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03-26-2007, 06:30 PM

03-27-2007, 08:25 AM
Hi ladies,

Everyone enjoying the changing weather? Last night was crumby, but I am loving this new warm trend, but you know in NE it's always changing so....

Hi Lori glad your back. So California was nice? I have never been, where in CA were you? I don't know if I would want to have a job that required me to travel. I would go crazy with out internet access, and I don't like to be that far away form my family for too long. Maybe weekend getaways to Europe and the islands?!

I was down 1lb on Saturday and thrilled. I am back in the 160's and I was starting to think I would never be here again. I have been doing slimfast optima drinks in the morning, and eating oatmeal on days where I need something more. I have also been back to my routine at the gym and of course running arround after an 18 month old does help:running: I have also been eating salad w/ dinner and for lunch w/ chicken or feta cheese. I really love salad but I never used to eat it at home bc it seems like to much work but it's really not. I was just being lazy, but I bought some tuna, a couple different low fat cheeses, and chicken to give me some variety w/ my protien choices. I also got some baby spinach and romaine, and lots of fresh produce. Mmmmmm, I am always happy to find something new that I actually like, it makes me think..."Ok, I can do this"

How is everyone? Belle, how and where have you been, new baby yet? Deb and Kier any new and exciting news?

Sweater Girl
03-29-2007, 02:58 PM
Hi everyone,

Hope things are going well. I am having some neck pain right now which bites. Anyhoo, my food is going well... I weighed in today after 3 weeks and 2 of those weeks were full of crappy eating so my weight was .5lbs up... Oh well.

I have started blogging on here http://3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs/sweatergirl/, feel free to check it out!

Lori: I am 2lbs up on you, but we have the same overall goal!! We can do it:)