But yes..a busy week...but fun..thank you so much for asking..

I am off to clean the kitchen...

Hello to everyone else..Sassy, Karin, Michelle, and to anyone else I missed


04-02-2007, 11:10 PM
Vann- Yummmm, Cheescake Factory. HAve only been once, but it was so good. They give you way too much food however...and I wasn't even dieting then. :) Have fun! I do take a hormone every day and a beta blocker....and even Dr. Oz says that doesn't help with the weight loss. SO I am just gonna have to work harder.

Jane- No, I didn't see that supplement. Darn! I have been busy learning about the wildflowers that are shooting up here. We thought they wouldn't come back since the lot had been all chopped up. I am excited to try to save some and transplant some to a bed. I found a site Wildflowerfarms dot com that is super. Not for ordering, but for the pictures to help me identify.

Marti- If you can move in a day you will set some kind of record I'm sure. How long will it be until you know for sure about the house? Still wishing you good luck.

Tina- I don't buy Easter goodies for anyone anymore. :( But I did get a little something for DS until he left home. After I read about your bird of paradise my DD called and was talking about getting one. (she is in CA) I had never even seen one. She finally told me they are a tropical type, okay, not for Indiana. :) Bet they are lovely though.

Cristina- Whew! V was lucky with that checkbook. Believe me, you don't want someone to get hold of that! We had a check stolen and it was a mess.

Mindee- Sure hope the sandals solve the swelling feet problem. That can be so un-comfortable. Not much longer......

Okay...gonna have to scoot. I DID manage to ride the bike 2 miles tonight. And stayed OP today.

04-03-2007, 01:45 AM
Jane~ You are not the only one that hasn’t seen the movie. We haven’t either!

Karin~ I hope things slow down some for you.

Tina~ Like I mentioned to Jane, we haven’t seen the movie either. But we do see the previews on tv. Right now, I have the almost birthday boy staring me down because he doesn’t seem to want to go to sleep which is driving me bonkers!! Tommy calls Logan penguin because of the way he walks around with his arms flung backwards, it makes him look like a penguin. So, we had originally thought about doing it for Logan’s birthday party, and I am sure that is what will end up happening.

Easter Baskets~ Well, we decided to just buy them each their own basket. Then we tried to see what the store had that we could put in the baskets, and once around the aisles of options, we figured it would be easier if we just bought one of those ones that was already put together and just divided it between them.

Jules~ That is a cool looking crib! My sister is giving us her bedding that she made for her daughter.

Vann~ I still haven’t been able to find a clear link for her. So, maybe I will just email her and tell her to go to the Purina website.

Sue~ Having been pregnant during this season before, I remembered how bad my feet hurt when I was in anything restrictive on my feet. And then being pregnant during the summer with Logan, I remembered how much better my feet felt in sandals.

04-03-2007, 03:22 AM
Computer is acting really slow tonight....not sure why. But I've gotta do a flyby as I'm really tired tonight. Got about 4.5 hrs of sleep. (I'm going nuts w/the going through stuff!!)

WI today and I managed to lose .4lbs. Not much. But it's a loss. My ticker remains the same as it doesn't record point anything. (such as 10.2 or 23.6) Just rounds it to the whole number.

Off to bed I go. I'm a sleepy girl.

Have a good night everyone! :wave:

04-03-2007, 10:25 AM
Hello ladies,

Marti - .4 is just fine! It all adds up, right? My laptop has a virus and I think I'm going to have to take it to the 'puter doc. It is sooooo slow!

Karin - good to see you!

Tina - OIC about your foot. I hope they find a cure for it, or as you said, that weight loss will improve it, at least. For Easter, I bought a little treat for Neal and myself, but I quit making baskets last year, when our Katie, (the baby of the family) was in Florida working at Walt Disney World. I sent her tons of stuff to share with her roomies.

Jules - aww, I'm sorry your DH said what he did. :hug: Maybe he said that because he's just so frustrated with his own weight, because I think you look absolutely beatiful the way you are. I'm not just saying that, either - you really do.

Cristina - the postage stamp price increase goes into effect May 14, to 41 cents. "Forever" stamps can be bought as of April 12. Once you buy them, they're good until you run out, for 1st class postage. I still think 41 cents is a good deal for what we get, don't you? Who wlse would take a letter from me and deliver it to, for example, Mary Kate in California for 41 cents! I think it's a bargain. Your home color choices sound cool. Can't wait for more pictures.

Mary Kate - it was great talking to you yesterday, and I hope you'll post soon with an update on you arm for everyone else to read.

Sue - yay! You're doing great! It's amazing when we measure food and find that we've been skimoing on some things and getting too much of others. Once I started measuring, I got MORE peanut butter, vegetables and meat, but less cereal and baked potatoes. Did you like the sweet potato fries? I spray mine with a little EVOO and sprinkle just a little coarse salt. Mmmmm

Vann - like you, I really enjoy the mom and daughter time with no kiddos. As much a I adore my grandkids, it's nice to have some quiet time with Mary w/o being interrupted 500 times, lol.

Mindee - hope you get to put your feet up today. Of course, with 2 little ones running around, that may not be possible.

A big hello to Sassy, Tammy, Jen, and anyone else I may have missed. :wave:

I am doing very well with the food, exercise, water and yes, even the vitamin, lol. :carrot: I planted the dahlias yesterday and all that walking to and from the shed, plus the bending over and over must have been good for me, right? But I walked the treadmill anyway. I downloaded some snappy songs on my iPod just for treadmill listening, and I bee-bopped away, lol.

Have a good day, ladies!

04-03-2007, 12:48 PM
Goodmorning ladies! I haven't been so obsessive about weighing in. :) I know I'm eating right and that it's going to come off eventually so I try to weigh every 3rd day or so. ;)

Mindee~ Hey check out my sister`inlaws baby product website. :) If you go to the 'about us' section you can see a picture of her and her family. Go to She lives in Australia but started this company a couple years ago.

Jane~ Thanks about the comments on my foot. It's been a real bummer for me. I am hopeful tho that it will get better. I want to be a walker again. I'm going to talk to that DR. that I'm going to see (office of next week! I'm excited. I'm going to have a blood panel done and then meeting with the Dr. the next day. Yeah!

Sue~ Congrats on the pounds AND inches. I measured myself yesterday. I seemed like such LARGE numbers but then and wrote out my dream measurements next to it and it shows that I should lose about 50 inches and you usually lose about an inch per pound on my diet so that'd be right. So I can live with it.

Ok...EVERYONE~ My DH and I went to our store to bring payroll. And interview a kid. So then we went for a drive up in the mountains. In the convertable with the top down! :) It was so sunny. We went to an old ghost town. (people still live there) and it was kinda scary. Went to the cemetary to look at how old the graves DH likes that kinda kinda freaks me out. And then we went to a gift shop there too. It was one of those old towns with so much history. Then to top the day off I went to the movies with BOTH of my DS's and saw Blades of Glory...haha! Really crazy/funny. to you all soon!


04-03-2007, 01:05 PM
Ok ladies,i've been bad and i need you all to give me a good kick.I have been eating all the wrong foods and i haven't been exerciseing.
EVERYONE,LET ME HAVE IT!!i need to be set straight i'm having a hard time getting back on track.i don't want to give up and let this weight slide back on.I am so disgusted and feeling rotten.HEELLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!:nono: :cry:

04-03-2007, 01:39 PM
Amy- I won't give you a kick as you are already beating yourself up as it is. I will say, been there, done that! You have to start thinking positively and just "pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again." Somedays that is hard to do, but maybe find a picture of what you want to look like...or an article of clothing you want to get into. YOU CAN DO IT! Heck...I have never lost 25 pounds, so you are an inspiration!

Tina- Sounds like a wonderful day. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, those inches aren't a whole lot..but they add up. I didn't measure anywhere but my waist and abdomen. I can tell that my legs are losing, and well they should with the walking and biking. :)

Jane- I hope you aren't getting the bad weather that is West of us. Yikes! True about the measuring....I got more PB than I thought and also more meat. Love that. I have done well on the food for a few days and can't say I have been hungry. Last night I wanted a salty snack about 8 and knew I had to have it quickly, since I don't want to eat after 8. Well, all I found were Mom's chips...until I remembered that before we left for Vegas I had a bag of fat free pretzels and had put them in the freezer. That did the trick and they were as fresh as the day I bought them. Thank goodness because I was almost in a panic for salt...and I am sure I would have eaten a few chips (but we all know you can't stop at a few) So a disaster was averted. LOL

Marti- Hope you got some rest. Hey, any loss is a good all adds up. (just not as quickly as I would like, but it DOES add up)

Okay...I better go get some work done. I just had to sit down for a few minutes. Did my walking early and then had an OP breakfast. I will ride the bike this evening...once the street is shady.

I know I am bothersome posting so often...but it keeps me on my toes reporting my walks and such....bear with me please. :hug:

04-03-2007, 03:18 PM
:hug: Amy! Pick yourself up...dust yourself off...and then start fresh this minute. :) Don't worry about what was done a minute ago. :) You can do this and you want to or you wouldn't have asked for our help. So I can't wait to read tomarrow about the GREAT day you had today!


04-03-2007, 05:34 PM

JANE...funny, there was an article in the paper about the stamps this morning. But thank you! And yes, I don't think 41 cents is that much to send a letter to someone anywhere. WTG on your eating and such. :bravo: Keep up the good work.

4AMY...I agree with've already best yourself up. So just forget about it and move on. We are here for you missy. :hug:

Hi to everyone else. :wave:

Sorry for a quickie but I got on the computer later than usual. Was cleaning the house all morning and doing final touches. Finally have everything upstairs (main level) done and put together. Well, except for curtains and Josh's room. Wasn't a big deal to get his together but I will work on that tomorrow after V puts up his blind and bed today. After that I am going to get some sort of organization to the family room and I am done! Hooray! Will post some pictures once I get them uploaded somewhere. tried on Shutterfly yesterday and I don't know what happened. Might try photobucket. Chat more next time. :wave:

04-03-2007, 08:06 PM
Thanks everyone for the support.I will start fresh and try again.i haven't weighed my self so i don't know the damage from3-4 days of being a pig.i will try and get on track and weigh myself in a few days.i don't know what i would do without you all.thanks so much for encouragement to keep going.Tomorrows a new day and i'm starting a new month. lets go team!!!:carrot:

04-03-2007, 10:45 PM
My eating was real good today...but due to a storm I didn't ride the bike at all. Oh well...I got my walk in.

See you all tomorrow.

04-03-2007, 10:45 PM
Way To Go Amy!

04-04-2007, 01:36 AM
Hi Gurls! :wave:

Storming here! The power went off and then right back! We're supposed to get hail too!

TY Cristina for the Card, your a sweetie, and for the new address! :D


04-04-2007, 01:51 AM
hello everyone!

Nothing really new here…..just taking things one day at a time. I had my 36 week appointment on Tuesday morning, or at least that is when it was scheduled for. However, I didn’t get into a room until the afternoon, yet again! The longest time at the doctor’s office, was again spent sitting in the waiting room. When I finally got back into a room, I was in and out of there in no time. I had my GBS test done and my first internal. The GBS was a breeze as was the internal. According to my doctor I am 1cm dilated, and I can go any day now. She told me that if Marissa decides she wants to come out and meet every one then it will be “baby time.” I also have a bladder infection, yet again. So, she wrote me a script for Macrobid yet again. I will get the results from the GBS test next week, as well as finding out if the third dose of Macrobid is going to help any. She did tell me that I am still measuring big in the fundal height area, but that she isn’t too worried about it because Marissa is right where she should be and she is healthy. My next appointment is set for next Thursday at 10:30am. So, we shall see if Thursday mornings are better then Tuesday mornings.

We have figured out every thing for Brandon’s birthday party. We have it set, as of right now, for the day before his birthday. But the date is subject to change depending on little Marissa. We had started out with Cars as the theme, then he changed it to Thomas the tank engine, and as of Sunday, he changed it yet again to Happy Feet. He is stuck with Happy Feet because that is what is on the invitations, and I don’t feel like changing it again.

Marti~ Good job on the loss! Have you heard anything on the house yet?

Jane~ I was able to put my feet up for a little bit….while I was in the exam room that is!

Tina~ I will go check out her site now.

Amy~ I agree with Sue. I am not going to kick you while you are down. We have all been there done that as far as back slides and falling off track. The best thing you could do, is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off. Or in the words of someone famous, can’t think of who it is at the moment, jump back into the saddle!

Cristina~ Thanks for the Easter card!

04-04-2007, 10:31 AM
See you at thread #245.:)