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03-27-2007, 04:20 PM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. :gossip: So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

03-27-2007, 04:41 PM
Hi ladies,

Sue - yes, the weather is just gorgeous today, and I'm headed back out in a little while. Cooler temps are headed this way again. A big YAY for the 4 pounds down.

Cristina - yay for your 1# down, too. I'm glad you've got done as much as you have in the house. Bet you're really glad about that. How's the kitchen coming along? Seems like once the kitchen is in place, it's more like "home".

Mindee - Gina's other 2 childen were c-section babies, so that's why Jackson has to be, too. I like Lynn for a mn.

Frances - any time I've been successful with weight loss, I've used a daily food journal. Each evening, after dinner, is when I write mine out for the next day. Keeps my hands busy, too, lol. You know what they say "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". I'm personally one of those people who love lists in general, lol.

Amy - good idea to stick with the tae bo basic for awhile.

Hello to everyone else. :wave:

I hit the wrong button, and this posted before I was ready. :dizzy:

Today I got the shopping done, and the laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, and swept the front porch and walk. Now I'm headed out with a sf fruit popsicle.


03-27-2007, 05:01 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies:wave:

It's a cloudy day here today, they keep saying T'storms but nothing so far, only in the low 60's but any day it's warm enough to open the window's is a good day...Hubby is in Pennsylvania today so he's in a better mood LOL, the Cats are sitting in the window chattering to the birds and I am doing a whole lot of nothin!! Hope everyone is having a Good day.

Sassy - So sorry to hear about you kitty

Jane - Oh I am JEALOUS!! I grew up with Disneyland in my backyard, seems like we were there every weekend and I always wanted to work there or WDW... We've been planning this yrs trip to WDW, I am so ready to go!!! I've been having withdrawal LOL

Sue - No worries, I kinda like it LOL

Mindee - Yikes!!! I can see why he would hate it LOL

Pink Jane

03-27-2007, 06:51 PM
Pink Jane- I am glad you like the nickname. I was worried.... I feel sorry for you DH being in PA ...I was born there and have spent lots of time driving there. Absolutely HATE the PA turnpike. But, you see I hated it because of the big trucks...and since he is one of those he might like it. LOL

Wonderful warm day here and I love having the windows open! I walked 2 miles this morning and plan to ride my newly overhauled bike this evening. Trying for a schedule of walking early before it gets too warm, but I like to sleep we will see which wins. I must say I have felt very good the last few days, which has been an extra incentive!

Hi everyone and I will check in again later.

03-27-2007, 10:56 PM
Quick hi to everyone, went to the gym and I am wore out--hubby is calling!!

03-27-2007, 11:31 PM
Me again..:carrot:..I rode the bike a mile around our legs were like jelly. Hopefully I can work up to 2 miles on the bike along with 2 miles walking. I think if I could do that MOST days of the week I would be doing great. Then some exercises (strength) two days a week. And of course, lay off the food. LOL
Gotta take Baby to the vet tomorrow and Mom to the bank. And it is supposed to I might have to do WATP. I finally unpacked the videos so I can WATP now. :dizzy:

Hi to everyone. Have a happy hump day tomorrow. :)

03-28-2007, 12:55 AM
Thanks Everybody for your kind thoughts and :hug:

I am doing better today, still sad, but better.

Oh yeah and MIL called, FIL went to the Kidney specialist today and he is in Renal Failure, the very beginning, so for now he is on a low protein diet and they are going to monitor him very closely but eventually he will have to be put on Dialysis and then eventually, well, we'll lose him too. :cry:

You know what really upsets me? Is that I cannot give him grandchildren to enjoy before he gets really ill and passes on. :( I hope he lives a long time before he has to indure all that pain and all, but we all know its just a matter of time. :(

Boy I'm just a bundle of good news aren't I? lol. We just have to take it one day at a time I guess.

On a better note, it got up to 85 / 29.4 degrees today! It is STILL 68 / 20 Degrees outside! :yikes:

:welcome3: All New Members! :wave:


03-28-2007, 02:39 AM
My appointment for 35 weeks has come and gone. They have me as gaining a total of 23 pounds so far, I am not seeing it because a couple weeks ago I was at 10 pounds. But whatever, as long as Marissa is healthy. (I never weighed myself before I got pregnant so I don’t know what I weighed before stepping on the scale in early November.) My blood pressure is great. Chit chatted with one of the other doctors in the office. She asked me if I had been having any contractions, I said “a few Braxton Hicks here and there, but nothing needing a trip to the hospital.” She said “well, you are in the final stretch so it is normal. Have you had more then five in an hour?” to which I said “no” and she said “well, if you have strong contractions, more then five in an hour….I want to see you at the hospital.” I said “yes ma’am, will do.” We then chatted about my appointment last week and being told that I am measuring big. She measured my belly and agreed. She also said that I am to come back in one week, at which time I will get the GBS test done and get my first internal. Before even going back into the room, we waited for about an hour or so in the waiting room. They were trying to fit 40 patients into three hours because either half or most of the doctor’s were on vacation. As soon as I went back into a room, it went very quickly and I was back on my way home.

I had personals, but I hit the wrong button and deleted them on accident. Plus, Brandon is crying so I have to run anyways.

03-28-2007, 11:53 AM
Mindee...Your change of spelling is now the way my family uses Lynn. My DD has that middle name and also some of the bro. and Dad. I guess Dad's family way back is where it started. I was surprised to see it for a man. Then my middle name is more I always wanted to trade with my bro. LOL....

Sassy- Sorry your news is so glum. Keep your chin up chickie....the sun will shine for you all in due time.

It is rainy and gray here today...we were going to go shopping after Baby's appt. but said let's just go home and put on sweats and bum out. :) I hope to walk if it ever clears off a little.


03-28-2007, 12:40 PM
Hello ladies,

PinkJane - you probably already know these WDW/Disneyland websites, but here are a couple, just in case. My fave is Disboards dot com message boards. The Family board and the Budget board are the first ones I go to each time. I've gleened lots of good ideas through the years from all of the sites there. Another one is allearsnet dot com. They have soooo much info and readers reviews of different parks/hotels/specials, and literally everything you'd want to know about Disney.

Sue - it was rainy here early this AM, but the sun is shining now. Hope it clears up for you, too. Hey, don't get your errands mixed up and take Mom to the vet and Baby to the bank, lol.

Jules - hiya, sweetie. :hug:

Sassy - my x-mil has been on dialysis for years, and has been leading a full life. Tammy would be able to give you more info. But depending on when you plan to conceive, I'd say your fil has a very good chance of being a part of your child/ren's lives.

Mindee - what's GBS?

Hello to everyone else reading this. :wave:

I've been doing very well with the food, exercise and water. :carrot: Now, if I can remember to take my vitamin, I'd be set. I think I'm going to keep the vitamin bottle where I'll see it. Also, I'm starting a new weight loss scrapbook. The 'before' photos are scary, lol.

How's your day going so far?

I'll try to bbl....

03-28-2007, 12:42 PM
Michelle - I missed your birthday while I was in Chicago, so a belated Happy Birthday to you!! I hope it was happy, and that you had fun. :hug:

03-28-2007, 12:48 PM
Mindee~ Verrrrrry excited about your girl...any day now! Wow! ;) You better post every day tho because if you disappear we are going to assume..wink!

Sassy ~ I"m so sorry about your loss and about your FIL. I hope you are keeping yourself happy and not forgetting about taking care of yourself. ;)

Sue ~ I love to bum around in my sweats. :) Sounds so good when you hear someone else is doing it..haha!

Ok I'm thrilled because I"m only 1.25 pounds away from hitting the -20pound mark! I think people should start noticing that I look a bit different after losing 20....or I would hope so. haha! :) That's like 2 Big Babies! haha!

I still need to lose another 50 (the size of a medium dog) ;)

Pink Jane ~ My family (including my parents) went to Disneyworld last July. Had the bestest time ever! We stayed at the lodge resort. It was so cool.

Hey Jules ~ I know when the hubby calls...haha...spent the entire day with mine yesterday. He loves to's sort of dangerous financially I have to say "no" "no" "no"..etc. But we got some cool bamboo panels for out by the pool and I got some cute cheap heals from Target ("yes") haha!

Hey Jane~ our fearless leader! ;) How's the GK's doing? :) Have you made any cookies lately? bloodsugar must be falling...better go have some protein.

See ya later ladies!

Ok....have a great day today guys. I'll check in later to see if there's anything new!

03-28-2007, 12:58 PM
Just a quickie here!! Waiting for a plumber to level out my dishwasher and then the countertops guys to screw the dishwasher back to the counter. The only thing that was screwed up with the installation, no biggy.

Seems like bad new is following me...literally!!! If anyone follows "Lost" on TV they will know what I am talking about. A character named Hurley always has bad luck following him....well today...our bank was robbed, right up the street from me and I was going to go there this morning but didn't have the time. Yesterday a Wendy's was robbed and it was the one that I had taken my Mom to last week. And I don't live in a high crime area!!! Instead of going to the bank this morning I went to a home made candy store to buy Easter stuff for my son, daughter and their fiances. Do you think they will be robbed tomorrow!!! Just kidding. I will return with personals after all these contractors finish up here. I have to keep my little ankle biters away from them.

03-28-2007, 03:20 PM
Hello ladies...

JANE...still working on the kitchen. I need to get off this thing and finish it up, lol. But if I don't do my computer time first I don't know when I would get on. Something has to suffer doesn't it?

SASSY...sorry to hear about FIL. Lots of hugs to him and the rest of your family. :hug: I have seen a lot of those mini-stationwagons and yes, they are sporty and not so much like a station wagon per se. Looks like a fun little car and I know you will love it!

JULES...Thank you for the card I received yesterday! That was very sweet of you and made my day! :hug: :thanks: are tiring me out just from reading your post! Good job on the exercise though! :bravo:

HI MICHELLE...hope all is well with you and you are having a good day.

TAMMY...that is terrible news...those places being robbed. Thank god you didn't go to the bank when it was happening thou. But I don't think it's you, silly woman. How's the kitchen coming along? Are they almost done with it? Bet it is gorgeous!

Hi everyone else :wave:

Not much going on. Had to be up early to get Ernie dog to the vet. Poor puppy dog...he is having his teeth cleaned. He actually, had his teeth cleaned. Before I even made it home th vet called and said they had them cleaned and polished. But the wanted to take some x-rays because he has some bone loss on two teeth and wanted to see if they needed to pull them. Luckily they didn' was his molars. Good thing he doesn't eat hard dog food anymore. Anyway, have to go get him at 2:30. On the way home though thought I would pick up a few groceries. We are supposed to get some severe weather later and then more rain tomorrow. I want to get more done around this house tomorrow instead of running errands. I definitely get more done when I don't have to leave the house two or three times a day. Working on the kitchen again today and I am hoping to get it finished. I have just 6 cabinets to line, 2 drawers and then the two undercabinets. Putting the stuff away is a cinch. Of course I probably have two loads to run in the dishwasher as well. But we will be eating a homecooked meal today! In between I have two more loads of laundry to get done. Kind of let that go the last couple of days since I was busy with other things.

Anywho...still aiming to be 90-100% finished with the inside, other than curtains and blinds by the weekend so that I can get back on track with my exercise. My body has been hurting and I think it's because I've not exercised in almost 2 weeks. I feel sore...I know moving will do this but I honestly don't think it is from the move. My body gets used to the exercise and then when I just quit it hurts.

I better get going if I plan on getting anything done today. Have to get Ernie in about an hour so that cuts into my kitchen time too!

Hoping all is well with you ladies and everyone is having a good day! Lots of hugs to everyone! :hug:

03-28-2007, 03:43 PM
Tammy~ hi! :) I would say that you had GOOD luck! Wow! Just think! haha! Well, I bet you're excited about your kitchen...must be looking amazing!

Christina~ haha...Ernie is such a cute name for a dog. ;) I have my little JOY and my daughters dog Magic. (Pug and Teacup Yorkie) ;) They are little terrors! haha! And you too will have to take a picture of your kitchen! I WANT A NEW KITCHEN>>>>1950's mine is. haha

Ok...just checkin' in....I always forget people in the individuals but I don't want to. haha....

03-28-2007, 04:23 PM
Tina--mine has a problem shopping for car parts and motorcycles--he is in the process of buying a second one which will be delivered to the port of Baltimore. The first we picked up ourselves from Sioux Falls SD, in February and got stuck in the middle of a snow/ice storm from Indiana all the way home!! He already had a Harley and a Victory before he bought the 1st one--how many bikes does the man need!!! I keep telling me he is going to have to put an electric start on the Harley and teach me to ride it solo!!

Cristina--you know we will want to see pictures!! Glad Ernie didn't have to get his teeth pulled. You have been one busy lady!!

Tammy--scary stuff all the stay safe!!

Jane--I started carrying a small supply of my Allegra and vitamins in a Advil bottle with my Advil for those days I am halfway to work and realize I didn't take them--I am just NOT a morning person!!

Sue--my hubby is Jerry Lyn, his sister is Crystal Lynn & DD is Teri Lynne.

Pink Jane--the sky looks like it's going to rain here!!

Sassy--hope you are having a good day!!

Well break times almost over--hi to everyone else!!

PS to Jodi--I may join you in being an Avon lady--the girl that has been doing it at the company I work for is going to Maine--her husband has just been transferred. She is trying to get in touch with her district leader to give me info on getting started.

03-28-2007, 04:50 PM
Good Day Ladies!!

Jane--We are having wonderful weather here in Maryland. Broke a record yesterday with temp in the 80's. I hear you with forgetting the Vit. I take several asthma meds twice a day (with my asthma well controlled) and never forget, but that dang vitamin just never seems to get in the mix of drugs when I take them!

Cristina--Yes, my kitchen is finally done. I'm thrilled. Just needed a few corrections done today. It was a breeze. Now that the hype of that remodel is over, I'm dying to do something else. I can't believe that you are almost done putting things away!! You must be working around the clock!

Pink Jane--How long is hubby away when he is on the road? Gotta be hard at times. My dh only travels once in a while and we are like the mice when the cat is away!

Sassy--I hope you are doing better sweetie. I know that you are having a rough time. Sorry to hear about your FIL.

Sue--I need you to come and boot me in the butt to get motivated with exercise. I just sigh when I read about all you do!

Michelle--Happy Belated Birthday...hope it was great!!

Tina--So you have a shopping hubby too!! My dh loves to shop. He has more clothes than me!! Bad weather weekends are expensive for us because we shop instead of him golfing.

Mindee--Girl, you better pause for one second and let us all know the minute you are on the way to the hospital. Now remember I said, one second, before you leave. We don't need you birthing that baby while you are typing!!

Big hugs to everyone I missed!!

As I said to Cristina, I'm on a roll with remodeling. I just got an approval from our home owners association to replace our sidelights on the front door with decorative lead glass. I ran into the painter that I use when I went to a meeting at the hospital this morning (he is really employed at the hospital that I work) and told him that I still want him to paint my living and dining rooms this spring. I just need to figure out a color. After all that is done, I will have maxed out my dh's bonus check this year!!

Update on the bank robbery...the robber shot a cop, but only in the leg and he has already been released from the hospital but the idiot robber wouldn't listen to the cops when they tried to apprehend and they killed him!

I'm off to dance tonight. Hopefully I dance and burn up more calories than I eat at the buffet. Hope everyone has a wonderful night!

03-28-2007, 05:13 PM
Jules~ Does your DH know who Brian Clock is? He assembles bikes. Just curious. My DH's family is all from Sioux Falls, SD. Yes it can get crazy cold there. Luckily we aren't into bikes. They scare ME. haha! I'm sure I would biff it.


Tammy ~ I know...mine wants me to buy him stuff and he likes to buy anything. Old/New...big/small....edible or non...whatever. He lovesssss Costco. I pretty much don't allow him to go there. haha

03-28-2007, 05:26 PM
Hello Everyone!!! I think I may have found a spot where I can find daily support...I have been here over the years - on and off...I spent a bit of time on another website but realized that it wasn't quite what I was looking for - so I am back again!!! I am up to a 53 pound loss - 13 more to go...I hope...I am the kind of person that loves to communicate and stay in touch with others. I am a mom of three, teacher, and wife....I have the stress that goes with it too - so sometimes I get real discouraged but mostly I try to stay on track - it seems like I will never make it to goal and once I do I will gain it back like I did last time. So I am fighting the looking back syndrome and just focusing on the future. How many of there are you? How is your journey going? I hope it is ok to jump in - I know it can be hard to get to know a new person once you have been posting for awhile.... i enjoy talking about life in general too not just the weight loss part... Well before I babble all about me I would love to hear how everyone else is!!! Thanks for listening!!!

03-28-2007, 06:31 PM
Jules- don't expect to make much money unless you get into leadership or you really are pushy. Of course if you can get into a factory or office where a lot of women work you might be able to do well. I think at least around here, they have the market saturated and most people would rather just pick up stuff at Walmart. If Avon has deals, the prices aren't bad... I love the products, but I barely make enough money off of it to cover the price of the products I want.
When I was in leadership though I made a lot of money, but you can't make your team sell and that was my biggest problem with that. It was a lot of stress.
Good luck though, if you are a salesperson you should be able to do great. Me... I just am not a good salesperson.

03-28-2007, 07:17 PM
TY All!

Thanks Jane for the info as well!


03-28-2007, 09:46 PM
Good Evening Ladies:wave:

It's been a grey day here...I want the sun back!!...we got some rain last nite but no T'storms luckily...Hubby just called and has a run toward least it's the right direction LOL...I just did my 60 mins on the treadmill and now I need to make my dinner...Have a Great Evening Everyone

Jane - Thanks for the websites

Tina - I just love it there, I keep telling Hubby we need to move to Florida

Tammy - He comes home 2 days a month, I'm trying to get my son(he'll be 21 this year) to get his driver's license so I can go out in the truck, I'm getting tired of still having to be the taxi service LOL

Pink Jane

03-28-2007, 11:22 PM
Quick good evening to you all. I did manage to dodge the rain long enough to walk 1 mile and ride the bike just under a mile. Not as much as I wanted, but better than not getting out there at all. AND it was cold...brr.

I did get Baby to the vet and Mom to the bank...not reversed. :) Baby got 2 shots and was sore. She gave Mom the cold shoulder all day...came and sat on me. (Mom held her for the shots and we think she was pi**ed off) She is such a stinker. They smartest dog I have ever been around though.

Got laundry done..AGAIN. Otherwise I did curl up in sweats with a book...Mary Higgens Clark. Baked a pie for Mom and, which I don't like. Method to my madness.

Welcome 3mom....yes, just join in.

03-29-2007, 01:42 AM
Sue~ My aunt, my mom’s sister, has Lyn as her middle name, and since she is my godmother we figured it would sound right with Marissa.

Jane~ Sorry about that….GBS stands for Group B Strep test. Good luck with remembering to take your vitamin!

Tina~ I can do that! If I am away from here for a couple of days, without warning ahead of time, then you all will know why. We actually sat down and discussed Brandon’s birthday party. We are planning on doing it the day before his birthday, but if I should happen to go into labor that weekend, there will be a note on the invitation saying that if I go into labor that weekend, the party will be a week or two later. I am sure every one will understand.

Tammy~ You are not the only one with that. Tommy’s brother Tim always says that if it wasn’t for bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all. That does sound weird though that both of those places were robbed. Do the police think it was the same robbers?
Cristina~ I had to laugh a second ago when I started to type to you. I started to type in Ernie instead of your name. Have you ever thought about getting another dog and naming him Bert? LOL

Tammy~ You mean I can’t type and push at the same time? Darn! LOL

3mom~ Welcome to the group! I look forward to getting to know you better! Just jump on in! Great job on your weight loss!! Keep up the good work.

Hello to all my ladies that I have missed. How are you all doing?

03-29-2007, 02:00 AM
Good Evening Ladies!!

Sorry I've been out of touch the last couple days. Had time w/my girl and that is top priority. I even called in a day at work to get some extra time....the fact that she wasn't feeling the greatest helped make that decision.

Oh goodness....I don't know if I can get everyone but I'll try........

Sue--What kind of dog do you have? We just took our boy in to the vet for teeth cleaning and he had 4 teeth pulled!! FOUR!! Can you believe that? Considering last year he had FIVE! Poor thing. Pretty soon he'll have none. Congrats' on losing 4lbs!! How great is that??? Keep up the great work!

PinkJane--I've been wanting to up my time on my treadmill to 60mins, but it just hasn't happened. I just up my speed. Eventually I'll get an hour in. I think my first goal will be 45mins. Keep up the good work!

Sassy--Many hugs for you! :hug: I'm so sorry about your kitty. Pets our like our kids. More hugs your way! :hug: :hug:

Jodi--I would be a horrible salegirl. I don't like to try and sell things to anyone especially if you know they're not interested.

Tammy--Come on over to Oregon when we get the house. :D It needs some remodeling done. It's pretty dated. It was built in '57 and you can tell in some area's. But it's really worth it and hubby and I will enjoy making it our own place.

3mom--Hello and Welcome to our group! Happy to have you here! Congratulations on 57lbs lost so far! That's fantastic!! And w/only 13lbs to go, you'll be there in no time. You've got a great attitude......stick around so some of that can rub off on me!:)

Jules--You know....boys are just that...boys. And they need as many toys as they can possibly get. I didn't realize you owned Harleys too. Now...don't you have classic cars or do you just attend car shows? I'm looking forward to summer and the much fun!

Tina--Congrats for getting close to the 20 mark!! That's great! I've only lost 16lbs so far. I've really slowed down in the losing department. But I've also got sidetracked w/finding a house and haven't been working out as much as I should be. I'll get back on track soon though....don't want to start gaining it all back.

Cristina--Are you all moved in yet? We've started packing some things here. Not really packing packing....more like tossing things out packing. We have a LOT of junk!! Good Will shall be receiving lots of our stuff here in the next few weeks. :lol:

Jane--I'm still wanting to do a scrapbook on my weightloss....just no time. I've got only time for cleaning up and going through stuff. Hopefully once we move (I say this even though I'm not sure if it's officially our yet...but pretty sure it will be) I can get settled and do some crafts.

Mindee--Did I tell you that your due date is my son's birthday? He'll be 18 on April 30th. So it's a good day to have a baby! :D I like the name you chose. It flows really nicely. Think you'll make it to the end of April or will she arrive early???

Michelle--If you're browsing in our area....Happy Belated Birthday. I've been so busy w/things this last weekend I haven't had the chance to stop in and wish you a good day. Hope you had a good one.

Hello to all the other gals out there!! :wave: Sorry if I missed you....I will do better next time.

Ok....I think I better hit the showers.
You all have a good night!

03-29-2007, 03:45 AM
Michelle~ Happy belated birthday!

Marti~ Nope, I don't think you mentioned that my due date was your son's birthday. As for when I think she will is hard to say. I wouldn't be surprised if she came before her due date, and I wouldn't be surprised if she came after her due date. personally, I don't think I will make it until the end of April.

03-29-2007, 11:17 AM
This is a drive-by posting :moped:

Today is the 4th day at the new job: McDonalds :mcd:

Still not :smoking: neither gaining or losing :goodscale

spent 2 hours :wl:

DD turned 16 & got her permit :fr:

:shrug: Having a streak of bad luck with things breaking lately: plumbing, T.V.s, dental-related, cell phones...(It's some karma-thing, 'cause we both got new jobs...I just know it :rolleyes: )

HAVE A GREAT DAY LADIES! I'll have time to catch up with everyone tomorrow :grouphug: take care.

03-29-2007, 12:44 PM
What a beautiful day! I intend to spend as much of it as possible outside. :D Have a good one, and I'll try to bbl. :hug:

03-29-2007, 12:58 PM
I need a cyberparty! :carrot: :carrot: I lost 20 pounds TODAY! I couldn't believe it and didn't expect it but I hit 185.5 this morning. :cool:

I still have 50 more but it feels now like I've lost a substantial amount and it gives me more motivation to keep it going. I told Jen about this but i'm meeting with The Dr. Platt's office the week after Easter. Actually I get bloodwork done the day after Easter sunday and meet with the doctor on Tuesday. I'll let you all know how that goes. I want to know how to keep this weight off when I lose it all. I've lost weight more than once and I always gained more weight everytime. This last time I went up 24 pounds higher than I started the last time. But you know what? I'm not going to focus on that.

Jen ~ make sure your DD gets a lot of practice with her permit. I had my DS drive me all over. Even in LA traffic when we would go down there! :sp:

Mindee~ you could have your baby girl on my anniversary....April 12th. It's a nice date! ;)

3mom~ You've already lost 57? Wow! Amazing! Well, this is a great group here! Fun stuff! Welcome aboard!!!!

Marti~ No worries ~ as long as you are not gaining you are still in the ballgame. I'm sure once things get settled you'll be moving it down again!

PinkJane~ You need to get that son of yours a license! You deserve a BREAK from being the TAXI driver! Wow....:tantrum:

I want to address EVERYONE ~ but I'm celebrating today....with Salmon! I want to keep this weight rollin' off. I'm expecting TOM in a couple days too so I have to enjoy this while it lasts...hahaha I hope everyone is doing well. If not ~ send me a note and I'll try to perk you up....


03-29-2007, 01:45 PM
(((((Tina))))))!!Congratulations on the 20 lbs!:cheer: I am so happy for you.:carrot: there's one thing i'm going to do when i get all this weight off,and that is to continue to eat healthy.I want to not only to be thin but firstly i want to be healthy and hopefully that will help me maintain my goal.
I have 3 tae bo workouts in this week ,so i think today i will try the exercise bike to mix it up a little.:ebike: I really want to have a loss by the end of march ,soi'll get a good start for aprils challenge.have a great day everyone.

03-29-2007, 04:36 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies:wave:

Just got back from taking my son to work, it's another grey day Blah!!, springtime in Iowa is just as ugly as winter...sitting here watching Deadliest Catch, I just love this show LOL...Hubby called this morning, he's grouchy cause he's ready to be home...I keep telling him he's on the way but he says that stop in Chicago ruins it LOL...not much goin on today, just gonna putter around the house, do my walking and finally get to see a new CSI tonight, no stupid basketball LOL...Have a Great Day Everyone

Marti - I did 60 mins all last year but took Oct thur Dec off, BIG MISTAKE, when I started walking again in Jan I could just barely make 10 mins OMG I thought I was gonna die LOL, I just kept adding another 5 mins a week to my walk each day till I got back to 60 mins, I walk 6 days, take 1 off but always feel like I should be walking that day too

3mom - Welcome to the Group, I'm new too and these Ladies are Awesome!!

Tina - Congrats on hitting 20 down that's fantastic!!:cb:

Pink Jane

03-29-2007, 04:38 PM
4amy--you are doing really good with the workouts!! Do you enjoy the taebo??

Tina--Break out the band!!! WOOHOO!!! 20 pounds lost is awesome!! You have found us now and once you get to your goal you can be a maintainer here and encourage the rest of us!!!

Jane--Spring is the best time to enjoy the nice weather after the long winter!!

Jen--16 year olds driving are mixed blessings--you worry alot, but it's so nice when they can run errands for you!!

Mindee--my poor niece only has about two weeks left, but alot of people at her baby shower March 10 got her thinking she was going to have the baby early-since she was feeling some pressure and they thought she had dropped, but I thought she was still carrying high--I tried to tell her that the baby will come when it ready and not to rush it, but at that point she was tired of being preggers!!

Marti--yes hubby had a Harley and a Victory--he sold the Victory when we went and picked up the V8 motorcycle. The one he just bought is a foreign one with a sidecar. He is also building one himeself. He is restoring a Studebaker and built a hot rod--the only thing he bought were the blueprints for the frame and the fiberglass "t" bucket body. We just sent off tho get a vin number and title for it. I have to get some pictures posted!!

Sue--I love Mary Higgins Clarks books!!

PinkJane--my son will be 22 on Sunday!


Jodi--there are about 30 ladies that order regularly and some more that do the once in awhile thing so I am just taking over a pretty solid bunch. I am basically doing it for the discount for DD and DS's gf. Not interested in being a big sales rep or climbing up.


Tina--SD was beautiful, we bought the V* bike at a dealership, I will have to see if we have the name somewhere. It was a really neat place they sold cars and motorcycles and had a little coffee shop in the place. Everyone was really nice.

Tammy--picking out the colors is the fun part!!

Well breaks over gotta go!! He to everyone I may have missed!!

03-29-2007, 05:13 PM
Hello ladies...

WOW, a lot of posting going on! Now I've run out of time reading all the posts, lol. Try to make it a quick one. Need to jump in the shower. V and I are headed to SAMS when he gets off work at 3:30.

MARTI...sending lots of good vibes for the new house. :goodvibes: :crossed: I know you guys are excited! Hope Jhanai is feeling better.

MINDEE...I have been wanting another dog for years and told V once we moved and got settled I will start looking. But I think we will name him Max, or Sam. Not really sure but I like those names. However...I did have some finches years ago named Bert & Ernie, lol. It was when the kids were little and they watched Sesame Street...I thought Bert & Ernie fit them perfectly,lol.

TINA...I have wanted a yorkie for many years. Even had the name picked out...Cocoa or Ginger. Thought those were perfect for the yorkie with their coloring. But...people want so much for them it is ridiculous! I will not spend that much on a dog. I want a pet, not a show dog. When we get ready to get another dog we will go to the animal shelter. I think?? I say I think because I am not sure I could handle it. I love dogs and would want to bring them all home! CONGRAT'S on the 20 pounds gone! :woohoo: :bravo:

HI & :welcome: 3MOM! Nice to have you aboard and looking forward to getting to know you. Sorry for not answering your questions right now but I am needing to jump in the shower.

JULES...I'll post some pictures once we paint. I say finished but it's just the stuff is put up and the kitchen is all together. We are going to paint in a few weeks, maybe 2. Then it will officially be done.

HI to everyone else :wave:

Not much going on...finished the kitchen :cp: Now I need to get pictures hung int he hallway, the living room together, my bedding on my bed and the rest of the kids bath done. Oh, and order some drapes. Should be completely done in about a month, lol. Then to start on the yard.

Anyway, really need to get going. Chat with ya's later! Have a good day ladies. :hug:

03-29-2007, 05:24 PM
Wow! There's so many interesting things going on here and quite busy!!! Just how I like it! LOL It might take me awhile to get to know everyone but I am ready to jump right in....I love talking and giving/getting support...well, what can I say? I am in the middle of attempting to get a school transfer from where I teach because my boss is miserable and after 6 years I am sick of it...So the stress of that is really hard....I hve a 14 year old that is driving me crazy with his mouth, an 11 year old daughter who is a sweetie but is very strong willed, and a 9 year old son who has an auditory processing disorder and is falling further and further behind even with his IEP and his teachers just tell me be patient - it will come - I have another meeting with them next week to try to convince they need to change their style of teaching if all his services are going to be of a help....(this is a long battle that has been going on forever!!) hubby is also in the middle of a job change and he took on a paper route that makes really good extra money...So needless to say I try to keep it together for everyone and just need a place to vent and focus on others instead of the stress! In the weight loss area this stress is reeking havoc I just can't eat and when I do it is not alot - therefore I have a feeling that once things settle down I am going to be in trouble - luckily with the stress I have only lost a few pounds so I guess that is not to be in what I call the "fake" weight loss. I did stop exercising because I just couldn't focus and I haven't gone back to it yet..not good. 57 pounds sounds like alot but for some reason I am just so hard on myself and can't take credit for it yet - I think it has to do with the last time I lost weight and then gained it back - I think I have to find the confidence that this time it will be different.
I noticed that some of you like to read - that is my escape!!! In the summers I read close to 50 books while supervising the kids - I am addicted to reading!!
It looks like everyone has great plans for losing weight, etc. I do ww on my own - I think because I am such a structure freak it works well for me.
I am trying to read past posts to get to know everyone here in some way! Wow! New Babies, motorcycles, new jobs and houses, and all sorts of things and all of you still manage to stay OP!! that's terrific! I have a feeling I am going to be learning some good lessons here. How does everyone keep track of what's going on? Well have a good day and I'll "see" you soon!

03-29-2007, 08:17 PM
Jules- That is great! Sounds like you won't have to search too hard for customers. I also sell for the discount- esp since my daughter is now wearing a lot of makeup.

My hubby actually went for a walk with me a little bit ago. I took the dog too- they say if your pet is overweight, YOU need more exercise! lol

03-29-2007, 11:30 PM
Another re-run on Grey's. Darn them! T.V. isn't very good tonight.
Boy, did I do good today. I walked 2 miles and rode bike 1 mile. Also ate very much OP. It is getting easier....well, except for the bike riding. My legs just really get shaky. I am going to keep at it though. Half of our circle is an incline...not much, but your legs feel it.
DH and I went looking for bar stools AGAIN. I don't know where else to look as we don't like the ones at the home improvement stores. Gotta find something. Also got groceries and my bird bath.
Marti- The dog is Mom's little black pom. She weighed 6.2 pounds yesterday. Last year she had to have 10 teeth pulled, and she can still eat. :) Good luck on the house.
Tina- Yay on the 20 pounds. How was the salmon? I am not a fish eater, but Mom made salmon cakes last week and they were actually really good. Gonna see if she will make them again.
Amy- You are doing so well also. How is the taebo? I don't know if I could move that much. haha. I also want to strive to eat healthy for the rest of my life...not just to lose weight.
Pink Jane- I agree, get that boy to start driving. I was so glad when my son more taxi service. (but now I miss it a little...since all the kids are long gone)
Jodi- Cool about DH walking with you. Mine has been walking with me every day and we enjoy being able to talk. He spends so much time getting his shop set up that I don't see him alot. :(
Jules- Have you read Two Little Girls in Blue by MH Clark? I am going to read more as soon as I am done here. I love it so far.
3mom- I also love to read and have since I was a child. I must admit I have not done alot lately though. We built a new house and moved in Sept. Then went to Vegas for the winter. So, now we will be busy with landscaping, but I am still trying to get back to reading. I read almost anything....except science fiction.
Cristine- I think you are going to have curtains before I do. Ha. I put up blinds and haven't done the curtain thing yet.
Jen- Congrats on the new job. Sorry you are having bad luck with so many things. Hope the sun shines on you soon. :hug:
Mindee- Not much longer lady! That's a good thing. I had to shop for a baby shower and oh, my are the little things so cute.
Jane- We had a gray day until late afternoon and then we had sun, but only 60 degrees. Starting on the yard next week.
Okay...this has turned into a novel. So sorry, but there are lots of us now. YAY!
And I do apologize for those I missed....thinking of you all.

I actually think tomorrow might be a lazy day since my laundry and shopping are done. See you later.

03-30-2007, 02:07 AM
hello everyone!

Time is getting closer for us to meet little Marissa! I decided at 8:30 on Thursday night that I needed to start cleaning the apartment. I was pulling out the window cleaner, the toilet cleaner and the bath tub cleaner. He then looked at me and said “why are you wanting to clean now? Of all the time there has been, why do you want to clean now? And what are you going to clean?” I said “because I feel like cleaning that is why. Plus, it could be nesting, remember when I was pregnant with Brandon and wanted to clean all the baby clothes before he was born. As for what I want to clean, I want to clean the door wall windows, the front door windows, the tv, the bath tub and the toilet. Oh and the mirrors in the bathroom.” He then said “and you are going to do it all now?” I said “no, I am just pulling the stuff out now, I will clean it all after I get Brandon to bed.” Then he tells me to leave the door wall windows and he will get them when the weather is nicer.

I was also having some contractions while I was trying to get Brandon to sleep. These ones were a little more intense pain wise then the ones I have had the past couple of days, but they didn’t last that long. I was counting them to make sure that I didn’t have more then five in an hour for over a couple of hours. So, after about probably five of them, they went away.

Jen~ Congrats on the being smoke free! I am dreading the day that the kids get their licenses.

Jane~ What was the weather like in your neck of the woods yesterday? We had some sun but it was cold….but that didn’t stop the boys from opening the screen door and going outside when daddy wasn’t looking! LOL

Tina~ Great job on the weight loss!!!! WTG!! Keep up the great work! How about I make a deal with you? I will aim for the twelve and if she comes then, that would be great…..if she is stubborn well then I can’t help her on that one.

4amy~ Great job on the workouts this week so far!

Pink Jane~ How was the CSI last night? I meant to watch it but I had turned on the hockey game for Brandon to watch.

Jules~ I know what your niece is going through! I was carrying Marissa up really high, and I mean really high. Then we went to the Autorama on Sunday, March 11th and walked around the place it was at for at least two or three hours. Needless to say when I got home, my feet were aching and within a day or two, if not that day, she had dropped tremendously. I keep feeling like every time I take a step, she is getting closer and closer to falling out. I have a feeling that she will come early, I just don’t know when….which is exciting but a little scary at the same time. Exciting because she will be here and I won’t be getting kicked at all hours of the night. Scary because I don’t want to go into labor while Tommy isn’t home.

Cristina~ What kind of dog are you guys thinking of getting? My sister had a St. Bernard that she named Maxx. He was the sweetest thing ever. Now, she has a female St. Bernard, that her and her boyfriend named Madde. Madde stands for Mom’s Angel, Dad’s Devil, Equally. I guess when they first got her she didn’t like my sister’s boyfriend, but now she loves him!

3mom~ Right now, I am not on any plan due to being pregnant. I was trying to avoid the “don’t diet while pregnant” lecture from every one. But I have been making healthier eating habits, not just for me, but for my family. I am getting my children to eat more fruits and vegetables. I am a fruit eater, but the only vegetable that I can stand to eat is corn. My hubby on the other hand eats both fruits and vegetables. He does have some that he won’t touch, and those seem to be the ones that the kids are liking. When I have Marissa, I am going to try with all my might to breastfeed her. But, I am also a wimp when it comes to pain, so with having all the contractions afterwards to get the uterus to go back to it’s normal shape AND with getting my tubes tied after I had her, I am just not sure if I will be up for it. I am going to try it though, if the pain gets too unbearable then I will go the formula route. I went the formula route with both of my sons are they are smart as heck. (so I don’t buy into the whole breast fed babies are smarter. I think it has more to do with the type of parenting that the parents do/use, as oppose to if I gave them breast milk or formula.)

Sue~ Not sure if you have a Wal-Mart by you or not, but when we were there last week, they had bar stools on sale. $32 for one, but they were really great bar stools! Tommy wanted to buy them for our little bar in the dining room, but we were more afraid of the boys climbing on them and then pushing each other off them.

03-30-2007, 02:09 AM
Hi Ladies~

I know I don't get over here very often, but just wanted to say hi and know that you're on my mind.:hug: I would appreciate any prayers for my grandma who lives back in Iowa, my dad's mom. She's 85 and had a major surgery at the University of Iowa Hospital two weeks ago today, and she hasn't been doing very well. We lost my grandpa one year ago this month and they were married 65 years. She has always been a fighter through every sickness and surgery, but lately she's been saying she doesn't want to live anymore. I can totally understand because she's so lonely and her days just drag for her, but it's hard being 2200 miles apart and I feel so helpless. I really appreciate all of you!!:hug:

03-30-2007, 02:20 AM
Good Evening Ladies--

Just got back ( hour or so ago) from dinner. James wanted to eat out and since we do that only about once a month....sounded good to not have to cook! Wait.....I just remembered, I don't do the cooking around here very much so what am I talking about??:dizzy:

Let's see here....

Mindee--W/my son, I was 2 weeks early. And w/Jhanai, I was hoping for the same but was 2 weeks late! Your girl will come when SHE is ready. :D

Jen--You're doing great! And w/not smoking and not gaining....that is a bonus!!

Jane--Hope you took full advantage of great weather. We had gorgeous sun all day too!!! (of coarse...I was indoors working......)

PinkJane--I up my speed each week. I'm at the fast powerwalking stage yet not quite jogging. Really should jog but I don't like my girls getting bruised up! :lol: Once we move I'm hoping to increase my time. For now....35mins is what I do.

Jules--I used to always want a Studebaker pickup!! You'll definately have to post some photos of your classics. I would love to someday own a classic car.....but I wouldn't want to have to put work into so it would have to already be in excellent shape. :D

Cristina--Bet you're having so much fun fixing up your new home! Is this one bigger than your last?

3mom--Do you have a name you'd like us to call ya or just stick w/3mom? I love to read too. I used to read book after book after book. Now getting time to read is hard. But soon I hope! Keep coming back and chatting to get to know more about ya!

Jodi--One of our dogs needs to lose weight the other looks pretty fit. So maybe that's telling me that my hubby is fit and I'm not! :lol: They say 2lbs on a dog is like 20lbs on a poor boy!! :o Glad your hubby joined get some good quality time together that way.

Sue--10 teeth?! Wow.....does she have any left? Poor thing. We have this brush we're suppose to use on Chewy (hmmm...should change his name now...) and it also came w/toothpaste. Haven't used it yet, not sure how he'll like it!

Hello to everyone else out there!!

Friday tomorrow!! This week went fast. Love weeks like that. :) Ok...I'm off to see what hubby is doing. You all take care and I'll chat w/you tomorrow.

Night! :wave:

03-30-2007, 02:25 AM
Michelle--I was busy w/that novel of mine while you posted. I will most definately say a prayer for your grandmother. I'm sorry to hear she's not doing so well. Poor thing.Being lonely is hard. My grandpa is feeling very sad and lonely himself and it's really hard to see him that way. I know how hard it must be for you when you're so far away. Many hugs for you and your family. :hug: :hug:

Mindee--Maybe your little one will be here in the next week!! Keep us posted. I need to go.

Hugs to you all!

03-30-2007, 09:49 AM
Good morning ladies,

Michelle - your grandma (and you) will be in my prayers.

To everyone else - I hope you have a great day!

Madison and I picked out the most beautiful rhododendron bush yesterday. The flowers will be kind of a dark pinkish color, and the other rhododendron bush I have has lavendar flowers, so they will blend nicely.

I'm still doing very well with the food, water, and exercise. I can't find the bottle of vitamins, and think I tossed them, so I'll buy more next time I go to town.

Today will be a busy day. Terry's girls are coming over, and then spending the night. I don't get to see them as often as I see Mary's kids, so this is a real treat for me.

Have a good one, ladies, and I'll catch you later! :wave:

03-30-2007, 11:44 AM
Looks like a beautiful sunny day out there...but it is deceivingly chilly. It will warm up to the 60's I think. (hope) I am going to download some things on the computer, so while that is happening (slow dial-up) I am going to vacuum the bedrooms and clean the bathrooms. Hopefully when that is finished it will be warm enough to ride the bike. Going to do it first today instead of walking and see if my jelly legs do any better.
Wish me luck....

03-30-2007, 11:45 AM
Mindee- My prayers are with your grandma. Hoping she feels better soon.

03-30-2007, 12:47 PM
Just a quick good morning check in.

Still eating pretty good (exception was dinner out last night but even that.....I split in half and took the rest home) and as I've mentioned before, I'm not walking as much as I have been, but I'm still walking. Been so busy w/trying to get the house and trying to go through things in this house.......can be hectic!

I will definately have a busy weekend boxing things up and throwing things out.
Sunshine here today...lets hope it stays most of the weekend.

Have a great Friday!

03-30-2007, 12:52 PM
3mom~ I know the stress of having 'young adults'. ;) It's never ending. And I have found that the stress is greatly reduced when you take the focus off of them so much and focus on yourself. We are brought up to think that this would be selfish. I know I think that my kids come first. But until I started taking care of myself was I able to deal with their problems as well. It's one thing to be stressed out about their problems and another to deal with them. So don't listen to that inner voice that says you are being selfish by putting yourself first. Do take care of yourself. And the exercise (i'm sure you've heard this many times) WILL help your stress so you can't afford to leave that out. Even if it's 30 minutes a day. ;) But pay attention to your needs. And then you will have the 'strength' to take care of theirs. :)

Michelle ~ my thoughts and prayers go out to your grandma and YOU for what you must be going through.


03-30-2007, 02:38 PM
To the new ones: if any of you would like to receive an occasional card, please PM me your address, if you haven't already done so, ok? Thanks! :)

03-30-2007, 02:42 PM
Had a half of a pound loss and you'd think it was 20!! After a month of weigh ins at a zero loss half a pound sounds great to me!!

Tina--I agree, it seems like we always put our kids before ourselves even after they move out.

Marti--like I told Cristina--you will be getting a good workout with cleaning and packing and lifting and moving!! DH is not restoring it to pristine condition but leaving it more like a "rat rod" though the mechanics will definitely be sound!! He even got a "wolf whistle" horn.

Sue--we are having the same type of weather--the bright sunshine makes you think it's alot warmer but its not too cold. I don't think I have read that one yet--I ill see if the library has it yet!!

Jane--I love rhododendrons and azaleas!!

Michelle-- thinking of you--you sure have had a rough year.

Mindee--my friend Becky is due in May and is already on the cleaning/nesting spree--the crib she ordered came today so I am going to go help rearrange and put it up!! It's my nieces first and she is so tired of being pregnant...

Jodi-the rep at work keeps saying that DD needs to be a salesperson since she only wears Avon and she wears it well!! She even gives it as gifts to her friends.

Cristina--have you tried any rescues for Yorkies, we got our Cinnamin from a pitbull rescue in Baltimore. Teri's roomates teacup poodle is adorable!!

Well I got to get going to our friends!! Hi to everyone else I missed!!

03-30-2007, 02:43 PM
To the new ones: if any of you would like to receive an occasional card, please PM me your address, if you haven't already done so, ok? Thanks! :)

Pm me too--several us do Christmas cards to each other!!

03-30-2007, 02:53 PM
Same here me your address as well. That is, if you want, lol. :)

Not much to say...feeling blah. It has been raining here since we moved her, ugh. Yard is a muddy mess, if you want to call it a yard. More like a big mud hole.

Will do individuals later or tomorrow sometime. I got sidetracked and went and looked up some other stuff and need to get off this thing and get busy doing something.

Chat with ya later. Have a good day all! :wave:

03-30-2007, 05:54 PM
I went for a walk with my mom today and surpassed even my upped goal for the week. Guess I am going to have to raise the bar for next week. lol
Had to deal with TOM this week so WI was shot anyhow.

03-30-2007, 11:15 PM
Managed a bike ride but no walk....
Ate OP, so feel good about the day. I cleaned house and got some exercise. Tried to use my old pedometer...dead battery. So I either get a battery or a new one all together. I think the battery costs more than I paid for the whole thing. :)

Happy week-end chickies....

03-30-2007, 11:27 PM
Hi Chicks. :wave:

03-30-2007, 11:47 PM
I finally did a walking tracker...I am not sure how or when to change it, but will learn as I go. Actually, I made it for a week and won't start the week until Monday, my weigh in day also. I have walked 7.1 miles this week with two days to go. Biked only 3.2 miles and my thighs are soooo sore. Out of shape huh?

Hi Sassy....Another late night owl.

03-31-2007, 02:26 AM
Just thought I would pop in and say Hey, just got home from picking up the boy at work...kind of a mixed bag weather wise today, first it was foggy then it poured, then the sun came out, then it rained again LOL but now it's really foggy and the wind is kickin up...had a busy day, cleaned house, did the banking, went grocery shopping...came home did my 60 mins on the treadmill, then finally got a chance to sit for abit...Hubby got to Davenport before he had to stop so he should be here by the time I get up in the am...the cats are tellin me it's time for bed, I hope everyone has a Great Weekend

Good Night All

Pink Jane

03-31-2007, 02:35 AM
Hi Sassy....Another late night owl.

Hi ya. Yes I work nights so I'm always up late. lol

03-31-2007, 03:32 AM
Michelle~ I will keep your grandma and you in my thoughts and prayers.

Marti~ I am sure she will come when she wants to. Tommy was asking her if she was getting excited and if she was going to come out and see her daddy. Wouldn’t you know it, I got a couple contractions. So, I told her to let’s just make it to our doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. Then if we get sent from there to the hospital then it is fine. If not, we will continue to take it one week at a time. I have a feeling that she will be early… early is all up to her!

Jane~ How are things at grandma’s house?

Sue~ Did it ever warm up enough for you? It looked like it was warm here, and it was to an extent but then it got cold very quickly! That was Michelle that was talking about her grandma.

Jules~ I remember what your niece is going through. Except I felt like that with Logan. I am loving being pregnant, but I think that because we are having a girl this time that I am triple the anxious level to meet her and see who she looks like. We are using the crib we had for Brandon for Marissa, but it is at my MIL’s house. For a little while we are going to be using the bassinet so we figured it wouldn’t be plausible to bring the crib over just for it to take up space that we could use for something else.

03-31-2007, 09:00 AM
Hello Everyone - A quiet day yesterday by what has been going on lately here - Hubby decided to take the new job and is getting used to his early morning paper route - I think it will help with weight loss too - he needs to but is not ready to admit it! I won't have to chase around my teenager this weekend - he's grounded for his mouth! Going to go to the movies this afternoon with hubby (alone!!!!) Gotta clean the house and do some studying and a project with the kids but other than that - not much - spring break starts this wed. so I will have some time off for about a week and a half - I can't wait! I really hate my job because of my boss and can't wait to get a transfer to a new school next year. I am going to try to write to each of you to get to know you better but if I miss someone please let me know because I would like to know everyone!!!:dizzy:
Marti - we have a ****zu - he is adorable but not much in the brains department - I would do anything for the little lovie!!
Suetalks - we bought a new house 3 years ago - I absolutely love it - I take my time fixing it up because I want it to be just right!
Tina - 20 pounds! Hooray! That is when I first started physically noticing the difference in my body!!
Amy - I often hear about taebo but don't really know what it is...So, what do you do? Is it hard?
PinkJane - Thanks so much for the advice - I really did think it would be easier as the kids got older because you could rationalize with them - NOT!!! LOL Now I deal with the fact they have their own minds and actually use them often!!! LOL
Jodi - I wish my hubby would walk with me - I like to walk early morning and he likes to walk at night - I am just to tired to walk at night!! Hopefully we will figure something out cause he and I really need to exercise!
Jules - Reading is so enjoyable for me - I hang out when I get a chance at the bookstores and make lists of books I will read "someday"!!!
Christine - Have you ever shopped (catalogue or online) at Country Curtains? They are absolutely gorgeous and very long lasting - a bit pricey but I still have some from when I got married years ago!!
Jen - Congrats on your new job - you must have a ton of will power - I haven't been able to go near McD's for 6 months - I am so bad with their food!!
Jane - I love gardening and yardwork - I can't wait until it gets a bit warmer here to start. I have "champagne gardens" and "pepsi cola pockets" though!!! LOL
I hope everyone has a great weekend - My goal is to have a happy weekend and forget the stress for a couple of days...sounds great - just hope I can do it!!! Oh! By the way, my name is Kim!!!!:D I love cards so I am hoping once I can figure out how to do things here I will pm people on my address - I would love to return the favor too - another fun way to do "stuff"!!!

03-31-2007, 11:50 AM
Okay ladies...we are past 50 posts and since Jane and Marti are busy ;) I will go ahead and start a new thread. So see ya at Weight Loss & Chit Chat thread #244.